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Biographical Sketches
Autobiography of David MEADE, II Sep 2004 Judith Woodson Martin
Census and Tax Lists
Taxlist, 1782 Mar 2005 Joy Fisher
Taxable Articles, 1783 Sep 2000 Kathy Merrill
Court Records
Political Prisoners in Virginia; 1716 Dec 2000 Kathy Merrill
Deeds and Land Records
Proprietors of Lots, 1783 Aug 2000 Kathy Merrill
Fraternal Organizations
Williamsburg Lodge of Masons Sep 2000 Kathy Merrill
Penny Postcards
First Debtor's Prison in America, Williamsburg, & Cornwallis' Headquarters, Williamsburg
Stadium, William & Mary College, Williamsburg
Seabees of Camp Peary Visit Old Williamsburg, Va.
 ~ reproduction of Official U.S. Navy photo
Historical Photos
Miscellaneous Buildings, Colonial Williamsburg bef 2008 Sandra Ferguson
Military Records
Confederate Pension Roles, Veterans and Widows Jan 2003 Joan Renfrow
MURPHY excerpt from the "Virginia Gazette," 15 Dec 1738 Dec 2002 Mark A. Murphy
Ad seeking Elias COOPER, Edenton (NC) "Gazette," 16 Feb 1810 Mar 2008 Carolyn Shank
 ~ GLOVER sisters committed, Feb 1877
 ~ "Daily Dispatch" - article
Feb 2019 Matt Harris
Mattie Stephenson (WILLIAMS; Mrs. Garland B.) BRIGGS
 ~ Southampton Co. native, d. 31 Jan 1989, at home, Williamsburg, age 91
 ~ interred in the WILLIAMS family cemetery, "Twelve Oaks Farm," Wakefield Rd.
Feb 2019 Matt Harris
Madeline Sadie BRYANT
 ~ Southampton Co. native, d. 22 Mar 1967, Williamsburg, age 46
 ~ interred in Hollywood Cemetery, Newsoms
Sep 2012 Bruce Saunders
Sadie (ROUNTREE; Mrs. Jesse J.) BRYANT, formerly of Newsoms
 ~ d. 23 Nov 1957, Newport News, age 81
 ~ interred in the
Jan 2009 Bruce Saunders
Mildred Cary CLOSE, of Washington, DC, formerly of Courtland, retired from the CIA
 ~ Williamsburg native, d. 3 Mar 1984, Washington, DC, age 59
 ~ interred in Riverside Cemetery (Section II, Plot 56), Courtland
Dec 2015 Bruce Saunders
Julian Joseph DICKENS, employed by the Rockefeller Foundation of Colonial Williamsburg
 ~ Southampton Co. native, d. 10 Aug 1952, at home, Williamsburg, age 51
 ~ interred in the Capron Cemetery (unmarked)
Jul 2014 Matt Harris
Annie Robert (FLEETWOOD; Mrs. George) HEDGEPETH, of Williamsburg
 ~ d. 11 Oct 1931, Williamsburg, age 47
 ~ interred in (Section 1, Plot 71), Franklin
Feb 2011 William J. DelMonte &
Bruce Saunders
Judy Patricia HERBERT, Williamsburg native, d. 18 Jan 1987, age 37
 ~ interred in the Beechwood Cemetery (Annex 2, Plot 67), Boykins
Sep 2011 Bruce Saunders
Dr. John Rochelle Lee JOHNSON [Sr.], retired educator
 ~ South Quay native, d. 23 Apr 1953, at home, Williamsburg, age 83
 ~ interred in Poplar Spring Cemetery (Annex 2, Plot 107), Franklin
Jun 2013 Bruce Saunders
Susan "Susie" (RAWLS; Mrs. John R.L. {Sr.}) JOHNSON
 ~ b. 17 Jan 1869, Nansemond Co., d. 25 Jan 1954, at home, Williamsburg
 ~ interred in Poplar Spring Cemetery (Annex 2, Plot 107), Franklin
Dec 2015 Bruce Saunders
George Jordan LANE, retired businessman and civic leader
 ~ b. 29 Jul 1894, Williamsburg; formerly of Suffolk; d. 28 Jul 1961, Franklin
 ~ interred in (Annex 3, Section B, Plot 35B), Franklin
Apr 2012 Bruce Saunders
Col. Levin Winder LANE, II, of Williamsburg
 ~ b. 1861, d. 7 Mar 1934, Williamsburg
 ~ interred in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Williamsburg
Aug 2017 Carolyn Keen & Bruce Saunders
Levin Winder LANE, III
 ~ d. 24 Sep 1934, at home, Williamsburg
 ~ interred in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Williamsburg
Aug 2017 Carolyn Keen & Bruce Saunders
James Lee RADCLIFFE, of Dendron, formerly of Williamsburg, retired electronics technician
 ~ b. 17 May 1956, OH, d. 3 Dec 2014
Jan 2021 Bruce Saunders
Willie Edward RICHARDSON, lumberman, Army veteran of WW-II
 ~ b. 12 Jun 1920, d. 2 Feb 2016, at home
 ~ interred in James River Baptist Church Cemetery, Williamsburg
Jan 2021 Bruce Saunders
Vital Records
Douglas CULLINGSWORTH (1861-1931), death certificate Jul 2005 Linda Simmons
William Woodfin DILLON, of Franklin, WWI veteran: death certificate · obit
 ~ b. 8 Sep 1890, VA, d. 6 Dec 1930, Williamsburg
 ~ interred in Poplar Spring Cemetery (Section 2, Plot 76A), Franklin
Jun 2011 Matt Harris
Mrs. Texanna V. "Texie" (BRADSHAW) HARWOOD ~ death certificate
 ~ 1871 - 13 Oct 1922
 ~ interred in Beaver Dam Baptist Church Cemetery, near Franklin
Nov 2013 Matt Harris
Wills and Estate Records
Goodrich DURFEY, 4 Dec 1867 Oct 2003 Fran Florence

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