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DATABASE OF INTERMENTS: Early 1800s to Present

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Questions, Additions or Corrections

Elmwood Map

Researchers: Tim Bonney, Suzy Fleming, Robert B. Hitchings, William Inge, Troy Valos & Donna Bluemink (file manager)

Addresses after name: Place of death and/or residence
Dates copy tombstone inscription or record
To conserve space, only first name is included of the father of (c/o) or spouse of (w/o or h/o)
Obituaries available upon request. State Death Certificates available to families and descendents only.
Names in bold are preferred names. Spaces in locations may vary with updates.


Ab - Al
Am - Ap
Ar - Ay
Bal - Barn
Barr - Baz
Bea - Bell, L
Bell, M - Bew
Bib - Boe
Bog - Bot
Bou - Bra
Bre - Broo
Brot - Brown
Browne - Bun
Bur - Bus
But - By
Cab - Can
Cap - Cars
Cart - Cha
Che - Cla
Cle - Col
Com - Cop
Cor - Cra
Cre - Cru
Cu - Cw
Da - Davis, G
Davis, H - Dea
Deb - Dib
Dic - Dov
Dow - Dr
Du - Dy
Ea - Edwards, M
Edwards, O - Ep
Er - Ex
Fa - Fentress, I
Fentress, J - Fish
Fisher - Forrest, R
Forrest, S - Free
Fren - Fu
Gab - Gar
Gas - Gilli
Gillm - Gorda
Gordo - Gras
Grav - Griffin
Griffith - Gy
Haa - Ham
Han - Harrin
Harris - Has
Hat - Heni
Henl - Hill, G
Hill, H - Hoge
Hogg - Hop
Hor - Hudg
Hudn - Hy
Ja - Jenkins, E
Jenkins, G - Johnson, M
Johnson, N - Jones, J
Jones, K - Ju
Ka - Kel
Kem - Kl
Kn - Ky
Lac - Lang
Lann - Lee, D
Lee, E - Les
Lev - Love
Lovi - Ly
Mac - March, F
March, G - Maso
Mass - McCh
McCl - McH
McI - Mea
Med - Milb
Mile - Mins
Mint - Moore, I
Moore, J - Morris, L
Morris, M - Moss
Mott - My
Na - Ne
Ni - Ny
Oa - Ole
Oli - Oy
Pad - Parrish, J
Parrish, M - Pef
Peg - Phillips, B
Phillips, C - Pope, R
Pope, S - Price, M
Price, O - Q
Ra - Red
Ree - Rhodes, M
Rhodes, R - Roberts, C
Roberts, E - Rogers, B
Rogers, C - Roy
Roz - Ry
Saa - Saul
Saun - Scarb
Scarr - Seed
Seel - Shelk
Shell - Sill
Silv - Sk
Sl - Smith, H
Smith, I - Smith, W
Smither - Spe
Spi - Starke, L
Starke, M - Stewart, L
Stewart, M - Sturge
Sturgi - Syo
Tab - Taylor, H
Taylor, I - Tenne
Tenni - Thorn
Thoro - Towl
Town -Tunstall, E
Tunstall, H - Ty
Wac - Walk
Wall - Warren, I
Warren, J - Web
Wec - White, D
White, E - White, W
Whitec - Whitehurst, R
Whitehurst, S - Wilkins, R
Wilkins, S - Williams, I
Williams, J - Wilson, A
Wilson, B - Winm
Winn - Wood
Wooda - Wright, C
Wright, D - Wy
Y - Z
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