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Hampton, VA
Tombstone Photographs

Photos in this section of the archives were submitted by:
Patricia Oliver Holloway (poh)


  Bains, Emma Jane Cunningham 1845 - 1912.(poh)
  Bains, William M.1835 - 1909(poh)
 Caine, George B. 1870 - 1952 (poh)
 Caine, Maud T. 1874-1904 (poh)
 Caine, Thomas and Ann R Wallace 1867 - 1939 (poh)
  Crouch, Virginia Tice 1919 - 1967(poh)
  Cunningham, Bernice & Ester 1904(poh)
 Cunningham, Dixie Johnson 1904 - 1985 (poh)
 Cunningham, Edwin Lee  1906 - 1907(poh)
 Cunningham, Elizabeth F  1852 - 1906(poh)
  Cunningham, F. Moorman & Mamie Wilson 1881 - 1955(poh)
 Cunningham, George Keith S.  1877 - 1893  (poh)
  Cunningham, George O. 1897 - 1957(poh)
Cunningham, George Overdorf and Jo Kersey Cunningham.(poh)
 Cunningham, Rev  Jack and Nellie M. Cunningham(poh)
  Cunningham, James 1902(poh)
 Cunningham, James Mahone  1884 - 1890(poh)
 Cunningham, James Marion  1856 - 1940(poh)
  Cunningham, John Wesley 1881 - 1961(poh)
  Cunningham, Laura Estella  1872 - 1931(poh)
 Cunningham, Mary  1856 - 1898(poh)
 Cunningham, Susan R Walter  1881 - 1904(poh)
  Cunningham, Susie Scott 1861 - 1900(poh)
 Cunningham, Wesley 1849 - 1937 (poh)
  Cunningham, William C 1844 - 1918        CSA  marker (poh)
  Cunningham ,William J 1849 - 1920(poh)
  Grecory, Earl Harry 1900 - 1930(poh)
  Hicks, Addie H. 1879 - 1960(poh)
 Hicks, John David   1876 - 1961(poh)
  Hicks, Percy  1899 - 1946(poh)
 Hill, Oscar  1923 - 1956(poh)
Post, Nicholas B..(poh)
  Saunders, A.L. "Johnny"  1926 - 1985(poh)
  Scott, John W.  1840 - 1912(poh)
  Shea, Annie Vernon 1878 - 1956(poh)
  Shea, Patrick Joseph  1908 - 1947(poh)
 Tice, George W.    1891 - 1961(poh)
  Tice, Winnie C. 1890 - 1970(poh)
  Trevathan, W E. 1897(poh)
  Walter, Cora 1906(poh)
  Walter, R.T. and Sarah E. Walter 1909.(poh)
 Walter, Thomas 1886 - 1904 (poh)
 Wyatt, Susie Cunningham   1891 - 1961(poh)


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