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For 1851 - 1852

Containing the names, professions, places of business, and residences of the merchants, traders, manufacturers, mechanics, heads of families, &c.

By Wm. S. Forrest
Norfolk, 1851.

Transcribed by Donna Bluemink


N. north; E. east; S. south; W. west; Cath. Catharine; CharL Charlotte; Ch. Church; Cumb. Cumberland; bldg. building; be. between; bds. boards; col. colored; com. commission; cor. corner; h. house; la. laborer; l. lane; manuf. manufactory; mercht. merchant; off. office; op. opposite; r. residence; sq. square; st. street w. widow; whf. wharf.

[42] A.

Abbot Peter, mariner, r. 35 Nicholson.
Absalom E. boot and shoe maker, 15 E. Widewater, r. 63 N. Catharine.
Adam Jas. bread and cake bakery, 46 E. Main.
Adams Baley, h. carpenter, 7 N. Fenchurch.
Adams John, h. carpenter, 4 W. Bute.
Addington Mrs. F. W. w. 59 S. Fenchurch.
Addington Rev. J. C. teacher, 40 S. Cumb.
Addington Wm. H. ladies' shoe saloon, 49 E. Main.
Addison Jacob, wood cutter, Holly Place.
Allen E. blacksmith, 21 E. Widewater, r. 106 S. Ch.
Allen Mrs. Frances, w. 8 Marsh.
Allen R. shipwright, r. 63 N. Cumb.
Allen T. D. wood merch't and proprietor of carts and wagons, off. 27 East Widewater, r. 61
Allen Capt. W. mariner, r. 10 Bermuda.
Allmand Chas. r. 28 Bermuda.
Allmand H. com. merchant, 81 W. Widewater, Town Point, bds. at National Hotel.
Allmand Mrs. Margaret, w. 30 S. Boush.
Allyn J. T. 15 N. Cath.
American N. confectioner, 52 S. Church.
Anderson & Bro. ship-joiners, 40 E. Widewater.
Anderson A. A. gas fitter, r. 10 N. Chapel.
Anderson Mrs. Eliza, w. 68 S. Ch.
Anderson G. F. com. merchant, 1 Rothery's Whf. corner Rothery's L, r. 16 Holt.
Anderson T. mer. tailor, 21 W. Widewater.
Anderson J. R. h. carpenter, 5 Holly Place.
Anderson Richard, ship-joiner, r. 60 E. Bute.
Andrews Dr. T. F. 65 E. Main.


Angel N. S. sail-maker, r. 28 S. Fenchurch.
Anson, Thos. grocer, 46 W. Widewater.
Anthony A. clothing store, 26 W. Widewater.
Applewhaite, Miss J. 46 W. Freemason.
Applewhaite R. H. h. carpenter, r. 3 Bermuda.
Arbuthnot J. agt. Phoenix Fire Insurance Co. of London, 72 N. Cumberland.
Archer Mrs. A. mantuamaker, 16 Bank.
Archer Mrs. Elizth. 60 N. Fench.
Archer Wm. boat builder, r. 76 York.
Armer Capt. B. mariner, 71 S. Church.
Armistead C. G. 124 W. Bute.
Armistead Mrs. J. T. w. 124 W. Bute.
Armistead T. Newton, 124 W. Bute.
Armistead Wm. (col'd) victualler, 16 Loyall's l.
Armstrong Capt. Wm. M., U. S. N., r. 120 W. Bute.
Arnott H. baker, at Harris', r. 20 Dodd's 1.
Ashley Mrs. E. w. 24 Cove.
Ashley Wm. P. h. carpenter, 39 S. Ch.
Ashlock Mrs. E. w. 21 E. Bute.
Ayars M. grocer, r. 2 Holt.
Ayres Jno. h. carpenter, 23 N. Church.


Babbington Miss M. 4 Proby's l.
Bacon W. 9 Allyn's Court.
Bagley Mrs. ___ w. 79 N. Ch.
Bagley Jas. R. merchant, bds. at Mrs. Emerson's, 53 E. Main.
Bagley Capt. J. R. wharf builder, r. W. Main, lot in front
Bagnall H. B. Tazewell st. near S. end Boush.
Bagnall R. M. bds. at City Hotel.
Bagnall W. D. elk. at Virginia Bank, r. 35 S. Cath.
Bailley Mrs. M. w. 15 Talbot.
Bain Chas. N. coach trimmer, r. 76 Bermuda.
Baker I. W. cabinet maker, 49 S. Cath. r. 2 Hartshorn's Court.
Baker Jas. notary public and general agent, off. 15 E. Widewater, r. 51 E. Bute.
Baker Judge R. H., r. 34 S. Boush.
Baker R. H. Jr., attorney at law, off. 46 W. Main, r. 34 S. Boush.
Baker P. (col.) painter, r. 14 W. Queen.
Baker Z. (col.) 6 Reardon Court
Baley Jos. baker, 69 S. Ch.
Balfour Dr. E. O., off. 42 Market Sq. r. 116 E. Main.
Ballance E. wheelwright, 120 S. Ch. r. 39 W. Bute.
Ball Jno. grocer, 2 Metcalf's l.
Balls R. M. lumber merchant, Southgate & Dickson's whf.
Balls Wm. F. runner Exchange Bank, r. 8 W. Char.
Banks John, h. carpenter and lumber inspector, r. 14 S. Brewer.
Banks John, h. carpenter, r. 132 N. Church.
Barclay R. C. bookseller and stationer, 11 E. Main, head of Mark. Sq.

[ 45]

Barden Mrs. M. F., w. 30 S. Ch.
Barker B. teacher, Odd Fellows' Hall, bds. at Mrs. Langley's.
Barnes Mrs. A., w. 18 Cove.
Barnes Anthony, grocery, 2 P. A. Road.
Barnes E. A. h. carpenter, r. 16 W. Charlotte.
Barnes Griffin, cabinet maker and turner, 55 S. Ch.
Barnes Jno. cooper, r. 24 N. Brewer.
Barnes Jos. h. carpenter, 17 Addington's l.
Barnes Sam'l, pilot, 30 Dodd's l.
Barnes S. mariner, 5 Dodd's l.
Barnett J. grocer, 42 W. Widewater.
Barrett R. J. ropemaker, for Plume & Co., r. 57 N. Fenchurch.
Barrett Wm. H. ropemaker at Plume's ropewalk, r. 17 N. Fenchurch.
Barraud Dr. D. C, r. 18 S. Granby.
Barraud O. B. attorney at law, commissioner in chancery, and cashr. Mer. and Mech.      Bank, off. 26 Bank.
Barrom G. A. painter, r. 9 S. Cumb.
Barron Capt. Samuel, U. S. N. National Hotel.
Barrot, E. book-keeper, Va. Bank, r. 9 E. Freemason.
Barry James, 25 Market Square.
Barry Jas. E. dealer in crockery and China ware, 25 Market Sq. cor. Union.
Bartee J. grocer, 83 E. Main.
Battley John, r. 10 Newcastle.
Battley Joseph F. measurer, Custom House, r. 11 Mariner.
Baylor & Tunstall, physicians, office 21 W. Main.
Baylor Mrs. Cath. B. teacher, 20 W. Freemason.
Baylor Dr. R. B., r. 20 E. Freemason, corner Cumberland.
Bayto J. segar maker, 64 S. Church.
Bazin Charles, cooper, 20 Littlewater.
Beach William, h. carpenter, r. 44 W. Charlotte.
Beale Albert, measurer, 15 N. Boush.
Beale C. H. editor Daily News, 3 Widewater, r. 98 N. Church.
Beall Mrs. L. w. 5 Southgate's row, E. Freemason.
Beane William, house and sign painter, 9 W. Main, r. over 2 Market Sq.
Beazley E. H. coach maker, 46 lower Union and 126 S. Church, r. 13 Cumberland.
Bedout Bonnet, variety store, 9 E. Widewater, r. 15 N. Ch.
Beebe T. L. boot and shoe maker, 135 S. Ch.
Behan James H. corner Wood and Church.
Bell Alexander, com. merchant, Soutter's Whf. r. 41 S. Cath.
Bell Mrs. Margaret, w. 15 N. Boush.
Bell Mrs. M. C. w. 122 E. Main.
Bell Thomas, h. carpenter, r. 69 E. Bute, near Church.
Bell D. grocer, 10 lower Union.
Belote J. W. painter, Southgate & Dickson's wharf, r. 8 N. Chapel.
Belote James L. painter, r. 7 N. Church.
Belote P. painter, r. 15 W. Bute.
Bemberry ___, bds. at Mrs. Segar's.
Bennet J. mariner, 84 N. Ch.
Benson Edmund, 26 Allyn's Court.


Benson Benjamin, mariner, 31 Williamson's l.
Benson Capt. J. mariner, r. 3 Virginia.
Benthall William, accountant, 36 Holt.
Berkley L. clerk, bds. at Mrs. Shuster's.
Bernard A. prof, of music, bds. at Mrs. Cosby's, 16 W. Main.
Bernard R. S. druggist, apothecaries' hall, 32 E. Main, r. 8 S. Catharine, near Freemason.
Berry Jordan, huckster, 17 Littlewater.
Berry J. L. gen'l ag't and collector, 34 Market Sq.
Best Elvia A. tailor, at Gracey's, r. 13 James.
Betts Capt. ___, mariner, 10 Barraud Court.
Beveridge T. H. cordwainer, 29 W. Main, r. 25 W. Bute.
Bew George, carpenter, 7 2d Boush.
Beyea Mrs. Margaret, w. 18 Addington's l.
Billups Miss L. 25 N. Cath.
Bishaw Rev. T. 90 W. Queen.
Bishop Mrs. M. w. 8 N. Ch.
Bissell Capt. B. 34 York.
Bixby I. S. fruit merchant, 1 Campbell's whf.
Bixby J. A. refectory, 1 W. Widewater, corner Roanoke.
Blacknall Dr. Geo. U. S. N. 90 W. Bute.
Black James' sail-maker, 6 Woodside's l.
Bland J. jeweler, (store in Portsmouth) r. 53 Bermuda.
Blanks A. h. carpenter, rear 16 Bank, r. 35 S. Cumb.
Bloodgood & Co. wholesale and retail dry goods dealers, 12 E. Main, near Market Sq.
Bloodgood J. I. merchant, r. 27 Holt.
Blount Mrs. M. w. 78 P. A. Road.
Blow Geo. Jr. attorney at law and comm'r in chancery, off. 45 Bank, r. S. end Boush. Bluford & Co., hide and leather dealers, 3 Newton's Whf.; hide depot 165 N. Church.
Bluford Geo. W. merchant, r. 47 E. Bute.
Bluford Mrs. Elizabeth, w. 47 E. Bute.
Bobee E. dry goods store, 44 S. Church.
Bobee L. 19 S. Fench.
Bogan W. with W. H. Buck, 21 and 23 Talbot
Boggs Wm. oysterman, 56 N. Church.
Bohm H. dentist, 30 Bank.
Bohm N. butcher, r. 15 Mosely.
Boldry Mrs. E. T. w. 11 E. Bute.
Balsom A. 133 N. Church.
Balsom Wm. grocer, 45 N. Church.
Bolton Mrs. B. grocery, 20 James.
Bonfanti P. essence peddler, 6 Commerce.
Bonney M. 51 W. Queen.
Bonsai John, merchant, r. 25 Holt.
Bonsal& Bro. hardware dealers, 17 Market Sq.
Boothby & Beale, editors and proprietors Daily News, 3 W. Widewater.
Boothby T. F. printer, 3 W. Widewater, r. 6 W. Charlotte.


Borum D. (col.) cooper, 20 E. Widewater.
Borum J. H. fruit and candy dealer, 10 Market Sq.
Borum S. R. dealer in iron and agricultural implements, 11 W. Widewater.
Borum S. S. shipwright, r. 68 Bermuda.
Bosher C. H. grocer and com. mer. 23 Maxwell's wharf, bds. at National Hotel.
Boush Mary, (col.) washerwoman, 22 W'mson's Lane.
Bowden Capt. R. W. cashier Va. Bank, 14 E. Main cor. Gray.
Bowyer J. S. bds. at City Hotel.
Boyle Mary, grocery, 6 Bank.
Braithwaite Mrs. Cath. w. 20 N. Church.
Bramble Geo. bds. at J. Shuster's.
Branda A. mercht. vice consul of Belgium, 1 McPhail's whf., bds. at National Hotel.
Branda Mrs. M. w. bds. at Mrs. Emerson's.
Brandle M. brewer, 222 N. Church.
Bray Mrs. S. w. 2 Balsom's l.
Bremon M. tin and copper smith, 8 W. Main.
Bremond D. Baker, r. 4 Hartshorn's Court.
Bresler A. confectioner and root beer manufacturer, 50 S. Church.
Bressie Wm. refectory, 75, r. 79 N. Cumberland.
Brewer Wm. h. carpenter, 1 P. A. Road.
Briggs A. wholesale grocer and commission merchant, 8 W. Widewater, r. 23 N.      Fenchurch.
Briggs Jos. T. h. carpenter, 33 E. Freemason.
Brock W. clerk at Griggs', 2 Campbell's Whf.
Brock Wm. saddler, at Gormley's, r. 13 E. Queen.
Brockwell R. coach trimmer, at Nelson's.
Broesher H. butcher, 11 Littlewater.
Brook L. blacksmith, bds. at Hutchings', S. Church.
Brooks Mrs. Eliza S. w. 1 N. Fenchurch.
Brooks Jas. plasterer and slater, r. 2 N. Granby.
Brooks Wm. printer, at Beacon office, r. 17 E. Bute.
Brough Capt. Jos. 9 N. Cumberland.
Broughton R. D. jr. ed. Herald, r. 37 S. Cath.
Broughton T. G. Jr., cashier Franklin Savings Bank, and clerk Select Council, office 42      Bank, r. 86 E. Main.
Broughton T. G. & Son, editors and proprietors of the Herald, office Roanoke Square,      North of Widewater, r. 37 S. Catharine.
Broughton Wm. H. druggist and seedsman, 9 E. Main, head of Market Square.
Brown C. H. seaman, 35 E. Charlotte.
Brown Elzy, coachsmith, at Nelson's, Union.
Brown Mrs. F. w. 7 Mitchell's l.
Brown Mrs. H. public house and bowling alley, 10 Commerce.
Brown Jane, grocery, 8 Newcastle.
Brown J. D. 17 E. Queen.
Brown Miss Mahala, 21 E. Bute.
Brown Mrs. M. w. 14 N. Church.


Brown P. laborer, 102 N. Church.
Brown S.B. clerk, bds. at Mrs. Cosby's, 16 W. Main.
Brown T. B. tailor, 10 E. Main, near Market Sq.
Brown T. H. blacksmith, 34 E. Widewater, r. 57 Mariner.
Brown Wm. cabinet maker, r. 8 Plume.
Brownley F. 28 N. Fenchurch.
Bruff J. M. dry goods store, 39 E. Main, nearly opp. Mechanics' Hall, bds. at City Hotel.
Brunett Mrs. S. w. 1 N. Cumb. next Christ Church.
Brunks W. musician, leader band U. S. S. Pennsylvania, bldg. 9 Commerce.
Brutzell W. cordwainer, 13 S. Brewer.
Bryan Chas. stone mason, 7 Concord.
Bryan Jas. mariner, 26 Dodd's l.
Bryan Mrs. M. w. 7 Yaxley's l.
Bryant E. h. carpenter, 16 N. Chapel, r. 13 Holt.
Buck Wm. H. fruit and bottling establishment, 21 and 23 Talbot.
Bullock Elias, 15 Avon.
Bunker Capt. bds. at Mrs. Emerson's.
Bunkly Jos. 66 W. Main.
Burfoot C. printer, 117 E. Widewater.
Burgess Mrs. J. w. 133 N. Church.
Burgess John, coach trimmer, r. 19 Dodd's l.
Burk Capt. S. mariner, 13 Voss.
Burnham Wm. P. brick mason, 48 N. Cumberland.
Bums Thos. laborer, 23 Allyn's Court.
Burroughs F. M. clerk at W. & J. B. Dey's, r. 32 S. Cumb.
Burroughs J. H. collector, 3 Widewater.
Burroughs Robt. bookseller, 13 E. Main.
Burroughs Thomas C. cabinet maker, 43, r. 93 N. Church.
Burruss C. r. 4 N. Brewer.
Burruss & Cashin, distillers, 5 Roanoke Sq.
Burton S. S. coach trimmer, at Pullen's, Union st.
Burton S. H. saddle and harness maker, 24 Allyn's Court
Burwell F. W. watchmaker and jeweler, 21 E. Main, fronting Market Sq.
Buskey Joshua, 78 W. Queen.
Buskey J. 62 James.
Buskey Wm. M. wholesale and retail grocer, 33 Market Sq. r. 41 N. Fenchurch.
Butcher M. P. stone mason, 38 W. Bute.
Butler Mrs. C. w. 3 E. Bute.
Butler J. O. carpenter, U. S. N. 31 S. Fenchurch.
Butler Mrs. R. w. 137 E. Main.
Butler & Camp, com. merchants, 28 and 30 Commerce.
Butt Caleb, 84 Bermuda.
Butt Mrs. E. w. 6 S. Chapel.
Butt F. 59 E. Main.
Butt Jos. F. police officer, 110 S. Church.
Butt Mrs. M. A. milliner, 59 E. Mam.
Butt Samuel, h. carpenter, 8 Cove, 7 E. Char.


Butt Wm. S. hat and cap dealer, r. 27 Cove.
Butt Wm. 37 E. Charlotte.


Caffee J. T. refectory, 3 W. Widewater, cor. Roanoke, r. 26 S. Cumb.
Cahill Jas. clerk, r. 14 S. Fenchurch.
Cain Mrs. Ann, w. P. A. Road, near city boundary.
Callis J. h. carpenter, 38 E. Charlotte, near Fenchurch, r. 17 N. Church.
Callis Wm. architect and h. carpenter, 30 E. Bute, r. 46 N. Cumb.
Camp B. T. bds. at 141 E. Main.
Camp Mrs. F. w. 126 E. Main.
Camp G. W. teller, Va. Bank, r. 36 S. Duke.
Camp T. B. r. 141 E. Main.
Camp W. G. blacksmith, 2 E. Widewater, r. 141 E. Main.
Camp Wm. S. merchant, bds. at City Hotel.
Campbell & Harris, boarding house, 67 W. Widewater.
Campos Dr. F. C. physician, r. 53 S. Fenchurch.
Cannon Jos. confectionary and fruit store, 80 S. Church.
Capehart J. police officer, r. 13 S. Church.
Capps & Whitehurst, grocers, 61 S. Church, cor. Bermuda,
Capps Mrs. F. w. 55 N. Cumberland.
Capps Jackson, h. carpenter, bds. at 10 Lower Union.
Capps Jerome, brick mason, 10 N. Church.
Capps Noah, 191 N. Church.
Capps Ryland, grocer, 25 N. Church.
Capps Wilson, grocer, 1 N. Church, cor. Freemason,
Capron Capt. J. lumber inspector general, bds. at Mrs. Emerson's.
Carroll Caleb, laborer, 7 Holly Place.
Carlon Capt. Jno. mariner, 102 S. Church.
Casey ___ boot and shoemaker, E. Main.
Cason Jos. h. carpenter, 158 N. Church.
Causse P. tailor, 75 E. Main, r. 8 N. Fenchurch.
Chamberlaine Mrs. w. 27 S. Church.
Chamberlaine R. H. cashier Farmer's Bank, r. 135 E. Main.
Chamberlaine Wm. cabinet maker, 16 Voss.
Chamberlin Capt. Edward, mariner, 10 S. Brewer.
Chance John, mariner, 5 Barraud Court.
Chandler Mrs. M. w. 110 E. Main.
Chandler Mrs. S. w. 50 W. Main.
Chapman Mrs. Catharine, w. 80 W. Queen.
Chapman Mrs. Mary, w. 63 W. Main.
Charlton Samuel, wheelwright, 35 Lower Union, bds. at 5 N. Church.
Cherry & Biggs, commission merchants, 18 Rowland's Wharf.
Cherry James, constable, 3 Avon.
Chicken William, engineer, (Curtis Peck,) r. 11 Princess.
Childs W. W. mariner, 15 Addington's l.
Christian Mrs. ___ w. 3 Holt.
Christian Jas. h. carpenter, Ryan's l. r. 46 Mariner.
Chistopher Mrs. Elizabeth, w. 53 Liberty.


Church Wm. painter, 46 E. Widewater, r. 10 Mariner.
Clague T. E. laborer, 95 N. Church.
Clague Wm. mariner, 30 W. Main.
Clark Chauncey, cordwainer, r. 64 S. Church.
Clark Frederick, h. carpenter, r. 108 N. Church.
Clark Lieut. G. 34 N. Cumberland.
Clark George, ship joiner, r. 19 N. Brewer.
Clark Henry, tailor, 31 Bank.
Clark John, yeoman, U. S. N. r. 36 W. Charlotte.
Clark Matthias, mariner, 8 Commerce.
Clark Mrs. Matilda, w. 10 Rothery's l.
Clark Mrs. E. w. 20 S. Duke.
Clark Robert, tailor, 31 Bank.
Clark Capt. R. H. 11 Metcalf's l.
Clark R. T. mariner, 26 Hawk.
Clark S. B. mariner 11 Boush's l.
Clark T. W. Whitehurst's Daguerrean Gallery, bldg. 14 E. Main, r. 42 N. Cumberland.
Clasby Benjamin, cooper, r. 11 Concord.
Clayton Young & Co., comm. merchants, 14 Rowland's Wharf.
Clemmitt Robt. cordwainer and blacking manufacturer, 16 Addington's l.
Cline Wm. H. 57 W. Widewater.
Clover John, pavier, 25 W'mson's l.
Coalman John, laborer, 21 Allyn's Court.
Coalman Thos. (col.) upholsterer and umbrella repairer,. 21 W'mson's l.
Coats Wm. grocer, 87 and 89 S. Ch. cor. Main.
Coker W. H. cartman, 198 N. Ch.
Colley J. G. shipwright, 30 E. Widewater, .r. 17 Holt.
Colley Miss N. 36 W. Charlotte.
Collins Francis, bar and bowling alley, 33 Commerce.
Collins J. B. cabinet maker, r. 64 S. Church.
Collins Mrs. Jane, w. stalls Nos. 1 and 2 Market House.
Collins Mrs. M. w. 20 Marsh.
Collins Wm. 155 N. Church.
Consolvo Mrs. E. A. w. 34 Fox.
Conner Rob't. 61 W. Widewater.
Conner Sarah, 9 Yaxley's l.
Conner Mrs. ___, w. 123 S. Church.
Conrad J. rigger, 3 Barraud Court.
Constable A. T. clerk at Stewart & Jones', r. 27 E. Freemason.
Constable Dr. T. F. off. bldg. 2 Market Sq. cor. Main, r. 81 W. Queen.
Constable Chas. W. r. 81 W. Queen.
Constable Thos. r. 81 W. Queen.
Constable Henry, accountant with A. Bell.
Constable Mrs. E. N. w. 6 S. Brewer.
Conwell Mrs. M. N. w. Gait's, l.
Cooke Dr. A. T. M. 19 S. Catharine, near Wolfe.
Cooke Col. G. B. coroner and alderman, Norfo. city, r. 101 E. Main.
Cooke Geo. h. carpenter, 8 Fox.
Cooke Henry, h. carpenter, 11 Talbot.


Cooke Col. M. attorney at law, 19 W. Main, r. 64 W. Freemason.
Coolidge Charles, cordwainer, 97 N. Ch.
Coon S. ship joiner, 11 Boush's l.
Cooper Rev. Arthur, 12 S. Cath. rear Wolfe.
Cooper Mrs. ___, w. 106 S. Church.
Cooper Geo. H. U. S. N. 44 W. Freemason.
Cooper Sam'l. tailor, 100 S. Church.
Copeland Geo. 48 N. Church.
Copes J. S. cordwainer, 99 N. Ch.
Copes Mrs. E. w. 38 N. Brewer.
Cory N. proprietor Norfolk Iron Works, 29 E. Widewater, r. 40 James.
Cornick Capt. James, pres't. D. S. Canal Co. off. 54 W. Main, r. 65 Bermuda.
Cornick, T. J. druggist, 4 E. Main, next to Market Sq., r. 150 E. Main.
Cornick Dr. James, Surgeon U. S. N. 4 N. Boush.
Corprew D. farmer, r. 50 Holt.
Corprew Mrs. M. w. 17 S. Fenchurch, cor. Holt.
Corran Mrs. R. B. w. 31 W. Queen.
Cosby Mrs. M. w. boarding house, 16 W. Main.
Cotton Mrs. ___, w. W. Widewater.
Coulling Rev. J. D. presiding elder Meth. E. Ch. r. 79 W. Main.
Courtland Mr. ___, bds. at National Hotel.
Couper J. D. stone mason, W. Main, near Granby, r. 34 W. Main.
Couper Wm. measurer, 34 W. Main.
Cowdery A. A. ag't. Adams & Co.'s Express, off. 89 S. Ch. cor. Main.
Cowdery Dr. J. Surgeon U. S. N. 16 S. Cumb.
Cowdery Dr. G. W. health officer, off. 51, r. 163 E. Main.
Cox & Carn, tailors, Oak Hall Clothing Store, 20 E. Main.
Cox Miss Elizabeth, w. 6 Hartshorn's Court.
Cox Mrs. Mary, w. 6 Hartshorn's Court.
Crane Wm. tailor, 23 S. Fenchurch.
Crawley Mrs. E. w. 34 Bank.
Creamer Thos. P. A. road, near city boundary line.
Creekmur C. J. clothing store, 23 W. Widewater.
Croel John, block and pump maker, 24 E. Widewater, r. 24 Bermuda.
Crooker David, mariner, 14 Woodside's l.
Crosbie Mrs. C. w. 74 W. Bute.
Cross Ebenezer, grocer, 7 Newton's wharf, r. 29 W. Queen.
Crow Geo. L. tin plate worker and stove dealer, 9 W. Widewater, r. 116 N. Cumberland.
Crowell T. P. ag't. Phila. packets, 120 E. Widewater.
Culpepper Mrs. A. w. 19 Allyn's Court.
Cummins Rev. G. D. pastor Christ Church, r. 19 E. Freemason.
Cunningham Alex'r. sailmaker, r. 40 S. Fenchurch.
Cunningham Jos. F. lumber inspector, r. 45 W. Freemason.
Cunningham W. E. sen. ed. Am. Beacon, bds. at City Hotel.
Cunningham W. E. & Co. proprietors "American Beacon," and News Room, 5 W.      Widewater, cor. Roanoke Sq.
Currier N. r. 26 S. Fenchurch.
Curtis Mrs. Naomi, w. 18 Dodd's l.


Cutherell E. assistant clerk of the market, r. 42 W. Bute.
Cutherell Mrs. M. w. 3 Bermuda.
Cutherell Mrs. M. w. 25 Upper Washington.


Dalby Cornelius, h. carpenter, 13 Proby's l.
Dalby H. 5 N. Fenchurch.
Dalby J. Newton St.
Daley E. merchant, r. 92 S. Ch.
Daley & Vesey, grocers, 7 Campbell's wharf.
Dalrymple R. stone mason, 14 E. Widewater, r. 25 W. Main.
Dalton Mrs. J. w. grocery, 16 Lower Union.
Dalton H. slater, 23 Allyn's Court.
Dameron John, hat manufacturer, 43 E. Main, r. 55 E. Bute.
Dann Samuel, h. carpenter, r. 60 W. Queen.
Darnell Susan, w. 111 E. Widewater.
Dashiell James, ship joiner, r. 9 James.
Daughtery W. H. Franklin House, 101 S. Ch. r. 18 E, Main.
Davis Alex, sailmaker, Rowland's whf.
Davis Mrs. Ann, w. 28 Avon.
Davis Benj. h. and ship painter, r. 15 W. Queen.
Davis Mrs. Ida, w. 9 Yaxley's l.
Davis Capt. John, steamer Curtis Peck, r. 27 S. Cumb.
Davis Lieut. J. A. U. S. N. bds. at National Hotel.
Davis J. A. h. carpenter, r. 106 W. Queen.
Davis J. W. sailmaker, Campbell's wharf, r. 45 N. Brewer.
Davis Mrs. Margaret, w. 49 S. Church.
Davis Miles, merchant, r. 2 S. end Botetourt.
Davis R. W. merchant, bds. at National Hotel.
Davis Mrs. Sally, w. 20 S. Cumb.
Davis Wm. Wallace, attorney at law and general agent, off. in bld'g. 7 E. Main.
Dawes S. S. dry goods store, 35 E. Main, near Market Sq.
Dawley D. 1 Hill.
Dawley D. H. 216 N. Ch.
Dawson J. H. dry goods store, 69 E. Main, r. 14 N. Chapel.
Deal Mrs. M. 111 E. Widewater.
Dean B. carpenter, 27 N. Church, r. 8 Balsom's l.
Dean J. 40 E. Bute.
Debree J. purser U. S. N. 117 E. Main.
Decker J. M. mariner, Brown.
Decordy E. h. joiner, 78 W. Widewater, r. 5 N. Granby.
Decormis E. accountant with T. B. Irwin, r. 31 S. Duke.
Delaney Edwd. copper, tin and sheet iron worker, 12 Lower Union, r. 8 S. Chapel.
Delaney Mrs. M. A. w. 85 E. Main.
Delaney Wm. D. r. 38 Bermuda.
Delk E. H. merchant, r. 124 E. Main.
Demercer Mrs. A. 32 S. Fench.
Demming Mrs. Sarah, w. 7 E. Wolfe.


Denby Mrs. S. w. 64 N. Cumberland.
Denby Wm. Sr. brick mason, 24 Botetourt.
Denby Wm. Jr.
Dennis Jas. carpenter, 106 W. Queen.
Dense J. R. seaman, 12 Bermuda.
Denson Mrs. B. w. 51 S. Church.
Denson Mrs. M. 20 E. Main.
Deusbery T. 3 N. Ch.
Dey Louis, with W. & J. B. D. 63 E. Main.
Dey J. B. r. 5 N. Church.
Dey William & J. B. tailors, 63 E. Main.
Dey William, tailor, r. 12, Upper Washington.
Dickerson John, refectory, 39 and 41, Metcalf's l.
Dickerson Henry, Old Dominion House, 11 Loyall's l.
Dickson John, merchant, r. 6 E. Freemason.
Dickson Richd. com. merchant, 12 Lower Washington, r. E. side S. Granby, court in front.
Didymus Wm. watchman, r. 32 N. Fench.
Diggs Miss Ann, 13 Hawk.
Diggs Rev. Jno. L. h. carpenter, r. 14 S. Duke.
Diggs Wm. ship-carpenter, 8 Virginia.
Diggs Wm. C. cooper, 10 Fayette, 122 and 124, E. Widewater, r. 33 S. Cath. lot in front.
Dilworth P. grocer, 46 W. Charlotte.
Dixon Mrs. Ann, w. 41 S. Church.
Dixon Mrs. Elizabeth, w. Galt's l.
Dixon Mrs. S. w. 4 N. Ch. corner Mariner.
Dixon Thos. C. grocer, r. 61 S. Fench.
Dixon & Hallett, grocers, 6 Cambell's wharf.
Dobbs Daniel, laborer, 56 E. Bute.
Dobbs Wm. carpenter, r. 6 Bermuda.
Dood John & Son, clothing store, 30 Market Square, r. 24 W. Main.
Doland J. refectory, 175 N. Church.
Dollman Charles, laborer, 55 James.
Dollard K. laborer, 137 S. Church.
Dorney Mrs. Jane, w. 12 N. Cath.
Dornin Capt. F. A. U. S. N. 21 S. Granby.
Doudge Mrs. w. 83 S. Church.
Douglass Mrs. M. w. 1 Barraud court.
Dove Richard, tin-plate worker, r. 8 Yaxley's l.
Downs Thos. mariner. 26 Talbot.
Doyle & Irwin, ship-chandlers, 20 W. Widewater.
Doyle J. E. office 20 W. Widewater, r. 2 S. Granby, corner Freemason.
Doyle Richard, tailor, 20 Market Square.
Doyle Walter J. merchant, 20 W. Widewater street, r. 17 N. Catharine.
Doyle Wm. 36 Cove.
Dozier C. watchman, 42 Hawk.
Dozier Dr. P. bds. at City Hotel.
Dozier W. J. laborer, 24 P. A. Road.
Dozier W. grocer, 75 N. Church.


Drewrey H. clerk, for J. D. Gordon, r. 28 S. Cumb.
Drewrey J. C. painter, 13 W. Widewater, r. 4 Avon.
Drewrey Mrs. Jane, w. 67 N. Cath.
Drewrey Mathias, brick-mason, r. 46 Bermuda.
Drigas Tully, mariner, 67 E. Widewater.
Drummond R. Q. & Co. importers and wholesale and retail crockery, China Hall, 8 E. Main,      near Market Sq.
Drummond Capt. S. pilot, 36 S. Cumb.
Drummond Capt. Wm. S. mariner, 49 Bermuda.
Dryden Mrs. Char. w. 26 E. Freemason.
Dudley Caleb, coach smith, at J. M. Pullin's, r. 12 S. Ch.
Dudley C. 16 Yaxley's l.
Dudley Miss P. 54 S. Ch.
Dudley Mrs. J. w. 69 E. Bute.
Dunbar Mrs. Ann P. w. 12 Addington's lane.
Dunbar W. G. attorney-at-law, 17 W. Main.
Dunbar, W. D. clothing store, 6 West Widewater.
Duke D. 64 W. Bute.
Duncan John, 8 E. Wolfe.
Duncan Mrs. Virginia, w. 73 W. Queen.
Dunstan Capt. J. blacksmith, r. 106, N. Ch.
Dunstan J. harbor-master, r. 20 Upper Union.
Durfey John, carpenter, r. 14 Falkland.
Dutton Mrs. J. w. grocery, 16 Lower Union.
Dwight H. A. teacher, rear M. P. church, bds. at Mrs. Langley's.
Dyer D. 3 N. Ch.


Ebberts Mrs. 52, S. Ch.
Eberhard J. A. tailor, 31 W. Main.
Eccles Thomas, 32 West Widewater.
Edmonds J. carpenter, 24 Botetourt.
Edwards Rev. J. E. pastor 2d Methodist E. Church So. r. 4 N. Cath.
Edwards Mrs. M. w. boarding house, 8 W. Main.
Edwards Mrs. M. w. 55 W. Queen.
Edwards O. W. clerk at Bloodgood & Co's. r. 17 Bermuda.
Edwards Mrs.___ 3 E. Wolfe.
Edwards R. S. 24 Commerce.
Edwards Captain, r. 5 W. Queen.
Edwards Mrs. S. w. Holly Place, near cotton factory.
Ehrbeck John, bds. at City Hotel.
Eldridge T. rigger, r. 18 Little Water.
Elliot J. T. clerk, r. 106 W. Bute.
Emerson Mrs. S. keeper of Exchange Hotel, 53 and 55 W. Main.
Eustis Sarah, grocery, 21 Lower Union.
Evans Capt. R. U. S. R. S. r. 9 S. Boush.
Evans Thos. carpenter, 21 Dodd's l.
Evans Thos. tailor, 26 E. Queen.
Evans ___, 5 E. Char.


Everett, Mrs. Ann, w. 66 S. Ch.
Ewell J. coach smith, at Nelson's.
Ewell J. T. blacksmith, r. 62 E. Bute.
Ewell Mrs. S. A. w. 48 S. Church.


Fallon Geo. tailor, 54 S. Ch.
Fallon O. tailor, 89 E. Main.
Farant G. W. tailor, 30 E. Main, r. 6 S. Ch,
Farmer John, grocer, 45 S. Cumb.
Farrow J. laborer, 133 S. Ch.
Fauquier Mrs. Ann, w. bds. at Mrs. Emerson's
Fatherly Capt. John S. pilot, 9 W. Char.
Fatherly Thos. 76 W. Queen.
Fentress Carey, city inspector, r. 3 N. Brewer
Fentress Mrs. M. A. w. 44 S. Cumb.
Fentress Oliver, carpenter, r. 13 James.
Fentress Miss Sarah, tailoress, 46 N. Ch.
Fentress Thos. L. h. carpenter, Amelia, cor. Dartmouth, r. 3 N. Brewer.
Feret A. book-keeper, Exch. Bank, r. 29 Holt.
Ferguson & Milhado, com. and lumber merchants, agents Gosport iron works, 47 W.      Widewater.
Ferguson F. F. city assessor, off 38 Bank, r. 5 N. Brewer.
Ferguson Geo. S. clerk at Harris' bakery, r. 17 S. Brewer.
Ferguson Jas. merchant, r. 114 W. Bute.
Ferguson Saml. grocer, 44 W. Widewater,
Ferguson W. G. gunsmith, 37 S. Cumb,
Ferguson Wm. H. grocer, 32 W. Widewater.
Fernandez Jos. 63 W. Widewater.
Ferris Lieut. J. D. U. S. N. 37 Holt.
Ferris James, grocery, 57 James.
Ferris Jonas, grocer, 2 S. Boush, cor. Freemason.
Finlay Thos. engineer, 87 N. Ch. grocery 89.
Fisher Thos. gardener, P. A. road, near the city limits.
Fisher W. L. bds. at City Hotel.
Fitzgerald Davis & Thomas, grocers, ship chandlers and com. merchants, 26 Rowland's      wharf.
Fitzgerald Edward, purser U. S. N. 131 E. Main.
Fitzgerald Mrs. M. W. w. 3 LoyalPs 1.
Fitzgibbon, Mrs. boarding house, 70 W. Widewater.
Fitzhugh J. shoemaker, 150 N. Ch.
Fitzhugh, Mrs. L. w., 64 N. Cumberland.
Fiveash Capt. (measurer,) 57 Liberty.
Fleer Thos. grocer, 137 N. Ch.
Fletcher Wm. H. carpenter, r. 2 N. Brewer.
Floyd Mrs. mantua maker, 77 S. Ch.
Fonto P. mariner, 9 Boush's l..
Footit Mrs. E. w. 77 N. Ch.


Footit Mrs. Elizabeth, w., 56 N. Ch.
Foreman, Thos. shipwright, r. 3 E. Bute.
Forrest J. M. blacksmith and plough manufacturer, r. 28 E. Freemason, near Church.
Forrest Samuel, purser, U. S. N. r. 15 Southgate's Row, E. Freemason.
Forrest William S. editor and proprietor of the Norfolk Directory, r. 6 S. Brewer, near      Freemason.
Fortune L. blacksmith, r. 131 S. Chur.
Foster J. B. painter, r. 54 E. Bute.
Foster Wm. H. grocer, 24 S. Boush.
Fox J. M. hat manufacturer and dealer, 43 E. Main.
Francis D. 13 Dodd's l.
Francis John T. attorney at law, notary, and commissioner in chancery, off. over Norfo.      Savings Bank.
Frank Mrs. R. w. 17 N. Boush.
Franklin John, refectory, 16 Calvert's l.
Franklin, Mrs. M. w. 11 Rothery's l.
Freeman Mrs. C. A. w. 66 N. Cumb.
Freeman, James M. dealer in watches, jewelry and fancy goods, 29 E. Main, cor. Talbot,      r. 42 S. Cumb. op Meth. ch.
Freeman Captain Wm. r. 55 S. Fench.
Freshwater D. laborber, 16 James.
Frost Mrs. Ann, w. 23 E. Charlotte.
Frost James, ship carpenter, r. 11 Talbot.
Frost P. A. carpenter, 33 Mosely.
Frost Robert, city watchman, 58 E. Bute.
Frost Samuel, carpenter, 4 W. Charlotte.
Fugett ___ sailmaker, U. S. N. 22 Botetourt.
Fulgham Miss H. 25 N. Cath.
Fuller J. (col.) cordwainer, 58 N. Church.


Gale Benjamin, seaman, 1 Avon.
Gale E. R. shoe dealer, 34 Market Sq.
Gale Robert, painter, r. 24 Dodd's l.
Gallagher P. confectioner, r. in bldg. 10 Littlewater.
Gait Alexander, postmaster, 33 W. Main, cor. Commerce, r. 80 W. Bute.
Gammage E. commission merchant, 12 Campbell's Wharf.
Gardner I. O. police officer, r. 112 N. Church.
Garnett Col. Wm. collector and depositary of the customs, Widewater cor. Church,
      r. 81 W. Main.
Garnett Wm. H. inspector of the customs, 6 N. Duke.
Garrow ___ wood worker, at Nelson's coach factory, Lower Union.
Gatch B. W. painter, r. 13 N. Brewer.
Gatewood Richard Sr. 47 S. Church.
Gatewood Richard Jr., Beacon office, r. 47 S. Church.
Gatewood Thos. naval officer, Custom House.
Gaul Jas. tailor, 47 W. Main.


Gaylor Capt. 1 W. Main, up stairs.
Geay Peter teacher French language, r. 30 E. Freemason.
Gelleger H. stone mason, 125 S. Church.
George Edward, rigger, 6 Barraud Court.
Gerald Jos. mariner, 21 S. Church.
Gerard Mrs. Melanie, mattress maker, 36 W. Main.
Gerkin C. H. professor of music, 59 S. Church.
Ghiselin J. D. Jr. wholesale furniture dealer, 14 E. Main near Mark. Sq., manufactory 11 E.      Charlotte, bds. at Mrs. Emerson's.
Ghiselin J. D. Sr. wood measurer, 29 N. Cumberland, cor. Charlotte.
Ghiselin Mrs. M. w. r. 24 Holt, cor. Chapel.
Gibbons Jas. refectory, 2 Lower Union.
Gibbs John, brick mason, 38 S. Cumberland.
Gibbs J. M. refectory, Southgate & Dickson's Whf., rear Custom House.
Gibson Mrs. Eliza, mantua maker, 71 S. Church.
Gibson L. R. gold and silversmith, 27 W. Main.
Gilbert Miss Ann, 25 N. Cath.
Gilbert J. W. carpenter, r. 48 N. Brewer.
Gilbert Thos. h. carpenter, 26 W. Bute.
Givan George, clerk, r. 12 S. Fench.
Glass David, merchant tailor, 28 Market Sq.
Gleason & Vaughan, block and pump makers, 17 E. Widewater.
Glemm J. butcher, r. 40 W. Queen.
Glennan Mrs. ___ w. midwife, 161 E. Main.
Glennan M. grocer, 38 W. Widewater.
Glennan Wm. grocer, 123 S. Church, cor. Union.
Glisson Lieut. O. S., U. S. N. 3 N. Duke.
Godfrey E. grocer, 23 Mariner, cor. Fenchurch.
Godfrey Mrs. Susan, 5 New.
Godfrey William, cordwainer, 98 S. Church.
Godwin William N. mariner, 31 E. Freemason.
Godwin Mrs. S. w. 46 N. Brewer.
Goldsmith A. L. dry goods, 34 S. Church, clothing store, 14 W. Widewater.
Good John, painter, 16 S. Church.
Goodall George, gas fittter, 104 S. Church.
Goodridge Mrs. Ann, w. 64 S. Church.
Goodridge Mrs. L. boarding house, 106 and 108 E. Main.
Goodridge S. bds. at 108 E. Main.
Godly Lucy, (col.) midwife, 21 Charlotte near Church.
Gordan Mrs. Ann, w. grocery, 45 N. Cath. cor. Bute.
Gordan John D. banker, 29 Market Sq. r. Bermuda near East, court in front.
Gordon Jas. & Co. comm. merchants, 90 W. Widewater, cor Wash.
Gordon Rev. Robert, pastor 2d African Baptist Church, clk., 13 W. Widewater, r. 29 N.      Brewer.
Gordon Jas Jr. merchant, bds. at National Hotel.
Gornto James, livery stables, 40 N. Church.
Gormley John, saddle and harness store, 6 E. Main, near Market Square, r. 35 S. Church.
Gough Mrs. Elizabeth, 69 E. Bute.
Gracey John, clothing store, 16 E. Main.


Graham C. H. mariner, 74 W. Widewater.
Graham George, public house, 32 Littlewater.
Graham K. oysterman, 8 W. Queen.
Graham William, dry goods store, 52 E. Main, r. 102 W. Bute, c. Princess.
Graham Win. 117 S. Church.
Granbery Miss Caroline, teacher, bds at Mrs. Emerson's.
Granbery Mrs. ___ w. bds. at Mrs. Emerson's.
Granbery Richard, painter, at Beazley & Shipp's , r. 40 Bermuda.
Grandy C. W. commission merchant, 6 Newton's whf., r. 60 W. Main.
Granier Dr. E. D. office over 2 Market Sq.
Graves Mrs. Ann, w. 7 N. Cath.
Graves & Bro. shipwrights, 66 E. Widewater
Gray George, 15 Botetourt.
Gray Mrs. Sarah, 9 Concord.
Gray George, cabinet maker, 9 Concord.
Gray J. B. steam saw mill, S. Duke, near w. end of Upper Wash.
Gray E. cordwainer, 36 Fox.
Green James, h. carpenter, 25 S. Duke.
Greenwood C. F. watchmaker and jeweler, 2 W. Widewater, r. 36 N. Ch.
Greenwood M. soap and candle factory, 17 Reed's l., r. 2 Mc Phail's l.
Grenalds R. B. G. grocer, 2 Church, cor. Freemason.
Griffin John, cordwainer, 49 W. Main.
Griffin William H. seaman, 24 Allyn's Court.
Griffith E. J. hardware merchant, 17 E. Main, r. 32 W. Freemason.
Griffith W. P. bookseller, r. 32 W. Freemason.
Griggs S. S. grocer, 2 Campbell's whf., bds. City Hotel.
Grimes J. tailor, 13 Mariner.
Gronewall J. B. cooper, r. 40 W. Bute.
Groner George, tailor, 40 E. Main, r. 10 W. Char.
Grook Mrs. S. w. grocery, 47 S. Cath.
Groom J. bar-room, 34 and 36 Littlewater.
Groves Caleb, tobacconist, 77 E. Main.
Groves J. T. lock and gunsmith, 41 Bank.
Groves & Staylor, refectory, (Old Dominion,) 11 Loyall's l.
Guild C. H. grocer, 19 Maxwell's whf., r. 19 W. Bute.
Guinn John, stone cutter, r. 26 Talbot.
Gurney E. shoe dealer, 19 Market Sq., bds. at Mrs. Goodridge's.
Guy Mrs. A. w. 69 W. Queen.
Guy E. Capt. city watch, 70 S. Fenchurch.
Guyot Yves S. dyer and scourer, 95 E. Main, next to Fench., r. Wash. Point.


Haigh Mrs. Elizabeth, mantua maker, 23 E. Bute.
Hall & Co. dealers in dry goods, 50 E. Main, near Church.
Hall A. W. measurer, r. 148 N. Church.
Hall C. & Co. importers of fancy goods, book and piano dealers, 1 E. Main, cor. Bank, r.      above.
Hall Mrs. F. w. 35 N. Cumberland.
Hall J. N. plasterer, r. 23 E. Freemason, cor. Cumberland.


Hall Richard, carpenter, r. 10 N. Duke.
Hall T. D. mariner, 87 N. Church.
Hall William, clerk, 35 N. Cumberland.
Hall William, grocer, 2 S. Fench., cor. Mariner.
Hall William W. office 41 Lower Union, r. 48 S. Cumberland.
Hallet, clerk with W. H. Buck, 21 & 23 Talbot.
Halson Dr. Geo. off. E. Main, r. 31 Bermuda.
Halstead Mrs. F. w. bds. at Mrs. Goodridge's.
Hambury Mrs. Elizabeth, 11 N. Church.
Hanners W. grocer, 144 N. Church.
Hamburger H. & L. clothing store, 16 Market Sq.
Hammer John, cordwainer, 3 Newton's l. south of Union st.
Hanberry Mrs. Ann, w. 73 S. Ch.
Hanberry James, silver plater, 73 S. Ch.
Haney Charles M. tobacconist, 4 Marsh.
Hankins Thomas, clerk at Hermon & Co's, r. 8 S. Cumb.
Happer Mrs. M. w. r. 9 Hartshorn's Court.
Happer W. W. livery stables, 105 S. Ch., bds. at Mrs. Langley's.
Harding Mrs. A. w. 35 W. Main.
Harding Mrs. F. w. 4 N. Cumb.
Harding J. 41 W. Bute.
Harding Capt. H. F. dep. measurer, Custom House, r. 45 S. Cumb.
Hardy E. T. attorney at law, r. 6 S. Duke.
Hardy E. W. livery stables, 17 lower Union.
Hardy J. butcher, 147 E. Main.
Hardy Thomas A. merchant, r. Herbertsville.
Hardy William I. merchant, r. 25 S. Granby.
Hardy & Bro. shipping and com. merchants, 96 & 98 W. Widewater, shook factory, Town      Point, near end Main.
Hardy & Delk, com. merchants, 2 Tunis' whf. end of Fayette.
Harris A. com. merchant, bds. at National Hotel.
Harris A. & H. com. merchants, 22 Commerce.
Harris Charles, bakery, 6 Hill, bds. at City Hotel.
Harris H. brick mason, 12 Bermuda.
Harris M. confectioner, 27 W. Widewater.
Harrison Mrs. A. w. 21 Allyn's Court.
Harrison Mrs. D. w. 8 Marsh.
Harrison Edward, public house, 28 Littlewater.
Harrison J. plasterer, 18 S. Cumberland.
Harrison Mrs. M. E. w. 90 N. Church.
Harrison William T. grocer, 27 Market Sq. r. 6 W. Freemason.
Harrison William T. upholsterer, r. 15 Addington's l.
Hartshorn S. ice-house, 13 Loyall's l., r. 13 Bermuda.
Harwood J. W. confectionary and fruit store, 15 E. Main, fronting Market Square.
Harwood Henry, accountant, 50 E. Main.
Harwood Mrs. S. w. 3 Hartshorn's Court.
Hastings George, cordwainer, 61 South Church.
Hathaway J. R. bookseller and periodical agent, 27 E. Main, head of Market Square.


Hathaway Capt. D. 42 N. Brewer.
Hatcher Mrs. Ann E. w. 13 E. Freemason.
Hatcher E. P. notary public and agent, 17 W. Widewater, r. 13 E. Freemason.
Hatton J. G. H. teller Farmers' Bank, pres't select council, r. 38 S. Fenchurch,
Hawkins M. G. mariner, 5 New.
Hawkins Mrs. P. H. w. 65 N. Church.
Hawkins William, lime inspector, r. 52 N. Ch.
Haynes & Granbery, grocers, 9 Campbell's Wharf.
Haynes E. T. grocer and commission merchant, 9 Roanoke Square.
Haynes William H. farmer and brick maker, Fielding farm, P. A. Road, near the city; will      receive messages if left at 9 Campbell's Wharf.
Hayman John, printer, at Daily News office.
Haywood J. stone mason, 42 Jas.
Hays J. laborer, 23 Widewater.
Hay George, cabinet maker, r. 5 Concord.
Hay William J. blacksmith, 60 N. Church.
Heath James, carpenter, r. 12 N. Brewer.
Heath & Lockwood, carpenters, near 35 lower Union.
Hecker H. laborer, 139 S. Church.
Hedgpeth Capt. H. seaman, r. 48 W. Main.
Heiberger F. J. tailor, 47 Bank, r. 44 W. Bute.
Henderson Mrs. ___, w. 22 Holt.
Henderson Capt. J. steamer Shultz, r. 22 Holt.
Hendren Rev. J. grocer, 34 W. Widewater, r. 18 N. Church.
Hendren J. Hardy, grocer, 5 Campbell's Whf.
Hendren M. sailmaker, Roanoke Sq.
Hendren William H. attorney at law and comm'r in chancery, clerk U. S. district court,      office 22 Bank, boards at Mrs. Segar's, E. Main.
Henley Char, (col'd) washerwoman, 7 Barry's l.
Henley Mrs. Elizabeth, 34 N. Ch.
Herman & Co. wholesale and retail shoe dealers, 15 Market Sq.
Herrington J. r. 29 E. Main.
Herron Miss Ann P. B. corner Wood and Church, court in front.
Hess M. dry goods store, 72 S. Church.
Hess W. baker, 17 Bank.
Hester J. 2 N. Fench.
Heustis J. cartman, r. 62 N. Cath.
Heckle J. paver, grocery, 47 W. Main.
Hicks Capt., J. steamer Coffee, r. 6 Virginia.
Hicks John, refectory, 139 & 141 S. Ch. corner Widewater.
Hill James, sailmaker, 21 Commerce.
Hill Clement, cordwainer, 29 W. Main.
Higgins Dr. F. L. office 7 E. Main, (up stairs) r. 36 W. Freemason.
Higgins I. clerk at Farmers' Bank, r. 38 W. Freemason.
Higgins J. A. commission merchant, 120 E. Widewater.
Hill A. L. grocer, 10 S. Ch.
Hill A. laborer, 129 S. Ch.
Hill Benj'n, boat builder, near E. end lower Union.


Hill James, sailmaker, 21 Commerce.
Hill Mrs. M. E. w. 59 W. Main.
Hill ___, clerk at Argus office.
Hill Nathaniel, 4 Newcastle.
Hinton P. W. com'n merch't, 10 Roanoke Square, r. 54 W. Freemason.
Hipkins John, com'n merchant, 98 W. Widewater, r. 24 W. Freemason.
Hipkins Mrs. ___ w. 5 Southgate's Row, E. Freemason.
Hitselberger, Rev. A. L. pastor St. Patrick's Ch. r. 11 S. Chapel, corner Virginia.
Hitchings D. D. & Bro. boat builders, 1 Southgate's wharf, end Woodside's l. & 46 E.      Widewater.
Hitchings D. D. r. 39 Bank, corner Hill.
Hodges Misses F. & M. seamstresses, 48 W. Bute.
Hodges J. K. blacksmith, 52 Bermuda.
Hodges S. H. blacksmith, 16 E. Widewater, r. 2, 2d Cross, corner Mariner.
Hodges Miss M. F. 20 N. Fench.
Hodges William E. carpenter, 228 N. Ch.
Hogwood Mrs. M. tailoress, 2 Hill.
Holden Mrs. M. A. w. 95 W. Bute.
Holland James, seaman, 14 Reed's l.
Holmes John, plasterer, r. 22 S. Duke.
Holmes Capt James, hay weigher, 19 N. Fench.
Holmes John S. grocer, 41 Market Square, corner Widewater, r. 4. S. Cumb.
Holmes Mrs. L. A. 19 Bank.
Holmes William J. wheelwright, 29 lower Union, r. 46 James.
Holt Mrs. Ann, w. 4 S. Ch.
Holt Richard H. accountant, at Ferguson & Milhado's, r. 11 N. Boush.
Hoole James T. superintendent Hardy's shook factory, r. 23 S. Granby.
Hope William, engineer, 69 E. Queen.
Hope William, foreman for J. G. Colley, 30 E. Widewater.
Horney Samuel, engineer, 14 Newcastle.
Howard Allen, huckster, 12 Bank.
Howard George, sailmaker, 48 S. Ch.
Howard Robert D. confectioner, r. 14 Addington's l.
Howell E. huckster, 67 E. Queen.
Howse James, butcher, r. Holly Place.
Hozier Nathaniel, shipwright, 9 Central Boush.
Hozier Robert, 96 W. Queen.
Hubard James R. attorney at law, 23 W. Main, r. 9 S. Cath.
Huet Dr. E. 51 W. Main.
Huet Peter (col'd) cordwainer, 111 N. Cumb.
Hudgins Moses, carpenter, 9 Proby's l.
Hudgins Robert, brick mason, 35 E. Freemason.
Hudson William, carpenter, 115 E. Widewater.
Hughs M. P. carpenter, r. 5 W. Main.
Hughs ___, mariner, 16 Bank.
Hughs ___, city watchman, boarding house 14 Market Square.
Hull J. 156 W. Bute,
Hunt F. O, sailmaker, 6 Wood.


Hunter Wm. H. city collector, off. 38 Bank, r. 14 S. Chapel.
Hurley William, lottery office, 32 Market Sq. r. 60 W. Bute.
Hurst Edward, sailmaker, 7 Dodd's l.
Hurst R. G. carpenter, 114, r. 109 N. Ch.
Hursley Mrs. M. F. w. 25 E. Freemason.
Hutchings H. teacher, 19 S. Church, r. 1 Holt.


Inge William, pilot, 9 Voss.
Ingram T. R. r. 48 Bermuda.
Ingram Wm. carpenter, 123 N. Ch.
Insel W. grain and hay dealer, 11 E. Widewater.
Insley E. saddle and harness maker, at A. Nelson's Union st. r. 127 N. Ch.
Irby H. 59 W. Charlotte.
Irwin Mrs. A. w. 19 Moseley.
Irwin, T. B. com. mercht. 16 Rowland's whf., bds. at City Hotel.
Irwin H. farmer and com. mer. off. 8 Campbell's whf. (up stairs) r. 17 E. Freemason.
Israel B. dry goods, 65 E. Main.


Jackson Rev. Wm. pastor St. Paul's, r. 74 W. Freemason, cor. Duke.
Jacobs Alex, mercht., bds. at City Hotel.
Jacob Moses, dry goods store, 65 E. Main.
Jakeman Arthur, carpenter, r. 4 Barraud Court.
Jakeman Job, gardener and horticulturist, 52 W. Main.
James Mrs. Ann, boarding h. 22 Cove.
James E. 15 Botetourt.
James John, wholesale grocer and com. mercht. 19 W. Widewater, cor. Commerce, r. 9 N.      Cath.
James J. E. soap manuf. 55 Mariner.
James Robt. O. measurer, 5 E. Wolfe.
James Wm. A. brickmason, 24 W. Bute.
Jarvis W. manager mud machine, r. 157 E. Main.
Jay Geo. mariner, 82 Bermuda.
Jeffery Mrs. ___ w. 29 S. Cath.
Jeffery A. com. mercht. off. in bldg. 10 Campbell's whf., r. 29 S. Cath.
Jemeson Wm. huckster, 18 Bank.
Jenkins Thos. cooper, r. 7 Barraud Court.
Jenkins J. P. saddler, with Pullen, 5 lower Union, r. 49 S. Ch.
Jennings Mrs. J. r. 12 W. Char.
Jett F. clerk, bds. at Mrs. Goodridge's.
Johnson Mrs.___ 1 N. Cumb.
Johnson Mrs. A. W. 64 S. Fench.
Johnson Charles, keeper of Almshouse.
Johnson William H. brickmason, r. 11 N. Brewer.
Johnson E. R. grocery, 27 W. Bute.


Johnson J. R. clock and watch maker and jeweler, 5 W. Main, opp. Bank, r. 14 N. Brewer.
Johnson Wm. Sen., hat manufacturer, 21 Market Sq.
Johnson, W. 35 W. Main.
Johnson, J. D. teacher, school-room in basement of Presb. Ch. bds. at Mrs. Emerson's.
Johnson Wm. Jr., com. mercht. Commerce, bds. at Mrs. Emerson's.
Johnson Mrs. H., w. 35 Bank.
Johnson J. H. carpenter, r. 2 Barraud Court.
Johnston Mrs. C. midwife, 18 Cove, near S. end of Cumberland.
Johnston F. A. tobacconist, 64 E. Main.
Johnston James H. comm'n merchant, 94 W. Widewater, r. 80 E. Main.
Johnston Robert M. lottery office, 4 lower Union.
Johnston Peter W. 96 W. Queen.
Jones L. brewer, 19 Falkland.
Jones Josiah T. keeper of Magazine, r. 57 W. Queen.
Jones Rev. Tiberius G. pastor Freemason st. Baptist Ch., r. 2 N. Cath.
Jones J. S. merchant, boards at National Hotel.
Jones Mrs. W. F. w. 4 Tazewell.
Jones J. E. merchant, boards at Mrs. Langley's.
Jones Jesse, merchant, 6 N. Brewer.
Jones Jesse & Co. grain and hay dealers, 13 Roanoke Square.
Jones J. E. & Co. grocers, 3 Campbell's wharf.
Jones G. W. grocer, r. 40 W. Main.
Jones Edward, carpenter, 41 W. Main.
Jones W. R. grocer, r. 1 S. Ch. corner Mariner.
Jones Rev. Reuben, pastor Cumb. st. Baptist Ch., r. 37 S. Ch.
Jones William clerk, boards at Mrs. Shuster's.
Jones S. bar-room, 58 P. A. Road.
Jones G. W. & Bro. grocers, 3 E. Widewater.
Jordan Augustus, engineer and machinist, r. 33 W. Queen.
Jordan Charles, confectioner, 75 E. Main.
Jordan William, oysterman, 25 S. Duke.
Joynes John R. ship-joiner, 77 E. Widewater, r. rear 98 E. Main.


Karcher J. confectioner, 15 Littlewater.
Kayton A. watch-maker and dealer in jewelry and musical instruments, 3 W. Main.
Keeling R. M. W. student, boards at J. Shuster's.
Keeling D. F. Dominica House, 54 and 56 E. Main, near Church.
Keeling Mrs. Elizabeth, w. teacher, 15 N. Cumb.
Keeling John W. teacher, U. S. N., r. 11 S. Cumb.
Keeling Mrs. Martha, w. 94 W. Bute.
Keeling J. L. carpenter with W. Callis.
Kehoe Joseph, tailor, 7. W. Main.
Kempe W. A. saddler, with Pullen, 5 lower Union.
Kempe John T. grocer, 39 Market Square, r. 15 James.
Kennedy Lieut. C. H., U. S. N. 28 N. Cumberland, corner Charlotte.


Kennon Mrs. ___ boards at City Hotel.
Kenney Edward, rigger, 16 Woodside's l.
Kerney Jane, widow, 27 Allyn's Court
Kerr E. M. crockery and glass ware dealer, r. 47 W. Freemason.
Kevil Thomas, clothing store, 48 W. Widewater.
Kewin T. foreman Herald printing office, bds. at Mrs. Emerson's.
Keys John, stone cutter, (with Dalrymple) r. 27 Talbot.
King & Toy, wholesale and retail druggists, 2 and 4 S. W. corner Main st. and Market      Square.
King H. clothing store, 10 W. Widewater.
King L. clothing store, 36 Market Square.
King Mrs. Mary, w. boards at Mrs. Segar's.
King N. C. druggist, r. 8 upper Washington.
Kirby George, pile driver, 32 Virginia, E. end.
Klein Mrs. E. w. 33 S. Duke.
Kneller George P. confectionary, 40 Bank.
Knight J. cordwainer, 89 E. Main.
Knight William, 39 N. Church.
Knight S. H. mariner, 26 Talbot,
Kurrelmeier William, tailor, bldg. 9 Hall's row, Commerce.
Kyle D. 31 S. Cath.
Kyle William, com'n mercht, 24 Commerce, r, 5 Hartshorn's Court.


Lacoste Joseph, cordwainer, 36 W. Widewater.
Lacoste & Tullock, shipping office, 33 W. Widewater.
Lamb W. B. sergeant Norfolk city, office 38 Bank, r. 162 W. Bute.
Lamb W. W. deputy sergeant, office 38 Bank, r. 162 W. Bute.
Lambert W. 13 N. Cath.
Lambert George, grocer, 31 N. Ch.
Land Enoch, boarding house, 28 W. Main, near Commerce.
Land Isaac, grocer, 125 N. Church.
Land Mrs. Sarah, w. 8 S. Brewer, near Freemason.
Land W. R. C. grocer, 3 lower Union, r. 69 N. Ch.
Langley Charles H. grocer, 92 S. Church.
Langley Mrs. S. boarding, 41 E. Main.
Langley Mrs. Susan, w. 18 N. Cumb.
Lane John, carpenter, 134 N. Church.
Lansing Capt. M. 92 W. Queen.
Lapelouse A. clerk, r. 6 Avon.
Lappin William C. mariner, 24 Dodd's l.
Lawrence John, rigger, 13 Concord.
Lawrence J. M. 59 N. Cumberland.
Laws D. O. & Co., grocers, 7 E. Main, head of Market Sq.
Laws Mrs. S. w. 17 E. Freemason.
Laylor Samuel, laborer, 118 W. Freemason.
Lecocke, Mrs. S. w. 32 Bermuda.
Ledoyne John, distiller, r. 127 S. Church.
Learned P. P. com'n merchant, r. 6 East.


Lee Mrs. F. M. w. 75 W. Queen.
Lee T. R. blacksmith, 6 E. Widewater, r. 15 Bermuda.
Lehman C. butcher, r. 15 Moseley.
Leigh J. P. & Son, grocers and com'n merchants, 10 Campbell's wharf, r.139 E. Main.
Lent P. Holly Place.
Leonard A. F. attorney at law, office 22 Bank, r. 53 W. Main.
Lepage L. 72 E. Main.
Lester Mrs. ___, boarding house, 68 W. Widewater.
Levi Anthony, tailor, 5 lower Union, 2d story.
Levi J. clothing store, 42 Market Square, corner Widewater.
Levi Mitchell, tailor, 7 lower Union, 2d story.
Lewellin A. farmer and gardener, Fort Norfolk road, near the city.
Lewellin George, cordwainer, 63 W. Queen.
Lewellin William H. grocer, 8, corner Roanoke Square and Littlewater, r. 11 E. Bute.
Lewis Mrs. A. B. w. 12 W. Charlotte.
Lewis T. & Co. clothing store, 51 E. Main.
Lewis F. clothing store, 41 E. Main.
Liddy Joseph, tailor, 40 W. Widewater.
Liliston Louisa, w. 34 E. Freemason.
Lightburn R. cordwainer, 55 W. Queen.
Lightfoot Dr. S. L. inspector of the customs, r. 10 Amelia.
Lind E. W. carpenter, 36 Virginia, (east end.)
Little James, tobacconist, 8 Market Square, refectory, corner Market Square and Union.
Lockert Mrs. M. w. 41 W. Freemason.
Lockwood William H. carpenter, r. 26 N. Fench.
Lohman William H. clothing store, building 23 W. Widewater.
Lomax Mrs. E. V., w. 40 W. Freemason.
Long Richard, laborer, 17 Allyn's Court.
Long William, printer, r. rear, 30 Avon.
Louis Charles, farmer, Mitchell's l.
Lovett George, measurer, r. 63 N. Church.
Lovett J. S. attorney at law, building 30 W. Widewater.
Lowe Mrs. C. F. w. 30 S. Cumb.
Lowell W. A. agent Baltimore steam packets, office Hunter's, wf. r. 7 S. Ch.
Lowry T. ship carpenter, 68 N. Church.
Loyall George, 14 S. Granby.
Loyall William, inspector of the customs, r. 43 W. Freemason.
Ludlow & Wing, dispensary, 4 W. Main, next to Farmers' Bank.
Ludlow J. R. druggist, boards at Mrs. Emerson's.
Lugg Mrs. Elizabeth, w. 21 S. Brewer, near Wolfe.
Lynch Mrs. ___, boards at City Hotel.


Macanalley John, tailor, grocery, 10 Marsh.
McCarrick P. grocer, 21 N. Boush, corner Bute.
McLane E. E. attorney at law, 25 W. Widewater, boards at Mrs. Cosby's.


McKeel ___, Proby's l.
McKee M. musician, 22 Metcalf's l.
McCourt Mrs. Ann, w. 6 Avon.
McLane George & Co. riggers, 44 E. Widewater.
McGee R. grocer, 59 E. Widewater.
McMath Capt. J. P. mariner, 46 Bank.
McIntosh Lieut. Charles F., U. S. N., r. 19 S. Granby.
McIntosh George, President Norfolk Draw Bridge Co., 33 S. Granby.
McKenney Rev. William, chaplain U. S. N., r. 24 Botetourt.
McKenney William, N. M. D. dentist, office over 16 E. Main, r. 24 Botetourt.
McCoy Edward, cordwainer, 132 E. Main.
McDougall Misses E. & A. r. 7 S. Cath.
McCandlish Mrs. M. w. 20 S. Cath.
McPherson Mrs. L. w. 4 S. Boush.
McGuire & Co. distillers and brewers, 7 Roanoke.
McGuire Thomas, boards at Mrs. Langley's.
McDonald J. blacksmith, 15 N. Chapel.
McCoy B. sail-maker, 15 Mariner.
McPhail John, 27 Mariner.
McCandlish R. accountant for C. H. Sheild, r. 24 N. Fenchurch.
McGregory I. 88 E. Main.
McLean A. B. Pres't Am. Insurance Co. office 46 Bank, r. 114 E. Main.
McQuillen Mrs. Catharine, w. grocery, 50 W. Queen.
Mack I. dry goods store, 66 S. Church.
Mahone Mrs. ___ milliner, 62 S. Church.
Mahone S. blacksmith, 11 lower Washington.
Malicote J. plough stocker, r. 8 Marsh.
Mallory Dr. Francis, navy agent, office 22 W. Main, r. 8 N. Granby.
Mallory E. C. farmer, 14 upper Union.
Mallory William S. merchant, r. 125 E. Main.
Manning T. J. comm'r naval rendezvous, boards 110 E. Main.
Mannock Gabriel, boatman, 65 W. Widewater, bathing houses near west end Main.
Mann John, r. 17 Allyn's Court.
March Seth, groceries, iron and agricultural instruments, 13 W. Widewater, 21 and 22      Rothery's lane r. 31 N. Cumb.
Marchant Miss A. boards at Mrs. Goodridge's.
Marcus D. Y. India-rubber and fancy goods, 23 E. Main, boards at Mrs. Emerson's.
Marcus H. M. grocer, 63 S. Church, boards at Mrs. Emerson's.
Marcus William N. general commission merchant, 20 Rowland's wharf, below Roanoke      Square, r. 24 York.
Mardenia Mrs. M. A. w. 21 Allyn's Court.
Marrow William, boards at Mrs. Segar's, Main st.
Marsden J. B. L. r. 36 N. Cumberland.
Marsh Samuel, lumber and commission merchant, 1 Tunis' wharf, r. 146 E. Main.
Marsh Captain Robert, r. 146 E. Main.
Martin A. A. inspector of provisions, off. 9 Lower Union, r. 17 S. Cumb.
Martin A. W. clerk at N. Nash's, r. 40 N. Cumb.


Martin Dr. Charles F. dentist, 31 E. Main, cor. Talbot, r. 23 Holt.
Martin Miss E. r. 33 Bermuda.
Martin Henry, bar and bowling alley, 37 Littlewater.
Martin Mrs. Susan, w. 77 P. A. road.
Martin Thomas M. tailor, 44 E. Main, r. 36 Bank.
Martin J. F. cartman, 74 P. A. road.
Mary Joseph, mariner, 2 Barraud court.
Masi P. H. professor of music, r. 112 East Main.
Maslin Mrs. Margaret, w. 14 N. Boush.
Mason Mrs. L. w. 52 W. Queen.
Mathews Mills, la. Holly Place.
Mathews Mrs. w. 74 Bermuda.
Mathias D. seaman, 74 Bermuda.
Mathias C. H. off. 9 Campbell's wharf, r. 39 N. Church.
Mathias Mrs. F. w. 146 North Church.
Mathias J. laborer, 73 North Church.
Mathias Mrs. Margaret, 14 N. Boush.
Mathiot Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, w. 3 East Wolfe.
Maurice Thomas J. tin plate worker, r. 46 West Bute.
Maurice William H. painter, r. 20 East Char.
May Mrs. Susan, w. 80 South Church.
Mayer G. A. silversmith and jeweler, 38 East Main.
Mayer Jonas, tailor, 2 Plume.
Mayers Mrs. M. dry goods, 76 South Ch.
Mayer Thomas A. coach repository and manufactory, 11 Lower Union, saddle and harness      store, 24 East Main.
Mayo P. P. attorney-at-law, 20 West Main.
Meagher Mr. boards at Walters'.
Meanly Mr. carpenter, boards at Mrs. Woodhouse's.
Mears S. clerk at Stewart's, boards at Mrs. Segar's.
Meginley J. gas fitter, 79 South Church.
Mehaffey A. proprietor, Gosport Iron Works, boards at National Hotel.
Mehegan J. tailor, 96 North Church.
Mehegan Thomas, grocer, 34 West Widewater, confectionary 20 Com.
Mehegan William, tailor, r. 10 South Chapel.
Melson Caleb, carpenter, r. 50 West Main.
Merwin S. O. shoe dealer and manufacturer, 19 Market Sq.
Miars John, Pomfret farm, near the city.
Michaels Rev. Robert, pastor first M. E. Church, office in basement of the church, r. 12      Holt.
Milener William city watchman, r. 19 W. Freemason.
Milhado Mrs. A. w., r. 110 West Bute.
Milhado Mrs. L. w. 20 North Fench.
Miles Isaac, shipwright, Herbertsville, r. 21 West Freemason.
Miller George H. jailer and dep. sergt. r. in old jail enclosure East Main.
Miller Miss Nancy D. seamstress, 4 Lower Washington.
Millison W. laborer, 97 North Ch.
Mills A. W. tailor, 56 South Church, r. 6 Plume.
Millson Hon. Jno. S. attorney-at-law, office 17 W. Main, r. 15 W. Charl.
Minter J. 34 South Church.


Mitchell Rev. F. S. pastor African Methodist E. Church, boards at 40 South
Mitchell Mrs. H. w. 24 Cove.
Mitchell Harriet (colored,) mantua maker, 7 Holt.
Mitchell Captain Z. steamer Mount Vernon, r. 12 Mariner.
Mitcheson Rev. K. city missionary, boards at Mrs. Goodridge's.
Montague Robert, carpenter, r. 33 East Freemason.
Montgomery Captain, pilot, 28 Bank.
Montross William, 7 Loyall's lane.
Moody George, grocer, 1 East Bute.
Moody Joseph, ship-joiner, 117 East Widewater.
Moody W. J. C. upholster and paper-hanger, r. 10 West Bute.
Moody William, hatter, r. 19 Falkland, corner Chapel.
Moore Henry, commission merchant, 21 Maxwell's wharf, r. 6 Princess.
Moore J. J. grocer, 34 East Main, r. 14 South Cumb.
Moore Miss E. J. milliner, 86 South Church.
Moore E. W. hardware dealer, 14 Market Square, r. 151 East Main.
Moore Henry, house carpenter, r. 78 Bermuda.
Moore B. cordwainer, 44 North Church.
Moore Thomas, agent for land claims, 230 North Church.
Moore Dr. Willam J. office 42 East Main, upstairs, r. 15 North Catharine.
Moore Miss Emeline, 42 East Bute.
Moore Franklin J. deputy collector and storekeeper custom house, boards at Mrs.      Langley's.
Moore Isaac, clerk, r. 86 South Church.
Moore L. P. seaman, 49 South Cath.
Moore Horatio, agent N. O. packets, r. 58 South Cumb.
Moore N. H. grocer, 12 Market Sq.
Moore Peter, police officer, r. 40 North Brewer.
Moran R. Barraud Court.
Mordecai P. fortune teller, 10 Bank.
Mordecai J. fortune teller, 8 Bermuda.
Morein Mrs. S. 64 North Cumberland.
Moreland D. house, ship and sign painter, 25 Bank, r. 29 East Bute.
Moreland James, 29 East Bute.
Morgan Mrs. Jency, w. 1 Holly Place.
Morgan Micajah, grocer, 2 Commerce.
Morris & Roberts, boarding house, 4 Commerce.
Morris B. P. coach painter, at Nelson's, Union.
Morris C. M., U. S. N. bds. at National Hotel.
Morris Henry, baker, 49 W. Main.
Morris William, 26 W. Bute.
Morrisett & Simmons, coopers, 2 Southgate's wharf, end of Woodside's l.
Morrisett William, cooper, r. 12 S. Chapel.
Morse A. carpenter, r. 16 Falkland.
Morse T. V. bds. at City Hotel.
Moseley Burwell B. 28 S. Catharine.
Moseley Dennis, 22 S. Fench.
Moseley Miss H. 32 Bermuda.
Moseley J. woodcutter, 127 N. Church.


Mosely Mrs. M. w. 25 Talbot.
Moss C. musician, 64 James.
Moulton E. L. tin plate worker, 6 Lower Union.
Mulholland B. bds. at Mrs. Cosby's.
Murden M. F. carpenter, 70 N. Church.
Murden A. distiller, 12 P. A. Road.
Murden Jos. clerk, Exchange Bank, r. 40 N. Cumb.
Murden Mrs. S. W. w. 14 S. Chapel.
Murphey William H. cabinet maker, at Salusbury's, r. 81 S. Church.
Murphey Mrs. E. F. milliner, 81 S. Church.
Murphy M. assistant superintendent city gas works.
Murphy James, clerk of the market, 33 S. Cumb.
Murphy Mrs. Jane, w. 4 N. Cumb. near Freemason.
Murray John, keeper of the City Hall, r. 28 James.
Murray Thomas, caulker, 5 Shipp's l.
Murray Wm. T. grocer, 37 N. Ch.
Murrell S. wood carter, P. A. Road, near the city.
Myers Mrs. A. dry goods store, 49 Bank.
Myers E. J. city lunch, 2 Roanoke.
Myers & Co. com. merchants, 35 and 37 Commerce.
Myers Myer, merchant, consul for Brazil and Netherlands, r. 2 S. Cath. cor. Freemason.


Nash John H. & Jos. auctioneers and furniture dealers, 4 Newton's whf.
Nash John H. r. 9 S. Chapel, cor. Holt.
Nash Joseph, r. 3 Hartshorn's Court.
Nash Dr. Thos. off. 73, r. 98 E. Main.
Nash Herb't. M. botanic medicine store, 73 E. Main, near Church.
Nash Nath'l. ship builder, sectional marine railway, 48 E. Widewater, r. 113 E. Main.
Nash Wm. shipwright, at N. Nash's, r. 145 E. Main.
Nathans Rebec, w. r. 32 E. Freemason.
Nelson Anthony, carriage repository and harness manufactory, 20 and 22 Lower Union,      carriage manufactory 19 and 21 W. Widewater.
Nelson Charles, coach and harness maker, at A. Nelson's, r. 131 N. Ch.
Newsom Henry H. 29 E. Freemason.
Newcomb Mrs. V. A. rear of lot No. 46 E. Main.
Newton Cincinnatus W. r. 22 S. Granby, cor. Upper Washington.
Newton Lucius, 15 W. Main, r. 6 S. Catharine.
Newton Dr. Thos. 78 W. Bute.
Newton Mrs. Margaret, w. 6 S. Catharine.
Ney J. dealer in pictures, books and fancy articles, n. east cor. Market Sq. and Widewater      St., r. 47 N. Fench.
Nichols Henry, cabinet maker, r. 5 Concord.
Nichols W. draw bridge toll house, east end Main.
Nicholson W. J. grocer, 82 S. Ch.
Nimmo Mrs. E. w. 8 Second Cross.
Nimmo Mrs. E. w. 11 York.


Nimmo Mrs. M. A. w. 28 N. Cumb. cor. Char.
Nobe J. blacksmith, r. 23 Union.
Noe Croel, brickmason, r. 1 Hartshorn's Court, cor. Holt.
Noland Mrs. ___, 157 E. Main.
Noland Sarah, 69 E. Widewater.
Norris Wm. R. grocer, 35 Mar. Sq. r. 18 S. Duke.
Northington Rich'd. agent and collector, bds. at 37 N. Church.
Nottingham Jos. carpenter, bds. at Mrs. Woodhouse's, cor. Freemason and Church.
Nottingham Thos. J. grocer, 67 S. Ch.
Nottingham Wm. J. hat and cap store, 23 Market Sq. r. 44 N. Cumb.
Nunan Richard, cordwainer, 30 W. Wide water.


Oast Mrs. Mary, w. 98 S. Ch.
O'Brien D. upholsterer, 46 S. Ch.
O'Brien D. cabinet maker, 8 W. Bute.
O'Grady Miss H. 74 W. Freemason.
Odend'hal Jean, professor of French, N. M. Academy, r. 6 S. Boush.
Olden James, trimmer, at Nelson's coach factory.
Olds & Jemison, bowling alley, 13 Commerce.
Oliver C. B. gunner, U. S. N., 72 W. Bute.
Oliver S. T. carpenter, 88 N. Ch.
Olmstead Edward, U. S. N., Mrs. Emerson's.
O'Neil Peter, r. 39 S. Catharine.
Oppenheimer R. fruits, toys and candy, 48 S. Ch.
Orston G. laborer, 69 E. Bute.
Osborn J. J. la. 211 N. Ch.
Ott Mrs. Jane, w. 73 E. Main.
Outten Capt. Geo. F. farmer, Lambert's Point Road, near the city.
Owen B. P. h. carpenter, r. 34 S. Ch.
Owen Pierson, grocer, 95 E. Main, cor. S. Fench.
Owens Mrs. J. w. 15 S. Cumb.
Owens Mrs. L. A. w. 22 S. Ch.
Owens Thos. F. dry goods store, 1 Market Sq., r. 22 S. Ch.


Page W. R., U. S. N. boards at National Hotel.
Palmer Philip, rigger, sexton Christ Church, 143 E. Widewater, r. 11 Addington's l.
Palmer Mrs. E. w. 100 E. Main.
Palmer Mrs. Ruth, w. 12 N. Boush.
Pannell Mrs. Courtney, w. 6 Amelia.
Pannell William & Son, auctioneers and commission merchants, 11 Roanoke Square.
Pannell William, auctioneer, r. 3 Southgate's row, E. Freemason.
Pannell William M. runner Fanners' Bank, r. 49 N. Fenchurch,


Parker George, stone mason, r. 61 E. Widewater.
Parker N. W. commission merchant, office, Southgate & Dickson's whf., corner Church, r. 2      S. Duke, corner Freemason.
Parker I. H., surveyor, Custom H.
Parker Caleb, coach smith at Nelson's.
Parker Samuel, 63 S. Church, corner Bermuda.
Parker William, mariner, 15 Talbot.
Parker Mrs. S. w. 8 Stone's l.
Parker Charles, seaman, r. 49 S. Ch.
Parks Miss M. milliner, 83 S. Ch.
Parr Miss S. 25 N. Cath.
Parrott Mrs. E. S. w. 120 W. Freemason.
Parrott Robert D. carpenter, 120 W. Freemason.
Parrott Robert, accountant, 120 W. Freemason.
Parsons Lorenzo, accountant for Stewart & Jones, boards at Mrs. Land's, 28 W. Main.
Patton Thomas, grocer, 30 Avon, corner Cove.
Patterson Mrs. J. w. 115 N. Ch.
Patterson Robert, (col.) mariner, 41 Hawk.
Patterson E. P. cordwainer, 61 S. Ch.
Patrick Thomas, wood worker at Nelson's coach factory.
Paul S. W., r. 103 E. Main.
Paynter N. merchant, r. 63 Bermuda.
Pearson E. T. clerk, r. 81 N. Church.
Pearson Nicholas, marine U. S. N. 5 S. Brewer.
Pebworth J. grocer, 70 P. A. Road.
Pebworth William, caulker, 11 Proby's l.
Peddle Benjamin, refectory, 27 lower Union.
Peed Lemuel, turner at Salusbury's cabinet manufactory, r. 28 N. Church.
Peed William B. brick mason, r. 24 James.
Peet William, cordwainer, 28 Bank.
Pegram, Paynter & Co. importers and wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods, 2 corner      E. Main and Market Square.
Pegram Lieut. R. B., U. S. N., 28 York.
Pepper's Restaurant, 28 E. Main, corner Boush's l.
Peirce H. & A. dry goods store, 3 Market Square, board at City Hotel.
Perier F. A. merchant, r. 61 W. Main.
Petree William T. blacksmith, 164 N. Church.
Petty Joseph, laborer, 22 P. A. Road.
Petty F. 14 P. A. Road.
Pendleton, E. grocer, 6 Market Square, r. 16 W. Freemason.
Phelps James H. lottery office, 1 W. Main, boards at City Hotel.
Phillips Capt. mariner, 43 W. Main.
Phillips William, livery stable, 6 S. Church.
Pierce Mrs. Elizabeth, w. 39 N. Fenchurch.
Pinkam Mrs. Lydia, w. boards at 24 W. Main.
Pipkia Mrs. M. w. boards at Mrs. Emerson's.
Pitcher Wm. B. shoe dealer 9 Market Sq.
Plume & Co. ropewalk and tannery, James st, near Armistead's Bridge, office, 20 W.      Widewater.


Poindexter Lieut. Carter B., U. S. N., r. 5 N. Catharine.
Pointer J. A. measurer of grain, &c, r. 132 N. Fenchurch.
Pollard James G. dry goods store, 11 Market Square, r. 37 Mariner.
Pollard G. L. attorney at law, office 26 W. Main.
Pollard Benjamin, r. 29 S. Granby.
Pollard Mrs. Mary, w. boards at Mrs. Emerson's, 53 W. Main.
Pollard L. P. teacher, 62 S. Fenchurch, corner Bermuda, boards at Mrs. Emerson's.
Poor Lieut. C. H., U. S. N. 7 Southgate's Row, E. Freemason.
Poole George, (col.) barber, r. 8 York.
Portlock Edward E. clerk at Bonsal & Bro's, r. 33 N. Cumberland.
Posse Theo. professor of music, boards at Mrs. Cosby's, 16 W. Main.
Potts Mrs. S. W. w. 33 Moseley.
Powell Peter, sail-maker, 7 Dodd's l.
Powell M. A. grocer, 91 N. Church.
Powell ___ oysterman, 5 Moseley.
Powell Thomas, laborer, 7 Holly Place.
Powell James, grocer, 31 N. Church.
Powell Benjamin, carpenter, r. 50 W. Freemason.
Powers L. A. painter, 21 E. Charl.
Powers Albert, coach-maker, r. 8 Yaxley's l.
Pratt Mrs. Mary, fruit and candy store, 54 S. Church.
Preston Robert G. clerk at Am. Ins. Co. 46 Bank, r. 22 S. Chapel.
Prime William S. boot and shoe store, 48 E. Main.
Preus & Co. watchmakers, 84 S. Ch.
Prince James, grocery, 52 W. Queen.
Pruden William, cordwainer, 87 E. Main.
Pullen J. M. coach repository and manufactory, 28 lower Union, 23 and 25 E. Widewater,      saddle and harness manufactory, 5 lower Union, r. 55 Bermuda.
Pugh Mrs. L. w. 2 Reardon Court.
Purdie J. E. boarding house, 37 Bank.
Pumphrey N. carpenter, 22 W. Charl., r. 12 S. Brewer.
Pusey Miss Ann, 25 N. Catharine.


Quarles Moses, laborer, 1 Avon.
Quinn J. grocer, 147 E. Widewater, corner Newcastle.


Raincocke Mrs. Rebecca, w. 10 Dartmouth.
Ramsay Charles, grocer, 62 E. Main.
Ramsay Miss Eliza, teacher, 7 N. Cumb.
Ramsay Robert, cabinet worker at J. D. Ghiselin's, r. 22 S. Cumb.
Ransone James H. lieut. city watch, r. 34 S. Fench.
Ransone J. R. harness maker and saddler at Nelson's.
Rapp Mrs. J. confectionary and soda water, 8 Bank.


Rawls H. O. boards at Mrs. Langley's.
Rawls J. r. 26 Cove.
Rawls W. grocer, 58 N. Cumb.
Read & Ayars, grocers, 21 S. Ch. corner Holt.
Read L. S. & Co. building 17 W. Widewater, corner Commerce, r. 16 N. Fenchurch.
Reardon T. R. & Co. wholesale and retail grocers, 8 Roanoke Square.
Reardon H. B. r. 11 S. Catharine.
Red Edith, 7 Yaxley's l.
Redmond J. T. grocer, 38 and 40 Market Square.
Reed Joshua D. hat manufactory, 26 Market Square.
Reed Mrs. Eliza, milliner, 58 S. Church.
Reed J. H. silver plater, 30 Loyall's l., r. 5 Avon.
Reed William, h. carpenter, r. 58 S. Church.
Reid Charles, comm'n merchant, office Soutter's whf. r. 133 E. Main.
Reid George, wholesale grocer and comm'n merchant, 1 Newton's wharf, t. Cedar Grove.
Reid Wm. comm'n merchant, 6 Roanoke Sq., r. in Portsmouth.
Reilly T. J. D. tobacconist, 2 Newton's whf., r. 44 S. Fenchurch.
Revell Miss H. 45 W. Main.
Reynolds Mrs. Maria, w. 24 W. Main.
Reynolds S. mariner, 74 N. Ch.
Rhea Robert, grocery and refectory, 10 and 12, r. 14 Loyall's l.
Rice J. seaman, 11 Hawk.
Riddick R. R. dry goods store, 68 S. Ch.
Ridley John, brick mason, r. 45 N. Cumb.
Rippen Mrs. E. w. 66 W. Bute.
Riston James, segar maker, 100 S. Church.
Roberts Wm. D. jr., stove depot and tin plate manufactory, 1 W. Wide-water, corner      Roanoke Square, boards at City Hotel.
Roberts Wm. D. sr. harbor master, Campbell's whf., r. 81 York.
Roberts Mrs. Martha, w. 99 S. Church.
Roberts J. H. 10 N. Brewer.
Roberts Lemuel, measurer of corn, &c, r. 21 S. Cath.
Roberts N. G. measurer of grain, &c, boards at 21 S. Cath.
Roberts Thomas, public house and bowling alley, 27 Little water.
Roberts ___ 66 E. Bute.
Robertson & Branda, com. merchants, 1 McPhail's whf.
Robertson Mrs. F. w. 99 E. Main.
Robertson Harrison, attorney at law and comm'r of deeds, office in Norfolk Savings Bank      building, r. 99 E. Main.
Robertson Wm. clerk at Gordan's banking house, r. 99 E. Main.
Robertson Gilbert, druggist, 5 Market Sq., r. 99 E. Main.
Robertson Jos. H. attorney at law, register Norfolk city, off. in City Hall Sq., r. 36 S. Boush. Robertson Francis O. r. 8 S. Boush.
Robertson Moses P. merch't, (firm of E. P. Tabb & Co.) r. 40 S. Boush.
Robertson Duncan, merchant, Consul for Sweden and Norway r 68 W Bute.


Robertson James, (col.) barber and hair dresser, 35 W. Main, corner Commerce, r. 10      Reardon Court.
Robins J. farmer, Lambert's Point road, near the city.
Robinson Miss Ruth, teacher, 18 E. Freemason, cor. Cumberland.
Robinson Dr. Edmond C. dentist, bldg. 25 E. Main, r. 24 S. Catharine.
Robinson Henry, teacher, school-room 22, r. 24 N. Cumb.
Robinson Wm. V. at R. Rhea's, 10 Loyall's l.
Rogers Wm. measurer, r. 53 S. Ch. (Masonic Lodge.)
Rogers John, shipwright, r. 24 S. Chapel.
Rogers Wm. B. accountant for A. Briggs, r. 38 N. Cumberland.
Rogers Wm. lumber inspector, r. 12 S. Boush.
Rogers Mrs. Mary, w. 1 Virginia.
Rogers R. J. carpenter, 48 N. Church.
Rolland H. runner Virginia Bank, r. 7 Cove, lot in front.
Rose, Dr. R. W. off. bldg. 31 E. Main, boards at N. W. Parker's.
Rosson Wm. brick mason, 32 N. Ch.
Rosson Jos. carpenter, S. Chapel, r. 10 Virginia.
Row Wm. B. mariner, 8 Barraud Court.
Rowan Mrs. E. w. 34 W. Main.
Rowland & Bro. com. merchants, 24 Rowland's whf.
Rowland Jno. H. merchant, r. 32 S. Cath.
Rowland Wm. com. merchant, 22 Rowland's whf., r. 64 W. Main,
Rowland Chas. merchant, r. 10 S. Cumb.
Rudder J. K. sail-maker, r. 32 S. Ch.
Rudder C. cabinet maker, r. 27 S. Ch.
Rulon Job, cordwainer, 5 Boush's l.
Rulon Saml. coach smith, at Mayer's, r. 7 Boush's l.
Runaldue J. A. tobacconist, r. 15 Concord.
Russell Mrs. D. w. 74 W. Queen.
Ryan Mrs. Cath. w. 21 Bermuda.


Sale E. merchant, r. 23 E. Charlotte.
Sale Jno. H. architect and h. carpenter, off. over Bruff's dry goods store, r. 3 S. Church.
Salusbury & Bro. manufacturers of cabinet furniture and piano dealers, 58 and 60 E.      Main.
Salusbury L. r. 63 S. Fench.
Salusbury Jno. r. 10 N. Fench.
Santos M. A. & Son, druggists 3 & 5 E. Main, head of Market Sq. near Bank st.
Santos M. A. druggist, Portuguese Consul, r. 10 W. Freemason, c. Brewer.
Santos Chas. druggist, bds. at Mrs. Emerson's, 53 W. Main.
Sanford D. 9 Fox.
Sarlouis M. dry goods store, 46 S. Ch.
Sarlouis Bazaleel, clerk, 46 S. Ch.
Saun H. refectory 40 Metcalf's l.
Saunders Mrs. Harriet, w. 23 Bermuda.
Saunders Jas. A. mercht. r. 53 W. Freemason.


Saunders Captain John L, commr. U. S. S. Pennsylvania, r. 98 north side W. Freemason,      cor. Dunmore.
Saunders John C. discount clerk Farmers' Bank, r. 20 S. Catharine, near Wolfe.
Saunders Alexr. confectioner, 93 N. Church.
Savage C. R. grocer, 48 r. 60 Bermuda.
Savage P. B. clerk, 12 N. Fenchurch.
Sawyer S. T. editor Southern Argus, Commr. of Deeds, office 4 Roanoke Sq. r. 68 W.      Main.
Sayer Miss E. 10 S. Granby.
Scantling Miss M. 32 Bermuda.
Scribner J. E. plasterer, 18 N. Boush, cor. Charlotte.
Scott Lieut. G. H., U. S. N. bds. at National Hotel.
Scott Wm. tailor, r. 7 S. Brewer.
Schleigh Mrs. Elizabeth, w. rear 31 S. Cath.
Schwarzkopf W. clerk, 47, bds. 102 E. Main.
Schwarzkopf C. variety fancy store, 47, r. 102 E. Main.
Schliecker P. F. grocer, 25 Maxwell's wharf, r. 31 Mariner.
Schisano Pascal, crockery and glassware dealer, Vice Consul for France, 71 East Main. Seaburry F. W. shoe dealer and manufacturer, 13 Market Sq. r. 74 East Main.
Seal W. D. grocer, 37 Market Sq. r. 43 N. Cumberland.
Searls Wm. butcher, r. 73 York.
Searls Robert, butcher, r. 44 James. ,
Segar Mrs. Charlotte, boarding house, 50 and 52 E. Main, near Ch.
Selden Drs. Wm. & Henry, office 23 E. Main.
Selden Dr. H. bds. at Mrs. Emerson's, 53 E. Main.
Selden Dr. Wm. r. 3 N. Cath. near Freemanson.
Selden John, carpenter, r. 79 York.
Selden Mrs. Catharine, 11 Botetourt, corner Freemason.
Sexton Wm. carpenter, 7 Yaxley's l.
Seymour Mrs. Jane, w. 94 W. Bute.
Shanahan Mrs. E. w. 51 W. Main.
Sharp Wm. W. attorney-at-law, President Exchange Bank, r. 78 E. Main.
Sharp Chas. attorney-at-law, office 24 W. Main.
Sharp Louis, clerk at 23 Maxwell's wharf.
Shaw E. farmer, Lambert's Point road, near the city.
Sheffield Geo. W. prof. Norfolk Academy.
Sheild Chas. H. wholesale grocer and com. mercht. 5 Newton's wharf, r. 16 S. Granby.
Sheild Mrs. w. 102 W. Bute, corner Princess.
Shepherd Mrs. Sarah, w. 3 N. Cumb.
Shepherd Mrs. ___ 7 Hartshorn's Court.
Sherwood Wm. grocer, 8 Campbell's wharf.
Shettle Henry, butcher, r. near the city, west of Armistead's bridge.
Shettle Daniel, r. near Armistead's bridge.
Shields Wm. C. (formerly editor Daily Courier), printing office, building 12 W. Widewater,      r. 54 S. Fenchurch,
Shields Capt. Hamilton, r. 15 E. Freemason.


Shields G. W. & J. E. editors and proprietors Daily Courier, office building 12 W.      Widewater, r. 54 S. Fenchurch.
Shildeshim Alexr. dry goods store, 79 E. Main.
Shipp Josiah, cooper, 18 East Widewater, r. 34 Bermuda.
Shipp Wm. coach maker, r. 27 N. Church.
Shipp Moses, dry goods 88, groceries 90, S. Church, near Main.
Shrives Mrs. S. w. 118 w. Freemason.
Shuster John, boarding-house, 26 S. Church.
Shuman Wm. grocer, ___.
Sigourney Andrew, r. 70 West Main.
Sikes Mrs. Elizabeth, w. 14 S. Ch.
Sikes Wm. carpenter, 117 N. Ch.
Sikes Z. carpenter, r. 52 N. Cath.
Sikes Wm. E. machinist, r. 17 W. Bute.
Sikes S. carpenter, 4 Proby's lane.
Sikes Jesse H. sash and blind manufactory, 37 Lower Union, cor. Ch.
Sikes Wm. carpenter, r. 44 James.
Sikes Wm. turner, r. 43 N. Fench.
Silvester Dr. R. W. office 20 W. Main, r. 7 S. Granby.
Silver M. seaman, near east end Lower Union.
Simcoe H. 17 Addington's l.
Simington W. C. teacher, 37 Bermuda.
Simkins Mrs. M. 39 S. Cumberland.
Simmons D. D. Commission merchant, 32 Commerce, r. 12 W. Freemason, cor. Brewer.
Simmons Geo. carpenter, r. 22 Talbot.
Simmons A. grocer, 19 N, Ch.
Simmons M. 49 S. Ch.
Simpson John E. 11 S. Granby.
Simpson Geo. shipwright, r. 62 W. Queen.
Simpson Joseph, coach painter, at Pullen's.
Sinclair, Lieut. Arthur, U. S. N. r. 6 Upper Washington.
Sirach J. H. 31 E. Main, bds. at City Hotel.
Sisters of Charity, 1 S. Fench. corner mariner.
Skidmore Solomon, caulker, r. 16 Avon.
Skinner J. B. Beacon News Room, r. 29 Talbot.
Skinner Capt. Jas. pilot, r. 21 S. Duke.
Skinner Henry, grain measurer, 26 James.
Smelly Mrs. E., 65 W. Queen.
Smiley James, grocer and tallow chandler, 21 N. Church.
Smith J. M. & bro., commission merchants, off. in Tobacco Warehouse, Town Point,      entrance on south side.
Smith J. Marsden, merchant, r. 2 S. Chapel cor. Mariner.
Smith Wm. H. mercht., r. 17 north end Princess.
Smith John, public house, 31 Littlewater.
Smith James, dry goods store, 45 E. Main, bds. at City Hotel.
Smith A. 5 Addington's l.
Smith Chas. A. dry goods store, 78 S. Ch.
Smith Thos. L. carpenter, 5 Dodd's l.
Smith Mrs. Martha, w. 13 Avon.
Smith Fredk. printer, r. 13 Avon.


Smith Isaac M. architect and carpenter, shop Granby near Stone Bridge, bds. at G.      Groner's W. Charlotte.
Smith Mrs. S. w. 52 S. Church.
Smith Wm. mariner, 30 S. Fench.
Smith Mrs. S. w. 48 N. Church.
Smith Rev. Leonidas L. principal Female Institute, r. 90 E. Main.
Smith Rev. Aristides S. principal Female Institute, Holt cor. 2d Cross.
Smith L. pavier, 23 N. Brewer.
Smith Wm. boatswain, U. S. N., r. 49 N. Brewer.
Smith Mrs. Evelina, w. 3 S. Cath. near Freemason.
Smith Mrs. S. W. w. 152 N. Church.
Smith Mrs. Mary A. tailoress, bldg. 22 Bank.
Smith Mrs. M. A. seamstress, Proby's l.
Smith G. J. baker, 27 Bank.
Smith Jno. W. 18 James.
Smith Mrs. Sarah, w. 54 S. Ch.
Sneed Sarah, w. 88 E. Main.
Snider Wm. sailmaker, r. 34 W. Water, cor. Commerce.
Sorey Wilson B. auctioneer and commission merchant, 3 Roanoke Sq., r. 85 E. Main.
Sorey Nathaniel, clerk, r. 17 rear 85 E. Main.
South Wm. mariner, 33 W. Main.
Southall Turner, bds. at Mrs. Emerson's.
Southall Mrs. w. 13 S. Cath. cor. of Wolfe.
Southgate John, off. Southgate & Dickson's wharf, cor. of Church, r. 34 S. Catharine.
Southgate Wright, cashier Exchange Bank, r. in bank bldg.
Southgate Fred'k. W. r. 31 S. Granby.
Southgate Wm. C. discount clerk Exchange Bank, r. in Bank bldg.
Soutter R. & Co. commission merchants, Soutter's whf.
Soutter Mrs. R. 86 E. Main.
Spangler F. painter, r. 100 N. Church.
Spangler Wm. painter, 38 E. Widewater, r. 12 N. Ch.
Spann Mrs. Julia, w. 72 Upper Union.
Sparrow Capt. W. mariner, 59 W. Widewater.
Spady Capt. Wm. mariner, 5 Voss.
Speed Jesse, pilot, 4 Lower Washington.
Spence Alex, cooper, r. 9 Barraud Court.
Spence Geo. cordwainer, 25 N. Brewer.
Spence Mrs. ___ gentlemen's furnishing store, 22 E. Main.
Spence Fred'k. bowling saloon, 17 Calvert's lane.
Spratley Capt. Jos. bds. at Alex. Cunningham's 40 S. Fenchurch.
Spratley Wm. S. gun store, 14 lower Union, r. 9 E. Wolfe.
Spratt Thos. tin plate worker, r. 8 Newcastle.
Spratt Thos. 88 E. Main.
Spratt S. W. huckster, r. 11 K Cath.
Spratt Thos. huckster, confectionary and fruit store, 2 Bank.
Stahl N. dry goods, 13 W. Main.
Stand A. coach maker at Pullen's.
Stanford J. J. sail maker, r. 18 Upper Union.
Stanwod R. cooper, 139 E. Widewater.


Stark B. house carpenter, 8 Newton.
Stark Capt. Wm. U. S. M. C, Cath. next Exch. Bank, lot in Front.
Starr Rev. Wm. H. colporteur, r. 31 S. Cumb.
Stasser L. confectioner, 67 E. Main.
Stavro J. 40 W. Widewater.
Staylor Geo. W. butcher, 2 st. Calvert.
Steed Mrs. Julianna M. w. bds. at Mrs. Goodridge's.
Steed Jas. M. gauger of liquors, &c, off. E. Widewater, near cor. of Market Sq., r. 34      Bermuda.
Stephens Jas. mariner, 10 Reid's l.
Steunagel Philip, butcher, 24 Lower Union.
Stevens & Butt, wholesale and retail hat and cap store, 7 Market Sq.
Stevens Rich. H. hat dealer, bds. at City Hotel.
Stevens Wm. accountant at Stevens & Butt's, r. 232 N. Church.
Stevens A. rigger, r. 8 East.
Stevenson Coalman, mariner, rear 30 Metcalf s.
Stevenson C. tailor, 63 E. Main.
Stewart & Jones, importers and dry goods dealers, 25 E. Main, head of Market Sq.
Stewart Wm. P. dry goods dealer, r. 123 E. Main.
Stewart Wm. B. grocer, 11 W. Main.
Stewart John, mariner, 11 Dodd's l.
Stokes Mrs. F. w. 34 N. Church.
Stokes Mrs. M. w. 82 Cross.
Stokes T. blacksmith, r. 25 S. Cath.
Stone Chas. F. r. 167 E. Main.
Stone Col. Simon, grocer, 31 Market Sq., r. 57 W. Charlotte.
Stores Wm. K. shoe manufacturer, at S. O. Merwin's, r. 209 N. Ch.
Storey Mrs. Susan, w. 1 Rothery's l.
Strange Prof. J. B. Norfolk Military Academy, r. 6 N. Cath., near Freemason.
Strawhand Jas. 99 N. Cumberland.
Streeter J. J. gardener, 11 N. Duke.
Strepple J. P. machinist, 131 E. Widewater.
Stribling Capt. C. K., U. S. N., r. 82 E. Main.
Stringer B. T. la. 172 N. Ch.
Stubbs Simon S., Mayor Norfolk city, law off. in (Mechanics Hall) r. W. Main, near Granby,      lot in front.
Stumph T. B. lively stables, 126 and 128 S. Church, r. 127 E. Main.
Sturgis Mrs. M. w. 61 E. Widewater.
Summers E. cooper and lumber inspector, 9 Lower Washington, r. 19 S. Char., near Cumb.
Swain Levi, carpenter, 84 W. Bute.
Sweeney Miss E. 25 N. Catharine.
Switser R. J. dry goods store, 8 Lower Union.
Switser L. clothing store, 3 W. Widewater.


Tabb E. P. & Co. hardware dealers, 17 E. Main, fronting Market Sq.
Tabb E. P. r. 104 E. Main.
Tabb Thos. C. attorney at law, off. and r. 76 E. Main.


Tally Geo. carpenter, Barraud Court.
Talbot Mrs. ___, w. 63 W. Main.
Talbot Wm. H. 63 W. Main.
Tarton S. r. 8 Barraud Court.
Tatem W. T. grocer, 77 S. Church.
Tarrant C. carpenter, 14 W. Bute.
Tarrant Francis, butcher, r. Lambert's Point Road.
Taylor Walter H. & Co. importers of brandies and wines, wholesale and retail grocers, 12      Roanoke Sq.
Taylor Robert E. attorney at law, off. 46 W. Main, r. 26 S. Catharine.
Taylor Walter H. merchant, r. 69 W. Freemason.
Taylor Wm. grocer, 25 Metcalf l.
Taylor Wm. blacksmith, 33 Lower Union, r. 5 N. Ch.
Taylor Mrs. Susan, w. mantua maker, 30 W. Main.
Taylor Wm. A. brickmason, 16 N. Church.
Taylor Tazewell, attorney at law, President Norfolk Savings Bank, office above, r. 105 E.      Main.
Taylor Capt. B. mariner, 4, 2d Cross.
Taylor James, mariner, 30 N. Fenchurch.
Taylor Mrs. S. w. 31 W. Queen.
Taylor Capt. R. pilot, 34 W. Queen
Taylor Wm. E. r. 88 W. Bute.
Taylor I. C. C. merchant, r. 10 N. Granby.
Taylor Mrs. Sarah, 27 S. Granby, cor. Wolfe.
Taylor Mrs. Richard, w. 69 W. Freemason.
Taylor Mrs. John, w. 5 S. Cath.
Taylor Mrs. A. B. w. 9 Dartmouth.
Tazewell, Ex-Governor Littleton W. west side S. Granby, court in front.
Tazewell Mrs. ___, w. bds. at City Hotel.
Tebault Mrs. ___, r. 8 N. Brewer.
Tebo Wm. collector, 82 W. Queen.
Terrall N. M. plasterer, 32 W. Charlotte.
Thayer C. dealer in fruit, &c, 6 Newton's Wharf, r. 16 S. Duke.
Thomas B. overseer, 59 S. Church.
Thomas Wm. B. clerk, bds. at Mrs. Emerson's.
Thomas Wm. mariner, 115 S. Church.
Thomas E. C. merchant, r. 44 Bank.
Thomas Henry, la. 131 S. Church.
Thomas D. C. clerk, 14 Hartshorn's Court.
Thomas John, carpenter, r. 54 Holt.
Thomas Susan, w. 55 P. A. Road.
Thomson Wm. H. steamboat proprietor, r. west from Granby, near Stone Bridge.
Thorogood James, boat builder, r. 28 N. Brewer.
Thorp Mrs. E. w. 67 N. Church.
Thrift Absalom, carpenter, r. 2 Marsh.
Thrift Stephen W. carpenter, r. 45 S. Fenchurch.
Thurston J. D. merchant, 21 Maxwell's Wharf, bds. at City Hotel.
Timberlake Francis, tin plate worker, 30 W. Widewater.
Timberlake Mrs. F. C. w. 35 Bermuda.


Tines Susan, seamstress, 20 Marsh.
Todd Merrit, merchant, r. 161 W. Bute.
Todd Mallory M. 11 W. Freemason, cor. Brewer.
Todd Dr. D. W. 4 Bank.
Tompkins J. J. cabinet maker, at J. C. Whitehurst's.
Tompkins Mrs. Maria B. w. 52 W. Freemason.
Toms A. C. merchant, r. 9 Bermuda.
Toy Thos. D. druggist, r. 41 N. Cumb.
Trail Mrs. J. w. 9 N. Church.
Trowbridge Mrs. ___, w. 32 W. Main.
Trudewind F. cabinet maker, 37 W. Main.
Truman J. laborer, 131 S. Church.
Tshudi Prof. R. B. Norfolk Military Academy, r. 23 S. Catharine.
Tucker Lieut. J. R., U. S. N., 42 S. Fench.
Tulane Jas. tailor, r. bldg. 3 Market Sq.
Tullock H. shipping master, r. 37 Nicholson.
Tumbleson Mrs. J. w. 71 N. Church.
Tunis John, r. 1 S. Granby, cor. Freemason.
Tunstall A. book-keeper Farmers' Bank, r. P. A. Road, near the city.
Tunstall Dr. R. B. 50 S. Fench.
Turner Samuel, sail-maker, __ Proby's l.
Turner Wm. H. shoe dealer, r. 16 S. Fench.
Turner Thos. brick mason, 16 N. Church.
Turner Thos. M. C. clerk at J. M. Freeman's, 29 Main, cor. Talbot.
Turner Edward, clerk, 89 W. Bute.
Tyler Wm. F. dep. serg't Norfolk city, off. 38 Bank, r. 27 Bermuda.


Umstadter Jacob, dry goods store, 70 S. Church, clothing store, 4. W. Widewater.
Underhill Francis, carpenter, r. 4 Plume.
Underhill ___, carpenter, 61 W. Queen.
Upshur Capt. C. mariner, 39 N. Cumb.
Upshur Dr. Geo. L. off. 57 S. Fench., r. 7 Bermuda, cor. Fenchurch.
Upshur Capt. Geo. P., U. S. N., r. 11 E. Freemason.
Usher J. D. r. 122 E. Main.


Vanderberry J. 35 York.
Vaughan A. M. 1st clk. at P. O., r. 124 W. Bute.
Vaughan Jere'h, grocery, 12 Commerce.
Vaughan Wm. block and pump maker, r. 93 E. Main.
Veale Mrs. G. w. grocery, 14 Bank.
Veale S. R. proprietor Union Hotel, 18 Union, near Market Sq.
Vesey Wm. merchant, boards at Mrs. Segar's.
Vickery Capt. Jacob, gauger of foreign wines, liquors, &c., Custom House, r. 22 S.      Catharine.


Vickery Capt. Jacob Jr. book-seller, boards at City Hotel.
Vickery Mrs. J. w. 16 S. Boush.
Vickery & Griffith, booksellers and piano dealers, 19 E. Main, fronting Market Sq.
Voste Mrs. Harriet, w. 6 Marsh.


Waddy Miss E. teacher, 143 E. Main.
Wales Asaph, lumber inspector, r. 136 E. Main.
Walke David, r. 26 Falkland.
Walke Richard, cashier Norfolk Savings Bank, r. 144 E. Main.
Walke Wm. insurance agent, off. 38 Bank, r. 144 E. Main.
Walker N. & Co. clothing store, 31 E. Main, cor. Talbot.
Walker Thos. F. segar maker, r. 17 Talbot.
Walker John, lumber inspector, office E. Widewater, r. 2 S. Cumb.
Walker Edward, grocery, 69 E. Widewater.
Walker Henry, machinist, 5 E. Charl.
Walker Henry B. C. turner, r. 54 N. Ch.
Wallace E. public house, 35 Widewater, grocery, 14 Commerce.
Walters Bray B. proprietor City Hotel.
Walters Wm. A. upholsterer and paper hanger, 26 E. Main.
Walters George, tailor, 56 S. Church, r. 12 Bermuda.
Ward L. T. 56 N. Church.
Ward Mrs. J. A. boarding house, 3 Hill.
Ward Wm. butcher, brokerage and exchange office, 31 Market Square, r. 52 York.
Ward Wm. 114 W. Freemason.
Warren T. B. 59 S. Church.
Warren J. shipwright, r. 72 N. Ch.
Warren D. carpenter, 31 S. Ch.
Warren Mrs. M. M. w. 18 W. Freemason, near Brewer.
Warren Robert W. 100 E. Main.
Waring Francis, British Consul, r. 38 S. Boush, cor. Tazewell.
Waterfield John W. 3 Holly Place.
Watlington & Bro. grocers and comm'n merchants, 22 W. Widewater.
Watlington J. O. grocer, r. 3 N. Fenchurch.
Watson Edward, cordwainer, 42 E. Main, r. 236 N. Church.
Watson Mrs. Jane. w. boards at Mrs. Emerson's.
Watson Capt. W. L. mariner, 65 S. Church.
Watt Wm. eating-house, 5 Newton's l.
Watt Alexr. tailor, r. 11 Plume.
Webb John M. cabinet maker, 23 Williamson's lane.
Webb L. W. & Co. grain and hay dealers, 7 Roanoke Sq.
Webb Wm. B. accountant, office Loyall's lane, r. 18 S. Chapel.
Webber John, boarding house, 72 W. Widewater.
Webber W. G. grocer, 8 S. Church, opposite Mariner.
Webster Nancy, 113 E. Widewater.
Weil Moses, clothing store, 18 Market Sq.
Welch Sarah, w. 63 S. Church.


Wellons Mrs. H. w. mantua maker, 32 Bank.
Welner Fredk. pavier, r. 52 E. Bute.
Wenning Benjn. carpenter, 104 S. Ch.
Werckmuller Mrs. E. millinery and fancy goods, 33 E. Main, near Market Square.
West Robert, 27 S. Duke.
West Thomas B. clerk at Navy Agent's office, r. 62 W. Bute.
West J. G. wheelright, 62 N. Church.
Weston Mrs. A. mantua maker, 7 S. Ch.
Weston J. Cary, bds. at City Hotel.
Westray Levi, clerk, r. 43 S. Cath.
Wheeler Charles, rigger, 35 Nicholson.
Wheeler D. accountant, at Plume & Co.'s, bds. at National Hotel.
White & Sale, grocers, 4 Campbell's wharf.
White John S. painter, r. 13 Dodd's l.
White Wm. T. coach Smith, 44 Lower Union, r. 38 N. Ch.
White Thos. blacksmith, 14 Avon.
White ___, shipwright, bds. at Mrs. Woodhouse's.
White James G. carpenter, r. 64 N. Ch.
White Elisha, woodman, 73 James.
White J. 37 N. Cumberland.
White Wm. carpenter, 58 N. Ch.
White Jesse, carpenter, sexton 1st M. E. Church, 19 S. Cumb.
White Mrs. Martha, w. teacher, 24 S. Cumb. near Wolfe.
White James F. cabinet maker, at Ghiselin's, bds. at Wm Taylor's.
Whitefield Thos. pilot, 1 Bermuda.
Whitehead Dr. N. C. prest. Farmers' Bank, r. 2 E. Freemason, cor. Cath.
Whitehead Paul, deputy clerk court, bds. at Mrs. Emerson's.
Whitehead Wm. C. note clerk Farmers' Bank, r. 153 E. Main.
Whitehead John B. mercht. r. 30 S. Cath.
Whitehurst Jesse H. Daguerrean gallery, 14 E. Main, near Mar. Sq.
Whitehurst Peter H. 39 N. Fenchurch.
Whitehurst H. carpenter, 61 N. Ch.
Whitehurst J. C. cabinet maker, 75 S. Church.
Whitehurst J. J. grocer, 1 E. Widewater, next to Market Sq.
Whitehurst J. D. grocer, 33 P. A. road.
Whitehurst Wm. carpenter, 11 2d Boush.
Whitekin A. T. butcher, r. Ferry Point.
Whitelock Wm. 6 Commerce.
Whiteman Geo. 125 Ch. cor. Union.
Whitley Jereh. 7 New.
Whitney Hammond, treasurer S. & R. R. Road, office in Portsmo. bds. at National Hotel.
Whiting John, block and pump maker, 13-1/2 E. Widewater.
Whiting Mrs. N. w. N. Fench.
Whiting Thomas, bds. at City Hotel.
Whittle Conway, attorney-at-law, office 74 E. Main, r. 20 S. Boush.
Wyatt Francis C. carpenter, r. 15 E. Bute.
Wyatt John R. wood measurer, 51 Upper Union.
Wyatt Fountain, blacksmith, r. 20 Voss.


Wickam Miss M. 10 S. Fenchurch.
Wicker J. J. grocer, 2 Fenchurch, cor. Mariner.
Wicker Joel, grocer ___.
Wicker Wm. baker, Ch. near Main.
Wickings James, carpenter, r. 20 Cove.
Widgeon A. tailor, 63 Liberty.
Wilburn Capt. C. mariner, 21 E. Queen.
Wilder James, mariner, 44 S. Ch.
Wiles Mrs. E. w. 29 Cove.
Wiles J. Brown, near Princess.
Wilkerson Commo. Jesse, U. S. N. 26 W. Freemason.
Wilkerson S. stone mason, 48 W. Bute.
Wilkerson Joseph, stone mason 62 James.
Wilkinson John G. teller Exch. Bank, r. 155 W. Bute.
Wilkinson John N. accountant, bds. at 34 York.
Williams, Staples & Williams, com. merchts. 12 Fayette, corner McIntosh's wharf.
Williams P. D. boarding house; 76 W. Widewater.
Williams H. N. merchant, r. 67 W. Main.
Williams E. P. coach smith, at Nelson's.
Williams Miss Mary, 32 Bermuda.
Williams H. J. S. 44 Bermuda.
Williams M. carpenter, 78 N. Ch.
Williams ___, wheelwright, 55, r. 82 N. Ch.
Williams R. 212 N. Ch.
Williams Capt. H. pilot, 33 Bank.
Williams N. oysterman, 36 Fox.
Williams Miss Ann, 19 James, corner Queen.
Williams Elizabeth, grocery, 70 James, corner Scott.
Williams Charles G. r. 32 N. Cumberland.
Williams John, C. C, office City Hall Sq. r. 21 N. Cath.
Williams James M. carpenter, bds. at Mrs. S. Land's, 8 S. Brewer.
Williams James, shipwright, r. 26 S. Boush.
Williamson Wilson, carpenter, r. 6 N. Cumberland.
Williamson Miss Mary, 32 Bermuda.
Willis William, carpenter, 32 E. Charlotte.
Wills Josiah, com. mercht. 23, 25 and 27 Commerce, r. 6 S. Granby.
Williston John, steam saw-mill, near Voss, r. 28 Voss.
Wilman ___, stone-mason, 45 W. Main.
Wilroy N. B. grocery, 11 Campbell's wharf, bds. at Mrs. Cosby's.
Wilson Mrs. F., Va. and N. C. Hotel, 5 Com. near Main.
Wilson Josephus, dry goods store, 37 E. Main, bds. at City Hotel.
Wilson Charles, painter, 92 N. Ch.
Wilson George, Sr. farmer, r. Lambert's Point road, near the city.
Wilson Wm. stone-mason, r. 198 N. Ch.
Wilson J. M. coach painter, at Mayer's, r. 35 Bank.
Wilson J. shipwright, 23 West Widewater.
Wilson Nathaniel, farmer, r. 59 Holt.
Wilson Mrs. E. w. 17 S. Fench. cor. Holt.
Windsor O. (C. Hall & Co.) 1 E. Main, cor. Bank, r. above.


Wing Warren W., U. S. Deputy Marshall, Eastern Dist. Va. off. 19 West Main, r. 21 Brewer,      near Wolfe.
Wing Mrs. Margt. w. 11 Talbot.
Wingfield S. W. accountant, bds. at Mrs. Shuster's.
Wise Mrs. A. M. w. 28 Avon.
Wisher Miss Elizabeth, 14 S. Ch.
Winslow Wm. T. grain measurer, r. 30 N. Ch.
Winslow Augustus, blacksmith, 35 E. Widewater, r. 12 S. Cumb.
Wolfe John M. baker, Roanoke Sq.
Womble Mrs. Margaret, w. r. 4 N. Cumb. near Freemason.
Wood Jas. carpenter, r. 9 Concord.
Wood Wm. ship-carpenter, r. 65 York.
Wood John, pilot, 17 Botetourt.
Wood Mrs. M. A. w. 19 Bermuda.
Woodhouse Wm. brick-mason, 2 Ch. cor. Freemason.
Woodhouse James, city watchman, 8 N. Ch.
Woodhouse Mrs. W. boarding-house, 2 Ch. cor. Freemason.
Woodhouse Jona. rear 10 S. Brewer.
Woodis Capt. Hunter, lawyer, attorney for city, office 44 Bank, r. 19 North Cath.
Woods L. grocer, 53 E. Widewater.
Woods H. P. bldg. 17 Widewater, cor. Commerce .
Woodward Mrs. Sarah, w. r. 42 Bermuda.
Woodward John, cabinet maker, 4 Stone's lane.
Woodward Richard, cabinet maker, r. 42 Bermuda.
Woodward James, r. 42 Bermuda.
Woodward Mrs. S. A. boarding-house, 69 Main, near Ch.
Worrell R. A. clerk in Navy Agent's office, r. 58 W. Freemason.
Wrenn A. blacksmith, r. 38 Bank.,
Wrenn ___, coachsmith at Pullen's.
Wright Dr. J. P. off. 32 W. Main, bds. at Mrs. Emerson's.
Wright Thos. L. locksmith and cutler, 3 Concord.
Wright Richard B. steamboat proprietor, 118 E. Main.
Wright Jos. 70 W. Bute.
Wright Capt. David, pilot, 26 Bank.
Wright Col. Stephen, r. 13 Catharine cor. Wolfe.
Wright John L. carpenter, r. 8 New.
Wynne Edw. boarding house, 57 W. Widewater.


Young Capt. Edw. L. teacher, school room in Odd Fellow's Hall, Wolfe, r. 8 N. Duke.
Young Mrs. Martha, w. rear lot 44 W. Main.
Young Capt. T. O. mercht., commr. Norfolk Jr. Volunteers, r. 42 Bank.


Zantzinger Frank, com. mercht. 14 Roanoke Sq., bds. at National Hotel.
Zantzinger Capt. J. P., U. S. N. bds. at National Hotel.
Zelin Major Jacob, U. S. Marine Corps, r. 51 S. Fenchurch.
Zwissler O. watchmaker and jeweler, 78-1/2 S. Church.


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