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Mt. Hebron Cemetery,
Winchester, Frederick County, VA
Tombstone Photographs

Photos in this section of the archives were submitted by:
 Judi Talbot (jt)
Francis Cave(fc)

list of Revolutionary Soldiers who are buried in the cemetery,
and it is immediately to the left as you enter the cemetery.(jt)

Confederate Monument to Unknown Soldiers(jt)

Plaque at the Cemetery Chapel (jt)

View from the entrance of the Cemetery of the remains of the old Lutheran Church,
which  burned in 1854.(jt)

Plaque on the Old Lutheran Church Remains(jt)


 Old Log Church Section

 Anders, Alfred 1819 to 1848(jt)
Anders, Elizabeth 1805 to 1843(jt)
 Andrews, George W.(jt)
Andrews, Mary died 1855 age 71(jt)
Andrews, William Past Master died 1876 age 72(jt)
Andrews, William(jt)
Armel, Louis Gordon and Lucille Grant Armel Section A (jt)
Baker, Albert 1845 to 1911 (Lot I Old Section) son of William "Pully" Baker and Elizabeth Mantz Baker (jt)
Baker, Albert and Georgia Section G Lot 400 (jt)
 Baker, Albertie 1853 to 1900(jt)
Baker, Alcinda Carter, Born February 4, 1828, Died January 3, 1903, Buried with Josiah Lockhart Baker(old Section lot 229)(jt)
 Baker, Aletta W 1830 to 1906 (Lot 232 Old Section)  Aletta W. Hunt Baker, wife of Henry Streit Baker(jt)
 Baker, Alexander Mantz and Virginia Gilkerson and family Lot 45 Old Section  Alexander Mantz Baker, Wife, Daughter and Grandson (jt)
 Baker, Alfred Jackson 1878 to 1959 and May Virginia Patton 1888 to 1972 (Lot 389 Old Section) Alfred Jackson Baker, husband of May Patton, son of George Goodwin and Etta Jackson Baker(jt)
 Baker, Annie C. BakerOld Section Lot 686 (jt)
 Baker, Annie E. Gaither Wife of Camillus Streit Baker (Old Section Lot 641)(jt)
 Baker, B West 1846 to 1932 and Lucy Virginia 1850 to 1930 (Lot 247 Section B) Benjamin West Baker and Lucy Virginia Hiett, his wife.  He is the son of Henry M. and Catherine Grove Baker.(jt)
 Baker, Benjamin Brooke 1860 to 1925 Lot 558 Old Section. (jt)
 Baker, Camillus G and Varina D Braithwaite Lot 280 Section C (jt)
 Baker, Camillus S son of Jacob Baker and Catherine Streit  (jt)
 Baker, Catherine Ann Old Section Lot 686(jt)
 Baker, Catherine Miller wife of Henry William born 1768 (Old Lutheran Cemetery)my Great Great Great Great Grandmother, daughter of John Jacob Miller and wife Catherine.(jt)
 Baker, Daisy D 1889-1948 Old Section (jt)
Baker, Edward Wyatt  (Old Section lot 210)(jt)
 Baker, Edwin S Baker, husband of Martha Wood (Old Section Lot 594) Edwin served on the Boundary Commission which decided the boundary States of VA and WV about 1863.  They are buried next to each other.(jt)
 Baker, Elizabeth B  Died December 1852  -1814 to 1852 wife of Joseph Milton Baker (jt)
 Baker, Elizabeth Foster 1789 to 1872 wife of Wm. Alex. Baker Old Lutheran Cemetery /Elizabeth (Foster) Baker, wife of William A. Baker (who died 1847) and daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Greenwood) Foster. (jt)
Baker, Elizabeth Mantz1820 to 1899 wife of Wm B Baker (jt)
 Baker, Emily Streit 1809 to 1843 husband of Geo W Baker Old Section (jt)
 Baker, Emma Frances 1833 to 1846 dau of Jacob and Catherine Baker Old Section. (jt)
 Baker, Emma Ginn (Baker, William Alexander "Sandy"  and his mother Emma Ginn Baker and Austin Herr Morgan (Old Section Lot 659) monument with three names on it (jt)
 Baker, Etta M 1851 to 1887 wife of G Goodwin Baker( Lot 389 Old Section) Etta M Jackson Baker (jt)
Baker, Franck and Elizabeth Wyatt(Old Section Lot 736)(jt)
Baker, Frank Wood(jt)
 Baker, G. Goodwin 1852 to 1914 (Lot 389 Old Section)  George Goodwin Baker(jt)
 Baker, G Graham 1880 to 1914 Lot 92 Old Section (jt)
 Baker, George 1765 to 1790 Inscription in German (Old Lutheran Church Section), son of original Henry Baker and Maria Elizabeth Fink  (jt)
 Baker, George E and Bessie L BakerOld Section Lot 686(jt)
 Baker, George Lee and Mary Denny(jt)
Baker, George W Born July 3, 1800 Died March 1865 whose first wife was Emily Streit and second wife was Sarah Hartman(Old Section)(jt)
 Baker, Harry Hunt 1930 to 1930 infant son of Woodhull and Bryson Baker Lot 381 Section B (jt)
 Baker, Harry M and Henrietta S Baker Old Section Lot 417 (jt)
 Baker, Henry 1731 to 1807 Born in Germany Husband of Maria Fink(jt)
 Baker, Henry M 1886 to 1961 Lot 274 Section B (jt)
 Baker, Henry S 1814 to 1889 Henry Streit Baker, wife of Aletta W. Hunt.  (His first wife was Caytherine Price who died in 1850.)  Henry served frequently as President of the Winchester Town Council. (jt)
 Baker, Henry Scott and Frances Robinson(jt)
 Baker, Henry Special Gravestone  (Old Lutheran Church Section) Special Plaque to Henry Baker, the original Baker to settle in Winchester of this line from Germany.  This is placed on his gravesite behind his original tombstone.(jt)
 Baker, Henry William  born 1760 son of Henry Baker of Germany (Old Lutheran Cemetery) my Great Great Great Great Grandfather, son of Henry Baker and Mary Ann (Maria) Elizabeth Fink Baker married to Catherine Miller Baker(jt)
 Baker, Ida StuartOld Section Lot 641(jt)
 Baker, Jacob 1789 to 1874 and wife Catherine Bush Streit 1794 to 1860 (Old Section) He is a grandson of the original Henry Baker, and Catherine is the daughter of Rev. Christian Streit. (jt)
 Baker, James Madison Old Section Lot 686(jt)
 Baker, John 1767 to 1844 Old Lutheran Cemetery son of original Henry Baker(jt)
 Baker, John A Died 23 Dec 1843 second son of Isaac and Rachel Baker Old Lutheran Section (jt)
 Baker, John Goodwin 1918 to 1979 son of Alfred Jackson Baker and  May (Mary?) Virginia Patton (jt)
 Baker, John I H 1833 to 1907 and Rachel E Kline 1835 to 1919 (Lot 558 Old Section)John Isaac Holliday Baker and wife Rachel E. Kline Baker(jt)
Baker, Josiah Lockhart, Born February 28, 1827, Died July 26, 1899, Buried with wife Alcinda Carter Baker, Born February 4, 1828, Died January 3, 1903(jt)
 Baker, Julian W   1888-1949husband of Kate Stump( Old Section Lot 594)son of Julian W. Baker Sr. (jt)
Baker, Laura V., Born April 3, 1898, Died November 7, 1972(jt)
 Baker, Lily 1873 to 1938 dau of Henry S and Aletta W Baker (Old Section) Lily Harrison Baker (jt)
 Baker, Louise F 1839 to 1918 wife of Rev Robert M Baker (Lot G Old Section)(jt)
 Baker, Martha A (Wood)  wife of Edwin S Baker Old Section Lot 594(jt)
 Baker, Martin R. Old Section Lot 868(jt)
Baker,  Mary Ann Elizabeth  died July 1806  my Five-Great Grandmother Maria (Mary Ann) Elizabeth Fink Baker. (jt)
Baker, Mary Bryson Smith 1899 to 1993(jt)
 Baker, Mary Catherine 'Kate' Stumpwife of Julian W. Baker Old Section Lot 594(jt)
 Baker, Minnie C  Old Section Lot 641(jt)
 Baker, Nannie F and Henry M Old Section (I don't know why there are no dates for Henry, or even if he is buried there.) (jt)
 Baker, Portia Baldwin 1836 to 1915 dau of Jacob and Catherine Streit Baker (Section G) (jt)
 Baker, Ray Lloyd Pvt US Army 1902 to 1982(jt)
 Baker, Rev Robert Milton 1834 to 1884 Lot 7 Old Section(jt)
 Baker, Robert W and Abby Scott(jt)
 Baker, Samuel 1895 to 1918 son of CG and VD Baker(jt)
 Baker, Sara J Sara J Baker wife of George Baker Old Section Lot D   wife of GeorgeW. Baker Old Section Lot D(jt)
Baker, Sophie dau of Wm Ball and Elizabeth Mantz Baker (Old Section) Sophie E. Baker, daughter of William "Pully" Ball Baker and Elizabeth Mantz Baker(jt)
 Baker, Stephen Kent(jt)
 Baker, Susan C 1816 to 1880 wife of Oliver M Brown dau of Jacob and Catherine Baker.  Susan C. Baker, wife of Rev. Oliver M. Brown and daughter of Jacob and Catherine Bush Streit Baker(jt)
 Baker, William Alexander 1788 to 1847 son of Henry William Baker Old Lutheran Cemetery(jt)
 Baker, William Alexander "Sandy"  and his mother Emma Ginn Baker and Austin Herr Morgan(Old Section Lot 659) monument with three names on it - William Baker was a Captain in World War I, served on Winchester City Council, was President of the Council in 1922, and served as Treasurer of Winchester City from 1929 until he died in 1950.  He was the son of William Henry Baker who served a term as Mayor of Winchester, and was also President of Shenandoah Valley Bank.(jt)
 Baker, William B 1818 to 1888 (Old Section) William "Pully" Ball Baker, husband of Elizabeth Mantz Baker.  He organized the Winchester Gas Company in 1854 and was President until his death.  He was also a former President of the Board of the Shenandoah Valley National Bank. (jt)
 Baker, William H 1918 to 1998 US Navy WWII  (jt)
Baker, William Hartman and Mary Rivera Pierce Baker  Old Section (jt)
 Baker, William Henry  Born November 5, 1855, died September 21, 1915, buried with Ellen F. Baker Morgan, 1907-1997, He was father of Sandy Baker and husband of Emma Ginn. William Henry Baker and Granddaughter Ellen Fauntleroy Baker Morgan, dau of William "Sandy" Baker Lot 659 Old Section(jt)
Baker, William Isaac 1856 to 1917 and Alice A Haines (Lot 558 Old Section) (Dr.) William Isaac Baker, son of J. I. H. and Rachel Kline Baker and husband of Alice Haines.  "Willie" and Alice lived in Kansas City, MO. (jt)
 Baker, William Woodhull 1869 to 1893(Lot I Old Section) son of Henry Streit and Aletta W. Hunt Baker.  He died in St. Augustine, FL(jt)
 Baker, William Woodhull 1896 to 1955 Lot 381 Section B(jt)
Bardshar, Camilla C. Rutherford 1884 to 1961 wife of Henry P Bardshar(jt)
 Barley, Lewis 30 Sep 1818 to 25 Apr 1895 Old Section   (jt)
 Barley, Margaret O 1821 to 1881 Old Section(jt)
 Barley, Sallie E Died 16 Nov 1910 Old Section (jt)
Barr, Lucy Jane Curl (fc)
 Belt, Gregg Edward 1974 to 1974(jt)
 Booth, Ethel Harper 1912 to 1978 Section A(jt)
 Bowen, Francis Elizabeth 1828 to 1869 wife of George A Bowen dau Geo and Susan Brent (Lot on Morgan Drive)Francis Elizabeth Brent Bowen(jt)
 Bowers, Elizabeth 1789 to 1814 Old Church Section(jt)
 Boyd, John Albert 1904 to 1986 Section A(jt)
Boyd, Mary Ellen 1908 to 1995 Section A (New)(jt)
 Brady, Josephine M died 1925(jt)
 Breedin, Enoch Cartwright and Lucy Payne Singleton and children(jt)
 Brent, Nathan A 1825 to 1902 (Lot on Morgan Drive)(jt)
 Brent, Susan 1792 to 1880 wife of George Brent (Lot on Morgan Drive) Mother of Francis Elizabeth Brent Bowen(jt)
 Brent, Susan Hill 1835 to 1894 (Lot on Morgan Drive)   wife of Nathan(jt)
 Brown Family Section A(jt)
 Brown, Anna S 1842 to 1862 daughter of Susan Baker and Oliver M. Brown(jt)
 Brown, Emma S 1852 to 1936 daughter of Susan Baker and Oliver Brown (jt)
 Brown, Fannie O 1846  daughter of Susan Baker and Oliver Brown (jt)
 Brown, Nellie 1857 to 1931 daughter of Susan Baker and Oliver M. Brown(jt)
 Brown, Oliver M 1815 to 1885 husband of Susan C Baker. Rev. Oliver M. Brown, husband of Susan Catherine Baker(jt)
Burnside, A. Elizabeth died 1919(jt)
 Burnside, James 1812 to 1881(jt)
 Burnside, James Richardson, 1848 to 1875(jt)
 Burnside, Verlinda 1812 to 1867 wife of James Burnside(jt)
Byrd, Anne Douglas Beverley 1887 to 1964 wife of Harry Flood Byrd(jt)
 Byrd, Eleanor Bolling Died 1957 Lot 363 Section B(jt)
Byrd, Gretchen Bigelow Thomson 1917 to 1989 wife of Harry Flood Byrd(jt)
 Byrd, Harry Flood 1887 to 1966 VA Senator, Gov and US Senator Lot 363 Section B(jt)
 Byrd, Infant son Gretchen B Thomson and Harry Byrd Jr Lot 363 Section B(jt)
 Byrd, Margaret Lewis 1889 to 1920 Lot 363 Section B(jt)
 Byrd, Richard Evelyn 1862 to 1925 Lot 363 Section B(jt)
 Byrd, Westwood Beverley 1916 to 1952 dau of Anne Douglas Beverley and Harry Flood Byrd Lot 363 Section B(jt)

 Carter, John 1787 to 1842(jt)
 Carter, John died 1868(jt)
Cather, Edward Washington(fc)
Cather, Katharine(fc)
Cather, Kenneth E (fc)
Cather, Mary Elizabeth  wife of Edward W. Cather(fc)
Cather, Peggy A.(fc)
 Celwicks, Charles F Died 1874 in his 70th year(jt)
 Clevenger, Anna Belle(Section A Lot #156) (jt)
Clevenger, Bernice A.(Section A Lot #10)(jt)
Clevenger, Dolores G. Jewell, born October 23, 1920, Died May 29, 1976, Wife of Edwin Clevenger (Old Section Lot 356)(jt)
Clevenger, Ernest B.( Old Section lot 356) (jt)
 Clevenger, James Thurston, Born December 28, 1913, Died March 5, 1949(jt)
 Clevenger, Robert Brent Section A Lot 156(jt)
 Clevenger, Robert G and Ada Clevenger Section A Lot 156(jt)
Clevenger, Vernie E (Old Section Lot 356).(jt)
 Coe, James W and Sidney Coe(jt)
 Coe, John 1801 to 1852(jt)
 Coleman, Wilhelmina E Rutherford 1899 to 1961(jt)
 Collins, Caroline Died 19 Mar 1890 age 73 Old Section(jt)
 Collins, Miranda 1843 age 38 wife of Rev John A Collins Old Section(jt)
 Collins, Rev Jos 1779 to 1871 Old Section(jt)
 Columbia, Elizabeth 1845 to 1922(jt)
Copenhaver, Jennie Eaton 1877 to 1950 Section A(jt)
 Copenhaver, Marcus L 1897 to 1980 Section A(jt)
 Crampton, Benjamin 1838 to 1878 Old Section.(jt)
Curl, Etta & Cimilus Curl(fc)
 Curl, George Washington & Virginia Curl(fc)
Curl, James William (fc)
Curl, Lillie M.   wife of James William Curl(fc)
Curl, Nellie & Sydnor (Jap) Curl(fc)
 Curry, Catharine 1786 to 1861(jt)
 Curry, Jesse 1780 to 1863(jt)
  Denny, John H 1864 to 1900 son of WR and MA Denny Old Section.(jt)
 Denny, Joseph S 1825 to 1899 and wife Sarah A 1823 to 1917 Old Section.(jt)
 Denny, Kate B 1853 to 1864 dau of WR and MA Denny Lot 111 Old Section(jt)
 Denny, Margaret A 1822 to 1893 Lot 111 Old Section.(jt)
 Denny, May 1881 to 1892 Lot 111 Old Section.(jt)
 Denny, William R 1823 to 1904 Lot 111 Old Section.(jt)
Diedrich, Louis George, Mathea C Hofslund and Nickolai Strauss(jt)
 Dolby, Rachael 1779 to 1869(jt)
 Dorsey, Annie R 1878 to 1970(jt)
Dorsey, Ann Rebecca Andrews 1840 to 1910 wife of I B Dorsey(jt)
 Dorsey, Frank H 1873 to 1943(jt)
 Dorsey, Ignatius 1833 to 1889(jt)
 Dorsey, John A 1870 to 1925(jt)
 Dorsey, Ruth R 1903 to 1909 daughter of J A and N R Dorsey(jt)
Dosh, Catherine Baker Brown 1844 to 1934 wife of T W Dosh. daughter of Susan Baker and Oliver Brown(jt)
 Dosh, T W, D.D. Dosh, T W husband of Catherine Baker Brown husband of Catherine Baker Brown(jt)
 Dunlap, Fannie Baker , Born March 6, 1864, Died November 14, 1929, Wife of Hollie. B. Dunlap, Daughter of Josiah Lockhart Baker and Alcinda Carter Baker.Aunt of Gibson Baker(jt)
 Dunlap, Hollie B 1876 to 1955 husband of Francis "Fannie" Baker Dunlap (jt)
 Ebersole, Edwin R Sr 1920 to 2000 Section B(jt)
 Ebersole, Matthew H 1890 to 1976 Section B(jt)
 Ebersole, Matthew Sr 1845 to 1924 Section B(jt)
 Ebersole, Ollie L 1895 to 1965 Section B(jt)
 Ebersole, Sarah born 1861 Section B(jt)
 Ebersole, Tella B 1893 to 1969 Section B(jt)
 Ettenger, Mary C 1826 to 1849 daughter of Abraham Nulton(jt)
 Evans, Olga and Sophia Weisman(jt)
 Evans, Rudy 1906 to 1982(jt)
Farmer, Evelyn Curl (fc)
Gaylord, Isabel Baker 1893 to 1973(jt)
Gaylord, Paul Childs 1895 to 1979(jt)
Gibbens, Aulick, 1895-1949(jt)
Gibbens, C. Mortimer, 1839-1918(jt)
Gibbens, Charles W., 1816-1868(jt)
Gibbens, Cornelius, 1869-1911(jt)
Gibbens, G. Wm., 1864-1907(jt)
Gibbens, John W., 1818-1883(jt)
Gibbens, Lesle M., 1890-1983(jt)
Gibbens, Robert G., 1867-1924(jt)
Gibbens MSgt Robert Gorman US Army WWII, August 28, 1918, September 9, 1982(jt)
Gibbens, Sarah C., 1815-1871(jt)
 Gibbens, Vernie E. No Surname but among Clevengers 1885 to 1976 (no surname, but was among Gibbens in cemetery) (jt)
 Gorsuch, Charles T died 1906 age 87 Lot 93 Old Section(jt)
 Gorsuch, Elizabeth Merryman 1797 to 1874 Lot 93 Old Section(jt)
 Gorsuch, Ellen M 1821 to 1894 Lot 93 Old Section(jt)
 Grant, Edward W 1873 to 1945 Section A(jt)
 Grant, Viola V 1883 to 1976 Section A(jt)
 Guy, Eliza(jt)
 Haines, George H 1831 to 1903 Old Lutheran Cemetery(jt)
Handley, John Memorial  (jt)
He was a judge from Scranton, PA (originally England), elected judge in Luzerne County, PA in 1874.  He made his money in banking, real estate, and mining. 
He visited the Jifkins family of Winchester often and loved the city and its people.    He died in 1895 and bequeathed $250,000 to Winchester for a library (Handley Library), and the remainder of his estate was to endow a public school.  This bequest was $1,200,000. 
upclose photo of John Handley marker Born Jan. 7, 1835 Died Jan. 15, 1895(jt)
 Harmer, Mary E 1830 to 1899 wife of T S Harmer(jt)
 Harmer, T Tyson 1858 to 1918(jt)
 Harmer, Theodore 1830 to 1861(jt)
 Harper, Bryant R and Florence E Section A(jt)
 Harper, Charles H 1876 to 1968 Section A(jt)
 Harper, Ella M 1879 to 1949 Section A(jt)
 Harrison, John L 1804 to 1841(jt)
 Heist, Georgiana Died 05 Jul 1891 in her 88th year Old Section.(jt)
 Heist, J George Died 10 Sep 1892 in his 90th year Old Section.(jt)
 Heist, Mary E 1837 to 1915 Old Section.(jt)
 Henry, Alice M 1856 to 1906 wife of William E Old Section.(jt)
 Henry, Andrew J 1839 to 1918 Old Section.(jt)
 Henry, Earnest Died 1902 age 21 Old Section.(jt)
 Henry, Eddie L 1883 to 1943 Old Section.(jt)
 Henry, Jackson T 1864 to 1911 Old Section.(jt)
 Henry, Lydia A 1832 to 1903 wife of Robert M Old Section.(jt)
 Henry, Minnie M 1870 to 1944 Old Section.(jt)
Henry, Robert W Died 1916 age 92 Old Section (jt)
 Henry, Sophia A Died 1838 age 61 Old Section.(jt)
 Henry, W French Died 1902 Old Section.(jt)
Henry, William E 1855 to 1934 Old Section (jt)
 Hewitt, Gary William 1944 to 1944(jt)
 Hillman, Charlotte S 1804 to 1892.(jt)
 Hillman, Margaret 1811 to 1830.(jt)
 Huff, Amanda E Old Section(jt)
 Huff, David 1813 to 1863 Old Section(jt)
 Hull, Capt Burr died 1868.(jt)
 Hull, Caroline M Born 1811.(jt)
 Jackson, David1836 to 1898(jt)
 Jackson, E Lewis 1863 to 1882(jt)
 Jackson, Robert 1858 to 1896(jt)
 Janney, Lela Baker , wife of Dr J E Janney and daughter of Julian W and Kate Stump Baker(jt)
 Jenkins, Mai E 1880 to 1967 mother of Temple Wigginton Section A(jt)
 Jifkins, Edward J and wife Julia Baker (jt)
Joliffe, Carrie Baker, Born February 14, 1886, Died August 10, 1970 dau of Franck and Elizabeth Wyatt Baker(jt)
 Joliffe, Laurence V.1900 to 1940  (jt)
  Kelchner, Austin H 1877 to 1880.(jt)
 Kelchner, Vane C 1881 to 1881.(jt)
Kempe, Elizabeth 1840 to 1917 daughter of Joseph H and Ann M Sherrard Old Section(jt)
Kennedy, Anne M Sherrard died 1893 wife of Robert M Kennedy Lot 5 Old Section(jt)
 Kesner, Tina Maria infant died 1975.(jt)
 Kiger, Martha Died 1897 age 77 Old Section.(jt)
 Kiger, William G Died 1895 age 81 Old Section.(jt)
 Kingsbury, Amelia 1842 to 1901 Old Section.(jt)
 Kingsbury, Eddie M 1867 to 1884 Old Section(jt)
 Kingsbury, Marshall 1834 to 1926 Old Section.(jt)
 Kingsbury, Willie M 1866 to 1883 Old Section.(jt)
 Kline, Isaac N and Annie Snider Kline dau of George and Anna Snider.(jt)
 Kurtz, Mary Catherine Baker 1807 to 1836 Old Lutheran Cemetery/ wife of Rev. Kurtz.(jt)
  Lake, Lewis W and Mary Lee Section A.(jt)
Latham, T Arthur 1828 to 1897 and Charlotte M 1838 to 1903 Old Section(jt)
Latham, Thomas, wife Mary and daughter Rebecca E Old Section(jt)
Lewis, Catharine V 1885 to 1896 daughter of Hugh R and Georgianna Lewis (jt)
 Lewis, Emma M 1889 to 1902 daughter of HR and GA Lewis(jt)
 Lewis, Georgianna 1850 to 1937 wife of Hugh R Lewis (jt)
 Lewis, Hugh R1817 to 1900  husband of Georgianna Lewis(jt)
 Lewis, Jonedith Henry 1923 to 1979 Section A.(jt)
 Lewis, Julian L 1888 to 1901 son of Hugh R and Georgianna  Lewis (jt)
 Lewis, Mary E1879 to 1917 wife of Willard E Lewis (jt)
 Lewis, Willard E 1873 to 1940 (jt)
Lockhart, Amanda L., 1881-1907(jt)
Lockhart, Henry A., Died January 30, 1927, Age 65,  1862-1927(jt)
 Lockhart, James H 1875-1943 double marker with Mary E. Lockhart (jt)
Lockhart, Mary E., 1881-1964 double marker with James H. Lockhart (jt)
 Loy, Cecil H 1899 to 1946 Section A.(jt)
 Loy, Charles W 1875 to 1952 Section A.(jt)
 Loy, Georgia A. 1876-1957 Section A (jt)
 Loy, Lola L 1899 to 1976 Section A.(jt)
 Loy, Melvin I 1919 age 1 day Section A.(jt)
 Loy, Sidney J 1867 to 1930 Section A.(jt)
  Mallory, Velva Curl 1897 to 1958 Old Section.(jt)
Mantz, Cyrus 1791 to 1851  father of Elizabeth Mantz Baker (jt)
 Mantz, Eliza F 1796 to 1880 mother of Elizabeth Mantz Baker (jt)
 Marshall, Mary Frances 1810 to 1851.(jt)
 Mason, Anna V 1929 to 1932.(jt)
 Mason, Donald E 1932 to 1932(jt)
McCormick, Mary died 1818.(jt)
Meredith, Lucy Ginn 1838 to 1900 wife of Charles B Meredith(jt)
Merryman, Charles, 1802 to 1853 Lot 93 Old Section/son of John Merryman and brother of Elizabeth Merryman Gorsuch.(jt)
Merryman, John 1763 to 1849 Lot 93 Old Section./father of Eliz. Gorsuch, and Charles, John  D., and Samuel (jt)
Merryman, John D 1811 to 1871 Lot 93 Old Section./son of John Merryman and brother of Elizabeth Merryman Gorsuch(jt)
Merryman, John W. and Nannie K.   my Great Grandparents (jt)
Merryman, Samuel 1807 to 1877 Lot 93 Old Section./son of John Merryman and brother of Elizabeth Merryman Gorsuch(jt)
Michael, E Edwin 1906 to 1938 son of ER and MM Michael Section A.(jt)
Michael, Ernest R 1879 to 1941 Section A.(jt)
Michael, Mamie M 1886 to 1966 Section A.(jt)
Miller, Louis N 1854 to 1917.(jt)
Miller, Mary D 1860 to 1928 wife of Louis Miller.(jt)
Milton, Joseph 1868 to 1963 and wife Melissa Clark 1875 to 1964 Section A.(jt)
Moore, Eloise Baker, Born August 12, 1887, Died February 18, 1919 dau of Franck and Elizabeth Wyatt Baker(jt)
Morgan, Austin Herr (Baker, William Alexander "Sandy"  and his mother Emma Ginn Baker and Austin Herr Morgan (Old Section Lot 659) monument with three names on it (jt)
Morgan, General Daniel between Lots 65 and 66 on Morgan Lane Died 1902. Memorial Marker reads: "The People of Winchester, Virginia dedicate this memorial to the patriotism and valor of General Daniel Morgan in the cause of the American Independence". 
General Daniel Morgan was born in New Jersey, but made his home in the Winchester area -- Clarke County -- where he died in 1802.  He was a Revolutionary War General known for his herioc deeds.(jt)
Morgan, Ellen F. Baker, 1907-1997, Buried with William Henry Baker William Henry Baker and Granddaughter Ellen Fauntleroy Baker Morgan, dau of William "Sandy" Baker (jt)
Morris, Alexander (fc)
Morris, Alice Virginia (fc)
Myers, Annie Lee 1866 to 1917 (on Morgan Drive)(jt)
Myers, Mary 1795 to 1852 (on Morgan Drive)(Mrs.) Mary Myers(jt)
Myers, William 1794 to 1855 (on Morgan Drive)(jt)
Myers, William H 1830 to 1895 and Mary J 1831 to 1911 (on Morgan Drive)(jt)
Myers, William M 1873 to 1912 (on Morgan Drive) (jt)
Neal, Mary E 1852 to 1894 wife of R W Neal Old Section(jt)
Nulton, A. Virginia Clark 1844 to 1923 wife of Joseph A Nulton(jt)
Nulton, Abraham died 1871 Age 70(jt)
Nulton, Howard S 1871 to 1959(jt)
Nulton, Joseph A 1837 to 1893(jt)
Nulton, Sarah died 1869 Age 69(jt)
Ogden, Albert R 1847 to 1903 Old Section(jt)
Ogden, Mary 1814 to 1871 wife of T C Ogden Old Section(jt)
Ogden, Thomas C 1814 to 1882 Old Section(jt)
Orndorff, Connie L 1946 to 1947 (baby)(jt)
Pifer, Evelyn Bell 1908 to 1975(jt)
Pifer, Florence O 1878 to 1940(jt)
Pifer, Helen E 1910 to 1986(jt)
Pifer, William D. 1873 to 1959(jt)
Reid, Hilda W 1908 to 1998 Section A (jt)
Rinker, Ethel B Joliffe 1902 to 1964(jt)
Ritter, John W 1848 to 1895 and Lydia M  1849 to 1918 Old Section(jt)
Rouse, Charles B. Monument Section B Charley was a well-known Winchester philanthropist.  He provided the funds to build the Gatehouse to Mt. Hebron Cemetery, as well as the iron fence around the cemetery.  He, his wife, and son are buried in the Parthenon-like structure. (jt)
Russell, Baker E 1886 to 1906 Lot 2 Old Section onMorgan Drive(jt)
Russell, Clarence Myrton and Anna Maude Barr(jt)
Russell, Grace Adele Rutherford 1894 to 1991(jt)
Russell, James J and Alice L 1856 to 1932 and 1946 Lot 2 Old Section on Morgan Drive(jt)
Rutherford, Albert G 1858 to 1934 and Virginia B 1858 to 1910(jt)
Rutherford, Annabelle 1877 to 1910 dau of W B Rutherford(jt)
Rutherford, Camilla G Baker 1820 to 1891 wife of John H Rutherford Old Section.(jt)
Rutherford, Cornelia S M 1896 to 1973 Dau of AG and VB Rutherford(jt)
Rutherford, Ella V 1887 to 1918(jt)
Rutherford, Fannie 1852 to 1886(jt)
Rutherford, Florence Alberta 1887 to 1963 dau of AG and VB Rutherford(jt)
Rutherford, James W 1818 to 1887 and Susan C 1823 to 1904(jt)
Rutherford, John Albert 1900 to 1984 and Amelia Burwell 1901 to 1992(jt)
Rutherford, John H1821 to 1900(jt)
Rutherford, Virginia G 1868 to 1912(jt)
Rutherford, Volina Mabel 1886 to 1972 dau of AG and VB Rutherford(jt)
Rutherford, William B 1851 to 1916(jt)
Sherman, Ann Singleton wife of Joseph M Sherman Died 1871 age 73(jt)
Sherrard, Joseph H Died 1889 Lot 5 Old Section(jt)
Sherrard, Virginia Ball Died 1904 dau of Jos H and Ann M Sherrard Lot 5 Old Section.(jt)
Shimp, Charles A., Born December 26, 1930, Died March 31, 1996, and wife  Shirley A. P. Shimp Jan. 26, 1937-   Married Aug. 11, 1954(jt)
Shockey, Clay Douglas 1958 to 1999 New Section A(jt)
Singhass, Christian, Born January 1797, Died February 2, 1854, Age 77, Husband of Rosa Ann Baker Singhass, Brother of Samuel Singhass (jt)
Singhass, Christian W and wife Virginia Allison Old Section Lot 705(jt)
Singhass Henry S born 1825 Died January 15,  1874 son of Samuel and Margaret Singhass(jt)
Singhass, John Henry, Born July 27, 1833, Died January 28, 1861 (Old Section)(jt)
Singhass, Linden and Lena SinghassSection D Lot 29 (jt)
Singhass Rosa Ann Baker, Born November 13, 1804, Died January 7, 1868, Wife of Christian Singhass(jt)
 Steele, Rev Mary Louise 1902 to 1986.  born in Stephens City daughter of Mary Ada Steele.(jt)
Stephenson, Helen Marbury Old Section(jt)
Stephenson, Henry S 1835 to 1901 Old Section(jt)
Stephenson, Lucy 1796 to 1861 Old Section(jt)
Stephenson, Lucy G Old Section(jt)
Stephenson, Murray Marbury 1884 to 1901 Old Section(jt)
Stephenson, Virginia G 1827 to 1889 Old Section(jt)
Stephenson, William 1783 to 1837 Old Section(jt)
Stipe, H Randolph and Frances Grant Section A.(jt)
Streit, Catherine D., 1852-1939, Buried with Jacob F. Streit(jt)
Streit, Reverend Christian born in New Jersey June 7, 1749 Ordained to the gospel ministry 1769, Died at Winchester, VA March 10, 1812. First minister of the evangelical Lutheran church born in America.
 Note:the first American born Lutheran minister in America.  It is also in the Old Lutheran Church section of the cemetery, left of the entrance.(jt)
Streit, Henry B. Old Lutheran Cemetery section of Mt. Hebron(jt)
Streit, Jacob F., 1848-1920, Buried with Catherine Streit(jt)
Streit, Susan (Old Lutheran Cemetery) wife of Rev. Christian Streit (jt)
Sumption, Gertrude C., 1894-1875(jt)
Taylor, Charles Courtney 1912 to 2001 Section A(jt)
Taylor, Children of James and Jane Old Section(jt)
Taylor, James B 1811 to 1871 Old Section(jt)
Taylor, Jane 1820 to 1894 Old Section (Opp side of James B)(jt)
Taylor William & Mary Susan Taylor(fc)
Tevalt, Oliver L.(fc)
Tevalt, William & Virginia Tevalt(fc)
Thatcher, Elizabeth Bettie Baker 1855 to 1937 (Lot 558 Old Section)  wife of George Thatcher(jt)
Thatcher, George E died 21 Oct 1901 (Lot 558 Old Section)husband of Betty Baker Thatcher(jt)
Tomblin, Donald Bryan 1943 to 1999 SP4 US Army(jt)
Van Fossen, John Crawford 1840 to 1904 and Susan Kiger 1850 to 1935 Lot 64 Old Section (jt)
Wigginton, George E 1902 to 1970(jt)
Wigginton, Temple J 1908 to 1985 son of Mai Jenkins Section A(jt)
Wright, Emeline K 1852 to 1918 Lot on Morgan Drive(jt)
Wright, Jessie M 1915 to 1996 Section A(jt)
Wright, John W 1937 to 1965 Section A(jt)
Wright, Minnie L 1889 to 1940 Section A(jt)
Zacharias, Jacob 1779 to 1855 Lot on Morgan Drive (jt)

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