Divine Cemetery

Louisa County, VA


DSC01395.jpg Clark Carl M. 11/5/1912 11/15/1958
DSC01396.jpg Rosbinson Essie 7/15/1902 7/17/1949
DSC01397.jpg Hawkins Charles 4/20/1880 9/17/1970
DSC01398.jpg Scott Edmond L. 6/15/1916 8/21/1968
DSC01399.jpg Holder Etta 1891 10/9/1919
DSC01400.jpg Robertson Maggie J. 1879 1957
DSC01401.jpg Harris Berkley 1910 1990
DSC01402.jpg Clark Henrietta M. 8/17/1920 12/15/1963
DSC01403.jpg Clark Richard Robert 10/9/1909 1/12/1958
DSC01404.jpg Burton Samuel Eugene 1920 1984
DSC01405.jpg Moore Rooesvelt 1901 1975
DSC01406.jpg Scott Cecil O. 6/22/1918 5/7/1972
DSC01407.jpg Clark Sergio J. 6/1/1985? 4/16/1986
DSC01409.jpg Clark Theodore W. 9/18/1905 6/27/1985
DSC01410.jpg Clark Jettie Johnson 4/15/1914 10/11/1989
DSC01411.jpg Clark Alphonza 1914 2001
DSC01412.jpg Anderson Victoria 1902 1975
DSC01413.jpg Jones Bertha 1889 1974
DSC01414.jpg Wormley Roseanna 1911 1976
DSC01415.jpg Wormley John
DSC01416.jpg Perkins Mary Alice 1898 1994
DSC01416.jpg Perkins John 1901 1986
DSC01418.jpg Robinson William M. 1925 1988
DSC01419.jpg Robinson Annie 1928 1998
DSC01420.jpg Robinson, Sr. Thomas Otis 7/20/1922 1/9/1984
DSC01421.jpg Robinson Wesley B. 1/3/1932 4/14/1981
DSC01423.jpg Robertson Lucy Matilda 12/16/1909 7/28/1988

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