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Riverview  Cemetery,
Waynesboro, Augusta County, VA
Tombstone Photographs

Photos in this section of the archives were submitted by:
Glenda Lambert Gibson (glg)


  Austin James A. (glg)
 Austin Louise(glg)
 Bush James Alex. (glg)
 Bush, James A. & Clara (glg)
 Coley William Fred (glg)
 Culton Angus & Letitia (glg)
 Culton Ann (glg)
 Culton Calvin A.(glg)
 Culton, Calvin A and Ann S. Double Stone. (glg)
 Culton Jesse Davis (glg)
Harris, Emerson and Winifred Harris.(glg)
 Harris Emory(glg)
 Harris James A Hallie (glg)
 Harris James A. (glg)
Harris, James and Ada Harris.(glg)
 Harris, James and Margie Harris.(glg)
 Both Harris stones.(glg)
 Harris Lacy T. & Irene (glg)
 Harris Mary Alice (glg)
 Harris, Samuel & Mary(glg)
 Henkel Tildon(glg)
 Hite, Henry & Mattie(glg)
 Hutchens Frank L.(glg)
 Hutchens George B.(glg)
 Hutchens George(glg)
 Hutchens Nettie(glg)
 Lambert Agnes(glg)
 Lambert, Dorothy (glg)
 Lambert, Frank & Clara(glg)
 Lambert Howard W.(glg)
 Lambert Jerusha Willson (glg)
 Lambert John M.(glg)
 Lambert, Josephine Garland.(glg)
 Lambert Maggie Willson(glg)
  Martin John W., Icie S. Martin(4 names on one marker)(glg)
 Martin John W. Jr. and William J. Martin(glg)
 Lambert Plot.(glg)
 Lambert Vault(glg)
 Lambert Maus Backside(glg)
 Sandy Hugh Lambert.(glg)
 Mary Alice Lambert .(glg)
 S. Kemper Lambert Plot.(glg)
 Florence P Lambert.(glg)
 Hallie R. Lambert Jr.(glg)
 John Kemper Lambert 1913-1972(glg)
 S. Kemper Lambert(glg)
Mondell, Dorothy Lambert.(glg)
 McClungs close to girls E.Wallace. and Nancy G.(glg)
McClung, E. Wallace(glg)
 McClung Finley & Margaret Lambert McCLung(glg)
 McClung, Nancy Gaw (glg)
 Moomau Hannah(glg)
 Moomau John Bean(glg)
 Pannell, James (glg)
 Smith Jeter B. & Maggie Lambert Smith(glg)
 Snell Carroll A.(glg)
 Swink Calvin (glg)
 Swink, Calvin & Susan Swink(glg)
 Swink Dallas (glg)
 Swink Edwin & Juanita Swink(glg)
 Swink Edwin A (glg)
 Swink Grace(glg)
 Swink Houston E.(glg)
 Swink  Juanita Hunter(glg)
Swink, Isabella (glg)
 Swink Susan(glg)
 Swink Walter (glg)
 Swink, Walter & Grace Swink(glg)
 Willson Guy B & LucilleWillson(glg)
 Willson J. Frank(glg)
 Willson Mary E.(glg)


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