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 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald" - article, 2 Mar 1969
Filename Date Submitter
Church Records
History of the Christian Church in the South
 ~ split from the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1792
 ~ organized at Old Lebanon Church, Surry Co., Aug 1794
 ~ founder & first minister Rev. James O'Kelly
Mar 2021 Matt Harris
Brief Histories of some Isle of Wight Co. Churches
 ~ St. Luke's, the Bay Church & Christ Episcopal, Smithfield
 ~ Battery Park, Beaver Dam, Mill Swamp, Whiteheads Grove & Windsor Baptist
 ~ Presbyterian & Quaker
 ~ Smithfield Baptist & Methodist
 ~ "The Smithfield Times" - article, 21 Mar 1929
 ~ see also Beaver Dam cemetery
Apr 2018 Matt Harris
 ~ Rev. Edgar Bache WHITE, pastor of Dendron & Damascus Christian Churches
 ~ selected pastor of Windsor Christian Church, Oct 1929
 ~ later pastor of Isle of Wight & Antioch Christian Churches
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
"Elected Pastor at Antioch"
 ~ Rev. J.P. JONES, elected 28 Oct 1929
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald," article, 29 Oct 1929
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
History of Uzzell's Methodist Church, by Rev. Ivey T. Poole
 ~ read at Centennial Celebration
 ~ Comet news
 ~ "The Smithfield Times" - article, 11 Sep 1930
Dec 2016 Matt Harris
History of Holland Christian Church
 ~ organized as Hebron Christian Church, Carrsville, Oct 1853
 ~ moved to Holland & re-built, 1891; re-built, 1919
Mar 2021 Matt Harris
"Welcome Service For Rev. C. E. Gerringer"
 ~ Rev. Carl Elijah GERRINGER, pastor of Wakefield Christian Church
 ~ selected pastor of Antioch Christian Church, Feb 1935
Oct 2022 Matt Harris
Rev. William Daniel HARWARD, D.D., retired Christian minister
 ~ b. 7 Dec 1870, Durham, Durham Co., NC, d. 9 Oct 1939, at home, Dendron
 ~ interred in Antioch Christian Church Cemetery, near Windsor
Aug 2014 Matt Harris
Organization of the Christian Church South
 ~ early ministers & missionaries
 ~ report by Major W.E. MacClenny
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald" - article, 3 May 1944
"Rev. Morgan Takes Over New Charge"
 ~ Antioch, Isle of Wight, Mt. Carmel & Windsor Christian Churches
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald," article, 24 Aug 1948
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
"Rev. Morgan Resigns Post"
 ~ Antioch, Isle of Wight, Mt. Carmel & Windsor Christian Churches
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald," article, 24 Mar 1949
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
"New Pastor to Give First Sermon"
 ~ Rev. Ellis N. CLARK, first sermon at Windsor Christian Church, 12 Feb 1950
 ~ also pastor of Antioch, Isle of Wight & Mt. Carmel Christian Churches
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald," article, 12 Feb 1950
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
"History Of Whitehead's Grove Baptist Church"
 ~ "Smithfield Times" - article, 15 Nov 1950
 ~ see also Beaver Dam cemetery
Dec 2020 Matt Harris
"Antioch Christian Church to Celebrate Homecoming And Memorial Day"
 ~ "Smithfield Times," articles, 8 May 1952
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
"TV Show to Air St. Luke's Story"
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald," article, 9 Jun 1955
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
"Crutchfield Pastor of Antioch Church"
 ~ Rev. Gaither Cincinatus CRUTCHFIELD (1899 - 1959)
 ~ also pastor of Mt. Carmel Christian Church
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald," article, 26 Sep 1956
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
"Ceremony at Antioch"
 ~ Gray Memorial Education Plant groundbreaking planned for 1 Mar 1959
 ~ Antioch Christian Church, near Windsor
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald," article, 27 Feb 1959
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
Rev. Gaither Cincinatus CRUTCHFIELD
 ~ pastor of Antioch & Mt. Carmel Christian Churches
 ~ b. 12 Jul 1899, Guilford Co., NC, d. 27 Feb 1959, Walters
 ~ interred in Bethlehem Christian Church, Altamahaw, Alamance Co., NC
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
"Rev. Lassiter Accepts Call to Mt. Carmel"
 ~ also pastor of Antioch Christian Church
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald," article, 15 Mar 1962
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
"Do You Remember?"
 ~ Rev. R.T. SQUIRE, pastor of Antioch Christian Church, began preaching 9 Jul 1967
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald," item, 1 Jul 1970
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
"Old Book Reveals Much About Early Christian Pastor"
 ~ Rev. William Brock WELLONS, D.D., 1821 - 1877
 ~ Christian minister, educator & publisher, Confederate chaplain
 ~ interred in Willow Hill Cemetery, Suffolk
 ~ moved to Cedar Hill Cemetery, Suffolk
Rev. W. Riddick PEARCE, formerly of Rossville, GA
 ~ pastor of Antioch Christian Church, began preaching 3 Feb 1974
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald," article, 1 Feb 1974
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
Rev. Robert Lindsay POTEAT
 ~ pastor of Antioch Christian Church, received 1 May 1975
 ~ "Smithfield Times," article, 23 Apr 1975
Jun 2022 Matt Harris
Rev. Cooper Pitt ABRAMS, III
 ~ named pastor of Antioch Christian Church
 ~ "Suffolk News-Herald," article, 5 Mar 1982
Jun 2022 Matt Harris

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