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The Blue Book
of the
State of Wisconsin - 1905

Erickson, Halford. The Blue Book of the State of Wisconsin. Madison: Democrat Printing Co., State Printer, 1905.
Biographical Sketches (index to)
Adams, Henry Cullen
Ainsworth, Roderick
Alldridge, William J.
Andrew, Wallace W.
Babcock, Joseph Weeks
Baker, Allen S.
Bauer, Frank S.
Beach, Zadoc P
Beedle, George E.
Beer, Julius
Bell, William H.
Berner, Ed. J.
Bird, Harlan Page
Birge, Edward Asahel
Bletcher, J. S.
Bohri, Fred J.
Braddock, W. S.
Brennan, Maurice B.
Brockhausen, Frederick
Brooks, Hall L.
Brown, Webster Everett
Burdeau, Willard E.
Burns, Edward Eugene
Carpenter, Fred J.
Cassoday, John B.
Chandler, Joseph P.
Clausen, Lorenzo N.
Cleary, P. A.
Coffland, J. E.
Cooper, Henry Allen
Crowley, Joseph Martin
Curtin, Daniel R.
Curtiss, W. M.
Dahl, Andrew H.
Davidson, James H.
Davidson, James O.
Dietrich, August
Dinsdale, James
Dodge, Joshua Eric
Donald, John S.
Durland, John S.
Eaton, Barney Augustus
Eaton, L. K.
Ekern, Herman L.
Eldridge, A. D.
Employees Of The Assembly, 1905
Esch, John Jacob
Evans, Charles A.
Everett, Edward A.
Falconer, Russel C.
Fridd, John A.
Froemming, Theo. C.
Gordon, Edward B.
Greenwood, Chas. F.
Hagarty, John B.
Hagemeister, Henry F.
Hagen, Charles
Hamm, Philip H.
Hannifin, Daniel L.
Hansen, William O.
Hartung, Frederick
Hatton, William H.
Heinecke, Herman
Henry, John A.
Henry, William Arnon
Holle, Henry J.
Host, Zeno M.
Houser, Walter L.
Huber, Henry A.
Hudnall, George B.
Hulburt, David B.
Hummel, Jacob
Irvine, William S.
Jenkins, John J.
Jerdee, Amund P.
Johnson, Frank H.
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Otis Wells
Johnson, Thomas
Joint Special Legislative Committees
Kempf, John J.
Kerwin, James C.
Kinney, Ole G.
Kreutzer, Andrew Lawrence
La Follette, Robert Marion
Le Roy , Edwabd Wbbster
Ledvina, Lawrence W.
Lenroot, Irvine L.
Marquardt, August F.
Marsh, C. O.
Marshall, Roujet D.
Martin, Chapman
McGillivray, James J.
McGregor, Duncan
McKenzie, James A.
Merton, Ernst
Metziler, Louis
Meyers, Aug. G.
Miller, Gard
Miller, Gard
Minor, Edward S.
Morris, Thomas
Munson, Oliver G.
Nelson, E. F.
Noble, Dr. James Harvey
Norcross, Pliny
North, William Campbell
Oltman, W. L.
Otjen, Theobald
Page, George E.
Parkinson, John Barber
Perry, Wm. M.
Petersen, Jr., F.
Peterson, P. H.
Pickart, Christian
Potter, B. S.
Powell, John W.
Prehn, Fred
Racek, E.
Ragatz, J. B.
Ramsey, Thomas F.
Randolph, Samuel W.
Reynolds, Charles
Richards, Harry Sanger
Roehr, Julius Edward
Rogers, Charles Cassius
Roycraft, Thos. A.
Sanborn, Albert W.
Saugen, Chris. N.
Schauer, Anton G.
Scott, George E.
Scott, John
Siebecker, Robert G.
Slight, James P.
Smelker, Roy C.
Spooner, John C.
Stafford, William H.
Stevens, Ephraim E.
Stevens, Geo. P.
Stondall, Albert M.
Storm, Byron O.
Stout, James H.
Strehlow, A. W.
Streveler, Nicholas
Sturdevant, Lafayette M.
Swenholt, Jonas
Szymarek, John H.
Tarrell, Richard E
Thayer, L. L.
Thieme, Oscar F.
Thomas, John O.
Thomas, John W.
Ties, Fred
Turneaure, Frederick Eugene
Turner, William Rufus
Van Hise, Charles Richard
Warner, Ernest Noble
Wehrwein, Jr., Simon
Weisse, Chas. H.
Westfall, Jr., Frederick C.
Whitehead, John M.
Wilcox, Fred M.
Winch, Eli E.
Winslow, John B.
Wipperman, Herman C.
Wolff, George W.
Wright, James A.
Wylie, George


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