To obtain certified copies of any of the records held by the Southampton County Circuit Court,
send your specific, written request along with a sufficiently* stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

Richard L. Francis, Clerk
Southampton Circuit Court
P.O. Box 190
Courtland, VA 23837

The cost of copies is 50 per page, plus $2.00 per document to be certified by the Clerk.

Make checks payable to "Richard L. Francis, Clerk"

Copies are generally made on 11"x17"* paper, but can be reduced if requested and if the text
material is not lost in the process (Clerk's call).

*Ledger-size sheets (11"x17") are the equivalent of two (2) standard, letter-size sheets,
(and weigh twice as much). Figure postage accordingly!

Questions concerning copies and certification should be directed to Richard Francis.