5.1 mi. south of Waukon (or 16 mi. S. of Reardan), turn on Rockdale Rd & turn rt. before the 1st house.

Contains 5 acres in center of Sec. 22, Twp 23, R. 39. Plat map filed Oct. 3, 1895

Established & deeded 1891 from D.K. McDonald to trustees of M.E. Church: J.J. Brown, A.W. Holland, J.W. Crew, George H. Dundan, J.B. Robinson filed March 31, 1891; $5.; “revert back to grantor if not used for burial & church purposes” clause.

Bold type below dignifies tombstone data as viewed Oct. 1999.

* signifies death certificate @ Lincoln Co. Courthouse      + signifies obituary

ABLEMAN, Christina                                      1855-1894 * 38 yrs (d. Jan/June? 20, 1894)

ABLEMAN, infant                                              family report, buried w/ Christina

ABLEMAN, Amanda                                       Jan. 8, 1828 – Jan 11, 1908 & footstone

ABLEMAN, Lillian L.                                      Oct. 16, 1859 – Dec. 15, 1891  * Gillione, 32 yrs

COLLIER, Norman s/o E.A. & Mary             Mar 4, 1903 – Feb 2, 1904

DEPEW, Isaac  +                                                d. 12 Oct 1894 age 76 yr 9 mo (no visible stone)

GRIMES, Bertha E.                                         d. Apr. 13, 1894; 16 yr 7mo 23 dys

________, _______                                           (empty base near Grimes’ stone)

KEATON, J. E.                                                 Co. B 51st Illinois Inf. Civil War

LOGAN, Nelson Delbert                                  Mar. 21, 1901 – Oct. 20, 1903 s/o DB & M

LOGAN, Harriet  +                                          1844 – 1900  * (d. Jan 16, 1900, 56 yrs) w/o John H. Logan                                                                            

LOGAN, Josephine                                             wooden marker, pre-1900. daughter of Harriet        

LOGAN, George                                                * wooden marker, data gone. son of Harriet 

LOGAN, George                                              died 23 Sept 1890 * probate Lincoln Co. #131 filed 9/29/90  

LOGAN, Carrie                                                   wooden marker, data gone. daughter of Harriet    

                                                                            Large empty base, no stone, near Harriet

MACK, Mrs. Jennie +                                        Mar. 23, 1856 – June 25, 1902 + d/o J. B. Robinson 

OAKLEY, Louise E.                                         Jan 26, 1882 – Oct. 27, 1896

OAKLEY, Leo +                                                 reportedly here, no visible stone. See below

PETERSON, Anna Krestina                            Sept. 14, 1889 – June 9, 1904                       

REW, Evaline, C.                                              1857 – 1919

REW, John C.                                                   Nov. 18, 1852 – Feb. 20, 1914                       

REW, Homer                                                       1913 – 1928 per local report                 

SISTLING, infant                                                reported by Lartigues.** No name or date 

STORKE, J. Oscar                                            Oct. 7, 1807 – June 24, 1898  8 mo 17 dys

YOUNIE, George                                              Nov. 19, 1844 – Mar. 5, 1902    58 yrs    father  

YOUNIE, Florence C.                                      Jan. 7, 1858 – July 27, 1903  aged 45     mother     

                                                                               George & Florence have a shared stone

YOUNIE, George (Jr.)                                          Nov. 19, 1883–Aug. 15, 1977 metal marker Riplinger Fun’l Home

                                                                            Pvt. Co. M  14th Regt. U.S. Inf. (cremated)

Leonard Oakley reportedly shared a stone w/Louise, however, there is no Leo or Leonard on her stone. Article dated April 21, 1905 in the LCT reports “…That Leonard Oakley, the 18 year old son of S. A. [Sebastian] Oakley of Waukon, met with a serious accident Friday morning while driving some horses. His saddle horse fell and broke his neck and cut a large gash in the boy’s head. He is now recovering.”

** Tombstone Inscriptions of Lincoln County, Washington, Wes & Carrie Lartigue, 1974 for the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society

Thank you to Marge Womack for sharing her research


Depew, Mr. Isaac:  Mr. Isaac Depew died at his home near Edwall in Lincoln County, WA. On Oct. 12, 1894, aged 76 years, 9 months. Mr. Depew was born in New York State, and has been a resident of Lincoln County for the last 12 years, he having made his home with his daughter and her husband, Mr. John Logan and wife. The deceased has been in poor health for some time, being badly afflicted with asthma and dropsy. He was buried the 13th at Rockdale Cemetery.

Logan, Mrs. Harriet:  Harriet Logan, wife of John Logan, was born in Ohio and died at her home near Edwall, WA. On Jan 16, 1900. She suffered with dropsy for some years which finally caused heart failure and death. Mother Logan was a good Christian lady, and bore her pain and sorrow patiently and with a will resigned to God. She was a good wife and a loving mother, and also well spoken of by all who knew her.  A husband, 4 sons and 2 daughters mourn her departure. One son and two daughters preceded her in death. She reached the age of 65 years, 5 months and 2 days. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Geo Koch of Edwall, in the presence of the relatives and a large gathering of friends from far and near. Interment was made in the Rockdale Cemetery, where three of her children are buried.

Mack, Mrs. Jennie:  Mrs. Jennie Mack died at her home near Cheney, June 23, 1902. She was buried at the Rockdale Cemetery, the funeral being held at the home of her father, Mr. J. B. Robinson. Mrs. Mack was born in Henry County, Iowa, March 23, 1856, removed to Case Co., Iowa in 1876, thence to Washington in 1883. She united with the Methodist Church at age of 14. She leaves a husband and four children who mourn her loss. (LCT)

Thank you to Marge Womack for sharing her research