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Pacific County

Filename Description of File Contents Size Date Submitter Name
1849 (March) Lewis County Territorial Census
(Includes present Pacific County)
8.0 Kb
May 1999
Nancy Prevost
1850 Lewis County Federal Census
(Includes present Pacific County)
69.0 Kb
Mar 1997
Kevin Fraley
1860 Pacific County Federal Census
57.8 Kb
Nov 1999
Dianne Arthur
1909 Pacific County Map
442 Kb
Jun 1999
Fred Smoot
Fatally Hurt In Runaway September 10, 1904 1K Apr 2008 Sheron Faynor
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File Description Size Date Submitter
Baker, Alfred August 6, 1844 - 6K Feb 2011 Ila Wakley
Callender, Melville Philo September 7, 1837 - January 19, 1916 5K Jan 2011 Ila Wakley
Gile, Albion L. 5K Feb 2011 Ila Wakley
Howerton, Joseph A. February 24, 1864 - 7K Feb 2011 Ila Wakley
Johnson, George C. January 26, 1872 - 13K Feb 2011 Ila Wakley
Knowles, Joe August 13, 1869 - 22K Feb 2011 Ila Wakley
Morehead, J. A. March 31, 1859 - 14K Feb 2011 Ila Wakley
Morton, Swepson C. May 4, 1879 - 6K Nov 2009 Ila Wakley
Munson, Fred S. 1860 - 24K May 2010 Ila L. Wakley
Nelson, Charles A. August 5, 1883 - 1918 6K Feb 2011 Ila Wakley
Petit, Jack H. May 26, 1892 - 8K Feb 2011 Ila Wakley
Warren, Captain W. E. August 17, 1863 - 12K Jan 2011 Ila Wakley
Wirt, Andrew October 21, 1842 - 8K Feb 2011 Ila Wakley

File Description Size Date Submitter
Springer, John July 1905 1K Apr 2010 Eellitta Stone

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