St. Jude Catholic

Louisa County, VA

Submitted by The Historical Society of Louisa



alessi-alfred Alessi Alfred R. *1928 *2002 St Jude 004.jpg
anderson-sadie Anderson Sadie E. 5/3/1887 8/4/1965 St Jude 036.jpg
broaddus-frank Broaddus Frank D. 3/20/1912 8/5/2003 St Jude 011.jpg
broaddus-frankd Broaddus Frank Duncan 3/20/1912 8/5/2003 St Jude 012.jpg
brooks-james Brooks James L. *1880 *1950 St Jude 032.jpg
brooks-james Brooks Mary *1886 *1934 St Jude 032.jpg
garcia-linda Garcia Linda Niņa unknown 9/23/2002 St Jude 003.jpg
hagmann-william Hagmann William George 1/11/1928 4/20/2000 St Jude 013.jpg
harlow-james Harlow James Samuel 8/6/1870 8/20/1961 St Jude 027.jpg
harlow-james Harlow Laura Belle 2/3/1876 3/9/1957 St Jude 027.jpg
hennegan-glenn Hennegan Glenn C. 12/7/1956 12/13/2001 St Jude 010.jpg
hryczaniuk-filip Hryczaniuk Filip 11/7/1916 1/17/2003 St Jude 019.jpg
knapp-charles Knapp Charles J. 8/31/1867 4/16/1948 St Jude 028.jpg
knapp-hattie Knapp Hattie M. 10/12/1872 5/14/1929 St Jude 029.jpg
maze-ronald Maze Ronald W. 10/12/1938 5/4/2001 St Jude 008.jpg
miller-jonathon Miller Jonathan D. 6/11/1967 9/3/2000 St Jude 005.jpg
mirota-victor Mirota Victor Paul 5/26/1961 3/17/2001 St Jude 024.jpg
mitchell-john Mitchell Elizabeth "Betty" McGraw 2/15/1921 3/23/2001 St Jude 006.jpg
mitchell-john Mitchell John Emmett 2/2/1915 2/23/1999 St Jude 006.jpg
northrup-carole Northrup Carole Ann Downing 4/18/1936 4/28/1975 St Jude 018.jpg
northrup-carole Northrup Eileen Gladys 3/8/1961 3/26/2002 St Jude 018.jpg
orbeck-joanne Orbeck JoAnne Marie 9/3/1955 12/16/2001 St Jude 009.jpg
powers-betty Powers Elizabeth "Betty" 10/9/1928 1/1/2003 St Jude 020.jpg
stone-stella Stone Stella 2/2/[19]14 8/19/[20]01 St Jude 007.jpg
thomas-clyde Thomas Clyde E. *1883 *1947 St Jude 035.jpg
thomas-laymon Thomas Laymon L. *1914 *1999 St Jude 033.jpg
unknown Unknown Unknown *19?? *1992 St Jude 034.jpg
unknwn-015 Unknown St Jude 015.jpg
unknwn-030 Unknown St Jude 030.jpg
unknwn-031 Unknown St Jude 031.jpg
unknwn-37 Unknown St Jude 037.jpg



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