St. John's Cemetery

Louisa County, VA



  Overton Martha Catherine Gilliam *1882 *1968 St Johns 001.jpg
  Townes Peyton Giles *1921 *1985 St Johns 003.jpg
  Overton William Giles *1875 *1955 St Johns 004.jpg
  Schafer Mary Watson Gordon *1872 *1944 St Johns 005.jpg
  Perkins Patty Gordon 1/1/1852 10/7/1900 St Johns 006.jpg
  Perkins Robert Constantine 8/10/1832 11/2/1904 St Johns 007.jpg
  Hackett Wirt Henry 9/29/1875 5/26/1903 St Johns 009.jpg
  Hackett George Wythe 4/30/1824 12/23/1904 St Johns 010.jpg
  Hackett Kitty Perkins 3/30/1829 1/3/1908 St Johns 011.jpg
  Nolting Carl H. 7/31/1874 4/9/1958 St Johns 012.jpg
  Dabney John W. 7/13/1869 2/24/1941 St Johns 013.jpg
  Nolting Elisabeth A. 11/16/1906 8/12/2000 St Johns 014.jpg
  Hasher Graham 5/13/1906 7/3/1906 St Johns 015.jpg
  Graham T.A. 5/16/1877 7/24/1899 St Johns 016.jpg
  Graham P.N. 5/9/1830 11/4/1987 St Johns 017.jpg
  Graham Julia Danne 5/11/1839 3/2/1908 St Johns 017.jpg
  Morris Infant unknown unknown St Johns 018.jpg
  Morris Infant unknown unknown St Johns 018.jpg
  Morris Infant unknown unknown St Johns 018.jpg
  Morris Infant unknown unknown St Johns 018.jpg
  Tucker Lola May Hendrickson 11/12/1887 11/27/1977 St Johns 019.jpg
  Tucker Beverley H. 3/12/1881 7/7/1960 St Johns 020.jpg
  Broome Henry P. unknown *1889 St Johns 022.jpg
  Hulvey John William 4/5/1922 1/22/1983 St Johns 023.jpg
  Hulvey William *1922 *1983 St Johns 024.jpg
  Schwem John C. 10/16/1904 1/22/1996 St Johns 025.jpg
  Schwem Mina Mae 2/26/1904 11/17/1994 St Johns 025.jpg
  Broome, M.D. Roger Greville Brooke unknown 2/12/1929 St Johns 029.jpg
  Broome Nannie unknown unknown St Johns 029.jpg
  Broome Mary E. unknown unknown St Johns 029.jpg
  Broome Sally Poindexter unknown unknown St Johns 029.jpg
  Broome Sally Ragland Hackett unknown 12/17/1924 St Johns 029.jpg
  Evans Michael Villiers Hamilton 10/15/1916 11/9/1928 St Johns 030.jpg
  Evans Margaret Burgess *1886 *1965 St Johns 031.jpg
  Evans Michael T.L. 6/24/1869 8/21/1941 St Johns 032.jpg
  Burgess Jessie Home 9/22/1862 9/4/1950 St Johns 033.jpg
  Greenleaf Joseph Gales 10/6/1944 4/14/1972 St Johns 035.jpg
  Dana Elizabeth Cullen Broome Greenleaf 4/27/1919 12/20/2000 St Johns 036.jpg
  Broome Elizabeth Cullen Anderson 12/21/1886 10/23/1958 St Johns 037.jpg
  Broome Roger G.B. 8/26/1915 1/18/1945 St Johns 038.jpg
  Broome IV Nathaniel W. 1/13/1923 8/29/1939 St Johns 039.jpg
  Coleman William Francis 10/1/1834 12/12/1919 St Johns 042.jpg
  Coleman, Jr. William Francis 9/7/1875 3/14/1919 St Johns 042.jpg
  Coleman Sarah Macon 12/13/1876 4/22/1977 St Johns 042.jpg
  Overton William *1839 *1923 St Johns 043.jpg
  Giles Nancy Branch *1843 *1913 St Johns 043.jpg
  Overton Frances Giles *1879 *1957 St Johns 043.jpg
  Anderson John F.T. 2/9/1858 9/27/1931 St Johns 044.jpg
  Anderson Irene E. Werner 12/25/1865 4/1/1936 St Johns 045.jpg
  Gordon Dorothy 12/15/1925 12/16/1925 St Johns 046.jpg
  Anderson Beulah Fay 10/12/1883 12/10/1958 St Johns 047.jpg
  Anderson Dorsey Cullen 6/23/1883 11/17/1951 St Johns 048.jpg
  Gibbes, Jr. Daniel Leonidas 7/10/1918 12/27/1976 St Johns 049.jpg
  Miller Sally Reid Anderson 11/11/1881 9/16/1949 St Johns 052.jpg
  Gibbes Elizabeth Cullen Miller 4/15/1917 7/7/2003 St Johns 053.jpg
  Gibbes, Jr. Daniel Leonidas 7/10/1918 12/27/1976 St Johns 054.jpg
  Hansen Virginia Miller 4/10/1921 3/2/1991 St Johns 055.jpg
  M. S. unknown unknown St Johns 058.jpg
  M. J.P. unknown unknown St Johns 059.jpg
  Morris George W. 6/22/1853 2/21/1919 St Johns 060.jpg
  Morris Constance M. 12/8/1851 3/23/1933 St Johns 060.jpg
  Anderson Katherine D. Preston 3/31/1888 6/15/1963 St Johns 064.jpg
  Anderson Calvert Allan 11/15/1881 6/13/1950 St Johns 065.jpg
  Morris Richard O. 10/15/1825 6/27/1897 St Johns 068.jpg
  Morris Julia M. Watson 2/23/1823 6/4/1900 St Johns 069.jpg
  Morris James Maury unknown 8/24/1887 St Johns 070.jpg
  Unknown St Johns 071.jpg
  Unknown St Johns 072.jpg
  Morris Julian 6/29/1866 2/6/1938 St Johns 073.jpg
  Morris Richard O. 10/3/1863 3/31/1926 St Johns 074.jpg
  Morris William W. 7/28/1861 5/1/1922 St Johns 075.jpg
  Morris Louise Churchill 4/26/1860 2/15/1903 St Johns 076.jpg
  Morris Julia M. Armstrong unknown unknown St Johns 077.jpg
  Morris Frank Carr *1857 *1935 St Johns 078.jpg
  Hughson Robert B. 2/14/1885 6/2/1962 St Johns 079.jpg
  Hughson Cleon A. 8/2/1883 7/25/1963 St Johns 080.jpg
  Hughson Audrey 9/5/1896 8/19/1996 St Johns 081.jpg
  Hughson Bettie L. *1851 *1935 St Johns 082.jpg
  Hughson Eugene *1881 *1904 St Johns 083.jpg
  Hughson Aubrey unknown unknown St Johns 084.jpg
  Forsyth Elizabeth V. *1911 *1975 St Johns 085.jpg
  Forsyth King Logan *1908 *1972 St Johns 086.jpg
  Dunn Joseph Janes 3/16/1927 8/16/1967 St Johns 087.jpg
  Wood, Jr. O. Earle 1/7/1915 9/7/1989 St Johns 088.jpg

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