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General Instructions

This site searches the Archives of the state you chose.
Put the text you want to search for in the "Query:" box, then click on the "Submit Query" button.

Here are some examples smith -- vermont --

Advanced searches

Use a plus sign to find instances of any string of more than one word in a file:
john+smith --
Use the words "and", "or" and "not" to limit your search:
smith and jones -- finds files that contain both words.
smith or jones -- finds files that contain either word - or both words.
Use parentheses to group choices:
smith and (union+co or lincoln+co) --
The search engine is not case sensitive -- for example, it does not matter whether you type Smith, smith, SMITH, or SmITh in the Query: box.


The use of "*" at the end of query words is supported. Example:
smith* -- finds files containing the words Smith and words beginning with Smith such as Smithy, Smithson, etc.
Queries that begin with "*" are not supported. Example:
*smith will not find files that contain words such as silversmith or blacksmith.