Virginia Soldiers Who Fought in World War I

This listing of soldiers is courtesy of Paul Peterson. Photographs are available through him of each of these men.

If you wish photocopies of records relating to service of men or women in World War I or II, or subsequent service, write to: National Personnel Records Center (Military Records), NARA, 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63132.

Code: D.D.means died of disease.W.A. means wounded in action. K.A. means killed in action.
Names are not in strict alphabetical order.

  • Cpl. Edward P. BOLLING. Bristol. D.W.
  • Sgt. Alexander D. BRYANT. Chase City. K.A.
  • Pvt. Halland P. BOYD. Davenport. D.W.
  • Pvt. Bryson K. BLUE. Chase City. W.A.
  • Pvt. Estel G. BLOXOM. Makemil Park. D.W.
  • Pvt. Ira C. R. BLANKENSHIP. Glade Hill. K.A.
  • Pvt. James L. BLOW. Portsmouth. K.A.
  • Cpl. Virginius L. BLAUD. Shanghai. W.A.
  • Pvt. Beverley H. BISHOP. Duffield. D.D.
  • Pvt. S. B. BISHOP. Pilot. K.A.
  • Pvt. John F. BISHOP. Sowers. K.A.
  • Pvt. John C. BLEIGHT. Fredericksburg. K.A.
  • Pvt. Harry T. BELL. Copper Hill. K.A.
  • Cpl. Stanley E. BERNARD. Alexandria. K.A.
  • Pvt. Wiley O. BARTON. Sugar Grove. W.A.
  • Pvt. Carrington E. BAILEY. Nokesville. K.A.
  • Pvt. Lonnie J. BACON. Lynchburg. K.A.
  • Pvt. John H. BAILEY. Johnsons Mill. W.A