The City of Norfolk

Publishers: Chataigne & Boyd
Norfolk, VA, 1872.

Reproduced by Donna Bluemink

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Abreviations used in this work: ab-above, adv't-advertisement, agt-agent, al-alley, ave-avenue, bds-boards, bel-below, bet-between, clk-clerk, com mer-commission merchant, cor-corner, e-east, ft-foot, h-house, hd-head, ins-insurance, int rev-internal revenue, lab-laborer, n-north, nr-near, opp-opposite, p o- post office, r-rear, rd-road, Rev-Reverend, R R-railroad, rev-revenue, s-south, sq-square, S S-steamship, tp-turnpike, w-west, wid-widow.


Abdell Chas. F., printer, 26 Market square
Abdell James, lab, bds nr Armstead bridge
Abdell James E, actor, h 26 Market sq
Abdell Joseph O., printer, h 26 Market sq
Abdell Mary S., wid Wm. H., h 26 Market sq
Abdell Richard J., oysterman, h 26 Market sq
Abdell Thomas F., barkeeper, h 26 Market sq
Abdell Wm. H., printer, h 26 Market sq
*Abel John, lab, h Norfolk Co
Ackiss Clayton B. clk, h Wood nr Chapel
*Ackiss Jack, lab, h 11 Cove
*Ackiss John, h 27 Cove
*Ackiss John, lab, h Allyntown
*Ackiss John, shoemaker, cor Charlotte and Granby
*Ackiss John, Granby nr Freemason
*Acklebury Ellen Mrs., h 140 Queen
Adams Annie, wid Benj, h 22 Nicholson
Adams Bailey, h 112 Fenchurch
*Adams Edward, city Alms house
ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY, 181 Main, A. P. White, agt
Adams George S., tinsmith, h 16 New
Adams James, hack driver, h 98 Bermuda
*Adams Levin, waterman, h 17 Metcalf lane
Addington D. F., clk, h 479 Church
Addington F. W., wid J. C, h 13 Fenchurch
Addington J. C., h 479 Church
Addington J. D., clk, h 479 Church
Addington W. B., druggist, h 479 Church
Addison Jas. S. (Addison & Tumbleson) h 363 Church
ADDISON & TUMBLESON, (J S. Addison and G. W. Tumbleson,) blacksmiths, 70 Union
Adelsdorf D., liquors, 19 and 21 Commerce, h 197 Church
Adelsdorf S., book-keeper, h 197 Church
*Aden W. S., seaman, bds 214 Church
*Adkins Alexander, seaman, h 140 Cumberland
Adkins Mary A., wid Jno., h 209 Queen
*Adkins Theodore, cook, National hotel
Adkisson James C. (Glennan, Ruffin & Co.) h 15 Mariner
Adler A. (A. Adler & Co.) h 204 Main
Adler A. & Co. (A. and M. Adler) clothiers, 204 Main
Adler M. (A. Adler & Co.) h 204 Main
Agers Wm., tailor, bds Church cor Freemason
Ahern Dennis, grocer, 83 Main, h same
Akers J. A., engineer, h 62 Bermuda
ALBEMARLE & CHESAPEAKE CANAL CO., office 5 Bank, Marshall Parks, pres't
Albrecht Jacob, wheelwright, h Main nr Fenchurch
*Alexander Angelina, wid Thornton, h 334 Church
Alford Frank, messenger, h Main cor Dodd's lane
Alfriend A. D., coach painter, h Fenchurch nr Main
Alfriend Albert, painter, h 94 Chapel
Allatt Louisa Miss, music teacher, h 38 Main
*Allen C., h 321 Bute
*Allen Edward, lab, h 80 Church
Allen Edward M., blacksmith, h 82 Bermuda
Allen Ethan, blacksmith, 152 Water, h 82 Bermuda
Allen Hezekiah, boatman, 321 Bute
Allen John, caulker, h 30 Talbot
Allen Lincoln B., lawyer, 117 Main, bds 82 Bermuda
Allen Michael, oyster opener, h Concord
*Allen Patrick, lab, h 29 Ray's lane
Allen Richard, blacksmith, bds 82 Bermuda
*Allen T., oysterman, h 69 Pulaski
Allen W. B., clk, h 50 Charlotte
Allen W. F. (W. F. Allen & Co.) h Bank nr Freemason
Allen W. F. & Co. (W. F. Allen and James T. Borum) grocers, 97 and 99 Water
Allen Wm. D., mer, h 50 Charlotte
*Allen Wm. H., waiter, h 215 Queen
Allgore C., agt landscape photographs, 62 Roanoke ave, National hotel
Allyn Joseph, lawyer, 108 Main, h 172 Bank
*Allman Alfred, lab, h 15 Marsh
*Allman Daniel, lab, h 29 Ray's lane
ALLMAND CHAS. S., pres't City Gas LightCo., h 253 Main
Alphonse Manuel, fruit dealer, h 23 Union
Ames J. S. (S. A., Stevens & Co.) h 104 Holt
*Ames Levin, oyster opener, h 225 Church
*Ames Wm., brewer, h 22 Marsh
*Anderson A., lab, h 97 Liberty
*Anderson Allen, lab, h 38 Bute
*Anderson D., butler, h 69 Smith
Anderson Edward, fruiterer, h 19 York
*Anderson Ellen Miss, h 11 Marsden's lane
Anderson E. P., oysterman, h 57 James
Anderson A. W., book-keeper, Atlantic hotel
*Anderson James, truckman, h 223 Queen
Anderson James B., agt sewing machine, 96 Main h same
Anderson James S., blacksmith, h 364 Church
Anderson John, cigar maker, bds 210 Church
Anderson John, farmer, h Church cor Avenue C
Anderson John, engineer, bds Mansion house
Anderson John B., h Ropewalk nr Smith's Creek
Anderson Maria Mrs., seamstress, bds 58 Cumberland
Anderson Thos. B., (Yancey, Anderson & Co.,) h 33 Plum
*Anderson Washington, laborer, h rear 17 Marsden's lane
*Andrews Abner, lab, h 6 Courtney
Andrews Horace, drug clerk, 142 Main
Andrews Margaret Jane, h 25 Smith
Andrews Matilda Mrs., seamstress, bds 40 Cove
Andrews P. H., salesman, bds 275 Main
Andrews Thurston, printer, h Williams nr Talbot
Ansill M., lab, h Star cor Salter
Anthony A., notions and fancy goods, 152 Church h same
Anthony A., clothier, 85 Main h same
Anthony J., mineral water manufacturer, h 481 Church
*Anthony James, lab, h Fitz Gibbon's row
Anthony Sarah, huckstress, vegetable market, h Main nr Custom House
Applewhite Edward, restaurant, 66 Church, h same
Archer B., (Archer & Co.,) h 58 Duke
Archer W. V., (Archer & Co.,) 58 Duke
Archer & Co. (W. V. and B. Archer) druggists, 153 Main
*Armistead Daniel, cook, city jail
*Armistead Edward, lab, h Fitz Gibbon's row
Armistead E. G., merchant, bds 80 Bute
*Armistead Jerry, butcher, h 385 Chapel
Armistead M. W., (Armistead & Benson,) h Court, Portsmouth
*Armistead Walter, lab, h 4 Riley
Armistead & Benson, (M. W. Armistead & F. R. Benson,) grocers and com mers, 17 and 19 Roanoke dock
*Armistead Peter, blacksmith, h Allentown
*Armstead W., oysterman, h 485 Church
Armour Benj., seaman, 17 Talbot
Armour John, carpenter, 17 Talbot
Armstrong Adelaide, wid Capt. Wm. M., h 86 Bute
Armstrong Geo. D. Rev., h 17 Noe's court
Armstrong Henry, salesman, Church nr Charlotte
*Armstrong Nelson, oysterman, h 49 Scott
*Armstrong P., lab, h 49 Hawk
*Armstrong Q., gardener, h 30 Mosely
Armstrong Thos., boilermaker, h 440 Church
Arnold Alex., boatman, h 15 Bermuda
*Arnold Jane, wid Jacob, h 12 Wilson ave
Arnt H, musician, h 299 Bute
Arnt John, musician, h 299 Bute
Arps George L., (Hymans & Dancy,) h 101 Granby
Arrington I., harness maker, h nr Noe's bridge
*Ash Julia, servant, 73 Fenchurch
*Ash Mary, servant, 76 Chapel
Asbril B., clk, bds 124 Bank
Ashburn A. H., (Kilby & Ashburn,) Windsor, Va.
Ashbury William H., clk, bds 76 Bank
*Ashby James, City Alms-house
Ashley J. E. wid Wm., h 23 Falkland
Ashley J. J. E., h 23 Falkland
Ashton George, City Alms-house
Ashton Mary, City Alms-house
Atkinson Geo. R., jr., book-keeper, h 104 Boush
Atkinson Jos. N., clk, h 104 Boush
Atlantic, Mississippi, & Ohio R. R., office east end of Main cor Water
ATLANTIC, MISSISSIPPI & OHIO TELEGRAPH, office W. W. Wooodhouse, supt,125 Main
*Aulbert Isaiah, h 26 Hawk
*Austin David, lab, h 7 Reid's lane
*Austin Joseph, cook, h 15 Marsh
Aydlott W. D., (Whitehurst & Aydlott,) h 61 Mariner
Ayer Ira, special agt Treas. dept, Custom-house, h 81 Mariner
Ayres John, fish dealer, fish market, h 504 Church
Ayres Wm., fisherman, h 504 Church


Badger Burwell, carp, h 37 Fenchurch
Badger Wm. B., clk, bds 37 Fenchurch
Bagnall H. Boswell, clk, bds 85 Bank
Bagnall H. B., clk, h 35 Catharine
Bagnall J. Selden, book-keeper, bds 85 Bank
Bagnall Lizzie Miss, h 85 Bank
Bagnall R. M., clk, bds National hotel
*Bagnall Robt., saloon, 296 Bute, h Bute nr Church
*Bagnall Wm., barber, h 161 Washington
*Bagnell R., bartender, h 323 Bute
Bagwell Thos. H. Dr., bds Central hotel
Bagwell T. H., jr., clk, bds Central hotel
Bailey Benj. F., painter, h 295 Main
*Bailey H., oysterman, h 113 Princess Anne rd
Bailey J. R., musician and auctioneer, bds Main nr Granby
Bain Frank, clk, bds 57 Wood
Bain Geo. W., cash Exch Nat Bank, h Portsmouth
Baine C, wid Charles N, h 32 Moseley
Baine Charles, clk, 32 Moseley
Baine Robert, telegraph operator, bds 201 Main
*Baines Jacob, boatman, h 219 Queen
Bains Elizabeth, wid Thomas, bds 24 Talbot
Baird Frank R. (Baird, Roper & Co.) bds National hotel
Baird, Roper & Co. (F. R. Baird, Jno. L. Roper, and J. W. Gaskill) lumber, Newton's wharf
*Baker Alice, servant, 26 Bute
Baker Barnabas (B. and J. Baker & Co.) h Crawford, Portsmouth
Baker B. and J. & Co. (Barnabas and Joseph Baker and E. M. Stoddard) wreckers, 2 Campbell's wharf
Baker Delia, wid R. H., h 28 Boush
*Baker Dick, driver, h 57 Liberty
*Baker D. J., lighterman, h 101 Hawk
*Baker E., porter, h 229 Queen
*Baker Eldridge, porter, 159 Main
*Baker Frank, lab, h 313 Church
*Baker Geo., servant, h 157 Granby
Baker G. K., engineer, bds Liberty, Berkley
*Baker Henry, oysterman, bds 220 Cumberland
Baker H. S., wid Jos. A., bds Liberty, Berkley
Baker J. B., druggist, h Tazewell nr Duke
*Baker John, porter, h 220 Cumberland
Baker John C. (Baker & Borland) h 18 Boush
Baker Joseph (B. and J. Baker & Co.) h Liberty, Berkley
Baker R. B. Dr., h Tazewell nr Duke
Baker Richard H. (Baker & Walke) h 44 Boush
*Baker Samuel, porter, 81 Main
Baker Savage, grocer, 146 Fenchurch, h 81 Riley
*Baker Stephen, cook, Central hotel
Baker T. H., com. U. S. N., bds 86 Bute
*Baker Thomas, servant, 60 York
Baker T. L. R., lawyer, h 371 Church
Baker Wm., oyster packer, h 41 Concord
Baker Wm. J. (John B. Neal & Co.) h 18 Boush
Baker & Borland (John C. Baker and Thos. R. Borland) lawyers, 109 Main
BAKER & WALKE, (Richard H. Baker and Richard Walke,) lawyers, 90 Main
Ball Christopher, shoemaker, bds Main cor Commerce
Ball Elias, dry goods and notions, 132 Church, h same
Ball George W., painter, h 131 Church
Ball John B., variety, 137 Church, h same
Ball John C. (Hastings & Ball) h 97 Main
Ball Robt. R., drug clk, h 137 Church
*Ball W., oysterman, h Nicholson nr Fourth
Ballance R. B., h 281 Main
*Ballantyne Stephen, driver, h 59 Queen
*Ballard Charlotte, servant, h 131 Church
*Ballard Dennis, lab, h 116 Cove
*Ballard Ed., lab, h 41 Dodd's lane
*Ballard George, lab, h 41 Dodd's lane
*Ballard Jane, wid Jacob, h 28 Southgate's lane
*Ballard Mary, 15 Marsden's lane
*Ballard P., lab, h 47 Scott
*Ballard Pompey, lab, h 39 Dodd's lane
Ballentine Eliz., wid Robt., bds 144 Cumberland
Ballentine Geo., machinist, h Charlotte nr Cumberland
Ballentine Henry, h 496 Church
Ballentine T. R., 62 Mariner
Balls R. M., h 144 Cumberland
Balls Wm. F., h 144 Cumberland
Balwin Susan, h 6 Stonytown
Bamberger John, truckman, bds 136 James
Bamberger Joseph, cartman, bds 136 James
Bamberger Martin, h 136 James
Bamburgher Rebecca, confectioner, 218 Church, h same
*Banks Bradley, lab, h 31 Dodd's lane
*Banks Eli, barber, 45 Roanoke ave, h 161 Queen
*Banks Eli, lab, h 120 Fenchurch
*Banks Elijah, lab, h 24 Dodd's lane
Banks James, baker, h Main cor Commerce
Banks John, restaurant, 39 Union, h 246 Freemason
Banks Jno. W., (Rhea & Banks,) h Liberty, Berkley
Banks Mary E. Miss, h 62 Church
*Banks Phillip, lab, h 92 Fenchurch
Bank R. B., clk, bds Chestnut, Berkley
*Baptist Ed., barber, h 53 Church
*Baptist P., lab, h 115 Fenchurch
Barbee Lewis, deputy sheriff, h 75 Bermuda
Barber Jno. W., salesman, h Church
*Barber Lewis, carp, h 367 Church
Barber Wm. H., carp, h 164 Bank
*Barbour Frances, servt, 94 York
Barbour John, segar maker, bds Market sq nr Main
Barbour J. W., clk, h 123 Chapel
*Barbour Mary, cook, 20 Bute
*Barbour Sarah, nurse, 20 Bute
*Barbour Thomas, butler, 20 Bute
Barcroft Edward, boilermaker, bds 352 Church
Barcroft John, restaurant, Market sq cor Union, h 196 Church
Barham W. R. (Barham & Stephenson) h 81 Riley
Barham & Stephenson (W. R. Barham and J. W. Stephenson) com mers, 20, 22 and 24 Commerce
Barmer Mary, City Alms-house
Barnard Samuel, ship joiner, h Berkley Bridge road nr Drawbridge
Barnes Frances, wid Jno. C, bds Liberty, Berkley
*Barnes George, oysterman, h 243 Bank
Barnes Griffin, sash and blinds, 62 Church, h 48 Fenchurch
Barnes J., clk, h 58 Newton
Barnes James, clk, h Moseley
*Barnes John, lab, h 11 Reid's lane
Barnes Jno. K, huckster, vegetable mkt, h 126 Fenchurch
Barnes Joseph A., ship joiner, h 15 Talbot
Barnes Mary Mrs., h 50 Barraud's Court
Barnes Virginius, with GRANT, MANN & CO., h Fenchurch nr Cove
Barnes W. H., baker, bds 252 Church
Barratt John, oysterman, bds 21 Bank
Barraud Charlotte, wid John, h 29 lane n from Bermuda bet Church and Fenchurch
Barraud D. C., lawyer, 128 Main, h 110 Granby
Barraud M. L., wid D. C. Dr.. h 110 Granby
Barrett A. L., teacher, h 38 Holt
Barrett Henry, sailor, h 1 Wood
Barrett R. J., supt Norfolk City Alms House, h same
Barrett Steph. S., clk, h Liberty, Berkley
Barrett Wm. H., janitor, h 16 Proby's lane
Barry Chas. T., clk U. S. Dist. Ct., h Berkley ave, Berkley
Barry Jas., director N. C. R. R.
Barry J. E., h 60 Mariner
*Barry Joseph, lab, h 16 Cove
Barry T. M., h 60 Mariner
Bartee Ellen wid Jno., h 216 Main
*Bartee Richard, lab, h 12 Allen
*Bartlett Simon, waiter, National hotel
Barton ____, rev, h 92 Freemason
Bassett John W., carpenter, h 181 Church
Batchelder B. M., (Batchelder & Collins,) h 148 Fenchurch
Batehelder & Collins, (B. M. Bachelder & W. H. Collins,) lumber and coal, Water cor Woodside lane
Battley F. S., clk, bds 149 Cumberland
Battley G. O. W., notary, h 149 Cumberland
Battley Jos. F., insp. grain, h 75 Bermuda
*Batts Nancy, cook., h 8 Plum
Baugh A. E. wid Claiborne, h 90 Charlotte
Baum A., butcher, stall 13 Market, h 98 Bank
Baum Adam, (Rawlins, Baum, & Co., & Baum, Rawlins, & Wheeler,) h Woodside lane nr Water
Baum J. E., shipper produce A. & C. C. wharf, 203, 205, and 207 Water, h Bank
Baum Nathan, butcher, stall 14 Market, h 98 Bank
Baum, Rawlins & Wheeler, (Adam Baum, W. Rawlins and Charles Wheeler,) stevedores, 25 Lee
Baxter A. S., (Baxter, Nash & Co.,) h New York
Baxter B. F., (B. F. Baxter & Co.,) h 222 Freemason
Baxter B. F. & Co., (B. F. Baxter and R. W. Smith,) tobacco house, 15 and 17 Commerce
Baxter B. M., h 57 Main
Baxter Jerome, bookkeeper, bds Atlantic hotel
Baxter, Nash & Co. (A. S. Baxter, C. A. Nash and W. W. Baxter) grocers and liquor dealers, 78 and 80 Water,
      1, 3 and 5 Holt, and 7 and 9 Elizabeth
Baxter O. F. Dr. (Mullen, Christian & Co., and Byrd, Webb & Co.) h 57 Main
Baxter W. W. (Baxter, Nash & Co.) h 166 Bute
Bayle R. T. K., banker, bds 115 Granby
*Bayley Fanny Mrs., h 41 Liberty
Baylor Eliza Mrs., h Freemason cor Cumberland
Baylor George, baker, h 94 Liberty
Baylor John C., physician, h Freemason cor Cumberland
Baylor R. W., lumber merchant, h 73 Charlotte
Bayne Eliza, wid Colmer, seamstress, h 10 Hill
*Bayne Mary, washer, h 41 Woodside's lane
*Bayne Thos., physician, 217 Church, h same
*Baysmore George, waiter, Bank nr Cole
Bayto Dorethia, wid J. A., 318 Bute
Bazin Charlotte, wid Charles. 79 Water
Beachem Frank, lab, h 23 Nebraska
Beak Priscilla Mrs., tailoress, bds 127 Bank
Beale Alice M., bds 104 York
Beale B. C, clk, bds 273 Main
Beale Henry H., clk, bds 104 York
Beale J. E., printer, bds 104 York
Beale Margaret R., bds 104 York
Beale Maria, wid Charles, 104 York
Beale Wilson A., clk, h 141 Bermuda
Beane John R., painter, 5 Talbot
*Beard James, shoemaker, h 194 Water
Beasley Caleb, waiter, h 10 Market sq
Beasley Caleb M., blacksmith, h 21 Virginia
Beasley J. W. (Beasley & Wilkins) h 295 Bute
Beasley Patsy, wid Dodridge, seamstress, h 47 Commerce
Beasley William, boatman, h 47 Commerce
BEASLEY & WILKINS, (J. W. Beasley and W. P. Wilkins,) sewing machine agts, 161 Main
Beatty George, mailing clk, Bank cor Queen
Beatty James, cook, City Alms-house
Beatty Robert, book-keeper, bds 124 Bank
Beazley E. H., carriage maker, 27 Union h 61 Queen
Beck Charles, baker, 195 Main, h same
Bedout Chas. A., grocer, 30 Cumberland, bds 290 Church
Bedout Edward L., segar manufacturer, 208 w Main, h 290 Church
Beebe H. C., bookbinder, h 132 Main
Beebe Z., fireman engine No. 1, h Water nr Woodside's lane
Bell Calvin, watchman, bds 225 Freemason
Bell D., real estate agt, h 54 Granby
Bell D. G., oysterman, bds 80 Queen
*Bell Eliza, wid Wm., cook, h 43 Arcade lane
Bell Geo., oysterman, bds 138 Cumberland
Bell H. K., lab, bds 60 James
Bell Jas., clk, bds 9 Smith
*Bell James, oysterman, h 15 Merchant's lane
Bell J. N., machinist, bds Mansion house
Bell James N., (J. N. Bell & Bro.,) h 66 Holt
Bell J. N. and Bro., (Jas. N.& N. Bell,) com mers, Bell's wharf
Bell Joseph, clk, 108 James
Bell Margaret wid Wm., h 20 Marsh
Bell Mary E. Mrs., bds 199 Freemason
Bell M. K, h 281 Main
Bell Norman, (J. N. Bell & Bro.,) h 66 Holt
*Bell Rob, oyster opener, h 225 Church
Bell Wm. S., butcher, bds 366 Church
Bell Wm. T., U. S. weigher Custom House, h 65 Cove
Bellamy T. M., physician, bds 78 Charlotte
Belote Alex., oysterman, bds 142 Washington
Belote James Mrs., h 51 Charlotte
Belote James L., drug clk, h 234 Washington
Belote John, painter, h 333 Church
Belote J. Wm., jr., painter, h 299 Church
Belote Susan, wid Geo. E., seamstress, h 142 Washington
Bennett Sarah Mrs., 87 Cumberland
Bennett Wm., boilermaker, h Atlantic City
Bennett Wm., sailmaker, h 95 Cumberland
*Benney James, oysterman, h 133 Fenchurch
Benson C. C., lieut police, h 169 Chapel
*Benson C., corn measurer, h 20 Fourth
Benson E., wid Wm., h 169 Chapel
Benson F. R. (Armistead & Benson) 17 and 19 Roanoke dock, h Court, Portsmouth
Benson Francis, oysterman, h 54 James
Benson J., servant, h rear 138 Cumberland
*Benson James, corn measurer, h 18 Fourth
Benston Benj., seaman, h 65 Queen
Benston T., seaman, h 65 Queen
Benton Ashburn, bds 26 Talbot
Berges A., butcher, stall 60 market, h 84 Bank
Berkley John M., clk, h Berkley
Berkley L. (Berkley, Yancey & Hodges, and Miller, Grandy & Roberts) h Liberty cor Washington
BERKLEY, YANCEY & HODGES (L. Berkley, J. A. Yancey, Saml. Hodges) boots and shoes, 84and 86 Water,
      and 13 and 15 Elizabeth
Bernard R. S., druggist, Chestnut, Berkley, h Berkley
Berryman Henry, book-keeper, bds Central hotel
Beshaw Thos., h Atlantic City
Bew Thos. J., boat builder, h 27 Nebraska
Biddle Jno. C, clk, bds nr Armistead bridge
Biddle Jno. P., farmer, h nr Armistead bridge
Biggs Asa (Biggs & Smith) h 63 Duke
Biggs John A., harness maker, h 49 James
Biggs Kader, com mer, h 86 Duke
Biggs Mary A., wid Samuel, h 59 James
Biggs Walter, clk, bds 86 Duke
BILISOLY, J. J., commission merchant, 13 High
Biggs & Smith, (Asa Biggs and W. N. H. Smith,) lawyers, 8 Bank
Billups C, agricultural implements, 101 and 103 Water and 26 Roanoke, h 108 Freemason
*Billups H., lab, h 29 Fox lane
*Billups Henry, lab, h 82 Queen
*Billups John, oysterman, Tailor's wharf, h Charlotte
*Billups Richard, seaman, h 12 Allan
Bingham J., lab, h 37 James
*Bird Henry, porter, 7 Foster's lane
*Birt Henry, lab, h rear 65 James
Bishop James, coach trimmer, h 96 Bermuda
*Bishop Thomas, waiter, 197 Main
Bishop W. J. E., trimmer, h 96 Bermuda
*Bivins Wm., boot and shoemaker, h Church
Bixby I. S., h 27 Virginia
Bixby Wm. I., trucker, bds 27 Virginia
*Black ____, pastor Bute st Baptist Church, h 138 Charlotte
Black Ebenezer, baker, h 121 Church
Black George W., clk Custom House, marine h 121 Church
BLACK JAMES M., baker, 121 Church
Black John, baker, h 121 Church
Black Samuel, engineer, h 6 New Castle
Black Thos., fireman, h Woodside's lane nr Water
Blackwell Rev. J. D., pastor M. E. Church, h 36 Cumberland
Blake A., bonnet and hat bleachery and millinery, 19 Bank
Blake A. D., route agent, h Cumberland
Blake Frank W., clk, bds 19 Bank
Blake John, ship carpenter, h Liberty, Berkley
Blamire E. B., (Shelton, Blamire & Co.,) h 258 Main
Blanchard Chas., engineer, h 16 New Castle
Bland J. R., clk, h Bank nr Bute
Bland Samuel, lab, h 95 Queen
Bland Samuel, lab gas wks, h James
Blanks Henry, clk, bds 212 Bank
Blanks W. D., painter, h 166 Chapel
Blick B. D., carpenter, h 53 Cumberland
Blick T., carpenter, h 230 Church
Blick T., jr., carpenter, h 230 Church
Blount Geo., baker, h Virginia nr Chapel
Blow Geo., Judge Circuit Court, h 36 Boush
Bloxsom Thomas J , blacksmith, h 245 Church
Bluford Eliz. wid Jno., h 310 Bute
Bluford Geo. W., (Proescher & Bluford,) h 810 Bute
*Blueford Walter, barber, h Allyntown
Blunt Emily, wid Stephen, seamstress, h 23 Virginia
Blunt George, baker, bds 23 Virginia
*Bluy Wm., lighterman, h Nicholson nr Smith
*Bly Ellis, wid John, h 202 Bank
*Bly John, com measurer, 13 Fox lane
Boardman S. S., nurseryman, bds National hotel
Bobbitt J. T., salesman, h 275 Main
Bobee Louis, dep sergeant, h Bermuda nr East
Bobie Eugene N., h 106 Fenchurch
Bockhover B. T., com mer, 13 Jackson, h 159 Bank
Bodon Emma, h r 17 Marsden's lane
Boettigheimer Joseph, segars, 213 Main, and baker 115 Church, h 115 Church
Boettner John, musical instruments, 20 Bank, h same
Boggs Robert, boatman, h 26 Market sq
Bohlken T. C, coppersmith, 146 Water, h Portsmouth
Bonn Adam, Rigger, 24 Woodside's lane
Bohn J. C, (Norfolk News Co.,) h Bermuda cor Smith's ave
Bolger Nicholas, tailor, h Talbot nr Main
BOLLING ROBERT, U. S. assessor int rev., office custom-house, h 51 Main
Bolsom A. G., bricklayer, h 66 Queen
Bolsom A. W., accountant, h 66 Queen
Bolsom B. F., grocer, 276 Church, h 274 Church
Bolsom B. F., bricklayer, 274 Church
*Bolt Isaac, lab, h 18 Voss
Bond H. L., judge U. S. Cir Ct, h Baltimore, Md
Bolt R., barkeeper, h Scott
*Bolt Wm. A, lab, h 18 Voss
Bond James, tea dealer, 44 Bank
Bonfanti Joseph, restaurant, 74 Church
*Bonner Charles, lab, h Fenchurch nr Cove
*Bonney Arthur, lab, 14 Newton
*Bonney Jacob, clk, bds 215 Queen
Bonney John, oysterman, h 338 Bute
Bonney J. T., (Whitehurst & Bonney,) h 46 Fenchurch
Bonney R. L., clk, h 46 Fenchurch
Bonney Robert T., clk, bds 151 Cumberland
Bonney Wm. A., (W. M. Bonney & Son.) h 145 Cumberland
Bonney Wilson M., (W. M. Bonney & Son,) h 151 Cumberland
Bonney W. M. & Son, (Wilson M. and W. A. Bonney,) grocers, 151 Cumberland
Bonnot J. M., gardener, h 146 James
*Boon E., wid George, h rear 95 James
*Booth H., h Berkley
*Borden R., oysterman, h Nicholson nr 4th
Borland E., h 102 Freemason
Borland Thos. R., (Baker & Borland,) h 102 Freemason
Borroughs Robert, deputy collector, h 281 Main
Borum Charles, h 114 Charlotte
*Borum David, cooper, h 202 Bank
BORUM GEORGE W., grocer, 14 Market sq, h 83 Riley
Borum H., clk, h 114 Cumberland
Borum J. C, clk, h Main nr Fenchurch
Borum James, carpenter, Atlantic City
Borum James T., (W. F. Allen & Co.,) h Portsmouth
*Borum Jesse, lab, h 311 Church
Borum John H., plasterer, h 83 Riley
Borum Josiah, engineer, h Maple, Berkley
*Borum Milton, lab, h 29 Fenchurch
Borum S. A., clk, h 83 Riley
BORUM SAMUEL R., manager Norfolk Co., h 148 Bute
Borum Susan, wid Samuel S., h 148 Bute
Bosh Richard, moulder, h Atlantic City
Bosman Isaac, seaman, h 26 Cumberland
*Boston Martha, wid Joseph, h Hutching's lane
*Bote Isaac, driver, h 8 Plum
Bottimore Thos., (Bottimore, Marrow & Co.,) h 276 Main
Bottimore, Marrow & Co., (Thos. Bottimore and W. C. Marrow,) boots and shoes, wholesale, 120 and 122 Main
Botts Robert, huckster, h 240 Bute
*Bouden James, oysterman, h 25 Hawk
Boult Mary J., wid Thomas, h 77 Scott
*Bourquin Frederick, musician, h rear 34 Union
*Boush Jerry, waiter, h 12 Bermuda
*Boush M., lab, h 111 Princess Anne rd
*Boush S., steward, h 300 Church
*Boush Samuel, waiter, Central hotel
Boushell George, machinist, h Pine, Berkley
*Bowden Eliza, wid Robert, h 166 Queen
Bowden George E., chief clk U. S. assessor's office, h 152 Freemason
Bowden Henry A. Mrs., h 152 Freemason
Bowling Robert, h 51 Main
*Bown H., lab, h 89 Scott
*Bowser Willis, lab, h 96 Chapel
BOYD WM. ANDREW, [Chataigne & Boyd,] Southern Directory Publishers, bds. Atlantic hotel
Boykin Mrs., 30 Bank
*Boykin Edmund, h 67 Fenchurch
*Boykin John, oysterman, h 18 National
Boyle O. S., telegraph constructor, h Portsmouth
Boyle Patrick H., tailor, bds 194 Main
Bradbrook A., butcher, bds 489 Church
Bradford Edmund, com mer, Bell's wharf, h 132 Bute
*Bradford Susan Mrs., h 127 Fenchurch
Bradford Sydney, clk, h Bute nr Boush
*Bradley Emily wid Alfred, h 17 National
*Bradley Jacob, stave getter, h 10 Cumberland
Bradley James, oysterman, h 50 Water
Bradley Margaret, wid Anthony, h 53 Cove
Bradstreet Henry, (J. M. Bradstreet & Son,) h New York
BRADSTREET J. M. & SON., (J. M. and Henry Bradstreet,) improved mercantile agency, 39 Market sq
Bradshaw C. H, conductor, h 28 Cumberland
Brady James, watchman, h 291 Main
Brady Lydia wid James, seamstress, h 126 Water
*Bragg Abram, lab, h r Marsden's lane
Braithwaite Catharine, wid Thos., h 56 Queen
Branman John B., clk, bds 130 Freemason
Brannigan Eliz. wid Daniel, bds Liberty, Berkley
*Bray Holmes, lab, h 49 Dodd's lane
*Bray Jessiro, lab, h 49 Dodd's lane
*Bray J. G., seaman, r 135 Boush
*Bray Lelia, servant, 33 Noe's court
*Bray P., lab, h 130 Chapel
*Bray Paul, lab, r 135 Boush
*Bray Thos., lab, 49 Dodd's lane
*Bray Thomas, lab, r 135 Boush
Bremond S. A., teacher, 241 Main, h same
Brent Jno. T., carpenter, h Etheridge, Berkley
*Brewer Jos., lab, h 8 Foster's lane
Brian Fred, painter, bds 77 Holt
Brickhouse Benj. D., carriage maker, 150 Water, h Chestnut nr Middleton, Berkley
*Brickhouse D., drayman, h 52 Hawk
*Brickhouse Ella, wid Toner, bds 86 York
*Brickhouse George, lab, Woodside's lane nr Main
*Brickhouse John, h 154 Queen
*Brickhouse Joshua, wheelwright, h 14 Marsh
Brickhouse L. L., boots and shoes, 150 Main, bds National hotel
*Brickhouse Mary, wid George, h 22 Voss
Brickhouse Smith L., bds 2 Fenchurch
Brickhouse Smith N. (Whitehead & Brickhouse) bds Atlantic hotel
Bridges Thomas, hatter, bds 197 Main
Briggs Andrew, whitewasher, h 168 Queen
*Briggs Isaiah, oysterman, h Arcade lane
Briggs J. R., grocer, 70 Bermuda, h same
*Briggs Moses, lab, h Atlantic City
*Bright Andrew, lab, h 14 Southgate's lane
*Bright B., wid Samuel, h Lodge nr Henry
*Bright Bristow, oysterman, h 231 Queen
*Bright Ed., lab, h 18 Dodd's lane
*Bright James, lab, h 29 Voss
*Bright James, lab, h Queen
Bright Jesse T., clk, h Cumberland nr Bute
Bright Jane, wid James, h 48 Chapel
*Bright Owen, grocer, h 338 Church
*Bright S., h 98 Liberty
*Bright Stephen, servant, h 201 Bank
*Bright Wm, lab, h 48 Water
Bright W. M., painter, h Pine cor Mulberry, Berkley
Brimmer John, policeman, h 12 Mariner
Brimmer John A., tailor, h 110 Fenchurch
Brinkley ____, clk, bds 273 Main
*Britt Alfred, lab, h 131 Cove
Britt W. G., clk, bds 73 Holt
Brittingham F. W., h 225 Freemason
Brittingham G. W., h 225 Freemason
Brittingham Wm. H., 220 Water
Britzell Wm., shoemaker, li 198 Bute
Britzell Wm. F., cigarmaker, h 198 Bute
Brizzolari Catherine, wid John, h 184 Water
*Broadwalter James, lab, 33 Water
Brock Ann, wid Henry, bds 148 Church
*Brock C., porter, Church cor Charlotte
Brock N., wid H. M., h 284 Church
Brock W. H., grocer, bds 7 Virginia
Brockwell J. F., (Moore, Lassiter & Co.,) h Windsor, Va
Brook A. W., clk, 25 Crawford, Portsmouth
Brook Robert, barkeeper, h 197 Main
Brooke Clem., tobacconist, Market cor Water and 86 Bank
*Brooks Alfred, lab, h 24 Dodd's lane
Brooks Cadie, milliner, bds 13 Bank
*Brookes James, lab, h 28 Dodd's lane
*Brooks Joseph H., porter, h 20 Allen
Brooks Layr Miss, 72 Water
Brooks Mary V., housekeeper, 46 Bute
*Brooks R., lab, h 112 Scott
*Brooks Sandy, porter, h 20 Cove
*Brooks T., drayman, h 112 Scott
*Brooks Thomas, lab, h 18 King's lane
Brooks W. H., huckster, h 117 Fenchurch
BROOKS W. H., jr., fruit dealer, 31 Market sq, h 117 Fenchurch
Brotherton David, cigarmaker, Rhea's lane
Brough Joseph, pilot, h 126 Bank
Brough Samuel, bds 126 Bank
Brough Wm. J., drug clk, h 126 Bank
Broughton A. B., clk, h 182 Bank
Broughton Charles H., clk, bds 182 Bank
Broughton John M., bricklayer, h 248 Bute
Broughton Robert S., clk, bds 182 Bank
Broughton Thomas B., clk Select Council, h 182 Bank
Broughton Wm. H. ice dealer, 34 Rhea's lane, h 46 Bute
Brounley Calbert A., boat-builder, h 46 Wood
Brown ____, h 21 Concord
*Brown ____ , lab, h 5 Bonnot
*Brown Austin, dyer, h 78 Avon
Brown B. F., oysterman, h 134 James
*Brown Catherine, wid Harry, eating-house, h 33 Concord
*Brown Catharine, servt, 43 York
Brown Charles, broker, 166 Main, h 6 Plum
*Brown Charles, lab, h 15 National
Brown Charles C., claim agt, 117 Main, bds Central hotel
*Brown Clarissa, cook, Woodside's lane
Brown Dickson, jeweler, 163 Main, h 87 Brewer
Brown Edw., oysterman, h 134 James
*Brown Fanny, chambermaid, 64 Bute
*Brown Fanny, 6 Elizabeth
*Brown G., lab, h 17 Fox lane
Brown George W., confectionery, 48 Union, h 63 James
Brown J., oysterman, h 41 Smith
*Brown James, porter
Brown John, captain boat, h 102 Fenchurch
Brown John C, baker, bds 39 Bank
*Brown L., lab, h 126 Hawk
Brown Lovie, Mrs., wid, h 6 Stonytown
*Brown Maria, washer, h rear 17 Marsden's lane
*Brown Marie, servt, h 24 Bermuda
*Brown Martha, servt, h 24 Bermuda
*Brown Mary, wid Lewis, bds 229 Queen
*Brown Nancy, washer, Woodside's lane
*Brown Nelson, lab, h 4 Allen
*Brown R., lighterman, h 93 Liberty
Brown Samuel, fireman, h Atlantic City
Brown Thos. J., salesman, bds Mansion house
*Brown Wash, barber, h Dodd's lane
Brown Wm. Capt., h 33 Walke
Brown Wm., sawyer, h Atlantic City
*Brown Wm., lab, h Martin's lane
*Brown Wm., butcher, stall 54 market, h Union
*Brown Wm. F., lab, h 24 Dodd's lane
*Brown Wm. H., truckman, h 100 Queen
*Brown Wm. H., butcher, h 77 Smith
Browne Emmett P., clk, bds 25 Noe's court
Browne Henry F., painter, h 369 Church
Browne J. E., junk dealer, 274 Church, h Charlotte nr Church
Browne Lucy A., wid Hamlin, h 25 Noe's court
Browne Victor H., clk. h 25 Noe's court
Brownley Calvin, trimmer, h Union nr Market sq
Brownley Wm. M., carpenter, h 122 Queen
Bruce Benjamin, clk, h Main cor Commerce
Bruce D. M., clk, bds Mansion house
*Bruden Emily J., scrubber, h rear 202 Main
*Bryan Cornelius, servt, Bermuda hd East
Bryan James, butcher, stall 15 market, h 189 Bute
*Bryan Rosanna, huckster vegetable market, h county
*Bryan Wm., cooper, h Bank
*Bryant Alfred, bricklayer, h 92 Fenchurch
*Bryant N., truckman, h 79 Smith
*Bryant Peter, lab, h Nicholson nr 4th
*Bryant W., cooper, h 53 Hawk
Buchanan James, watchman, 32 Talbot
Buchanan R. H., huckster market, h 20 Moseley
*Bucher H., lab, h 231 Cumberland
*Buck Harrison, sawyer, h Wood nr Chapel
Buckner R. L., sup't A. & O. canal, h 103 Bermuda
Buhler Conrad, baker, h Scott nr Cumberland
Bullock A. M., shipper, h 157 Bank
Bullock Joseph A. A., clk, 33 Water
Bullock Thos., (Dawley & Bullock,) h 208 Church
Bullock Wm., fish dealer, h 23 Nebraska
Bunting George, lab, h Salter
Bunting R. Paul, inspector customs, h Old Point
Burcher James D., tobacco and cigars, 171 Main, h 177 Main
Burford A., wid John L., h 113 Brewer
Burford M., lab, h 195 Cumberland
Burford Wm. R., bolt driver, h 176 Chapel
Burfort James, painter, h 98 Queen
Burfort John, h 98 Queen
Burgay Mary, city Alms-house
Burge Augustus, pork dealer, 34 Bank
BURGES R. U., physician, 148 Main, bds Atlantic hotel
Burgess Edward, cashier Norfolk Savings Bank, bds 72 Charlotte
Burgess Henry, cabinetmaker, h 118 Fenchurch
Burgess J. J., photographer, 40 High, Portsmouth, h 148 Main
Burgess John, [Burgess & Grandy,] h 10 Brewer
*Burgess R. B., lab, h 29 Marsh
Burgess & Grandy, [John Burgess and N. G. Grandy,] com mers. 1, 3, and 5 Myers' wharf
Burk M. W., [M. W. Burk & Co.,] h 91 Main
BURK M. W. & CO., [M. W. Burk,) h 91 Main
Burk Pat. P., blacksmith, h nr Armstead bridge
Burke J. J., printer, Water nr Fayette
Burns Emory, machinist, h Portsmouth
Burns P., grocer, 270 Church, h same
Burns Wm., seaman, bds 249 Bank
Burr Coleman, clk, bds Freemason cor Cumberland
Burrell J. F., dock master, h 418 Church
*Burrell S., oysterman, h 222 Queen
BURROUGHS J. J., lawyer, 31 Bank, h 255 Main
Burroughs Wm. H., judge city court, office 31 Bank, h 255 Main
Burrow Bardon, h 77 Holt
Burrow Claude B., druggist, bds 77 Holt
Burrow John W., druggist, 142 Main, h 107 Holt
Burrow Walter P., engineer, h 31 Noe's court
Burruss C, (Burruss, Son & Co.,) h 100 Freemason
Burruss J. W., telegraph op, bds 275 Main
Burruss N., (Burruss, Son & Co.,) h 104 Freemason
Burruss, Son and Co., (C & N. Burruss,) bankers, 116 Main
Burwell D. S., book-keeper, h 54 Main
Busby Olivia wid Andrew, bds 219 Bank cor Bull
Bush Adam, lab, h 21 National
*Bush Caleb, lab, h 21 Talbot
*Bush Henry, lab, h 25 Hawk
Bush Isaac F., book-keeper, 24 Mariner
*Bush Jerry, waiter, National hotel
*Bush Lucinda, seamstress, 21 Talbot
*Busb Rachael wid Jasper, h 10 Newton
Bushong Henry, restaurant, h Church
Buskey Charles H., book-keeper, h 182 Bute
*Butler A., cook, h 94 Nicholson
*Butler Daniel, waiter, h 87 Queen
*Butler Donald, office boy, National hotel
*Butler Eliza, wid Reuben, bds 251 Freemason
*Butler Everett, butcher, h 32 Freemason
*Butler Isaiah, waiter, h 69 Holt
Butler James, clk, bds 104 Queen
*Butler James, whitewasher, h rear 202 Church
Butler James D., baker, h Taylor's lane bet Bank and Granby
Butler James, upholsterer, with GRANT, MANN & CO.
Butler James, watch, h 27 Concord
*Butler R., h rear 81 Rielly
*Butt Ann, wid John, servant, rear 144 Bute
Butt Anthony, drayman, h 94 Chapel
*Butt Atty, oyster shucker, h Metcalf lane
Butt Boswell B., h Maple, Berkley
*Butt Charles, h 22 Marsh
*Butt E., lab, h 225 Cumberland
*Butt Edwin, lab, h 219 Queen
Butt Eliza J., wid H., h 42 Fenchurch
Butt G. W., upholsterer, h 101 Cumberland
*Butt George W., waiter, h 34 Falkland
*Butt Isaiah, City Alms-house
*Butt J, lab, h 23 Newton
*Butt J., lab, h 65 Pulaski
*Butt J, lighterman, h 7 Fourth
*Butt J, lab, h 392 Church
*Butt J., lab, h rear 120 Cumberland
*Butt James, lab, h 18 Voss
*Butt James, truckman, h 26 Hawk
Butt J. M. (Forbes, Butt & White) h cor Dinwiddie and Glascow, Portsmouth
Butt John, boiler maker, h Church nr Queen
*Butt John H., h 28 Cove
Butt John W., boiler maker, h 28 Wilson ave
Butt Josephine, Mrs., h 113 Brewer
Butt M., wid Wm., h 77 Scott
Butt M. A. Mrs., wid Francis, millinery, 190 Main
*Butt Martha, seamstress, h 28 Cove
Butt Mary A., wid Wm. B., h 28 Wilson ave
*Butt Miles, seaman, h 67 Fenchurch
*Butt Nelson, whitewasher, h 10 Denby
*Butt Richard, fish dealer, fish market
*Butt Rosetta, cook, h 186 Granby
*Butt S., h 56 Avon
Butt Samuel, h 108 Charlotte
Butt Thomas, bds National hotel
Butt Willoughby, [Hodges & Butt,] h 123 Bermuda
Butt Wm. J., salesman, 108 Charlotte
Butts George W., clk, Cumberland cor Charlotte
*Butts John, lab, h 8 Foster's lane
*Butts Thomas, truckman, h 6 Bonnot
*Butts Wellington, lab, Duke cor Bute
Byne W. H., hat manufacturer, 194 Church
*Byner Charlotte, servt, h 157 Grandy
Byrd R. W., (Byrd, Webb & Co.,) h 68 Boush
Byrd, Webb & Co., (R. W. Byrd, Edward Webb and O. F. Baxter,) grocers, Central market


Caffee Jesse, oysterman, h 241 Freemason
Caffee J. M., oyster packer, h 244 Freemason
Caffee J. T., oysterman, bds 244 Freemason
Caffee Wm. T., grocer, 428 Church
Cain Giles, fireman, h Water nr Woodside's lane
Cain Thomas, lab, h Washington
Cain Wm., shipper, h 138 Washington
Caldwell Wm., book-keeper, h 128 Duke
Caldwell W. P., book-keeper, h Amelia nr York
Calis Henry, lab, h 46 Water
Callis Liza, wid Joel, h 238 Church
Callis Wm., carpenter, h Charlotte
*Calloway Kelly, barkeeper, h Hardy's lane nr Main
*Caldwell David, waiter, h 173 Church
Caldwell Wm. W., purser, h 262 Bute
*Caltharp Ephraim, servant, 116 York
Cameron Daniel, lab, h nr 32 Market sq
Camp B. T., com merchant, h 283 Main
Camp C. R., clk, bds 138 Bute
Camp Frank H., clk, h 283 Main
Camp George W., h 138 Bute
*Camp James, barber, h 72 Liberty
*Camp John, lab, h Fenchurch nr Cove
Camp John J., h 74 Holt
*Camp Joseph, huckster, h 326 Queen
Camp N. J., boarding house, 199 and 201 Main
Camp T. B., clk, bds 201 Main
Camp Wm. S., 52 Freemason
*Campbell Archibald, servant, 52 Freemason
Campbell Daniel, fireman, h Market sq nr Main
Campbell E. Mrs., City Alms-house
Campbell John, clk, bds 32 Main
*Campbell Julia, servant, 42 Freemason
*Campbell Nancy, servant, 42 Freemason
Campbell Samuel D., insp. customs, h 41 Fenchurch
Campbell W. B., druggist, 171 Cumberland, h Bute cor Cumberland
Campe E. (Campe & Corprew) h 39 Holt
*Campe Jno., oyster shucker, h Queen
Campe N., dry goods and notions, 14 Commercial row, h same
Campe & Corprew (E. Campe and J. B. Corprew) dry goods, 105, 107 Water, and 28, 30, 32 Roanoke sq
*Cannady Fannie, washer, 4 Elizabeth
Cannon D. C, druggist, 212 Bute, h 90 Brewer
Cannon Edith wid James, h 137 Bermuda
Cannon Jno. H., clk, h 193 Bute
Cannon Joseph, confectioner, 112 Church, h 68 Holt
Cannon Joseph T., confectioner, 112 Church, h 68 Holt
Cannon Martin, boot and shoe maker, h 6 Talbot
Cannon Patrick, bds 24 Wilson ave
Cannor Rose Miss, bds 72 Water
Capehart C, com mer, Town Point, h York nr Duke
Caphart Jno., blacksmith, h 52 Barraud's court
Capps Mrs., City Alms-house
Capps ____, h 6 Stonytown
Capps Andrew, lab, h 42 James
CAPPS E., merchant tailor, 179 Main, h 231 Main
Capps Henry, lab, 40 Church
Capps James, bricklayer, bds 228 Church
*Capps Jane Mrs., h 29 Hawk
Capps J. B., real estate agent, h 125 Chapel
Capps Jno., ship carpenter, h 38 Cove
Capps Joel, huckster, vegetable market, h 426 Church
Capps L. O., grocer, 248 and 250 Church, h same
Capps M. M. wid Ryland, h 238 Freemason
*Capps Selina wid Thos., h 13 Ryan's lane
Capps Wilson, livery stable, 198 Church, h 196 Church
Capps W. J., (Capps & Peet,) h 80 Charlotte
Capps & Peet, (W. J. Capps and W. T. Peet,) dry goods. 188 Main
Cardoza C. P., clk, h 140 Washington
Cardoza James, clk, bds National hotel
*Carey George, driver, h 20 Addington lane
Carey Patrick, h 107 Bermuda
Carey T. P. S., (Carey & Co.,) h 107 Bermuda
Carey & Co., (T. P. S, Carey and John S. Ship,) merchant-tailors, 201 Main
*Carey William, lab, h 16 Southgate's lane
*Carey Wilson, City Alms-house
Carll A. G., bds Atlantic hotel
Carlon J. E., engineer, h 105 Fenchurch
Carlon Robert F., photographer, h 105 Fenchurch
Carlon Wm., lumberman, h 19 Nebraska
Carmine David, shoemaker, h 312 Church
*Carney Robert, lab, h 90 Queen
Carr Benjamin F., clk, bds 32 Market sq
Carr Thos., foreman Virginia Iron Works, h 47 Bermuda
*Carr Wm., servt, h 24 Holt
Carrick Wm., body maker, h 62 James
*Carrington E., grave digger, h Nicholson
*Carrington L., grave digger, h 129 Nicholson
Carroll Caleb, boiler maker, h 67 Queen
Carroll J. C, mer tailor, 187 Main, bds Mansion house
Carson H. Mrs., dressmaker, h 39 Smith
Carson Louisa, wid Andrew, bds 87 Bank
Carson Robert P., clk, bds 270 Bute
Carstarphen Margaret, wid Richard, h 225 Bute
*Carter Bridget, wid Jerry, h 131 Fenchurch
*Carter Dandis, drayman, h 115 Cove
Carter Elizabeth, wid T. M., h 106 Fenchurch
*Carter G., shoemaker, 291 Bute, h Cumberland nr Freemason
*Carter Hannah, h 34 Ray's lane
*Carter John, boatman, h Wemstutter's lane
*Carter John, lab, h 112 Fenchurch
*Carter John H.. grocer, 213 Queen
Carter Mary, wid M. F., h 223 Main
Carter Mary F., wid Joseph, h 223 Main
*Carter Samuel, cartman, h 16 Wilson ave
*Carter Wm., shoemaker, Charlotte nr Church
Carter Wm. J., porter, h 213 Cumberland
Carter Wm. R., printer, h 106 Fenchureh
*Cartwright J., h 45 Charles
*Cartwright John, porter, 11 Water
Carty John, baker, 21 Nebraska
*Cary James, lab, h 21 Nebraska
*Cary Julius, city Alms-house
*Casey H., carpenter, h Lodge opp Henry
Casey James, engineer, h 40 Water
Cashin M., truckman, h 296 Church
Carson John S., carpenter, 47 Union, h 71 Bermuda
Cassell James, City Alms-house
*Caswell Wm., lab, Woodside's lane nr Main
Catlet Wm., engineer, bds 62 Bermuda
Causse P., h 121 Chapel
Cawley Col., agt, bds 44 Bute
Chamberlaine George, cash  First Nat Bank, h 57 Freemason
Chamberlaine Henry (R. & H. Chamberlaine) Atlantic hotel
Chamberlaine Richard (R. &II. Chamberlaine) Atlatic hotel
Chamberlaine R. & H. (Richard and Henry Chamberlaine) shipping and commers, Chamberlaine's wharf
Chamberlaine W. W., h 59 Freemason
Chamberlin Andrew E., book-keeper, bds 143 Cumberland
Chamberlin Edward, cotton weigher, h 143 Cumberland
Chamberlin Edward, cotton weigher, Fayette below Water, h Fenchureh
Chamberlin Sydney J., clk, bds 143 Cumberland
Chamberlin S. H., clk, h 143 Cumberland
Chance Ann, wid John, seamstress, h 17 Williams
Chandler B. P., drughtsman, h Maple, Berkley
*Chapel Eli, lab, h 28 and 30 Union
Chaplain W. M. (Hinton, Goode & Chaplain) Atlantic hotel
Chapman C, wid John, h 118 Bute
*Chapman Major, lab, h 208 Cumberland
Chapman Mary T., wid Wm., 59 Main
Chapman W. H., manufacturing jeweller, Talbot cor Main up stairs, h 36 Bermuda
*Charles Alfred, lab, 13 Talbot
Charles Benjamin, hatter, bds Mansion house
Charlton Saml. S., wheelwright, h 52 Queen
*Charter Wm., lab, h 18 Dodd's lane
Chase Henry E., carpenter, bds 210 Church
CHATAIGNE J. H. (Chataigne & Boyd) bds Atlantic hotel
*Cheseeman Miles, lab, h 192 Water
*Cheeseman Wm., h 44 Liberty
Cherry A. H., (D. S. Cherry & Son,) h Portsmouth
Cherry D. S., (D. S. Cherry & Son,) h Portsmouth
Cherry D. S. & Son, (D. S. and A. H. Cherry,) stoves and tinware, Roanoke ave cor Water
Cherry James, messenger, Main cor Dodd's lane
Cherry John W., printer, h Bermuda nr East
*Cherry Lavinia, servt, 94 York
Cherry Stephen, blacksmith, h Union nr Market sq
Cherry Virginius, ship carpenter, h 261 Cumberland
Cherry Wm., h Etheridge, Berkley
Cheshire George W., grocer, h 58 Queen
Cheshire T. J., (Cheshire & Jolliff,) h 230 Bute
Cheshire & Jolliff, (T. J. Cheshire and J. Jolliff,) groceries and liquors, Chamberlaine's wharf
Chick A. D., wid Littleton W., h 37 Walke
China Wm., sawyer, h Portsmouth
Chitty James B., baker, h 19 Williams
*Chitty John, city Alms-house
Chitty Julius, baker, h 131 Church
Chitty Peter, blacksmith, h 12 Cumberland
Chitty Temperance, wid Barnum, h 19 Williams
Choate J. C, carpenter, h Portsmouth
*Christian A., lab, h 216 Queen
*Christian E., servt, h 156 Bank
*Christian Lucy, nurse, h 56 Charlotte
Christian Nat., tobacco, bcls 275 Main
Christian N. H. Dr., (Mullen, Christian & Co.,) manager and R. G. Dun & Co.'s Mercantile Agency, 53 Commerce,
      h 275 Main
*Christian Wm. A., lab, h 194 Water
Church Ed., painter, h 5 Mariner
Church T., painter, h 26 Mariner
Church Wm., painter, h 26 Mariner 
*Churchville May, servt, h 67 Holt
CITIZENS' BANK, Richard Taylor president, W. W. Chamberlaine cashier, 128 Main
City Gas   Works, (J. A. Thompson, supt,) Smith's creek nr Armistead bridge
Clagg Wm., lab, 21 Union
Clark A. W., photographer, h 84 Cumberland
Clark ____, wood measurer, h 251 Church
Clark E. B., clk, h 73 Holt
*Clark Evelina, nurse, 107 Holt
Clark Frank, clk, 84 Cumberland
*Clark Girard, drayman, h 39 Salter
Clark John, painter, h Proby's lane nr Church
*Clark Joseph, musician, h r 9 Marsden's lane
*Clark Lewis, sawyer, h 24 Cove
*Clark Mary A. Mrs., washwoman, 24 Cove
Clark Mathias, City Alms-house
Clark Napoleon, waterman, h 24 Talbot
*Clark Richard, office boy National hotel
Clark R. J., h 426 Church
Clark Samuel B., weigh master, Market, h 12 Mariner
Clark Sarah, wid F. W., h 198 Bank
*Clark Smith, lab, h 192 Water
Clark Thomas, picture dealer, h 50 Water
Clark T. W., photographer, 187 and 189 Main, h 84 Cumberland nr Freemason
Clark Wm. A., Liberty opp Etheridge, Berkley
*Clark Wm., drayman, h 39 Salter
Clark Wm. H., h Liberty nr Etheridge, Berkley
Clarke W. B., shoemaker, h 6 Talbott
*Clayton A., painter, h 118 Hawk
*Clayton Alfred, lab, h 118 Hawk
*Clayton Edward, barkeeper, h 88 Liberty
*Clayton Martha, huckster, vegetable market, h 88 Liberty line
Clegg Wm. L., Sec'y to Admiral navy yard, h 222 Bank
Clements Richard, bds Atlantic Hotel
Clemmitt Robert, clk, h 122 Brewer
Clemmitt Robert, shoe cutter, h Bute cor Queen
*Clennan Robert, waiter, h Hawk nr Liberty
*Clinton R., cook, h Liberty nr Hawk
Coates Nancy, wid Wm., bds Berkley nr Drawbridge
Cobb Margaret A., wid H. W., bds 243 Freemason
Cobb M. W, groceries and liquors, 83 Princess Anne rd
Cochran James, grocer, 40 Water, h same
*Cochrane James, barber, h 112 Water
Cochrane Owen, truckman, h Main nr Fayette
Codman Martha, wid Fred, h 54 Charlotte
Cofer Robert T., wheelwright, h 112 Brewer
COFER T W., gunsmith, 15 Union, h Portsmouth
Coftman Andrew J., house joiner, h John, Berkley
Cohan Cordelia, wid George, dressmaker, 18 Talbot
Colbert Ann, wid Wm., tailoress, bds 186 Church
*Colden Luke, drayman, h 53 Brewer
*Colden Margaret, servant, h 38 Bermuda
Cole Capt. Jas. J., seaman, h Liberty, Berkley
*Cole John, servant, h 113 Addington's Lane
*Cole William, boatman, h rear 34 Union
*Coleman Betsey, wid Henry, h 13 National
Coleman Chas., boilermaker, h 26 Wilson ave
Coleman J., grocer, 132 Hawk, h same
Coleman Jno., oysterman, h 267 Church
*Coleman Thomas, 118 Main
*Coleman W. A., barber, 53 Church, h same
*Coles E., shoemaker, h rear 220 Freemason
*Coles Samuel, lab, h 21 Talbot
Coley Jno., lab, Main nr Water
Colley Mrs., h nr Fort Norfolk
*Collier Isaac, lab, bds 221 Queen
Collier Wm., machinist, bds 194 Church
*Collins Albert, lab, h 90 James
*Collins Anthony, lab, h 112 Nicholson
Collins Eliz. C, wid Jno. B., dressmaker, bds 18 Cumberland
COLLINS J. F., grocer, 200 and 202 Water h same
Collins John B., plumber, h 18 Cumberland
Collins Monroe, miller, bds 225 Bute
*Collins Owen, ship carpenter, h 56 Williamson's lane
Collins Thomas, waterman, h 17 Williams
Collins W. H., (Batchelder & Collins,) bds Fenchurch cor Charlotte
Collins Wm., h 226 Church
Colony R., wid Watson, h 15 New
Colony Watson, lab, h 15 New
Comastri Simon, plasterer, h 21 Union
Cone H., bds 423 Church
Connell Rob., watchman, h 2 Stonytown
Connelly John, lab, h 3 Plum
Conner Mrs., City Alms-House
Conner J. H., bricklayer, 195 Bute
*Conner Levi, porter, h Portsmouth
Conner Stephen, lab, 63 Virginia
Connor F., clk, bds North, Berkley
Conoles Edward, painter, bds 194 Main
Conrad Mahala Mrs., h Martin's lane
Conrey Mary, City Alms-house
Consolvo Geo. W., blacksmith, h 64 James
Consolvo U., lab, h 12 Henry
Consolvo Virginia S. Miss, h 332 Church
Constable Henry B., (Stewart & Constable,) h York cor Boush
Conway Edward, lab, h 10 Washington
Cook Augustus, lumber yard, 49 Water, h Freemason nr Granby
Cook Edward, seaman, h 20 Cumberland
*Cook G. W., lab, h 331 Bute
*Cook Jack, lab, h Berkley nr Drawbridge
Cook K, barber, 115 Main, h 97 Bank
Cook K. jr., barber, h 97 Bank
Cook Mary wid Wm. A., bds 141 Cumberland
Cook W. H., harnessmaker, h Ferry Point
Cooke A. B., cotton weigher, h 156 Freemason
Cooke A. B. jr., clk, bds 156 Freemason
Cooke E., fisherman, h 24 Nicholson
Cooke H. S., clk, bds National hotel
Cooke James C, clk, h 177 Charlotte
Cooke Mason A., clk, h Freemason cor Dunmore
Cooke M. T., capitalist, h Freemason cor Dunmore
Cooke Robert, clk, bds 156 Freemason
*Cooper Abraham, carpenter, 198 Queen
Cooper Agnes, City Alms-house
Cooper C, (James Hartly & Co.,) bds Washington house
*Cooper Charles, truckman, h r 106 Charlotte
Cooper Harrison, painter, 18 Union, h 129 Cove
Cooper James, com mer, h 5 Williams
Cooper James, finisher, h Queen nr James
Cooper Jno., h Liberty, Berkley
Cooper John, policeman, h 85 Queen
*Cooper Joseph, lab, h 22 Voss
*Cooper Lucy, City Alms-house
*Cooper Nancy, eating-stall 59 Market, h Queen nr Cumberland
Cooper Samuel R., tailor, h 38 Talbot
*Cooper Wm., stonecutter, h Chapel nr Virginia
*Copeland H. C. Rev., h Norfolk co.
Copeland O. P., artist, 174 Main, h 172 Main
Copes Jno. S., shoemaker, h 269 Main
Copes William, printer, bds 32 Market sq
*Corban Thomas, lab, h Southgate's lane
Corbell Mary Mrs., h 50 Barraud court
Corbell Sarah wid Thomas, h 13 Moseley
Corbell T., City watch, h 120 Cumberland
Corbett Jno., lab, h 55 Bermuda
*Corbin Mary, nurse, 92 York
Core John H., (Thomas & Core,) bds National hotel
Core W. T., (Core & Thomas,) h Bank nr Queen
Core & Thomas, (W. T. Core and J. D. Thomas,) carpenters and boat builders, Chamberlaine's wharf
Corlbern Ed., bds 275 Main
Corley James L., (Corlev & Martin,) bds Atlantic hotel
CORLEY & MARTIN, (James L. Corley and J. B. Martin,) gen. ins. agts. and adjusters, 106 Main
Cornack Geo., boot and shoe maker, h Church
*Cornaugh Mason, lab, h 4 Foster's lane
*Cornick Abram, City Alms-house
*Cornick Alexander, pressman, h 158 Queen
*Cornick Alice, servant, 81 Holt
*Cornick Andrew, lab, bds 239 Queen
*Cornick Annie Mrs., h 158 Queen
*Cornick C, lab, h 97 Newton
*Cornick David, steward, h 105 Bank
*Cornick E., carpenter, h 72 Hawk
Cornick Frank, sawyer, h 17 Bermuda
*Cornick George, lab, 26 Fox lane
*Cornick Henry, lab, h 26 Fox lane
*Cornick I., truckman, h 22 Henry
*Cornick J., h 47 Falkland
*Cornick J., lab, h 485 Church
*Cornick J., oysterman, h 62 Willoughby
*Cornick J., lab, h 113 Princess Anne rd
Cornick James, h 110 Bermuda
*Cornick James, lab, h Plank rd
*Cornick James, lab, h 40 Princess Anne rd
*Cornick John, lab, h 131 Cove
*Cornick L., wid James, cook, h 59 Fox lane
*Cornick Mary, wid Joseph, h 11 National
*Cornick Moses, lab, h Atlantic City
*Cornick Nancy Mrs., h 19 Smith
*Cornick P., blacksmith, h 45 Charles
*Cornick Philip, blacksmith, h 383 Chapel
*Cornick Richard, h 19 Smith
*Cornick Sarah, wid Sam, laundress, h 131 Cove
*Cornick Sylvia, cook, 60 York
*Cornick Nancy, cook, 92 York
*Corporal Dorsey, lab, 8 Reed's lane
Corprew David Mrs., h 97 Holt
Corprew David, sec Norfolk Trust Co., h 97 Holt
*Corprew Jacob, lab, h 139 Fenchurch
Corprew John B., (Campe & Corprew) h 100 Freemason
*Corprew Lydia, servt, h 22 Fenchurch
*Corprew Napoleon, lab, bds 231 Queen
Corprew Thos. J.,propr National Hotel, Main cor Church
Corry Wm. H., engineer, h Portsmouth
*Corson Alice, servt, 80 Bute
*Cosby Jones Mrs., h 131 Fenchurch
Cosby M., carp, 10 New Castle
Cossart Wm. P., sup't National Hotel
*Costen R., carpenter, Atlantic City
Costin Michael, 51 Concord
Costin Wm. F., oyster packer, h 38 Main
*Coston Geo., oysterman, h 106 James
Cotter Mary, wid Michael, boarding, 6 Talbot h same
*Cotton Geo., nr Amistead Lane
Cotton Henry, policeman, h 29 Nebraska
Cotton Jno., oysterman, h 21 Nebraska
Cotton John B., bill poster, 90 Church h same
*Cotton Nath., oysterman, h 21 Nebraska
*Cotton Solomon, baker, h 26 Dodds Lane
Couper J. D., marble and granite yard, 113 Bank h 234 Freemason
Couper W., clk, bds 234 Freemason
Couran Moses, barkeeper, h 135 Main
Cowand D. G., (Cowand & Harriss) h 161 Freemason
Cowand & Harriss, (D. G., Cowand and R. J., Harriss) com mer, McPhail's wharf ft Jackson
Cowdrey A. A., bds 99 Freemason
Cowdrey Dr. C. W., bds, National Hotel
Cowell C. M., drug clerk, bds 258 Chureh
*Cowling Nash, drayman, h Liberty, nr Cumberland
Cox Edward, boatman, h rear 16 Union
Cox F., ship carp, bds Liberty, Berkley
Cox Jakeymine, wid Edward, h rear 16 Union
Cox John, ship carpenter, bds Liberty, Berkley
*Cox John C, shoemaker, h 253 Freemason
*Cox  Wm., h r 212 Freemason
Coxon Geo., watchmaker, h Maple Berkley
Craig E., lab, h 62 Newton
Craig E. F., lab, 62 Newton
Crampton T. M., painter, bds 32 Market sq.
Crane E. N. Rev., bds 62 Boush
*Crawford John, City Alms-house
*Creakmore Jackson, lightering, h 14 Dodd's lane
Creakmore James, sailor, h 15 Dodd's lane
Creekmore Mitchell, lab, h 24 Talbot
Creekmur Eliz. Mrs., Church cor Freemason
Creekmur C. J. (Creekmur & Henry,) h High nr Court, Portsmouth
CREEKMUR & HENRY, (C. J. Creekmur and E. M. Henry,) sewing machine agts. and shirt manufacturers, 166
*Creesay Miles, lab, h 27 Southgate's lane
Crellin Thomas, agt. for underwriters, Market sq cor Water, h 84 Bank
Crellin Thomas jr., 84 Bank
*Crier John, 20 Henry
Crocker C. wid Thos., servant, h 94 Queen
Crocker David, captain barge "Roanoke," h 40 Main
*Crocker Edward, lab, h 31 Newton
Crocker Rufus K., cooper, 79 Water
Crockett Robert, tinner, h 160 Fenchureh
Crockett Smith, oysterman, bds 12 Cumberland
Croft Jas. N., insp customs h 15 Church
*Cropper Sarah, h 30 Reid's lane
Cropper T. T., commonwealth atty, Atlantic hotel
Crosby Wm., police, h 315 Bute
Cross Geo., watchman, h 43 James
Cross John T., carpenter, h 43 James
Cross Joe, blacksmith, h Portsmouth
*Cross L. wid Richard, washerwoman, h 21 Fox lane
*Cross Mary wid Tabb, h 220 Bute
*Cross R., butcher, h 220 Queen
*Cross R., lab, h 12 Denby
*Cross Simon, lab, Atlantic City
*Crosson Sarah, servant, h 157 Granby
CROW GEORGE L., tin and coppersmith, 110 and 112 Water, h 105 Bank
Crow Mary N., wid Archibald, h 105 Bank
Crowell D. C, com mer and ship broker, 8 Campbell's wharf, h 45 Holt
Crowell T. P., agt Philadelphia, Richmond & Norfolk S. S. Line, h 131 Chapel
Crumpler Charles B., carriage maker, h 10 Cumberland
*Cuffee Lucy, wid Henry, h 44 Chapel
Culley George, engineer U. S. N. h 252 Bute
Culley Jos., brass moulder, h 252 Bute
Cullony Edward, h New
CULPEPPER JESSE, prop'r Central Hotel, Main cor Commerce
Culpepper J. S., clk, bds Main
*Cunningham Arthur, waiter, 205 Main
Cunningham Edward, prop'r Washington House, h 125 Freemason
Cunningham Edward L. (Cunningham & Keating) h Freemason nr Boush
Cunningham Eleanor, wid George, h 103 Queen
Cunningham Thos., seaman, h 184 Bute
Cunningham & Keating (Edward L. Cunningham and J. R. Keating) restaurant, 205 Main
Curdts Louis, watches and clocks, 37 Market square, h 90 Washington
Curdts Louis, jr., cabinet maker, h 42 Charlotte
*Curl Betsey, servant, h 24 Voss
Curlin M. W., carpenter, h 129 Chapel
Curling Mary V., wid James, h 15 Talbot
Currier Fannie A., wid Robt., bds 5 Virginia
*Curry Alexander, barber, h 41 Market sq
*Curry Ed., waiter, h 244 Main
*Curry Jacob, porter, h 91 Salter
*Curry Margaret, cook, 132 Bute
Curt V., stable hand, N. C. R. R,
Curtis George, machinist, h 94 Main
Curtis Naomi Mrs., 94 Main
*Curtis Nelson, cook, h 96 Nicholson
*Custis Edward, porter, h Atlantic City nr Drummond's bridge
*Custia George, h 60 Avon
Cutherell Wm. S., h 13 Fenchurch
Cuthrell Joseph, woodworker, 94 Bermuda
Cutrell N. W. (Cutrell & Robinson) h 446 Church
Cutrell & Robinson (N. W. Cutrell and J. Robinson) blacksmiths and wheelwrights, 443 and 445 Church
Cuthriell E. (Cuthriell & Daughtrey) h 132 Cumberland
Cuthriell Elos, carp, h Lee, Berkley
Cuthriell Joseph, clk, h cor Cumberland and Bute
Cuthriell & Daughtrey (E. Cuthriell and M. F. Daughtrey) surgeon dentists, 181 Main
Cutlar Henry, ass't pastor St. Mary's Catholic Church, h Reilly nr Holt


Dahlstrom F. H., jeweler, h 22 Bank
Dalby Charles, wheelwright, h Ferry Point
Dalby Cornelius, carpenter, h Church cor Freemason
Dalby E. H., clk, bds 228 Bute
Dalby Henry J., tailor, 56 Bank, h 228 Bute
Dalby J. A., employment office, 54 Bank, h 228 Bute
Dalby John F., clk, 170 Main
Dalton A. J., printer, h Chamberlaine's wharf
Dalton Joanna, servantr 110 Bute
Dalton Thos., moulder, 49 Barraud's court
Dalton Thomas J., clk, h Granby nr Main
Dancy Jno. S., (Hymans & Dancy,) h Tarboro, N. C.
Daniel Jno. T., (Daniel & Lassiter,) receiver and inspector of yards and docks, navy yard, h 123 Bank
Daniel W. L., (Eure, Hood & Cox,) bds cor Cumberland and Bute
Daniel & Lassiter, (J. T. Daniel and E. H. Lassiter,) cotton packers, Nivison's, 20 wharf
Daniels James, machinist, bds 194 Church
Daniels Lewis, com mer, bds 133 Cumberland
Dann William F., butcher, stall 20 market, h 57 Brewer
Darden A. A., oyster packer, bds 252 Church
Darden J. R., clk, bds 69 Duke
Dare Seth, plasterer, h 170 Main
Dashiell Charles, carpenter, h 194 Bute
Dashiell James J., tailor, h New Town
Dashiell L. H., fruit and seed store,127 Water, h Etheridge, Berkley
Dashiell T. M., h 95 Cumberland
Dashiell Thomas, h Etheridge, Berkley
Daughtrey M. F., (Cuthriell & Daughtrey,) h 39 High, Portsmouth
*Davenport Wm., lab, h 62 Nicholson
*David Frank, wheelwright, h 90 Fenchurch
*David James, gardener, 90 Fenchurch
*Davidson Robert, servant, 6 Freemason
Davidson T., engineer, h Atlantic City
Davis A., grain measurer, h 41 Brewer
Davis Benj., painter, h 147 Queen
Davis C. A., leather and shoe findings and shoemaker, 11 Bank, h 216 Bute
Davis Chas. T., sailmaker, h 118 Brewer
*Davis Charlotte, servt, 38 Freemason
Davis G. B., blacksmith, h Portsmouth
*Davis George, porter, h James nr Queen
Davis Henrietta, city Alms-house
Davis James, huckster, h 221 Church
Davis James, plasterer, bds 147 Queen
*Davis James, h 164 Queen
*Davis John, lab, rear 88 Chapel
*Davis John, porter, h 77 Church
*Davis John, city Alms-house
Davis L. W., (Davis & Bro.,) h 54 Atlantic hotel
*Davis Lucy, servt, 48 Bute
Davis Miles, h 45 Brewer
Davis M. L. T., (Davis & Bro.,) h 101 Granby
Davis Patrick, conductor, N. & P. R. R., h 251 Church
*Davis Peter, lab, bds 226 Bute
Davis Samuel W., plasterer, bds 118 Brewer
Davis Sarah, city Alms-house
Davis T. A.. Mrs., h 118 Brewer
Davis Thomas, boatman, h Old Point
Davis W., engineer, city mills
Davis Wesley, painter, bds 147 Queen
Davis W. H. Mrs., bds 40 Cumberland
*Davis Wm., cook, h Church nr Charlotte
*Davis Wm., lab, h 86 Bermuda
*Davis Wm., whitewasher, h 289 Church
Davis Wm. H., bds 118 Brewer
Davis Wm. H. clk, h Atlantic city
Davis Wm. T., painter, h Liberty, Berkley
Davis Wilson, machinist, h 6 Wilson
Davis & Bro., (M. L. T. and L. W. Davis,) grocers, Water cor Commerce
Dawes Mary A., wid Francis W., h 310 Bute
Dawes S. S., city treasurer, City Hall, h 304 Main
Dawes Wm. S., clk, h 149 Main
Dawley C, grocer, 220 Church
*Dawley George, porter, h 35 Scott
*Dawley George W., grocer, 215 and 217 Queen, h same
*Dawley J., lab, h 52 Hawk
*Dawley J., lab, bds 193 Queen
*Dawley James, driver, h 42 Liberty
*Dawley Jos., fish dealer, fish market, h Charlotte
*Dawley Lewis, truckman, h 379 Church
Dawley Virginia, wid Dennis, h 59 Main
Dawley W. B. (Dawley & Bullock) h 208 Church
*Dawley Wm. H., lab, h 84 Brewer
DAWLEY & BULLOCK, (W. B. Dawley and Thos. Bullock) grocers, 208 Church
Dawson J. H., sec Gas Light Co., h 110 Cumberland
*Dawson James, waiter, h Fitzgibbon's row
*Dawson Mary, servant, 1 Virginia
Dawson R. S., clk, h 110 Cumberland
Day John H., clk, h 20 Mariner
Days Martha Mrs., h 34 Charlotte
Deal Willis, butcher, stall 71 market, h 524 Church
Dean D. W., rafter, h Atlantic City
Deanes Josiah, toll keeper, h e end of Main
*Deans James, fireman, h 104 James
*Deans Sarah, wid James, h Atlantic City
De Bree Jno., physician, nurseryman, nr Drummond's bridge, h Main
*Decatur George, waiter, h 159 Cumberland
De Cordy Francis, coal dealer, 30 Jackson, h 152 Granby
Deer E. F., oysterman, 249 Bank
Deer Luther, boatman, h 191 Charlotte
Deford D. N., carpenter, h 7 Cumberland
Deford D. N. Mrs., grocer, 7 Cumberland, h same
Degge Geo., joiner, 183 Water, h 14 Proby's lane
*Deggs George, lab, h Berkley
*Deggs John, lab, Atlantic Iron Works
Deggs Jno. B., stave inspector, h 305 Church
Deggs Julia A., wid Wm., bds Pine, Berkley
Deggs W. B., h 83 Bank
Dehl Harmon, watchman, Buoy depot
Deiches A., (H. Deiches & Son,) h 169 Main
Deiches H., (H. Deiches & Son,) h 169 Main
Deiches H. & Son, (H. and A. Deiches,) clothiers, 169 Main
Deiches W., (W. Deiches & Co.,) h 169 Main
Deiches W. & Co., (W. Deiches,) clothiers, 174 Main
*Deison J. I., servant, 76 Chapel
De Jarnette Robert, clk, bds 68 Boush
Delany Ann E., wid Wm. D., h 71 Cove
Delany Edward, tinner, h 71 Cove
*DELK JUNIUS T., shoemaker, 19 Market sq, h 54 Liberty
Delany George H., tinner, h 71 Cove
Delany Jno., blacksmith bds Cumberland
Dclk Jno. T., book-keeper, h Chestnut, Berkley
Demby Jackson, brickmaker, h 109 Botetourt
Demby Wm., brickmaker, h 111 Botetourt
Deming J. C, (Denting, Wingfield & Vaughan,) and pres. People's Nat. Bank, h 93
Duke Deming E. C, grocer, 138 Main, h 129 Freemason
DEMING, WINGFIELD, & VAUGHAN, (J. C. Deming, R. C. M. Wingfield, and R. F. Vaughan,) insurance agents,
      104 Main
Denby Virginia wid Stephen, bds 145 Cumberland
Denney James, (Hannan & Denny,) h 51 Union cor Church
*Denney Samuel, lab, h 86 Brewer
Dennis D. wid James, h 56 Nicholson
Dennis E. L., (N. H. Moore & Co.,) bds Atlantic hotel
Dennis Jno., fireman, h 83 Bermuda
Dennis Mary E., boarding-house, Atlantic City
Dennis Michael, lab, h Atlantic City
Dennis Samuel S., bds 102 James
*Dennis Sarah, wid, washermoman, h 29 Rhea's lane
Dennis Tobe, moulder, h Atlantic City
Detrick John, clk, h 139 Church
Deusch Andrew, butcher, h Norfolk County end of Church
Dewell John N., clk, bds 258 Church
Dey David, surveyor, h 23 Brewer
Dey David, jr., (Sorey & Day) h 23 Brewer
Dey Geo. W., (Gwathmey, Dey & Powell,) h 144 Bute
Dey Jas. B., bds 28 Washington
Dey Lewis C, merchant tailor, 6 Bank, h 138 Freemason
Dey M. C, wid Wm., h 28 Washington
Dey W. T., clk, bds 28 Washington
Dezendorf Jno. F., asst. U. S. assessor, h 189 Church
Dibrell Watson S., supt. J. M. Bradstreet & Son, mercantile agency, h 52 Cumberland
Dickson Ann, wid Thomas, bds 106 Boush
Dickson Geo., lab, bds 106 Boush
Dickson N., blacksmith, h 29 Jefferson
Dickson Richard, h 91 Granby
*Dickson Rose, serv't, 102 Bute
*Dickson Samuel, h 14 Williamson's Lane
Dickson Wm., painter, bds 106 Boush
Dickson W. C., clk, h 91 Granby
Dickson Wm., harness maker, h 176 Cumberland
*Diggs B., lab, h 201 Bank
*Diggs Frank, huckster, h 18 King's Lane
*Diggs H., oysterman, h 119 Hawk
Diggs Isaac, ship carpenter, h Pine, Berkley
*Diggs J., oysterman, h 475 Church
Diggs J., carpenter, h 23 Henry
Diggs John B., plumber, Church nr Wood
Diggs Robert, sailor, h 83 Bermuda
Diggs W. J., carpenter, h 23 Henry
Diggs W. C,. printer, h 208 Church
*Diggs Wm., lab, h Bank nr Bute
Diggs W. J., seaman, h 38 Avon
*Dillard Jack, lab, rear 34 Falkland
Dillard James, com mer, h 257 Main
Dilliard Caroline, wid, seamstress, h 21 Union
*Dilliard James, lab, rear 249 Freemason
Dilworth P., (P. Dilworth & Son,) h 7 Virginia
Dilworth P. & Son, (P. and W. J. Dilworth,) hay and feed, 154 and 156 Water
Dilworth W. J., (P. Dilworth & Son,) h 7 Virginia
Dismal Swamp Steam Transportation Co., depot Newton's wharf
Dixon John, fisherman, h 506 Church
Dixon Nathaniel, finisher, h Cumberland nr Liberty
Dixon Thomas, harness maker, h Cumberland nr Liberty
Dixon Wm. P., harness maker, 176 Cumberland
Dobie A. C, clk, bds National hotel
Dobie Richard A., (Gwathmey Bros. & Co.,) bds Atlantic hotel
Dobbs Jackson, com mer, h 205 Bute
Dochilds Frances, city Alms-house
Dodd John, 102 Main
DODSON R. S., proprietor Atlantic hotel, Main cor Cranby
Dolan James, h 44 Cove
Doleman M., boiler maker, h 97 James
Dollard John, grocer, 33 James and 106 Queen, h 45 James
Dollard Kyran, h 45 James
Domenico Lagorio, confectionery, 33 Union
Donnan J. K., clk, bds 197 Main
Donold  Wm., insp customs, h county
Donovan D., lab, h Chamberlaine's wharf
Donovan Daniel J., porter, Chamberlaine's wharf
Donovan J., lab, h Chamberlaine's wharf
Donovan Wm., grocer, 316 Main
Dooley P. J., carpenter, h 57 Bermuda
Dorman O. M., judge, h 6 Freemason
Dorney E. W., carpenter, h 167 Bank
Dorney Jane, wid Patrick, h 167 Bank
Dorney S., plasterer, h 167 Bank
Dornin Frank B., cash Norfolk Savings Bank, bds Atlantic hotel
Dornin Thos., h 93 Granby
Dornin Thos. A., Com. U. S. N., h 93 Granby
*Dorsey Benj., lab, h 31 Metcalf lane
*Dorsey James, boot and shoe maker, 71 Church, h Bartee's alley
Dortray Watson, lab, h 39 Dodd's lane
Dougherty Peter, tobacco and segars, 127-1/2 Main, h 120 Main
Douglass ____, waiter, h 66 Avon
*Douglass John, waiter, National hotel
Doughty Joseph E., printer, h Cumberland nr Cove
Downs F. Preston, clk, bds 144 Main
*Doxie Miles, carpenter, h Henry nr Hawke
Doyle John E., treas Dismal Swamp Canal Co., h 160 Bute
DOYLE JOHN E., jr., book-keeper, bds 162 Bute
Doyle Rose, wid Charles, h 58 James
Doyle Walter H., book-keeper, h 160 Bute
Dozer A., huckster, Central market
Dozier Ambrose, clk, h 33 Walke
Dozier A. S., h 69 Queen
Dozier Clement, h 248 Bute
Dozier C. W., plasterer, h 114 Queen
Dozier Eli, City Alms-house
Dozier Fanny, wid Dennis, h 74 Boush
Dozier James W., tinsmith, h 83 Queen
Dozier J. F., harnessmaker, h 74 Boush
Dozier J. E., clk, h 105 Cumberland
Dozier John H., seaman, h 15 Moseley
*Dozier Lydia, servant, 62 Freemason
Dozier Marshall, coachmaker, h 75 Queen
Dozier Romeo, tinsmith, h 16 New
Dozier S., clk, h 105 Cumberland
Dozier T., lab, h 288 Church
Dozier T. F., carpenter, h 40 Wood
Dozier Wm., huckster vegetable market, h 16 Fenchurch
Drew John, pilot, h 85 Brewer
Drewry Louis, clk, h Liberty, Berkley
Driver Joseph, lab, bds 131 Church
*Driver Randolph, barber, Washington nr Cumberland
*Driver Sampson, shoemaker, h Hampton, Va.
Driver Wm., barber, h 306 Main
Driver W. J., clk Freedman's Savings Bank, h 351 Main
Drummond Charles H., jr., clk, bds 84 York
Drummond George R., Mansion house
Drummond R. Joseph, express agt, 84 York
Drummond R. Q., notary public, 45 Roanoke ave, h Ghent nr Drummond's bridge
DRUMMOND THOMAS L., clk, bds Ghent nr Drummond's bridge
Drummond Wm. F., R. R. conductor, bds 84 York
Drummond Capt. Wm. S., grain inspector, h 84 York
Drury Eliz. F., teacher, h Liberty, Berkley
Drury John M., auctioneer, h Liberty, Berkley
Drury Milton, clk, bds Chestnut cor Etheridge
Drury Wm. R., painter, h Queen
Dudley A. H., (Dudley & Williams,) h 22 Fenchurch
Dudley Ann, wid C, h 219 Church
Dudley C, lab, h 64 James
Dudley Caleb, blacksmith, 45 Union, h 12 Noe's court
Dudley Caleb, painter, h Church nr Princess Anne rd
Dudley Charles C, blacksmith, h 12 Noe's court
Dudley David, restaurant, 176 Queen
Dudley James, clk, bds 12 Noe's court
Dudley Josephine, seamstress, 126 Water
Dudley O. E., agt, bds 22 Fenchurch
Dudley Richard, restaurant, 16 Nebraska
Dudley Robert, blacksmith, h Church
Dudley Robert, barkeeper, h 193 Main
Dudley Wm., lab, h 8 Stony Town
Dudley & Williams, (A. H. Dudley and H. J. Williams, hucksters, vegetable market
Duffield Charles B., (Scarburgh & Duffield,) h 34 Duke
Dugan ____, bds 2 Fenchurch
Dugar Andrew J., tailor, h 229 Freemason
Duggan M., soapmaker, bds Mansion house
*Duke H., lab, h 216 Queen
Dullihan Mary, nurse, 35 Bate
Dunbar Ann P. Mrs , grocer, 235 Church, h same
Dunbar Jas. E., inspector vessels' hulls, h 239 Bank
Dunbar Jno. J., saloon, 182 Church, h 242 Church
Duncan Chas. V., horse trader, h 28 Cumberland
Duncan Lehman, bds 225 Bute
Duncan W. W. Rev., h 127 York
Dunham Alphonso, machinist, h Portsmouth
Dunn Clarence, caulker, bds Berkley
Dunn Frank W., clk, bds 70 Bermuda
Dunn S. S., grocer, bds 168 Bute
Dunning Wm., carpenter, bds Liberty, Berkley
*Dunnington L., carpenter, h 97 Scott
Dunston J. B., grocer, h 341 Church
Dunton Alex., seaman, h County rd, Berkley
*Durden William, lab, h 192 Water
Durfee Geo., route agt, h 54 Charlotte
Durfey Wm., painter, h 291 Church
Dusch Anton, butcher, stall 21 Market, h County
Dusch Anton jr., butcher, stall 29 market, h County
Dusch F., butcher, stall 17 and 19 market, h 489 Church
Duvall George W., machinist, h 79 Bermuda
DYER DAVID B., restaurant, 193 Main, h 73 Cove
Dyer David J., clk, bds 73 Cove


Eanes John, paver, h 26 Market sq
Early Wm., pilot, h 19 Nebraska
East Edward, watchman, h 360 Church
East John, (John East & Co.,) h 60 James
East John F., (John East & Co.) h 60 James
East John & Co., (John and John F. East,) wholesale oyster dealers, Atlantic City
East J. W., carpenter, h 60 James
East Rachael, wid Richard, h 56 James
Eastman J., com mer, 27 Commerce, bds Atlantic hotel
Ebberts Joseph A., watchmaker, h 43 Bermuda
Eckles Alfred, inspector, bds 75 Cove
Edgar John E., engineer, h Portsmouth
Edmonds Joseph, carpenter, h 255 Queen
Edmonds Rosa, wid John, h 225 Bute
Edson Edward, driver, National hotel
Edson Wm., h National hotel
Edward A. S., physician, h Washington, Berkley
Edward B., farmer, h 12 Cumberland
*Edward James, waiter, Central hotel
*Edwards Aaron, lab, h 23 King's lane
*Edwards George, lab, h Fenchurch nr Mariner
*Edwards Henry, lab, h 25 National
Edwards James E., cabinetmaker, 185 Church
*Edwards Lizzie, servt, 17 Noe's court
*Edwards Nancy, servt, 17 Noe's court
Edwards Oscar, pilot, h Berkley ave, Berkley
*Edwards Robert, lab, h 62 Church
*Edwards S., lab, h 76 Henry
Edwards Susan, wid John T., h 22 James
Edwards Walter A., printer, h 48 Bermuda
Edwards Wm. F., sailmaker, 8 Campbell's wharf, h 22 James
Edwards Wm. H., carpenter, h 79 Mariner
Edwards W. J., bricklayer, h Berkley ave, Berkley
Egerton Hannah, news depot, 114-1/2 Church, and dry goods, 114 Church
Egleston T. W., h 72 Mariner
Egts C, grocery and liquors, 471 Church, h 469 Church
Eisenbise Eliza, wid Thaddeus, seamstress, 69 Water
*Elams Miles, lab, h 192 Water
Elburg J. S., watchman, 268 Church
Elder Eva Miss, (O'Leary & Elder,) h 13 Bank
Eldridge J. T., sailmaker, h 55 Nicholson
Eldridge Ocey, clk, h 68 Fenchurch
Eldridge Wm. A., agt Annamessic steamers,bds National hotel
Eley H. S., clk, h 148 Church
Ellington W. A., engineer, h 318 Main
Elliott A. R., bds 31 Cumberland
Elliott Charles G., (Elliott & White,) h 44 York
*Elliott Eliza, serv't, h 43 Woodside lane
Elliott Gilbert, lawyer, 128 Main, h 44 York
Elliott J. A., clk, h 174 Chapel
Elliott K. B., grocer, 117 Church, h Bermuda cor East
Elliott Kemp, grocer, h 77 Bermuda
*Elliott M., wid Allen, h 96 Henry
*Elliott Miles, h 17 Scott
Elliott Patrick, drayman, bds 6 Talbot
Elliott T. E., (Taylor, Martin & Co.,) h 72 Charlotte
Elliott Thomas C, tailor, h County nr Middle, Portsmouth
Elliott Warren G., lawyer, 128 Main, h 42 York
Elliott & White, (C. G. Elliott and John T. White,) liquors, 20 Roanoke sq
Ellis Richard, wheelwright, bds Talbot nr court-house
*Ellis Wm., fisherman, h Arcade lane
Ellis Wm. H. C, lawyer, office Main opp Exchange hotel, h 62 Freemason
Elton. John, shoemaker and grocer, 46 and 48 Bank
*Ely Richard, lab, h 55 Barraud's Court
Emmerson Clara Miss, h 80 Church
*Emmerson Ellen, serv,t, h 48 Fenchurch
*Emmerson Wm., lab, h 114 E Main
Emmons A. J., moulder, h Atlantic City
Emmons E. J., moulder, h Atlantic City
Engelberg J., clk, h 107 Church
Engelburg Lewis, clk, h 107 Church
Engelberg Myer, crockery, 107 Church
Enoch Jno., boiler maker, h Atlantic City
Epes Jerome, sawyer, h Atlantic City
Epes Wm., lab, h Atlantic City
*Eppes James, lab, h 313 Main
Eppes J. D., clk, Navy Yard, h 115 Brewer
*Eppes Richard, lab, 313 Main
*Epps John D., clk, h 45 Cumberland
*Epps Richard, lab, h 59 Avon
Epps Robert 0., merchant, 120 York
Erxleben William, grocer and liquor dealer, Main cor Commerce
Espy David, h 243 Church
Etheredge John, grocer, h Chestnut cor Etheredge
Etheredge John K, grocer, Chestnut cor Etheredge h Berkley
Etheredge Lawson, blacksmith, h 213 Church
*Etheridge Aaron, lab, h 31 V'oss
Etheridge Dennis, steam mill, h 6 Brewer
Etheridge Lemuel, oysterman, h 95 James
Etheridge O. M., clk, h 48 Fenchurch
*Etheridge Thomas, hewer, h 41 Salter
Etheridge Wilson, ship carpenter, h Mulberry, Berkley
*Etheridge Wilson, lighterman, bds 58 Williamson's Lane
Engard Albert C, asst. engineer, bds Atlantic Hotel
Eure M. H., (Eure, Hood & Co.,) h N. C.
Eure, Hood & Co., (M. H. Eure, Robert A. Hood and W. L. Daniel,) com mer, 23 and 27 Commerce
Eustace Sarah, wid Jno., bds 362 Church
Eurtis S. wid James, h 294 Church
*Evans Chas., wood sawyer, h 17 King's lane
*Evans E. wid Jesse, h 306 Queen
Evans George, clk, h Charlotte nr Granby
Evans Ida Mrs., bds 201 Main
Evans John Francis, constable, h 13 Williams
Evans Jos. T., blacksmith, h 13 Williams
Evans Joshua, machinist, bds 197 Main
Evans Margaret wid Thos L., housekeeper, h 13 Williams
Evans Richard, captain, h 65 Boush
Evans Richard jr., clk, bds 65 Boush
Evans Susan A. wid Thos., h 186 Bute
Everding Jno., engineer, h Atlantic City
*Everidge John, butler, 79 Bute
Ewell J., oysterman, h 61 James
Ewell Jesse, blacksmith, h 203 Bute
Ewell J. T., (Ewell & West,) h Bute nr Bank
Ewell Leonard C, clk, h Freemason nr Granby
EWELL & WEST, (J. T. Ewell and Thomaa G. West,) wheelwrights, 64 Church
Exner R., painter, 32 Bank


Face Edw., bricklayer, h 18 Smith
Face Geo. W., pilot, bds 201 Bute
Face James P., carpenter, h 13 Mariner
Face W. H, pilot, h 201 Bute
Fagan Thomas, porter, 48 Bank
Fairer G. W., (G. W. Fairer & Co.,) h Bermuda cor Church
Fairer G. W. & Co., (G. W. Fairer & A. C. Moore,) dry goods and notions, 125 Church
Faitz Wm., restaurant, 234 Church, h same
*Falcon Wm., lab, bds 229 Queen
Fallon Hannah Mrs., seamstress, h 68 Avon
Fanshaw Samuel, boiler maker, h 352 Church
Fanshaw Wm., blacksmith, h Union nr Market sq
Farant Alicia, wid George W., h 129 Boush
Farenholt O. W., lieut. Navy, h 21 Noe's Court
Farley James, milk dealer, 188 Water, h same
Farrall Michael, hair worker and wig maker, 194 Main
Farrell John W., dep marshall, 120 Fenchurch
*Farrar Peter, lab, h 49 Union
Farren James, lab, h Queen nr James
Farren James, lab, h 48 Main
Farren Thomas, clk, h 48 Main
Fatherly John, harness maker, h 74 Queen nr James
Fatherly John H., harness maker, h 74 Queen
Fatherly John W., foreman printer, h 83 Charlotte
Fatherly Thomas W., oysterman, h 74 Queen
Fatherly W. T., printer, h 74 Queen
Faunce Thomas, boiler maker, h Atlantic City
Feigle Fredericka, wid George, restaurannt, Talbot cor Hill, h same
Fenton Anne E., servant, 62 Freemason
Fentress Alexander, tinsmith, h Atlantic bridge
*Fentress Edward, lab, h 499 Church
Fentress G. D., carpenter, h 101 Fenchurch
*Fentress George, porter, h Boush
Fentress H., drawkeeper, Atlantic bridge, nr Atlantic City
*Fentress Henry, porter, h 204 Cumberland
*Fentress Jacob, lab, h 31 Cove
Fentress John C, cabinet maker, h 48 Fenchurch
*Fentress Jonas, waiter, 33 Noe's Court
Fentress J. W., clk, bds 6 Brewer
*Fentress M., lab, h 43 Fox lane
*Fentress Moses, lab, h 38 Bute
Fentress Oliver C., carpenter, h 1 Cumberland
*Fentress Robert, oysterman, bds 265 Queen
Fentress Walter, brick maker, h 309 Church
Fentress Wm., boatman, h 81 Main
Fentress Wm. R., clk, h Fenchurch cor Main
*Ferbee Edmond, lab, h 2 Bonnot
*Ferby Joseph, lab, h 43 Dodd's lane
*Ferby Mary Mrs., h 119 Brewer
Ferebee Chas., app, h Union
Ferebee D. E., teacher, b Addington lane
Ferguson C. G., wid James, jr., h 98 Bute
Ferguson C. M., bookkeeper, h 52 Brewer
Ferguson John, clk, h Church nr Freemason
Ferguson Thomas F., clk, h Church opp Ereemason
*Ferguson Tobias, musician, bds 182 Water
Ferguson Wm. K., clk, h 305 Church
*Feriby James, seaman, h 32 Newton
Fernandez Joseph P., watchman, h 10 Hill
Ferrall John, deputy marshal, h 120 Fenchurch
Ferrat J. B., baker, 30 Bank
*Ferrebee Edward, marketman, National hotel
*Ferrebee Nancy, servt, h 159 Bank
Ferris James, carpenter, bds 210 Church
Field C. A., clk, bds Atlantic hotel
Fields Albert, clk, bds 102 Boush
*Fields John, lab, h rear 36 Wood
Finch J. Wesley, salesman, Talbot cor Main
Finck Henry, oysterman, h 89 James
Finck H. W., clk, bds Queen cor Brewer
Finch W. F. Dr., clk, bds Main cor Talbot
Finigau P. P., assistant assessor, h Church nr Holt
*Finney Randolph, barber, bds 209 Queen
Fiol Domingo T., barber, h Portsmouth
*Firby E., lab, h 124 Hawk
*Fires Steph., caulker, h Berkley
Firman Wm. E., police, bds Etheredge, Berkley
Fish J. J., (Fish & Jordan,) h Church nr Charlotte
Fish & Jordan, (J. J. Fish and R. W. Jordan,) restaurant, 22 and 24 Market sq
*Fisher Alfred, lab, h 15 Fenchurch
Fisher B., cabinetmaker, h Cumberland nr Lodge
*Fisher David, shoemaker, 152 Cumberland
*Fisher Edward, woodsawyer, h 33 Metealf lane
Fisher Eliz., Mrs., h 19 Concord
Fisher Jacob, clothing, 42 Bank
Fisher J. J., restaurant, h 268 Church
*Fisher L. E., shoemaker, h 154 Cumberland
*Fisher Maggie, servt, h 48 Fenchurch
*Fisher Riddick, waiter, bds 154 Cumberland
*Fisher S., lab, h 113 Scott
*Fisher S., oyster shucker, h Bank
*Fisher Shadrack, sexton, h 154 Cumberland
Fisher Wm. C, clk, h Atlantic City
Fitchett Charles P., clk, h Freemason cor Granby
*Fitchett Isaac, shoemaker, h 12 Cove
Fitchett J. S., clk, Freemason cor Granby
Fitchett Jesse, clk, bds 140 Freemason
Fitchett John R., h 140 Freemason
Fitchett Thomas, grocer, 249 Church
Fitchett Wm., treas Norfolk City R. R., h Hunterville, city extremities
Fitz Newton, music teacher, h 64 Holt
*Fitz Emmons, h Queen nr James
Fitzgerald Charles, bds 166 Freemason
Fitzgerald George, bds 166 Freemason
Fitzgerald Henry, captain, h 166 Freemason
Fitzgerald  Wm., agt., bds 129 Granby
Fitzgibbon Maurice Dr., h 58 Bermuda
Fitzhugh John R., sail maker, h 57 Virginia
Fitzhugh Margaret, wid John, h 57 Virginia
Fitzsinger Capt. wrecker, h 35 Main
Fitzsimmons James M., carpenter, h 50 Water
Fiveash Joseph G., deputy sergeant, bds National Hotel
Flanagan Martin, porter manufacturer, h 79 Mariner
*Flanagan Mary, City Alms House
Flannagan Fletcher, harness maker, h 316 Church
Flannagan John, huckster, rear 32 Market Sq.
Flanagnan John T., huckster vegetable market, h 126 Fenchurch
Fleming Amos, machinist, h Portsmouth
Flemming George, lab, h Portsmouth
*Flemming Lucius, musician, 9 Marsden's Lane
Fletcher H., salesman, bds Mansion House
Fletcher William H., (Keeling and Fletcher) h 165 Fenchurch
Fleury Thomas D., cabinet maker, 41 Granby
Flood Thomas P., bar tender, h Gosport
Floyd Charles, painter, h 191 Church
Floyd Hart, clk, bds National Hotel
Flynn Stephen, barber, h Church cor Bermuda
Fogarty Martin J., (Norfolk News Co.,) h 43 Bermuda
Fogarty Richard, truckman, h 2 Noe's Court
*Foldins James, lighterman, bds 215 Queen
Folger E. C, barrelcovers, &c, 46 Roanoke Avenue, h 184 Charlotte
Folkes Wm., machinist, bds Atlantic City
FOLTZ JACOB, with CHATAIGNE & BOYD, Southern Directory Publishers, bds Central Hotel
Fonton Joseph, h 57 Church
Fonton Peter, h 57 Church
Forahand Mary wid Caleb, h 18 Talbot
Forbes, Butt & White, (N. S. Forbes, J. M. Butt and E. V. White,) hardware and machinist supplies, 5 Market sq
Forbes N. S., (Forbes, Butt & White,) h nr Naval hospital, Portsmouth
Forbes Robert A., cotton weigher, h 150 Freemason
*Ford A., lab, h 24 Voss
Ford E. wid Jos., h 54 Charlotte
Ford Francis, restaurant, 37 Union, h same
*Ford H., lab, h 24 Voss
Ford Jno., lab, h 12 New Castle
*Ford Nancy, wid Solomon, h 29 Cove
*Ford Robert, driver, bds 132 Queen
*Ford Solomon, laborer, 33 Water
Ford Walter, Asst Assessor, h Southampton co
*Foreman A., lab, h 76 Liberty
*Foreman Charles, lab, h r 502 Church
*Foreman E., h 117 Fenchurch
*Foreman I., lab, h 92 Scott
*Foreman John, oysterman, h 304 Queen
*Foreman Johnson, lab, h Brigg's Point
Foreman J. W., clk. 136 Main, h county
Foreman L., lab, h Chamberlaine's wharf
*Foreman Maria, servant, h 100 Freemason
*Foreman Matthew, lab, h 16 King's lane
*Foreman Nancy, huckster, vegetable market, h Liberty
FOREMAN N. B., confectioner, 41 Market sq., h 110 Freemason
Forrest Chas. E., clk, bds 24 Brewer
Forrest Henry, oysterman, h 43 Voss
Forrest Maggie Miss., h 62 Church
FORREST W. S., real estate agent, 117 Main, h 24 Brewer
Forsyth Lizzie wid John, h 40 Fayette
Fortune E., tinsmith, h Wolf nr Cove
Forward Jno. W., clk, bds 73 Cove
*Fosdick Jno., lab, h 39 Cumberland
*Foster Albert, waiter, h Fenchureh
Foster Benj. B., lawyer, 26 Bank, h n end of Church
Foster E. O., wid Richard C, h 9 James
*Foster Frank, lab, h 25 Magazine lane
*Foster George, oysterman, h 324 Queen
Foster J. B., clk, h Pine, Berkley
Foster John, clk, bds Pine Berkley
Foster John, lab, 72 Queen
*Foster John, caulker, h Queen
Foster John B., captain boat, h 13 Mariner
Foster John W., carpenter, h 72 Queen
Foster Joseph, blacksmith, Jackson nr Lee, h 45 Queen
Foster Joseph, blacksmith, h 52 Barraud's court
*Foster R., caulker, h 16 Magazine lane
Foster R. E.., clk, h 131 Chapel
*Foster Richard, whitewasher, h rear 119 Cove
*Foster Susan, wid Giles, h 137 Fenchureh
*Foster T., wid George, h 121 Brewer
*Foster Thomas, truckman, h 16 Magazine lane
Foster W. E., (Foster & Lawler,) sup't Water Works, h 109 Bermuda
Foster Wm. A., plumber, h 109 Bermuda
Foster Wm. H., grocer, 168 Bute
Foster & Lawler, (W. E. Foster and J. J. Lawler,) plumbers, 111 Main
Fourth B. L. Rev., h 8 Brewer
*Foy John, oyster shucker, h 35 Main
Franchescini Battista, plaster paris, 21 Union
*Francis Emma, washer, h 46 Woodside lane
*Francis Henry, cook, 24 Market sq
*Francis Henry, cook, h 13 Addington lane
*Francis Rachael, servt, 44 Bute
Francis Robert, clk, bds 101 Granby
*Francis Robert, butcher, stall 6 market, h 17 Smith
*Frank ____, h 201 Queen
Frank Mrs., City Alms-house
Frank S., dry goods, 1 Market sq, h 119 Cumberland
Frankfurt M., confectionery and variety store, 111 Church, h same
Franklin John, bar room, Main cor Water, bds 76 Chapel
Franklin Savings Bank, 14 Bank
Fraser Charles, tailor, 26 Talbot
Frazier H., engineer, h Liberty, Berkley
Frederici J. J., machinist, h Atlantic City
Frederick Lewis, driver, h 25 Fenchurch
FREEMAN ARTHUR C, dealer in jewelry, &c, 160 Main, h 124 York
*Freeman H., h 499 Church
Freeman J, M., watchmaker and jeweller, h 124 York
*Freeman Maria, washer, 36 Talbot
Freeman R. E., book-keeper, h 275 Main
Freeman Rich, oysterman, h 18 Wilson ave
*Freeman Richard, oyster opener, h Bernard's ave
Freeman Robert, salesman, bds Central hotel
*Freeman Samuel, oysterman, h 1 King's lane
FREEMAN VIRGINIUS, civil engineer, bds Central hotel
French Emily, wid , seamstress, h 43 Commerce
French William, boatman, h 43 Commerce
Freshwater W. T., clk, bds 260 Church
Frick Thos., h Atlantic City
Frick Wm., ship builder, h Atlantic City
Frost Annie V., h 68 Church
Frost James S., carpenter, h 215 Bute
Frost Mary, wid Samuel, h 82 Charlotte
Frost Peter, switch tender N. C. R. R., h Wood nr Chapel
Frost R., carpenter, h 12 Henry
Frost Reuben, butcher, stall 56 market, h 84 Fenchurch
Frost Robt., h 140 Main
Frost Thomas A., carpenter, h 140 Main
Frost Wm. H., fish dealer, fish market, h 40 Wood
Frost W. H., blacksmith, h 12 Henry
*Fulland Agnes, servt, h 59 Chapel
*Fuller A., truckman, h 66 Newton
*Fuller Isaac, lab, h 26 Voss
*FULLER JAMES E., gauger custom-house, 1 Pollard's row
*Fuller J. H., shoemaker, h Hawk nr Queen
Fuller John, shoemaker, h 59 Avon
*Fuller John, h 69 James
*Fuller Jordan, lab, h 21 Talbot
*Fuller Joseph, cook, h Liberty, Berkley
*Fuller M. A., wid Solomon, h 26 Newton
*Fuller P., wid John, h 72 James
*Fuller S., porter, h 53 Hawk
*Fuller Thomas, hostler, h Liberty, Berkley
*Fuller Wm. H., driver, h 42 Liberty
Fullerton John, restaurant, 218 and 220 Water
Fulford Chloe, dressmaker, h 27 Virginia
Fulfort Joseph, wheelwright, h 21 Nebraska
Funck Jean, sup't light-house, bds Mansion house
*Furby Dempsey, teacher, h Addington lane
Furguson Charles M., clk, bds 52 Brewer
*Furguson Emma Mrs., h 21 Jefferson
Furguson F. F., assessor, h 52 Brewer
Furze James, book-keeper, bds 47 Cumberland


Gabriel Louis, tailor, h 45 Commerce
*Gadlin George, porter, h 20 Addington lane
*Gadling Robert, lab, h 192 Water
Gaines E. W., printer, h 109 Fenchurch
Gale Ashland C, clerk, bds 65 Brewer
Gale E. C., (E. R. Gale & Son,) h 65 Brewer
Gale E. R., (E. R. Gale & Son,) h 65 Brewer
Gale E. R & Son, (E. R. and E. C. Gale,) shoes, 128 Church
Gale Frank H., clk, bds 65 Brewer
*Gale Jacob, oysterman, h 140 Cumberland
Gale James D., hardware and cutlery, 25 Market sq, h 65 Brewer
Gale John, blacksmith, Portsmouth
Gale Mary C., wid Robert, h 196 Bute
Gale Thomas C., shoe mer, h 65 Brewer
*Gales Mary, washer, h Metealf lane
*Galigo Wm, seaman, h 96 Chapel
Gallagher John, tailor, h Crook's lane, Portsmouth
Gallop Samuel, boatman, h 47 Commerce
Galvin Jno., porter, h 40 Cove
*Galt H., lab, h 49 Smith
GALT JAMES D., physician, 140 Main, h same
Galt Robt. W., machinist, bds 154 Bute
*Galt Rose, servant, 186 Granby
*Galt Wm., barkeeper, h 32 Williamson's lane
*GALT WILLIAM F., restaurant, 28 Market sq, h Williamson's lane nr Avon
Galt Wm. R., teacher, h 154 Bute
Galt Wm. W., clk, bds 154 Bute
Gamage John O., lime, 100 and 102 Water, h Main nr East
Gamage Mary, wid E., h 198 Bank
Gammon Mrs., 7 Plume
Gammon M, A., wid J. B., h 223 Main
*Gandy James, lab, h Lodge nr Henry
*Ganey Isaiah, lab, h 194 Water
Gardner E. L., grocer, h 164 Fenchurch
Gardner I. O., real estate agt, 27 Bank, h 247 Church
*Gardner Jared, servant, 22 Bute
Gardner John W, harness maker, h 10 Cumberland
Gardner L. S. (Gardner & Smith) h 164 Fenchurch
Gardner & Smith (L. S. Gardner and S. A. Smith) grocers, 11 Roanoke dock
*Garner Merce, lab, h 192 Water
Garratt Elizabeth A. Mrs., 11 Talbot
Garris Lavinia Mrs., h 121 Cove
*Garrison C, oysterman, h 106 Nicholson
*Garrison Catharine, servant, h 56 Charlotte
Garrison Geo. W., painter, h 23 Nebraska
*Garrison Wm. H., lab, h 98 Liberty
Gary E. F. wid Geo. G, h Ghent nr Drummond's bridge
*Gary James, fruit dealer, h 119 Cumberland
*Gary James, lab, h r 22 James
*Gaskin S., boatman, h 43 Fox lane
*Gaskins Edward, cooper, h Cumberland nr Queen
Gault Eliz. wid A., h 219 Church
Gatch B. W., painter, h 64 Brewer
*Gatewood Andrew, huckster, 25 Market sq., h Main opp Granby
*Gatewood Andrew, waiter, h 59 Main
*Gatewood Jerry, lab, h 20 Addington lane
Gatewood Robt., teacher, h 85 Boush
*Gatewood Wilson, shoemaker, h Duke nr Bute
*Gatlin Susan, servant, 102 Bute
Gayle Lucy wid J. T., boarding house, 273 Main
Gayle R. J., blacksmith, h Portsmouth
Gaylord William, baker, h Bank nr Main
*Gear D., lab, h 84 Liberty
*Geary Benj., porter, Granby nr Main
Gedding Samuel, driver, h Atlantic City
Geer Edwin Rev., h 51 Main
Geofrey Ann Mrs., dressmaker, h 274 Bute
George Ed., lab, h 6 New Castle
George S. E., sailmaker, h 22 James
George Wm. Henry, sailmaker, 22 James
Gerald Joseph, sailmaker, 24 Talbot
Gettslick Charles E., dept. customs, bds Atlantic hotel
Ghiselin Henry Mrs., h 48 Brewer
Ghiselin J. D., accountant, office 138 Main, h county
Ghiselin Mary B., wid Wm., h 135 Boush
Giannini Francis, fruit dealer, Main nr Roanoke sq, h 184 Water
Gibbs Charles, (Gibbs & Pritchard,) h 7 Virginia
*Gibbs Charlotte Mrs., h 154 Queen
Gibbs John, farmer, h 14 Cumberland
*Gibbs John, driver, h Main opp Nebraska
*Gibbs John L., lab, h 72 James
Gibbs John M., (Staples, Peed & Co.,) harbor master, h 47 Main
Gibbs Wm., carpenter, h 47 Main
Gibbs & Pritchard, (Charles Gibbs and Peleg Pritchard,) dry goods and notions, 202 Main
Gibson John, mailing clk, h Bank cor Queen
*Gibson John, porter, h 172 Queen
*Gibson Moses, carpenter, h 24 Voss
Gibson W. M., h North, Berkley
*Gidding George, h 48 Avon
*Gidding James, blacksmith, h Atlantic City
*Gidding Robert, h Atlantic City
Gilbert George W., clk, h 115 Fenchurch
*Gilcrease Emma, wid Joe, h 115 Cove
Gillerlain Jane, milliner, 104 Church
Gillett James, clk, Mariner nr Fenchurch
GILLETT J. R., stoves, 116 and 118 Water, h Mariner nr Fenchurch
*Gilliam Waverly, brakesman, rear 44 Bermuda
Gilliam Amanda Miss, h 11 Marsden's lane
Gilliand Robert F., auctioneer, h 88 Fenchurch
Gilmer James W., clk, h 46 Wood
Gise Ed., Mansion house
*Givens John, lab, h 381 Church
Gleason Wm., rigger, h 32 Avon
Glenn George, sailmaker, h 43 Commerce
Glennan E., shoemaker, h North, Berkley
Glennan Michael, (Glennan, Ruffin & Co.,) h North, Berkley
GLENNAN, RUFFIN & CO., (Michael Glennan, T. B. Ruffin and James C. Adkisson,) proprietors Norfolk Virginian, 56 and 58 Roanoke ave
Glennan Wm., printer, bds North, Berkley
Glennan W. T., collector, h 58 Roanoke ave
Glover C., h 23 Falkland
Godfrey Ann, wid James, h 32 Nicholson
Godfrey C. M., wid Wm., h 45 Queen
*Godfrey Edward, lab, h Fitgibbon's row
Godfrey E. J. Mrs., h 90 Charlotte
Godfrey Eliz. S., wid R. H., h 219 Church
Godfrey Jennie, milliner, h 219 Church
Godfrey Thomas, lab, Queen cor Brewer
*Godfrey Thomas, porter, bds 132 Queen
Godfrey Thomas W., blacksmith, h Union nr Market sq
Godfrey Walter W., blacksmith, Union nr Market sq
Godfrey W. C., carpenter, h 118 Queen
Godfrey Wm., shoemaker, 159 Church
Godwin E. C., stoves and ranges, 114 Water, h Portsmouth
Godwin E. S., clk, h 395 Church
Godwin Smith P., h 395 Church
Godwin T. W., (T. W. Godwin & Co.,) h 55 Falkland
Godwin T. W. & Co., (T. W. Godwin, A. L. Woodworth and C. D. Whiting,) Virginia Iron Works, Water cor
Godwin Virginia, wid A. H.. mantua maker, h 34 Cumberland
Godwin Wm. E., seaman, h 395 Church
Godwin Wm. N., seaman, h Liberty, Berkley
Godwyn Edwin, ship carpenter, bds 282 Main
*Goffgan Severn, h 54 Avon
Goffigon Southy J., bookkeeper, bds Central hotel
Goldsmith A. L., h 69 Cove
Good Augustus, butcher, stall 11 Market, h County
Goode John, jr., (Hinton, Goode & Chaplain) h 116 York
Goodrich A. J., clk, h 218 Bute
Goodrich B., clk, bds 218 Bute
Goodrich E. L., grain inspector, h 218 Bute
Goodrich Joseph, clk, bds 218 Bute
Goodridge Ferguson G., clk, h 31 Noe's Court
Goodridge George K., Norfolk City Mills, office 22 Roanoke sq., h 113 Holt
Goodridge J. M., clk, bds 113 Holt
Goodson Robert, lab, h 176 Cumberland
Goodwin M. Peterson, agent, N. & P. R. R., h 272 Main
*Gordan F., baker, h 33 Fox Lane
Gordan George W., clk, h Bermuda nr East
Gordan H. C., clk, bds Bermuda Head East
Gordan John D., (John D. Gordan & Co.,) h Bermuda nr East 
GORDAN JOHN D. & CO., (John D. Gordan and Wm. V. Taylor,) bankers, 155 Main
Gordan John M., 100 Main
Gordan Joseph P., clk, h Bermuda nr East
*Gordon H., h 30 Fourth
Gordon James A., commission merchant, 33 Water
Gordon Jesse, grocer, 389 Church
Gordon John D., clk, h 291 Church
Gordon Martin, dry goods, h 3 Wood
*Gordon Mary, wid Thomas, servt, 32 Market sq
Gordon Mary E., wid Edmund, tailoress, 49 Fenchurch
*Gordon Nellie, servt, h 102 Freemason
Gordon Robert, clk, bds 5 Wood
Gordon Samuel B., tinner, h 49 Fenchurch
Gordon Sarah, wid C. T., h 3 Wood
Gordon Wm. H., grocer, 405 Church, h same
Gorman Thomas, grocer, 30 Queen, h same
Gormley B., huckster, vegetable market, h 135 Main
*Gorner Remus, lab, h 16 King's lane
*Gould B., lighterman, h 53 Smith
Gould M. A. wid Ambrose, grocer, 27 James, h same
Graham Alonzo, clk, 250 Bute
Graham Annie, restaurant, 60 Church, h same
Graham John, oysterman, h 63 James
Graham John, police, h 113 Brewer
Graham Mary E., wid, h 71 Bermuda
Graham Virginia, wid Tinsley, bds 219 Bank
Graham Wm., grocer, h 204 Church
*Granby H., lab, Queen nr Hawk
Grandy A. H., (C. W. Grandy & Sons,) h Granby nr Freemason
Grandy Albert, com mer, bds 119 Granby
Grandy C. M., com mer, h 119 Granby
Grandy C. W., (C. W. Grandy & Sons,) h Granby nr Freemason
Grandy C. W., jr., (C. W. Grandy & Sons,) h 49 Botetourt
Grandy C. W. & Sons, (C. W., C. W., jr., and A. H. Grandy,) cotton factors and com mers, Washington cor  Water
*Grandy George, lab, h rear 116 Cumberland
*Grandy Isaac, h 29 Rhea's lane
Grandy J. W., (Millar, Grandy & Roberts,) bds Atlantic hotel
Grandy N. G., (Burgess & Grandy,) h 20 Brewer
Granier E. D., physician, h 77 Mariner
Grant A. B., policeman, bds 197 Main
*Grant Ann, wid James, bds 253 Freemason
Grant Ed., ship carpenter, h Portsmouth
*Grant James, waiter, h 62 Avon
GRANT, MANN & CO., furniture dealers, Johnson's hall, 186 Main
*Grant R., lab, h 473 Church
*Grant Richard, seaman, bds 253 Freemason
Grant Robert S., ship carpenter, marine railway, Ghent, h Effingham, Portsmouth
Grant Thomas, barkeeper, h 205 Main
Grant V. C., (V. C. Grant & Co.,) h Portsmouth
Grant V. C. & Co., (V. C. Grant) com mers, 23 Roanoke sq
Graves D. Armistead, foreman Graves' ship yard, h Norfolk co
Graves. Charles M., clk, h 130 Freemason
Graves D. A., h Liberty, Berkley
*Graves E. G., barber, h 55 Cove
Graves J. F., clk, National hotel
*Graves M., lab, h 270 Queen
Graves Wm. A., ship yard and marine railway, Graves' wharf, h 42 Duke
Gray Ben., waterman, bds 274 Water
*Gray Caroline Mrs., hominy, vegetable mkt, h Norfolk co
*Gray E. wid Thomas, h 31 Newton
Gray Edward M., chief of police, h 22 Cumberland
Gray G. W., clk, 30 Walke
Gray H. N., sailor, h 14 Holt
Gray J. O., confectionery, 52 Union
*Gray Joshua, lab, h 25 Magazine lane
Gray Mahala wid Geo., h 80 Queen
*Gray Ned, h 44 Salter
*Gray Samuel, barber, 23 Union, h Norfolk co
Gray William, cigar maker, h 7 Hill
Gray Wm. H., cigar maker, bds 120 Cumberland
Gray Wyth, (Washington & Gray,) h 199 Main
*Grayson Martin, porter, h 67 Avon
Grayson Robert, lab, h 40 Union
*Green Aaron, oysterman, h Berkley nr Drawbridge
Green Henry, clk, bds 146 Washington
Green John, blacksmith, h Portsmouth
*Green John, lab, h 201 Queen
*Green M., oysterman, h 84 Henry
*Green Nelson, lab, h 37 Fox Lane
*Green Rose, serv't, 32 Bute
Green T. J., osyterman, h 52 James
Green William, blacksmith, h Portsmouth
*Greenhow George W., lab, h 194 Water
Greenwood C. F., (J. R. Norsworthy & Co. and C. F. Greenwood & Bro.,) h 172 Freemason
GREENWOOD C. F. & BRO., (C. F. and Fred Greenwood,) watchmakers and jewelers, 158 Main
Greenwood Fred, (C. F., Greenwood & Bro.,) h 127 Freemason
*Gregory Daniel, sawyer, h 25 Southgate's Lane
*Gregory J., lab, h 65 Pulaski
Gregory John W., grocer, 128 James
Gregory M. S., showman, h 179 Charlotte
Gregory W. F., printer, h 109 Fenchurch
*Gregory Wm., carpenter, h 28 Dodd's Lane
Gresham Samuel S., com mer, h 153 Granby
Gresham Samuel S. jr., clk, bds 153 Granby
Gresham T. B., (Gresham & Bro.,) 2 Holt
Gresham W. H., clk, bds 153 Granby
Gresham Z. T., (Gresham & Bro.,) h 2 Holt
Gresham & Bro., (T. B. and Z. T. Gresham,) grocers, 26 Bank
Grey E., h 409 Church
*Grey H., brick maker, h 47 Smith
Grieve Wm,, tailor, h 54 Main
Griffin C, shoemaker, h end Church, beyond city limits
*Griffin Isaac, lab, h Atlantic City
Griffin John, shoe dealer, h 53 Barraud's Court
Griffin John T., boots and shoes, 37 Market sq, h 73 Bank
Griffin Mrs. John T., dressmaker, h 73 Bank
Griffin Oscar E., clk, h 73 Bank
Griffin Polly, wid Lilton, h 17 Williams
Griffin Thomas G., shoemaker, h 22 Hill
*Griffith Chas., h Portsmouth
Griffith E. J., auctioneer, h 22 Bute
Griffith E. T., clk, National Bank, h 22 Bute
Griffith J. H, grocer, 206 Church, h 79 Cumberland
Griffith R. T., clk, bds 79 Cumberland
Griffith E. J. (Griffith & Ludlow) h Bute
Griffith & Ludlow (E. J. Griffith and J. R. Ludlow) auctioneers, 12 Commercial row
*Grimes Chas., lab, h 23 King's lane
*Grimes M., lab, h 63 Liberty
Grimstead E., wid Joseph, h 64 James
Grimstead John W., clk, bds Market sq nr Main
Grimston G. W., clk, bds 32 Market sq
Griswold Albert, tailor, 239 Church, h 5 Talbot
Groner George, flour insp., h 78 Charlotte
Groner V. D., agt Merchants and Mariners' Trans. Co., Boston, h 38 Washington, Town Point
Grook John A., policeman, h 13 Williams
Grook S. wid V., confectioner, 52 Bank
Groves John, oysterman, h 32 Nicholson
Grubb Emily Mrs., teacher, h 38 Charlotte
Grubb W. N., asst sec Gas Light Co, bds 38 Charlotte
Guinn Mary A., wid Robt., h 12 James
GUINN ROBERT T., restaurant, 197 Main, and Col City Taxes, h 12 James
Guizot Mary wid Y., h 2 Fenchurch
Gunn James, butcher, Central market
*Gunn Thos. R., carpenter, h 34 Walke
Gutman I., butcher, stall 8 market, h 90 Bermuda
*Guy Catharine, servt, 79 Bute
Guy Cornelius, clk, bds 270 Bute
Guy E., gas fixtures, h 10 Fenchurch
Guy E. A., lab, h 160 Washington
*Guy Eliza, huckster vegetable market, h Church nr Freemason
Guy Henry C., clk, h 10 Fenchurch
*Guy Isaac, (White & Guy,) h Hawk cor Queen
Guy Joseph L., grocer and ship chandler, 12 Campbell's wharf and 29 Roanoke sq, h 270 Bute
Guy L. E., (Spalding & Guy,) 10 Fenchurch
*Guy Robert, huckster, h rear 95 Cumberland
*Guy Samuel, clk, h 15 Marsden's lane
*Guy Samuel, barkeeper, h Hardy's lane nr Main
Gwaltney A. A., salesman, h 107 Cumberland
Gwathmey A. B., (Gwathmey Bros. & Co.,) h New York
Gwathmey Bros. & Co., (C. B., A. B. and W. W. Gwathmey, and Richard A. Dobie,) com mers, Matthew cor Water
Gwathmey C. B. (Gwathmey Bros. & Co.,) h New York
GWATHMEY, DEY & POWELL, (L. T. Gwathmey, George W. Dey and E. T. Powell,) grocers and ins. agts, 90
        Water and 41 Commerce
Gwathmey L. T., (Gwathmey, Dey & Powell,) h 97 Duke
Gwathmey R. H., clk, h 304 E. Main
Gwathmey Wm., cotton mer, h 216 Freemason
Gwathmey W. W., (Gwathmey Bros. & Co.,) h Freemason nr Catharine
*Gwinn Emeline, servt, 108 Bute


Haas Jacob, clk, h Bermuda nr Fenchurch
Haas Samuel, clk, bds 3 Market space
Hagan John P. Rev., assistant pastor St. Mary's Catholic Church, h Rielly nr Holt
Hahn Bros. & Co., (H. and F. Hahn,) fancy goods and notions, 140 Church
Hahn Ferdinand, (Hahn Bros. & Co.,) h 152 Fenchurch
Hahn Henry, (Hahn Bros. & Co.,) h 152 Fenchurch
Haines A. H., barber, 199 Church
*Haines Moody, lab, bds 215 Queen
*Hains Jeffrey, shoemaker, 347 Church
Hale H., lab, bds 14 Henry
*Hall A., lab, h rear 108 Charlotte
Hall Alice Miss, h 15 Marsden's lane
Hall A. W., grain inspector, h 64 Queen
Hall C., h 196 Freemason
Hall D. E., restaurant, Chestnut, Berkley, h Chestnut
Hall Ed., carpenter, h 207 Church
*Hall E, lab, h 268 Queen
Hall H. T., tailor, h Berkley
*Hall J., lab, h 69 Smith
Hall J., dairyman, h 76 Scott
*Hall James Rev., h 314 Bute
Hall J. H., coppersmith, h 301 Bute
Hall John T., lawyer, h 18 Brown
Hall Joseph H., watchman, h 5 Plum
*Hall Samuel, lighterman, h 116 Nicholson
Hall Thomas, tailor, h Liberty nr Payne, Berkley
Hall Westerman, car driver, h 5 Plum
Hall W. H., cigarmaker, h 119 Cove
Hall Wm. H., soapmaker, h 401 Church
Hall Wm. H C, clk, h 18 Brewer
Hall Wm. P., clk, h 5 Plum
HALL WM. W., stock dealer, 58 Union, h 2 Cumberland
Hall W. P., clk, h William nr Talbot
Hallett W. R., clk, h 239 Main
Halstead ____, h 194 Bank
*Halstead John, h 15 Wood
*Halstead M., lab, h rear 125 Cumberland
Halstead Sarah E., wid Edward, h 44 Wood
*Halstead Washington, lab, h 15 Wood
Hamberry James E., cooper, bds 18 Cumberland
Hamberry Lloyd T., lab, h 18 Cumberland
Hamberry Sarah A., wid James T., seamstress, h 18 Cumberland
Hamburger Bros., (Solomon & Harman Hamburger,) tobacco, segars and snuff, 93 and 95 Water
Hamburger Harman, (Hamburger Bros.,) h 261 Main
Hamburger Simon, tobacco, h 277 Main
Hamburger Solomon, (Hamburger Bros.,) cor Main, and King's Lane
*Hamilton, ____ pastor Bute St. Methodist Church, h 327 Bute
*Hamilton Catharine, eating stall, 61 Market h 48 Liberty
Hamilton Richard D., printer, h Wythe Portsmouth
*Hamilton Wm., steward, h 161 Washington
Hammer John, printer, h 100 Main
Hanby Ella, wid Joseph, h lane nr Holt and Walke
Hancock Adeline, city Alms-house
Hancock Charles H., lab, h 17 Virginia
Hancock Louisa, nurse, 26 Bute
Hancock Mary, wid Jeremiah, dressmaker, h 17 Virginia
Hanft Augustus, barber, h 96 Main
Hanlon John, watchman, h 4 Stony Town
Hannah N. T., baggage master, bds National Hotel
Hannah Wm. M., salesman, h 54 Main
Hannah W. N., clk, bds Atlantic Hotel
Hannais Wm. M., engineer, h 15 Dodd's Lane
Hannan Wm. H., (Hannan & Denny, and Hannan & Kelly,) h Central Hotel
Hannan & Denny, (Wm. H. Hannan and James Denny,) bar-room, 51 Union, and 59 Church
Hannan & Kelley, (Wm. H. Hannan and Jas. Kelly,) sales stable, 31 Union
Hanson Henry, pilot, h 147 Cumberland
Hanneberry Frances, wid Peter, bds 110 Bute
Hanners Julia A., wid Wilson, seamstress, rear 16 Union
Hapersett J. P., upholster, h Church
*Happer Randolph J., huckster, vegetable market h 33 Bermuda
Happer R. W. B., auctioneer, h 148 Main
Harden Mrs., h 5 Mariner
Harden Dennis, segar maker, h Church nr James
Harden Frances, wid Crocker, h 138 Freemason
Harden Wm., cooper, bds 6 Talbot
Harding Wm. A., ship joiner, h nr Armistead bridge
Harding W. T., painter, h 112 Queen
Hardy Caldwell, cashier, bds 227 Main
Hardy Edward, feed stable, 28 and 30 Union, h Sewell's Point
Hardy Frederick, treas Farmers and Merchants' Loan and Trust Co., h 227 Main
HARDY H. C., pres't Farmers and Merchants' Loan and Trust Co., h 227 Main
Hardy J. H., clk., bds Fenchurch cor Main
Hardy Rebecca, City Alms-house
Hardy Thomas, physician, 100 Bank
Hardy Thos. (Thos. Hardy & Sons) h Berkley
Hardy Thos. A., com mer, h Berkley nr Drawbridge
Hardy Thos. & Sons (Thomas and W. Charles Hardy) com mers, 14 Nivison's
Hardy W. Charles, (Thos. Hardy & Sons,) h Berkley nr Drawbridge
Hardy Wm. J., h 109 Granby
Hare Ann Mrs., dressmaker, h 82 Charlotte
Hare Laura Mrs., h 39 Church
Hare Q. O., hostler, N. C. R. R.
Hargrave J. S., bds Atlantic Hotel
Hargrove John, salesman, bds Central hotel
Hargroves John, bricklayer, h Lee, Berkley
Harmanson L., lawyer, h 101 cor Holt and Chapel, office Court House
Harper Wm. A. Mrs., seamstress, bds 180 Church
Harris ____, clk, h 239 Main
*Harris Alexander, lab, h 9 Charlotte
* Harris Andrew, huckster, 342 Church
*Harris Anna Mrs., servant, h 27 Cove
*Harris Bartley, porter, r 76 Bank
*Harris Chas., clk, bds 162 Queen
*Harris Chas. H. D., shoemaker, 24 Church
*Harris Ed., wood sawyer, h 29 Nebraska
*Harris Elizabeth wid Wm., h 13 Cove
*Harris Ellen, servant, 336 Church
Harris Francis, City Alms-house
Harris I., clothing and variety, 198 Main
*Harris J., lab, h 381 Church
*Harris Jno., steward, h 288 Bute
*Harris Joseph, lab, Fitz Gibbon's row
*Harris Lewis, boatman, h Arcade lane
*Harris Moses, waiter, h Fitz Gibbon's row
*Harris Orrin, pressman, h 158 Queen
*Harris Owen, truckman, h 381 Church
Harris Richard H., physician, 115 M ain, bds Atlantic hotel
Harris R. J., (Cowand & Harris,) h 69 Duke
*Harris Sarah, wid Lewis, h 8 Allen
*Harris Singer, lab, h 154 Queen
Harris Susan wid Henry, bds Atlantic City
*Harris T., lab, h Lodge nr Cumberland
Harris T. H., clk, bds Atlantic hotel
Harris Walter B., book-keeper, h Liberty, Berkley
Harris William, woodworker, h Union nr Market sq
Harris Wm., plasterer, h 316 Bute
*Harris William, lab, 29 Rhea's lane
*Harris Wm. H., oysterman, h Church nr Hawk
Harrison Mrs., bds Atlantic City
*Harrison Agnes, cook, 120 York
Harrison B. F., clk, h 93 Bermuda
*Harrison Charles, lab, h James nr New
*Harrison Cyrus, waiter, h 103 Boush
Harrison K, (T. D. Williams & Co.,) h 135 Queen
*Harrison Knowledge, lab, h 12 Dodd's lane
*Harrison Lawrence, shoemaker, 214 Church
*Harrison Maggie, servt, 120 York
*Harrison Prince A., barber, 17 Talbot, h Cumberland nr Lodge
*Harrison Sam., lab., b 6 Reid's lane
*Harrison Simon, lab, bds 214 Church
Harrison Wm. T., (Wm. T. Harrison & Co.,) h 186 Freemason
Harrison W. T., jr., clk, bds 186 Freemason
Harrison Wm. T. & Co., (Wm. T. Harrison and C. J. Tennant, grocers, Harrison's wharf
*Harroll S. H, lab, h 19 National
Hart ____, clk Tompkins & Reeves, bds National hotel
Hart George, gardener, h nr Drummond's bridge
Hart James, clk, bds Water
Hart Patrick, huckster vegetable market, h Cove cor Chapel
Hart Wm., grocer, 59 Chapel
*Harthorn Susan, city Alms-house
Hartly James, (James Hartly & Co.,) h Main nr Church
Hartly James & Co., (James Hartly, Joel E. Rowland and C. Cooper,) agts Life Ins Co., 46 Roanoke ave
Harvey H., lab, h 90 Calvert
Hassan J., Japanese store, 226 Main
*Hastings G., farmer, h 30 Denby
Hastings George H. (Hastings & Ball,) h 22 Proby's lane
HASTINGS & BALL, (George H. Hastings and John C. Ball,) boot and shoemakers, 97 Main
Haswell K., lieut com'r, bds Atlantic hotel
Hatcher W. G., machinist, h Atlantic City
Hatcher Wm. C., machinist, h Atlantic City
Hatfield ____, clk, bds 201 Main
Hathaway Charles, treasurer Varieties, bds 78 Church
Hathaway David, boiler helper, bds 177 Bute
Hathaway E. E., foreman job office, h Berkley
Hathaway James L., watchmaker, 108-1/2 Water, h 177 Bute
HATHAWAY JOHN R., proprietor and editor Norfolk Day Book, h Berkley, Drawbridge rd
*Hatton Aaron, porter, 13 Noe's court
Hatton Francis, lab, h 7 Plum
Hatton Michael, lab, 3 Plum
*Hatton Thomas, woodsawyer, 29 Talbot
Hawkins E. A., clk, h Mariner nr Riley
Hawkins P., wid John, h 298 Church
Hawkins  Winston, clk, h 72 Mariner
HAWKINS W. W., sup't cemeteries, office 284 Cumberland, h 70 Mariner
Hawthorn James, blacksmith, 41 Union, h 64 Charlotte
Hayes Joseph, driver, bds 8 New
Hayman John, restaurant, Queen cor Cumberland, h 20 James
Hayman Lizzie Mrs., h 190 Cumberland
Haynes J. Mrs., h 253 Main
Haynes John C, grocer, 9 Bank
*Haynes Rosetta, wid Philip, h 21 Ryan's lane
*Haynes Wm., (Haynes & Jones,) h 55 Hawk
*Haynes & Jones, (Wm. Haynes and John Jones,) saloon, 129 Water
Haywood Col., U. S. Marine Corps, bds National hotel
Heard W. J., produce, 29 Roanoke sq., h Berkley near Drawbridge
Hearn Dennis A., cooper, Woodside's lane, h Main near Woodside's lane
Heath W. K, huckster vegetable market and 32 Market sq, h 15 New
Hebrew John A., (Moore, Hebrew & Co.,) h 69 Holt
Hecht Jonas, butcher, h 45 Bermuda
Heckle Alfred, inspector of lumber, bds 201 Main
Hefron Bridget, waiter, 132 Bute
Henderson A. B., wid 0 L., dressmaker, 20 Bank
*Henderson Albert, lab, h 14 Dodd's lane
Henderson Benj., baker, h 17 Dodd's lane
*Henderson Lizzie, h 17 Marsden's lane
Henderson Mary J. wid Girard, bds 77 Bank
*Henderson Nat., lab, h 27 Nebraska
*Henderson Samuel, cigar maker, h 298 Queen
Henderson Thomas W., h 62 Brewer
*Henderson Wm., lab, h 29 Cove
Hendren J. Hardy, (J. Hardy Hendren & Co.,) h 147 Granby
Hendren J. Hardy & Co., (J. Hardy Hendren,) ins agts, 109 Main
Hendrick James, lab, h 135 Bermuda
Henley Charles D., tailor, h 136 Charlotte
Henley D., tailor, h 136 Charlotte
Henley Eliz., tailoress, bds 7 Cumberland
*Henley Frank, lab, 8 Nebraska
*Henley Walter, h 45 Baltimore
*Henley Wm., shoemaker, h 28 Fox lane
*Henley Wm. F., shoemaker, h Fox nr Cumberland
Hennelly W. P., clk market, h 29 Noe's court
Henry Elias B., clk, h 199 Main
Henry E. M., (Creekmur & Henry,) h East cor Main
Henry E. M., (Phillips Bros. & Co.,) east cor Main
*Henry J., shoemaker, h 74 Henry
Henton Mary, City Alms-house
Hepper Geo., h 185 Charlotte
*Herald Frank, lab, h 127 Fenchurch
*Herbert John, h 25 National
*HERBERT JOHN, shoemaker, 10 Union, h 12 Fox lane
Herbert John F., shoemaker, 21 Fox lane
Herbert Jos. T., clk, h Berkley, County rd
Herbert Maria, wid Enoch L., h Chestnut, Berkley
Herbert Melnotte, clk, h Berkley
*Herbert Rebecca, wid Sam, h 129 Fenchurch
*Herbert Reuben, barber, 4 Courtney
Herbert Reuben, h Etheridge, Berkley
Hermant Joseph, dyer and cleaner, 23 Talbot
Hervey R. P., clk, h 113 Granby
*Hewitt Wm., lab, h 14 Church
*Hewett Wm., fish dealer, h 10 Newton
*Hewett Wm. H, lab, h 10 Newton
Hey Charles H., metals and paper stock, 138 and 140 Water, bds Mansion house
Hey Wm. T., blacksmith, h Church nr Cove
Heyes Frank, clk, h 297 Main
Hickey Bridget, wid Wm., h 4 Noe's court
Hickey David, lab, h 4 Noe's court
Hickey Dennis, driver, bds 4 Noe's court
Higginbotham K., wid James, h 234 Bute
Higgins John H., shoemaker, bds 30 Talbot
Higgins Lee Gen., bds Atlantic hotel
*Higgins Levy, whitewasher, 88 Chapel
Higgins Margaret, wid, h 262 Main
Higgins Rosina, wid Martin W., bds 32 Cumberland
High Eliz. Mrs., h 32 Cumberland
Hildreth G. H, varnisher, with GRANT, MANN & CO., h 180 Church
*Hill A., lab, h 58 Moseley
Hill A. L., com rev, City Hall, h 222 Freemason
*Hill Albert, porter, h Queen nr Freemason
Hill B., carpenter, h 411 Church
*Hill Benj., lab, bds 247 Queen
*Hill C., lab, h 13 Henry
Hill C., shoemaker, h 134 Chapel
Hill F., tinner, h 411 Church
HILL GEORGE W., silver plater, 8 Union, h Falkland cor Chapel
*Hill Horace, waiter, h 206 Bank
Hill J., city watch, h 411 Church
Hill Joseph S., shipper, Nivison, h 228 Church
*Hill R., lab, h 57 Smith
*Hill Robert, waiter, National hotel
Hill Rowland, printer, 272 Bute
Hill Wm., tinner, h 411 Church
Hill Wm., tailor, h 272 Bute
Hill Wm. H., lab, h 113 Queen
*Hill Willis, grocer, 136 Queen
*Hinton Augustus, lab, h 17 Metcalf lane
*Hinton Frank, lab, h rear 17 Marsden's lane
HINTON, GOODE & CHAPLAIN, (James W. Hinton, John Goode, jr., and W. M, Chaplain,) lawyers, h 43 York
Hinton Mary, wid Nicholas John, bds 24 Talbot
*Hinton Priscilla, servt, 84 York
*Hinton Wm., carpenter, h 14 Denby
Hitchings E. A., grocer, 38 Main, h 35 Main
Hitchings R. V., oyster packer, h 35 Main
Hitchings Virginius, baker, h foot of Main
Hitchings Wm., boat builder, h 42  Water
Hoay Mary Ann, housekeeper, 6 Freemason
Hobbs George W., sailor, h 25 Nebraska
Hobbs Geo. W., pilot, h 32 Avon
*Hobday Jane wid Henry, h r 57 James
Hobday Joseph, photographer, 165 Main, h 51 Brewer
Hodges Mrs., City Alms-house
*Hodges A., lighterman, h 95 Liberty
*Hodges Alex., lab, h Berkley nr Drawbridge
*Hodges Dempsey, oysterman, h Atlantic City
Hodges Ed. D., painter, h 207 Church
Hodges Geo., h Liberty, Berkley
*Hodges George, lab, h 34 Falkland
Hodges H., (Hodges & Butt,) h 52 Cumberland
*Hodges James, caulker, h Atlantic City
*Hodges James T., lab, h Norfolk co
Hodges J. K., blacksmith, h 63 Bermuda
Hodges Jno., printer, h 171 Church
Hodges Sam., (Berkley, Yancey & Hodges,) h 122 Cumberland
Hodges S., book and job printer, 157 Main, h 83 Charlotte
Hodges Virginius, blacksmith, h Portsmouth
*Hodges Washington, boatman, h r 202 Main
*HODGES WILLIAM, bar kpr h 20 Elizabeth
Hodges  Wm. A., night insp. customs, h Prince Ann co
Hodges & Butt, (H. Hodges and Willoughhy Butt,) iron works, 141 Water
Hofflin S., (Hofflin & Co.,) bds Atlantic hotel
Hofflin & Co., (S. Hofflin,) clothing, 164 Main
Hoffman Lewis, cigars and tobacco, 3 Market sq
Hoffman Wm., grocer, 200 Church
Hoffman Samuel, bds Atlantic hotel
Hofheimer A. J., notions and dry goods, 192 Main
Hofheimer Alex., (Hofheimer Bros. & Co.,) h 162 Freemason
Hofheimer Bros. & Co., (Z. and M. and Alex. Hofheimer,) wholesale clothiers, 168 Main
Hofheimer D., clk., h 108 Bank
Hofheimer H, (H. Hofheimer & Co.,) h 108 Catharine
Hofheimer Henry, clk, h 224 Freemason
Hofheimer H. & Co., (H. and Z. Hofheimer,) boots and shoes, 33 Market sq
Hofheimer Isaac, cigars, 162 Freemason
Hofheimer M., (Hofheimer Bros. & Co.,) h 224 Freemason
Hofheimer Z., (Hofheimer Bros. & Co., and H. Hofheimer & Co.,) h 109 Bank
Hogester C, tinsmith, h Portsmouth
Hogwood John, clk, h 235 Church
Hogwood Wm., sailor, h Martin's lane
Holahan Ann, wid John, h 7 Plum
*Holladay Michael, barkeeper, h 78 Church
Holland Charles L., cigarmaker, h Main cor Commerce
Holland Clara Miss, boarding-house, h 275
Holland D. Edwin, clk, h Liberty cor Etheridge, Berkley
Holland D. W. Dr., h 117 Freemason
*Holland Exum, lab, Umstutter's lane
*Holland George, servt, 35 Bank
*Holland Isaac, shoemaker, h Cove nr Chapel
Holland J., ship carpenter, h 498 Church
Holland James T., carpenter, h 335 Church
*Holland Joseph, h Atlantic City
Holland Roswell, painter, h Church nr Bute
Hollenby Virginia Mrs., h 34 Avon
Hollingsworth W. W., clk, h 133 Chapel
*Holloman James, lab, h Dinwiddie, Portsmouth
*Holloman Jeremiah, lab, h 31 Union
*Holloway D., oyster shucker, h Norfolk co
*Holloway Ella, servt, h 93 Duke
Holloway W. F., manager Western Union Telegraph, 115 Main, bds Atlantic hotel
*Holloway Wm., oyster shucker, h Norfolk co
*Holman S., farmer, h 84 Scott
Holmes Alfred F., carpenter, bds 46 Duke
*Holmes C, lab, h 72 Avon
*Holmes Charles, city Alms-house
Holmes Christopher J., tinsmith, h 68 Avon
Holmes Edward J., blacksmith, bds, 358 Church
Holmes Ellen Mrs., h 68 Avon
Holmes E. S., wid James, h 135 Boush
Holmes J., lab, h 29 Princess Anne rd
Holmes J., h 429 Church
*Holmes James, city alms house
*Holmes Jane, city Alms-house
Holmes John, plasterer, h 46 Duke
Holmes John S., clk, bds 158 Bute
Holmes Mary E., wid. John, h 158 Bute
Holmes M. H., wheelwright, h end Church nr city limits
Holmes Robert, drug clk, h Duke nr Washington
Holmes Sarah, city Alms-house
Holmes Thomas, tinsmith, h Avon nr Washington
Holmes Virginia C, clk, h 158 Bute
Holmes W. H, bds Atlantic Hotel
*Holmes Wm. H., shoemaker, 117 Cove
Holmes Wm. S., wheelwright, 165 Charlotte h end Church beyond city limits
Holmes W. S. jr., wheelwright, h end Church beyond City limits
Holt C. S., (C. S. Holt & Co.,) bds National Hotel
Holt C. S. & Co., (C. S. Holt) dry goods and notions, 136 Church
Holt Frank W., clk, bds 124 Bank
*Holt George, lab, Dodd's lane
Holt T., clk, 95 Cumberland
Honley Wm. T., oysterman, h Ropewalk nr Smith creek
Hood Robert A, (Eure, Hood & Co.,) bds 133 Cumberland
Hooker T., pilot, h 21 Falkland
HOPE JAMES BARRON, editor, h Washington cor Duke
Hope S. D., printer, h 43 Granby
Hope Thomas, h 88 Washington
Hope Wm., foreman Nash's ship yard, h Portsmouth
Hopkins Chas. E., clk, h York
Hopkins F. L., wid Wm. F., h 140 York
Hopkins Chas. E., clk, bds 140 York
*Hopkins Robt., h 49 Scott
*Hopper Abram, driver, h 204 Cumberland
*Hopper Alex., h 156 Queen
*Hopper Isaiah, lab, h Washington
*Hopper James, driver, h 204 Cumberland
*Hopper Joseph, h 204 Cumberland
*Hopper Lamb, h 238 Bute
*Hopper Nancy Mrs., h 156 Queen
*Hopper Randolph J., huckster, h Fitzgibbon's row
Hoppersett Jno. B., upholsterer, h 243 Church
*Horace James, lighterman, h 9 Fourth
*Horgrip Cornelius, lab, h 14 King's lane
Horn Maria, wid Isaac, seamstress, h 27 Rhea's lane
Hosier Ann, wid David, h Berkley
Hosier Caroline, dressmaker, 176 Main
Hosier E. A., watchman, h Berkley
Hosier James, huckster, h Liberty, Berkley
Hosier Jane, wid Robt., h 110 Queen
Hosier Jerry, carpenter, h Berkley
Hosier John, seaman, h Liberty, Berkley
Hosier Wm. J., grocer, 74 Brewer
Hosier W. W., grocer, Chestnut cor County rd, Berkley
Hostead Eliz., h Lee cor Middleton
Houghton Harry S., cashier, bds Central hotel
Howard Allen (Howard & Maltby) h 130 Bank
*Howard Axum, h 22 Southgate's lane
Howard Charles W. (Howard & Bro.) bds 130 Bank
Howard John T., tinner, h 15 Mariner
Howard Lucy, wid Robert, h 303 Bute
Howard M., clk, h 303 Bute
Howard W., h nr Armistead bridge
Howard Walter A., (Howard & Bro.,) h 130 Bank
Howard W. C, clk, bds 14 Dartmouth
Howard & Bro., (Walter A. and Charles W. Howard,) oysters, 7 Campbell's wharf
Howard & Maltby, (Allen Howard and Geo. B. Maltby,) oysters, 5 Campbell's wharf
Howell John H., clk, bds 153 Granby
Howell J., carpenter, h 224 Church
Howell L. A., wid John, h 499 Church
Howes T., (F. Pfeifer & Co.,) h Cambridge, Mass
*Howlett G. W., packer, h Bank nr Mam
Hoy John O., carpenter, h 145 Church
Hoy John W., carpenter, 13 Reid's lane, h 145 Church
Hubbard E. D., (Hubbard & Bro.,) h Atlantic City
Hubbard G. S., (Hubbard & Bro.,) Granby cor Bute
Hubbard Mary, wid George, seamstress, h 47 Commerce
Hubbard Thomas, boatman, h 47 Commerce
Hubbard & Bro., (E. D. and G. S. Hubbard,) groceries and liquors, Chamberlaine's wharf
Hubbell Stephen Dr., clk, h 69 Wood
Hudgins Charles, clk, h 105 Bermuda
Hudgins Charles F., clk, h 105 Bermuda
Hudgins H., bricklayer, bds Pine, Berkley
*Hudgins Henry, lab, h 96 Queen
HUDGINS R. K, oyster inspector, Market sq cor Water, h Portsmouth
Hudgins S., oysterman, h 79 Scott
Hudgins T., lab, h 79 Scott
Hudgins T. J., grocer, 47 Holt
Hudgins T. J., shoemaker, h 47 Holt
Hudgins W. E., dep oyster insp, h Portsmouth
Hudgins Wm., oysterman, h 61 James
Hudgins W. R. (W. R. Hudgins & Co.) h cor Virginia and Chapel
Hudgins W. R. & Co. (W. R. Hudgins, N. W. Nicholas and T. F. Rodgers) hardware and cutlery, 35 Market sq
*Hudson  Wm., barber, 64 Church, h Nicholson nr Hawk
Hughes Aquilla D., watchmaker, 176 Main
*Hughes Mary, servant, h 157 Granby
Hughes Walter, lab, h 42 Fenchurch
Hulit Eliza, 11 Bute
Hull Jane Mrs., h 120 Brewer
Hull Peter C., architect, 120 Brewer
Humberry Margaret, City Almshouse
Hume A. J., agt James River Steamboat Co., Campbell's wharf, h 44 Charlotte
Humphries D., clk, 236 Freemason
Humphries G. M. (Humphries & Whitehurst) h Church cor Charlotte
Humphries G. M., & Co. (G. M. Humphries and D. C. Whitehurst) grocers and liquor dealers, Church cor
Humphries John, huckster, h 1 Wood
Humphries John, boarding house, 17 Nebraska
*Humphries Millie, wid George, h 24 Voss
*Hunt Wm., lab, h 123 Fenchurch
*Hunter Amy, wid J., h New Castle cor Water
Hunter E. H., lumberman, h 17 Dartmouth
*Hunter Geo., lab, h 221 Queen
Hunter Henrietta Miss, h 79 Bute
Hunter James W., salesman, 100 Freemason
Hunter J. F., bds Atlantic hotel
Hunter Laura, wid Ned, h 133 Bermuda
*Hunter William, driver, 181 Main
*Hunter William, musician, bds 182 Water
*Hunter Wm., sailor, h New Castle cor  Water
Hunter  William H., clk, h 79 Bute
Hunter  W. W., (Hymans & Daney,) h N. Y.
Hurley Mary, servant, 38 Freemason
Hurst E. A. wid Robert G, h 61 Mariner
Husted D., com mer., hide and leather, 11 Water, h 99 Bank
Hutchinson L. M. Mrs., teacher, h 80 Charlotte
Hyman F. M., Hymans & Daney,) h 66 Boush
Hyman T. B., (Hymans & Daney,) h N. C.
Hyman R. W., (Hymans & Daney,) h N. Y.
Hymans & Daney, (R. W. Hyman, Jno. S. Daney, F. M. and T. B. Hyman, W. W. Hunter and Geo. L. Arps,)
        cotton factors and com mers, 51 Water
Hyneman Professor, music, bds National hotel
Hyroth Frederick, musician, 76 and 78 Church
*Hyslop Jno. C, h Liberty, Berkley
Hyslop L., ship carpenter, h Liberty, Berkley
Hyslop L. H., clk, Church
Hyslop N., ship carpenter, h


Ingersoll J. M., grocer, 105 Chapel
*Ingram Camelia, servant, h 105 Holt
Ingram William J., carpenter, 356 Church
Insley Mrs., City Alms-house
Irby Henry, seaman, h 180 Bute
Ironmonger F. M., com mer, 9 Commerce, h 116 Cumberland
Ironmonger F. M. jr., clk, h 116 Cumberland
Ironmonger Caroline, City Alms-house
Ishon Geo. C, oysterman, h 54 James


Jackson Adolphus, clk, h 310 Bute
*Jackson B., lab, h  114 Nicholson
*Jackson Charlotte, h 27 Hawk
*Jackson David, lab, h 194  Water
*Jackson Edward, lab, 12 Addington lane
Jackson Edward C., drug clerk, bds Exchange
*Jackson Emma Mrs., bds 215 Queen
*Jackson Fanny, servt, 22 York
*Jackson Henry, huckster vegetable market, h 4 James
*Jackson Henry, huckster, h 57 James
*Jackson Indiana, fruiterer, 205 Church, h Briggs' Point
*Jackson Jerry, barber, h 367 Church
Jackson Jesse A., brickmaker, h Liberty, Berkley
*Jackson J. H., lab, h rear 57 James
Jackson J. J., bricklayer, bds 242 Freemason
*Jackson J. J., carpenter and undertaker, 212 Church, h Falkland nr Chapel
*Jackson Julia, washerwoman, 46 Woodside lane
*Jackson J. W., lab, h 28 Fourth
*Jackson Lucy, wid Eli, laundress, 11 Marsh
Jackson Margaret, wid Jas., dressm'r, h 54 Roanoke ave
Jackson S. F., wid Geo., boarding-house, 32 Market sq
Jackson Thomas B., clk, h 323 Main
Jackson Wm., h Chestnut, Berkley
*Jackson W., truckman, h 30 Moseley
*Jackson Wm., driver, 87 Main
Jackson W. E., books, stationery, &c, 140 Main, h Freemason nr River
Jackson Wm. H., engineer, h 82 Bermuda
Jacob Wm., lab, h Smith's lane
Jacobs A. E, (Lowenberg & Jaeobs,) h 90 Bermuda
Jacobs J., clk, h 90 Bermuda
Jacobs Joseph, clothier, 12 Market Square
Jacobs R. T., express agent, Main cor Roanoke, bds Mansion House
*Jacobs William Henry, waiter, Market Square cor Union
Jahn C. F., hair dresser, National Hotel, h Church cor Bermuda
Jakeman Arthur, carpenter and builder, Water h 11 Bank
Jakeman Henry, bookbinder, h Bank nr Main
Jakeman J., gardener, h 101 Cumberland
*James A., lab, h 85 Newton
*James Albert, lab, bds 265 Queen
*James C, lab, rear h 499 Church
James C. E., clk, h 42 Main
James Charles, fireman, h Main nr Jackson
James Edward, clk, bds 34 Fenchurch
James George, barkeeper, h 80 Queen
*James George, oyster shucker, h Bermuda
*James Georgeanna, serv't, 19 York
*James H., clk, Queen nr Smith
*James h enry, huckster, h 416 Church
*James Henry, lab, h Cove nr Chapel
*James Henry, driver, h 23 Ryan's Lane
*James J., lab, h 106 Nicholson
James J., tinsmith, h 281 Church
James John, vice president Norfolk Trust Co., h Church nr Main
James John, com mer, h 34 Fenchurch
James John, h 80 Queen
*James John, lab, h Proby Lane nr Church
*James John, lab, h 30 Newton
*James John A., waiter, h 18 Hawk
*James Margaret, wid Daniel, h 23 Ryan's Lane
*James Matilda, wid Linsey, h rear 48 Queen
*James Peter, sawyer, h Cumberland
*James Peter, foreman, h 9 Liberty
*James Peter, lab, h Lodge nr Henry
*James Peter, lab, h 12 Dodd's lane
*James Phillip, lab, bds 239 Queen
James Richard, blacksmith, h Queen
*James Richard, lab, bds 239 Queen
James Robert, restaurant, h 281 Church
James S., wid James, h 80 Queen
James S. E., clk, bds Atlantic hotel
James W. A., h 42 Main
*James Wm., lab, h 281 Main
*James Wm., lab, h Berkley
Jamerson Mrs., city Alms-house
*Jarvis Charles, lab, h 257 Main
Jarvis W. R., carpenter, h 88 Rielly
*Jasper Elias, cabinetmaker, bds 12 Cumberland
Jefferson H. S., minstrel, bds 74 Church
*Jefferson John, hewer, h 3 Rielly
*Jefferson Thomas, lab, h 17 National
Jefferson Wm., lab, h 259 Church
Jemmerson Wm., city Alms-house
Jenkins C. E., (Norsworthy & Jenkins,) h 115 Granby
Jenkins E. F., assistant flour inspector, h 220 Freemason
Jenkins E. L. Mrs., proprietress Mansion house, 4 Union
Jenkins George B., clk, bds 65 Brewer

Jenkins John P., clk, h 220 Freemason
Jenkins Priscilla, seamstress, h Metcalf lane
Jenkins Reuben, h Portsmouth
Jenkins Wm., sawyer, h Atlantic City
*Jennings Ellis, porter, h Bank nr Washington
*Jessup Alander, watchman, h Bute nr Queen
Jethro G. W., engineer, h Maple, Berkley
Jillett J., tinner, 4 Widewater, h 40 Mariner
John Charles, barber, h 131 Church
Johnakin R., grocer, 288 Church
Johnknott John, grocer, 2 Brewer
Johnson A., boiler helper, bds York cor Dartmouth
*Johnson Amanda, servt, h 90 Bermuda
*Johnson Annie, wid Thornton, washer, Jackson nr Lee
*Johnson Anthony, waiter, h 21 Dodd's lane
*Johnson Augustus, lab, h 40 Union
*Johnson Burwell, porter, h 199 Main
Johnson C. C., boot and shoemaker, h 64 Fenchurch
Johnson Charles, 186 Granby
*Johnson E., oysterman, h 64 Newton
Johnson E. G. Mrs., wid Ammon, h 44 Bute
*Johnson Eliza, h 30 Reid's lane
*Johnson Ella, 30 Reid's lane
Johnson Ellen, wid Frank, seamstress, h 32 Talbot
*Johnson F., oyster shucker, Tunis' lane
*Johnson Fenwick, eating stall 45 Market, h Addison's lane nr Main
*Johnson Francis L., cooper, Woodside's lane, h cor Hawk and Queen
*Johnson Frederick, baker, h 43 Arcade lane
* Johnson G., carpenter, h 40 Princess Anne rd
*Johnson G., carpenter, h 120 Hawk
Johnson Georgiana, washwoman, h 4 Elizabeth
*Johnson Harriet, nurse, 38 Bute
*Johnson James II., lab, h 842 Church
*Johnson John, cook, h Scott nr Queen
*Johnson Joshua, whitewasher, h Addington lane nr Main
*Johnson Julia, servt, h 104 Freemason
*Johnson Luke, cooper, h 210 Queen
Johnson Margaret L. Miss, tailoress, bds 7 Cumberland
*Johnson Mary Miss, h rear 17 Marsden's lane
*Johnson Mingel, musician, bds 182 Water
*Johnson P., sailor, h 16 Fox lane
*Johnson R., lab, h 377 Chapel
*Johnson Rebecca, servt, h 48 Brewer
*Johnson Samuel, driver, bds 204 Bank
Johnson S. G., (Johnson & Minkings,) h Church nr Cove
*Johnson Vena, servt, h 158 Granby
Johnson Virginia Miss, bds 32 Bute
*Johnson Washington, lab, h 271 Queen
Johnson Wiley, city Alms-house
Johnson Wm., seaman, h Liberty, Berkley
*Johnson Wm., lab, Arcade lane
*Johnson Wm., driver, h 40 Liberty
Johnson Wm. S., clk, h 10 Boush
Johnson Wilson, trader, bds 2 Reid's lane
Johnson & Minkings, (S. G. Johnson and John H. Minkings,) barbers, 107 Main
Johnston Charles H., com mer, 153 Main, h 229 Main
*Johnston Fanny, wid, h 318 Queen
Johnston Francis A., agt Southern Widow and Orphan Association, h 49 Cumberland
Johnston George E., agt Southern Widow and Orphan Association, h 49 Cumberland
Johnston G. W., (Johnston & Bro.,) h 24 Holt
Johnston James B., clk, h 77 Cumberland
Johnston James H., h 229 Main
Johnston James H., jr., (Johnston & Bro.,) h 229 Main
Johnston K. B., bookkeeper, h 77 Cumberland
*Johnston Martha, wid John, h 9 National
*Johnston P. A., wid Thomas, h 13 National
*Johnston T., lab, h 17 National
*Johnston Wm., seaman, h 22 Magazine lane
Johnston Wm. S., cigarmaker, h 135 Boush
Johnston & Bro. (James H. jr., and George W. Johnston,) brokers, commerce
Joiner A. J. (G. T. Parker Co..) h 211 Cumberland
*Joiner P., shoemaker, h 90 Scott
Joines T. C., painter, h 137 Charlotte
Jolliff J., (Cheshire & Jolliff,) h 104 Queen
Jones A., city Alms-house
*Jones A, M., h Chestnut, Berkley
*Jones A,, porter, h 114 Mariner
*Jones Abner, lab, h 381 Church
*Jones Africa, lab, h rear 57 James
*Jones Africa, lab, h 267 Church
*Jones Caroline, washwoman, h 5 Addington Lane
*Jones Chaney, washwoman, h 48 Water
Jones Charles, bds 49 Brewer
Jones C. W., clk, bds 44 Bute
*Jones Cyrus, lab, h 41 James
*Jones D., lab, h 199 Queen
*Jones E., lab, h 138 Charlotte
*Jones Edmund G., lab, h 194 Water
Jones Emmet, cigar maker, h Norfolk Co
Jones E., W., h 68 Fenchurch
Jones Fayette h 117 Bank
Jones Francis, wid Jordan, seamstress, h 21 Union
Jones George, clk, h 49 Brewer
Jones George W., stamp clk, h Main nr P. O.
Jones Harvey, harness maker, h 134 Fenchurch
Jones Henry, clk, bds 49 Brewer
*Jones J., porter, rear 76 Bank
Jones James, restaurant, 95 Main, h 96 Main
*Johnson James H., lab, bds 342 Church
Jones James N., grocer, 210 Cumberland, h Jefferson and Liberty
Jones Jennie, City Alms-house
Jones Jesse (Jesse Jones & Co.) h 49 Brewer
Jones Jesse E., clk, bds 49 Brewer
Jones Jesse & Co. (Jesse Jones) hay and feed, 27 Roanoke Sq
Jones John, City Alms-house
*Jones John (Haynes & Jones) bds Washington
Jones Josiah T., auctioneers, 44 Roanoke ave, h 13 Magazine lane
Jones Lewis, carpenter, bds Maple, Berkley
*Jones Lucy Miss, h rear 17 Marsden's lane
*Jones Maria, servt, h 46 Bute
Jones Martha, City Alms-house
Jones Matilda, eating saloon, Water nr Oswald's wharf
*Jones N., lab, h 73 Pulaski
*Jones Nancy, eating stall, 57 market, h James nr Queen
*Jones Nancy, cook, 79 Bute
Jones Nathan, clk, h Maple, Berkley
*Jones P., lab, h rear 131 Cumberland
Jones Pemney Mrs., h 219 Church
*Jones Peter, lab, h 382 Church
*Jones Randall, lab, h Woodside lane
Jones Rebecca Mrs., bds 257 Queen
Jones Rebecca Miss, bds 72 Water
Jones R. Henry, clk, bds 6 Brewer
*Jones Robt., porter, h 131 Fenchurch
Jones R. T., lab, h Bank
*Jones S., oysterman, h 26 Fox lane
Jones Sallie Miss, tailoress, h 16 Cumberland
*Jones Saml., lab, Water nr Oswald's wharf
*Jones Samuel, lab, b Atlantic City
*Jones Sarah, cook, 107 Holt
Jones Sarah S. Mrs., milliner, 348 Church
Jones Seth. E., harness maker, 6 Union, h 348 Church
Jones Sydney, carpenter, bds Maple, Berkley
*Jones Sydney, lab, h Atlantic city
Jones Thos., baker, h 64 Fenchurch
Jones Thos., policeman, h 93 Queen
Jones Thos. W., cigars and tobacco, 94 Main, bds 84 Main
Jones V. wid James, dressmaker, h 194 Queen
Jones Walter, clk, bds 117 Bank
*Jones Walter, cartman, h 94 Queen
Jones W. B., clk, 48 Fenchurch
Jones W. G., (Jones & Kilby,) h 44 Bute
Jones Wiley, boot and shoe dealer, 17 Granby
Jones Wm., clk, h 68 Fenchurch
Jones Wm. M., (Savage, Jones & Lee,) bds Central hotel
JONES WILLIAM R., grocer, 128 Water, h 76 Bank
Jones & Kilby, (W. G. Jones and W. T. Kilby,) clothing and gents furnishings, 124 Main
Jordan Amos P., bar tender, h 167 Charlotte
Jordan A. S., clk, bds 5 Wood
Jordan Benjamin F., huckster, r 32 Market sq., h 257 Main
Jordan Caroline Miss, 175 Charlotte
Jordan Charles, (C. Jordan & Son,) h 77 Bank
Jordan Chas. jr., clk, bds 77 Bank
Jordan Charles V., clk, bds 77 Bank
Jordan C. & Son., (Charles and Henry Jordan,) confectioners and fruit dealers, 206 w Main
Jordan Ellen wid Marshall, h 75 Holt
Jordan Henry, (C. Jordan & Son,) bds 77 Catharine
Jordan Hubert, painter, h 105 Fenchurch
*Jordan J., bar tender, h 98 Liberty
*Jordan John H., (Scott & Jordan,) 251 Freemason
Jordan J. Parker, lawyer, 25 Bank, h 319 Main
*Jordan Lavinia, wid Robert, h 111 Brewer
Jordan Lewis, bds 77 Bank
Jordan Lewis, clk, bds 140 Freemason
Jordan L. W., clk, h Granby cor Freemason
Jordan Mary Ann, wid Joseph, bds 11 Bank
Jordan Melville, h 319 Main
Jordan Paul, clk, bds 140 Freemason
Jordan Penelope, wid Francis, h 59 Virginia
*Jordan Richard, huckster, h 320 Queen
*Jordan Robert, lab, h 111 Brewer
Jordan R. W., clk, bds Central hotel
Jordan R. W., (Fish & Jordan,) h 59 Virginia
Jordan Sam. F., clk, h 53 Virginia
*Jordan Sallie, washwoman, h Elizabeth nr Woodside's lane
Jordan V. P., clk, h Freemason cor Granby
Jordan W. F., grocer, h 49 Charlotte
*Joyner Edmond, grocer, 35 Union, h 1 Elizabeth
Joyner George, seaman, h 13 Moseley
Joynes Edward, huckster vegetable market, h Church nr Holt
Joynes Abel S., wheelwright, h Portsmouth


Kahoe Jerry, lab, h 53 James
Karn F. A., tailor and clothier, 170 Main, h 83 Cumberland
*Karney Ann, washwoman, rear 131 Church
Kaufman Jacob, clothing, 50 Bank
Kavanaugh Bryan, lab, h 7 Plume
Kayton B., restaurant, 133 Main
Kayton Bernard, watches and jewelry, 129 Main
Keating James R. (Cunningham & Keating) h 91 Bank
Keating Walter, restaurant, cor Water and Fayette
Keefe Geo. T. (Keefe & Story) h 184 Church
Keefe & Story (Geo. T. Keefe and F. G. Story) tinsmiths, 17 Uuion
*Keelan Susan, wid Geo., washer, h 29 Rhea's lane
Keelen Martha, wid David, h 126 Bute
*Keeling A., lab, h Liberty nr Hawk 
*Keeling Alfred, fish &c, h 18 Addington lane
*Keeling C, lab, h 485 Church
*Keeling Clarkey, servant, h 30 Bermuda
*Keeling Edward, lighterman, h 382 Church
*Keeling Emmett, pressman, h 48 Avon
*Keeling H., wid America, h 383 Church
*Keeling Jane, wid Wm., washer, h 116 Scott
*Keeling John, gardener, h 70 James
Keeling John E. (Keeling & Fletcher) h 81 Charlotte
*Keeling Julia Ann, huckster, 15 Talbot
Keeling Mary A. D., wid Jno. W., h 51 Cumberland
*Keeling Melvin, provisions, stall 32 market, h Pine, Berkley
*Keeling Priscilla, bds 215 Queen
*Keeling R., truckman, h 382 Church
*Keeling S., lab, h Lodge nr Henry
*Keeling T., lab, h 63 Smith
*Keeling Tom, sawyer, 82 Chapel
Keeling Tom, lab, h 14 Bermuda
Keelen Virginia, servant, 6 Freemason
*Keeling  William (King, Keeling & Co.) h 4 Washington
*Keeling Wm., porter, h 2 Courtney
*Keeling Wm., lab, bds 235 Queen
Keeling & Fletcher, (John E. Keeling and William H. Fletcher,) house builders, 152 Water
*Keelings Edmond, lab, h 10 Allen
Kellan E. A., feed store, 251 Church h 179 Charlotte
*Kellan Alfred, fish dealer, fish Market, h Addington's Lane
Kelley D. D., wood shipper, h 285 Main
*KELLEY R. J., barber, 112 Water, h Chestnut, Berkley
Kelley W. L., clk, bds 122 Granby
Kellinger C. W, (Yancey, Anderson & Co.,) bds Exchange Hotel
Kellinger R. H., clk, h Maple, Berkley
*Kello Henrietta, serv't, 116 York
*Kellum Ella Miss, h 81 Marsden's lane
Kelly John, (Hannan and Kelly,) h 25 Nebraska
Kelly John J., driver, h 33 Chapel
*Kelly Lucius, driver, h 113 Boush
Kelly M. E., wid James, h 215 Cumberland
Kelly Philo F., carpenter, h Pine Berkley
*Keiley Wm, lab, h 13 Cove
*Kelly William, waiter, bds 182 Water
Kelly W. Lane, bookkeeper, bds Granby nr Freemason
*Kemp Abram, lab, bds 159 Queen
*Kemp Alexander, lab, bds 159 Queen
Kemp C. D., wid John J., h 102 James
*Kemp Francis, oysterman, bds 158 Queen
*Kemp John, lab, Fenchurch nr Cove
*Kemp John, oysterman, bds 159 Queen
*Kemp Joseph, oysterman, h 159 Queen
*Kemp Joseph, huckster Vegetable Market h Boush cor Chappel
*Kemp Samuel R., barber, h 51 Fenchurch
*Kemp Sarah Mrs., washwoman Fenchurch nr Cove
*Kemp Wm., h 105 Brewer
KEMPE THOMAS T., justice of peace, 17 Williams, h 202 Church
Kendall George S., clk, bds 123 Bank
Kendall L. W, wid Thomas, h 101 Holt
Kendall Thos., clk, bds Bridge rd nr Drawbridge, Berkley
Kevill Thos., clothier and chief eng fire dept, 102 Main, h 9 Fenchurch
Kevill Wm., clk, h 9 Fenchurch
Kewin Robert, printer, h 47 Roanoke ave
*Keys George, lab, h rear 24 Talbot
KEYS MILLARD F., locksmith and bell-hanger, h 246 Freemason
*Kidd James, lab, h 67 Fenchurch
Kidwell F. L., (Kidwell & Co.,) h 91 Chapel
KIDWELL & CO., (F. L. Kidwell and K. McAtee,) drugarists, 138 Church
Kilby L. R., (Kilby & Ashburn,) h 276 Main
Kilby W. T., (Jones & Kilby,) h Court, Portsmouth
Kilby & Ashburn, (L. R. Kilby and A. H. Ashburn,) lumber dealers, 30 Water
Kimberly Bros., (Ed. and Samuel Kimberly,) ship chandlers, contractors, &c, 163 and 165 Water and 33 Church
Kimberly Ed., [Kimberly Bros.] bds National hotel
Kimberly Harry, bds National hotel
Kimberly Samuel, [Kimberly Bros.,] bds Atlantic hotel
*King Andrew, lab, h Main nr Granby
King B. E, clk, h 161 Church
*King Caroline, servt, 79 Holt
*King D., cook, h 78 Liberty
*King David, [King, Keeling & Co.,] h Liberty nr Cumberland
*King E, wid Jackson, washer, Bank nr Waskington
King Edward B., bricklayer, h 28 James
King George, blacksmith, h Portsmouth
*King George, lab, h 116 Nicholson
*King Isaiah, shoemaker, h 27 Southgate's lane
*King Isaac, boot and shoemaker, h Southall's lane nr Bank
*King Jacob, waiter, h Granby nr Washington
King J. Barry, clk, h 16 Brewer
King J., M., pilot, 28 James
King Jno., carpenter, h 15 Hawk
*King John, waiter, h 29 Rhea's lane
*King Keeling & Co., (David King,  William Keeling,) restaurant, 39 Market sq
King Miles, book-keeper, bds 16 Brewer
King Millard F., clk, bds James cor Queen
*King Patience, servant, 15 York
*King Stephen, lab, h 35 Dodd's lane
King Wm. C, carpenter, 28 James
King W. C. wid Wm. C, h 28 James
Kirby Geo., ship carpenter, h Pine, Berkley
*Kirby Thos., porter, h Dodd's lane
Kirby Wm., engineer, h 8 Stony Town
Kirk Richard, fireman, h Nicholson nr Cumberland
Klepper Jas. N., restaurant, 139 Church, h end Church, beyond City limits
Knapp L., clk, bds Central hotel
Knight Ann. wid Wm., h 270 Church
Knight Geo., sailmaker, h 81 Queen
Knight J., bricklayer, bds 270 Church
Knight S., clk, h 65 Liberty
Knight S. H., lab, h 80 Liberty
Knight Wm, A. S., bricklayer, h 472 Church
Knott J. W., junk, 6 Campbell's wharf, h Washington cor Brewer
Knowles David, truck, h 51 Barraud's court
*Knox Ira, lab, h Queen nr Amelia
Koolage Chas. W., barkeeper, bds 229 Freemason
Koolage Harriet wid Chas., h 229 Freemason
Koolage J. V., operator, h Freemason nr Cumberland
Koolage Jno. W., (agt. Norfolk and Richmond steamships,) bds 229 Freemason
Koomb E., wid Charles, h 40 Fayette
Koons Elizabeth, wid Charles, h 40 Fayette


*Lacey Richard, porter, 132 Water
*Lacey Richard, truckman, h rear 79 Mariner
Ladoine Alexander, cigarmaker, bds 19 Virginia
Ladoine Daniel, cigarmaker, bds 19 Virginia
Ladoine John B., rectifier, h 19 Virginia
Lagorio A. Mrs., confectioner, 119 Church
Lagorio A., h 119 Church
*Lamb Edmond, lab, h 3 Bonnot
*Lamb J., shoemaker, h 69 Pulaski
*Lamb Lydia, servt, 43 York
*Lamb Marshall, lab, h 41 James
Lamb Robert W., State Collector, h 10 Bute
Lamb Wm., com mer, 100 Main, and president First National Bank, h 15 York
Lamb Wm. W., treasurer Norfolk Trust Co., h 10 Bute
Lamb Wilson K., clk city treasurer, h 10 Bute
Lance Charles, draughtsman, h 48 Freemason
Lance Dehaven, clk, h 48 Freemason
Lance W. L., sup't Norfolk Manuf. Co., h 48 Freemason
Lancroft H., bds Atlantic hotel
*Land Alice, servt, 124 York
*Land Eliza, servt, h 66 Bermuda
Land George W., engineer, 24 Talbot
Land H., car driver
Land L. R, clk, bds 90 Mariner
*Land Marion, cook, 124 York
Land M. R., bookkeeper, h 90 Mariner
Land Roswell M., clk, 90 Mariner
*Land Salem, city Alms-house
Lane Jesse, huckster, rear 32 Market sq, h 241 Church
Lane R., musician, h 38 Main
*Lane Robt. H., butler, h 11 Cove
Langhorne M. J., salesman, bds cor Fenchurch and Main
*Langley Ann, cook, 13 upper Union
Langley C. H., cashier Franklin Saving's Bank, h 54 Luke
LANGLEY CHAS. B., city loan office, 16 Bank, h 48 Fenchurch
*Langley Daniel, shoemaker, 159 Charlotte, h 84 Queen
*Langley Daniel, shoemaker, h 237 Queen
*Langley E., truckman, h 58 Willoughby
*Langley Edward, truckman, h 29 Hawk
*Langley Francis, driver, h 237 Queen
*Langley James, oysterman, h 23 Newton
*Langley John, lab, h 21 Newton
Langley Mary Mrs., h 237 Queen
*Langley Nicholas, drayman, h 237 Queen
*Langley Richard L., barkeeper, h 56 Smith
Langley Robt., mer, h 34 Washington
*Langley Thos., oysterman, bds 209 Queen
Langley W. B., clk, h 54 Duke
*Langley W., lab, h 331 Newton
Langley W. H., bookkeeper, h 34 Washington
*Langley Wm., lab, h 11 Newton
Lann Mahala, wid Edmond, h 32 Talbot
Lansing Ann E., seamstress, 32 Talbot
Lappin Gilbert B., pressman, h 32 Charlotte
*Larkley Frank, lab, h Martin's lane
Larlew J. J., gas fitter, h 109 Bermuda
Lassiter D. C. (Moore, Lassiter & Co.) h Zuni Station, Va
*Lassiter E., farm hand, h 138 Queen
Lassiter E. H., (Daniel & Lassiter,) cotton packers, h 18 Fenchnrch
Lassiter H. A., wid Henry, h 55 Nicholson
*Lassiter James, lab, h 28 Dodd's Lane
Lassiter T. J., conductor, K. and P. R. R., h 274 Main
*Lattimer Daniel, lab, h 14 Bermuda
Lawler John, junk dealer, 196 Water
Lawlor J. J., (Foster & Lawler,) bds 109 Bermuda
Lawrence David, city watch, h 135 Charlotte
Lawrence Edward, porter, h 29 Nebraska
Lawrence George, oysterman, h Ropewell nr Smith Creek
Lawrence Joseph, fireman, h Taylors Lane nr Granby
Lawrence J. R., oysterman, nr end Concord, h 45 Concord
Laws D. O., h 129 Granby
*Laws E., h 107 Cumberland
Laylor George W., tinner, h 106 Boush
Laylor M., tinsmith, h Boush nr Bute
Laylor Robert, watchman, h 107 Boush
Laylor Theophilus, tinner, bds 107 Boush
Leache Ella K., teacher, h 62 Brewer
Leary J. L., (Scott & Leary,) h 24 Bank
Leath Priscilla, wid Josiah, h 32 Charlotte
Lecompte John W., hay and grain, 136 Water, h 30 Bermuda
Lecompte Mary, wid Gastin, h 30 Bermuda
Lecompte Sylvanus, clk, bds 30 Bermuda
Ledoyne James, cigar maker, h 17 Virginia
Ledoyne John H., car driver, h 305 Bute
Lee Mrs., wid, bds Main cor Commerce
Lee Alexander, boatman, Custom House, h Old Point
Lee Baker P. Major, editor, Norfolk Journal, bds Freemason cor Granby
Lee Barbara A., wid Thomas H., h Reid's Lane
*Lee Benjamin, sr., whitewasher, h 96 Liberty
*Lee Benjamin, whitewasher, h 90 Liberty
Lee Charles C, clerk, h 81 Cumberland
Lee Daniel W., boarding-house, 17 Union
*Lee Edward, city Alms-house
*Lee Henry, lab, h 54 Fenchurch
Lee James, lab, h Chamberlaine's wharf
Lee James W., [E. W. Milhado & Co.,] bds 102 Bute
*Lee Jesse, fireman, Jackson cor Lee
Lee John, butcher, h Cumberland
Lee John W., livery stable, 231 Church, h 5 Virginia
Lee Lewis, oysterman, Brewer nr  Wolfe
LEE LUTHER, jr., collector of customs, bds Atlantic hotel
Lee N. B., livery stable, 79 Church, h 45 Queen
Lee P. H., [Savage, Jones & Lee,] h Nansemond co, Va
*Lee Rhoda Mrs., bds 215 Queen
Lee Richard L., machinist, h 190 Bute
Lee Robert H., clk, h 174 Main
Lee Robert H., jr., clk, bds 174 Main
*Lee Rosa, washwoman, h Woodside's lane nr Elizabeth
Lee Thomas R., baker, h 81 Cumberland
*Lee Wm., barber, 12 Union, h 45 Cumberland
Lee Wm. H., h 81 Cumberland
Lefaucheur Felix J., salesman, h 49 Queen
Leggett James, clk, bds 260 Church
LEIGH BROS. & PHELPS, [James Y. Leigh and C. R. Phelps,] auctioneers, Commerce cor Water
Leigh James Y., [Leigh Bros. & Phelps,] h 256 Main
Leigh J. P., physician Alms-house
Leigh J. W. Dr., office 185 Charlotte
Leigh Mason, blacksmith, Water nr Drawbridge
*Leigh Robert, oysterman, h 13 Newton
Leithardt Edw, boot and shoe manufacturers,] h 199 Church
*Lemon Sarah, oyster dealer, Tailor's wharf, h King's lane
Leonard C. wid Abraham, h 214 Freemason
Lepage Edw. B., (E. Lepage & Co.,) h 42 Holt
Lepage Emile, (E. Lepage & Co.,) h 42 Holt
Lepage E. & Co., (Edw. B. and Emile Lepage,) cotton factors and com. mers., 36 Commerce
Lepage Louis, clk, h 42 Holt
Leppert Wm. H., mariner, h 150 Fenchurch
LE ROY EUGENE, clk, bds Central hotel
Lester Mrs., City Alms-house
Lester John, grocer, 1 Plum, Addington lane
Levy Jacob, clk, h 14 Bank
Levy M., clothier, 2 Market sq, h 246 Main
Levy M. D., clothier, 26 Market sq, h 14 Bank
Lewellen Chas. J., printer, h Duke nr Washington
Lewellen Harry, printer, bds 48 Duke
Lewellen J. Richard, china, glass and earthenware, 39 Market sq, and city sergeant, h 48 Duke
Lewellen R. Mort, clk, bds 48 Duke
Lewelling Calvert, clk, h 262 Bute
Lewelling Jane wid Wm., h 262 Bute
Lewellyn A. T., harness maker, h Fenchurch cor Bermuda
Lewellyn C. B., blacksmith, 131 Water, h Norfolk
Lewellyn Chas., blacksmith, h Smith's creek
*Lewis Betsy, cook, 109 Botetourt
*Lewis Betsy, wid Francis, h 90 James
Lewis B. F., oyster packer, bes Central hotel
Lewis H. F., clk, bds Central hotel
*Lewis James, h Hawk nr Bute
*Lewis John, cartman, h 4 Bonnot
Lewis J. W., physician, h 133 Cumberland
Lewis Lucretia, wid Zeneas, bds Liberty, Berkley
*Lewis Madison, shoemaker, 194  Water, h Hampton, Va
*Lewis Mary, huckster, vegetable market, h 8 Hawk
*Lewis Richard, lab, h 83 Main
*Lewis Saml., lab, h 7 National
*Lewis Silas, lab, h 194 Water
Lewis T. H., oyster packer, Chamberlaine's wharf, bds Central hotel
*Lewis Wm., restaurant, 20 Elizabeth
*Lewis William, engineer, h Church cor Nicholson
*Lewis Wm. Rev., h 88 Smith
Lewis W. M., tobacco insp, h Petersburg
L'HOMMEDIEN M., asst cash Freemen's Savings Bank, h 233 Freemason
Lightfoot Ed, pilot, h 166 Fenchurch
Lightfoot Mary F., wid Dr. Saml., h 221 Main
Lilley Whitman, lab, h Etheridge, Berkley
Lilliston Louisa, wid John, h 67 Queen
Lindsey Edmund C., land agt,.114 Main, h 27 Bute
Linn John (Linn & Mills) h Portsmouth
Linn Lewis, barkeeper, h 188 Bute
LINN & MILLS (John Linn and Wm. E. Mills) dental surgeons, 168 Main
*Linnett Wm., lab, h Atlantic City
Linton August, huckster, vegetable market, h 241 Church
Lintz Wm. F., watchmaker, 12 Talbot
Lipscomb Charles R., furniture, 42 Roanoke, h 41 Wood
Little James, prop'r Peabody hotel, Portsmouth, and restaurant, Market sq, h 324 Main
Livesay J. R., clk, bds Exchange hotel
*Livingston J., lab, h 64 Hawk
Llewellyn Sarah, wid Abel, h 200 Bank
Lloyd T., clk, h 103 Bank
Locke Peter, lab, Atlantic City
Lockey E., machinist, h Atlantic City
Lofstead G. J., bds 147 Cumberland
Loman ____, carpenter, 115 Main
Long ____, hostler, bds 32 Market sq
*Long Andrew, lab, h School House Bluff
Long James T., bar-room, 220 Water, h 278 Water
*Long John, seaman, h 13 Talbot
Long Margaret Mrs., grocer, 278 Water
Loughlin Charles, printer, h Freemason nr Granby
Loughlin Charles, barkeeper, h 35 Rhea's lane
Loughlin David, shoe dealer, h 126 Freemason
*Louis A., fireman, h 15 Fox lane
*Louis W., fireman, h 85 Newton
*Love Elias, lab, rear 33 Noe's court
Lovely George, grocer, 81 Main
Lovett A. W., clk, h 158 Fenchurch
*Lovett J. E., lab, h 70 Hawk
*Lovett Lamb, lab, h 120 Fenchurch
Lovett Reuben P., dry goods, 124 Water, h 158 Fenchurch
*Lovitt Frank, driver, h 18 Falkland
Lowe J. C, clk Mansion house
Lowenberg D., [Lowenberg & Bro.,] h 67 Bermuda
Lowenberg J. B., [Lowenberg & Bro. and Lowenberg & Jacobs,] h 24 Bermuda
Lowenberg & Bro., [D. and J. B. Lowenberg,] boots and shoes, 19 Market sq
Lowenberg & Jacobs, [J. B. Lowenberg and A. E. Jacobs,] boots and shoes, 35 Market sq
Lowery Sarah Mrs., h 285 Church
Lowery Thos., h 285 Church
Lowery W. H, ship carpenter, h Market sq
*Lowry Carrie, servant, h 48 Freemason
*Lowry Sarah, servant, 48 Freemason
*Lowry Nelson, caulker, bds 253 Freemason
Lowry Samuel, ship carpenter, bds 253 Freemason
*Lowry Susan Mrs., h 2 Falkland
Loyall B. P., (Taylor & Loyall,) h 122 Granby
Luck John, waterman, 31 Water
Lucky Edw., machinist, bds Atlantic City
Ludlow John R., (Griffith & Ludlow), h 42 Dunmore
*Lundley John, lab, 9 Reid's lane
LUNSFORD L. N., with CHATAIGNE & BOYD, Southern Directory Publishers, bds Central hotel
Luther F., livery stable, h end Church, beyond city limits
Lutz Charles, tailor, 45 Commerce
Lyle J. G., tobacco insp, h Petersburg
*Lymus John, h 110 Scott
Lynch Amelia, City Alms-House
Lynch B., baggage master, bds National hotel
*Lynier John, cartman, h 23 Newton
Lynn Cora Miss, bds 72 Water
Lyons A. A., agt for Thos. Moore, Pittsburg, Pa., liquor dealer, 11 Commercial row, h 96 Bank


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