Rev. George D. Armstrong family plot
32-3rd Alley, Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk, VA
Monument in foreground for Mehetable Hughs Armstrong (1st wife)
Monument in background for George and (2nd wife) Lucretia Nash Reid Armstrong

George Dodd Armstrong, D. D.
Born Sept. 15, 1813
Died May 11, 1899
For I determined not to know anything among you
save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. 1 Cor. 2:2

Lucretia Nash Armstrong
[2nd] Wife of George Armstrong
Born July 28, 1828
Died February 11, 1924
Of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Foot stone of George Armstrong

Confederate States of America
Rev. Geo. D. Armstrong
Chaplain C. S. Army

Mehetable Hughes
daughter of Edwin & Mary Porter,
and [1st] wife of George D. Armstrong, D. D.,
born March 6th, 1821, died September 27, 1855.
In memory of the beloved wife of our pastor.
This monument is erected by the ladies of the First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk.

Family Plot also includes:

Child of George and Mehetable Armstrong:
Cornelia Armstrong, age 10, died January 20, 1856.
Granddaughter of George Armstrong and daughter of Grace A. & Thomas Dornin:
Margaret B. Dornin, died April 28, 1982, age 90.

[Children of George & Mehetable Armstrong: Kate, age 5,
in 1850 Census, not in 1860 Census so likely buried in Lexington, VA.
Mary, age 12, died of yellow fever in Richmond Sept. 27, 1855, and buried there.]

Harriet Belden Porter
[Sister of Mehetable Armstrong.]
In memory of Harriet Belden
Daughter of Edwin and Mary Porter
Born Oct. 4th, 1833
Died Sep. 23rd, 1855
This is not your rest. Micah 2:10

Robert E. DeJarnette
And his wife
Lucretia R. Armstrong

George Armstrong [DeJarnette]
son of
R. E. & L. A. DeJarnette
Born December 26, 1888
Died September 24, 1890

Robert DeJarnette
son of
R. E. & L. A. DeJarnette
Born May 21, 1903
Died July 4, 1904

Grace DeJarnette [Snelling]
Grandaughter of Rev. Armstrong and Wife of
Wm. Morton Snelling
Nov. 10, 1894
June 17, 1926

Edmund A. James [nephew of George Armstrong]
Born March 22, 1831
Died August 22, 1855.
and George James 1832-1856.

* * * * * *

Ann R. Babbington
Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk, VA

Ann R. Babbington
For 60 years a teacher in the Sabbath School
of the First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk, Virginia
After she had served her own generation
by the will of God she fell on sleep
Feb. 13, 1893.

* * * * * *

Henry Boswell Bagnall
4-1st Alley, Cedar Grove, Norfolk

Henry Boswell Bagnall
Son of W. D. & E. D. Bagnall
August 3, 1847
April 17, 1913
The children's friend.

* * * * * *

Rev. Benjamin Grigsby
Trinity Episcopal Churchyard, Portsmouth, VA

In memory of
Rev. Benjamin Grigsby
Who was born in the county of Orange, Va.
In September 1770
And died in the borough of Norfolk
on the 6th of October 1810
He was the first pastor of a Presbyterian Church in Virginia
and in the faithful discharge of the duties of his calling
fell a martyr to the yellow fever.

* * * * * *

Sarah Kollock
Wife of Rev. Shephard K. Kollock
Pastor of First Presbyterian from 1825-1835
Harris Family Monument

Wife of Rev. Shephard K. Kollock
and second daughter of Stephen & Sarah Harris
Died at Greenwich, N. J., Jan. 21, 1859.
In the 56th year of her age.