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The Blue Book
of the
State of Wisconsin - 1903

Published Under the Direction of Halford Erickson, Commissioner of Labor and Industrial Statistics, 1903.
Biographical Sketches (index to)
Adams, Henry Cullen
Ainsworth , Roderick
Anderson, A. M.
Andrew, Wallace W.
Arnemann, William Frederick Henry
Babcock, Joseph Weeks
Bardeen, Chas. V.
Barker, Charles
Bartlett, W. B.
Bartzen, Peter
Beach, Zadoc P.
Becker, Nicholas Edward
Beedle, George E.
Benson, Lewis
Bird, Harlan Page
Birge, Edward Asahel
Braddock, W. S.
Bradford, Ira B.
Breitwisch, Fred B.
Brittan, James Albert
Brown, Webster E.
Bryant, Edwin Eustace
Burns, Edward Eugene
Cady, Frank A.
Carberry, Joseph
Carpenter, Fred J.
Cary, C. P.
Cassoday, John B.
Chandler, Joseph P.
Coffland, J. E.
Comstock, George Cary
Cooper, Henry Allen
Cosgrove, Patrick J.
Cowling, William C.
Crowley , Joseph Martin
Dahl, Andrew H.
Davidson, James H.
Davidson, James O.
Dinsdale, James
Dixon, John
Dodge, Joshua Eric
Donald, John S.
Doolittle, Henry C.
Douglas, Andrew S.
Dudgeon, Matthew S.
Eaton, Barney Augustus
Ekern, Herman L.
Ely, Richard Theodore
Esch, John Jacob
Evans, David Jr.
Evans, Evan W.
Finnegan, Wm.
Frear, James A.
Fridd, John A.
Fritzke, Rudolph W. E.
Gaveney, John C.
Gilman, Charles W.
Goldin, Theodore W.
Green, J. Herbert
Haderer, Frank
Hagemeister, Henry F.
Hamm, Philip H.
Hannifin, Daniel L.
Hartung, Frederick
Hassa, Frank T.
Hatton, William H.
Henry, William Arnon
Hodgins, David
Host, Zeno M.
Houser, Walter L.
Hudnall, George B.
Irvine, William S.
Jenkins, John J.
Johnson, Franklin
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Otis Wells
Johnson, Thomas
Johnston, James
Karel, L. Albert
Kehrein, Jacob
Kempf, John J.
Kern, George J.
Kimball, Frank J.
Kinney, Ole G.
Koch, Geoege W.
Kreutzer, Andrew Lawrence
La Follette , Robert Marion
Lane, Nathan E.
Lang, Robert A.
Lenroot, Irvine L.
Leroy, Edward Webster
Loebs, John
Lord, Freeman H.
Lu Du, Willis F.
Macdonald, Sanfield
Marsh, C. O.
Marshall, Roujet D.
Martin, Harry Chapman
Martin, Joseph F.
Mcdonough, Frank
Mcgillivray, James J.
Merton, Ernst
Miller, George Paul
Miller, Herman
Minor, Edward S.
Moldenhauer, H. R.
Morgan, Roswell. J.
Morris, Charles F.
Morse, Elmer D.
Mosher, Orville W.
Munson, Oliver G.
North, William Campbell
O'neil, William
Osborn, Albert L.
Otjen, Theobald
Parkinson, John Barber
Peterson, Barney S.
Potter, B. S.
Price, Frederick M.
Quarles, Joseph Very
Rakow, Edward F.
Randolph, Samuel W.
Rankl, George
Ray, George H.
Reed, Frank M.
Reukema, Rip
Reynolds, Charles
Riordan, Daniel E.
Roehr, Julius Edward
Rogers , Charles Cassius
Root, Warren L.
Rupp, Lewis
Sarau, Christian
Siller, Cornelius A.
Slade, S. Dwight
Smalley, S. E.
Smelker, Roy C.
Smith, Albert E.
Smith, Charles H.
Spooner, John C.
Stafford, William H.
Stevens, Geo. P.
Stout, James H.
Strong, Ernest A.
Sturdevant, Lafayette M.
Szymarek, John H.
Tarrell, Richard E.
Terens, Nic. H.
Thiessenhusen, Reinhold F.
Thomas, John W.
Thompson , Torger G.
Thoreson, Simon
Timlin, Thomas F.
Turneaure, Frederick Eugene
Valentine, Charles L.
Verbeck, Scott F.
Wallrich, Michael J.
Waterman, Herman W.
Weisse, Chas. H.
Westfahl, Frederick C., Jr.
White, Alexander
Whitehead, John M.
Whitso, Edward W.
Williams, David G.
Willott, Joseph Jr.
Willy, T. A.
Winslow, John B.
Wipperman, Herman C.
Wolff, George W.
Wylie, George

Historical Outline Of The Admission Of Wisconsin To The Union. 1903


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