The first thing I learned that really helped me learn how to use ftp was to remember that my computer is simply a library. All the files are put into a big cabinet and it has lots of folders within. I can create folders to organize it any way that I wish. (this is when is stopped using that stupid default "My documents"). I now create and use folders to organize files where I choose to put them. As a file manager for a state I consider it my responsibility to watch after all the files/folders in that state so I download and keep an exact dupclicate of that state on my computer. That includes all that is in the ftp side as well as the html side. And when I work in ws_ftp I show the two windows, the one online and the one locally on my hard drive.

I use ws_ftp to browse up and down between the folders. To open files, close files and to upload files. Your browser extension is probably already set by windows default but your text editor might be set by dreamweaver. The best thing to do is to set your text editor as Notetab Light. You can do that by going to the top of your ws_ftp. Click on the word that says Tools, then choose Options. Or click the button that says Options

You then make sure you are on the General Option at the top left of the Program Options screen. then over to the right Where it says Text viewer. You need to set that to Note Tab Light. Mine is on the C:\ drive under Program Files (x86) folder\ go to the yellow folder icon to the right of that line and click on it to browse to NoteTab Light, yours is probably in the same folder so go to C:\ then Program Files (x86) and look for NoteTab Light folder, double click it and look for NoteTab.exe and single click on that file then choose Open button at the bottom. Then click OK and close your program and reopen.

Now if you want to edit your file in NoteTab you actually click on the view icon and it will open the file in NoteTab Light. You can then make yourchanges then in wsftp click on the execute button and it will open the file in your browser so you can see your changes.
Please remember that any <--virtual statement--> will not show on your local drive, it must be online to view.

One other thing that you might wish to do is to set your wsftp to open up in a specific local folder. So when you log into vaarchives, you can set it to open up in the folder on your hard drive where you keep your va files. You can open wsftp click on the top left "Connect" button and choose a site. Then click on the edit button to the right.

Now choose "Startup" at the top left then put your cursor in the Local Folder window and either type or paste in the address on your hard drive where your local folder for that site is located.

If you do not know the address then go to MyComputer and browse to the folder. Then at the top of that window copy the address, then go back to WS_ftp and paste it in. Then when you log into that account, it automatically goes to your local folder.