USGenWeb Archives Virginia


For the Year 1806.

Transcribed by Donna Bluemink
[Note: Slight editing has taken place for the sake of consistency.]


Allmand, Mrs., widow, 176 Main street
Archer, Edward, mem. C. Council, 178 do.
Ashley, Warren, merchant, 17 Commerce street wharf
Allan, Thomas, merchant-taylor, 15 Water street; bakehouse, 3 Rothery's lane
Armistead, T. & W. A., merchants and ship chandlers, 12 Marsden's wharf
         dwelling, 18 Free Mason street.


Armistead, Theodoric, merchant, Newton's Point
Armistead, M. Francis, grocer, 4 Campbell's wharf
Armistead, Moss. H., carpenter, 14 Duke street
Amstead, Lewis, (free colored), 5 Brewer street
         livery stables, __ Wolf street
Andrè, Francis, com. merchant, 2 Maxwell's wharf
Augier, Lewis, dry good store, 2 corner of Market Sq. and Main street
Andrews, Jeremiah, dry goods merchant, 20 Market Sqare
Addison, Levi, shop keeper, under Blanchard's V. Store,
         dwelling, 9 Union street
Allmond, Harrison, merchant, 3 Southgate and Dickson's wharf
         dwelling, Bute street (fields)
Archer, B. Sam., attorney at law and N. P., 23 Water street
         dwelling, 178 Main street
Allan, Sam., sailors' boarding house, 58 Water street
Adde, Peter, dry goods store, 10 Church street
Adam, James, & co., dry goods store, 34 Church street
          dwelling, 82 ditto.
Allan, Edward, bricklayer, 122 do.
Anderson, Isaac, (free black), carpenter, 163 do.
Aucubo, John, plaisterer, 1 J. Calvert's lane
Ashbridge, John, baker, 19 ditto.
Arlington, James, grocer, 69 & 71 Main street
         dwelling 6 Brewer street
Ashley, Benj., bricklayer, 9 Metcalf's lane
Arcel, John, grocer, 2 Cumberland street
Allmand, Mrs., widow, 25 do.
Abbot, John, sea captain, Botytourt street (fields)
Abbot, James, shoe maker, ditto.
Andrews, Robert, assistant teller, U. S. Banks, Wolf street
Atkinson, William, & co., brewers, 5 Market Square
         dwelling and brew house, Capt. King's wharf lot
Argote, Don Antonio, Spanish Vice-Consul, 11 Catharine street
Academy Norfolk, 55 Church street.


Bedinger, Sol., ship chandler and grocer, 4 Campbell's wharf
         dwelling, 40 Main street
Bonsal, Conrad, & co., booksellers and stationers, 72 do.


Boucher, Henry, hardware & jewellery store, 94 do.
Bourk, Redmond, dry goods store, 111 do.
Byers, Leonora, (free black), shop keeper, 132 do.
Butler, H. William, sea captain, 169 do.
Balfour, George, physician, 30 Market square
          dwelling, 172 Main street
Bell, John, cooper, 11 Fayette
          dwelling, 21 Free mason street
Barry, James, taylor, 7 Commerce street
Brown, John, merchant and ship chandler, 10 Marsden's wharf
          dwelling, 5 Boush street
Bonnaud, John, dry good store, 4 Market square
Burke, F. Richard, auctioneer, 9 ditto.
Battell, B. John, dry goods merchant, 16 do.
Blanchard, Thomas, com. merchant and auctioneer, 19 do.
         dwelling, 86 Main street
Bowman & Walker, shoe store, 22 do.
Bowden, Richard & co., merchants and ship chandlers, 5 Newton's wharf
Balls & Danjou, grocers, 6 Water street
Boudin, Bernard, merchant taylor, 34 ditto.
Bray, Joseph, merchant taylor and slop store, 17 do.
Bryan, Sarah, boarding house, 29 do.
Brough, Robert, notary public, 36 do.
         dwelling, 15 Granby street
Bammost ___, sailors' boarding house, 50 Water street
Brown, Jeremiah, do., 49 do.
Bracket, Lydia, segar maker, 77 do.
Beagles, Harman, tobacconist, 80 do.
Berry, Rachel, seamstress, 2 Boush's lane
Baker, Hance, Borough Chamberlain, 1 Marsden's lane
Bains, Henry, ____ ____, 4 do.
Baker, John, shoe maker, 6 Loyall's lane
Boush, Wilson, sea captain, 9 do.
Bazin, Dominique, apothecary and chemist, 1 Church street
Brooks, Mrs., shop keeper, 3 do.
Bousamot, Madam, dry goods store, 6 do.
Block, Henry, dry goods store, 12 do.
Bremar, Dennis, baker, 23 do.


Bernard, Gabriel, dry goods store, 36 & 38 do.
Beale, George, auctioneer, 39 ditto.
Bailey, Francis, dry goods and grocery store, 43 do.
Bingham, Eliza, mantua maker, 45 do.
Bramble, John, member of common council, 59 do.
Boyette, Mrs. Frances, shop keeper, 61 do.
Bailey, Richard, cabinet, chair maker, and undertaker, 69 ditto.
Blair, Hugh, sea captain, 71 ditto.
Brown, N. Philip, sea captain, 75 ditto.
Blanchard, M., dry goods &c. store, 85 do.
Bland, Theodoric, cabinet maker, 86 do.
         work shop 95 ditto.
Bell, James, bricklayer, 86 do.
Boggess, Mrs., widow, 107 ditto.
Bingley, Edward, shop keeper, 115 ditto.
Butt, Henning, black smith, 116 do.
         shop, C. Calvert's wharf
Briquet, Claudius, shoe and candle maker, 140 do.
Burgis, Nathan, house carpenter, 156 do.
Beale, E. John, teller of the Virginia bank, 161 do.
Buntin, Mrs. Esther, widow, 158 do.
Benians, Francis, dyer and scowerer, 3 Concord street
Billips, Joseph, constable 14 Bank street
Brown, John, turner and grocer, 38 do.
Brown, Archibald, chief clerk at the Custom house, 27 Catharine street
Barron, Captain Robert, measurer of customs, 29 do.
Bagnall, Richard, book keeper of the Virginia bank, 38 ditto.
Bowden, Richard, dwelling, 39 Catharine street
Brushwood, Thomas, house carpenter, 2 Boush street
Boush, Robt., president of com. council, 7 do.
Blow, Thomas, inspector of customs, 10 do.
Brette, Jules, shop keeper, 1 Talbot street
Boush, Nathan, sea captain, 9 do.
Brumfield, George, 5 Yaxley's lane
Boreau, Madam, widow, ditto.
Butler, O. John, sea captain, 15 Fen church street
Boush, Bennet, house joiner, 16 do.
Billups, Mrs. Ann, mantua maker, 5 Bermuda street
Billips, Miss Betsy, school mistress, 5 ditto.


Boyce, Mrs. Sarah, widow, 11 ditto.
Billips, Robert, house carpenter, 21 ditto.
Bains, George, sea captain, 23 ditto.
Barrett, Daniel, ship carpenter, Singleton's lane
Boush, S. Charles, captain, Briggs point
Bagnall, Joseph, lumber inspector, &c., do.
Buskey, Joshua, house carpenter, Chappel street, do.
Briggs, James, house carpenter, do.
Barton, Jeremiah, sea captain, 1 Proby's lane
Bragg, Mrs., widow, 7 Free mason street
Butt, Francis, house carpenter 23 do.
Bryant, William, sea captain, Granby street (fields)
Butler, Tristram, sea captain, 2 Cove street
Barraud, Philip, physician, 1 Cumberland street
Bruce, Henry, sea captain, 29 do.
Brunet, Henry, merchant, York street (fields)
Bacon, Peter, Queen street (fields)
Besom, John, sea captain, James' street (fields)
Bishop, James, house carpenter, 3 Mariner street
Baker, Mrs. Ruth, school mistress, Catharine street (fields)
Branda, Madam, shop keeper, Wolf street
Bennett, William, 40 Main street
Burt, M. John, Wig-wam Gardens, Briggs Point
Barret, John, draw bridge keeper, draw bridge
Blow, Richard, merchant
Biddle, William, taylor, 69 Main street
Bark, Thomas, sailors' boarding house, 48 Water street
Bank of the United States, 2 Granby street
Bank of Virginia, 9 Catharine street.


Cowper, John, editor of Public Ledger, 4 Main street
         Printing Office, 26 ditto.
Campbell, Mrs., boarding house, 36 do.
Calvert, Mrs. Ann, boarding house, 38 do.
Campbell, John, windsor chair maker, 56 do.
         dwelling, 44 Fen church street
Chapman, Robert, saddler, do. corner Bank & Main streets
Coxell, Robert, hatter, 70 Main street
         dwelling, 30 Fen church street.


Caton and Veale, dry good and hardware merchants, 76 Main street
Calvert, John, wharf owner, 78 Main street
Caskaden, George, boarding house, 80 do.
Cocke & Sandford, dry goods merchants, 88 do.
Capamagè, John, dry goods store, 95 do.
Coffin, Reuben, shoe store, 101 do.
Clark, Alex., shoe and boot maker, 110 do.
         work shop, 7 Water street
Corran, William, sea captain, 148 ditto.
Commeline, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 156 do.
Cammack, William, collector of the corporation tax, 173 ditto.
Cockburn, Charles, rigger, 5 Washington street
Clarke, Frances, 4 Warren's row
Cook, Frederick, sailors' boarding house, 15 Woodsides' lane
Conyard, Samuel, do. 2 ditto.
Coody, Hannah, do. 10 do.
Collett, Catharine, dry goods store, 8 Commerce street
Camp, John, grocer, 5 Marsden's wharf
         dwelling, 26 Catherine street
Chalmers, James, grocer, 5 Campbell's wharf
Carter & Roan, commission merchants, 7 Market square
Campare & Deon, dry goods store, 10 do.
Casaumajour, Mrs. Margaret, do. 24 do.
Clingman, George, leather cap maker, 7 Union street
Cremer, Edward, white smith and cutler, 8 do.
Cunningham, Walter, meal seller, 20 do.
Crosbie, B. James, grocer and commission merchant, 13 Water street
         dwelling, 90 Church street
Clarke, E. Edward, grocer, 36 and 38 do.
Cocke, H. Riehard, black smith, 65 do.
         dwelling, 17 Bermuda street
Cox, H. John, ship carpenter, 75 do.
Courtois, Anthony, grocer, 5 Little Water street
Cook, Isaiah, painter and glazier, 38 do.
Creagh, Mrs. Mary, school mistress, 1 Boush's lane
Crawford, Peter, tin worker, 7 do.
Camp, William, black smith, Loyall's wharf
         dwelling, 12 Bermuda street.


Chever, John, leather dealer &c., 9 Church street
Cluff, Matthew, gold smith and jeweler, 19 do.
Colls, William, grocer, 40 do.
Cunningham, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 41 do.
Cooper, Mrs. Mary, widow, 112 do.
Cooper, David, grocer, 120 do.
Consolvo, William, taylor, 149 do., shop, 59 Main street
Chandler, Mrs. Mary, widow, 153 do.
Coleman, Margaret, sailors' boarding house, 13 J. Calvert's lane
Cox, Rosanna, dry good merchantess, 10 Granby street
         store, 77 Main street
Cuthbert, James, merchant, 11 Granby street
Carier, Solomon, shop keeper, 12 Bank street
Coody, Redmond, butcher, 24 do.
Cooper, John, sea captain, 10 Catharine street
Card, James, sea captain, 3 Brewer street
Colley, William, sea captain, 13 do.
Cowdrey, Mrs., widow, 6 Duke street
Coleman, Samuel, member Common Council, 11 Talbot street
Callam, William, jeweler, 7 Borough Tavern alley
Costel, John, grocer, 29 Fen church street
Cooper, John, house carpenter, 33 do.
Catlett, J. Charles, dwelling, 32 Free mason street
Corson William, measurer of grain, 10 Cumberland street
Campbell, Mrs. Rebecca, widow, 16 do.
Chabanet, Peter, grocer, 26 do.
Coleman, Mrs. Frances, seamstress, Charlotte street (fields)
Chamberlain, Edward, sea captain, Bute street (fields)
Christie, James, do., do.
Collins, Philip, butcher, York street (fields)
Cunningham, Mrs. Eliza, widow, Queen street do.
Corran, Michael, sea captain, James' street, ditto.
Cooper, Abraham, house carpenter, Bute street, do.
Callinger, William, house carpenter, 3 Williamson's lane
Crandall, Dudley, house carpenter, 9 ditto.
Crossmuck, Michael, grocer, Maxwell's lane
Cross, Betty, (alias Ann Tyler), free colored midwife, 2 Fen Church street
Culpepper, Daniel, black smith, Hutching's wharf
Christie, Capt. W. James, inspector of lumber, C. Calvert's wharf.

[13] D.

Dana, Phinehas & co merchants, 9 Commerce-wharf
         dwelling, 3 Main street
Deacon, William, black smith, 55 Water street
         dwelling 18 Main street
Dickson, Robert, merchant, 20 do.
Daley, Peter, merchant taylor and men's mercer, 41 do.
Donaghey & Higgins, dry goods store, 102 do.
Dionis, John, do., 103 do.
Dumas, Raimond, do., 105 do.
Durant, E. Lewis, broker and scrivener, 108 do.
Dameron, James, boot and shoe maker, 125 do.
         dwelling, 12 Fen church street
Davis, Wm., printer of the Norfolk Ledger, 141 Main street
Dashiel, George, ship joiner, 179 do.
Dorsey, Leven, cut nail manufacturer, brass founder, &c., 3 & 4 Fayette street
         dwelling, 7 Duke street
Dickinson, James, grocer, 4 Washington street
Davidson, Charles, clock and watch maker, 9 Water street
         dwelling, 2 Warren's row
Davis, John, sailors' boarding house, 18 Woodside's lane
Donaldson, Thorburn & co., merchants, 5 Commerce wharf
         dwelling, 10 Main street
Dykes, James & co., merchants, 8 Commerce wharf
         dwelling, 42 Catharine street
Decormi, Lewis, grocer, 1 Campbells' wharf
Dick, William, tin worker, copper smith and plumber, 21 Market square
         dwelling, 14 Brewer street
Dowdall, James, iron mongery, store, 27 Market square
Disher, John, grocer, 7 Newton's lane
Dunn, John, block and pump maker, Newton's wharf
         dwelling, 5 Mariner street
Downs, James, rigger, 13 Union street
Davis, Charles, gun smith, 16 do
         dwelling, 11 Fen church street
Davis and Dickson, commission-merchants and ship chandlers,
         1 Southgate & Dickson's wharf
Deacon, Abraham, grocer, 14 Water street
Drake, Francis, (free colored), barber, 22 do.
         dwelling, Free mason street.


Davis, ___, brass founder and plumber, 24 Water street
Davis, Thomas, sailor's boarding house, 50 do.
Davie, John, do., 66 do.
Dayton, Elisha, taylor & slop shop, 20 corner of Little Water & Commerce
Dare, Gilman, coach maker, 20 Loyall's lane
Dennis, ___, shop keeper, 30 Church street
Dugall, Mary, huckster, 58 do.
Dwyer, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 117 do.
Desmortears, Mrs. Rene, 136 do.
Deal, Christian, butcher, 31 Bank street
Dyson, Mrs. Ann, widow, 1 Boush street
Dempster, Robert, wood measurer, 6 Duke street
Davis, John, sea captain, 19 Fen church street
Didrelle, Evere, grocery shop, 20 do.
Davidson, Bazilla, brass founder & plumber, 2 Tucker's point
Drummond, Richard, dwelling, 9 Bermuda street
Dufor, M., physician, 30 ditto.
Dameron, Mrs. Martha, widow, 6 Holt street
Dorsey, James, house carpenter, Brigg's point
Develen, Charles, meal seller, Mariner street
Dodsworth, Edward, sea captain, 27 Free-mason street
Doyle, Martin, flour merchant, 1 Cove street
Dorsey, Jeremiah, coach maker & saddler, 23 Cumberland street
Dyson, James, 49 ditto
Drysdale, John, sea captain, Bute street (fields)
Deverux, John, taylor, 13 Williamson's lane
         shop, 70 Main street
Davis, Wm., ship joiner, Hutching's wharf
Davis, John, sea captain, 13 Free mason street
Duesberry, James, keeper of the poor house, at the poor house.


Elmslie, Peter, grocer, 2 Holts' lane
Evans & Palmer, coopers, Newton's wharf
         dwelling, 16 Williamson's lane
Eadon, Sarah, sailors' boarding house, 78 Water street
Ellison, W. John, rigger, 3 Marsden's lane
Ewell, Jesse, merchant taylor, 4 Church street
         dwelling, 37 Cumberland street.


Elliot, Peter, boot & shoe maker, 5 Church street
         dwelling, 14 Fen church street
Evans, George, Borough constable, 26 Church street
Eberle, George, cutler, 33 Bank street
Eilbeck, Jonathan, 22 Free mason street
Ewell, Francis, shoe maker, 38 Cumberland street.
English, Geo., sailors' boarding house, 39 Little Water street.


Ford, Peter, grocer, 78 Main street
Foster, Seth, clerk of Fed. D. Court, 153 do.
Forde, John, wine refiner, 177 ditto.
Finch, George, sail maker, Queen street (fields
         loft, Pennock's wharf
Ferguson, ___, baker, 5 Rotherys' lane
Fisk and Catlett, merchants and grocers, 28 corner Market square
         & Little Water street
Fisk, Martin, dwelling, 14 Free mason street
Fry, Christopher, merchant, 2 Newton's wharf
Fisher, John, painter and glazier, 54 Water street
Ferry, Samuel, taylor, 56 do.
Foster, Francis, scrivener, 15 Church street
Forbes, David, carver and gilder, 24 Church street
Ferte, G. John, physician, 68 do.
Freeman, John, house joiner, 139 do.
Fernandes, Doctor, dwelling, 14 Granby street
Farmar, Robert, 1 Bank street
Fabre, Peter, circulating library, 3 Catharine street
Frith, Edward, dwelling, 10 Duke street
Fulgham, Joseph, inspector of customs, 11 do.
Fentress, Lovet, house carpenter, 42 Fen church street
Froment, Angelica, shop keeper, 4 Bermuda street
Frier, Richard, sea captain, 8 Holt street
Findley, Hugh, house carpenter, Mariner street (fields)
Farquar, William, 19 Cumberland street
Fitzhue, ___, sea captain, Botytourt street (fields)
Fields, Mrs., widow, Queen street do.
Ferguson, Finley, stucco plaisterer, 1 Mariner street
Freeman, Joseph, house carpenter, Queen street (fields)
Fitz, George, house carpenter, 44 Church street
Fitch, W. Joseph, flour, naval stores, and lumber inspector,
         to be found at Maxwell's wharf.

[16] G.

Gaskins, James, silversmith, 62 Main street
         dwelling, 52 do.
Gregory, Nehemiah, medicine, paint and oil store, 73 do.
Germain, Peter, dry goods store, 85 do.
Gilbert, Reynear, do., 89 do.
Gay, John, new borough tavern keeper, 114 do.
Gormley, Brian, grocer, 126 do.
Guirard, John, do., 170 do.
Gardner, Joseph, black smith, 1 Lee street
         dwelling, Catharine street (fields)
Gwin, John, tobacconist, Kelly street
Gourlay, David, sailors' boarding house, 16 Woodside's lane
Gunn, Obadiah, do., 28 Little Water street
Galway, John & James, merchants, 4 Commerce wharf
Granberry, John, merchant, 6 ditto,
         dwelling, 4 Boush street
Guy, Edward, sail maker, 10 Marsden's wharf
         dwelling, Bute street (fields)
Gilliat & Mackinder, dry good merchants, 14 Market square
Glen, Thomas, Eagle tavern keeper, 28 do.
Gleison, James, borough constable, 9 Union street
Gray, John, shop keeper, 10 do.
Groloe, James, ship carpenter, 17 do.
Gibson, Robert, merchant, 44 Water street
         dwelling, 32 Catharine street
Godwin, Lewis, (free black), patroon, 79 Water street
Gordon, George, grocer, 3 Little Water street
Good, Richard, sailors' boarding house, 24 do.
Goulden, Daniel, broker, 13 Boushs' lane
Goram, Allan, ship carpenter, Loyall's wharf
         dwelling, 10 Bermuda street
Granier, Joseph, dry goods store, 22 Church street
Guy, Joshua, grocer, 70 do.
Gormley, Mary, shop keeper, 128 do.
Giddens, Caleb, taylor, 150 do.
Guy, Henry, watchman, 152 do.
Gardner, William, 160 do.
Gilderoy, John, white smith, 2 J. Calvert's lane
Grubb, George, shop keeper, 21 do.


Gatewood, Philemon, naval officer, 18 Catharine street
Gatewood, Richard, dwelling, 33 do.
Greaves, Mrs. Uphan, widow, 44 do.
Grigsby, Rev. Benjamin, pastor of Presbyterian church, 46 do.
Green, L. Richard, house carpenter, 2 Duke street
Graham, Tildsley, baker, 2 Taylor's lane
Garvais, Raymond, tanner, 35 Fen church street
Grear, Levi, sea captain, 1 Bermuda street
Gorlier, M., music master and French boarding school, 32 Bermuda street
Graves, James, coach maker, 28 Cumberland street
George, Captain John, York street (fields)
George, Willis, clerk in the custom house, do.
Greaves, Mrs. Ann, widow, Cumberland street do.
Gibbons, Thomas, sea captain, Duke street do.
Godfrey, Thomas, house joiner, behind academy
Goodall, Rev. Wm., English Preceptor, 73 Church street.


Hume, Mrs. Maria, boarding house, 39 Main street
Hender, Mrs. Mary, milliner, &c., 53 do.
Hubbard, Matthew, boot and shoe maker, 59 do.
Hubberd, Matthew, do, 74 ditto
         dwelling, 11 Williamson's lane
Hageneau, John, dry goods store, 80 Main street
Hunter & Gatewood, do merchants, 92 do.
Hunter, James, dwelling, 3 Chappel street
Hayes, Joseph, brewer, 127 Main street
Halliday, Thomas, old Borough tavern and boarding house, 146 ditto.
Hamilton, Col. John, vice consul for Great Britain, 157 do.
Hudson, Edward, accountant, 174 do.
Hathaway, Benjamin, painter and glazier, Pennock's wharf
         dwelling, 7 Brewer street
Harris, H. Stephen, ship bread baker, 1 Kelly street, 4 Commerce street
         dwelling, 1 Brewer street
Hutchinson, James, baker, 6 Warren's row
Holt, Henry, lumber merchant, Woodside's & Warren's wharves
         dwelling, 101 Church street
Hutchins, John, tobacconist, 7 Holt's lane.


Herron, James, merchant, 2 Commerce wharf
         dwelling, 16 Free mason street
Hartshorne, Wm., commission merchant, 9 Marsden's wharf
         dwelling, 33 Bermuda street
Hull, Wm., com. merchant, 11 Marsden's wharf
Holt, Samuel, com. and lumber merchant, 4 Maxwell's wharf
         dwelling, 19 Free mason street
Heermann, Frederick & Son, druggists, 1 corner of Market square and Main st.
Heerman, Lewis, physician and surgeon, do.
Hall, John, rigger, 15 Union street
Haywood, John, shopkeeper, 19 do.
Hannaford, John, constable, 29 do.
Herbert, Edw., block and pump maker, 1 Water street
Hall, Francis, boat builder, 59 Water street
         dwelling, 154 Church street
Hill, Wm., sailors' boarding house, 68 Water street
Halbert, Titus, do., 22 do.
Hasset, Wm., taylor, 3 Boushs' lane
Harvey, John, shoe maker, 6 Loyall's lane
Haarman, James, ship joiner, do., wharf
         dwelling, 39 Fen church street
Hopwoods, Wm., comb maker, 11 Church street
Hennop, Philip, merchant, dwelling, 99 do.
Hatton, Robert, sea captain, 102 do.
Hoyer, Francis, accountant, 110 do.
Hawk, Jacob, saddler, 114 ditto.
Hopkins, John, planter, 127 do.
Hill, ___, baker, 135 do.
Harrison, Charles, currier, 155 do.
Hannover, John, constable 11 J. Calvert's lane
Hero, Peter, shop keeper, 16 ditto.
Hammond, Polly, do., 1 Concord street
Harrison, Matthew, taylor, 6 Bank street
Herbert, Archibald, house carpenter, 18 do.
Hansford, Lewis, doctor, dwelling, 19 Catharine street
Herbert, Mrs. Diana, widow, 17 Fen church street
Hawkins, John, shoe maker, 32 do.
Hodges, Joel, constable, 38 do.
Hugate, Mrs., widow, 2 East street
Herbert, C. John, ship carpenter, 2 Bermuda street.


Herbard, Anthony, 22 do.
Holt, E. John, commission merchant, 26 do.
Haynes, Mrs. Margaret, boarding house, 29 do.
Haynes, Thomas, sea captain, 29 do.
Hughes, Wm., accountant, 7 Chappel street
Haywood, Alex., watchman to the U. S. Bank, Mariner street (fields)
Hodges, F. John, house carpenter, Bute street do.
Hill, Thomas, do., do., do.
Hodges, Mrs. Ann, widow, do., do.
Hopkins, W. Wm., house joiner, Cumberland street do.
Hawthorn, Nathaniel, black smith, Bute street do.
Hallsey, George, brick-layer, Mechanic street
Hodges, John, physician, medicine shop, 24 Main street
         dwelling, 15 do.
Hay, James, seedsman and gardener, 27 Market square
Herron, Walter, rope and cordage manufacturer, ropewalk, 159 Church street.


Ingram, Mrs. Sarah, widow, 19 Bermuda street
Ivy, George, 98 Church street.


James, David, (free colored), barber, 121 Main street
         dwelling, 3 Yaxley's lane
Jordan, C. Aug. & co., printers, stationers and book sellers, 3 Market square
Jordan, C. Aug., dwelling, Bute street (fields)
Jordan, C. T. Marcus, dwelling, Bute street do.
Jordan, Alex, dwelling, Cumberland street do.
Johnson, John, hatter, 8 Market square
         dwelling 63 Church street
         workshop, 22 Fen church street
Jennings, C. Robert, grocer merchant, 23 Market square
Jackson and Edwards, block and pump makers, 57 Water street
         dwelling, Queen street (fields)
Jerrow, Peter, shop keeper, 16 Loyall's lane
Johnson, John, grocer, 64 Church street
Johnson, Levi, (free colored), shop keeper, 138 do.
Jacobs, Edy, sailors' boarding house, 34 Bank street
Johnson & Moore, windsor chair makers, 1 Taylor's lane.


Johnaon & Moore, dwelling, 36 Fen church street
Jandrell, Thomas, house carpenter, 2 Metcalf's lane
Johnson, Geo., (free colored), shoe maker, 2 Borough tavern alley
Jackson, Mrs., widow, 4 Yaxley's lane
Johnson, James, sea captain, 6 Chappel street
Jennings, Thomas, inspector of customs, Bute street (fields)
Jones, Rev. Thomas, school master, Magazine lane do.
Jackson, Henry, (free colored), pilot, Boush street do.
Jones, Wm., jailor and deputy sheriff, at the jail.


Kemp, Peter, Exchange Coffee house, 33 Main street
Klein, Jacob, dry goods store, 79 do.
Kean, Patrick, do., 109 do.
King, Miles, sea captain, 151 ditto.
King, Miles, alderman, 159 ditto.
Kirgin, Mary, sailors' boarding house, 3 Woodside's lane
Keehmle, George, ship bread baker, 62 Water street
Knight, Mrs., widow, 130 Church street
Knight, Thos. (free colored), barber, 2 Concord street
King, Miles, jun., 3 Granby street
Kirk, Felix, academy for navigation, mathematics &c., 9 & 10 Fen church street
Keeling, Henry, house carpenter, 45 do.
Kellar, Peter, black smith, 1 Tucker's Point
Keeling, Mrs. Mary, widow, 3 Bermuda street
Kemp, Hansford, accountant, Brigg's Point
Knox, Wm., merchant, 31 corner of Water street and Commerce wharf
         dwelling, 29 Free mason street
Keele, Robert, captain ballast master, Voss street (fields)
Knox, David, rope maker, Queen street do.
Kilgrove, James, house joiner, Cumberland street do.


Lindsay, Wm., attorney at law and N. P., 32 Main street
Lindsay, Mrs. Matty, widow, 15 Free mason street
Livingston, John, sea captain, 42 Main street
Livingston, Mrs. Ann, boarding house, 46 do.
Lumsden, Thomas, watch maker, 57 do.


Lemasurier, Mary, dry goods store, 86 Main street
         dwelling, 7 Holt street
Leleivie, Gabriel, dry good store, 87 Main street
         dwelling, 3 Free mason street
Lemasurier & co., dry goods store, 99 Main street
Labarden, Alex., confectioner and distiller, 113 do.
Loyall, George, wharf owner, 119 do.
Laparouse, John, grocer, 134 Main street and 3 Campbell's wharf
Lee, Edward, accountant, 135 Main street
Lamb, B. Wm., com. merchant and auctioneer, 12 Market square
         dwelling, 7 Catharine street
Laporte, Abraham, grocer &c., 35 Water street
Legett, George, publican and grocer, 32 Little Water street
Lownds, John, china and glass store, 2 Church street
Lambert, Jesse, shop keeper, 28 do.
Lugg, Peter, grocer, 32 do.
Lewie, George, shop keeper, 62 do.
Landre, Peter, cutler and gun smith, 78 do.
Lumsden, Thomas, plaisterer, 167 do.
Lawson, Anthony, house carpenter, 4 Concord street
Leslie, John, grocer, 5 Bank street
Le Tellier, J., dentist.
Leckie, Andrew, grocer, 13 Boush st.
Latham, John, sea captain, Boush street (fields)
Lodge of Naphtali No. 56, 4 Hill street
Lodge No. 1, 33 Church street
Lee, W. Charles, 3 Fen church street
Lee, H. Richard, attorney at law and N. P., 9 Free mason street
Lee, ___, sea captain, 21 Cumberland street
Laurence, John, Darkmouth street (fields)
Laurence, Robert, sea captain, Voss street do.
Langley, Jonathan, accountant, Bute street do.
Lagrange, L. Maria, shop keeper, 7 Mariner street
Lawray, ___, plaisterer, Cumberland street (fields)
Lacey, Rev. Michael, priest of Rom. Catholic Church, 20 Market square
Leland, L. John, com. merchant and auctioneer, 29 ditto.


Lawson, Thomas, pay-master to 54 regt., Plume street
Lee, E. Richard, president of, and dwelling, Virginia bank
Lindsay & Seaman's, cut nail manufactory, 15 Williamson's lane.


Murray, Geo., and co., merchants, Patterson's wharf
         dwelling, 44 Main street
Madden, John, taylor, 56 do.
Mason, Christopher, tobacconist, 61 do.
Maurice, James, & co., com. merchants, 9 Maxwell's wharf
         dwelling and dry goods store, 75 Main street
Mazue, James, grocer, 97 do.
Maigne, C. Joseph, dry goods store, 98 do.
Mitchell, Andrew, tin plate worker, 100, dry goods store, 107 do.
Metcalf, Anthony, hardware merchant, 118 do.
Martin, Alexander, cabinet maker.
Moore, Wm., grocer, 124 do.
Menier, Thomas, baker, 131 do.
Mc Phail, John, cooper, 147 do., work shop, 1 Rothery's wharf
Mosely, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, 152 Main street
Macgill, Nathan, com. merchant, 163 do.
Moore, John, black smith and brass founder, 9 Fayette street
          dwelling, 24 Free mason street
Miller, F. John, block and pump maker, Pennock's wharf
          grocery store, 3 Water street
         dwelling, 9 Duke street
Murphy, George, sail-maker, loft, 12 Fayette street
         dwelling, 11 Boush street
Maclure, Alex., merchant, Maclure's wharf
         dwelling, 12 Duke street
Marchant, Philip, harbor & ballast master, Warren's wharf
Minahin, Maurice, sailors' boarding house, 5 Woodside's lane
Mills, Job., boot and shoe maker, 16 Commerce street
         dwelling, 2 Bank street
Maitland, Robert & co., merchants, 7 Commerce wharf
         dwelling, 33 Free mason street
Mackenzie, John & co., ditto, 11 Commerce wharf
         dwelling, 31 Free mason street.


Myers, Moses, 9 Newton's & 16 Commerce wharves
         dwelling, 17 Free mason, corner Catharine street
Massingham, ___, black smith, 2 and 4 Rothery's wharf
Moore, John, lumber merchant, yard C. Calvert's wharf
         dwelling, 28 Free mason street
Mc Clenachan, James, merchant, 11 Marsden's wharf
         dwelling, 25 Catharine street
Mahan, John, house carpenter, 1 Maxwell's wharf
Macgowan, John, merchant, 10 Maxwell's wharf
         dwelling, 25 Bermuda street
Mc Intosh, Geo., dry goods and hardware merchant, 6 Market square
Mc Dougal, Mrs., boarding house, 18 do.
Marks, S., jun. & co., com. merchants and auctioneers, 26 ditto.
Mc Pherson & Mc Phail, grocers, 30 corner Market square and Water street
Martin, Angus, grocer, 8 Water street
Mc Donald, Duncan, do. 11 do.
         dwelling, 42 Church street
Murphy, John, watch-maker, 16 Water street
         dwelling, 41 Fen church street
Mathews, Samuel, physician, 21 Water street
         dwelling, Mathews' wharf
Mathews, Gen. Thomas, attorney at law, do.
Mann, Rebecca, sailors' boarding house, 47 Water street
Mc Neil, John, cooper shop, 63 do.
Mearns, John, porter, ale & cider house, 11 Little Water street
Marchant, John, physician & surgeon, 12 do.
Menzies, James, grocer, 15 do.
Meales, Anthony, tobacconist, 17 do.
Mc Allister, David, boarding house, 27 ditto.
Murphy, Patrick, tavern and boarding house, 30 do.
Miller, Catharine, shop keeper, 35 do.
Marcus, Joshua, segar maker, 37 do.
Miller, Christian, sailors' boarding house, 40 do.
Miller, Richard, rigger, 4 Boush's lane
Marsden, G. John, wharf owner, 2 Marsedn's lane
Mc Connico, Andrew, accountant, 2 Loyall's lane.


Mc Conn, Matthew, bricklayer, 4 do.
Mitchell, Florence, tobacconist, 21 do., manufactory, Loyall's wharf
Mulhallan, Bernard, dry goods store, 16 Church street
Massin, Peter, taylor, 33 ditto.
Mc Pherson, Hugh, 37 ditto.
Majeau, Madam, mantua maker, 47 ditto.
Murphy, Nathaniel, grocer, 65, 67 ditto.
Murphy, Mrs., widow, 73 do.
Mc Keel, James, measurer of grain &c., 93 ditto.
Mc Mann, Robert, plasiterer, 146 do.
Marsh, William, rigger, 18 J. Calvert's lane
Madden, Michael, beer and porter house, 13 Bank street
Mc Dowall, Henry, soap and candle manufactory, 22 do.
Moffitt, Wm., barber and umbrella maker, 36 do.
Martin, Andrew, 16 Brewer street
Matthias, Wm., boat builder, 6 Boush street
Mallory, Johnson, 12 do.
Martin, James, mariner, 3 Metcalf's lane
Mitchell, James, taylor, 6 do.
Moffitt, Thomas, messenger to C. Council, 6 Fen church street
Myers, Tobias, 7 ditto.
Mc Kinnell, Joseph, out-o'-door clerk, U. S. Bank, 3 Tucker's Point
Mc Quellan, Hugh, brewer, 13 Bermuda street
Marsden, Mrs. Polly, widow, 20 do.
Mosely, Captain Hillary, inspector of customs, 28 do.
Marras, John, wax-candle maker, 2 Holt street
Marshall, Lewis, watch maker, Brigg's Point
Metivier, M., 4 Free mason street
Macdougall, P., painter and glazier, 6 do.
Moseley, Samuel, boro' sergeant, 12 do.
Mordecai, Goodman, dry goods shop, 28 Cumberland street
Mc Clain, Milley, seamstress, 51 do.
Mullan, John, bricklayer, Charlotte street (fields)
Milhado, David, planter, Bute street do.
Milhado, Mrs. Mary, widow, James' street ditto.
Moore, Wm., bricklayer, Queen street do.
Miller, Daniel, ship carpenter, Cumberland street do.
Marsh, Samuel, attorney at law and N. P., Smith street do.

[25] N.

Nivison, John, borough recorder, 12 Main street
Niemeyer, C. John, dry goods merchant, 93 do.
Newton, James, sailors' boarding house, 9 Commerce street
Noble, Arbuthnott & co., com. merchants and ship chandlers, 19 Water street
         dwelling, Voss street (fields)
Neilson, Wm., grocer, 13 Maxwell's wharf
         dwelling, 26 Free mason street
Newton, Thomas, collector of customs, 15 Market square
Newton, Thomas, jun., attorney at law, 8 Brewer street
Nestell, Peter, physician, 45 Water street
         dwelling, 30 Cumberland street
Nabon, J. Matthew, grocery and dry goods store, 4 Little Water street
Newcomb, Jesse, sea captain, 57 Church street
Nichols, John, mariner, 142 do.
Neilson, James, house carpenter, 8 Bank street
Newsum, Wm., post-master, 10 Talbot street
Newell, John, merchant, 12 do.
Newman, Edward, house carpenter, Brigg's point
Norton, Wm., sea captain, 13 Cumberland street
Nimmo, James, states' attorney for Borough, do.
Nestor, George, printer, 1 Chappel street
New, Benjamin, plaisterer (fields).


Osborne, Samuel, seeds, and dry goods store, 81 Main street
Otis, Henry, watchman, 4 Union street
Olive, Thomas, rigger, 31 do.
Oliveria, Fernandes, & co., merchants, 33 Water street
Ogilbe, Lewis, (free colored), boot and shoe maker, 8 Talbot street
O'Meara, Thos., boot and shoe maker, 31 Little Water street
Ott, George, gold smith & jeweler, 8 Church street
Oster, M., commissary, commercial relations from the French Empire,
         10 Brewer street
O'Connor, James, editor of the Norfolk and Portsmouth Herald,
          office, 5 Fen church street
         dwelling, 4 do.
O'Mullan, John, bricklayer, 3 Holt street
O'Meara, Francis, sea captain, 9 do.


O'Neil, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 5 Free mason street
Osborne, Mrs., widow, 31 Cumberland street
Oliphant, Robert, Cashier U. S. Bank.
Oldner, Capt. Joshua, Bute street (fields).


Public Ledger Office, 26 Main street
Post Office (next to the Exchange), 31 do.
Patterson, Jennet, boarding house, 37 do.
Pennock, William, merchant, 3 Newton's wharf
         dwelling, 50 Main street
Proby, Paul, dwelling, 149 do.
Patterson, James, sailors' boarding house, 13 Woodside's lane
Perin, Patrick, ditto, 6 Holt's lane
Peacham, John, ditto, 11 Commerce street
Piemont & Walter, com. merchants, 4 Marsden's wharf
         dwelling, 9 Brewer street
Portlock, John, block and pump maker, 6 Marsden's wharf
         dwelling, 35 Cumberland street
Proby, Harmanson & co., commission merchants, 3 Maxwell's wharf
Plume, Wm., & co., leather and cordage store, 7 Campbell's wharf
         dwelling, 159 Church street
Price & Waddy, com. merchants and grocers, 11 Campbell's wharf
Pollard, P. Wm., coach and sign painter, 60 Water street
Prin, Lawrence, grocer, &c., 74 do.
Peter, John, trunk maker, 33, 34 Little Water street
Pain, Benjamin, (free colored), carpenter, 12 Boush's lane
Pierce, John, rigger, 15 Loyall's lane
Prescott, Henry, grocer and lumber measurer, 13 Church street
Perier, Peter, dry goods store, 50 do.
Patterson, David, ship wright, 2 Martin's lane
Proudfit, John, merchant, 34 Catharine street
Pagaud, Mrs. Alice, school mistress, 9 Boush street
Pagaud, Miss Julia, forte-piano teacher, do.
Parker, Copeland, surveyor of customs, 15 Duke street
Pichon, Francis, 8 Bermuda street
Plunkett, Achilles, 17 Cumberland street.


Parker, H. Thomas, mayor, dwelling 14 Bermuda street
         lumber yard, Marchant's wharf
Peron, Nicholas, shop keeper, Bute street (fields)
Parlatto, Vincent, dry goods store, 84 corner Main and Talbot streets.


Robertson & Brown, merchants, 20 Main street
Reardon, Timothy, grocer, 51 do.
Russel, Penuel, watch-maker, 66 do
         dwelling, York street (fields)
Ryan, Patrick, saddler and harness maker, 91 Main street
Read, Mrs. Hellen, widow, 139 do.
Rosainville's pleasure bower, 155 do.
Ramsay, Mrs. Mary, widow, 160 do.
Rogers, Charles, black smith, 3 Fayette street
         dwelling, 25 Free mason street
Rabsom, Catharine, sailor's boarding house, 4 Woodwide's lane
Randals, Simon, barber, 14 Commerce street
Reaux, Bernard, taylor, 8 Rothery's lane
Rogers, Wm., merchant taylor, 5 Market square
Rogers, Jonathan, distiller of spirits, 5 do.
Reynolds, Benjamin, grocer, 1 Newton's wharf
         dwelling, York street (fields)
Ratcliffe, Charles, shop keeper, 1 Newton's lane
Robbins, John, block & pump maker, Newton's wharf
         dwelling, Cumberland street (fields)
Richter, G. Charles, hair worker, 9 Union street
Redmon & Frith, com. merchants, 2 Southgate & Dickson's wharf
Roberts, Edward, com. merchant, 9 do.
         dwelling, 36 Catharine street
Robertson, Robert, & co., grocers, 10 Water street
Rosier & Millson, grocers, 12 do.
Reilly & Tunis, grocers and tobacco manufacturers, 25 do.
Read, S. James, sailors' boarding house, 37 do.
Randall, John, inspector of naval stores &c., 84 do.
         dwelling, 4 Hill street
Rogers, Aaron, (free colored), shoe maker, 7 Loyall's lane
Riffle, Daniel, house carpenter, 17 do.
Robertson, John, seaman, 19 do.


Richardson, John, boot and shoe maker, 25 Church street
Rolain, Pierre, shop keeper, 31 do.
Rachael (free colored), cake baker, 52 do.
Redman, Haarman, 78 ditto.
Reed, James, baker, 113 do.
Read, John, shop keeper, 165 do.
Reeves, R., beer and oyster house, 16 Bank street
Rhodes, R. Jacob, house carpenter, 24 Catharine street
Rourke, John, boarding house, 5 and 7 Talbot street
Riffaud's, Vaux-Hall Gardens and Baths, 8 Yaxley's lane
Ritson, Thomas, sea captain, 1 Fen church street
Ritson, Mrs. Ann, boarding school 32 Bermuda street
Read, Thomas, house carpenter, 11 Cumberland street
Riddick, Mrs. Widow, 27 do.
Roberts, Lewis, shop keeper, 39 do.
Rose, Isaac, sea captain, Bute street (fields)
Raincock, Charles, merchant, York street do.
Rowe, Mrs. Ann, widow, Queen street do.
Robinson, John, bricklayer, do., do.
Ruggles, Mrs. Frances, widow, 12 Williamson's lane.


Southgate, John and Wright, dry goods merchants, 1 corner of Commerce
        & Main streets
Southgate, Wright, dwelling, 1 Main street
Stark, Bolling, physician, medicine shop, 35 do.
Stark, Dangerfield, attorney at law and N. P. office, 35 ditto.
         dwelling, 47 Cumberland street
Stark, Edwin, commissioner revenue, 1 Loyall's lane
Stark, B. Robert, physician, 1 corner Market square & Main street
Smith, Francis, com. merchant and auctioneer, 106 Main street
Simons, Nicholas, grocer, 136 corner Main & Fen church streets
Smith, H. William, shop keeper, 5 Fayette street
Stephens, Walter, shop keeper, 7 Washington street
Smith, Luther, bricklayer, 4 Tucker's lane
Sandford, John, mariner, 3 Holt's lane
Suggs, George, merchant taylor, 1 Rothery's lane
Shanks & Binford, merchants, 8 Marsden's wharf.


Simington, Robert, grocer and com. merchant, 12 Maxwell's wharf
         dwelling and store, 2 Catharine street
Scully, Barnaby, dry goods store, 2 Campbell's wharf
         dwelling, 56 Church street
Seymour, B. Thomas, com. merchant & grocer, 6 Campbell's wharf
         dwelling, Cumberland street (fields)
Selden & Whitehead, physicians, 7 Market square
Selden, Doctor, dwelling, 5 Catharine street
Swiney, Felix, blacksmith, 18 Union street
         dwelling, 21 do.
Soutter, Robert, grocer, 4 Water street
Sounalet, Peter, watch maker, 32 do.
Smith, Thomas, grocery and slop store, 43 do
         dwelling, 7 Williamson's lane
Smith, George, sailors' boarding house, 51 Water street
Stoker, Peter, pastry & chop house, 10 corner of Little Water street
         & Rothery's lane
Stutson, John, sailors' boarding house, 21 corner Little Water
         and Commerce streets
Spencer, Elizabeth, do., 26 Little Water street
Spratley, Richard, 5 Loyall's lane
Sully, Chester & co., cabinet makers, 87 Church street
Sautejau, Lewis, dry goods store, 18 do.
Smith, James, mariner, 21 do.
Shuster, Jacob, butcher, 60 do.
Sonpayrac, John, 81 do.
Shepher, Mrs., widow, 89 do.
Stone, Daniel, discount clerk U. S. Bank, 91 do.
Smith, Samuel, county magistrate, 97 do.
Smith, William, sea captain, 137 do.
Southwick, John, sail-maker, 1 C. Calvert's lane
         sail-loft, Willock's wharf
Stratton, John, measurer of customs, 1 Martin's lane
Seaman, Thomas, dwelling, 12 Catharine street
Southgate, John, dwelling, 17 do.
Sewell, Mrs. Ann, boarding school, 17 do.
Small, Wm., sea captain, 28 ditto.
Street, Mrs. Martha, boarding house, 30 do.
Simmons, H. Charles, broker and scrivener, 2 Brewer street
Strong, ___, sea captain, 15 ditto.
Scott, Robert, 1 Willock's lane
Scewter, Joice, midwife, 5 Borough tavern alley.


Smith, John, rigger, 6 do.
Scott, George, (free colored), house carpenter, 13 Fen church street
Smith, Mrs. E. Jacomine, widow, 18 ditto.
Stiger, John, dwelling, 34 do.
Steed, Solomon, sea captain, 7 Bermuda street
Sejournè, M., secretary to the French com. agent, 31 do.
Shirley, Abner, sea captain, 6 Holt street
Stevens, Absalom, taylor, 1 Chappel street
Stroud, John, bricklayer, Brigg's point
Stanhope, William, hatter, 21 Market square
         dwelling, 2 Proby's lane
Sharp, Wm., clerk of H. C. and C. C., 10 Free mason street
Smith, Tabb John, lumber inspector, &c., 13 do.
Sterret, Robert, do., 44 Cumberland street
Smith, James, accountant, Charlotte street (fields)
Singleton, John, house carpenter, do., do.
Saunders, John, weigher of customs, Botytourt street do.
Stone, John, sea captain, Queen street do.
Shepherd, John, sea captain, 2 Mariner street
Swank, ___, plaisterer, Cumberland street (fields)
Simington, Wm., grocer, Wolf street
Shuster, George, butcher, Cumberland street (fields).


Tazewell, W. Littleton, attorney at law and N. P., 2 Main street
         office, 6 ditto.
Thompson, William, deputy collector, 6 do.
Taylor, B. Robert, attorney at law and N. P., 13 do
         office, 1 Fayette street
Taylor, Robert, president of the U. S. Bank, 22 Main street
Thompson, James, cabinet maker and undertaker, 30 do.
Taylor, Barraud & Hansford, physicians, medicine shop, 83 ditto.
Taylor, James, doctor, dwelling, 143 ditto.
Thulier, Charles, tobacconist, 104 do.
Thomas, Mrs. Frances, widow, 128 do.
Tonkin, Wm., house and ship joiner, 12 Fayette street
Tebbets, Moses, sea captain, Southgate's wharf
Tucker, Thomas and James, merchants, 13 Commerce wharf
         dwelling, 8 Duke street
Taylor, Richard, dry goods merchant, 31 Market square
         dwelling, 34 corner Free mason & Duke streets.


Taylor, James, jun., com. merchant and auctioneer, 25 Market square
         dwelling, 22 Catharine street
Turner, John, constable, 26 Union street
Toy, D. Richard, mariner, 82 Water street
Turner, Nicholas, house carpenter, 10 Boush's lane
Toole, Edward, do., 56 church street
Turner, Thomas, sea captain, 80 do.
Thelaball, Richmond, 141 ditto.
Tucker, James, merchant, 40 Catharine street
Talbot, Mrs. Mary, widow, 3 Hill street
Tyler, Ann, (alias Betty Cross, free colored), midwife, 23 Fen church street
Tompkins, Francis, accountant, 28 do.
Trail, Thomas, rigger, 31 do.
Tabb, Henry, accountant, 40 do.
Trimble, Mrs., widow, 43 do.
Tracey, Daniel, inspector of naval stores &c., 6 Bermuda street
Tyler, C. Alexander, accountant, 18 do.
Taylor, Arthur, bricklayer, 30 Free mason street
Tomlins, James, music master, 42 Cumberland street
Taylor, L. Robert, teacher of belles-lettres, mathematics, &c., school at the        
         Norfolk Academy,
         dwelling, Bute street (fields)
Tarlington, John, sea captain, Queen street do.
Tunpleman, Augustus, pilot, Cumberland street do.
Tolson, Mrs. Mary, widow, Queen street do.


Vizenneau, Peter, dry goods store, 120 corner Main & Church streets
Vaughan, Sarah, sailors' boarding house, 11 Woodside's lane
Vanholt, Joseph, hatter, 11 Market square
         dwelling, 2 Willock's lane
Vickers, John, barber and peruke maker, 41 Water street
Vannost, Ann, sailors' boarding house, 53 do.
Vaughan, David, block and pump maker, Loyall's wharf
Vaughan, William, jun., black smith, Loyall's wharf
Vaughan, William, borough alderman, 20 Church street
Vennue, John, shop keeper, 74 ditto.
Vincent, Sampson, do., 119 ditto.
Ventus, John, cabinet maker, 4 Mariner street.

[32] W.

Whittle, F. and Conway, merchants, Whittle's wharf
Whittle, Conway, dwelling, 1 Granby street
Whittle, Fortescue, do., 8 Main street
Warren, John, 17 ditto.
Wheeler, Luke, merchant, Wheeler's wharf
         dwelling, 48 Main street
Wiles, John, (free colored), boot and shoe maker, 54 do.
Willock, Thomas, merchant, Willock's wharf
         dwelling, 90 Main street
Walker, Hugh, 96 do.
West, John, grocer, 122 corner of Main and Church streets
         dwelling, 15 Cumberland
Welsh, Ephraim, cut mail manufacturer, 129 Main street
Woodward, James, cabinet maker and undertaker, 130 do.
         dwelling, 16 Bermuda street
West, Mrs. Margaret, proprietor of the Theatre, 138 Main street
Williamson, Mrs., widow, 154 do.
Wood, D. Charles, house and ship joiner, 3 Warren's row
Willson, Sarah, seamstress, 5 do.
Waddey, R. Daniel, & co., com. merchants and ship chandler's, Maclure's wharf
         dwelling, 4 Brewer street
Wightman, James, mariner, 19 Woodside's lane
Winchester, Mrs. Maria, boarding house, 3 Commerce street
Weld, Edward, tobacconist, Maxwell's lane
Wilson, George jun., com. merchant and grocer, 8 Campbell's wharf
         dwelling, 27 Bermuda street
Wallace, James, grocer, 25 Market square
         dwelling, 8 Catharine street
Wilson, Cunninghan & co., merchants, 4 Newton's wharf
Wilson, Alexander, dwelling, 8 Boush street
White, John, wheel-right, 2 Newton's lane
Williamson, James, block and pump maker, 3 do.
         dwelling, 21 Catharine street
Walker, George, rigger, 6 Union street
White, Richard, measurer of grain; and sexton, 12 do.
Wallace, Elizabeth, sailors' boarding house, 21 do.
Wells, Henry, carver, 22 do.
Wood, Andrew, constable 23 do.
Wakefield, Peter, mariner, 30 do.


Webb and Forest, black smiths, 2 Water street
         dwelling, 2 Chappel street
Wolf, Benjamin, merchant taylor, 40 Water street
White, Benjamin, sailors' boarding house, 42 do.
Ward, John, rigger, 6 Boush's lane
White, George, china and glass store, 14 Church street
Woodend, James, sea captain, 83 do.
Wilson, George, house carpenter, 100 do.
Watson, Caleb, do., 108 do.
Warrington, John, clerk of the market, 124 do.
Whitus, Mrs. Ann, widow, 148 do.
Woodhouse, Mrs. Sally, widow, 151 do.
Walker, Nathaniel, house carpenter, 157 do.
Wilkinson, Nicholas, English Preceptor, 164 do.
Waddey, Edward, dwelling, 12 Granby street
White, John, mariner, 26 Bank street
Widgeon, Edward, butcher, 32 do.
Wright, P. Matthew, 35 Catharine street
Wallace, Robert, sail maker, 6 Talbot street
Wood, Jacob, house carpenter, 3 Willock's lane
Woodworth, Mrs., widow, 8 Fen church street
Winslow, Joseph, cabinet maker, 37 do.
Warren, Isaac, painter and glazier, 1 Holt's lane
Willoughby, Mrs. Mary, widow, 4 Chappel street
West, Mrs. widow, 5 do.
Williams, John, sea captain, Mariner street (fields)
Willoughby, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 11 Free mason street
Wright, David, school master, 6 Cumberland street
Welsh, Mrs. widow, 12 do.
Williamson, John, ship carpenter, 24 do.
Williamson, Mrs., teacher of embroidery &c., 24 do.
Ward, William, measurer of grain &c., 36 do.
Woodside, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, 48 do.
Willson, Stephen, house carpenter, Bute street (fields)
Whitney, Mrs. Eliza, do., do.
Watson, Edward, sea captain, do., do.
Woodside, Mrs. Ann, widow, James' street do.
Wood, John, butcher, Cumberland street do.
Williams, Wm., pilot, Catharine street do.
Wright, K. George, sea captain, Bute street do.
White, George, house carpenter, 1 Williamson's lane.


Ward, W. William, ship carpenter, 5 do.
Willbon, Samuel, shoe maker, 9 ditto.
Webb, John, shop keeper, 144 Church street
Walls, John, house carpenter, 88 do.
White, Edward, block and pump maker, Hutchings' wharf
Warren, Thomas, ship wright, Plume street
Williamson, Thomas, Cashier Virginia Bank.

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