Information Concerning Living Persons

  • All effort will be taken to avoid posting information concerning living persons. Such information will be posted as an exception rather than as the norm.
  • The following guidance applies to Vital Records:
    • Records of births during the last 70 years will not be posted.
    • Records of marriages during the last 50 years will not be posted.
    • Records of deaths for any year may be posted.
    • Records of divorces during the last 70 years will not be posted.
  • Obituaries naming surviving family members may be posted if personal information concerning those family members is excluded. An example of personal information would be the street address of a surviving family member.
  • The Social Security Account Number, or any other number assigned to a living person, will never be posted.
  • The military record of any living person will not be posted without their approval.
  • Cemetery or tombstone records which name a living spouse or family member need not be altered before posting.
  • Contributions containing information about living persons may be posted with their consent.
  • Any record which has been posted containing information about a living person will be removed immediately upon the request of the person named in the record.

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