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The Blue Book of the
State of Wisconsin ~ 1901
Complied and Published Under the Direction of
Wm. H. Froehlich, Secretary of State. 1901

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Biographical Sketches (index to)
Adams Charles K.University Headb. Vermont
Ainsworth, RoderickAssemblymenb. Illinois
Anderson, A. M.Officers of the Assemblyb. Norway
Anderson, HenryAssemblymenb. Norway
Andrew, Wallace W.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Anson, Frank A.State Senatorb. New York
Babb, John H.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Babcock, Joseph W.Representativeb. Vermont
Bardeen, Charles VJustice of the Surpreme Courtb. New York
Barker, CharlesAssemblymenb. England
Barlow, John M.Assemblymenb. Massachuetts
Barney, Samuel S.Representativeb. Wisconsin
Benson, LewisAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Birge, Edward AsahelUniversity Headb. New York
Bissell, William G.State Senatorb. New York
Brown, Webster E.Representativeb. New York
Brunson, Delford B.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Bryant, Edwin E.University Headb. Vermont
Burdeau, Willard E.Assemblymenb. New York
Burns, Edward E.State Senatorb. Illinois
Cady, Frank A.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Cassoday, John BJustice of the Surpreme Courtb. New York
Clark, Eugene F.Assemblymenb. Maine
Cleophas, HalvorAssemblymenb. Norway
Coapman, Lynn N.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Collins, William F.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Comstock, George C.University Headb. Wisconsin
Cook, AlfredAssemblymenb. Canada
Cooper, Henry A.Representativeb. Wisconsin
Dahl, Andrew H.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Dahle, Herman B.Representativeb. Wisconsin
Davidson, James H.Representativeb. New York
Davidson, James O.State Officerb. Norway
Devos, William H.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Dodge, A. ClarkeState Officerb. Vermont
Dodge, Joshua EJustice of the Surpreme Courtb. Massachuetts
Dow, Everett E.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Duerrwaechter, Peter G.Assemblymenb. Germany
Eager, AlmeronAssemblymenb. New York
Eaton, Barney A.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Ela, GeorgeAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Eline, Francis M.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Ely, Richard T.University Headb. New York
Erickson, OleAssemblymenb. Sweden
Esau, FredAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Esch, John J.Representativeb. Wisconsin
Evans David, Jr.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Evans Evan W.Assemblymenb. Wales
Fearne, ThomasState Senatorb. Canada
Fenelon, JamesAssemblymenb. Ireland
Fessenfeld, HermanAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Flaherty, Michael J.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Froehlich William H.State Officerb. Wisconsin
Frost, Fred J.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Gagnon, JosephAssemblymenb. Canada
Galaway, Martin O.Assemblymenb. Illinois
Gaveney, John C.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Gawin, August M.Assemblymenb. Germany
Giljohann, EmilState Officerb. Wisconsin
Gilman, Charles W.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Green, J. HerbertState Senatorb. Wisconsin
Gregory, Charles N.University Headb. New York
Hagemeister, Henry F.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Haggerty, John A.Assemblymenb. New Jersey
Hall, Albert R.Assemblymenb. Vermont
Hansen, Andrew C.Assemblymenb. Norway
Harris, John H.State Senatorb. New York
Hartung, FrederickAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Harvey, L. D.State Officerb. New Hampshire
Hatton, William H.State Senatorb. New York
Henry, J. A.Assemblymenb. New York
Henry, William A.University Headb. Ohio
Hicks, Emmett R.State Officerb. Wisconsin
Hodgings, DavidAssemblymenb. Canada
Holland, BjornAssemblymenb. Norway
Houser, Walter L.Senate Officerb. Pennsylvania
Jacobs, Michael A.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Jenkins, John J.Representativeb. England
Jensen, AndrewAssemblymenb. Denmark
Johnson, FranklinAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Johnson, HenryAssemblymenb. Denmark
Johnson, John B.University Headb. Ohio
Johnston, JamesAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Jones, Alfred M.State Senatorb. New Hampshire
Jones, Evan R.Assemblymenb. Wales
Karel, John C.Assemblymenb. Nebraska
Katz, RaphaelAssemblymenb. Germany
Keene, FrancisAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Kern, George J.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Knudson, Norman A.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Kreutzer, Andrew L.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Krumrey, HenryAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
La Follette, Robert M.State Officerb. Wisconsin
Lane, Nathan E.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Lenroot, Irvine L.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Manuel, Herman E.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Marshall, Roujet D.Justice of the Surpreme Courtb. New Hampshire
Martin, Harry C.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
McCabe, Maurice A.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
McComb, Isaac N.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
McCormick, W. L.Assemblymenb. Minnesota
McDonough, FrankState Senatorb. Canada
McGill, Leroy E.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
McGillivray, James J.State Senatorb. Canada
McMillan, GeorgeAssemblymenb. Scotland
Meloney, JoesphAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Middleton, William J.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Miller, E. A.Assemblymenb. Illinois
Miller, George P.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Miller, HermanAssemblymenb. Germany
Mills, Edgar G.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Miner, Levi A.Assemblymenb. Pennsylvania
Minor, Edward S.Representativeb. New York
Moldenhauer, H. R.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Morse, Elmer D.State Senatorb. New York
Mosher, Orville W.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Munson, Oliver G.State Senatorb. Iowa
Norton, John E.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Nowell, Winslow AOfficers of the Assemblyb. New Hampshire
O'Neill, WilliamState Senatorb. Wisconsin
Orton, Philo A.Assemblymenb. New York
Otjen, TheoboldRepresentativeb. Michigan
Overbeck, Henry, Jr.Assemblymenb. New York
Owen, John W.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Park, Harry J.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Parkinson, John B.University Headb. Illinois
Pomrening, Herman J.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Price, Frederick M.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Quarles, J. V.U.S. Senatorb. Wisconsin
Rankl, GeorgeAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Rasmussen, Kapp E.Assemblymenb. Denmark
Ray, George H.Assemblymenb. New Brunswick
Reynolds, John F.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Rice, Graham L.State Officerb. Minnesota
Riordan, Daniel E.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Roe, Ole K.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Roehr, Julius E.State Senatorb. New York
Rogers, WilliamAssemblymenb. New Brunswick
Root, Warren L.Assemblymenb. New York
Rossman, George P.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Sarau, ChristianAssemblymenb. Germany
Schellenberg, HermanAssemblymenb. Germany
Silkworth, Charles A.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Slade, S. DwightAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Smalley, S. E.Assemblymenb. Illinois
Smith, Albert E.Assemblymenb. New York
Soltwedel, Henry JAssemblymenb. Germany
Spooner, John C.U.S. Senatorb. Indiana
Spratt, GeorgeAssemblymenb. England
Stebbins, DeWayneState Senatorb. New York
Steiger, Emil H.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Stevens, E. RayAssemblymenb. Illinois
Stone, JesseState Officerb. England
Stout, James H.State Senatorb. Iowa
Sturdevant, La Fayette M.Assemblymenb. Pennsylvania
Swenhold, JonasAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Thiessenhusen, Reinhold F.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Thomas, John W.Assemblymenb. Wales
Valentine, Charles LAssemblymenb. New York
Weed, Henry I.State Senatorb. New York
Whitehead, John M.State Senatorb. Illinois
Whitson, Edward W.Assemblymenb. New York
Williams, Edwin A.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Williams, Josephus C.Assemblymenb. Wisconsin
Willott, Joseph, Jr.Assemblymenb. England
Willy, T. A.State Senatorb. England
Winslow, John B.Justice of the Surpreme Courtb. New York
Wolff, George W.State Senatorb. Wisconsin
Young, John J.Assemblymenb. Illinois
Zinn, AugustAssemblymenb. Wisconsin
Census figures and features (index to)
Results By Counties And Minor Civil Divisions By The Federal Census Counts Of 1900 And 1890, And By The State Census Of 1895. 
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Adams County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Ashland County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Barron County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Bayfield County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Brown County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Buffalo County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Burnett County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Calumet County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Chippewa County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Clark County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Columbia County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Crawford County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Dane County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Dodge County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Door County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Douglas County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Dunn County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Eau Claire County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Florence County
Census Statistics - By Minor Civil Divisions: Fond Du Lac County


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