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Filename Date Submitter
Wills and Estate Records
Allison Adam, 1874 (adam2.txt) May 1999 Gladys Borup
Joel T. Adams, 1847 (adams2.txt) Aug 2000 Karen Wood
John W. Adams, 1859 (willbk03.txt) Sep 2000 Karen Wood
Robert Adams, 1783 (adams1.txt) May 1999 Gladys Borup
Thomas Taylor Adam, 1925 (adam1.txt) May 1999 Gladys Borup
Charles Anderson - 1826 (ander1.txt) May 1998 Linda Schmehl
Jesse Anderson - 1862 (ander2.txt) May 1998 Linda Schmehl
Nathan Anderson, 1845 (anderson.txt) Jun 1998 Linda Schmehl
William B. Anderson - 1850 (ander3.txt) May 1998 Linda Schmehl
Nathaniel Ayers, 3 Sep 1776 Feb 2004 Bob Meadows
Ann Barnett - 1815 (burnet3.txt) Dec 1997 bjbrke@worldnet.att.net
James Barnett, Sr - 1804 (burnet4.txt) Dec 1997 bjbrke@worldnet.att.net
Thomas Barnett - 1810 (burnet2.txt) Dec 1997 bjbrke@worldnet.att.net
George Bell, 1823 (bell1.txt) Apr 1999 Brian & Melissa Stewart
Edward Burgess, 1799 (burgess.txt) Nov 1997 Carolyn Burgess Knott
Benjamin Burnett - 1798 (burnet7.txt) Dec 1997 bjbrke@worldnet.att.net
Cousins Family Wills (c2520001.txt) Apr 1997 Linda Cousins Winslager
L.W.T. George Cox, 1811 (cox1.txt) May 1999 Gladys Borup
Lazarus Dodson, 1795 (dodson1.txt) Dec 1999 Debra Jennings
David Echols, 1853 (echols1.txt) Sep 1998 David J. Damico
Thomas Farmer, 1810 (farmer1.txt) May 1999 Gladys Borup
Richard Farthing, 1810 (f6350001.txt) Jan 1997 Barbara Farthing Bonham
Thomas Garrett, 1827 (garrett1.txt) Mar 2000 Carol Garrett
James George, 1798 (george1.txt) May 1999 Gladys Borup
Cornelious Mack Haney, 1814 (haney1.txt) May 1999 Gladys Borup
William Ingram, 1819 (ingram1.txt) Nov 1999 Debra Jennings
Henry Lansford, 1776 (lnsfrd1.txt) Jun 2000 John Newman
Thomas Linthicum, 1796 (lnthcm1.txt) Jul 1999 Eddie Vaden
John S. Mays, 1832 (mays1.txt) Sep 2000 Valerie Burd
Thomas Mustain, 1791 (mustain1.txt) Sep 1999 E. S. Rick McDaniel
Miscellaneous Wills (wills02.txt) Jun 1998 Submitters listed in text file.
Albert New, 1890 (new1.txt) Jul 1999 Eddie Vaden
Josias Payne, 1785 (payne2.txt) Apr 1999 Katherine Snow
Mark Payne, 1774 (payne1.txt) Apr 1999 Katherine Snow
Joshua D. Pritchett, Sr., 1828 (pritt1.txt) Sep 2000 Jan Pritchett-Litvin
Coleman W. Scruggs, 1864 (scruggs1.txt) May 1999 Gladys Borup
John Sloan, 1768 (sloan1.txt) Aug 1999 Gwendolyn Plyler
Steptoe Wills & Deeds w/Slave Abstracts (steptos1.txt) Apr 1997 Michele Stepto
Henry A. Vaden, 1884 (vaden1.txt) Jul 1999 Eddie Vaden
John Watson, 1794 (w3250001.txt) Feb 1997 Barbara Farthing Bonham
William Williams, 1777, and notes (wllms1.txt) Jul 2000 Barbara F. Bonham
John Wimbush -1796 (w512001.txt) May 1998 Molly Shumate
Joseph M. Yeatts, 1883 (yeatts1.txt) Jul 1999 Eddie Vaden
A Compilation of Several Wills (wills01.txt) Oct 1997 Submitters listed in text file.
Will Book 1, partial (willbk01.txt) Aug 2000 Submitters listed in text file.
A Compilation of Several Wills from Will Book 11 (willbk11.txt) Sep 2000 Submitters listed in text file.

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