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Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church Cemetery,White Hall,
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Jackson and Sylvia Hott Sonneborn (jshs)
This is only a partial list of people buried in this church cemetery.  Most are linked to the George Hott, Sr., Family, who are buried on the hill in a pasture less than a mile from the church and cemetery. [Information added.]

Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church , White Hall, VA(jshs)

 David G.O. Hott In Memory of David G.O. HOTT, Son of Jacob F. & Jane Hott, Died Nov. 25, 1880, Aged 17 yrs., 7 mo., 10 ds.[Died of typhoid fever while studying for the ministry;  initials stand for Glossbrenner Otterbein](jshs)
 Dellie Jane & Mary Bell Hott Mary Bell HOTT, Dau of J.M. & I.S. Hott, Died Apr 31, 1879, aged 8 yrs.,   mo., 16 ds.[Born 8 Apr. 1880] Dellie Jane HOTT, Dau of J. M. & I.S. Hott, Died Feb 23, 1879, Aged 13 yrs, 5 mo., 26 ds(jshs)
 Dolly A. and Amanda E. Hott HOTT, Dolly A. HOTT, 1827 – 1875,  AND  Amanda E. HOTT, 1863 – 19__ [Dorothy “Dolly” Robey, second wife of Peter Hott, Dolly was born 1 Mar. 1827, and died 5 Jan. 1875;(jshs)
 Edgar D. Hott  1868 – 1941. [Dr. Hott, son of Peter Hott and Ann Rebecca Scott;  wife Fannie Griffith](jshs)
 Edgar T. Hott 1907 – 1965.(jshs)
 Fannie Hott 1868 – 1961.[Wife of Edgar T. Hott](jshs)
Harry J. Hott 1888 – 1964. {Born June 10, 1888, son of  Edgar Thomas Hott & Fannie L. Griffith](jshs)
 Herman Winton Hott Herman Winton HOTT, Son of J. W. & E. Hott, Died June 17, 1890, Aged 8 months [Son of Jacob Swier Winton Hott and Ellen Fries Hott;  Herman was born Nov. 17, 1887](jshs)
 J.M. and Isabel S. Hott  J. M. HOTT, 1865-1940    AND  His Wife Isabel S. HOTT, 1860-1926 [James Martin Hott, son of Peter and Dolly Robey Hott, born  30 March 1865 and died 6 Aug. 1950.  He married on 3 Mar. 1889,  Isabel Susannah Hott, daughter of Jacob Fries and Jane Streit Hott;  Isabel was born 15 Dec. 1860, and died 31 Dec. 1926.(jshs)
James C. and Tamsin Fries Hott  In Memory of James C. HOTT, Died June 10, 1891, Aged 73 yrs., 7 mos., 6 ds.[James Curl Hott, son of John and Margaret Rebeccs Fries Hott, James born 4 Jan. 1817;  married 1 Susan Streit, 2 Tamsin Fries.

In Memory of Tamsin FRIES HOTT, Died August 19, 1911, Aged 73 years, 4 months, & 16 days.[b. 1838, wife of 1 James C. Hott and 2 George Nesmith.(jshs)

Mamie E. Hott , Wife of Rev. J. E. Hott, Feb. 7, 1818, April 3, 1887(jshs)
Peter Hott In Memory of Father Peter HOTT  Born Feb. 22, 1811, Died Mar. 23, 1888   [Son of John and Rebecca Fries Hott;  husband of #1 Rebecca Scott and #2 Dorothy “Dolly” Robey – m. 1862](jshs)
Rev Jacob & Jane Hott  Our Mother, Jane [Streit] HOTT, Wife of Rev. Jacob F. Hott, Died March 13, 1905, Aged 82 yrs., 8 mos., 21 ds.[Married Rev. Jacob Fries Hott 17 Aug. 1843 in Winchester, VA] [Daughter of Charles and Catherine Fries Streit]

Rev. Jacob F. (Fries) HOTT, Died Aug. 31, 1884, Aged 62 yrs., 9 mos., 10 days. [Born Nov. 21, 1821, son of John and Margaret Fries Hott](jshs)

 Stella F. & Harold Avon Hott Stella F. HOTT, daughter of Rev. G. P. & C. R. Hott, Died Dec. 30, 1885.  Aged 7 mos., 25 ds.[dau . of  Rev. George Peter and Caroline Robinson Hott;  Harold Avon HOTT, Son of Rev. G.P. & C.R. Hott, Died June 18, 1887, Aged 2 mos., 15 ds.[Son of Rev. George Peter and Caroline Robinson Hott](jshs)
 Ellie F. Hott Keiter  Wife of M.F. Keiter, and Daughter of Rev. J.F. and J. Hott, Born April 9, 1849, Died Jan 7, 1891 [Maried to the Rev. Millard F. Keiter](jshs)

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