FOR 1859.

Compiled by W. Eugene Ferslew.
Norfolk: Published by Vickery & Company,
Booksellers and Stationers, 19 E. Main St.

C. H. Wynne, Printer, Richmond.

Pages 33-139.

Reproduced by Donna Bluemink.

Abbreviations.—In the pages following, h stands for house; bds for boards; bt for between; cor for corner; opp for opposite; e for east; w for west; n for north; 8 for south; av for avenue; l for lane; ab for above; bel for below; nr for near; r for rear; sq for square. The word street is implied. Numbered streets implied by the figures only.

Abbot, E. A. flour dealer, 5 and 7 Barry's Row, Union, bds National Hotel.
Abdell, Mrs. M. S. h 46 S Church, corner of Cove.
Acstead, Miss Frances, h 11 N Boush.
Adam, Albert, stone cutter, h 14 Dodd's l.
Adam, Geo. baker, Mrs. A. Davidson, bds 46 E Main.
ADAMS' EXPRESS CO.'S OFFICE, Odd Fellow's Hall, 54 S Church, A. A. Cowdery,
Addems, Bailey, carpenter, h 7 N Fenchurch.
Adderson, Jacob, laborer, h 64 James
Addington, Mrs. F. W. h 59 S. Fenchurch cor of Bermuda.
Addington, Jos. C. teacher, h. 33 Queen.
Addison, L. bakery, 32 N Church, h same.
Addison, Robert, grocery, 69 James, h same.
Addington, Wm. H. bds National Hotel.
Ahlbright, Henry, cigar maker D. H. Brotherton, bds cor Cove and Cumberland.
Aid Engine House, cor William and Talbot.
Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal Co., Marshall Parks president, 31 W Main.
Albright, Henry, cigar maker, bds 49 S Cumberland.
Alford, F. M. bds 35 N. Cumberland.
Alfriend, Robert, tinsmith, Wm. D. Roberts, jr. & Co., h Avon.
Algier, Jas. harness maker, John P. Jenkins, h 159 E Main.
Allatt, Horace, salesman Burruss & Bro., h 11 Princess cor York.
Allea, John, at office of U. S. light-house inspector, 34 W Main.
Allen, Ethan, master blacksmith, navy yard, h 47 Bermuda.
Allen, Jas. saloon, 28 Market sq, h same.
Allen, James, jr. clerk, Jas. Allen, bds 28 Market sq.
Allen, Mrs. G. seamstress, h 25 Concord.
Allen R. ship carpenter, h Bermuda.
Allen, Wm. F. of J. E. Bell & Co., h 20 W Main.
Allrnan, Charles, clerk at city gas office, 28 Bermuda.
Allmand, Wm. H. note clerk Exchange Bank, h 30 Boush.
Allmond. Mrs. John, h 12 S Duke.
Allyn, Joseph T. of Allyn, Rose & Capps, h 15 N Catharine.
ALLYN, ROSE & CAPPS, hardware dealers, 17 E Main.
Almoy, Capt. A. 15 S Church.
American Insurance Co., A. B. McClean president, 46 Bank.
Anderson, B. F. ship joiner, navy yard, h 8 Proby's l.
Anderson, Ewd. oysterman, h 17 Voss.
ANDERSON, G. F. flour and feed store and proprietor Norfolk City Mills,
      10 Roanoke sq, h 52 Holt.
Anderson, John, workman at R R depot, h 37 Queen.
Anderson, John, merchant tailor, 21 W Widewater, h same.
Anderson, Richard, rigger at navy yard, h 60 Cumberland.
Angel, N. S. sail maker, h 28 S. Fenchurch.
Ansel, Wm. laborer, h 72 Liberty.
Anson, Malager, workman in navy yard, h 37 Queen.
Anson, Thos. grocery, 40 and 42 W. Widewater.
Anthony A. of Shane & A., h 47 E Main.
Anthony, Mrs. S. grocery, 47 W Main, h same.
Applewhite, R. D. carpenter, h 32 Charlotte.
Arbuthnott, Mrs. Mary Ann, h 72 N Cumberland.
Archer, Mrs. E. M. h 60 S Fenchurch.
Archer, John, boat builder at navy yard, h 31 Bank.
Archer, T. A. bookkeeper D. D. Simmons & Bro., bds T. O. Young's, Catharine.
Armistead, Chas. G. h 124 W Bute.
Armstead, Geo. R. bookkeeper L. E. Dey, h 55 S Fenchurch.
Armstroug, D. D. Rev. G. D., pastor of the Presbyterian church, h Hartshorn's court.
Armstrong & Harris, Daguerrean gallery, 53 E Main.
Armstrong, Lewis, h 120 W Bute.
Armstrong, Com. Wm. M., U. S. N., h 120 Bute.
Arnedt, Henry, baker at Harris' bakery, h 57 Queen.
Arrington, Peter, clerk Odom & Clements, bds S Catherine with J. B. Odom.
Ashberry, A. J. laborer, 9 E Boush.
Ashdon, Wm. seaman, h 76 W Widewater.
Askew, John, saloon and eating house 17 Widewater.
Ashley, Mrs. J. E. h 16 Falkland.
Asylum, Orphan, Holt.
Atlantic Iron Works, W. Pettit proprietor, 123 E Widewater.
Ausburn, Mrs. Mary, h 228 N Church.
Aydlott, W. D. clerk Jones & Co., h E Virginia, Brigg's Point.
Ayres, L. T. h N Church.

Babbingtdn, Mrs. A. H. music teacher, h 4 2d Cross.
Boggs, Robert, boarding house, 67 W Widewater.
Bagley, Mrs. Elizabeth, h 213 and 215 Church.
Bagley, Mrs. Ellen W. h 38 W Main.
Bagley, Geo. W. bookeeper R. H. Chamberlaine, h 38 W Main opp Exchange Hotel.
Bagnall, R. M. agent S. & R. R. R. E Widewater foot of Taylor's l, bds National Hotel.
Bagnall, Mrs. Susan, h 8 N Brewer.
Bagnall, Wm. D. bookkeeper Bank of Va, h 35 S Catharine.
Bailey, B. F. ornamental sign painter, 12 Talbot.
Bailey, Mrs. Frances, h 63 Queen.
Bailey, Thos. cooper, E. T. Summers, h 16 Queen.
Bain, A. W. clerk Myers & Co, h Portsmouth.
Bain, C. L. coach maker, h Bermuda.
Baker, ____, physician, 32 Bank.
Baker, Capt, B. h 15 S Church.
Baker, I. G. bds 40 Bank.
Baker, I. W., h 40 Bank.
Baker, Jas. notary public, h 49 E Bute.
Baker, Mrs. J. J. h 38 W Freemason.
Baker, R. H. jr. att'y at law, 25 W Main.
Baker, Judge, R. H. sr, h 34 S Boush.
Baker, W. J. lawyer, h 36 S Boush.
Balar, Ferdinand, clerk James I. Bloodgood, bds 67 E Main.
Baldrey, John R. plasterer, h 11 E Bute.
Balfour, E. O. physician, 42 Market sq, cor W Widewater h 16 E Main.
Ball, Alexander, baker, h 38 W Widewater.
Ball, John B. grocer, 55 S Church.
Ballence, L. laborer, h Newton.
BALLS & CONSTABLE, lumber and commission merchants, Central wharf.
Balls, Miss Catharine, h 8 W Charlotte.
Balls, Miss Mary, h 8 W Charlotte.
Balls, Robert M. of B. & Constable, h 8 W Charlotte.
Balls, W. F. second accountant Exchange Bank, h 8 W Charlotte.
Balsom, Arthur W. clerk W. G. Webber, h 133 N Church.
Balsom, B. T. brick mason, bds 45 N Church.
Balsom, D. D. house carpenter, bds 45 N Church.
Balsom, Wm. h 45 N Church.
Balsom, W. A. of Webber & B. h 11 S Church.
Baltimore Steam Packet Co's. office Hunter's wharf, E. Widewater.
Bamberger Martin, laborer, h 57 James.
Banhart, W. A. cigar maker J Runaldue, h 75 E Main.
Bank of Virginia, (Norfolk branch,) 14 W Main.
Banks, John, watchman, h Prosby's l.
Banks, John W. student with Dr. E. C. Robinson, bds 14 S Brewer.
Banks, Richard B. clerk Dulton Wheeler, h 14 S Brewer.
Banks, Robert, sail maker navy yard, h Proby's l.
Banks, Wm. laborer navy yard, h Proby's l. .
Barckley, J. B. h 3 Hill.
Barcroft, J. W. of J. W. B. & Co, h 14 Addington's l.
Barcroft, J. W. & Co. rigging loft, 40 E Widewater.
Barlett, J. A. butcher, stall No 11 market house.
Barnes, Ed. A. carriage repository 29 Union, h 16 W Charlotte.
Barnes, Griffin, sash, door and blind manufactory 37 Union corner Church,
          h 26 S Church.
Barnes, Samuel, captain, h 73 Queen.
Barnes, Rev. W. H. pastor of African M. E. Church, bds 26 S Church.
Barnett, Mrs. H. h 2 James.
Barraud, Dr. D. C. h 18 S Granby.
Barrett, John, captain, h 74 Liberty.
Barrom, B. A. painter, h E Charlotte.
Barrom, George, h 11 Addington's l.
Barrat, E. discount clerk Bank of Virginia, h 23 Holt.
Barry, Jas. tailor, Farant, Lester & Co, bds Main.
Barry, Jas. h cor Holt and 3d Cross.
Barry, James, h Holt opp Orphan Asylum.
Barry, James, h Holt.
BARRY, JAS. E. crockery, china, glass, &c 25 Market square, h 74 Bute.
Bartee, Mrs. Ellen, grocer, h 83 E. Main.
Bartee, Robert, clerk E. R. Gale, bds 18 North Brewer.
Bassett, John, house carpenter, bds 24 Cove.
Battley, Mrs. A. M. h 12 Holt.
Battley, Geo. W. of Robbins & B., bds Jas. Reed, Catharine.
Battley, J. P. inspector of grain, coal and salt, h 11 Mariner.
Battley, W, T. coach trimmer, bds 54 Catharine.
Baum, H. butcher, stall in market, h 175 Church.
BAUM, NATHAN, merchant tailor and clothier 6 E Main, and dry goods 76 S Church,
          h 76 S Church.
Baylor, Mrs. P. h 20 Freemason cor Cumberland.
Baylor, Robert B. bookkeeper Rowland & Bro, bds 20 E Freemason.
Baylor, R. W. bds 20 S Duke.
Baymore, Capt James, of Baymore & Stone, h 5 Hartshorn's ct.
Baymore & Stone, ship brokers and commission merchants, h 23 Roanoke sq.
Bayne, Mrs. Eliza, h 26 S Catharine.
Bay to, J. M. cigars and tobacco 64 E Main, h 15 Talbot.
Beacham, Ferriby, h 99 Church.
Beahl, Mrs. Upton, h 5 Freemason.
Beale, Mrs. A. h 3 Bute.
Beale, Mrs. M. h 4 S Boush.
Bean, Wm. painter, h 4 N Cumberland.
Beasley, C. M. blacksmith, h 15 Moseley.
Beasley, Jas. clerk J. D. Ghiselin, jr; bds Nicholson bt Cumberland and Church.
Beasley, Malaker, blacksmith in navy yard, h 45 Nicholson.
Beazley, E. H. carriage maker 25 E Wide Water, h 27 E Freemason.
Beck, S. clothier, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Bedon, B. h 13 N Church.
Beebe, T. L. inspector of grain, &c. h 32 E Wide Water.
Beel, C. L. brick mason, h 52 E Bute.
Beels, John, laborer, h 172 N Church.
Beillert, Amedee, clerk James I. Bloodgood, bds 67 E Main,
Beillert, Ferdinand, clerk James I. Bloodgood, bds 67 E Main.
Bell, Alexander, of Alexander B. & Son, h 41 S Catharine.
Bell, Alexander & Son, commission merchants Nevison's wharf.
Bell, Calvin, huckster, h 61 S Church cor Bermuda up-stairs.
Bell, Dempsey, house carpenter, h 31 Nicholson.
Bell, J. E. of J. E. B. & Co, h 20 W Main.
BELL, J. E. & CO. groceries and provisions 2 Commercial row, Newton's wharf.
Bell, Jas. N. clerk E. P. Tabb & Co, bds 41 Catharine.
Bell, J. W. clerk T. F. Owens, bds 90 S Church.
Bell, Mrs. M. C. h 122 E Main.
Bell, M. K. clerk R. R. depot, h 122 E Main.
Bell, Robert S. of Alexander B. & Son, h 41 S Catharine.
Bell, Thos. blacksmith J. Hawthorn, bds 3 Wolfe.
Bell, Thos. clerk A. Hartman, h 15 Boush.
Bell, Thos E. at American House, h 15 N Boush.
Bell, W. S. first lieutenant U. S. revenue service, h 122 E Main.
Bell, W. T. clerk B. T. Bockover, h 39 E Bute.
Belloney, Mrs. Eliza R. grocery 50 Brewer, h same.
Belote, J. L. of Ferguson & B., h 7 N Church.
Belote, John W. painter, h 105-1/2 Church.
Belote, P. L. painter, h 11 Plume.
Belote, Mrs. M. h 15 S Cumberland.
Belote, Walter, city watchman, h 21 Queen.
Beniki, Wm. baker National Hotel.
Bennett, Mrs. Catharine, h 84 N Church.
Bennett, Wm. clerk Thos. McCann, bds National Hotel.
Benson, Benj. h 63 Queen.
Benson, Mrs E. A. boarding house 24 W Main.
Benson, E. P. tailor 20 Talbot, h 13 N Fenchurch.
Benson, L. restaurant 44 W Widewater.
Benson, O. S. clerk post-office, bds 13 N Fenchurch.
Benthall, W. C. clerk, h 36 Holt
Berkley, L. dry goods 39 E Main, h Washington point.
Bernard, O. bds 100 E Main.
Bernard, R. S. physician 5 E Main, bds Freemason ab Granby.
Berry, Jacob, tailor, h 47 W Main.
Berry, Leroy, h 57-1/2 W Charlotte.
Berry, N. W. superintendent at Hardy & Bros, h 25 W Bute.
Berry, Wm. blacksmith, h 142 N Church.
Berwick, Wm. barber under the N. hotel, h 12 Bermuda.
Bethel Church, W Widewater cor Granby.
Beveridge, David, painter E. H. Beazley, bds E Widewater.
Bew, Junius, boat builder D. D. Hilchings, bds same.
Biddle, John, merchant, h 4 N Boush.
Biddle, John P. confidential clerk W. P. Steward & Co.
Biggs, J. J. of Kader B. & Co, h 17 W Freemason.
Biggs, Kader, of Kader B. & Co. h 3 N Duke.
Biggs, Kader & Co. commission merchants 49 W Widewater.
Biggs, Mrs. Mary Ann, h 51-1/2 Queen.
Billups, C. of Warren & B. bds S. March 31 Cumberland.
Billups, John, sail maker, h 44 N Brewer.
Billups, Miss Lucy, h 25 N Catharine.
Bilo, Louis, machinist, h 42 James.
Bisbie, D. T. gen'l agent Seaboard Towing & Trans. Co. 31 W Main.
Bishop, Mrs. Mary, h 74 S Church.
Bishop, Wm. Jas. coach trimmer A. Wrenn, bds 74 Church.
Bissell, Capt. Benj. inspector of grain, h 13 Catharine cor Wolfe.
Bixby, I. S. confectionery and fruit 1 Campbell's wharf, h 24 Talbot.
Bixbee, John S. butcher, stall 16 market house.
Black, Mrs. E. A. dressmaker, h 7 Wolfe.
Black, M. J. tailor Farant, Lester & Co. bds Merchants' Hotel.
Blacknall, George, physician, h 90 Bute.
Bland, Samuel, navy, h 25 Washington.
Blanks, Mrs. M. A. h 26 S Cumberland.
Blick, B. D. house carpenter, h 18 Talbot.
Blick, N. carpenter, h 4 S Church.
Block, L. cap maker, h 10 William.
Blogg, E. N. S. salesman N. Baum, h 32 N Cumberland.
Bloodgood, James I. dry goods 13 E Main, h 96 W Freemason.
Blow, George, jr, attorney at law 45 Bank, h 28 S Boush.
BLUFOBD, GEORGE W. hides, leather, &c. 3 Commercial row Newton's wharf,
          h 47 E Bute.
Blunt, R. W. brick mason, bds 60 N Church.
Blunt, Steven, laborer, h 116 N Church.
Blunt, Thomas, laborer, h 8 Newton.
Bobee, Mrs. Mary V. h 34 S Fenchurch.
Bockover, B. T comm'n merchant 25 Roanoke sq, h 12 S Brewer.
Boclear, Mrs. Ann, h 10 Bermuda
Boettigheimer, J. clothing store 36 W Widewater.
Boettner, John, turner 18 Commerce, h same.
Bohannan, Edgar, clerk E. B. Gayle, bds 18 N Brewer.
Bohn, Henry, dentist, 38 Bank, h same.
Bolster, T. E. of Farant, Lester & Co., h 47 N Fenchurch.

Bolt, Miss Mary Jane, h 75 Liberty.
Bolton, Mrs. Elizabeth, Yaxley's l bt Church and Fenchurch.
Bolton, Henry W. at T. McGaffrey's stone yard, h Yaxley's l bt Church
      and Fenchurch.
Bomfanti, Mrs. Jane, h 26-1/2 Dodd's l.
Bomfanti, John H h 26-1/2 Dodd's l.
Bomfanti, Joseph, tinsmith W. D. Roberts, jr. & Co. h 26-1/2 Dodd's l.
Bonhagen, Henry, tailor N Baum, bds 3 S Church.
Bonney & Co. grocery, 63 S Church cor Bermuda.
Bonney, C. W. of Bonney & Co. 63 S Church.
Bonsal, Jno. h N Granby cor Bute.
Bonsal, Mrs. Caleb, h 27 Holt.
Bonsal, Stephen, of Camp, B. & Co. h 6 S Duke.
Booth, Mrs. Mary, h 9 E Bute.
Booth, Wm. of W. A. Walters & Co., h Bute bt Catharine and Cumberland.
Borton, Saml. captain towboat Hope, h 28 Voss.
Borum, David, cooper 15 E Widewater, h Brewer nr Bute.
Borum, John H. confectionary and fruit 10 Market sq, h same.
BORUM & McCLEAN, agricultural warehouse and seed store 11 W Widewater.
Borum, T. R. of Borum & McClean, h 6 N Catharine.
Borum, Susan S., h 78 Bermuda.
Bottimore, Thos. boots and shoes 15 Market sq, h 20 Fenchurch.
Boush, Geo. L. cigar maker, h 14 James.
Bowden, John, grocery, cor Church and Queen, h 232 N Church.
Bowden, Robert W. cashier Bank of Virginia, h 14 W Main.
Bowman, Isaac, laborer, h 41 N Catharine.
Brady, J. E. laborer, h 82 Bermuda.
Brady, Thomas, blacksmith, h 27 E Bute.
Braithwaite, Thomas, clerk Gurney & Co. bds Virginia Holt.
Bramble, George, 1 Holt.
Brandon, V. M. teacher, bds 2 S Cumberland.
Branham, John B. assessor, office City Hall, h 7 N Catharine.
Bremon, M. bds 67 E Main.
Bressie, William, restaurant cor Queen and Cumberland; h 79 Cumberland.
Brewer, John M. carpenter, h 55 Mariner.
Brewer, Mrs. M. A. h 166 N Church.
Briant, Charles, clerk, bds 16 N Boush.
Brickhouse, C. P. boots and shoes 9 Market sq, h 29 Holt cor Chapel.
BRICKHOUSE, L. L. boots and shoes 9 Market sq, h 29 Holt.
Brickhouse, Smith N. clerk Herman & Co. bds Merchant's Hotel.
Briggs, Mrs. M. A. h 23 N Fenchurch.
Brigh, Mrs. Sarah A. dressmaker 39 E Main.
Brimmer, J. A. tailor Maynard & Cooper, h 54 E Main.
Brinkley, H. G. clerk at 10 S Church, bds 10 S Church.
Britzil, Wm. shoemaker, h 18 S Brewer.
Brock, Frances, h 209 Church.
Brock, Mrs. F. grocer, 1 Princess Ann road, h cor N Church.
Brock, Wm. harness maker J. Gormley, bds cor Church and Charlotte.
Brock, Wm. H. grocery cor James and Queen, h 20 James.
Broghaun, ____, ship carpenter navy yard, bds 14 Market sq.
Brooks, Miss Charlotte, h 11 Concord.
Brooks, Henry, huckster, h 37 N Catharine.
Brooks, John H. tinsmith Wm. D. Roberts, jr. & Co, h N Fenchurch.
Brooks, L. blacksmith navy yard, h Bermuda.
Brooks, Mrs. S. P. private boarding house 5 S Catharine.
Brooks, Thomas L. printer Day Book office, h 16 Williams cor Talbot.
Brooks, Wm. H. shipping merchant 27 Wood.
Brooks, Wm. printer Argus office, bds 9 Dodge's l.
Brooks, Wm. printer, h 47 W Main.
Brotherton, D. H. cigars and tobacco 6 W Widewater, bds N. C. and Virginia Hotel.
Brotherton, Wm. cigar maker, h 22 Cove.
Brough, J. N. Capt. harbor master of port of Norfolk, h 9 N Cumberland.
Brough, Wm. J. clerk John R. Ludlow, bds 9 N Cumberland.
Broughton, Richard G. of T. G. B. & Son, h 28 W. Freemason.
Broughton, Thomas G. of T. G. B. & Son, h 37 S. Catharine.
BROUGHTON, T. G. & SON, proprietors Norfolk and Portsmouth Herald, cor
      Roanoke and Littlewater.
Broughton, T. G. jr. cashier Franklin Savings Bank, h 37 Mariner cor Chapel.
Broughton, Wm. H. of W. H. B. & Co., h 41 W Freemason.
Broughton, Wm. H & Co. drugs and medicines 32 E Main.
Brown, Mrs. Catharine, eating saloon 8 Market sq.
BROWN, DIXON, jeweler and watchmaker 18 E Main, h same.
Brown, Ed. oysterman, h 20 Voss.
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth, h 18 E Main.
Brown, George, painter, bds cor Fenchurch and Main.
Brown, Mrs. Hannah, boarding house 10 Commerce.
Brown, Jeremiah, painter, h 5 Proby's l.
Brown, Joseph, clerk, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Brown, J. D. brick mason, h 6 Virginia.
Brown, Mrs. L. h 21 Dodd's l.
Brown, Mrs. R. h 18 Union.
Brown, Mrs. Mary, h. 14 N Church.
Brown, Samuel, laborer, Yaxley's l bt Church and Fenchurch.
Brown, Thomas M. harness maker H. Jones, bds James bt Bute and Queen.
Brown, Thomas, caulker, h 1 Williamson's l bt Catharine and Avon.
Brown, Victor E. clerk George Reid, bds 88 S Church.
Brown, William, carver in navy yard, h 18 James.
Brownley, Augustus, ship carpenter, h 43 W Bute.
Brownley, Mrs. Mary, h 24 N Fenchurch.
Brownley, Wm. M. carpenter, bds 66 N Church.
Brunet, Mrs. S. W. h 1 N Cumberland.
Bruse, Mrs. Sarah, grocery 55 James, h same.
Bryan, C. T. stone cutter, h 18 Addington's l.
Bryan, James, blacksmith navy yard, h 6 Avon street.
Bryan, Capt, James, sr. pilot, h 10 Dodd's l.
Buchanan, James, laborer, h 51 S Church.
BUCK, WM. H. bottler of porter, ale and mineral water, 103 and 105 S Church,
     h 127 E Main.
Bugg, Richard A. clerk N. Baum, bds 32 N Cumberland.
Bugg, Wm. P. clerk at W. P. Steward & Co. bds 32 N Cumberland.
Buiford, John, workman in navy yard, h 58 Queen.
Buiford, Wm. Robert, workman in navy yard, h 62 Queen.
Buil, John, oysterman, h 52 Brewer.
Bullock, George S. of Young & Bullock, bds 42 W Widewater.
Bullock, John, ship carpenter, h 29 Concord.
Bullock, Jos. A. A. clerk at Thomas Anson's 40 and 42 Widewater.
Bunkley, Jos. inspector of hay, h 6 N Brewer.
Bunkley, Thos. h 6 N Brewer.
Bunting, George, watchman, h 64 James.
Burgess, C. F. pattern maker, h 102 N Church;
Burgess, H. B. salesman Lewis Salusbury, 8 N Chapel.
Burgess, Thomas J. hatter Richard H. Stevens, bds Noel's court.
Burroughs, F. M. books and stationery 75 E Main, h 32 S Cumberland.
Burrow, J. W. of J. W. B. & Co. h 68 S Chapel.
Burrow, J. W. & Co. drugs and medicines 68 S. Church.
BURRUSS & BRO. liquors, wines and cigars, 5 E Widewater.
Burruss, Cicero, of Burruss & Bro. h 4 N Brewer.
Burruss, Edwin E. of Burruss & Bro. bds 4 N Brewer.
Burwell & Hobday, daguerrean gallery 14 E Main.
Bush, Isaac F. jeweller C. F. Greenwood, bds 42 S Cumberland.
Bush, J. W. laborer navy yard, h 6 Plume.
Bush, W. A. sail maker, h 35 E Freemason.
Buskey, Chas. H. Commission merchant, 7 Roanoke sq, h 9 Brewer.
Butcher, Mrs. Mary A. bakery 28 Bute, h same.
Butler, James, butcher, h 67 Queen.
Butler, John, bds 137 E Main.
Butler, Mrs. John H. h 137 S Main.
Butler, J. O. master carpenter navy yard, h 31 S Fenchurch.
Butt, A. B. discount and transfer clerk Exchange Bank, h Portsmouth.
BUTT & DOUGLASS, boots and shoes 45 E Main.
Butt, Henry, city watchman, h 1 Queen.
Butt, H. H. house carpenter, h 32 N Church.
Butt, John Jackson, laborer, h 70 James.
Butt, John F. of Butt & Douglass, h 77 S. Church.
Butt, Mrs. M. A. millinery 59 E Main, h same.
Butt, Samuel, carpenter 8 Cove, h 7 Charlotte.
Butt, W. blacksmith navy yard, bds 92 S. Church.
Butt, Wm. clerk J. D. Ghiselin, jr. h 7 Charlotte.
Butt, Wilson, wheelwright, h 32 S Fenchurch.
Butt, Wm. T. blacksmith, bds 36 S Cumberland.

Caffee, J. T. of J. T. C. & Co. h 2 E Widewater.
Caffee, J. T. & Co. eating house 2 E Widewater.
Cahill, Mrs. Mary Ann, h 46 Mariner.
Cain, Thomas, oysterman, h 59 W Widewater.
Calahan, John, tailor Farrant, Lester & Co. Bermuda.
Calcut, Charles, painter, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Calihon, John, laborer, h 32 Bermuda.
Callis, Joel, master carpenter, h 15 N Church.
Callis, Wm. architect and house carpenter 32 E Bute, h 46 N Cumberland.
Camp, Bonsall & Co. wholesale grocers and commission merchants 28 and
      30 Commerce.
Camp, B. T. h 124 E Main.
Camp, Mrs. E. E. h 37 Holt cor of 2d Cross.
Camp, George W. cashier Exchange Bank, h 40 S Catharine.
Camp, Wm. S. of C. Bonsal & Co., h W. Freemason Magnolia Place.
Campe, E. dry goods 33 E Main.
Campe, Rev. Isaac, pastor Jewish synagogue, h 49 E Main.
Campe, M. dry goods 41 E Main, h same.
Campos, Emile, bookkeeper Burrus & Bro. bds 8 N Fenchurch.
Campos, Mrs. F. S. h 8 N Fenchurch.
Campbell, Elijah J. shoemaker 4 E Widewater, h cor Commerce and Widewater.
Campbell, James, cutter R. D. Clifton, h 20 Cumberland cor Wolfe.
Campbell, John, turnkey of city jail.
Campbell, Ross, works in navy yard, h 115 Church.
Campbell, S. D. physician 31 E Main cor Talbot, h 59 W Charlotte.
Campbell, Samuel D. bookkeeper Doyle & Irwin, bds Ocean House.
Cane, Wm. huckster, h 22 Talbot cor of Hill.
Cannon, Douglas, student, bds 80 S. Church.
Cannon, John, h. 31 N. Catharine.
Cannon, J. confectionary 80 and 82 S Church, h 80 S Church.
Cannon, Joseph T. clerk J. Cannon, bds 80 S. Church.
Caphart, John, constable, h 13 Proby's l.
Caphart, J. E. blacksmith, h 13 Proby's l.

Capps, Cherry, laborer, h 62 James.
CAPPS, E. merchant tailor 74 S Church, h 38 N Church.
Capps, Capt. John, mariner, h 12 William.
Capps, Joseph, painter, bds cor Fenchurch and Main.
Capps, Ryland, grocery 23 and 25 N Church.
Capps, Wilson, inspector of streets, h 22 S Church.
Capps, Wm. John, clerk J. I. Bloodgood, h cor Bute and Catharine.
Carey, Joseph, carpenter, bds 60 Bermuda.
Carlon, Mrs. Mary Ann, tailoress, h 22 Cove.
Carey, Thomas, tailor Farant, Lester & Co., h 16 Talbot,
Carey, William, tailor 16 Bank, h same.
Cams, Mrs. Susan, h 61 Cumberland.
Carpenter, W. R. painter, h 21 N Church.
Carrick, Wm. coach maker, h 49 W Bute.
Carrier, Robert, clerk, h 23 S Church.
Carroll, Caleb, laborer navy yard, h Hartshorn's ct.
Carroll, Henry, ostler Webber & Balsom, bds 28 Market sq.
Carroll, Michael, proprietor Emmet House, 30 Union.
Carson, Mrs. Louisa, h 46 James.
Carter, H. of Pentz & C, h 17 N Catharine opp Academy.
Carter, John, oysterman, h E Boush.
Carter, Robert J. cigar maker at Thomas Walker's Market sq, h 96 Queen.
Carty, Robert, cigar maker at Thomas Walker's, h 96 Queen.
Carty, Wm. F. cigars and tobacco 79 E Main, h 28 N Fenchurch.
Cassells, James, laborer, h 143 Church street.
Casey, Mrs. C. C. h 134 E Main.
Casey, Thomas, laborer, h 20 Cove.
Cashon, Martin, laborer, h 94 N Church.
Cason, Joseph, carpenter, h 158 N Church cor Moseley.
Causse, Peter, tailor, h 2 Wood.
Cavanaugh, Edward, laborer, h 68 Liberty.
Cean, William, laborer, bds cor S Church and Union.
Celey, George, laborer, h 6 Barraud ct.
Chamberlaine, George, of R. H. C. & Sons, bds New Hotel.
Chamberlaine, R. H. of R. H. C. & Sons, h 135 E Muin.
CHAMBERLAINE, R. H. & Sons, banking house 4 W Main.
Chamberlaine, Wm. C. huckster, h 16 Voss.
Chamberlaine, Wm. W. of R. H. C. & Sons, h 135 E Main.
Chamberline, Capt. Ed. marine surveyor, tobacco warehouse corner Washington and
      Lee, h 15 N Fenchurch.
Chandler, ____, clerk John B. Hardy & Co. h 20 W Freemason.
Chandler, Ellis, attorney at law 18 W Main.
Chandler, L. H. of C. & Ellis, h Cedar grove Norfolk co.
Chandler, Mrs. Sarah, h 20 W Freemason.
Chapman, Mrs Sarah, h 26 W Charlotte.
Charlton, Josiah, wheelwright S Charlton, bds 15 W Bute,
Charlton, Samuel, wheelwright 35 Union, h 15 W Bute.
Chatman, Gustavus, house carpenter, bds 10 N Church.
Chegwidnen, Thos. clerk Chas. A. Smith, bds Mrs. Freeman, E Main.
Cherry, Daniel S. of Wm. D. Roberts, jr. & Co., h S Church opp St. Paul's Church.
Cherry, Mrs. Julia, h 3 S Brewer.
Cherry, Solomon, of S. C. & Co, bds National Hotel.
Cherry, Solomon & Co, commission and forwarding merchant Campbell's wharf, foot      Roanoke.
Cherry, Wm. baker, bds 45 W Main.
Chesher, William, cigar maker, h 33 E Freemason.
Cheshire, Richard, laborer navy yard, h 11 Hill.
Chicken, Mrs. Alice, grocery 31 Queen, h same.
Christian, J. A. brick mason, h 110 E Main.
Christian, Jas. P. carpenter, h 20 Marsh.
Christs' Church, Episcopal, cor Freemason and Cumberland.
Church, Ed. painter, bds 63 S Church cor Bermuda.
Church, Wm. painter cor S Church and Union, h 63 S Church cor Bermuda.
City Hall, Bank cor Williams.
CITY INDEX, Borum & McClean proprietors and publishers 11 W Widewater.
City Jail, Avon.
Clagg, Capt. William, h 65 N Catharine.
Clark, Mrs. A., h 41 S Church.
Clark, George, ship joiner navy yard, h 8 Chapel.
Clark, J. F. house carpenter, h 21 E Charlotte.
Clark, John J. clerk Noah Walker & Co. Main, h 26 James.
Clark, M. Rigger, h 8 Commerce.
Clark, R. J. watchman, h 88 E Main.
Clark, Samuel B., h 14 S Duke.
Clark, T. W. of Hawkins & C., h William cor Fayette.
Clarke, W. daguerreotypist, h 67 W Main.
Clark, W. A. refrectory 53 E Widewater.
Clark, Wm. H. rigger J. W. Barcroft & Co, bds 53 E Widewater.
Clements, Dr. P. P. of Odom & Co, h 21 S Granby.
Clemmitt, Robert, h 8 Talbot.
Clerk of Corporation Court, office City Hall square.
Clifton, Daniel, merchant, h 30 W Freemason.
Clifton, R. D. merchant tailor and clothier 16 E Main, h 30 W Freemason.
Clogen, Thomas, laborer, h 86 Bermuda.
Coats & Brother, grocers 75 S Church.
Coats, Wm. of C. & Brother, h 4 Marsh.
Cochran, James, saloon, h 78 W Widewater.
Coffer, Robert, carpenter, bds 24 W Main.
Coffman, A. J. city missionary, h 45 W Bute.
Cohen, Wm. clothing 24 E Main, h same.
Colbert, James, laborer, h 65 E Wideater.
Cole, Wm. groceries 29 W Main, h same.
Coleman, Charles, boiler maker navy yard, h 20 N Fenchurch.
Coleman, John, h 54 N Church.
Collier, James M. clerk T. J. Cormick & Co, bds Exchange Hotel.
Collins, A. E. clerk Santos, Walker & Co.
Collins, Mrs. Elizabeth G., h 34 W Main.
Collins, J. F. grocer, cor Taylor's l and E Widewater.
Collins, William, butcher, stall Nos 2 and 30 market, house.
Collins, Miss Sarah, h 1 Roanoke.
Columbia House, A. Flock proprietor, cor W Widewater and Commerce.
Comb, George, h 99 Church.
Concert Hall, Juniors' drill room, Talbot cor Williams.
Condon, Wm. H. silver plater, bds N. C. and Va. Hotel.
Cone, Mrs. Jane, h 193 Church.
Conley, John, laborer, h 88 Bermuda.
Conley, Patrick, blacksmith J. Hawthorn, bds 3 Wolfe.
Conley, Thomas, laborer, h 18 Commerce.
Conley, James, bricklayer, h 47 W Bute.
Conner, Robert, on light boat, h 9 Barraud court.
Conrad, Mrs. M., h 3 Barraud court.
Consolvo, Miss Virginia, h 91 Church cor E Bute.
Constable, Charles W. clerk J. H. Borum, bds York nr Amelia.
Constable, Henry B. of Balls & Co, h cor Amelia and York.
Conway, James H. house carpenter, h 13 Holt cor Fenchurch.
Conze, C. F. cabinet finisher and polisher, h 34 N Church.
Cooke, Alex, attorney at law, bds 108 E Main.
Cooke, A. B., boarding officer and inspector U. S. custom-house, h 24 York.
Cooke, John, oysterman, h 31 Nicholson.
Cooke, Dr. M., h 140 Bute.
Cooke, Mrs. M., h 66 W Freemason.
Cooke, Z. clerk James Allen, bds 28 Market sq.
Cooper, Miss A., h 41 S Church.
Cooper, John, clerk Alexander Bell & Son, bds N W cor Church and Charlotte.
Cooper, John, laborer, h 40 James.
Cooper, John D. stone cutter, h 21 E Bute.
Cooper, Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 127 Church.
Cooper, Richard, oysterman, h 47 James.
Cooper, S. R. of Maynard & C., h 32 S Cburch.
Coper, Robert, wood worker Borum & McClean, bds Mrs. Benson W Main.
Copes, John S. grocery 8 Bank, h same.
Corbell, Willis, workman navy yard, h 53-1/2 Queen.
Corbit, Miss Alice, h 55 E Bute.
Core, John, ship carpenter, h 11 N Catharine.
Core, John H. clerk Camp, Bonsal & Co, bds 11 N Catharine.
Cornick, Capt. James, h 65 Bermuda.
Cornick, T. J. of T. J. C. & Co, bds Macon House Portsmouth.
Cornick, T. J. & Co. drugs and medicines, 4 E Main.
Corprew, David, h 50 Holt.
Corprew, Thomas J. sergeant of the city, h 31 Mariner.
Corren, A. G. pilot, bds 6 Proby's l.
Cosby, M. D. house carpenter, h 14 Addington's l.
Costin, Bowden, laborer, h 81 Liberty.
Coten, Henry, confectionery 70 W Widewater, h same.
Cottingham, W. H., bds 28 S Cumberland.
Couledge, Mrs. T., h 35 W Main.
Couper, John D. stone yard, 22 Concord cor Main.
Cowder, James A. clerk B. F. Tebault, bds S Church nv Main.
COWDERY, A. A. agent Adams' Express 54 S Church, h 16 S Cumberland.
Cowdery, Dr. G. W. office 51 Bank, h 163 E Main.
Cox, J. H. laborer, h 22 Princess Anne road.
Cox, Miles S. constable, h 37 S Church.
Cox, Wm. H. huckster in market, h 112 N Church.
Crane, Samuel, bds 42 Cumberland.
Craver, M. M. clerk shingle factory Gosport, bds 24 Chapel.
Craver, Zachariah, h 24 Chapel.
Crawford, Daniel W. huckster 16 Union, h same.
Crawley, Mrs. E. V., h 42 Cumberland
Crewsley, Mrs. F. h S Church opp St. Paul's Church.
Crewsley, T. H. clerk, h S Church opp St. Paul's Church.
Croker, Capt. David, seaman, h 18 Woodside's l.
Croker, Lucas, cooper, h 14 Commerce.
Crokett, Mrs. M. L., h 15 Addington's l.
Cropper, Miss B., bds 26 S Catharine.
Cropper, L. F. at Gurney & Co, h 26 S Catharine.
Cropper, Thomas T. attorney at law 24 Bank, bds National Hotel.
Crosby, Thomas, salesman Wm. P. Steward.
Crosby, W. H. laborer navy yard, h 9 Fox.
Cross, George, at Crany Island lightboat, h 5 Dodd's l.
CROW, GEORGE L. stoves and tin ware 4 Commercial row Newton's wharf,
       h 21 S Catharine.
Crowell, D. C. commission merchant and agent steamer Seabird Higgins's wharf
      120 E Widewater, bds 147 E Main.
Crowell, John, block and pump maker E Widewater, h 26 Bermuda,
CROWELL, THOS. P. commission and shipping merchant and agent Philadelphia      steamship Co, 120 E Widewater Higgins's wharf, h 147 E Main.
Crowes, D. E. clerk, h 147 E Main.
Crump, J. I. tailor, h 44 Bermuda.
Crumpler, J. R. hatter, bds 26 S Cumberland.
Culpepper, Mrs. L., bds 2 Commerce.
Cumberland st. Methodist E. Church, Cumberland.
Cunningham, Ed. L. deputy sergeant, office City Hall, h 45 W Freemason.
Cunningham, G. W. cabinet polisher, h 150 N Church.
Curdts, L. jeweller and watchmaker 61 E Main, h same.
Currier, N., h 14 Union.
Currier, R. A. clerk P. H. Whitehurst, h S Church next door Presbyterian Church.
Curtin, M. C. proprietor Washington House, h S Church bt Union and Water.
Curtin, T. M. gunsmith Wm. Spratley, bds Benj. Peddle's.
Curtis, L. V. ship carpenter, h 8 Dodd's l.
Curtis, Mrs. N., h 8 Dodd's l.
Custom-house (new) W end W Main.
Cuthriell, E. cupper and leecher and agent Bible society 28 Bank, h 5 Charlotte.
Cuthriell, Eli, clerk market, h 5 Charlotte.
Cuthriell, George W. clerk Vickery & Co, bds 5 Charlotte.
Cuthriell, Newton W. coach blacksmith 35 E Wide water, h 14 William.
Cuthriell, Wm. S. gunsmith, h 59 Fenchurch.

Dail, Wm. plow maker Borum & McClean, bds 11 Market sq.
Dailey, Eugene, clerk, bds 16 William.
Dais, Miss L., h 51 S Fenchurch.
Dalby, Cornelius, carpenter, h 100 N Church.
Dalby, Henry J. cutter N. Baum, h 14 Bute.
Dalby, John F. clerk A. Seldner & Co., h 5 N Cumberland.
Dalby, Virginius, clerk E. Pendleton, bds 5 Bute.
Dalrymple, R., h 138 Bute.
Danburg, M. boots, shoes and clothing, 18 Market sq.
Dannenberg, S. millinery and fancy goods 58 S Church, h same.
Darby, George, boiler maker navy yard, h 21 Wood.
Darkwood, Herman, clerk for Frankford Moses, bds with Frankford Moses.
Dashiell, I. I. tailor, bds 39 Bank cor of Hill.
Dashield, T. S. huckster, h 6 Chapel.
Davids, I. B., h 27 Coye.
Davidson, Mrs. A. bakery 46 E Main, h same.
Davis, Alexander, sail loft 16 and 18 Roanoke sq, h 12 W Charlotte.
Davis, A. C boot and shoemaker 48 S Church, bds 18 N Cumberland.
Davis, A. C. grocer, cor Church and Main.
Davis, Benj. painter, h 15 Queen.
Davis, C. A. clerk at K. L. Davis, bds 18 N Cumberland.
Davis, Duran, mechanic, h 155 N Church.
Davis, Ed. oysterman, h 3 Barraud court.
Davis, Mrs. E., h 166 N Church.
Davis, John W, sail loft Central Wharf, h 45 N Brewer.
Davis, K. L. boot and shoe maker 48 S Church, h 18 N Cumberland.
Davis, L. candy maker, bds 14 N Church.
Davis, L. J. cooper, h 33 E Freemason.
Davis, M. of D. & Womble, h 6 Charlotte.
Damis, M. sail maker, h 4 W Charlotte.
Davis, R. clerk J. D. Gammon, bds S. L. Thrift, Holt st.
Davis, S. pilot boat Reindeer, h 3 Barraud court.
Davis & Womble, grocers and commission merchants, 5 Campbell's wharf.
Davock, Wm. laborer navy yard, h 14 Woodside's l.
Dawes, S. S. dry goods 35 E Main, h same.
Dawley, Caleb, grocer, 1 N Church.
Dawley, Mrs. M. D., h 1 Hill.
Dawson, J. H. of Dawson & Rawls, 14 N Chapel cor Falkland.
Dawson & Rawls, dry goods 23 Market sq.
Dayes, Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, h 57-1/2 W Charlotte.
Dean, William, carpenter, bds 24 W Main.
Dean, Josiah, watchman and porter U. S. custom house, 9 N Church.
Dear, L. waterman, h E Bute nr Church.
De Bree, Dr. John, h 117 E Main.
De Bree, John, purser U. S. navy, h 117 E Main.
Decordy, Francis, sash, door and blind manufactory, 15 Roanoke, h 5 N Granby.
Decoster, C. G. pattern maker, h 3 Avon.
Deford, D. N. clerk D. Y Marcus, bds 24 Cove.
Degan, Michael, engineer Borum & McClean, bds 9 Commerce.
Degge, E. A. carpenter, bds 1 Proby's l,
Degge, W. B. wood measurer, h 1 Proby's l.
Delany, Ed. stove and tin ware 12 Union, h 40 Holt.
Delaney, Mrs Mary Ann, h 85 E Main.
Delk, Edwin H. of Delk & Lindsey, h 84 Bute cor Amelia.
Delk & Lindsay, commission merchants, 6 Commercial row Newton's wharf.
DEMING, E. C. groceries and provisions 60 S Church, h same.
Denby, A. I. at custom house, h 24 Botetourt.
Denby, William, bricklayer, h 46 Botetourt,
Dennis, Michael, grocer, 146 N Church.
Denny, John, tailor Maynard & Cooper, h cor Fenchurch and Main.
Deshielde, J. J. tailor L. C. Dey, bds Talbot.
Denby, A. J. surveyor U. S. custom house.
Devore, Theodore, house carpenter, bds 10 Talbot.
Dey, David, bookkeeper Lewis Salusbury, h 10 Virginia.
Dey, Geo. W. of Geo. W. Dey & Co., h 12 Washington cor Boush.
DEY, GEO. W. & CO. drugs and medicines, 9 E Main.
DEY, LEWIS C. merchant tailor 64 E Main, h same,
Dey, Mrs. William, h 12 Washington cor Boush.
Dickson, Miss D., h 31 S Granby.
Dickson, John, commission merchant and agent Richmond steamers,
     h 6 E Freemason.
Dickson, Richard, commission and forwarding merchant McPhail's wharf Lee,
     h 35 S Granby.
Diebel, Jacob, baker L. Ottenheimer, bds 66 S Church.
Diggs, James, joiner John R. Joynes, h 59 W Widewater.
Diggs, Wm. boat builder D. D. Hitchings, bds D. D. Hitchings.
Diggs, Wm. ship carpenter navy yard, h 8 Virginia.
Diggs, William C. cooperage 11 Washington cor Front, h 33 S Catharine.
DILWORTH, PETER, rag and metal store 5 W Widewater, h 25 Botetourt.
Dismal Swamp Canal Co. 54 W Main.
Diviny, John, stone cutter, h 20 Concord.
Dixon, Mrs. A. E., h 79 N Church.
Dixon, Mrs Elizabeth, h 12 N Boush.
DIXON, F. B. insurance broker, average adjuster and notary public, also
      commissioner of deeds for N. C. and Maryland, 18 W. Main, bds
      Exchange Hotel.
Dixon, Mrs. Thomas B., h 4 N Church cor Mariner.
Dixon, W. F. clerk T. W. Seabury, bds 38 S Fenchurch.
Dobbs, A. J. huckster in market, h 1 N Fenchurch.
Docher, J. harness maker, h 26 Bank.
Dodd, Ed. A. of Wm. D. Roberts, jr. & Co, h 22 W Main.
Dodd, John, 22 W Main.
Dollard, Caron, laborer, h 22 Marsh.
Dollard, John, grocer, 67 S Church.
Donahue, Martin, laborer, h 9 Allyn's court.
Dorney, E. W. house carpenter, bds 12 N Catharine.
Dorney, Mrs. Jane B., h 12 N Catharine.
Dorney, S. slater and plasterer, bds 12 N Catharine.
Doughty, Thomas, clerk Charles A. Smith, bds Wolfe.
Douglass, W. F. of Butt & Douglass, bds 77 N Church.
Downey, ____, h 113 Church.
Downs, Mrs. Mary, seamstress, h 115 Cumberland.
Doyle, Charles S. clerk Kerr & Co, h 11 Dodd's l.
Doyle & Irwin, ship chandlers and dealers in seine-twine and corks, 11 W Widewater.
Doyle, John E. of Plume & Co, h 2 S Granby cor Freemason.
Doyle, Walter J. of Doyle & Irwin, h. Oatfleld, Norfolk county.
Dozier, Absalom, tinner, h 59 Queen.
Dozier, D. W., h 80 N. Church.
Dozier, J. F. saddler and harness maker 3 Barry's row Union, h 26 Bank.
Dozier, James W. tinsmith Ed. Delany, bds 30 S Cumberland.
Dozier, Marshall, body maker A. Wrenn, bds 26 Cove opp Cumberland.
Dozier, Samuel, h cor Queen and Brewer.
Dozier, Tulley, house carpenter, h 134 N Church.
Driver, Mrs. William, teacher of public school district no. 2, h 50 N Brewer.
Drummond, George, h 24 W Freemason.
Drummond, R. Q. inspector U S. custom house, h Norfolk county.
Drummond, Capt. Samuel, pilot, h 5 N Fenchurch.
Drummond, William F. h 49 Bermuda.
Drummond, Capt. W. S. grain measurer, h 49 Bermuda.
Duck, Mrs. Nancy, h 14 N Boush.
Dudley, A. H. blacksmith navy yard, h 46 Bank.
Dudley, C. coachsmith 44 Union, h 10 Hartshorn's court.
Dudley, Caleb, watchman navy yard, h 5 Mariner.
Dudley, C. I. printer, h 88 E Main.
Dudley, Charles V. clerk L. Berkley, bds Mrs. Brooks 5 S Catharine.
Dudley, H. J. laborer, h 88 E Main.
Dudley, William, ship carpenter, h 25 James.
Dudley, W J. sawyer navy yard, h 66 E Bute.
DUFFIELD, CHAS. B. attorney at law 23 W Main, h 38 S Boush.
Dugan, Mathew, soap boiler Rowland & Brother, bds Mrs. Hughes.
Dugar, Andrew, tailor E. Capps, bds Mrs. Newstead, E Main.
Dugar, Jas. joiner John B. Joynes, bds Ed. Underbill, Market sq.
Dunbar, Daniel B. printer Argus office, bds 52 Bermuda.
Dunbar, John J. coach trimmer, bds 65 N Church.
Dunbar, Wm. G. attorney at law and commissioner in chancery 49 Bank,
     bds National Hotel.
Duncan, C. oysterman, h 11 N Boush.
Duncan, R. P. engineer railroal, h 38 E Bute.
Dunn, Edward, T. purser, h 8 S Boush.
Dunstan, Capt. Jacob B. of S. H. Hodges & Co, h 104 N Church.
Durfey, Mrs. M. P., h 74 N Church.
Durham, James, tailor, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Durham, William, tailor Farrant, Lester & Co, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Dusch, Andrew, butcher stall 14 Market house.
Duvall, G. W. blacksmith navy yard, h 14 Falkland.
Dyer, D. B. lieutenant city watch, h 26 Cove.

Earl, William, upholster, h 26 Marsh.
Edmonds, John, house carpenter, h 48 Brewer.
Edmonds, Joseph, house carpenter, h 56 Queen.
Edmonds, John J. clerk Charles A. Smith, bds Ferry Point.
Edmonds, Mrs. M. E., h 40 S Cumberland.
Edmonds, Mrs. R., h 35 York.
Edmonds, W. C. W. clerk Dawson & Bawls.
Edwards, ____, at telegraph office, bds 81 W Main.
Edwards, A. house joiner navy yard, h 40 N Brewer.
Edwards, Mrs. M. A., h 25 E Charlotte nr Church.

Edwards, Nathaniel, butcher, stall 25 market house.
Edwards, O. E. pilot, bds Mrs. M. A. .Edwards.
Edwards, Wm. A. bookkeeper Burruss & Bro., bds Exchange Hotel.
Edwards, W. F. sail maker, bds 16 Talbot.
Egts, Charles, rigger, h 39 S Fenchurch.
Eley, Mrs. Mary Ann, h cor James and Queen.
Ellard, O. N. tailor L. C. Dey, bds W Main.
Ellett, F. M. salesman W. P. Steward & Co, bds National Hotel.
Elliott, Miss M. dressmaker, h 7 New.
Elliott, Capt. Samuel C. agent New York steamers Smith's wharf E Widewater,
      h 149 E Main.
Elliott, Stephen, clerk W. M. Millar, h 11 Market sq.
Elliott, Thomas E. clerk Allyn, Rose & Capps, h 29 N. Catharine.
Ellis, W. H. C. of Chandler & Ellis, h 42 Holt cor 2d Cross.
Emmett House, Michael Carroll proprietor, 30 Union.
Estabrook, George G. printer Argus office, bds W Widewater.
Etherege, Josephus, workman in navy yard, h 191 Church.
Etheredge, William, laborer, h 17 Botetourt.
Eustis, John, cigar maker W. F. Carty, bds 28 Fenchurch.
Eustis, Mrs. Sarah, junk, store 21 Union, h same.
Evans, Capt. Richard, U. S. R M., h 9 S Boush.
Evans, Thomas A. house joiner, h 50-1/2 Bute.
Evans, T. L. tailor L. C. Dey, h 2 Plume.
Ewell, Jesse, waterman, E Bute nr Church.
Ewell, Jesse T. blacksmith, h 70 N Church.
Ewing, J. H. proprietor Norfolk Examiner 41 Market sq, h 30 N Church.
Exchange Bank, 16 W Main.
Exchange Hotel, Mrs. Charlotte Segar proprietor, 53 and 55 W Main.
Exner, Charles, painter, h 3 S. Church.

Face, E. W. brick mason, h 10 Proby's l.
Face, James P. ship joiner, h 17 N Church.
Face, Capt. W. H. agent granting pilots' license E Widewater opp Taylor's l,
      h 29 N Church.
Faigle, Mrs. F. lager beer saloon, 11 Talbot.
Faity, Wm. confectionery 12 Bank, h same.
Fallon, Patrick, tailor, 89 E Main.
Farant, G. W. of F., Lester & Co, h 142 Bute.
FARANT, LESTER & CO. merchant tailors, 30 E Main.
Farmers' Bank of Virginia, 2 W Main.
Farrell, Michael, wig maker 77 E Main, h same.
Fartherly, Miss Mary E., h 9 W Charlotte.
Fartherly, Thomas, workman navy yard, h 76 Queen.
Fellon, G. tailor, h 5 Holt.
Fenninghain, Michael, tailor N Baum, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Fenton, Dennis, grocer, 8 Newcastle,
Fenton, Joseph house carpenter, bds 10 Talbot.
Fentress, E. bouse carpenter, h 55 E Bute.
Fentress, Mrs. E. seamstress, h 46 N Church.
Fentress, H. laborer, h 118 W Freemason.
Fentress, Jeremiah, cabinet maker, h 13 S Church.
Fentress, Joseph, fisherman, h 37 Princess Anne road.
Fentress, John C. foreman G. Barnes, bds 26 S Church.
Fentress, Lewis, huckster, h. 102 S Church.
Fentress, Mrs. M. A., h 44 S Cumberland.
Fentress, O. C. house carpenter, h 55 E Bute.
Fentress, W. B. brick mason, h 62 E Bute.
Fentress, W. T. clerk James E. Jones, bds Catharine next door Exchange Bank.
FERGUSON & BELOTE, auction and commission merchants, 7 W Widewater.
Ferguson, Mrs., Caroline, h 114 Bute.
Ferguson, Mrs. Elizabeth, h 46 Bute.
Ferguson, F. F. of F. & Belote, 5 N Brewer.
Ferguson, Samuel, clerk navy yard, h cor Marsh and Chapel.
Ferguson, W. B. engineer steamer Seabird, h 10 Mariner.
Ferguson, Wm. K. at Schwartzkoph's Main, h 46 Bute.
Fernandez, Capt. Jos. P., h 7 Barraud court.
Ferribe, D. D., h 105 E Main.
Ferris, James, house carpenter, h 4 Talbot.
Field, D. T. tailor, h 16 N Fenchurch cor Falkland.
Field, Robert, oysterman, h 6 Talbot.
Fields, Lemuel, carpenter, h 110 S Church.
Fifer, Captain, h 4 Talbot.
Figenfisky, M. stone cutter, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Finch, W. F. clerk King & Toy, bds N. C & Va. Hotel.
Finley, T. H. machinist navy yard, h E Charlotte.
Fink, Henry, N. & P. R. R. 10 Newcastle, bds Exchange Hotel.
First Baptist Church, Cumberland.
Fisher, ____, school teacher, bds 42 S Cumberland.
Fisher, Ed. seaman, h 2 Barraud court.
Fisher, Jacob, h 2 Talbot.
Fisher, John, grocer, 76 N Church.
Fisher, Richard, sailor, h 65 W Widewater.
Fitchett, Custis, huckster, h 28 S Cumberland.
Fitzgerald, Alonzo, clerk, bds 30 Union.
FITZGERALD, HENRY, oyster packer 11 Campbell's wharf, h 49 W Freemason.
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Mary, saloon, 36 Union.
Fitzgerald, Wm. clerk Henry Fitzgerald, bds Freemason nr Granby.
Fitzgibbon, M. physician, 36 W Main.
Fiveash, Mrs. Virginia, h 3 Bute.
Flanagan, Mrs. A. M., h 150 N Church.
Flanagan, S. T. clerk Wm. Johnson, jr, bds Fenchurch nr Holt.
Flanagan, Tully, clerk Geo. W. Bluford, h N Church nr Wood.
Flavelle, Wm. baker, bds 45 W Main.
Flemmlng, John, laborer, h N Church cor Bute.
Fletcher, Hannibal, clerk G. T. Gorsuch, bds Fenchurch bt Cove & Holt.
Fletcher, O. N. assistant teacher public school 4th ward, bds 18 Freemason cor      Cumberland.
Fletcher, S. tinner, h 29 Cove
Fletcher, W. H. house carpenter, h 10 N Fenchurch.
Flock, O. proprietor Columbia House, cor Widewater and Commerce.
Floyd, Joseph W. clerk Wm. D. Roberts, jr. & Co, bds 38 S Fenchurch.
Fobbs, William, huckster, h 162 N Church.
Follier, A. L. confectionery and fruit 22 E Main, h same.
Forbes, G. carpenter, bds 60 Bermuda.
Ford, D. clerk D. Y. Marcus, bds 34 Cove.
Ford, J. E. attorney at law 22-1/2 Bank, h 11 Hartshorn's court.
Foresight, ____, laborer navy yard, h 20 Dodd's l.
Forrest, I. M. blacksmith navy yard, h 35 N Cumberland.
Forrest, John R. laborer, h 97 Cumberland,
Forrest, Wm. S. local editor Southern Argus, land agent & notary public 17 W Main,
      h 14 S Brewer.
Foster, Andrew, clerk Foster & Moore, bds Exchange Hotel.
Foster, Mrs. Eliza, school teacher, h 6 James.
Foster, John, oysterman, h 120 W Freemason.
Foster, Joseph G. blacksmith, h 16 James.
Foster, J. J. of F. & Moore, bds National Hotel.
Foster, John W. workman navy yard, h 78 Queen.
Foster, Miss, teacher in 3d district, h 56 Freemason.
FOSTER & MOORE, dry goods, 53 E Main.
Foster, Mrs. Sarah, h 74 N Church.
Foster, Mrs. Sarah, h 7 S Cumberland.
Foster, Wm. E. editor Norfolk Day-Book, h 14 N Brewer.
Foster, Wm. H. grocery 26 S Boush, h same.
Fougherty, Richard, laborer, h 4 Newcastle.
Fox, James hatter, bds 27 S Cumberland.
Francis, Daniel, h 26 Dodd's l.
Francis, John T. attorney at law & U. S. commissioner 21 Bank, h 31 Catharine.
Francis, Mrs. Mary Ann, h 26 Dodd's l.
Frank, John, laborer, h 27 S Duke.
Frankford, Moses, grocery cor Hawk and Bute, h S Church.
Franklin, John, saloon keeper, 104 S Church.
Frasher, tailor L. C. Dey, bds cor Church and Freemason.
Frederick, Louis, butcher W. G. Webber, h N Church.
Frederick, George, baker Mrs. S. Laurede, bds 67 E Main.

Frederick, George H. saloon 16 Commerce, h same.
Freeman, Mrs. C. A. boarding-house, 59 E Main.
Freeman, Ed. clerk King & Toy, bds 56 E Main.
FREEMAN, JAS. M. jeweller and watchmaker 29 E Main, h 10 S Cumberland.
Freeman, John, of Jones & Co, h 52 W Freemason.
Freemau, John C. clerk James I. Bloodgood, h 52 Freemason.
Freeman, J. D. gun maker and sporting depot, 71 S Church.
Freeman, Joseph M. jeweller's store Main, h 10 S Cumberland.
Freeman, R. clerk James Freeman, bds 10 S Cumberland.
Freeman, Capt. Wm. h 15 Freemason.
Freshwater, Edward, clerk Hardy & Bro, h 52 Queen.
Frezor, Cornelius, wheelwright A. Wrenn, h 27 Concord.
Friel, Jas. baker, h 5 Concord.
Frisby, Mrs. M. E. private boarding house, h 9 E Catharine.
Frost, Ed. clerk C. A. Smith, bds Bute bt Catharine and Cumberland.
Frost, Josephus S. ship joiner, h 12 N Church.
Frost, Robert, house carpenter, h 191 N Church.
Frost, Robert, laborer navy yard, h 64 E Bute.
Frost, Reuben, laborer, h 27 James.
Frost, S. house carpenter, h 6 W Charlotte.
Fugett, Wm. sail maker, h 15 James.
Fuller, John, bookkeeper James Corden & Co.
Fullman, ____, tinsmith Wm. D. Roberts, jr. & Co, bds Mr Trudwin W Main.

Gabel, Henry, tailor N. Baum, h 3 S. Church.
Gabrall, Samuel, coach painter A. Wrenn, bds 11 Cumberland.
Gaits, T. L. boiler maker navy yard, h 26 E Charlotte.
Gallaher, James B. cupper and leecher, 32 Bank, h same.
Gale, Enoch R. boots and shoes 37 E Main, h 18 N Brewer.
Gale, James D. clerk Allyn, Rose & Capps, bds Brewer bt Charlotte & Freemason.
Gale, Joseph A. clerk E. R. Gale, bds 18 N Brewer.
Gale, Thomas C. clerk E. R. Gale, bds 18 N Brewer.
Gallilee, Peter, of James Kerr & Co, h Portsmouth.
Galt, James D. physician 20 W Main.
Galt, Mrs. Mary A., h 80 Bute.
Gamage, E. forwarding & commission merchant 13 Campbell's wharf,
      h 35 N Catharine.
Gamage, John, clerk E. Gamage, bds 35 N Catharine.
Gambrall, Samuel, coach painter, bds 26 S Cumberland.
GAMMON, JAS. D. dry goods 69 E Main, h 33 N Church.
Ganly, J. R. laborer navy yard, h 68 N Church.
Gardner, Isaac O. messenger and keeper of City Hall, h 50 W Freemason.
Garress Mrs. L. F. dressmaker, h 77 N Church.
Garrison, G. G. of Garrison & Maigne, bds National Hotel.
GARRISON & MAIGNE, wholesale grocers, commission and shipping merchants,
      1 Rowland's wharf foot of Roanoke sq.
Gary, Mrs. M. S. seamstress, 60 E Bute.
Gas Light Company's office 41 Bank.
Gatch, B. W. painter, h 13 N Brewer.
Gatch, Thomas, teacher Norfolk Military Academy, h 13 N Brewer.
Gatewood, Rev. Robert, male school 62 Fenchurch cor of Bermuda, h 47 S Church.
Gatewood, T. bds National Hotel.
Geasling, William, cigar maker J. A. Runaldue.
Gennen, E. boot and shoemaker 74 W Widewater, h same.
George, Edward, harbor master, h 25 Concord.
George, S. music teacher, h 21 S Brewer.
Gerrald, Joseph, sail maker, h 30 Bank.
Geslin, William L. cigar maker J. Runaldue, h Mosely east end.
Gesset, Thomas, harness maker John P. Jenkins, h 45 S Church.
Gethegon, O. auctioneer, h 79 W Main.
Ghieslan, William L. cigar maker, h Mqseley.
Ghiselin, Henry, of McPheeters & Chiselin, h 3 N Brewer.
Ghiselin, H. clerk McPheeters & Ghiselin, bds cor Charlotte and Cumberland.
Ghiselin, J. D. jr. books and stationery, 47 E Main, h 36 E Bute.
Ghiselin, J D. sf., h 29 N Cumberland cor Charlotte.
Ghiselin, Mrs. W. N , h 20 E Charlotte.
Gibbs, John M. at custom house, h 25 Bute.
Gibbs, John, brick maker, h 38 S Cumberland.
Gibbs, John, laborer, h 40 James.
Gibbs, Miss Mary, h 55 E Bute.
Giddons, John drayman, h 76 W Widewater.
Gilbert, J. W. s.hip joiner, h 9 Proby's l.
Gill, Peter, tinsmith William D. Roberts, jr. & Co, bds 60 Bermuda.
Gilmore, P. H. laborer, h 9 Allyn's court.
Gimmerson, John, house carpenter, bds 49 Cumberland cor Cove.
Glau, H. laborer, h 27 S Duke.
Glemm, Jacob, butcher, stall 10 market house, h 40 Queen.
Glenn, G., h 2 Hill.
Glenn, G. B. purser's clerk U. S. navy, h 110 N Church.
Glennen, William J. laborer, h 212 N Church.
Godfrey, Augustus, painter, h 55 Queen.
Godfrey, Ed. S. butcher, stall 8 market house, h 37 Nicholson.
Godfrey, Lewis, clerk L. G. Smith, bds J. A. Runaldue, 37 S Cumberland.
Godfrey, R. H. cabinet maker, h 3 Bermuda.
Godfrey, Miss Susan, seamstress, h 5 New street.
Godfrey, William, boot and shoemaker, 39 S Church.
Godfrey, William C. house carpenter, h 50 N Brewer.
Godwin, ____, bds 66 W Main.
Godwin, Ed. tinner George L. Crow.
Godwin, William N. oysterman, h 72 Bute.
Goffigan, O. clerk Ferguson & Belote, h 153 E Main.
Golding, James, saloon, 117 and 119 E Widewater.
Goldsmith, A. L. dry goods, 34 S Church.
Golick, Jacob, oysterman, h 9 Barraud court.
Gonto, W. T. clerk, bds 5 N Church.
Good, A. butcher in market, h 223 Church.
Goodcup, Mrs. Jane, seamstress, h 75 S Church.
Goodman, Louis, private boarding house, 59 S Church.
Goodrich, B. salt provisions, stall 31 Market house.
Goodrich, E. L. tally keeper, h 31 Bank.
Goodridge, E. clerk G. K. Goodridge, bds 113 E Main.
Goodridge, F. E. bookkeeper John D. Gordan & Co, bds 113 W. Main.
Goodridge, G. K. grocer & commission merchant 6 Campbell's wharf, h 113 E Main.
Goodridge, Mrs. L., h 113 E Main.
Goodridge, T. M. clerk, bds 113 E Main.
Goodson, Robert, laborer, h 29 James.
Goodwin, W. R. clerk Santos, Walker & Co, bds National Hotel.
Goold, Mrs. Margaret, h 53 Nicholson.
Gordan, John D. of J. D. Gordan & Co, h Bermuda head of East.
Gordan, John D. & Co, bankers, 29 Market sq.
Gordan, Joseph P. clerk John D. Gordan & Co.
Gordon, Cornelius, house carpenter, h cor Liberty and Hawk.
Gordon, John D. school teacher, h 14 Princess Anne road.
Gordon, James, of James Gordon & Co, bds National Hotel.
Gordon, James & Co. commission merchants, foot of Washington, McPhail's wharf.
Gordon, Jesse, huckster, h 129 Church.
Gormley, John, harness and saddlery store 4 S Union, h 2 2d Cross.
Gornts, E. N. grocer, 27 Bank.
Gornton, George R. clerk Foster & Moore, bds 38 Cumberland.
Gorsuch, Charles T. dry goods 3 Market sq, bds National Hotel.
Gotintrunk, P. clerk, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Gough, F. steward National Hotel.
Goule, James, laborer navy yard, h 6 Plume.
Grade, Martin, grave digger, h 61 N Church.
Graham, T. farmer, h 6 Bute.
Granbery, Mrs. Harriet, millinery 62 S Church, h same.
Granbery, W. H bookkeeper Odom & Clements, h 38 N Cumberland.
Grandy, C. W. of Grandy & Stout, h 17 Holt.
Grandy, C. W. jr. clerk Grandy & Stout, bds 17 Holt.
Grandy & Stout, commission & forwarding merchants, Ferguson & Milhado's wharf
      W Widewater.
Granier, E. D. physician 28 W Main, h same.
Graves, Charles M. clerk William R. Norris, h 7 Catharine.
Graves, David A. bookkeeper W. A. Graves, h Bermuda east end.
Graves, James, pedlar, h 10 N Brewer.
GRAVES, WM. A. ship building, marine railway and sawmill, 66 E Widewater,
      h 28 S Duke.
Gray, E. M. cabinet maker, h 19 S Cumberland.
Gray, James R. clerk William R. Jones, bds 1 S Church.
Gray, John Ed. clerk William R. Jones, bds W Main opp Exchange Hotel.
Gray, Mrs. M. h 15 Botetourt.
Green, Charles S. foreman Borum & McClean, h 70 W Bute.
Green, James, house carpenter, h 25 S Duke.
Green, Thomas, oysterman, h 17 Voss.
Green, William, h 9 Voss.
Green, Samuel, of Whitehurst & Greene, h 61 E Bermuda.
GREENWOOD, C. F. jeweller and watchmaker 21 E Main and 2 W Widewater,
      h 14 S Cumberland.
Greenwood, F. agent C. F. Greenwood, bds 14 S Cumberland.
Greenwood, Martin, soap boiler, factory 2 Reed's l cor Union, h 14 Union.
Gregory, J. H. clerk James Smith, h Portsmouth.
Gregory, John W. printer Day-Book office, h 16 S Church.
Gresset, William T. harness maker, h 54 N Church.
Grice, A P. bookkeeper Leigh & Bro.
Grieve, William A. tailor Farant, Lester & Co, h Main.
Griffin, George, boot and shoemaker, 83 S Church.
Griffin, J. clerk F. W. Seabury, h 49 W Main.
Griffin, Mrs. Margaret, h 49 W Main.
Griffin, Michael, tally keeper, h 42 Bank.
Griffin, Thomas, shoemaker F. W. Seabury, bds Bank.
Griffin, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, h 10 William.
Griffin, W. H. waterman, h 39 S Cumberland.
Griffith, E. J. of Griffith, Wilson & Co, h 32 W Freemason.
GRIFFITH, WILSON & CO. hardware and cutlery, 17 Market sq.
Griffith, W. P. books and stationery, 11 Main, h same.
Griggs, William, laborer, h 132 N Church.
Grigsby, H. B , h 131 S Main.
Grimstead, Joseph, laborer, h 33 Nicholson.
Groner, George, merchant tailor 40 E Main, h 10 W Charlotte.
Groner, Capt. V. D. at N. Y. and Va S. S Co, h 10 W Charlotte.
Groves, James, oysterman, h 76 W Widewater.
Gud, Augustus, butcher, stall 7 market house.
Guinn, Mrs. Mary Ann, h 19 Dodd's l.
Guinn, Robert, sail maker, bds 19 Dodd's l.
GURNEY & CO. boots, shoes and trunks, 19 Market sq.
Gurney, E. of Gurney & Co, h 38 Holt.
Guy, Mrs. A., h 69 Queen.
Guy, E. captain city watch, h 70 S Fenchurch.
Guy, Michael, machinist, h 51 Queen.
Guynn, T. P. clerk post office, bds W Freemason.
Guyot, Y. S. dyeing establishment, 95 E Main nr Fenchurch.
Gwaltney, A. A. of Gwaltney & Co, h 63 Catharine.
Gwaltney, B. L. W. gunsmith P. D. Gwaltney & Co, bds 8 Union.
Gwaltney & Co. furniture and house furnishing goods, 12 E Main.
Gwaltney, P. D. of P, D. Gwaltney & Co, h 8 Union.
Gwaltney, P. D. & Co. gunsmiths, 8 Union.
Gwinn, Major Thomas P. h 74 W Freemason.

Hall, Alex, talley keeper, h 168 N Church.
Hall, C. of C. H. & Co, h 156 Bute.
Hall, C. & Co. book and stationery, 1 E Main.
Hall, E. G. machinist navy yard, h 70 S Fenchurch.
Hall, E. T. house carpenter, h Gatewood's l bt Catharine and Avon.
Hall, Joshua, laborer, h 62 James.
Hall, John T. attorney at law and notary public 21 W Main, h 10 Duke cor Bute.
Hall, Richard, h 10 N Duke cor W Bute.
Hall, Richard, jr. at J. R. Ludlow's drug store, h N Duke corner W Bute.
Hall, Thomas D. seaman, 86 N Church.
Hall, William, merchant, h 10 Brewer.
Hall, William, artist Burwell & Hobday, bds 148 Church.
Hall, W. H C, clerk James I. Bloodgood, h 10 S Brewer.
Hall, Wm W., h 48 Cumberland cor Cove.
Hallett, E. M. groceries Campbell's wharf, h 38 S Fenchurch.
Hallett, Wm. R. clerk E. M. Hallett, bds 38 Fenchurch.
Halstead, Edward, grocery, 67 Liberty.
Halson, Mrs. Elizabeth, h 31 Bermuda.
Halsey, Mrs. Hannahett, h 17 N Boush.
Haley, Thomas, laborer, h 56 E Bute.
Hamburger, J & Co. cigars and tobacco, 38 E Main.
Hambury, Mrs. J. T. h 3 N Church.
HANKINS & CLARK, daguerrean gallery, 6 E Main.
Hankins, Thomas, clerk T. Battimore, h 8 S Cumberland.
Hankins, Thomas, jr. of H. & Clark, h 18 Cumberland.
Hanley, C. D. tailor E. Capps, h W Cumberland.
Hannan, John, laborer, h 34 Union.
Hannan, Michael, laborer, h 32 Union.
Hannors, W. huckster, h 12 Proby's l.
Hansbury, Peter, h 40 W Freemason.
Happer, George, h 35 Bermuda.
Harding, B. R. machinist navy yard, bds 45 S Cumberland.
Harding, Mrs. Frances, h 6 S Boush.
Harding, Capt. H. F., h 45 S Cumberland.
Hardy & Bro. commission merchants, 98 W Widewater.
Hardy, C. W. clerk Hardy & Bros, bds 25 S Granby.
Hardy, E. T. of H. & Bros, h Granby.
Hardy, E. W. livery and sale stable, 19 Union.
Hardy, Edward W. merchant firm Hardy & Bros, h 15 S Granby.
Hardy, John B. of John B. H & Co, bds National Hotel.
Hardy, John B. & Co. commission and produce merchants, foot of Washington.
Hardy, T. A. of H. & Bros, h Washington point.
Hardy, Thomas J. physician, h 28 S Catharine.
Hardy, Wm. J. merchant, of Hardy & Bros, h 26 S Granby.
Harris, Charles, bakery, 6 Hill.
Harris, H. V. of Armstrong & H., bds National Hotel.
Harris, John, plasterer, h 26 N Brewer.
Harris, William, plasterer, h 26 E Freemason.
Harris, W. B. clerk National Hotel.
Harrison, Benj. F. clerk Wm. T. Harrison, h 34 S Cumberland.
Harrison, Miss Catharine, h 15 E Bute.
Harrison, Nathaniel, boat builder navy yard, h 89 Bank cor Hill.
Harrison, W. H. house carpenter, h 35 E Freemason.
Harrison, Wm. T. groceries 27 Market sq, h 6 W Freemason.
Harrison, Wm. T. upholster, h 34 Bank.
Hartman, A. D. proprietor North Carolina and Virginia House, 3 and 5 Commerce.
Hartshorn, S. Boston ice house 63 W Freemason, h 13 Bermuda.
Hastings, George H. shoemaker, 106 S Church.
Hastings, Wm. T. clerk E. C Denning, bds 60 S Church.
Hathaway, James L. jeweller and watchmaker 27 E Main, bds 42 S Cumberland.
HATHAWAY, J. R books & stationery & proprietor Norfolk Day-Book, 29 W Main.
Haughton, A. clerk F. W. Seabury, bds Freemason nr cor Granby.
Hawkins, Mrs. Polly, h 65 N Church.
Hawthorn, James, blacksmith Loyall's l nr Union, h 3 Wolfe.
Hay, Wm. I. at navy yard, h 46-1/2 W Main.
Hayes, James, laborer in navy yard, h 41 Nicholson.
Hayman, John, foreman Southern Argus, h 13 Voss.
Hayse, Mrs. Betsy, h 23 E Bute.
Healy, James, gas fitter, h 59 N Church.
Healy, John, gas fitter navy yard, h 59 N Church.
Hedpeth, Capt. H., h 24 Washington.
Henderson, James, boot & shoemaker, workshop 12 N. Church opp Freemason.
Henderson, Jos. L., U. S. navy, h 12 Freemason.
Henderson, Mrs. Lucy, seamstress, h 21 Dodd's l.
Henderson, Mrs. R., h 22 Holt.
Henderson, T. J. clerk, h 22 Holt.
Henderson, Wm. H. machinist navy yard, bds 22 Holt.
HENDREN, J. groceries and provisions 1 E Widewater, h 18 N Church.
Hendren, Judson, bookkeeper George Reid, bds 38 S Catharine.
Hendren, J. H. city register, office City Hall sq, h 38 S Catharine.
Hening, Mrs. Julia A., h 85 W Main.
Henley, C. D. tailor, h 31 S Cumberland.
Henley, C L. shoe and boot maker, h 90 N Church.
Henley, Mrs. Jane, h 5 N Church.
Henley, J. E. house carpenter navy yard, bds 5 N Church.
Henley, Thomas, cigar maker, bds 31 S Cumberland.
Henneman, John A. watchmaker C. F. Greenwood, bds 21 S Cumberland.
Henry, Nathaniel, engineer, h 36 Cove.
Hepenstall, James, boat builder, h 24 Marsh.
Hepper, Mrs. M. S. E., h 13 Hartshorn's court.
HERMAN & CO. wholesale boots, shoes and leather, 38 and 40 Market sq.
Hern, Dennis, wood workman Charles Nelson, h W Main.
Hesey, William, merchant, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Hester, John, h 2 N Fenchurch cor Mariner.
Hickinbottom, Mrs. Sarah, h 19 Brewer.
Hics, Capt. James, bds National Hotel
Hieller, John, jr. clerk B. Myers, bds 56 E Main.
Higgins, John A. commission merchant Higgins's wharf 120 E Widewater,
      h 117 E Main.
Higgins, M. W. stone cutter, h 29 Cove.
Hill, A. D. grocery 10 and 12 S Church, h same.
Hill, Clemment, shoe and boot maker, h 160 N Church cor Moseley.
Hill, Henry, h 8 Commerce.
Hill, Mrs. L. F., h 29 Wood.
Hill, S. J. milk vender, h 121 Church.
Hipkins, John, of John H. & Co, h 24 W Freemason.
Hipkins, John & Co. ship chandlers & commission merchants, 15 W Widewater.
Hipkins. J. L. marine surveyor, tobacco warehouse cor Washington and Lee.
Hipkins, Richard, clerk John Hipkins & Co, bds 24 W Freemason.
Hipkins, Wm. deputy collector, U. S. custom-house.
Hitchings, David D. boat builder foot W Main, h 38-1/2 W Main.
Hitchins, George W. laborer, h 16 S Duke.
Hobday, A. of Burwell & H., bds Portsmouth.
Hodges, Mrs. John, h 22 Chapel.
Hodges, J. K. blacksmith, h 52 Bermuda cor East.
Hodges, Mrs. S. E., h 25 Catharine.
Hodges, T. H. of T. H. H. & Co, h 6 S Cumberland.
Hodges, T. H. & Co. blacksmith, 16 and 18 E Widewater.
Hodges, Wm. E. house carpenter, h 118 N Church.
Hofheimer, Zacharias, clothier 20 E Main, h same.
Hofman, Wm. laborer, h 19 Concord.
Hogan, Capt. John, of Lazarus & H., bds Merchants' Hotel.
Hogwood, G. W., bds 2 Talbot.
Hog wood, Wm. oysterman, h 2 Talbot.
Holden, Mrs. Mary, widow, h 21 Union.
Holden, Miss S. school teacher, h 95 W Bute.
Holland, Henry, restaurant, cor Church and Queen.
Holmes, Alex. T. bookkeeper A. Wrenn, bds 26 W Main.
Holmes Mrs. E. S. boarding house, h 1 N Fenchurch.
Holmes, Henry, huckster, h Union.
Holmes, Henry, of J. T. Caffee & Co, bds 2 E Widewater.
Holmes, John, plasterer, h 22 S Duke.
Holmes, J. B. physician, h and office 105 E Main.
Holmes, John S. h 35 S Cumberland.
Holmes, Thomas, locksmith and bell hanger, h 75 S Church.
Holstead, Mrs Frances, h 33 N Catharine.
Holt, Miss Ann, h 46 W Freemason.
Holt, Mrs. Ann, dress maker, h 30 S Cumberland.
Holt, X. tailor L. C Dey, h 38 N Church.
Hooker, ____, laborer navy yard, h 12 Woodside's l.
Hope Engine House, Cove nr Church.
Hope, Wm. machinist Borum & McClear, h cross Briggs' point.
Hope, Wm. M. foreman Nathaniel Nash's shipyard.
Hopkins, Capt. Jas. B., bds 34 W Main.
Hopkins, Samuel P. coachmaker, h 49 Queen.
Horstman, John, carpenter, bds 60 Bermuda.
Hospital of St. Vincent, cor N Church and Wood.
Howard, Allen, huckster, h 37 N Catharine.
Howard Association House, 12 Yarmouth.
Howard, Henry, bookkeeper Delk & Lindsey, bds 20 W Freemason.
Howard, M. saloon, h 4 Commerce.
Howard, Michael, blacksmith Borum & McClean, h 4 Commerce.
Howard, Robert, h 77 Liberty.
Howe, Wm. R. ship carpenter, h 61 Liberty.
Hozier, Mrs. Jane, h 19 W Bute.
Hozier, W J. ship carpenter, h 15 Proby's l.
Hubard, J. R. attorney at law 43 Bank, h 9 Catharine.
Hudgins, Carter, laborer, h 9 Voss.
Hudgins, Ed. wheelwright Wm. H. Lockwood.
Hudgins, George C. clerk T. F. Owens, h Washington point.
Hudgins, H. W. carpenter, bds 26 S Church.
Hudgins, J. M. bookkeeper J. M. Smith & Bro, h Portsmouth.
Hudgins, John W. cooper Wm. C. Diggs, bds 18 Market sq.
Hudgins, Moses, house carpenter, h 11 Proby's l.
Hudgins, T. J. shoe and bootmaker, h 4 Proby's l.
Hudgins, W. J. ship carpenter, h Church cor Bute.
Hudgins, W. R. clerk Griffith, Wilson & Co, bds 32 W Freemason.
Huet, E. physician, office 12 William.
Hughes, Mrs. Nancy, boarding house, 14 Market sq.
Hugo, John, stone mason, h 11 Concord.
Hull, Peter, house carpenter, h 82 Queen.
Hull, P. C. architect and builder, Cove st.
Hunley, Wm. oysterman, h 51-1/2 Queen.
Hunt, Thomas J. clerk L. L. Brickhouse, bds Exchange Hotel.
Hunt, Thomas O. shoemaker, h 1 Bermuda.
Hunter, J. T. huckster, h 108 N Church.
Hunter, R. I. clerk Butt & Douglass, h Ferry point.
Hunter, Wm. H. treasurer Norfolk and Petersburg railroad co. 10 Newcastle,
     h 14 Chapel.
Hunter, W. H. of Gurney & Co, h Chapel opp Catholic church.
Hunter, W. W. clerk J. M. Smith & Bro, bds 14 N Chapel.
Hurst, Mrs. Elizabeth, h cor E Bute and Cumberland.
Hurley, M. cigars and tobacco 34 Market sq, h same.
Hutchinson, Jas navy, h 43 Bute.
Huttleton, J. E. of Wilkins & H , bds 88 S Church.
Huttleston, Thomas, tailor E. Capps, h 56 N Church.
Hutzler, David, clerk L. A. Levyno, bds 23 Bank
Hyslop, Augustus, clerk W. M. Millar, bds Ferry pt.
Hyslop, J. E. clerk L. L. Brickhouse, bds Ferry pt.

Icenbice, T. laborer, h 11 Dodd's l.
Ilko, J. watchmaker Jas. Freeman, bds Portsmouth.
Ingrain, Wm. house carpenter 6 S Church, h 111 Church.
Irby, Capt. Henry E., h 7 Yarmouth.
Irwin, Henry, of Doyle & I, h N Catharine.
Irwin, Thomas, plasterer, h 19 Moseley.
Irwin, Wm. E. merchant, h 5 N Catharine.
Ishon, Captain Samuel I., h 2 Bute.

Jacob, Joseph, clothing 32 Market sq, h 42 Bank.
Jacocks, John H. clerk Delk & Lindsey, bds 5 S Catherine.
Jackman, C. R. of Moreland & Jackman, h W Main.
Jagueneau, A. H clerk J. J. Moore & Co, h 79 York.
James, Mrs. Ann, private boarding house, 97 Main cor Fenchurch.
James, John, commission merchant 19 W Widewater cor Commerce.
      h 50 S Fenchurch.
James, J. E. captain, h 15 Botetourt.
James, John T. house carpenter, h 12 Bute.
James, Robert, house carpenter, bds at Thomas Murrey's 72 Queen.
JAMES, R. F. salt provisions, &c. stall 8 Market place and 33 Market sq, h 5 Wolfe.
James, Robert O. grain measurer, h 5 Wolfe.
James, William A, bricklayer, h 24 Bute.
Jakeman, Arthur, house joiner and millwright, h 12 S Church.
Jakeman, Job, gardner, h 6 N Cumberland.
Jarvis, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, h 157 E Main.
Jarvis, William, caulker in navy yard, h 157 E Main.
Jarvis, William, joiner John R. Joynes, bds 157 E Main.
Jarvis, William R. ship joiner, h 157 E Main.
Jay, Mrs. Peter, h 30 Freemason.
Jeffery, Aaron, h 29 S Catharine.
Jeffery, Mrs. Ann, h 29 S Catharine.
Jeffery, Dr. R. W. of United States navy, bds 29 S Catharine.
Jenkins, John P. saddle and harness maker 9 Union, h 23 S Catharine.
Jennings, Anson, wheelwright, h 145 Church.
Jews' Synagogue, Wolfe.
Jimmerson, William, huckster 16 Union, h same.
Jinkins, Charles, carpenter, bds 49 S Cumberland cor Cove.
Johnson, Mrs. Ann, h 24 Cove.
Johnson, Mrs. Betsy, h 3 Roanoke.
Johnson, B. R. stone cutter, h 24 Bank.
Johnson, Crawford H. bookkeeper Richard Dickson, h 55 N Cumberland.
Johnson, E. R. butcher, stall 9 market house.
Johnson, John K. cutter N. Baum, h 9 Wolfe.
Johnson, J. T. tailor, h 9 Wolfe.
Johnson, Peed, clerk William Johnson, jr, bds 28 N Church.
Johnson, William, clerk William Johnson, jr, h 9 N Church.
JOHNSON, WM. Jr, hats, caps, furs, &c. 21 Market sq, h 5 S Church.
Johnston, Mrs. E. doctress, 49 S Cumberland cor Cove.
Johnston, Charles H. clerk J. J. Moore, bds 80 E Main.
Johnson, F. A. tobacconist, bds 49 Cumberland cor Cove.
Johnston, George W. bookkeeper D. F. Keeling, h 80 E Main.
Johnston, J. B. house carpenter, h 2 Cumberland.
Johnston, James H. commission merchant 26 Commerce, h 80 E Main.
Jones, A. J. huckster, bds 12 William.
Jones & Co. grain and hay dealers, 11, 13 and 15 Roanoke sq.
Jones, Edward, house carpenter, 26 N Fenchurch.
Jones, Mrs. E., h 40 W Main.
Jones, Fayette, runner Farmers Bank, h 150 E Main.
Jones, Harvey, saddle and harness maker and carriage manufacturer, 26 Union,
      h 31 N Catharine.
Jones, J. of Jones & Co, h 54 Cumberland cor Bute.
Jones, Josiah, h 4 Magazine l.
JONES, JAMES E. groceries and provisions 2 Campbell's wharf,
      bds Catharine next door to Exchange Bank.
Jones, J. H. tally keeper, h 10 N Church.
Jones, Jefferson R. bookkeeper Armstrong & Harris, bds 12 Chapel.
Jones, Miss Mary, h 69 W Freemason.
Jones, Mrs. Rebecca, h 10 Ckapel.
Jones, Rev. T. G. pastor of 2d Baptist Church, h 2 N Catharine.
Jones, William, coach trimmer J. M. Pullen, h Ferry Point.
Jones, Wm. R. groceries 3 E Wide water, h 1 S Church cor Mariner.
Jordan, C. of C. Jordan & Son, h 52 S Church.
JORDAN, C. & SON, confectionery and fruit store, 77 E Main and 52 S Church.
Jordan, Miss Caroline, h 44 W Charlotte.
Jordan, Mrs. Elizabeth, h 35 Bank.
Jordan, Henry, of C. Jordan & Son, bds 52 S Church.
Jordan, John, machinist, navy yard, h Bermuda.
Joyce, John, boot and shoemaker, 43 N Church.
Joynes, Jefferson R. clerk, bds 12 Chapel.
Joynes, John R. ship joiner 77 E Widewater, h 12 N Chapel.
Joynes, S. H. clerk, bds 12 Chapel.
Joynes, William, proprietor Merchants' Hotel, 18 Union.
Joynes, W. L. watchman, h 107 Church.
Joynes, Mrs. W. W., h 58 Cumberland.
Jurgens, W. & Co. house and fresco painters, 37-1/2 W Main.

Kalihan, Daniel, laborer, h S Church bt Union and East Widewater.
Kanegen, T. h 78 N Church.
Karcher, Mrs. Rosina, confectionery, fruit and saloon 11 and 13 W Main, h same.
Karn, Francis M. merchant tailor 14 E Main, h 12 Mariner.
Kara, Joseph, tailor, bds 12 Mariner.
Katkusky, Joseph, tailor Mainard & Cooper, bds 32 Commerce.
Kavanaugh, Bryan, laborer navy yard, h 6 Plume.
Kavanaugh, J, foreman Examiner office, bds N Church.
Kavanah, John, rigger, h 18 Dodd's l.
Kay, George, mariner, h 35 E Charlotte.
Kayton, Barney, jeweller and watchmaker 3 W Main, h same.
Kaytun, Mrs., h 41 E Main.
Keater, Mrs. L., h 84 Bermuda.
Keating, James R. painter, h 12 Talbot.
Keef, John, carriage maker A. Wrenn, bds Concord nr Granbery.
Keefe, G. T of K. & Story, h 15 Mariner.
KEEFE & STORY, stoves and tin ware, 6 Union.
Keeling, D. F. ship broker tobacco warehouse Town point, bds Mrs. Thornton's
      108 E Main.
Keeling, Mrs. Elizabeth, h 6 S Boush.
Keeling, J. E. house carpenter, h 10 S Cumberland.
Keeling, J. L. carpenter, h 41 N Cumberland,
Keeling, J. W. in the navy, h 11 S Cumberland.
Keeling, Mrs. Martha, h 94 Bute.
Keeling, M. C. moulder, bds 11 S Cumberland.
Kehoe, Joseph, tailor 7 W Main, h 23 W Main.
Keirnan, John, baker and confectioner, h 27 S Fenehurch.
Keith, J B. bookkeeper King & Toy, bds 40 S Cumberland corner Williamson's l.
Kellam, Steward, clerk L. W. Webb, bds 58 E Main.
Kelley, J H proprietor Star House, 27 N Church.
Kelley, Michael, bookkeeper Sherwood & Young, h Portsmouth.
Kelly, Daniel, engineer, h 19 Voss.
Kelly, James, grocery cor Brewer and Bute, h same.
Kendall, J. C. groceries 1 W Main, h same
Kerr & Co. crockery, china and glass, 8 E Main.
Kerr, E. M. of K & Co, h 47 W Freemason
Kerr, James, of James K & Co, h 48 E Main.
Kerr, James & Co paper hangings and upholstery, 48 E Main.
Kevill, Thomas, clothing 48 W Widewater, h same.
Kevill, Thomas, merchant, h Martin's l.
Kevill, W. L. ship stores 46 W Widewater, h same.
King, J. Barry, clerk Mellen & Santos, bds 8 Washington.
King, John B., h 8 Washington.
King, Dr. N. C. druggist, of King & Toy, h 8 Washington.
KING & TOY, wholesale druggists, 2 and 4 Market sq
Kilpatrick, Hugh, blacksmith J Hawthorn, bds 3 Wolfe.
Kirby, John H. clerk J. Hathaway, bds J. R. Hathaway.
Kirby, Mrs M. E., h 14 Newcastle.
Klein, Mrs Sacob, h 33 S Duke.
Kattman, Louis, baker Mrs A. Davidson, bds 46 E Main.
Knaouse, J. H. boot and shoemaker, 14 William.
Kneller, George, hatter, bds 44 Bank
Kneller, Miss G. groceries 44 Bank, h same.
Knewstep, Mrs E. B., h 13 S Cumberland.
Knight, Samuel H. laborer, h 65 Liberty.
Knight, Wm. h 37 N Church
Knotts, John W. oysterman, h 17 Botetourt.
Kuox, Capt E., h 5 Barraud ct.
Kreps, Chas. W. N. & P. R. R. 10 Newcastle, bds Exchange Hotel.

Laikin, Ed. restaurant and saloon, 23 W Widewater.
Lalor, Samuel B. carpenter, h 23 Brewer.
Lamb, Wm. of Leonard & L., bds Bute west end.
Lamb, W. W. mayor of the city, office City Ball, h 166 Bute.
Lambert, Mrs E. A. grocery, 41 N Church.
Lambert, James, oysterman, h 106 N Church.
Lambert, Thomas, grocery, h 113 Cumberland.
Land, Mrs. Frances, boarding house, 92 S Church.
Land, Isaac, grocer, 65 S Church.
Land, Jeremiah, h 57-1/2 Queen.
Land, Nathan, h 7 E Boush.
Land, W. C. clerk C. T. Gorsuch, bds cor N Church and Main.
Lane, John, house carpenter, h 71 Liberty.
Lane, John, wheelwright 35 E Widewater, h 14 Liberty.
Lane, Joseph, carpenter, bds 5 Virginia.
Langhorne, Rev. George W. pastor Granby st. Methodist Church, h 21 W Freemason.
Langley, C.H. bookkeeper Atlantic iron works, bds 60 S Church.
Langley, J. R. of Rogers & L., h 54 W Freemason.
Langley, Wm. H. clerk Vickery & Co, bds Freemason bt Granby and Bute.
Lansing, Mrs. Elizabeth, h 9-1/2 W Charlotte.
Lappin, Mrs. Ann, h 26 Dodd's l.
Lappin, Mrs. B. h 46 W Charlotte.
Larkins, John, laborer, h 13 Allyn's court.
Larkins, Patrick, laborer, h S Church bt Union and E Widewater.
Lassell, J. T. attorney at law, 31 W Main.
Lassiter, Thomas J. printer Argus office, bds 18 W Main.
Laurede, Mrs. S. confectionery and bakery 67 E Main, h same.
Lauria, James, ship carpenter, h 24 Marsh.
Lawrence, John, rigger navy yard, h 21 Concord.
Lawrence, Wm. laborer, h 22 Voss.
Lazarus, D. H. notary public and of L. & Hogan, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Lazarus & Hogan, shipping and general agents, 27 W Widewater.
Leary, Lemuel, machinist and locomotive engineer, h 20 Cove.
Lebrett, Augustus, engineer, h 214 N Church.
Le Doyen, John B. porter Camp, Bonsal & Co, h Wood.
Lee, D. J physician, h and office S Church opp St. Paul's Church.
Lee, Mrs. D. J. physician, h S Church opp St. Paul's church.
Lee, Ivey, laborer, h 46 S Church cor Cove.
LEE, JOHN W. livery stables N Church, h 23 S Church.
Lee, Michael, laborer, h 37 Bermuda.
Lee, N B. farmer, h 81 Queen.
Lee, Thomas R. of Thos. R. L. & Co, h 15 Bermuda.
Lee, Thos. R. & Co blacksmith, 6 E Widewater.
Lee, Wm. barber 9 Barry's row Union, h Reed's l.
Lefaucheur, Felix, clerk J. D. Reed, h 63 Cumberland.
LEIGH & BRO. grocers and commission merchants, 5 Commercial row Newton's
Leigh, John P., h 139 E Main.
Leigh, John P., jr. bookkeeper J. W. Whitehurst & Co, bds 139 E Main.
Leigh, James Y. of L. & Bro, bds 139 E Main.
Leigh, Wm. R. of L. & Bro, bds 139 E Main.
Leitheratt, E. shoemaker 42 E Main, h 14 W Main.
Leon, E. barber, 42 Market sq.
Leonard, A. F. of L. & Lamb, bds National Hotel.
LEONARD & LAMB, proprietors Southern Argus, 17 W Main.
LEPAGE BROTHERS, commission merchants, Willis's wharf.
Lepage, Emile, of L. Bros, bds 72 E Main.
Lepage, Henry L of L. Bros, bds 72 E Main.
Lepage, L h 72 E Main.
Lepluse, Augustus, butcher, stall 20 market house.
Lester, David, laborer, h 115 Cumberland.
Lester, John T. of Farant, L. & Co, h Briggs' point 3 Hartshorn's court.
Levy, ____, clothing, 34 Market sq.
Levy, Louis, of A Sugar & Co, bds 45 Bank.
Levy, M. G. clothing 42 Market sq, h 45 Bank.
Levyno, L. A. clothier 16 Market sq, h 33 Bank.
Lewellen, George, laborer, h 118 W Freemason.
Lewellen, Mrs Jane, h 11 E Bute.
Lewellyn, Charles B. of Thos. R. Lee & Co, h Jerusalem, Norfolk county.
Lewis, J. W. clerk, bds 23 and 25 N Church.
Lewman, Wm. I. laborer, h 5 Moseley.
Lightfoot, Mrs. Mary F. boarding house, 45 E Main.
Lilass, Thomas, h 59 E Widewater.
Lilliston, John, laborer navy yard, h 18 Talbot.
Lilliston, James A. gunner U. S. navy, h 14 Newcastle.
Lilliston, John W., h 8 Barraud court.
Lilliston, Mrs. L., h 9 S Cumberland.
Lindsey, E. C of Delk & L., h 7 S Granby.
Lipscomb, Charles R., h 21 S Church cor Holt.
Livingston, Miss S , h 4 S Cumberland.
Lockwood, Wm. H. wheelwright and blacksmith 120 S Church, h 39 W Bute.
Loeffler, ____, shoemaker Wm. S. Paine, bds 24 W Main.
Loler, Mrs. D. C., h 79 S Church.
Long, Charles, hatter J. D. Reed, bds 27 S Cumberland.
Long, Rev. John C. pastor Cumberland st. Baptist church.
Long, Wm. F. keeper powder magazine, office cor W Queen and N Cumberland.
Loss, Henry, foreman Schmitt & Seldner, bds N. C. & Va. Hotel.
Louveste, Michael, boarding house, Nevison.
Lovely, George, boat builder D. D. Hitchings, h 19 Commerce.
Lovett, Mrs. A., h 41 S Church.
Lovett, David, waterman, bds 28 S Cumberland.
Lovett, Henry C. clerk Garrison & Maigne, h cor Church and Holt.
Lovett, R. P. clerk P. H. Whitehurst, bds 39 N Fenchurch.
Lovitt, Robt. C. salesman W. H. C Lovitt, bds S Church cor Holt.
LOVITT, W. H. C. hats, caps, furs, &c. 15 E Main, h S Church cor Holt.
Lowell, Miss I. G. principal female department public school No. 4, bds 7 S Church.
Lowell, Wm. A. agent Baltimore steam packet company Hunter's wharf, h 7 S Church.
Lowell, Wm. H. clerk Baltimore steam packet company, bds 7 S Church.
Lowery, Mrs. Sarah, h 68 N Church.
Loyall, George, navy agent office 22 W Main, h 14 S Granby.
Loyall, George, jr. at navy agent's office, h 14 S Granby.
Loyall, Mrs. Wm., h 43 W Freemason.
Luck, John, boatman, h 65 W Widewater.
Luckstone, C. S. tobacconist 46 S Church, h 54 E Bute.
Ludlow, John R. dispensary 24 W Main, h S E cor Catharine and Bute.
Luke, F. car builder, h Bute nr Church.
Luker, J. W. W. clerk L. Berkley, bds Mrs. Smith 38 S Fenchurch.
Lunsford, J. L. cabinet maker 11 Charlotte, h same.
Lutz, Charles, tailor, h 12 Commerce.

McAnally, Mrs. C. grocer, 10 Marsh.
McAnally, John, tinsmith Ed. Delany, bds 10 Marsh.
McCaffrey, Mrs E. dressmaking and millinery, 90 S Church.
McCaffrey, T. marble dealer and stone cutter 38 W Main, h 90 S Church.
McCANN, THOMAS, boots and shoes, 44 E Main.
McCannon, Sol. brick mason, bds 62 N Church.
McCarrick, Capt. T. grocery 21 Boush cor Bute, h same.
McClean, A. B., president American insurance company 46 Bank, h 114 E Main.
McClean, Wm. of Borum & McC, h 114 E Main.
McCourt, Mrs. Ann, h 31 S Duke cor Washington.
McCourt, Charles A., bookkeeper Jones & Co, h 31 S Duke cor Washington.
McCoy, C. F. constable, h 12 Talbot.
McCoy, E. shoemaker F. W. Seabury, h 15 Union.
McCrossen, Charles, tailor E. D. Clifton, bds cor Church and Bermuda.
McDougal, Miss A. C. teacher of music, h 7 S Catharine.
McDougal, Miss E. W., h 7 S Catharine.
McGown, Mrs. G., h 164 N Church.
McIntosh, Charles, U. S. navy, h 19 S Granby.
McIntosh, George, h 33 S Granby.
McKeef, A. D. tailor, h 1 Avon.
McKenney, Capt., h 75 James.
McKenney, Wm. N. (M. D.) dentist 16 E Main, h 34 N Cumberland.
McKenney, Wm. N , jr clerk post office, bds 34 N Cumberland.
McKenney, Samuel, h 69 Queen.
McLane, Archibald, machinist, bds 111 E Widewater.
McLanglin, Charles, laborer, h 37 Nicholson.
McMakon, Wm. A. watchman Baltimore steam packet company.
McPhail, Mrs. John, h 52 Holt.
McPheeters, A. M. of McP & Gtyselin, bds National Hotel.
McPheeters & Ghiselin, grocers and commission merchants, Willis's wharf.
McPhierson, David, laborer, h 55 Hawk.
McQuillon, Mrs. C. grocer, 2 N Fenchurch, cor Mariner.
Magee, M. clerk Jas. Smith, bds 11 Feuchurch.
Mahoney, Mrs. A., h 63 W Widewater.
Mahon, M. laborer, h 17 Allyn's qourt.
Mahone, Wm. superintendent N. & P. railroad, office 10 Newcastle, h 8 Tazewell
Mahone, Wm. E. tailor Farant, Lester & Co, bds Church nr Main.
Mahoney, Wm. sail maker J. K. Rudder, bds Bute 2d door from Brewer.
Maigne, Henry J. of Garrison & M., h 24 W Charlotte.
Maitland, Franpis, harness maker H. Jones, bds N. C. & Virginia Hotel.
Malloney, John, tailor Farant, Lester & Co, bds cor Church and Bermuda.
Mailory, Hon. Francis, president N & P. railroad, office 10 Newcastle, h 130 E Main.
Mallory, Wm. F. farmer, h 75 Queen.
Manby, John, seaman, h 6 Newcastle.
Manning, A. J. restaurant cor Market sq and Union, bds 14 Market square.
Manning, J. A. physician 7 W Main, h Granby nr new Methodist church.
Mannock, Gabriel, boatman, h 65 W Widewater.
Mapp, Richard A. of Wm D. Roberts, jr., & Co, bds National Hotel.
March, Seth, h 31 N Cumberland.
Marchant, A. W. carriage maker E. H. Beazley, bds 27 Freemason.
Marcus, D. G. variety and fancy goods 23 E Main, bds Exchange Hotel.
Marher, John, laborer, h S Church bt Union and E Widewater.
Marule, Alfred, tailor Farant, Lester & Co, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Marrer, Daniel, laborer, h 63 E Widewater.
Marrow, Wm. C, jr., of Herman & Co, bds National Hotel.
Marsden, J. B. L., h 36 N Cumberland.
Marsden, Jas. V. clerk Rowland & Bro, h 36 N Cumberland.
Marsh, Capt. R L., h 146 E Main.
Marsh, Samuel, lumber, lime, cement, plaster, &c, 49 W Widewater, h 146 E Main.
Marsh, S. plow factory, 11 Nicholson.
Marshall, Mallory M. livery and sale stable 28 Union, h Jefferson above Liberty.
Marteen, J. J. M. dancing teacher, bds 24 W Main.
Martin, Mrs. A. h 17 S Cumberland.
Martin, A. S. note clerk bank of Virginia, bds 17 S Cumberland.
Martin, A. W. clerk U. S. custom-house, h 141 E Main.
Martin, Chas. F. of M. & Woodley, h 69 W Main cor Fayette.
Martin, H. P. clerk, bds 17 S Cumberland.
Martin, J. C. of T. J. Cornick & Co, bds 17 S Cumberland.
Martin, John T. clerk J. W. Martin, bds 17 S Cumberland.
MARTIN, J. W. commission merchant 8 Roanoke sq, h 22 S Fenchurch.
Martin, Peter, carpenter, Yaxley's l bt Church and Fenchurch.
Martin, Thomas, tailor, h 37 S Fenchurch.
Martin & Woodley, dentists, 31 E Main.
Marx, Simon, clothing 6 W Widewater, bds N. C. & Va. Hotel.
Mary, Mrs. Jane, h 9 Concord.
Masi, P. H. music teacher, h 112 E Main.
Maski, Joseph, mariner, h 23 Allyn's court.
Mason, H. A. barber 7 Union, h 31 Williamson's l.
Mason, Mrs. Louisa, h 31 Queen.
Mason, Thomas, workman navy yard, h 31 Queen.
Mathews, David, clerk J. T. Redmon's, h 8 S Church.
Mathews, Mills, workman navy yard, h 37 Queen.
Mathias, Cornelius P. carriage maker A. Wrenn, bds 34 Cumberland.
Mathias, Capt. David, mariner, h 5 Avon.
Mathias, Mrs. Fanny, grocery 19 Hawk, h same.
Mathiot, H. B. painter, h 46 N Brewer.
Maultha & Moore, weigher and gauger U. S. custom-house.
Maurice, Thomas J. tin, copper and sheet iron worker Wm. D. Roberts, jr., & Co,
      h 22 E Charlotte.
Maurice, Wm. H. painter, h 45 N Catharine.
Mayar, John F. clerk John W. Higgins, bds Chapel nr Holt.
Mayer, Andrew, silver plater A. Wrenn, bds William nr Commerce.
Mayer, Caleb, saloon 27 Union, h same.
Mayer, G. W. jeweller and watchmaker 5 Union cor Newton's l, h 8 Chapel.
Mayer, Louis, jeweller L. Curdts, bds 61 E Main.
Mayers, S. clothing, 28 W Widewater.
Mayhew, Ebenezer, clerk W. G. Webber, bds 22 Market sq.
MAYNARD & COOPER, merchant tailors, 54 E Main.
Maynard, J. of M. & Cooper, h N Church.
Meed, P. H. clerk Jas. Smith, bds 11 Fenchurch.
Mehagan, John L. tailor, h 96 N Church cor Wood.
Mehagan, Mrs. Sarah, h 41 W Bute.
Mehagan, Mrs. Thomas, h 57 N Church.
Mehagan, Wm. A. tobacconist 46 S Church, h 18 W Main.
Mellen, John, of M. & Santos, h 23 S Granby.
Mellen & Santos, lumber and produce, 47 W Widewater.
Melson, C. collector, h 46-1/2 W Main.
Melville, Martin, tailor Maynard & Cooper, h 15 Concord.
Merchant, Miss Adaline, h 33 N Catharine.
Merchant, A. W. coach maker, bds 27 E Freemason.
Merchant, C. C. gas fitter, bds 12 Addington's l.
Merchants' Hotel, Wm. Joynes proprietor, 18 and 20 Union.
Merchants' and Mechanics' Exchange, 33 William cor Commerce, W. H. C. Lovitt
Merchants' and Mechanics' Savings Bank, 38 Bank.
Merwin, John H. clerk Gurney & Co, bds 42 S Cumberland.
Merwin, S. 0. of S. 0. M. & Co, h 7 Bermuda cor Fenchurch.
MERWIN, S. O. & Co. auctioneers, 20 W Widewater.
M. E Church, Cumberland st, Rev. Fr. Stanly, pastor.
Methodist E. Church, cor Granby and W Freemason, Rev. G. W. Langhorne, pastor.
Methodist P. Church, N Church.
Metzger, Joel, clothing 12 W Widewater, h 23 N Cumberland.
Meyer, George C. cigar maker, h 19 W Main.
Miars, E., h 78 Bute.
Miars, John, negro trader, h 78 Bute.
Milener, Wm. Y. constable, h 19 W Freemason.
Milhado, Mrs. Annie, h 110 Bute.
Miller, Walter M. dry goods store 11 Market sq. h 22 S Catharine.
Millholland, John, master machinist N. & P. railroad, bds 23 N Fenchurch.
Miller, G. H. constable, h 10 William.
Miller, C. watchmaker Jas. Freeman, bds Portsmouth.
Miller, J. W., bds 26 E Freemason.
Millerson, Ward, workman navy yard, h 6 Barraud court.
Milligan, Lieut. Jas. F., U. S. revenue cutter, bds 45 E Main.
Mills, A. W. clerk Noah Walker & Co, h Wood nr Chapel.
Mills, E. W. blacksmith, h Princess Anne road.
Mills, H. O. clerk E. P. Tabb & Co, bds Mrs. Brooks 5 S Catharine.
Millson, Hon. John S. attorney at law, office 49 Bank, h 15 W Charlotte cor Brewer.
Minor, Mrs. Julia, grocery 65 York, h same.
Minter, John, h 38-1/2 W Main.
Minter, T. J. sail maker, bds 10 Talbot.
Mitchell, Mrs. H. h 16 Falkland.
Mitchell, J. N. grocer 35 Queen, h same.
Mitchell, Stephen G. private watchman, h 73 Liberty.
Mitchell, Timothy, clerk J. Hendren, bds 18 N Church.
Mitchell, Capt. Z. of steamer City of Richmond, h 26 S Fenchurch.
Moarity, John, laborer, h 4 Holt.
Modelin, Edward, oysterman, h Union cor Nicholson.
Molony, Daniel, grocer, cor S Church and Union.
Mondoza, John, tobacconist, h 34 N Church.
Montague, W. N. clerk L. Burkley, bds 10 S Fenchurch.
Montgomery, Robert, pilot, h 26 Bank.
Moore, Mrs. A. millinery, 86 S Church.
Moore, Bartlett, shoemaker, h 44 N Church.
Moore, E. W. of E. P. Tabb & Co, h 123 E Main.
Moore, E. W. confectionery and fruit, 36 Bank.
Moore, Henry, bookkeeper Alex. Bell & Son, h 6 Princess cor York.
Moore, Henry V. clerk F. Zantzinger, bds 19 N Fenchurch.
Moore, Isaac, h 86 S Church
Moore, Mrs. J., h 25 S Cumberland.
MOORE, J. A. grocer 21 Church cor Holt, h 66 N Church.
Moore, Joseph D. of J. J. Moore & Co, h 25 S Cumberland.
Moore, J. J. of J. M. & Co, h E Main.
MOORE, J. J. & CO. auctioneers and commission merchants, 6 Roanoke sq.
Moore, J. Q., h 86 E Main.
Moore, J. W. of Foster & M., bds National Hotel.
Moore, N. H. bookkeeper Kader Biggs & Co, h 68 Bute.
Moore, Peter, h 11 Hill.
Moore, Skia, phrenologist, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Moore, Socrates, grocer, 44 S Church.
Moore, Samuel P. teller Bank of Va, bds N W cor Princess and York.
Moore, Mrs. Thomas, h 23 Queen.
Moore, Wm. U. S. customhouse officer, h 7 Hartshorn's court.
Moore, Wm. J. physician 5 E Main, h 15 N Catharine.
Moran, Cornelius, laborer, 55 E Widewater.
Morau, Robert, h 10 S Granby.
Moran, Miss Susan, h 10 S Granby.
Moran, Thomas, blacksmith Borum & McClean, h 9 Commerce.
Mordecai, Philip M. professor of botany, h 14 Bank.
Morein, Mrs. Sarah, h 64 Cumberland.
Moreland & Jackman, painters and glaziers, 15 Roanoke av.
Moreland, James, h 27 Bute.
Moreland, James, jr. tinner, h 27 E Bute.
Moreland, T. M. of M. & Jackman, h 27 E Bute.
Morgan, Micajah, clerk I. O. Peck, h 2 Commerce.
Morgan, Mrs. Mary Jane, seamstress, h 61 Liberty.
Morian, Peter, laborer, bds cor S Church and Union.
Morris, C. (A. M.) Prin. N. classical school, 22 N Cumberland.
Morris, D. gunsmith, 5 Union cor Newton's lane, h 19 Falkland cor N Chapel.
Morris, George W. teacher N. classical school, 22 N Cumberland.
Morris, Henry, laborer, h 36 Bermuda.
Morris, J. clerk, William H. Broughton & Co. bds cor Chapel and Falkland.
Morris, James E. private boarding house, 2 S Church cor Freemason.
Morris, Thomas, laborer, h 155 Church.
Morriss, William T. salesman Lewis Salusbury, h 4 Tazewell.
Morrisett, William T. cooper, Town Point, h 58 S Fenchurch.
Morrison, Mrs. E. C. oyster and shrimp pickling, Roanoke av nr Main.
Morse, Charles, coach maker, bds 55 Bermuda.
Moseley, B. B., h 101 E Main.
Moseley, Dennis, h 22 S Fenchurch.
Moseley, Edward, h 101 E Main.
Moseley, James D. laborer, h 47 Nicholson.
Moseley, William, laborer navy yard, h Proby's l.
Moseley, W. W. cabinet maker, h 4 Avon.
Moss, Mrs. Margaret, h 51 Nicholson.
Moss, Robert, house carpenter, h 26 Freemason.
Mosse, Charles, blacksmith J. M. Pullen, bds 55 Bermuda.
Mullen, Mrs. Ann, tailoress, h 3 Holt.
Mulloy, Capt. L. P., h 2 Boush cor W. Freemason.
Munson, George W. clerk post office, bds 28 S Fenchurch.
Murden, Miss C., h 49 N Cumberland cor Bute.
Murden, M. F. house carpenter, h 62 N Church.
Murden, William F. boot maker, 39 S Church.
Murphy, Mrs. J., h 6 Boush street.
Murphey, Mathew, tailor, bds 89 E Main.
Murphey, William, oysterman, h 5 Voss.
Murphey, Patrick, laborer, 26 Allyn's court.
Murphey, Thomas, oysterman, h Union 2 doors from Nicholson.
Murphey, William H. clerk Lewis Salusbury, h 81 S Church.
Murphey, Mrs. William H. millinery, 81. S Church.
Murray, William T. grocer, 35 N Church.
Murrey, John, huckster, h 4 James.
Murrey, Thomas, caulker in navy yard, h 72 Queen.
Murtle, Capt. George, h 38 Bute.
Myer, Moses, bookkeeper Richard Dickson.
Myers, Bernhard, restaurant 56 E Main, h same.
MYERS & CO. commission merchants, foot of Commerce.
Myers, E. J. city lunch 2 Roanoke, h 56 E Main.
Myers, J. M. of Myers & Co., h S. W. corner Catharine and Freemason.
Myers, Myer, of Myers & Co. and President Bank of Virginia, h S. W. cor
      Catharine and Freemason.
Myers, Mrs. Susan, h 37 Nicholson.
Myrick, David, bds 3 N Duke.
Myrick, John, h 3 N Duke.

Narston, Major W., bds 108 E Main.
Nash, H. M. physician, h 90 E Main.
Nash, Joseph, clerk Allyn, Rose & Capps, bds Exchange Hotel.
Nash, Nathaniel, ship building, marine railway and saw mills 60 E Widewater,
      h 125 E Main
Nash, Robert, engineer on the steamer Curtis Peck, house 72 N Church.
Nash, Thomas, jr. bds 90 E Main.
NATIONAL HOTEL, Wm. L. Walters proprietor, 66 and 68 E Main cor Church.
Navy Agent's office, George Loyall agent, 22 W Main.
Nail, Henry, laborer, h 9 Concord.
Nelagen, Mrs. B. boarding house, 15 Allyn's court.
Nelson, Charles, carriage manufacturer 21 E Widewater, h 131 N Church.
Nelson, Charles, jr. carriage maker C. Nelson, bds 131 N Church.
Nelson, Mrs. Margaret, h 4 Bute.
Neveker, Mrs. Jane, h 46 James.
Newcomb, Mrs. V. A., bds 44 N. Cumberland.
Newell, J. S. cutter D. C. Dey, bds Cumberland next door to Baptist Church.
Newnen, Patrick, boarding house, S Church bt Union and E Widewater.
Newsom, H. H. school teacher, h 67 Catharine.
Newsteads, Mrs P. C, h 69 E Main.
Newstead, Wm. tailor Farant, Lester & Co, h 69 E Main.
Newton, Mrs. George, h 22 S Granby cor Washington.
N ewton, Mrs. Margaret, h 6 S Catharine.
Newton, S., h 34 S Granby.
Newton, Thomas, physician, h 38 S Granby.
Newwitter, Moses, clerk J. Hamburger & Co, bds N. C. and Virginia Hotel.
NEY, JOHN, books, stationery and variety goods 39 Market sq, h 17 N Fenchurch.
Nichols, Mrs Nancy, h 211 Church.
Nimmo, Mrs E. J., h 8 2d Cross.
Nimmo, Mrs. E. T. h 28 N Cumberland cor N Charlotte.
Nimmo, Mrs Margaret, h 39 N Cumberland.
Nimmo, P. E. clerk T. F. Owens, bds 39 Cumberland.
Nimmo, W. T clerk Harris's bakery, bds 35 N Cumberland.
Nimmo, Wm T. clerk D. Wheeler, h 28 N Cumberland.
Minnis, Wheeler, inspector of grain, h 61 Queen. [probably Ninnis]
Nivers, Miss Jane, groceries, 115 E Widewater.
NOOK, A. J. & CO wines and liquors, 22 Widewater.
Noe, Crowel, brick maker, h 54 Holt.
Noe, James, brick mason, h 14 N Fenchurch.
Noples, Daniel, truck driver, h 36 W Main.
Noland, Mrs Sarah, h 9 W Bute.
Norfolk City Water Co, Marshall Parks president, 31 W Main.
Norfolk Classical School, C. Morris, A. M., principal, 22 N Cumber
NORFOLK DAY-BOOK, J. R. Hathaway proprietor, 27 E Main.
NORFOLK EXAMINER, (semi-weekly,) J. H. Ewing proprietor, 41 Market sq.
Norfolk Light Artillery Blues, gun house on Talbot.
Norfolk Male Institute, Jas. Southgate, jr, principal, cor Fenchurch & Marsh.
Norfolk Military Academy, Academy sq cor Catharine and Cumberland.
NORFOLK & PETERSBURG R. R., passenger depot foot of E Main.
NORFOLK & PETERSBURG R. R., offices 10 Newcastle.
NORFOLK & PORTSMOUTH HERALD, T. G. Broughton & Son props, and pubs.,
      cor Roanoke av and Little Water.
Norris, Wm. R. groceries 35 Market sq, h 18 S Duke nr Freemason.
North Carolina and Virginia Hotel, A. D. Hartman proprietor, 3 and 5 Commerce.
North, Lieut. James H. inspector U. S. light-house 34 W Main, h 6 N Duke.
North, Lieut. Jas. H. h 57 W Freemason.
Nosworthy, James C. salesman Wm. P. Steward & Co.
Nottingham, C. oysterman, h 11 N Boush.
Nottingham, Mrs. Elizabeth, h 46 W Freemason.
Nottingham, J. R. house carpenter, h 41 N Fenchurch.
Nottingham, O. house carpenter, h N Church cor Bute.
Nottingham, Mrs. S. B. h 23 Wood.
Nottingham, T. J. clerk, h 23 Wood.
Nottingham, Thomas J. laborer navy yard, h 3 W Fenchurch.
Nottingham, T. J., jr ship carpenter navy yard, h 6 Avon.
Nottingham, V. A., h 53 S Fenchurch.
Nottingham, Wm. T., h 44 N Brewer
Nottingham, W. W. oysterman, h Church cor Bute.
Nuna, Richard, boot and shoemaker, 20 Commerce.
Nuna, jr., Richard, h 20 Commerce.

Oberlander, Philip, proprietor Pennsylvania Hotel, 10 Union.
O'Brien, Mrs. E. dressmaker, h 93 E Main.
O'Conner, S. S, h 67 E Widewater.
Odd-Fellows' Hall, 54, 56 and 58 S Church.
Odeon, Wm. J. machinist navy yard, h 15 S Church.
Odom & Clements, commission merchants 10 and 12 Fayette.
Odom, John B. of O. & Clements, h 36 S Catharine.
Ogilvie, A. J. of A. J. O. & Co, h 6 Proby's l.
Ogilvie, A. J. & Co, block and pump makers, 36 E Widewater.
Ogilvie, John, cooper, bds 10 Talbot.
O'Hern, Dennis, grocery, 33 W Main cor Commerce.
O'Keefe, Rev. M. pastor St. Mary's Church, (R. C.,) h cor Virginia and Chapel.
Okeson, Rev. N. A. pastor St. Paul's Church, h 35 Holt.
Old, Dr. physician, h 3 N Brewer.
Old, Fred, lager beer saloon, 11 Commerce.
Oberndorfer, A. dry and fancy goods 49 E Main, h same.
Old, Dr. Thomas, physician, h 13 James.
Oliver, C. B. gunner U. S. navy, h 28 Freemason.
Oliver, S. F. h 88 N Church.
Oliver, Wm. H. sailmaker, h 41 Brewer.
O'Neil, James, laborer, h 22 Dodd's l.
O'Neil, Peter, h 39 S Catharine.
Osborne, John J. workman navy yard, h 60 Queen.
Osborne, George, house carpenter, h 30 James.
Ottenheimer, Lewis, bakery 66 S Church, h same.
Overby, Wm. E. painter, bds 2 Church cor Freemason.
Owen, G. P. cooper, h 64 Fenchurch.
Owen, Pearson, wood measurer, h 64 Fenchurch cor Bermuda.
Owen, Wm. B. coach maker, h 64 Fenchurch.
Owens, Mrs. J. A., h 15 S Cumberland.
Owens, T. F. dry goods 1 Market sq, h 106 Bute.

Padgett, Tim. tinsmith Wm. D. Roberts, jr. & Co., bds Mrs. Wright, Fenchurch.
Page, Mrs. R. L., h 69 W Freemason cor Duke.
Paine, George, hackman, h cor Jefferson and Scott.
Palliseir, John, plasterer, h 8 Marsh.
Palmer, A. B., piano tuner, h 58 Cumberland.
Palmer, Mrs. Elizabeth, h 100 E Main.
Palmer, Philip, rigger, h 11 Avon.
Pannell, Mrs. C, h 57 W Charlotte.
Parker, L. oysterman, h 106 N Church.
Parker, Mrs. M. M., h 21 S Cumberland.
Parker, Nicholas W. at Washington Insurance Office, h 2 S Duke.
Parker, Mrs. Susan, widow, h 59 W Widewater.
Parks, Mrs. Angelina, h 33 Bank.
Parks, Mrs. G., h 12 S Catharine.
Parks, John Wythe, at A. and C. Canal Office, h 26 W Freemason,
Parks, Marshall, president Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal Co., Seaboard Towing
      and Transportation Co., and Norfolk City Water Co., office W Main, h 28 York.
Parr, J. W. clerk, bds 112 N. Church.
Parrish, Rev. John, h 41 W. Bute.
Parrish, Capt. William, pilot, h 10 Amelia.
Parrott, Robert, clerk Herman & Co., h 2 N Brewer.
Parsons, Frank, tailor, bds cor S Church and Freemason.
Parsons, L. bookkeeper William P. Steward & Co., bds 42 Cumberland.
Parsons, Michael, tailor Maynard & Cooper, bds cor Freemason and Church.
Patterson, Ed. boot and shoemaker, h 14 S Fenchurch.
Patterson, John, hatter, bds 27 S Cumberland.
Patton, Thomas, Grocer, 30 Avon.
Payne, Mrs. L. M., h 82 E Main.
Payne, Mrs. M. J., h 82 E Main.
Pearce, Frank, blacksmith J. M. Pullen, bds 55 Bermuda.
Peake, Miss R. clerk S. S. Dawes, bds 35 E Main.
Pearson, E. T. clerk at Webber's, h 81 N. Church.
Pearson, Mrs. E. dress maker, h 11 S Granby.
Pebworth, James, blacksmith, h 95 Cumberland.
Pebworth, William, laborer, h 93 Cumberland.
Peck, Isaac O. wood yard and saloon 7 Newton's wharf, h 2 W Charlotte.
Peddle, Benj. restaurant, 36 E Main.
Peed, Augustus, laborer, h 24 James.
Peed, F. M. clerk, bds 28 N Church.
Peed, G. W. brick mason, bds 38 N Church.
Peed, Lamb, wood and metal turner nayy yard, h 28 N Church.
Peed, S. S. tinner George L. Crow.
Peet, J. D. clerk James I. Bloodgood, bds 5 S Catharine.
Peet, William, shoemaker 34 Bank, h same.
Peet, W. T. clerk James I. Bloodgood, bds 5 S Catharine.
Peete, P. F. clerk Borum & McClean, bds Portsmouth.
Peirce, Charles, oysterman, h 59 W Widewater.
Pendleton, E. groceries 6 Market sq, h 16 W Freemason.
Pendleton, S. J. attorney at law, 41 Market sq.
Pendleton, William E. attorney at law, h 46 W Freemason.
Pennock, Com. A. M.,U. S. N., h 14 S Granby.
Pennsylvania Hotel, Phil. Oberlander proprietor, 10 Union.
PENTZ & CARTER, provisions at wholesale, 12 Roanoke sq.
Pentz, George McK. clerk Pentz & Carter, bds E Main.
Pentz, J. W. of Pentz & Carter, h 103 E. Main.
Peppengrus, F. watchmaker, 3 Barraud court.
Pepper, Wilson S. restaurant 28 E Main, h same.
Perier, F. A., h 50 Cumberland.
Perkins, E. B. stone cutter, h 8 N Church.
Perrine, E. H. of A. J. Ogilvie & Co., bds cor Bermuda and Church.
Personette, G. W. tailor Farant, Lester & Co, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Petree, Mrs. R. cook shop, Princess Anne road.
Pettis, Judson, ship carpenter, h 47 W Bute.
Pettit, William, boiler maker Atlantic Iron Works 123 E Widewater, h 17 S
Pety, Mrs. John, h 92 W Freemason.
Phelps, Mrs. Mary, h 25 N Catherine.
Philadelphia and Norfolk Hotel, Charles Wiltshire proprietor, 36 W Widewater cor
Philips, Charles, oysterman, h 16 Woodside l.
Phillips, Mrs. Catharine, h 28 Dodd's l.
Phillips, Mrs. F., h 34 Bermuda.
Phillips, Jacob, tailor, 83 S Church.
Phillips, Capt. John, h 50 Bute.
Phillips, Phineas, tailor, 83 S Church.
Phillips, Samuel, watchmaker John Walker, bds Dodge's l.
Phillips, William, blacksmith navy yard, h 52 N Church cor E Charlotte.
Pierce, F. coach maker, bds 55 Bermuda.
Pierson, E. T. clerk W. G. Webber, h N Church. N W cor Fox.
Pigeon, Emile, bds 8 N Fenchurch.
Pilots' Office, Agency for granting pilots' licenses, E Widewater opp Taylor's l.
Pitt, M. G. coachmaker, h 207 Church.
Pitt, Peter, h 2-1/2 Bute.
Pitt, W. T. clerk A. J. Manning, h Bute nr Catharine.
Plum & Co. steam patent cordage and oakum factory, 20 Widewater.
Plunkett, Thomas, clerk James Smith, bds Portsmouth.
Polk, W. S. clerk on the Pennsylvania, bds National Hotel.
Pollard, B., h 29 S Granby.
POLLARD, JAS. G. auction house, 33 Market sq.
Pool, D. N., h N Church.
Pope, Robert, painter navy yard, h 10 Talbot.
Porter, Christopher, tailor, h 5 N Fenchurch.
Porter, William D. jr. assistant clerk Merchants' and Mechanics' Exchange, bds 45
      E Main.
Portlock, Miss A. E., h 4 S Cumberland.
Portlock, Ed. E. jr. bookkeeper B. T. Bockover, bds Cumberland nr Bute.
Portlock, Ed. E. sr. clerk S. O. Mervin & Co., 33 N Cumberland.
Portlock, Robert G. clerk W. P. Griffith, bds 33 N Cumberland.
Portlock, Miss T. H., h 4 S Cumberland.
Post office, new custom-house, west end W Main.
Potter, Mrs. Mary Ann, Steamboat House, 111 E Widewater.
Powell, Alexander, barkeeper at National Hotel, h 7 S Brewer.
Powell, Benj. carpenter, b 46 Bermuda.
Powell & Co. sail loft, 25 Roanoke sq.
Powell, Miss C. mantuamaker, h 41 Bute.
Powell, J. J. laborer, h 4 Talbot.
Powell, Peter P. of Powell & Co, h 18 Cove.
Powell, Thomas, h 6 Talbot.
Powers, Alfred, coach maker A. Wrenn, h 30 S Church.
Powers, N. T. printer Day-Book office, bds 24 Holt.
Powers, William, laborer, h 24 Holt cor Chapel.
Powhatan House, 112 S Church.
Pratt, James, mariner, h 16 Avon.
Pratt, John, laborer, h 61 E Wide water.
Pratt, Mrs. M. W. grocer, 232 N Church.
Preston, Robert, h 14 W Charlotte cor Brewer.
Preston, R. G. bookkeeper American Insurance Co, h Brewer.
Price, John, oysterman, h 15 Magazine l.
Price, Miss, teacher at first ward public school, h 58 W Freemason.
Prime, William S. shoemaker 24 W Main, h same.
Prisby, L. tailor, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Proescher, Henry, butcher, stalls Nos. 6 and 27 market house.
Proeschold, Mrs. C. midwife, h 7 Roanoke av.
Proeschold, T. barber, 7 Roanoke av.
Pruden, William H. shoemaker, E. J. Campbell, bds cor Commerce & Wide water.
Public school, district No. 4, corner Holt and Fenchurch.
Public school-house, 3d ward, cor Catharine and Charlotte.
Pugh, Joseph Wilson, captain Norfolk City Ferry, h 39 Queen.
Pullen, J. M. carriage and harness manufacturer 24 Union & 23 E Widewater,
      h 55 Bermuda.
Pumphrey, Frank, h 18 Brewer.
Pumphrey, William F. carpenter, shop 22 W Charlotte.
Purdee, Mrs. E. S. private boarding house, 10 Talbot.
Pusey, Miss Ann, h 25 N Catharine.
Putt, J. D. clerk James I. Bloodgood, bds Mrs. Brooks, Catharine.
Putt, W. T. clerk J. I. Bloodgood, bds Mrs. Brooks, Catharine.

Quarlse, William M. plasterer, h 76 York.
Quinn, John, grocer 147 E Widewater, h 43 S Catharine.
Quinn, Joseph, caulker in navy yard, h 56 James.
Quinn, Mrs. Mary, h 19 Dodd's l.
Quinn, Peter, sail maker, bds 19 Dodd's l.
Quinn, Robert, sail maker, bds 19 Dodd's l.
Quirk, John W. carpenter, h James near the bridge.

Radcliffe, Mrs. Julia E., h 18 E Main.
Raincocke, Mrs. R., h 80 Bute.
Rail, John, tinsmith William D. Roberts, jr. & Co, h 21 Talbot.
Rambault, R. D. clerk Garrison & Maigne, bds National Hotel.
Ramsay, Charles, grocer 62 E Main, h same.
Ramsay, Miss E. M. school teacher, h 7 N Cumberland.
Ramsay, William H. clerk Charles Ramsay, bds 62 E Main.
Randall, Mrs. R., h 9 N Catharine.
Randolph, David, cooper, h 51 S Fenchurch.
Randolph, Wm. J. clerk J. D. Gammon, bds D. B. Dyer, 26 Cove.
Ransone, James H. keeper of lighthouse on James river, h 14 S Church.
Rawls, H. O. of Dawson & Rawls, h 102 Bute cor Boush.
Ray, Robert, eating saloon, 25 Union..
Rea, Robert, grocer and rectifier, 10, 12 and 14 Loyall's l.
Reardon, H. B., h 11 S Catharine cor of Wolfe.
Reardon, Henry F. accountant Norfolk Savings Institution, h 11 S Catharine.
Reardon, John, laborer, h 18 Allyn's court.
REARDON, THOS. R. groceries, wines and liquors 8 Roanoke sq, h 11 N Granby.
REDMOND, JOHN T. grocer 8 S Church, h same.
Reddick, Jacob, barber, 51 S Church.
Reed, Mrs. Edy, h 155 E Main.
Reed, Mrs. M. millinery, 73 S Church.
Reed, H. J., silver plater, h 45 S Catharine.
Reed, James, bakery 45 W Main, h same.
Reed, John, brick mason, h 8 Marsh.
REED, J. D. hats, caps, furs, &c. 5 Market sq.
Reed, James H. silver plater & buggy manufacturer 22 Union, h 54 Catharine.
Reed & Williams, house carpenters, Roanoke av.
Reese, Mrs. Martha, h 21 Union.
Reese, Thomas, sail maker J. K. Rudder, bds Bute second door from Brewer.
Register's office, City Hall sq.
Rehling, J. H. tobacco and cigar manufactory 10 Bank, h same,
Reid, Charles, commission merchant Newton's wharf, h cor Main and East.
REID, GEORGE, grocer and commission merchant, 1 Commercial Row, Newton's
      wharf, h 226 E Main
Reid, John T. carpenter, h 44 Bute.
Reid, Robert, of Reid & Watlington, h 61 S Fenchurch.
Reid & Watlington, produce and hay dealers, 24 Widewater.
Reilly, Thomas D., h 3 E Freemason.
Reynolds, H. S. clerk Rowland & Reynolds, bds Exchange Hotel.
Reynolds, Capt. Sharp, h 64 Cumberland.
Reynolds, William D. of Rowland & Reynolds, bds National Hotel.
Ribble, Joseph C. butcher, stall 3 and 4 market house.
Rice, Isaac, cigars and tobacco 9 W Main, h 23 Bank.
Ricks, J. A. clerk Kader, Biggs & Co, bds National Hotel.
Riddick, Mrs. R. C. millinery 65 E Main, h same.
Ridley, John, brick mason, h 45 Cumberland.
Ridley, John, house carpenter, bds 26 S Cumberland.
Rigg, William, with William Jimmerson, bds 16 Union.
Riggins, Mrs. Lydia Ann, shirt maker, h 8 New.
Rike, Simon, clerk, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Riley, James, clerk James Smith, bds 11 Fenchurch.
Riley, John, clerk James Smith, bds 11 Fenchurch.
Ringe, Charles, laborer, bds 70 W Widewater.
Rippen, Mrs. Ellen, doctress, h 8 New.
Risetto, A. D. candy factory, 57 E Widewater.
Risley, Capt. William, h 9 Concord.
Roanoke House, James Doland, proprietor, cor Roanoke av and Little Water.
Robbins & Battley, ship chandlers & commission merchants, 47 & 49 E Widewater.
Robbins, Benj. F. clerk Robbins & Battley, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Robbins, Henry T. coach trimmer A. Wrenn, bds 44 Bermuda.
Robbins, Lafayette, of Robbins & Battley, bds National Hotel.
Roberts, John B. bookkeeper Myers & Co, h Portsmouth.
Roberts, L. W. clerk L. Berkley, bds Catharine bt Cove and Wolfe.
Roberts, Mrs. Martha, h S Church opp St. Paul's Church.
Roberts, Wm., h 12 Brewer.
Roberts, Wm. D., h 81 York.
ROBERTS, WM. D., Jr., & CO. stove and tin ware and coppersmiths, 7 and 9 W
      Widewater and 4 Roanoke sq.
Roberts, W. Gr. patent agent, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Roberts, W. H. clerk J. M. Pullen, h 53 Bermuda.
Roberts, W. R. bookkeeper James I. Bloodgood, h 17 N Fenchurch.
Robertson, D. of D. R. & Son, President Farmers' Bank, and consul of Spain, Sardinia,
      Sweden, Norway and Belgium, h cor Bute and York.
Robertson, Duncan, jr. of D. Robertson & Son, h 88 W Bute.
Robertson, D. & Son, commission merchants, 94 W Widewater.
Robertson, Francis O., h 11 S Boush.
Robertson, Frederick, clerk James E. Barry, bds Holt cor 3d Cross.
Robertson, Harrison, attorney at law, notary public and commissioner of deeds 14
      W Main, h 99 E Main.
Robertson, J. coach smith, h 35 S Church.
Robertson, John, cabinet maker, bds cor Fenchurch and Main.
Robertson, M. P. teller Farmers' Bank, h 40 Boush.
Robertson, Wm. laborer, h 69 Liberty.
Robidel, John, laborer, h 3 Bermuda.
Robinson, C. C. naval officer U. S. custom house, h Portsmouth.
Robinson, Mrs. Eliza, h Holt.
Robinson, E. C. dentist 25 E Main, h 24 S Catharine.
Robinson, John, foreman L. Salusbury, bds cor Fenchurch and Main.
Robinson, James H. deputy naval officer and clerk U. S. customhouse, h Portsmouth.
Robinson, Miss R. S. Principal Female Seminary, Freemason corner Cumberland.
Rodgers, W. H. B. clerk Foster & Moore, bds 53 N Church.
Rodman, Wm. B. school teacher, bds 9 Hartshorn's court.
Rodolph, Joseph, baker, bds 69 S Church.
Rogers, C. S. salesman Wm. P. Steward & Co.
Rogers, John R. clerk Rogers & Langley, h 38 E Bermuda nr East.
ROGERS & LANGLEY, liquors, wines and cigars, 6 Commercial row Newton's wharf.
Rogers, R. tinner Geo. L. Crow, bds S Church nr Bermuda.
Rogers, Wm. inspector of grain, h 53 S Church.
Rogers, Mrs. Wm., h 12 S Boush.
Rogers, W. B. of R. & Langley, 6 Newton's wharf.
Rolland, Frank, jeweller James Freeman, h 2 Talbot.
Rolland. Henry, runner Bank of Va., h 7 Cove.
Rolland, H. F. silversmith, h 2 Talbot.
Rollins, Wm. rigger, h 10 Barraud court.
Rose, Lewis, sail maker, h 59 Cumberland.
Rose, Mrs. M. seamstress, h 71 N Church.
Rose, R. W. of Allyn, R. & Capps, h cor Freemason and Duke.
Rose, Wm. W. physician 5 E Main, bds Catharine bt Bute and Charlotte.
Rosenberger, Michael, clerk J. Umstadter, bds 70 S Church.
Rosinsky, N. ladies' shoemaker, cor Fenchurch and Main.
Ross, John, laborer, h 15 N Chapel.
Ross, John, cabinet maker, h 15 Chapel.
Rossiter, John, tailor Joseph Kehue, bds 23 W Main.
Rosson, John, carpenter, h 5 Virginia.
Rosson, Wm. brick mason navy yard, h 31 E Freemason.
Roussel, ____, dyeing and scouring, 39 Bank cor Hill.
Rowe, Mrs. E seamstress, h 5 Concord.
Rowe, John, clerk King & Toy, bds Fenchurch.
Rowe, Wm. laborer, h 79 Liberty.
ROWE, WM R. porter, ale and beer depot 56 Union E of Church, h 45 S Fenchurch.
Rowland & Brothers, commission merchants, 20, 22 and 24 Roanoke square.
Rowland & Brothers, steam soap and candle works, Nivison nr Newton's wharf.
Rowland, Chas. H. of R. & Bros, h 3 S Catharine.
Rowland, George, provision dealer 22 Roanoke sq, h 19 N Catharine.
Rowland, George W. of R. & Bros, h 19 N Catharine.
Rowland, J. Hamilton of R. & Beynolds, h 32 S Catharine.
ROWLAND & REYNOLDS, groceries and commission merchants, 16 and 18
      Roanoke sq.
Rowland, Thos. B. of R. & Bros, h 7 E Freemason.
Rowland, Wm. at Rowland & Bro, h 19 N Catharine.
Rowls, Wm. mechanic, h 155 Church.
Rudder, J. K. sail loft 12 Roanoke sq, h 37 W Bute.
Ruddick, Robert, mariner, h 92 N Church.
Runaldue, J. A. cigar manufacturer 89 E Main, h 37 S Cumberland.
Russell, Capt. ____, h 11 York.
Russell, Robt. H., clerk Merchants' Hotel.
Russell, Thomas, painter, h 16 Dodd's l.
Russell, Wm, house carpenter, h 74 Queen.
Rustic, Wm. porter Sherwood & Young, bds Philadelphia and Norfolk Hotel.
Ryan, Capt. Albert, h 21 Bermuda.
Ryan, Daniel, laborer, h 204 N Church.
Ryan, Capt. James, h 19 Bermuda.
Ryan, M. J. salesman Burruss & Bro, h 50 W Main opp Exchange Hotel.

St. Mary's Catholic School and Orphan Asylum, cor Fenchurch and Mariner.
St. Patrick's Church, (R. C.) Rev. M. O'Keefe pastor, Holt near Chapel.
St. Paul's Church, Episcopal, Rev. N. A. Okeson, rector, S Church.
St. Vincent's Hospital, cor N Church and Wood.
Sale, J. H. master carpenter, h 19 E Charlotte.
Sale, Thomas E. of White & S., h 23 E Charlotte.
Salmons, Calvin, saloon keeper, bds 3 W Widewater.
SALUSBURY, LEWIS S. furniture manufacturer and dealer 58 and 60 E Main,
      h 63 S Fenchurch.
Salusbury, Mrs. Virginia, h 7 Union.
Sampson, George, clerk J. D. Gammon, bds N Cumberland.
Samuel, John, clerk, bds 24 W Main.
Samuels, Charles, clerk L. L. Brickhouse, bds 24 W Main.
Sanborn, E. grocery 44 Hawk, h same.
Sanglor, T. painter, navy yard, h 43 N Church.
Santos, A. F. of Miller & S., bds National Hotel.
Santos, Chas. A. of Santos, Walker & Co, h 11 W Freemason cor S Brewer.
Santos, M. A. of M. A. S. & Co, h 10 W Freemason.
SANTOS, M. A. & CO. drugs and medicines, 3 E Main.
Santos, R. W. of R. W. S. & Co, h 10 W Freemason.
SANTOS, R. W. & CO. coal, wood and slate, 41 W Widewater.
SANTOS, WALKER & CO. wholesale druggists, 36 Market sq.
Satchell, James, laborer, h 19 Voss.
Satchell, Robert, laborer, h 116 Cumberland.
Saunders, C. seaman, h 19 Brewer.
Saunders, Mrs. H. H., h 23 Bermuda.
Saunders, James A. commission merchant 8 W Widewater, h 27 N Catharine.
Saunders, John C. bookkeeper Farmers' Bank, h 20 S Catharine nr Wolfe.
Saunders, John C, jr. deputy post-master, h 20 S Catharine.
Saunders, Capt. John L., U. S. navy, h 98 W Freemason.
Savage, Robert, seaman, h 2 Barraud court.
Savage, Wm. laborer, h 79 Liberty.
Sawyer, Miss D., h 10 S Granby.
Sawyer, Simeon, butcher, stall 1 market house.
Sawyer, Samuel T., h 104 W Bute.
Sawyer, Simeon T. grocery 52 Queen, h cor Queen and James.
Schisano, Leon, bookkeeper James I. Bloodgood, bds 71 E Main.
Schisano, P. crockery 71 E Main, h same.
Schisano, Stephen, clerk, bds 71 E Main.
Schmitt, E. of S. & Seldner, bds N. C. &. Va. Hotel.
SCHMITT & SELDNER, importers & dealers in foreign and domestic liquors, & cigar
      manufacturers, 9 Campbell's wharf.
Schmus, Henry, boiler maker navy yard, h 21 Wood.
Schraeder, Wm. body, maker J M. Pullen.
SCHWARZKOPF, CHARLES, variety & fancy goods 55 E Main, h 102 E Main.
Schwarzkopf, Wm. clerk Charles Schwarzkopf, bds 102 E Main.
Scott, C. G. clerk Wm. H. Broughtoh, bds National Hotel.
Scott, Daniel, grocer 137 N Church, h 135 N Church.
Scott, George T. oysterman, h 16 S Duke.
Scott, Wm. tailor, h 53 cor Cumberland and Liberty.
Scribner, Ed. plasterer, h 18 Amelia cor Charlotte.
Seaboard & Roanoke R. R., office E Widewater, foot Taylor's l.
Seaboard Towing and Transportation Co., 31 W Main.
Seabury, A. L. of F. W. Seabury & Son, h 62 York.
Seabury, F. W. of F. W. S. & Son, h 74 E Main.
Seabury, F. W. & Son, boots and shoes, 13 Market sq.
Seabury, W. H. bookkeeper F. W. Seabury, bds 74 E Main.
Seal, E. D. groceries 37 Market sq, bds 43 N Cumberland.
Seal, W. B. clerk King & Toy, bds 43 N. Cumberland.
Seal, Wm. D. grocer 37 Market sq., h 43 N Cumberland.
Searls, George, butcher, stall 22 market house, h 17 E Bute.
Searls, Richard, butcher, stall 27 market house, h 67 Catharine.
Searls, Robert, butcher, stall 23 and 24 market house, h 71 York.
Second Baptist Church, cor Catharine and Freemason.
Seetig, F. confectionery 64 S Church, h same.
Segar, Mrs. Charlotte, proprietress Exchange Hotel, 53 and 55 W Main.
Segar, Mrs. teacher Norfolk classical school, 22 Cumberland.
Segar, Jessie, at Exchange Hotel, 53 W Main.
Selden, Samuel, of M. A. Santos & Co., bds Exchange Hotel.
Selden, Dr. W. office 1 N Catharine, h 3 N Catharine.
SELDNER, A. & Co. clothing and gent's furnishing goods, 51 E Main and 12 Market sq. Seldner, L. of Schmitt & S., h 51 E Main.
Seldner, S. W. of A. & Co, h 51 E Main.
Sextun, Mrs. Sarah J., h 19 W Main.
Seyfarth, J. P. ship joiner navy yard, h 76 N Church.
Seymour, ____, tailor, h 7 Commerce.
Seymour, Mrs. Jane W. h 94 W Bute.
Seymour, Wm. D., measurer U. S. custom-house, h 94 W Bute.
Shane & Anthony, clothing, 10 W Widewater.
Shane, Solomon, dry goods, 72 S Church.
Shane, Solomon, of S. & Anthony, h 72 S Church.
Shanks, James, grocery 2 S Boush cor Freemason, h same.
Shannon, Edward, ship carpenter, h 43 W Bute.
Sharp, Charles, at Hartsman's, h 13 Concord.
Sharp, Charles, attorney at law and notary public 26 W Main, h 61 W Main.
Sharp, E. D. clerk A. Hartman, h 13 Concord l.
Sharp, Elijah, clerk A. Hartman, bds 20 Market sq.
Sharp, John H. bookkeeper Miller & Santos, bds 78 E Main.
Sharp, Wm. W attorney at law and president Exchange Bank 26 W Main,
      h 78 E Main.
Sharpley, C. M. painter, h 24 Marsh.
Sharpley, J. J. huckster, h 61 S Church cor Bermuda.
Sharpley, Mrs. Martha, dress and cloak maker, h 11 S Granby.
Shaw, Eber, merchant miller, h 8 S Catharine.
Shean, James, laborer, h 90 Bermuda.
Sheffield, George, teacher Norfolk military academy, h 88 W Bute cor Amelia.
Shelton, E. W. clerk L. Berkley.
SHEPHERD, JOHN C. groceries 31 Market sq, h 16 N Cumberland.
Shepherd, Mrs. S. M., h 3 N Cumberland.
Shepherd, Wm. T. bookkeeper R. H. Stevens, boards G. Mayer 18 Chapel.
Sherwood, R H. salesman Sherwood & Young, bds 48 N Cumberland
Sherwood, Wm. of S. & Young, h 48 N Cumberland.
SHERWOOD & YOUNG, commission merchants, liquors and groceries,
      14 Roanoke sq.
Shield, Charles H., h 16 S Granby.
Shields, Charles W. blacksmith Thomas R. Lee, h 7 Taylor's l.
Shields, Mrs. Hamilton, h 11 S Cumberland.
Shields, Thomas W. blacksmith, h 7 Concord.
Shipp, Mrs Eliza, h 56 N Catharine.
Shipp, G. L. grocer, 21 S Church cor Holt.
Shipp, John S. cutter Farant, Lester & Co, bds 32 S Cumberland.
Shue, Wm. H. brick mason, bds 2 Church cor Freemason.
Sigoney, A., h 150 Bute.
Sikes, John, shoe and boot maker, h 13 Mariner.
Sikes, Mrs. Mary Ann, h 97 Church.
Sikes, T. carpenter, h 25 S Duke
Sikes, Wm. tinsmith Wm. D. Roberts, jr., & Co, h 43 N Fenchurch.
Sikes, Zachariah, time keeper, h 55 N Catharine.
Sim, Robert, stone mason, h 23 Concord.
Simcow, Augustus, ship joiner, bds 63 S Church cor Bermuda.
Simkins, J. J., collector U. S. custom-house.
Simmons, A. clerk, h 40 W Freemason.
Simmons, Andrew, school teacher, h 27 S Cumberland.
Simmons, D. D. of D. D. S. & Brother, h 12 W Freemason corner Brewer.
Simmons, D. D. & Bro, McPhail's wharf foot of Washington.
Simmons, Mrs. Eliza, h 19 Hawk.
Simmons, James, cooper, h 28 Cove.
Simmons, Jessee, merchant, h 24 Union.
Simmons, John, sail maker A. Davis, bds 12 Charlotte.
Simmons, Mrs. Margaret, h 25 Washington.
Simmons, Wm. of D. D. S., & Bro, bds 12 W Freemason.
Simpson, George, ship carpenter, h 108 Queen.
Simpson, James, tailor Farant, Lester & Co, h 40 E Bute.
Simpson, James H. coach painter J. M. Pullen, h 59 Bermuda.
Sinclair, Arthur, jr, clerk Wm. C. Williams, bds 6 Washington.
Sinclair, Capt. Arthur, h 6 Washington.
Singleton, Benj. R. civil engineer, h 34 York.
Singleton, W. R. civil engineer navy yard, bds 9 E Freemason.
Sirich, John H. of Noah Walker & Co, bds National Hotel.
Skinner, James, pilot, h 23 E Bute.
Skafe, Wm. cook John Askew, bds 17 W Widewater.
Slain, Franklin, painter Borum & McClain, h 8 Cove.
Slaughter, Lewis J. clerk Balls. & Constable, bds R. M. Balls, Charlotte bt Catharine
     and Brewer.
Small, A. W. clerk George L. Crow, bds 37 S Church.
SMALL, A. W. & CO. stoves, copper, tin and Japan ware, 12 W Widewater.
Small, Benj., h 75 N Church.
Small, Mrs. E. E. grocery, 23 Mariner cor N Fenchurch.
Small, N. W. clerk E. P. Tabb & Co, bds Exchange Hotel.
Smiley, Mrs. E. N., h Hartshorn's court.
Smiley, James, jr. clerk, h 9 Hartshorn's court.
Smiley, W. H. of Rowland & Bros, h Hartshorn's court.
Smith, ____, carpenter, h 13 Queen.
Smith, ____, clerk, h 24 W Main.
Smith, ____, seaman, bds 78 W Widewater.
Smith, A. clerk John Ney, h 16 Addington's l.
SMITH, A. M., Rev. ARISTIDES L, principal Norfolk female institute,
      Holt cor 2d Cross.
Smith, Mrs. Amy, h 12 Princess Anne road.
Smith, Charles A. dry goods 78 S Church, h Bute bt Catharine and Cumberland.
Smith, C. L. blacksmith, bds 44 N Cumberland.
Smith, E. C. clerk post office, bds 44 N Cumberland.
Smith, E D. teller Exchange Bank, h 44 N Cumberland.
Smith, Felix, clerk Thomas Smith, h Newcastle.
Smith, G. H. laborer navy yard, h 8 N Church.
Smith, H. C. commission merchant 8 Campbell's wharf, h 25 Freemason.
Smith, J. carpenter, h 149 S Main.
Smith, J. bookkeeper James Smith, h 11 Fenchurch.
Smith, James, dry goods, 57 E Main.
Smith, John, h 11 N Fenchurch.
Smith, John D. clerk Charles A. Smith, bds Bute bt Catharine and Cumberland.
Smith, J. G. bakery, 17 Bank cor Williams.
Smith, J. M. of J. M. S. & Bro, h 2 S Chapel.
Smith, J. M. & Bro. commission and shipping merchants, and agents New York and
      Va. Steamship Co, Town point.
Smith, L. J. cigars, tobacco and snuff 50 E Main, h 37 S Cumberland.
Smith, Mrs. Mary, matron female orphan asylum.
Smith, Mrs. M. A., h 44 N Cumberland.
Smith, P. cashier Jas. Smith, bds 11 Fenchurch.
Smith, Mrs. P. private boarding house, 38 Fenchurch.
Smith, Thomas, dry goods 92 S Church, h 107 E Main.
Smith, Thomas, shoemaker Wm. S. Prince, bds 28 W Main.
Smith, Wm. blacksmith S. H. Hodges & Co, bds Queen bt James and Boush.
Smith, Wm. Boson, in navy, h 39 W Bute.
Smith, Wm. H. of J. M. Smith & Bro, h N Princess.
Smith, Wm. T. sail maker John W. Davis, h 24 N Brewer.
Snead, Mrs. M. F., h 24 Princess Anne road.
Snider, G. H. h 16 cor William and Talbot.
Snowden, Enoch, house carpenter, h 193 N Church.
Snyder, Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, h 50 W Main.
Snyder, Wm. sail loft, 6 Newton's wharf, up stairs.
Sone, W. C. huckster, h 18 Talbot.
Sorey, Wm. F. clerk M. A. Santos & Co, bds Mayfield.
SOUTHERN ARGUS, Leonard & Lamb proprietors & publishers, 17 W Main.
Southgate, James, jr. principal Norfolk male institute cor Fenchurch and Marsh,
      h 118 E Main.
Southgate, John, jr, h 34 S Catharine.
Southgate, John, h 34 S Catharine.
Southgate, Wm. C. officer in Exchange Bank, h 11 Freemason.
Southgate, Mrs. Wright, h 11 Catharine.
Southard, L. H. music teacher and organist Freemason st, Baptist Church,
      h 24 N Cumberland.
Spady, Wm. coxswain of revenue barge U. S. custom-house, h 11 N Brewer.
Spagler, Wm. painter, h 17 Talbot.
Spann, Oliver, coach painter, h 116 Cumberland.
Spann, Oliver J. carriage maker 35 E Widewater, h 118 E Cumberland.
Spann, Wm. watchman, h 15 Moseley.
Spence, A. laborer, h 6 Bermuda.
Spence, Charles, porter Camp, Bonsal & Co, h cor Little Water and Woodside's l.
Spence, John, shoemaker, h 16 N Boush.
Sperer, Capt. Wm. mariner, h14 William.
Spotswood, Lieut. Charles, U. S. navy, bds Exchange.
Spratley, James R., bds 9 Bermuda.
Spratley, Wm. S. gunsmith 14 Union, h 9 Bermuda.
Spratt, T. M. reporter Herald office, bds E Bute.
Spratt, Thomas, tinner, h 73 N Church.
Sprye, Felix, laborer, h 20 Cove.
Stacy, Flanagan, U. S. N., h 13 N Boush.
Stafford, Archibald, laborer, h 57 Liberty.
Stakes, Eliza, oysterman, h Union two doors from Nicholson.
Staner, John, house carpenter, h 39 W Main.
Stanley, Rev. F. pastor of Cumberland st. M. E. Church, h 40 S Fenchurch.
Stanton, B, blacksmith J. Hawthorn, bds 3 Wolfe.
Stanworth, Thomas, pilot, h 47 W Bute.
Star House, J. H Kelley proprietor, 27 N Church.
STARKE, JOHN W. slave dealer 13 Union, h same.
Staton, Amos, printer Herald office.
Staton, Patrick, h 58 N Church.
Stavero, Capt. George, h 24 Dodd's l.
Stavero, John, clerk John Kelley, h 19 W Bute.
Staylor, George, butcher, h Newton.
Staylor, George W. butcher, stall Nos. 15, 17 and 18 market house, h cor N Church
      and Boush.
Stead, George, h 6 Amelia.
Steed, G. W., commissioner of revenue, office City Hall, h 6 Amelia.
Steed, James M, liquor gauger, h 24 Bermuda.
Stever, Edwin, clerk Adams' Express, boards Mrs. Frisby 9 E Freemason.
Stein, Edwin, bootmaker, 26 W Widewater.
Stenger, Charles, bakery 38 W Widewater, h same,
Stevens, Andrew, rigger navy yard, h 1 Barraud court.
Stevens, Capt. James, oysterman, h 120 W Freemason.
Stevens, John, clerk Kader, Biggs & Co, bds 51 Upper Union.
Stevens, John, huckster 16 Union, h same.
STEVENS, R. H. hatter 7 Market sq, h 64 York.
Stevens, Wm. clerk, R. H. Stevens, h 51 Upper Union.
Stevenson, Charles, salesman F. A, Karn, h 12 S Cumberland.
Stevenson, Mrs. M. E., h 26 S Fenchurch.
Stevenson, Thomas, clerk Thos. R. Reardon, h 26 S Fenchurch.
Stewart, Frank, blacksmith, h 82 N Church.
Stewart, Henry, house carpenter, h 7 S Cumberland.
Stewart, H. G. of H. G. S. & Bro, h 47 Bank.
Stewart, H. G. & Bro. grocers, 47 Bank.
Stewart, Jas. laborer, h 15 Concord.
Steward, L. W. of H. G. S. & Bro, h 47 Bank.
Steward, Wm. P. of Wm. P. S. & Co., h 19 E Freemason.
Steward, Wm. P. & Co. dry goods 25 E Main and 17 Hill.
Stoet, Wm. H. boatman, h 94 Queen.
Stokes, D. E. clerk, bds 8 2d Cross.
Stokes, Mrs. Mary, h 23 Concord.
Stokes, Mrs. M. E., h 8 2d Cross.
Stokes, M. N. clerk, h 8 2d Cross.
Stokes, W. B. clerk J. C. Shepherd, bds 30 Falkland.
Stone, Charles F. office at Pollard's, Market sq, h 165 E Main.
Stone, G. F. notary public, and of Baymore & S. 23 Roanoke sq, bds 5
      Hartshorn's court.
Stone, M. clothing, 26 W Widewater.
Stone, Col. S. inspector of lumber, grain, &c, 66 W Main.
Story, F. G. of Keefe & S., bds 27 S Cumberland.
Stott, Samuel, brick mason, h 152 N Church.
Stout, J. H. of Grundy & S., h 53 W Freemason cor Boush.
Strawhand, James, laborer, h 9 James.
Strawhand, Jessee, laborer, h 7 New.
Streater, Mrs. Mary, h 61 W Charlotte.
Stubbs, Simon S. attorney at law, office 74 E Main, h 54 S Fenchurch.
Stubbs, W. S. house carpenter, h 54 S Fenchurch.
Sturdevant, John J. cashier F. W. Seabury, bds 25 Holt.
Sugar, A. of A. S. & Co, bds 45 Bank.
Sugar, A. & Co. clothiers, 4 W Widewater.
Summers, E. T. coopering 9 Lower Washington, h 39 N Cumberland cor Charlotte.
Swank, Mrs. C. E. millinery store, 49 S Church.
Swank, L. clerk Gwaltney & Co, h 49 S Church.
Swank, T. W. clerk E. A. Abbott, bds 49 S Church.
Swank, Wm. A. attorney at law and notary public 24 Bank, boards National Hotel.
Swift, Wm. H. tinsmith Wm. D. Eoberts, jr., & Co, h 53-1/2 Queen.
Swiney, Miss Ellen, h 25 N Catharine.
Swinsel, J. laborer, h 4 Barraud court.
Swinsel, Wm. laborer, h 4 Barraud court.
Switser, J. saloon 30 Market sq, h same.

Tabb, E. P. of E. P. Tabb & Co, h 151 E Main.
Tabb, E. P. & Co. hardware dealers, 2 E Main.
Tabb, George, clerk James Gordon & Co, bds Mrs. Sarah Lamb, 92 S Church.
Tabb, James, house carpenter, h 89 Cumberland.
Tabb, Thomas P. superintendent public schools and attorney at law, house and
     office 76 E Main.
Taggart, John P. ship joiner 38 E Widewater, h 74 S Fenchurch nr Main.
Talbot, T., h 63 W Main.
Talliaferro, J. L. clothing cleaner and repairer, 62 N Church.
Tatem, W. T. shipping merchant, h 25 Wood.
Tatten, Samuel, porter Herman & Co, h 21 Talbot.
Tarrant, William C. carpenter, h 40 Bute.
Taylor, Capt. B. of the steamer Kakukee, h 4 2d Cross.
Taylor, B. K. sail maker, h 16 Talbot.
Taylor, Mrs. Daniel, widow, h 108 S Church.
Taylor, David B. clerk W. M. Millar, bds N. C. and Va. Hotel.
Taylor, John, laborer navy yard, 8 East.
Taylor, Joseph, city watchman, h 35 Nicholson.
Taylor, J. A. bookkeeper William C. Williams, bds 9 Dartmouth.
Taylor, John C. clerk J. W. Whitehurst & Co, bds Freemason.
Taylor, John S. discount clerk Farmers Bank, h 18 W Freemason.
Taylor, Mrs. M., h 25 Brewer.
Taylor, Capt. Richard, pilot, h 34 W Charlotte.
Taylor, Richard, cashier Norfolk Savings Institution, h 10 N Granby.
Taylor, Mrs. Richard, h 69 W Freemason cor Duke.
Taylor, Robertson, bookkeeper Camp, Bonsal & Co., h 67 W Freemason.
Taylor, R. C. teacher at Norfolk Military Academy, h 69 W Freemason.
Taylor, Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, h 58 E Bute.
Taylor, Tazewell, attorney at law and president Norfolk Savings Institution, 21 Bank,
      h 27 S Granby.
Taylor, W. A. S. drugs and medicines 81 E Main, bds 7 Catharine.
Taylor, Wm. blacksmith, h 13 N Catharine.
Taylor, Wm. at John D. Gordan's, h 9 Yarmouth.
Taylor, Wm. E., 46 W Main.
Taylor, Wm. E., h 136 Bute.
Taylor, Walter H. auditor N. and P. R. R. 10 New Castle, h 67 W Freemason.
Taylor, Mrs. Walter H., h 69 W. Freemason.
Taylor, Wm. H. works on city ferry, h 117 Church.
Taylor, W. H. A. brick mason, h 62 N Church.
Taylor, Walter N. clerk W. A. S. Taylor, bds 7 Catharine.
Taylor, W. V. of John D. Gordan & Co, h 9 Dartmouth.
Tazewell, Hon. L. W., h 26 S Granby.
Tebault, B. F. of B. F. Tebault & Co, h 4 N Catharine.
Tebault, B. F. & Co. groceries, 7 E Main.
Tebault, Mrs. E. C, h 4 N Catharine.
Tebo, Louis, barber, 79 S Church.
Tebo, Mrs. William, h 84 Queen.
Telegraph Office, 10 Newcastle.
Thayer, J. W. livery stable Hill, bds 27 N Catharine.
Thiregood, George, ship, carpenter, bds cor Church and Freemason.
Thomas, Benj. D. clerk F. Zantzinger, h 5 W Charlotte.
Thomas, B. F. restaurant 51 W Main, h same.
Thomas, E. C. city inspector, h 63 Bermuda.
Thomas, George J. salesman Camp, Bonsal & Co., bds National Hotel.
Thomas, John, ship joiner, h 47 W Bute.
Thomas, John, sawyer navy yard, 26 Hartshorn's court.
Thomas, Josiah, h 36 W Charlotte.
Thomas, John B. clerk Warren & Billups, bds Mrs. P. Smith, 38 S Fenchurch.
Thomas, Jesse D. ship carpenter, h 5 W Charlotte.
Thomas, John W. deputy clerk, clerk's office City Hall sq, bds National Hotel.
Thomas, Mrs. Patsy, h 13 Hawk.
Thomas, R. S. house carpenter, h Hartshorn's court.
Thomas, Miss Sally, h 21 Dodd's l.
Thomas, S. J. clerk T. Bottimore, bds 38 S Fenchurch.
Thomas, W. E. clerk, bds 50 S Fenchurch.:
Thomas, W. H. brick mason, bds 30 Hartshorn's court.
Thompson, Alex, laborer, h 38 W Charlotte.
Thompson, Henry, house carpenter, h 13 Dodd's l.
Thompson, David, laborer, h 13 N Church.
Thompson, Jos. superintendent gas company, h 9 Bute.
Thompson, Mrs, M. F. seamstress, h 60 E Bute.
Thompson, William, laborer, bds 70 W Widewater.
Thompson, William H., h 36 S Granby.
Thompson, William E. bookkeeper John James, bds 50 S Fenchurch.
Thornton, Mrs. M. J. boarding house, h 108 E Main.
Thorogood, James, boat builder navy yard, h 38 Brewer.
Thorogood, J. F. house carpenter, h 34 E Freemason.
Thrift, Absalom, carpenter, shop 25 Cove, h 2 Marsh.
Thrift, S. L. carpenter, h E Virginia.
Thrift, S. W carpenter, shop cor Reid's l and Union, h 45 S Fenchurch and Marsh.
Timberley, Mrs. Margaret, h 95 Church.
Timlike, Francis, tinner, h 7 Dodd's l.
Titmus, William, watchman, h 47 Queen.
Todd, Barney, carpenter, bds 60 Bermuda.
Todd, H. C. physician 1 Campbell's wharf, h cor Church and Charlotte.
Todd, Henry S. clerk S. & R R. R., bds cor Brewer and Freemason.
Todd, John R. clerk M. A. Santos, bds Freemason cor Brewer.
Todd, M., h 65 W Bute.
Todd, W attorney at law, h 11 Freemason.
Todd, Westwood A. attorney at law 21 Bank, bds C. A Santos, Freemason.
TOMPKINS, J. J. furniture dealer 34 E Main, h 79 S Church.
Tompkins, W. K. clerk Santos, Walke & Co, bds Bute bt Catharine and Brewer.
Totten, Samuel, boot and shoemaker, clerk at Herman & Co, h 21 Talbot.
Toy, Thomas D. of King & Toy, h 41 N Cumberland.
Travis, Dennard, oysterman, h 5 Avon.
Tree, James B. master of telegraph N. and P. R. R. 10 Newcastle, h 81 W Main.
Tripple, William, candy maker and baker, h 11 Hill.
Tripple, William, confectioner, bds 45 W Main.
Trower, John, mate of steamer J. E. Coffee, h 75 N Church.
Troxel, James, teacher Public School No. 1, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Trudewine, F. restaurant, 37 and 39 W Main.
Tucker, Capt. John R., U. S. N., h 42 S Fenchurch.
Tufts, William, h 145 E Main.
Tufts, W. B. clerk E. P. Tabb & Co, bds 145 E Main.
Tunis, John, merchant, h 1 S Granby cor W Freemason.
Tunis, Lewis, h 1 S Granby cor W Freemason.
Tunis, Mill N., h Voss.
Tunis, Mrs. R, h 1 S Granby cor W Freemason.
Tunstall, Alexander, cashier Farmers Bank, h 58 Bute.
Tunstall, Dr. Robert B. office and house 14 W Freemason.
Turner, ____, 37 Queen.
Turner, Justin, caulker navy yard, bds 2 Church cor Freemason.
Turner, Mrs. Samuel, h 50 W Freemason.
Turner, Thomas, brick mason, h 62 N Church.
Turner, W. H. of Herman & Co, h 16 S Fenchurch.
Tyler, W. F. runner Exchange Bank, h 23 Bermuda.
Tyrrell, A. Blacksmith, 32 W Charlotte.
Tyson, George P., h 109 Church.

Umphrey, John, watchman, h 17 S Brewer.
Umstadter, Jacob, dry and fancy goods 70 and 84 S Church, h 70 S Church.
Underhill, F. house carpenter, h 48 Bute.
Underhill, Michael, apprentice D. Brown, bds 21 E Main.
United Fire Company, No. 2, engine house 37 W Widewater.
United States Custom House W Main nr Fayette.
United States Light House, office 34 W Main.
Union Engine House, Fenchurch bt Main and Bermuda.
Upshur, Caleb L. clerk Herman & Co, bds 22. S Catharine.
Upshur, John B. of J. B. Upshur & Co, h 17 Bermuda.
UPSHUR, J. B. & CO. commission merchants and ship brokers, 3 Campbell's wharf.
Upshur, W. S., h 17 Bermuda.

Vaden, Robert H. engineer, h 46 Bermuda.
Vain, Charles M. coach trimmer J M. Pullen, h 57 Bermuda.
VAN BUSKIRK, J. W. ship broker Campbell's wharf, h 27 Mariner.
Vanderbury, James, oysterman, h 17 Botetourt.
Van Hart, William, cigar maker J. A. Runaldue.
Vannetter, Samuel, house carpenter, h 16 S Church.
Vaughan, A. M. postmaster New Custom House, h 124 W Bute.
Vaughan, R F., bookkeeper Santos, Walke & Co, bds National Hotel.
Vaughan, William, block and pump maker 17 E Widewater, h 121 Chapel.
Veale, Miss Mary, grocery, h cor James and Bute.
Veale, Samuel, harness maker, bds 24 S Cumberland.
Veale, S. R. cabinet maker, 24 S Cumberland
Velines, John, upholsterer, h 44 S Cumberland.
VICKERY & COMPANY, books, stationery and fancy goods, publishers and
      bookbinders, 19 E Main.
Vickery, Miss Elizabeth, h 16 S Boush.
Vickery, Capt. Jacob, of Vickery & Company, h 22-1/2 Catharine.
Vickhouse, Mrs., h 50 Brewer.
Vickhouse, Mrs. Sarah, h 72 Bute.
Vohkl, A. porter J. M. Smith & Bro., bds Commerce.

Waddey, Miss E. school teacher, h 143 E Main.
Wahman, J. F. clerk Charles Schwarzkopf, bds 102 E Main.
Wales, Asaph, lumber inspector, h 136 E Main.
Wales, G. H. bookkeeper Farmers Bank, bds 136 E Main.
Wales, W. H. cashier Merchants and Mechanics Savings Bank, h 136 E Main.
Walke, Mrs. David, h 30 Falkland.
Walke, Frank A. of Santos, Walke & Co, h 20 S Duke.
Walke, Richard, h 147 Main cor Hutchings' l.
Walke, William, h 9 Chapel cor Holt.
Walke, W. T. of Santos, Walke & Co, h 144 E Main.
Walker, Cornelius, huckster in market, h 3 Hill.
Walker, Edmund, ship carpenter navy yard, h 32 Bank.
Walker, Mrs E., h 15 S Cumberland.
Walker, H. B. C. wood and metal turner navy yard, h 16 N Church.
Walker, John, inspector of lumber, h 2 S Cumberland.
Walker, John, jeweller and watchmaker 3 W Widewater, h Fenchurch.
Walker, Luther, bds 40 S Cumberland.
Walker, N., 23 Talbot.
Walker, Noah & Co. clothiers, 31 E Main,
Walker, O. M. clerk M. Hurley, h 34 E Freemason.
WALKER, THOS. cigars and tobacco 8 Market sq, h same.
Walker, W. W. house carpenter, 11 E Boush.
Wallace, Ed. boarding bouse, 35 W Widewater.
Wallenstein, M. of J. Hamburger & Co, bds 38 E Main.
Walker, Dr. N. P., h 68 S Granby.
Walsh, Wm. V. clerk Lepage Brothers, bds Col. S. Stone, W Main.
Walters, George, watchman, h 30 James.
Walters, James H. clerk Allyn, Rose & Capps, bds N Church nr Main.
Walters, J. M. bookkeeper Grandy & Stout, bds National Hotel.
WALTERS' NATIONAL HOTEL, Wm. L. Walters, proprietor, 66 and 68 E Main
      cor Church.
Walters, T. A. of W. A. Walters & Co, h Portsmouth.
Walters, V. W. clerk National Hotel.
Walters, Wm. A. of Wm. A. Walters & Co, h Richmond.
WALTERS, WILLIAM A. & CO, upholstery, paper hangings and carpets, 26 E Main.
WALTERS, WILLIAM L. proprietor National Hotel, 66 and 68 E Main cor Church.
Wans, J. C. shoemaker Wm. S. Prince, bds 24 W Main.
Ward, D. A. inspector of lime, h 52 W York.
Ward, Mrs., 93 Church.
Ward, Thomas, h 230 N. Church.
Ward, T. B., 52 W York.
Ward, Wm. butcher, stalls 12, 13, 19 and 21 market house.
Ward, Wm. naval contractor, 52 York.
Ward, Wm. laborer, 114 W Freemason.
Ward, Wm. sawyer navy yard, h 236 N Church.
Warr, Thomas, salesman Wm. P. Steward & Co.
WARREN & BILLUPS, agricultural warehouse, seed and iron store,
      13 W. Widewater.
Warren, T. P. of Warren & Billups, h 42 Bute.
Washington, Samuel C. machinist, h 20 Cove.
Watlington, John O. of Reed & Watlington, h 13 E Freemason.
Watson, Benj. tinsmith Ed. Delany, h 11 N. Brewer.
Watters, Mrs. A. school teacher, 85 E Main.
Watts, Mrs. J. A. seamstress, h 7 Wolfe.
Weaver, Samuel, tinsmith Wm. D. Roberts, jr. & Co, h Portsmouth.
Webb, J. H. printer, 6 Chapel.
Webb, L. W. drugs and medicines 52 E Main, h 44 S Fenchurch.
Webb, Thomas, printer, bds 39 Bank cor Hill.
Webb, William, boat builder, 18 S Cumberland.
Webb, Wm. B. clerk Plume & Co, h 36 S Cumberland.
Webb, W. B. painter, bds 36 S Cumberland.
Webb, Wm. J. sailor, h 36 Bank.
Webb, W. T. bookkeeper Nathaniel Nash, bds 36 S Cumberland.
WEBBER & BALSAM, livery and sale stables, 46 Union and 126 and 128 S Church.
Webber, John, gunner in the navy, h Wood.
WEBBER, W. G. grocery and meat market, 22 and 24 Market sq, h same.
Weir, T. R. purser on the Pennsylvania, bds National Hotel.
Welch, ____, bds 66 W Main.
Welch, Michael, laborer, h Proby's l.
Wells, John M. shoemaker 27 W Main, h same.
Welsh, John, cigar maker, h 6 Marsh.
Werthheimer, B. clerk A. Seldner & Co, h 51 E Main.
Werthheimer, Michael, clerk A. Seldner & Co, bds 61 E Main.
West, Delaware, laborer navy yard, bds 2 Church cor Freemason.
West, G. S. physician, office cor Fenchurch and Bermuda.
West, John Thomas, city watchman, h 69 Queen.
West, Mrs. Mary, h 36 W Freemason cor of Granby.
West, Robert, butcher, h 11 N Church.
West, Thomas B. clerk navy agent's office, h 62 W Bute.
West, Thomas G. wheelwright, h 42 N Brewer
West, W. M. clerk F. W. Seabury, bds National Hotel.
Western, Mrs. Amy, h 31 Charlotte.
Western, Cary, merchant, h 108 W Freemason.
Westheimer, S. clothing 26 Market sq, h S Church nr Odd Fellows' Hall.
Wharton, Mrs. N. P., h 9 S Cumberland.
Wheeler, Charles G. of J. W. Barcroft & Co, h 132 E Main.
WHEELER, DULTON, ship chandler and commission merchant, 8 W Widewater,
      h 27 N Catharine.
Wheeler, John C. rigger, h 19 W Main.
WHITAKER, N. B. dentist 55 E Main, bds 18 Freemason.
White, Caleb D. clerk, bds 35 N Church.
White, Miss Ellen, h 40 Bermuda.
White, James, carpenter, h 64 N Church.
White, Jesse, carpenter navy yard, h 22 S Cumberland.
White, John, of White & Sale, h 37 N Cumberland.
White, Joel C. carpenter, h 66 N Church.
White, J. W. D. carpenter navy yard, bds 22 S Cumberland.
White, Margaret, seamstress, h 75 Liberty.
White, Mrs, Martha A., Howard Asylum, h 12 Yarmouth.
White & Sale, grocers and commission merchants, 4 Campbell's wharf.
White, Mrs. Sarah, h 119 Cumberland.
White, Thomas, hatter, bds 27 S Cumberland.
White, T. W. blacksmith, h 40 N Church.
White, W. J. carpenter, bds 66 N Church.
Whitehead, John, 11 N Catharine.
Whitehead, John B. of Herman & Co, h 30 S Catharine.
Whitehead, J. H. grocery 2 Bank, h same.
Whitehead, Mrs. M. A., h 28 Avon.
Whitehead, Mrs. N. E., h 2 E Freemason cor Catharine.
Whitehurst, Charles H. clerk P. H. Whitehurst, h 12 N Fenchurch.
WHITEHURST, D. C. grocer, 61 S Church cor Bermuda.
Whitehurst & Greene, cooperage, E Widewater opp Hunter's wharf.
Whitehurst, Henry, house carpenter, h 44 N Church.
Whitehurst, James C., h 40 N Cumberland.
Whitehurst, J. D. grocer, 172 N Church.
Whitehurst, J. P. grocer, 48 Bermuda cor East.
Whitehurst, James H., h 35 Princess Anne road.
Whitehurst, J. J. slave-dealer 13 Union, h 1 Princess Anne road.
Whitehurst, J. W. of J. W. W. & Co, h 139 E Main.
Whitehurst, J. W. & Co, bankers, 41 Market sq.
Whitehurst, Mrs. L. tailoress, h 3 Holt.
Whitehurst, L. H. clerk J. D. Gammon, bds D. B. Dyer's 26 Cove.
Whitehurst, P. H. junk, fruit and candies 9 E Widewater, h 39 N Fenchurch.
Whitehurst, Wm. F. of W. & Greene, and inspector, h 54 E Bermuda.
Whitehurst, W. H. clerk Dawson & Rawls, bds 17 W Freemason.
Whitehurst, W. H. laborer, h 174 N Church.
Whitehurst, W. W. house carpenter, h E Boush.
Whiteman, F. professor in music, 18 W Main.
Whitfield, Thomas, pilot, h 12 Addington's l.
Whiting, John R. clerk Jas. I. Bloodgood, bds Mrs. Thornton's 108 E Main.
Whiting, Thomas B. clerk James I. Bloodgood, bds Mrs. Thornton's 108 E Main.
Whiting, W. N. school teacher, h 1 Hill.
Whitley, Elias, ship carpenter navy yard, h 29 E Freemason.
Whitley, Mrs. dressmaker, h 29 Freemason.
Whitlock, Wm. confectionery 6 Commerce, h same.
Whittle, Conway, attorney at law, h 20 S Boush.
Whornsley, John, engineer, h 119 Church.
Wiatt, Frank, sailor, h 65 W Widewater.
Wiatt, Mrs. Frank, h 12 New.
Wiatt, James F. blacksmith, h 10 New.
Wicker, Miss Jane, fortune teller, h Union.
Wicker, J. J. of W. & Simmons, h Proby's l.
Wicker & Simmons, grocers, 2 S Church.
Wickham, Miss Mary, h 10 S Fenchurch.
Wickings, J. E. carpenter Union, h 43 Bank.
Wickings, W. C. dentist Wm. N. McKenney, bds 43 Bank.
Widgen, Abel, tailor, h 63 Liberty.
Wilborn, Thumer, h 17 Queen.
Wilborn, Wm. bricklayer, h 3 Bute.
Wild, Thomas, saddler, bds Merchants' Hotel.
Wilder, Mrs. Elizabeth, h 12 Brewer.
Wilde, James M. yeoman on Pennsylvania, h 117 Cumberland.
Wilkins, C. L. bookkeeper Rowland Reynolds, bds 39 Cumberland.
Wilkins & Huttleston, boots and shoes, 88 S Church.
Wilkins, J. F. of W. & Huttleston, h 88 S Church.
Wilkins, Nathaniel, cabinet maker, h 69 N Church.
Wilkins, T B. clerk W. H. C Lovitt, bds S Church nr Main.
Wilkins, Thomas J. clerk Foster & Moore, bds 3 N Fenchurch.
Wilkins, W. P. harness maker, bds 23 S Catharine.
Wilkinson, Augustus, bookkeeper Pentz & Carter, h 155 W Bute.
Wilkinson, Henry, clerk Samuel Marsh, bds 155 W Bute.
Wilkinson, James, h 155 W Bute cor Botetourt.
Wilkinson, Com. Jessie, U. S. navy, h 66 W Freemason.
Wilkinson, Joseph, stone mason, h 45 James.
Wilkinson, John G. at Exchange Bank, h 155 W Bute cor Botetourt.
Wilkinson, John N. bookkeeper Hardy & Bros, h 13 S Catharine cor Wolfe.
Wilkinson, Mrs., 1 Queen at house of Henry Butt.
Wilkinson, Samuel, stone mason, h 44 James.
Wilkinson, Wm. S. of John B. Hardy & Co, h 155 Bute.
Wilkinson, W. W. h 17 Freemason.
Williams, Charles, bookkeeper George W. Bluford,
Williams, C. pilot, h 12 N Bute.
Williams, C. J. wheelwright navy yard, h 49 N Fenchurch.
Williams, Daniel, tailor, h 61 W Widewater.
Williams, E. clerk A. Oberndorfer, bds 49 E Main.
Williams, Mrs. E. private boarding house, h 60 Bermuda.
Williams, F. grocer, cor N Church and Princess Anne road.
Williams, H. N., h 67 W Main.
Williams, James, ship carpenter, h 28 James.
Williams, James L. ship joiner, h 10 Bute.
Williams, James M. house carpenter, h 22 Union.
Williams, John, clerk of the court, clerks office City Hall sq, h 21 N Catharine.
Williams, J. J. ship joiner, bds 49 N Fenchurch.
Williams, Mrs. M., h 228 N Church.
Williams, Rev. Peter, h 25 E Freemason.
Williams, Theodric, h Catharine two doors from Charlotte.
Williams, Thomas, grocery cor Queen and James, h 50 Queen.
Williams, T. A. salesman Rowland & Reynolds, bds N Catharine nr Charlotte.
Williams, W. clerk M. Campe, bds 41 E Main.
Williams, Walter, house carpenter, bds 39 N Church.
Williamson, John, house carpenter, h 58 Queen.
Williamson, Thomas, h 18 W Freemason.
Williamson, Thomas, U. S. navy, h 9 N Granby.
Williamson, Wm. C. commission merchant Ferguson & Milhado's wharf, h cor
      W Main & Fayette.
Williamson, Wm. P., U. S. navy, h 9 N Granby.
Willis, Wm. carpenter, h 8 Cove.
Wilson, David E., h 16 S Boush.
Wilson, George, bookkeeper R. W. Santos & Co, bds Macon House, Portsmouth.
Wilson, George R. of Griffith, W. & Co, h 22 Freemason cor Cumberland.
Wilson, H. laborer navy yard, h 67 N Church.
Wilson, Mrs. Jane, h 62 Queen.
Wilson, John, house carpenter, h Princess Anne road.
Wilson, Mrs. Mary, h 59 E Holt.
Wilson, Wm. M. physician 18 W Main, bds National Hotel.
Wiltshier, Charles, proprietor Philadelphia and Norfolk Hotel, 36 W Widewater cor
Wingfield, R. C. M. clerk Doyle & Irwin, bds Portsmouth.
Winnington, S. G. butcher, stall 29 market house.
Winslow, Augustus, blacksmith cor S Church and E Widewater, h 3 Proby's l.
Winslow, Wm. T. workman navy yard, h 2 Proby's l.
Windsor, O. of C. Hall & Co, h 156 Bute.
Wise, Mrs. Ann, h 6 Talbot.
Wise, Darius J. foreman Day-Book office, h N Church bt Freemason and Charlotte.
Wise, Henry A. printer Day-Book office, h 6 Talbot.
Wise, John C, h 27 S Duke.
Wise, Smith, carriage trimmer A. Wrenn, bds cor Cumberland and Cove.
Wise, Thomas O. publisher Day-Book, bds 24 S Cumberland.
Womble, James G. of Davis & W., bds 4 W Charlotte.
Womble, R. H. clerk Davis & Womble, bds 4 W Charlotte.
Wood, Francis, laborer, h 63 W Widewater.
Wood, James, carpenter, h 63 W Widewater.
Wood, W. H. house painter, h 15 Addington's l.
Woodard, John, cabinet maker, h 3 N Church.
Woodard, Wm. R. inspector U. S. custom-house, h Portsmouth.
WOODBRIDGE, J. J. produce & commission merchant 5 Roanoke sq,
      bds 10 S Catharine.
Woodhouse, J., h 110 E Main.
Woodhouse, Mrs. J. dressmaker, h 110 E Main.
Woodhouse, Phil. D. clerk George W. Dey, h Church bt Charlotte and Bute.
Woodhouse, Wm., h 91 Cumberland.
Woodhouse, Wm. brick mason, h 39 N Church.
Woodis, Mrs Hunter, h 60 Bute.
Woods, Lawrence, wood sawyer Borum & McClean, h 24 Cove.
Woods, L. laborer, h 24 Allyn's court.
Woodward, Mrs. Sarah, h 42 Bermuda.
Woodworth, A. J., h 9 Plume.
Worrell, R. A. city collector, office City Hall, h 58 W Freemason.
WRENN, A. carriage manufacturer 11 Union, h 35 S Church opp St. Paul's Church.
Wright, Capt. David, pilot, h 12 S Fenchurch.
Wright, D. M. physician 20 W Main, h N W cor Granby and Charlotte.
Wright, Edwin L. clerk at clerk's office of the court, bds 45 Main.
Wright, H. S. clerk C. Hall & Co.
Wright, J. D. eating house 3 W Widewater, h same.
Wright, J. E. house and sign painter, h cor Catharine and Cove.
Wright, James E. painter, h E Charlotte.
Wright, John, locksmith, h 3 Concord.
Wright, John L. grocery cor Bute and Catharine, h same.
Wright, Joseph, school teacher, h Bermuda.
Wright, Joseph, plow maker Borum & McClean, h 8 Bermuda.
Wright, Julius, bricklayer, h cor Catharine and E Bute.
Wright, A. B. B., h 98 E Main.
Wright, Thomas M. locksmith, h 3 Concord.
Wright, Wm. engineer on steamer Coffee, h 6 East.
Wright, Wm. bakery, 69 S Church.
Wyatt, B. F. ship carpenter, h 45 S Fenchurch.
Wyatt, Josephus H. ship carpenter, h 66 Cumberland.
Wyatt, John R., house carpenter, h 44 Bermuda.
Wyatt, Mathew T. ship carpenter, h 66 Cumberland.
Wyatt, Wm. tinner George L. Crow, h 6 Boush.
Wymari, Mrs. Susan, h 64 E Bute.
Wynne, John T. paper carrier Day-Book, h Upper Union.
Wynne, Mrs. Mary J. saloon, 57 W Widewater.

Yarwood, Wm. blacksmith, h Proby's l.
Young & Bullock, shipping agents, 33 W Widewater.
Young, Capt. Ed. city surveyor and school teacher old Odd-Fellows' building,
      h 8 N Duke.
Young, John J. of Y. & Bullock, h Martin's l.
Young, Peter, h 8 Dodd's l.
Young, Thomas O. bookkeeper J. J. Woodbridge, h 10 S Catharine.

Zantzinger, F. lumber, wood and coal S E cor Church and E Widewater, h 36 S Duke.
Zeller, John, laborer, h James,
Zills, J. A. clerk C. Schwarzkopf.
Zimmerman, Jacob, carpenter, bds N. C. & Va. Hotel.
Zuehlke, Mrs. J. boarding house, 16 Commerce.