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Transcribed by Donna Bluemink

The Notes, Occupations, and Places of Abode of the Inhabitants, Arranged in
Alphabetical Order


of the
Borough Corporations, and Common Council; Extracts from sundry Ordinances
respecting the Police; Court days, Public Officers and Notaries,
Companies, Lodges, &c.


An account of the Post Office, Establishment; Arrival and Departure of the Mails; Rates of Postage,—of Wharfage and Storage; Fees of the Custom House; Rates of Coin; Useful Tables; Regulations of the Office of Discount and Deposit; Stamp Duties; an abridged Almanac, and a table of the Sun's Declination for every Day in the Year:

To which is Added,

List of the STREETS, LANES, and WHARVES in the Borough.

Augustus C. Jordan, Printer, Norfolk,

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To a Publication of this Nature, undertaken according to usual custom, and depending solely on the sale of the Work for profit, any preface would be deemed unnecessary—but in setting forth the present one, the Compiler would justly merit the charge of ingratitude, were he to omit acknowledging in high terms, the public spirit of the inhabitants, and their liberal patronage to him in the undertaking.

Tho' the expence incurred in lettering the names of the streets, and numbering the houses, has been considerable, yet the subscriber hopes that the sale of the Directory, with the generous support already afforded him, will not only defray all charges, but compensate him for his trouble.

The constant ingress of new inhabitants to this growing commercial town, with the frequent removals of several of the citizens, will require the publication of a Directory annually; but which in future will be supported without recurring to a subscription.

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The subscriber is fully apprised that in a publication like this, particularly as the Directory was nearly completed before the houses were numbered, some errors may have been made, but from the care he has taken to have them avoided, he trusts they will, if any, be but few; for which he solicits, and doubts not, the indulgence of a generous Public.

C. H. Simmons.

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At a HUSTINGS COURT, continued and held
the 27th Day of JANUARY, 1801.

CHARLES H. SIMMONS having, in a letter addressed to the court, dated the 24th instant, represented to them that he is about to compile and publish a Directory, in which he proposes to designate the places of abode of the inhabitants of this borough, and solicits the countenance and patronage of the court, setting forth that it would greatly aid and facilitate the undertaking by being duly authorized to number the buildings—The court taking the same into consideration this 27th day of January, do by virtue of the authority vested in them by the charter of the borough, authorise and allow the said G. H. Simmons to proceed to enumerate the buildings respectively within the corporation, by progressive numbers, and to affix the same thereto: and also to designate the streets and public lanes.

And moreover, the court being desirous that the most beneficial effects should result to the citizens do direct that the foregoing order be transmitted to the common hall, with a request to that honorable body, that they would make provision to defray the expence of employing an able and skilful surveyor, to take and return to this court, an accurate plan of this borough, that the same being duly approved and deposited in the clerk's office, may become a part of the records, agreeably to an act of assembly.

(A copy), Teste,



Allmand and Macgowan, merchants, No. 2 Market square
     dwelling, Bute street, in the fields
Allason and Hunter, merchants, 26 Market square
Ashley, Warren, merchant, 10 & 11 Commerce street wharf
Armistead, Theoderick, merchant, 49 Water street
     dwelling, 8 Boush street
Abbot, James, shoe-maker, 42 Water street


Ashley, Benjamin, bricklayer, 4 Metcalf's lane
Aihley, Seth, shoe dealer, 52 Main street
Atkinson, William, brewer, Brew-house wharf
Archer, Edward, post-master, 84 Main street
Andrews, Jeremiah, store-keeper, 23 Market square
Abbot, John, store-keeper, 4 Campbell's wharf
Ashby, James, house-carpenter, 44 Church street
Allan, Thomas, taylor, 48 Water street
Arlington, James, grocer, 111 Main street
     dwelling, 6 Brewer street
Allan, John, hatter, 12 Commerce street
Average, Archibald, ship-carpenter, Little Water street
Anderson, William, black-smith, M'Clure's wharf
     dwelling, 6 Catherine street
Argote Don Antonio. Spanish cousul, 22 Catherine street
Arno, John P. shop-keeper, 23 Church street
Archibald, Robert, school-master, 4 Cumberland street
Arjo, Madam, widow, 30 Church street
Allsey, George, bricklayer, 64 Church street
Academy Norfolk, Rev. James Whitehead principal, 103 Church street
Anderson, Isaac, carpenter, 71 Church street


Brown, Thomas & John, merchants, No. 1 Market square
Blow, Richard, merchant, 20 Commerce street wharf
Benbridge, Henry, merchant, 5 Marsden's wharf
     dwelling, 7 Catherine street
Broun, George and Thomas, merchants, 4 Maxwell's wharf
Burke and Roane, merchants, 2 Rothery's wharf
Bennet James and William, merchants, 2 Commerce street
     dwelling, 10 Catherine street
Bedinger, Solomon, commission merchant, 1 Marsden's wharf
     dwelling, 9 Main street
Barraud, Philip, physician, 1 Cumberland street
     medicine shop 23 Main street
Blundel, Peter, store keeper, 49 Main street
     store, 99 Main street
Balliard John, shop keeper 99 Main street
Baker John, (free black), shoe-maker, 2 borough tavern alley
Baynes, Matthew, saddler, 58 Main street
Baynes, Joseph, taylor, 58 Main street
Bager [?], Alexander, store keeper, 4 Talbot's row


Billups, Joseph, constable, 7 Talbot's row
Bailey, Robert W. Sail maker, 11 Talbot's row
Burt, John, 3 Lee's wharf
Brag, Henry, trader, 90 Main street
Baker, Ruth, boarding house, 1 Church street continued
Boush, Wilson, sea captain, 4 Loyall's lane
Berry, Rachel, seamstress, 2 Boush's lane
Ballias, John W., store keeper, 103 Main street
Blanchard, Thomas, auctioneer, 8 Market square
Blythe and Hathaway, painters and glaziers, 6 Newton's wharf
Bowden, Richard, ship-chandler, 12 Newton's wharf
Brown, John, ship-chandler, 13 Newton's wharf
     dwelling, 5 Boush street
Beale, George, auctioneer, 17 Market square
     dwelling, 9 Brewer street
Bonnaud, John, shop-keeper, 28 Market square
Barron, Robert, master of Hampton packets, 27 Catherine street
Bingley Edward, shop-keeper, 16 Water street
Beagles, Harman, tobacco manufacturer, 29 Water street
Byrne, Eleanor, shop-keeper, 7 Woodside's wharf
Branan, Robert, taylor, 9 Woodside's wharf
Brian, Daniel, boarding house, 41 Water street
Bray, Joseph, taylor, 43 Water street
Brown, Samuel, ship-chandler, 2 Maxwell's wharf
     dwelling, 9 Boush street
Byrns, Ann, sailor's lodging, 8 Maxwell's lane
Burk, Patrick, shop keeper, 119 Main street
Brian, William, boarding house, 123 Main street
Bennett, James and William, merchants, 2 Commerce street
     dwelling, 10 Catherine street
Brue James, sea captain, 3 Commerce street
Baldry, John, sailor's boarding house, 9 Commerce street
Bailey, Lemuel (free black), shoemaker, 13 Commerce street
     dwelling, Cumberland street (fields)
Balfour, Hannah, Navy tavern keeper, 127 Main street


Bermingham, James, boarding house, 15 Little Water street
Buchannan, George, boarding house, 32 Little Water street
Brown John G. Grocer, boarding house, 26 Little Water street
Baldry, William, boarding house, 22 Little Water street
Burk, Richard, grocer, 1 Woodside's lane
Bracket, William, house carpenter, 2 Woodside's lane
Burk, Redmond, shop keeper, 15 Little Water street
Brown, Joseph, lodging house, 1 Mitchell's row
Brown, Nathaniel, lodging house, 2 Mitchell's row
Brough, Robert, 9 Granby street
Bushwood, Thomas, house carpenter, 2 Boush street
Burcher, John, accountant, 7 Boush street
Brooks, Samuel, Jeweler and miniature painter, 119 Church street
     dwelling, 6 Church street
Barnes, John, shop keeper, 21 Bank street
Branch, Bank, 1 Catherine street
Bagnall, Richard, accountant, 11 Catherine street
Bushnall, James, sea captain, 21 Cumberland street
Brickhouse, Smith, 25 Cumberland street
Butler, Tristram, sea captain, 32 corner of Cumberland and Cove streets
Bains, Mary, widow, Catherine street (fields)
Bousomat, Madam, shop keeper, 4 Church street
Broomfield, George, shop keeper, 21 Church street
Bland, Rev. William, rector of Norfolk Episcopal church, 39 Church street
Bullifant, Furnea, accountant, 51 Church street
Benthal, Williams, house joiner, 77 Church street
Bell, Edward, ship carpenter, 80 Church street
Black, David, sea captain, 84 Church street
Bailey, Richard, cabinet maker, 94 Church street
Blanchard, M., shop keeper, 101 Church street
Bramble, Capt. John, 101 Church street
Bolan, Joshua, shop keeper, 104 Church street
Bailey, Francis, shop keeper, 106 Church street
Barret, John, 109 Church street
Boushong, Lewis, sea captain, 115 Church street
Booz [?], Nicholas, shop keeper, 12 Church street


Boza, Madam, widow 3 Dameron's lane
Blythe, William, painter, 8 Dameron's lane
Bowen, Joseph, shop keeper, 10 Dameron's lane
Boush, Robert, president common council, 2 Fen Church street
Branson, taylor, 19 Fen Church street
Beraud, E., French teacher, 2 Bermuda street
Beggs, (the Miss), 13 Bermuda street
Boyce, James, borough serjeant, 14 Bermuda street
Billips, George, house carpenter, 18 Bermuda street
Butler, Thomas, pilot, 19 Bermuda street
Burgess, John, ship joiner, 22 Bermuda street
Boush, Charles, sea captain, Brigg's point
Briquet, Claudius, candle manufacturer, 1 Free mason's street
Bunting, Joshua, block maker, 11 Free-mason's street
     shop, Warren's wharf
Butt, Hillary, house carpenter, 13 Free-mason's street
Butt, Francis, house carpenter, 14 Free-mason's street
Bell, John, sea captain, 16 Free-mason's street
Burk, James, house carpenter, Bute street (fields)
Bessom, John, sea captain, James street (fields)
Ballard, John, sea captain, Queen street (fields)
Boush, Bennet, house carpenter, Bute street (fields)
     work shop, John Calvert's wharf
Boush, Captain Nathaniel, 6 5-10 Talbot's row
Block, I., shop keeper, 35 Little Water street


Caton, James, & co., merchants, No. 25 Main street
Cowan, Alexander, merchant, 39 Main street
Cox ,William, merchant, 14 Market square
     dwelling, 5 Granby street
Cuthbert, William, merchant, 6 Granby street
Cowper, John, & co., merchants, 5 Commerce street wharf
     dwelling, 10 corner of Free mason & Duke street
Calvert, Ann, widow, 12 Main street
Camp, John & co., grocers, 27 Main street
     dwelling, 34 Catherine street
Calvert, John, trader, 35 Main street


Chever & Coffin, shoe traders, 45 Main street
Customhouse, 1 Main street
Courthouse, 1 Main street
Coleman, Samuel, 81 Main street
Calvert, Cornelius, 1 Calvert's lane
Chister, John, baker, 2 Calvert's lane
Creagh, Mary, school mistress, 1 Boush's lane
Capamage, Jean, store keeper, 104 Main street
Calbiac, G., store keeper, 108 Main street
Christie, James, senior, merchant, 4 Catherine street
Carline, Charles, painter & glazier, under Blanchard's vendue
     dwelling, 11 Fen Church street
Canby, Joseph, shop keeper, 1 Water street
Cody, Redmond, tobacconist, 117 Church street
Costa, Joseph, shop keeper, Water street
Combs, William, sea captain, 26 Water street
Crandall, Dudley, house carpenter, 2 Kelly street
Cooper, Willis, house carpenter, 4 Brewer street
Cunningham, John, ship joiner, 8 Bank street
Clarigo, Joseph, shop keeper, 11 Bank street
Carter, Elizabeth, 14 Bank street
Cooper, Nathaniel, sail maker, 5 Catherine street
Carrel, John, house joiner, 26 Cumberland street
Campbell, Archibald, accountant, 28 Cumberland street
Croel, Aaron, sea captain, 3 Cumberland street
Carey, Obed, house carpenter, 1 Wolf street
Crosby, Ann, widow, Cooper's alley
Cooper, Mrs., widow, 47 Church street
Cooper, David, shop keeper, 49 Church street
Connoway, John, taylor, 61 Church street
Corson, William, confectioner, 113 Church street
Carline, James, painter and glazier, 18 Fen Church street
Colley, William, sea captain 6 Bermuda street
Crawford, Sarah, widow, 16 Bermuda street
Cooper, Mary, widow, 4 Holt street
Constable, Thomas, house carpenter, 9 Free-mason street
Chandler, Mary, widow, 21 Free-mason street
Collins, Philip, butcher, Smith's point


Chambers, William, boarding house, 30 Little Water street
Cunningham, Elizabeth, widow, 8 Catherine street
Cunningham, Thomas, sea captain, Queen street (fields)
Card, John, shop keeper, 35 Water street
Cook, Josiah, painter and glazier, 38 Water street
Colls ,William, boarding house, 42 Water street
Clarke, Alexander, shoe and boot maker, 47 Water street
     dwelling, 4 Rothery's lane
Campbell, John, shop keeper, 112 Main street
Chapman, Robert, saddler and harness maker, 111 Main street
Consolvo, William, tailor, 117 Main street
     dwelling, 1 Concord street
Clark, Joshua, hatter, 7 Maxwell's lane
Courtois, Anthony, shop keeper, 41 Little Water street
Crossmuck, Michael, shop keeper, 15 Maxwell's lane
Campbell, John, Lindsey's hotel, 5 Rothery's lane
Cowperwait, Gilbert, tailor 7 Rothery's lane
Cookess, Adam, boarding house, 6 Commerce street
Cofer, Matthew, 4 Little Water street
Campbell, John, tailor, 7 Water street
Carson, George, boarding house, 16 Water street
Courtois & Faure, shop keepers, 34 Little Water street


Douglas, James, merchant, No. 4 Market square
     ware house, 17 Commerce street wharf
Dallest & Carlier, merchants, 6 Campbell's wharf
Dana, Phinehas, merchant, 7 Campbell's wharf
     dwelling, 135 Main street
Dunn, John, commission merchant, 7 Maxwell's wharf
Donaldson, James & co. merchants, Lee's lower wharf
Davidson, Isaac, merchant, 1 Brewer street
Davies, William, collector of the customs, 2 Main street
Drake Francis, (free black), barber, 20 Main street
Durieu, Nicholas, shop keeper, 59 Main street
Davis, William, purser of Baltimore frigate, Brown's lane
Durant, Henry, baker, 2 Calvert's lane


Decormis, Lewis, shop keeper, 87 Main street
Dare, Gilman, coach maker, 13 Loyall's lane
Dishon, John, cooper, 5 Newton's wharf
Durant, Lewis E. & co., ship chandlers, 14 Newton's wharf
     dwelling, 1 Bermuda street
Dick, William, tin plate worker, 9 Market square
Dowdall, James, iron monger, 13 Market square
Dayton, Elisha, tailor, 2 Water street
Dorsey, Leven, mathematical instrument maker, 7 Water street
     dwelling, Duke street on Glebe point
Dameron, James, shoe maker, 13 Water street
     dwelling, 15 Fen Church street
Donnavon, Mary, seamstress, 31 Fen Church street
Dudgeon, John, biscuit baker, 4 Woodside's wharf
     dwelling, Prince's street, Smith's point
Davis, Thomas, boarding house, 1 Marsden's wharf
Dell, Mary, lodging house, 2 Maxwell's lane
Daily, Peter, taylor, 124 Main street
Dunn, William, hair dresser, 11 Commerce street
Dunn, William, taylor, 20 Commerce street
Donnaghy John, shopkeeper, Little Water street
Deacon, William, blacksmith, 1 Deacon's lane
     workshop, 8 Warren's row
Dow, William, cooper, 12 Calvert's lane
Dickenson, James, biscuit baker, 1 Kelly street
Dyson, Ann, widow, 1 Boush street
Dempster, Robert, wood measurer, Duke street, Glebe point
Deal, Christian, saddler, 19 Bank street
Driver, Mrs., widow, 18 Catherine street
Dobby, William, seaman, 31 Cumberland street
Doyle, Martin, trader, 1 Cove street
Dunscomb, Mary, widow, 2 Cumberland street
Dyson, James, taylor, 2 Church street
D'anfossy, M., shop keeper, 20 Church street
Dura, Peter, shop keeper, 36 Church street
Desmorters, Renne, shop keeper, 56 Church street


Denny, Frances, seamstress, 65 Church street
Davis, Charles, gun smith, 107 Church street
Douville, M., music master, 108 Church street
Dunn, John, blockmaker, 1 Brigg's street
Dameron, Martha, widow, 3 Holt street
Davis, John, sea captain, 3 Holt street
Dunn, Anthony, bricklayer, Smith's point (fields)
Duport, Anthony, physician, 9 Dameron's lane
Davis, John, boarding house, 33 Little Water street


Ewell, Jesse, tailor, No. 13 Cumberland street
     shop, 21 Main street
Etheridge, Basset, ship carpenter, 9 Loyall's wharf
Earnest, Catharine, boarding house, 1 Rothery's wharf
Elmslie, Peter, shop keeper, 12 corner of Maxwell's lane and Little Water street
     tobacco shop, 13 Maxwell's lane
Everet, Charles, boarding house, 10 Commerce street
Ewell, Francis, shoe maker, 21 Cumberland street
Evans, George, constable, 12 Church street
Exchange coffee-house, 132 Main street
Eilbeck, Jonathan, 15 Free-mason street


Farmar, Robert, commission merchant, No. 22 Bank street
     store 24 Main street
Frost, John, merchant, Frost's wharf
Fry, Christopher, merchant, 9 Newton's wharf
Ferguson, Daniel, taylor, 3 Metcalf's lane
Ferguson, Finley, plaisterer, 50 Main street
Furguson, Mrs., milliner, 50 Main street
Ford, John, wine refiner, 73 Main street
Farmer, sea captain, 1 Talbot's row
Foster, Seth, Mayor of the borough, 79 Main street
Farr, William, seaman, 2 Calvert's lane
Fielding, Maria, 5 Calvert's lane


Frasier, Mrs., oyster woman, 4 borough tavern alley
Fisk, Martin, grocer, 16 & 19 Market square
     dwelling, 8 Granby street
Ford, William, cabinet maker, 2 Willock's wharf
Farrington, George, cabinet maker, 3 Woodside's wharf
Fitzgerald, Thomas, boarding house, 11 Woodside's wharf
Ferguson, Daniel, taylor, 113 Main street
Freeburn, Peter, lodging house, 10 Maxwell's lane
Foy, Frederick, painter, 8 Rothery's lane
Fleet, Mary, widow, 10 Cumberland street
Fitzgerald, Maurice, 37 Church street
Freeman, John H., joiner, 78 Church street
Ferte, John G., physician and surgeon, 91 Church street
Fitz, George H., carpenter, 105 Church street
Ford, Michael, accountant, 11 Bermuda street
Field, Robert, bricklayer, Magazine land (fields)
Finch, George, sail maker, Magazine lane (fields)
     sail loft, 8 Campbell's wharf.


Granberry, John, merchant, No. 19 Commerce street wharf
     dwelling, 4 Boush street
Gibson, Robert, merchant, 8 Maxwell's wharf
     dwelling, 11 Brewer street
Gilliat & Mackinder, merchants, 24 Market square
Gibney, John F., merchant, 90 Main street
Guitau, Madam, store keeper, 29 Main street
Gorley, Bryan, trader, 3 Talbot's row
Griffin, Thomas, coach-maker, 5 Talbot's row
     work-shop, 116 Main street
Green, Obadiah, constable, 10 Calvert's lane
Gray, John, tin plate worker, 13 Calvert's lane
Griffin, Thomas, seaman, 16 Calvert's lane
Goulden, Daniel, trader, 11 Boush's lane
Gilbert, Renear, store keeper, 107 Main street
Glass, Thomas, watch-maker, 21 Market square
     dwelling, 2 Concord street


Gib, John, cooper, 32 Water street
Godwin, Jesse, boarding house, 4 Water street
Greaves, Ralph, tavern keeper, 1 Willock's wharf
Godwin, Lewis, (free black), shop keeper, 30 Water street
Green, Isaac, shop keeper, 8 Woodside's wharf
Gourlay, David, boarding house, 7 Commerce street
Griffin, Jane, boarding house, 16 Commerce street
Good, Richard, shop keeper, 3 Little Water street
Gould, John, boarding house, 6 Little Water street
Green, Richard, L., house carpenter, Duke street, Glebe point
Greaves, Uphan, widow, 16 Catherine street
Goodwin, James, bricklayer, 17 Catherine street
Gatewood, Philemon, naval officer, 33 Catherine street
Gibbons, Robert, coach-maker, 8 Cumberland street
Guerard, Victoire, shop keeper, 10 Church street
Guthery, Alexander, warfinger, 30 Church street
Gormley, George, shop keeper, 53 Church street
Giddins, Caleb, taylor, 61 Church street
Gaskings, Job, taylor, 85 Church Street
Godin, Peter, baker, 112 Church street
Greaves, James, coach-maker, 8 Dameron's lane
Geizar [or Goizar], John, shop keeper, 9 Fen Church street
     shop, east end of Main street
Gilbert, Madam, widow, 3 Bermuda street
Gorm, Allen, ship carpenter, 20 Bermuda street
     work shop, Frost's wharf
Godemar, Charles, 29 Bermuda street
Ganieau, M., 22 Free Mason street
Gordon, Elizabeth, widow, Bute street (fields)
George, John, inspector of R. Customs, Smith's point (fields)
Guy, Edward, sail maker, Bute street (fields)
     sail loft, Marsden's & Maxwell's wharves
Guy, James, Bute street (fields)


Hamilton, Thomas, & co., merchants, No. 13 Main street
Herron, James, merchant, 4 & 9 Commerce street wharf
Higginbotham, Thomas & John, merchants, 15 Commerce street wharf
     dwelling, 29 Catherine street
Hartshorne, William, jun., merchant, 5 Maxwell's wharf
Hunter, James, deputy marshal, 2 Chappel street
     office, 10 Market square
Holt, Henry, commission merchants, 3 Maxwell's wharf
     dwelling, Bute street (fields)
Hansford, C. H., physician, 32 Catherine street
Harrison, Matthew, taylor, 5 Main street
Hill, Thomas, house carpenter, 18 Main street
Halliday, Thomas, borough tavern, 54 Main street
Herbert, William, ship right, 71 Main street
Haynes, Ann, widow, 2 Talbot's row
Hutchins, Ann, widow, 74 Main street
Hamilton, Colonel John, consul for Great Britain, 78 Main street
Hutchinson, John, constable, 2 Calvert's lane
Higginson, Joseph, black smith, 4 Calvert's wharf
Hubbard, Matthew, shoemaker, 118 Main street
Hannover, John, seaman, 8 Calvert's lane
Hayes, Joseph, brewer, 89 Main street
Haywood, John, boarding house, 11 Loyall's wharf
Hasset, William, taylor, 4 Boush's lane
Heerman, Frederick, druggist, 110 Main street
Horman & Burke, auctioneers, 5 Market square
Hodges, Josiah, grocer, 3 Campbell's wharf
     dwelling, Bute street (fields)
Hordenbrook, Peter, boarding house, 18 Water street
Halliday, John, rigger, 19 Water street
Hall, John, rigger 23 Water street
Harris, Stephen, baker, 1 Commerce street
Hunt, Eliza, boarding house, 126 Main street
Heddrick, J. C., shop keeper, 38 Litter Water street


Hutchinson, John, shop keeper, 25 Little Water street
Heary, Matthew, shop keeper, 23 Little Water street
Higgins, Samuel, sailor's boarding house, 37 Little Water street
Hedrick, John, lodging house, 3 Mitchell's row
Helmson, Henry, ship carpenter, 5 Bank street
Hammond, Mary, 21 Bank street
Hiort, Henry, attorney at law, 2 Catherine street
Holt, John E., 19 Catherine street
Hurst, Richard, sea captain, 20 Catherine street
Holland, Rebecca, widow, 11 Cumberland street
Hawthorn, Thomas, sea captain, 27 Church street
Hatton, Robert, sea captain, 44 Church street
Harrison, Charles, tanner, 67 Church street
Hereter, Casper, gardener, 89 Church street
Herbert, Dinah, widow, 8 Fen Church street
Hubert, Joshua, sail maker, 17 Fen Church street
Hawkins, Jonathan, shoemaker, 17 Fen Church street
Haynes, Margaret, boarding house, 5 Bermuda street
Huguet, M., 1 East street
Hathaway, Benjamin, painter, Briggs point
Hill, Baylor, measurer of rev. customs, Briggs point
Hodges, Joseph, black smith, Briggs point
     work shop, Loyall's wharf
Harwood, Barlow, house joiner, Smith's point
     work shop, Woodside's wharf
Holden & Christie, grocers, 1 corner of Campbell's wharf & Water street
     dwelling, 4 Catherine street
Herman, Redmond, shop keeper, 20 Main street
Hubberd, Matthew, shoe & boot maker, 29 Main street


Ingram, Sarah, widow, 10 Bermuda street


Johnston & Richardson, merchants, No. 7 Commerce street wharf
     dwelling, 17 Free mason street
Johnston, William, merchant, 3 Marsden's wharf
     dwelling, 28 Catherine street


Janson, C. W., merchant, 15 Bermuda street
Jordan, Augustus C., editor of the Epitome, &c., 1 Newton's wharf
Jordan, Marcus T. C., grocer, 1 Union street
Jordan, Elizabeth, widow, corner of Bute & Brewer streets
Johnston, John, hatter, 40 Main street
Jerraud, Peter, shop keeper, 9 Calvert's lane
Jones, William, saddler, 91 Main street
Jones, Julia, seamstress, 17 Loyall's lane
Jennings, Robert C., grocer, 11 Market square
Jackson, Ann, lodging house, 6 Woodside's lane
Jennings, Thomas, inspector of customs, Duke street (fields)
Jennings, William, captain of navy ply boat, Duke street (fields)
Jackson, Henry, (free black), pilot, 12 Bank street
Jackson, Catherine, washer woman, 4 Talbot street
Johnston, John, shop keeper, 29 Church street
Johnston, Levy, shop keeper, 66 Church street
Johnson, Edward, taylor, 121 Church street
Jones & Hanna, saddlers, 122 Church street
Jeffery, Aaron, sea captain, 25 Bermuda street
Johnston, James, sea captain, 5 Chappel street
Jandrell, Thomas, house carpenter, 3 Free Mason street
Johnston, Thomas, sea captain, Queen street (fields)


Kerr & Lamb, merchants, No 42 Main street
Kerr, James, scrivener [notary public], 52 Main street
Kennion, Sarah, washer woman, 12 Loyall's wharf
Kallan, Severn, taylor, 9 Boush's lane
Keel, Robert, sea captain, Queen street (fields)
King, Judith, shop keeper, 37 Water street
Knox, David, boarding house, 8 Commerce street
Kramer, John, coachman, 10 Granby street


Kempton, Eliza, widow, 5 Bank street
Kilgrow, James, house carpenter, Catherine street (fields)
Knight, William G., sea captain, 54 Church street
Kirk, John, accountant, 75 Church street
Kilgrow, Gideon, boat builder, Briggs point
Keiling, Henry, house carpenter, Queen street (fields)


Laurance, John, merchant, No 2 Commerce street wharf
     dwelling, Darkmouth street (fields)
Laurie & Telfer, merchants, Pool's point
Livingston, John, sea captain, 12 Main street
Livingston, Ann, boarding house, 14 Main street
Lamb, William, auctioneer, 43 Main street
     vendue store, 25 Market square
Loyall, George, alderman, 95 Main street
Light, Mary, seamstress, 15 Loyall's lane
Leadeuff, Olivier, store keeper, 98 Main street
Lee, William Charles, scrivener, 7 Boush's lane
Lynch, Francis, store keeper, 20 Market square
Lourong, Maria, shop keeper, 3 Woodside's wharf
Levy, Eleazer, umbrella maker, 42 Little Water street
Latham, Jean, sea captain, 13 Boush street
Lewis, Eleanor, 3 Bank street
Leslie, John, shop keeper, 6 Bank street
Leselie, Jampierre, dancing master, 30 Cumberland street
Leckie, Andrew, deputy collector, 2 Williamson's lane
Lewellin, Richard, boat builder, Catherine street (fields)
Lownds, John, china shop keeper, 1 Church street
Lucas, Robert, house carpenter, Vaughan's alley
Lambert, Jesse, shop keeper, 15 Church street
Lugg, Peter, grocer, 16 Church street
L'Orient, store keeper, 17 Church street
Levere, M., store keeper, 19 Church street
Letuze, M., music master, 38 Church street
Leslie, Alexander, shop keeper, 69 Church street


Labon, Joseph, shop keeper, 82 Church street
Lodges; 1, 108 Church street
     56 of Naphtali, 8 Dameron's lane
     French Lodge, "Truth," 93 Church street
Lyman, Eleanor, seamstress, 4 Dameron's lane
LaComb, Matthew, sea captain, 4 Bermuda street
Lewellin, Abel, boat builder, Briggs point
Lefebvre, Charles, store keeper, 96 Main street
Lindsay, Martha, widow, 6 Free Mason street
Lasaline, Madam, 23 Free Mason street
Laboyteaux, Mary, widow, Bute street, (fields)
Lattimore, Riciard, shoe maker, 121 Main street
Luke, G., 29 Little Water street.


M'Intosh, George, merchant, No. 27 Main street
Myers, Moses, merchant, 16 Newton's wharf
     dwelling, 13 corner of Catherine & Free Mason street
Murray, George, & Co., merchants, 13 Commerce street wharf
Maclure, Alexander, merchants, 21 Commerce street wharf
     dwelling, Voss street in the fields
Martin, Andrew, merchant, 8 Brewer street
Marsh, Samuel, attorney at law and notary public, 7 Fen Church street
Morris, James, store keeper, 30 Main street
Mirick, Edward, stationer, and circulating library, 33 Main street
M'Mechen, William, store keeper, 35 Main street
     dwelling, 5 Metcalf's lane
Metcalf, Anthony, store keeper, 46 Main street
Marsden, Mary, widow, 48 Main street
Mosely, Hillary, inspector of customs, 66 Main street
Mosely, Eleanor, widow, 67 Main street
Morfit, Anna, boarding house, 6 Talbot's row
Matthews, Thomas, attorney at law, 77 Main street


Martin, James, constable, 4 Calvert's wharf
Malbone, Daniel, shop keeper, 1 J. Calvert's lane
Moore, David, shop keeper, 12 J. Calvert's wharf
Martin, Alexander, cabinet maker, 93 Main street
Marsden, John G., wharf owner, 1 Marsden's lane
Moulson, Edward, store keeper, 101 Main street
Moiseau. Peter, store keeper, 100 Main street
M'Pherson, Hugh, shop keeper, 15 corner of Market square
Magagnos, Madam, store keeper, 18 Market square
Market house, public, Market square
M'Pherson, Daniel, shop keeper, 4 Water street
     dwelling, 17 Church street
Murphy, John, watch maker, 15 Water street
     dwelling, 16 Fen Church street
M'Allister, David, boarding house, 20 Water street
M'Neil, John, boarding house, 24 Water street
Mitchel, John, stone cutter, 28 Water street
Mann, Michael, block maker, 34 Water street
     shop at Woodside's wharf
Moore & Clark Madams, shop keepers, 39 Water street
M'Nabb, Duncan, boarding house, 2 Woodside's wharf
Macgill, Nathan, merchant & auctioneer, 12 Commerce street wharf
     dwelling, 136 Main street
Massin, Peter, taylor, 44 Water street
M'Donald, Duncan, shop keeper, 50 Water street
Michie, James, ship chandler, 52 Water street
Moody, Thomas, lodging house, 5 Maxwell's lane
M'Manan, Charles, lodging house, 9 Maxwell's lane
M'Namarra, Patrick, sea captain, 2 Rothery's lane
Munrow & New, boarding house, 5 Commerce street
Meeks, Robert, lodging house, 9 Little Water street
Morris, Benjamin, watch maker, 1 Deacon's lane
     shop, 7 Water street
M'Lacklan, Edward, shop keeper, 11 Little Water street
Moodie, John, house carpenter, 18 Little Water street
M'Carty, Dennis, lodging house, 20 Little Water street


Matthias, William, boat builder, 6 Boush street
     work shop, Warren's wharf
Murphy, George, sail maker, 10 Boush street
     loft Woodside's wharf
Martino, M., teacher of music, 16 Cumberland street
M'Donald, Alexander, constable, 11 Church street
Mitchel, Lorian, baker, 35 Church street
M'Dormand, Thomas, constable, 52 Church street
Murphy, Elizabeth, widow, 74 Church street
Murphy, Michael, windsor chair maker, 97 Church street
Murphy, Nathaniel, taylor, 98 Church street
Menier, Thomas, baker, 81 Church street
Mahon, Charles, sea captain, 110 Church street
Moffitt, William, hair dresser, 115 Church street
Moffitt, Thomas, messenger of the court and commons council, 3 Fen Church street
Matthias, Willoughby, house carpenter, 14 Fen Church street
Maxwell, James, ship chandler, 11 Maxwell's wharf
     dwelling, 22 Fen Church street
Morris, Ruth, widow, 8 Bermuda street
Marrass, John, trader, 1 Holt street
Marshall, Lewis, watch maker, Briggs point
Moseley, Samuel, magistrate, 5 Free Mason street
Moore, James, Bute street in the fields
M'Lacklin, Philip, sea captain, Voss street in the fields
Moseley, William, taylor, Queen street in the fields
Morgan, William, picture frame maker & guilder, 115 Main street
Mortimer, Charles, physician and surgeon, 1 Fayette street
     dwelling, at Robertson & Brown's, 6 Main street

[25] N

Nivison, John, attorney at law, and notary public, No. 4 Main
Newton, Thomas, 7 Market square
Newton, Thomas, jun., attorney at law and notary public, James street, fields
     office, 2 Union street
Nixon, Jacob, physician, surgeon and man-midwife, 125 Main street
Nesbit, William, boarding house, 18 Little Water street
Nickles, William, carver, 4 Woodside's lane
Nimmo, James, attorney at law, 18 Cumberland street
Newcomb, Jesse, Cumberland street in the fields
Nimmo, Peggy, widow, Cumberland street in the fields
Nichols, John, seaman, 57 Church street
New, Benjamin, plaisterer, 80 Church street
Norris, Benjamin, blacksmith, 7 Bermuda street
     work shop, C. Calvert's wharf
Nivien, Thomas & Co., ship chandlers, 46 Water street


Oast, George, No. 1 Taylor's lane
Olden, Daniel, trader, 45 Main street
O'Connor, Taaffe, grocer and vintner, 51 Main street
Otis, Henry, tobacconist, 5 Woodside's wharf
O'Grady, William, physician, surgeon and man-midwife, 6 Rothery's lane
O'Marra, Thomas, shoe maker, 16 Bank street
Olive, Thomas, seaman, 5 Talbot street
O'Connor, James, printer, 36 Catherine street
O'Neil, Elizabeth, widow, 11 Cumberland street
Orr, Robert, & Co., soap and candle manufacturers, 95 Church street


Ott, George, jeweller, 120 Church street
O'Butler, John, sea captain, 6 Fen Church street
O'Mullan, John, bricklayer, 3 Church street


Patterson, David, ship wright, 3 Martin's court
Pennock, William, merchant, 16 Main street
     counting house and store, 10 & 15 Newton's wharf
Parleto, Vincent, store keeper, 38 Main street
Parker, Thomas H., merchant, 53 Main street
     dwelling, 42 Church street
Patterson, Jennett, boarding house, 85 Main street
Perron, John, physician, surgeon and man-midwife, 100 Main street
Payne, Benjamin (free black), house carpenter, 10 Boush's lane
Plume, William & Co., ship chandlers, 5 Campbell's wharf
Plume, William, tanner and rope maker, 73 Church street
Price, Thomas, commission merchant, 8 Campbell's wharf
     dwelling, 2 Willock's lane
Potts, James, shop keeper, 6 Water street
Paul, James, commission merchant, 8 Water street
Proudfit, John, merchant, 3 Commerce street wharf
     dwelling, 26 Catherine street
Payne, Benjamin, stamp office, 10 Maxwell's wharf
     dwelling, 25 Fen Church street
Parsley, Mary, 1 Burk's alley
POST OFFICE, 133 Main street
Parker, George, sea captain, 12 Boush street
Pool, Robert, 12 Brewer street
Patridge, John, shop keeper, 2 Bank street
Phelps, Loomis, shoe maker 4 Bank street
Phelps, Noah, tin plate-worker, 4 Bank street
Pool, Mary (free black), seamstress, 10 Bank street
Pretlove, John, house carpenter, 16 Bank street


Peters, William (free black), sailor's lodging, 3 Talbot street
Parker, William, sea captain, 3 Cumberland street
Portlock, John, block maker, Marsden's wharf
     dwelling, 12 Cumberland street
Pagaud, Lewis, 14 Cumberland street
Pagaud, Mrs. Alice, French and English school, 14 Cumberland street
Prescot, Henry, lumber inspector, Cumberland street (fields)
Parker, Copeland, surveyor of customs, Cumberland street (fields)
Petit, M., shop keeper, 22 Church street
Peck, Simeon, captain of watch, 50 Church street
Peed, Joshua, taylor, 59 Church street
Penice, Antonio, shop keeper, 83 Church street
Proby, Paul, harbor master, 86 Church street
Pollard, Benjamin, 102 Church street
Pollard, Wilham, coach painter, 8 Dameron's lane
Peters, John, sea captain, 8 Dameron's lane
Pigeon, Francis, 12 Bermuda street.


Robertson & Brown, merchants, No. 6 Main street
     counting house adjoining
ware houses, 14 & 26 Commerce street wharf
Rickard, William, taylor, 17 Main street
Read, John K., physician, 36 Main street
Ritson, Thomas, merchant, 69 Main street
Ramsay, Mary, widow, 70 Main street
Richardson, W. J., sea captain, 72 Main street
Rainbow, Thomas, stationer & book binder, 51 Water street
     dwelling, 9 Talbot row
Rush, John, ship carpenter, 7 J. Calvert's lane
Rappendall, Dianna, huckster, 1 Loyall's lane
Rogers, William, taylor, 3 Market square
Reynolds, John, store keeper, Newton's wharf


Reardon, Timothy, shop keeper, 3 Water street
Ryan, Thomas, shop keeper, 14 Water street
Raincock, William & Charles, merchants, 1 Commerce street wharf
     40 corner of Commerce and Water street
     dwelling, 18 Free Mason street
Rogers & Gourley, shop keepers, 9 Rothery's lane
Russel, Moses, shop keeper, 10 Little Water street
Reins, William K., shop keeper, 12 Little Water street
Rogers, William, sea captain, 5 Woodside's lane
Riston, John, discount clerk, bank, 3 Boush street
Redpath, Samuel, shop keeper, 17 Bank street
Rouie, Madam, shop keeper, 20 Bank street
Renshaw, Charles, cashier of bank, 1 Catherine street
Roberts, Edward, 9 Catherine street
Randolph, Ann, boarding house, 25 Catherine street
Ruggles, Frances, widow, 1 Williamson's lane
Riddick, Mills, sea captain, 9 Cumberland street
Ratchiffe, Charles, coaster, Cumberland street (fields)
Reimonenq, Peter I., segar maker, 5 Church street
Reed, James, baker, 18 Church street
Reed, John, 62 Church street
Rourk, John, 72 Church street
Rice, Francis, 99 Church street
Richardson, John, shoe maker, 111 Church street
Rosainville, Anthony, confectioner, 120 Church street
Riffaud's Vaux-Hall gardens, 6 Dameron's lane
Remuel, Madam, widow, 27 Bermuda street
Rodgers, Charles, black smith, 12 Free Mason street
Richardson, Thomas, merchant, 17 Free Mason street
Reynolds, Francis D., house carpenter, Bute street (fields)
Robbins, John, block maker, Bute street (fields)
     work shop, Newton's wharf
Richards, George, shoe maker, Queen street (fields)
Ryan, Patrick, saddler, 102 Main street.

[29] S

Southgate, J. & W., merchants, No. 32 Main street
Southwick, John, sail maker, 1 Borough Tavern Alley
Sautjou, Lewis, store keeper, 55 Main street
Simmons, Nicholas, shop keeper, 63 Main street
Selden & Whitehead, physicians, 4 Market square
Smith, Samuel, auctioneer, 7 Market square
     dwelling, 88 Church street
Street, Martha, boarding house & tavern, 16 Market square
Stanhope, William, hatter, 27 Market square
     dwelling, 1 Proby's lane
Seaman, Thomas, watch maker, 11 Water street
Scott, Rebecca, widow, 2 Willock's lane
Small, John, rigger, 25 Water street
Smith, George, boarding house, 33 Water street
Strauchan, Hugh, baker, 1 Warren's wharf
Stephenson, Ferdinand, boarding house, 2 Warren's wharf
Soulage, Lacroix Andre & Co., merchants, 18 Commerce street wharf
     dwelling, 7 Free Mason street
Stone, Daniel & Co., merchants, 2 Marsden's wharf
Smith, Francis, merchants, 4 Marsden's wharf
     dwelling, 1 Fen Church street
Sutton, Richard, merchant, 9 Maxwell's wharf
Spratly, Richard, vendue crier, 114 Main street
Sevan, Francis, 3 Maxwell's lane
Stevens, Absalom, taylor, 122 Main street
Suggs, George, taylor, 1 Rothery's lane
Smith, Richard, taylor, 4 Commerce street
Stafford, John, sailor's boarding house, 17 Commerce street
Spencer, Robert, boarding house, 14 Commerce street
Shaw, Richard, boarding house, 7 Little Water street
Stutson, John, boarding house, 10 Little Water street
Skipton, William, boarding house, 17 Little Water street


Spencer, Richard, shop keeper, 21 Little Water street
Stratton, John, merchant, 4 Granby street
Saul, Joseph, teller at Bank, 2 Brewer street
Stark, William, physician, 10 Brewer street
Sewell, Ann, boarding school, 15 Catherine street
Smith, John Tab, inspector of customs, 19 Cumberland street
Saverett, M., shop keeper, 27 Cumberland street
Ship, Samuel, block maker, 29 Cumberland street
     shop, Campbell's wharf
Simmons, C. H., broker & scrivener, 15 Cumberland street
Sawyer, Joseph, house joiner, Cumberland in the fields
Stores, Jonathan, ship carpenter, Cumberland in the fields
Steward, Patrick, ship carpenter, Cumberland in the fields
Sejourne', I. B., shop keeper, 7 Church street
Scully, Barnaby, trader, 25 Church street
Shuster, Jacob, butcher, 28 Church street
Sonpayrac, John, shop keeper, 63 Church street
Saunders, John, lieutenant of artillery, 87 Church street
St. John's new Episcopal Church, Church street
     Old, Church street
Smith, James, sea captain, 114 Church street
Stringer, Littleton, shop keeper, 116 Church street
Smith, Francis, merchant, 1 Fen Church street
Stone, Daniel, merchant, 4 Fen Church street
Scott, George (free black), carpenter, 5 Fen Church street
Saunders, John, inspector of revenue customs, 6 Cumberland street
Steed, Solomon, sea captain, 17 Bermuda street
Snail, Mrs., widow, 23 Bermuda street
Stroud, John, brick layer, Briggs point
Shepherd, Ann, widow, 4 Free Mason's street
Smith, James, shoe maker, 115 Church street
Singleton, John, house carpenter, Charlotte street (fields)
Scarborough, William, shop keeper, Smith's point
Sweney, George W., commission merchant, Bute street in the fields


Sharp, William, register and clerk of court, 19 Free Mason street
     office, 67 Main street


Thorborn, James, merchant, No. 3 Main street
Taylor, Robert, president of bank, 7 Main street
Thompson, James, cabinet maker, 8 Main street
     dwelling, 3 Rothery's lane
Tucker, James, merchant, 31 Main street
     dwelling, 14 Catherine street
Thuillier, Charles, tobaccoinst, 47 Main street
Thomas, Frances, widow, 60 Main street
Taylor, Mrs. M. L., boarding house, 65 Main street
Turner, John, mariner, 10 Talbot row
Thomson, William, merchant, 75 Main street
Taylor, James, physician, 83 Main street
Taylor, Robert Lindsay, grocer, 97 Main street
Taylor & Hansford, physicians, 109 Main street
Taylor, Richard & Co., merchants, 6 Market square
     dwelling, 1 Talbot street
Taylor, James, jun., auctioneer, 12 Market square
     dwelling, 12 Catherine street
Tracey, Daniel, flop shop, 9 Water street
Turner, Calvin, shop keeper, 4 Fayette street
Taylor, Francis S., merchant, 8 Commerce street wharf
     dwelling, 35 Catherine street
Twiford, Obed & Co., ship chandlers, 6 Maxwell's wharf
Taylor, Robert B., attorney at law, and notary public, 131 Main street
     dwelling 134 Main street
Thomson, Thomas I., shop keeper, 18 Little Water street
Turnbull, John, shop keeper, 31 Little Water street
Thomas, John, boarding house, 20 Little Water street
Taylor, Archibald, brick layer, 11 Boush street
Thomson, Joseph, shoe maker, 15 Bank street
Taylor, John, 24 Catherine street


Talbot, Mary, widow, 2 Talbot street
Therie, John, shop keeper, 22 Cumberland street
     shop, 92 Main street
Trecco, Francis, carpenter, 13 Church street
Toole, Edward, carpenter, 26 Church street
Tadamy, Francis, seaman, 1 Dameron's lane
Theatre of Norfolk, Fen Church street
Trimble, John, sail maker, 12 Fen Church street
Trya, Ann (free black), midwife, 21 Fen Church street
Thomas & Dorsey, carpenters, 9 Bermuda street
Tunstall, Catherine, widow, 26 Bermuda street
Tyler, Charles, accountant, 28 Bermuda street
Talbot, Meriam, widow, 5 Holt street
Toulson, John, sea captain, Queen street, fields
Turner, Henry, keeper of poorhouse, Queen street, fields


Veale, George, merchant, No. 24 Main street
Vanholt, Joseph, hatter, 22 Market square
     dwelling, 4 Willock's lane
Vance, David, hatter, 45 Water street
Vaugh, Sarah, seamstress, 1 Maxwell's lane
Vaughan, William, merchant, 9 Church street
Vizonneau, Peter, shop keeper, 33 Church street
Vennue, John, shop keeper, 34 Church street
Ventus, John (free black), cabinet maker, 70 Church street
Valentine, Edward, planter, 21 Bermuda street
Violeau, Charles, 6 Chappel street
Vikery, Eli, sea captain, 7 Boush street


Wheeler, Luke, merchant, No. 15 Main street
Willock, Thomas, merchant, 41 Main street
Whitehead, Alexander, physician, 10 Main street


Wilson, Mary, boarding house, 1 Martin's court
West, John, grocer and vintner, 57 corner of Main and Church streets
     dwelling, 5 Cumberland street
Woodward, James, cabinet maker, and undertaker, 61 Main street
     dwelling, 86 Main street
West, Margaretta, manager of Theatre, 64 Main street
Williamson, Archibald, ship wright, 68 Main street
Williamson, James, jailer, and deputy sergeant, at the jail Main street
Williams, Nancy (free black), seamstress, 3 Calvert's lane
Woodward, Ann, 6 Calvert's lane
Williams, Betsy (free black), washer and ironer, 14 Calvert's lane
Wilson, Robert, taylor, 6 Loyall's lane
Wilson, Thomas, constable, 6 Loyall's lane
Wells, Henry, carver, 8 Loyall's lane
Watson, Edward, sea captain, 18 Loyall's lane
Ward, John, rigger, 6 Boush's lane
Williamson, James, block maker, 3 Newton's wharf
     dwelling, 31 Catherine street
Wilson, Alexander & Co., merchants, 11 Newton's wharf
     dwelling, 20 Free Mason street
Woodworth, Dudley, grocer, 2 Campbell's wharf
     dwelling, 1 Gilbert's alley
Warner, John, watch-maker, 10 Water street
     dwelling, 37 Catherine street
Williamson, John, ship carpenter, 3 Willock's lane
Williamson, Mrs., teacher of embroidery, and tambour work, 3 Willock's lane
Ward, William, ship carpenter, 27 Water street
Williams, John, rigger, 3 Willock's wharf
Watts, John, shop keeper, 36 Water street
Walker, Margaret, shop keeper, 6 Woodside's wharf
Warrock, William, gold smith & jeweler, 16 Water street
Whitfield, Sarah, lodging house, 11 Maxwell's lane


Willet & O'Connor, editors of the Herald, 120 Main street
Ward, Bryan, shop keeper, 39 Little Water street
Wolf, Benjamin, flop shop, 7 Little Water street
Welsh, Michael, sea captain, 2 Fayette street
Whittle, Conway, merchant, 1 Granby street
     counting house, Whittle's wharf
Warren, John ship wright, 3 Granby street
     counting house, 5 Fayette street
Whyte, Argyle, school master, Boush street (fields)
Whitemore, Sarah, widow, 5 Brewer street
Williams, John (free black), painter, 7 Brewer street
Weaver, Ann (free black), shop keeper, 13 Bank street
Webber, Justus, taylor, 15 Bank street
Widgeon, Ethered, shop keeper, 18 Bank street
Whitfield, William, inspector customs, 32 Church street
Wright, Matthew P., planter, 41 Church street
Wilson, George, carpenter, 43 Church street
Wilkinson, James, sea captain, 46 Church street
Watson, Caleb, carpenter, 45 Church street
Webb, John, shop keeper, 58 Church street
Whitehouse, James, joiner, 60 Church street
Wilkinson, Nicholas, school master, 68 Church street
Woodhouse, Sarah, widow, 76 Church street
Williams, John, joiner, 79 Church street
White, Mary, widow, 92 Church street
Willia, John, boarding house, 100 Church street
Whitehead, Rev. James, rector Elizabeth river parish, 103 Church street
Wright, Jeremiah, joiner, 10 Fen Church street
Waters, George, rigger, 19 Fen Church street
Wrightenton, seaman, 19 Fen Church street
Williamson, William, seaman, 30 Fen Church street
Webb, William, black smith, 1 Chappel street
     shop, Loyall's wharf
Willoughby, Mary, widow, 3 Chappel street
Warrington, John, clerk of market, 4 Chappel street
Warrington, Miss, school mistress, 4 Chappel street


Willoughby, Margaret, widow, 19 Free Mason street
Whitney, Elizabeth, widow, Bute street (fields)
Woodside, Robert, warfinger, James street (fields)
Woodside, Ann, widow, James street (fields)
Watkins, Robert, taylor, Queen street (fields)
Williams, Frances, widow, Queen street (fields)
White, George, china & glass store, 37 Main street.

Young, Charles, merchant, No. 8 Free Mason street.


in the Borough of


Streets, &c. running north and south: south of Main street, beginning at the West end of the town.

1. Fayette street
2. Deacon's lane
3. Warren's row
4. Woodside's lane
5. Mitchell's lane
6. Commerce street
7. Rothery's lane
8. Marsden's lane
9. Maxwell's lane
10. Market square
11. Gilbert's alley
12. Boush's lane
13. Marsden's lane
14. Loyall's lane
15. J. Calvert's lane
16. Brewhouse lane
17. Mathews' lane

North of Main street.

19. Concord street


20. Martin's court
21. Bank street
22. Taylor's lane
23. Talbot's row
24. Willock's lane
25. Metcalf's lane
26. Borough tavern alley
27. Church street
28. Dameron's street
30. East street

North of the bridges.

31. Duke street, Gleve point
32. Coush street
33. Granby street
34. Brewer street
35. Catherine street
36. Cumberland street
37. Chappel street
38. James street
39. Magazine lane
40. Voss street
41. Prince street

Streets, &c. south of Main street, running East and West.

42. Water street
43. Little Water street
44. Kelly street
45. Union street
46. Main street

North of Main street

47. Vaughan's alley
48. Lodge alley
49. Bermuda street
50. Cove street
51. Holt street
52. Briggs street
53. Williamson's land
54. Wolf street
55. Whittle street
56. Free Mason street

North of Free Mason street

57. Proby's lane
58. Charlotte street
59. Bute street
60. Queen street
61. Darkmouth street

Brigs point is situated on the North East of the town.
Smith's point is situated on the North West of the town.
Glebe point is on the South West of the town.
From the East End of the Town.

1. Frost's wharf
2. Hutchins's
3. Brew-house
4. Lee's (upper)
5. C. Calvert's
6. J. Calvert's
7. Loyall's
8. Maclure's (upper)
9. Newton's
10. County
11. Campbell's
12. Maxwell's
13. Marsden's
14. Rothery's
15. Commerce street
16. Woodside's
17. Warren's
18. M'Clure's (lower)
19. Pennock's
20. Whittle's
21. Willock's
22. Lee's (lower)
23. Patterson's.


Extracts from sundry ordinances, necessary to be generally known.
Public officers, notaries, companies, Lodges, Etc.
An account of the Post Office, and other establishments; fees of the
Custom House—rates of wharfage and storage
in the Borough, &c., &c., &c.


Incorporated the 15th September, 1736.

George the Second, by the grace of God, of Great Britain,
France, Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c.

To all and singular our faithful subjects, greetings. WHEREAS a healthful and pleasant place, commodious for trade and navigation, by an act of the General Assem- [43] bly of our colony and dominion of Virginia, hath been appointed and laid out for a town, called by the name of Norfolk, which place of late years, especially during the administration of our trusty and well-beloved William Gooch, Esq., our Lieutenant of our said colony, hath very greatly increased in number of its inhabitants and buildings, in so much that the said town not being capable of containing all such persons as have resorted thereto, divers of our loving subjects have seated themselves and families upon the adjoining lands, so far as to a place called the Town Bridge. Know, Ye, That we being willing to encourage all our good and faithful subjects, as well at present residing and inhabiting, as shall or may hereafter reside and inhabit within the said town of Norfolk and the places thereunto adjoining, so far as the Town Bridge, at the instance and petition of divers of our dutiful and loyal subjects, inhabitants of the said town and places adjacent, of our royal grace, good will, certain knowledge, and meer motion, with the advice of our council of our said colony, have constituted and erected, and by these our Letters Patent do constitute and erect the said town of Norfolk, and the said parts thereunto adjoining so far as said bridge, a Borough, by the name of the Borough of Norfolk; and for us our heirs and successors do by these presents grant to the inhabitants of the said borough and of parts adjacent, that the said borough and of the parts adjacent, shall be a borough incorporate, consisting of a mayor, one person learned in the law, stiled and bearing the office of recorder of the said borough, eight aldermen, and sixteen other persons to be common-councilmen of the said borough; which said mayor, recorder, aldermen, and common-councilmen, shall be a body incorporate, and one community forever, in right and in fact; and by the name of mayor, recorder, aldermen, and common-council of the borough of Norfolk, and as such, shall be persons able and capable in law to acquire, purchase, and receive manors, lands, tenements, and hereditaments not exceeding One Thousand Pounds sterling [45] per annum, and all goods and chattels whatsoever, to have, hold, and enjoy to them and their successors for ever. And also that they the said mayor, recorder, aldermen, and common-council, by the same name, plead and be impleaded, prosecute and defend, answer and be answered in all and singular, causes, complaints, actions real personal and mixt, of what kind or nature soever, in all courts and places, and before all judges and justices whatsoever; and also that the said mayor, recorder, aldermen, and common-council, and their successors, shall have one common seal, to be used for their causes and business; and that it shall be lawful for them the said mayor, recorder, aldermen and common-council, and their successors, their said seal at their pleasure to break, change, and make anew from time to time as to them shall seem expedient: And we will, and by these presents declare, name, and appoint Samuel Boush, gentleman, to be mayor of the said borough for the year ensuing, and afterwards until the day for electing a mayor herein after appointed; and Sir John Randolph, knight, to be recorder for the said borough; and George Newton, Samuel Boush the younger; John Hutchins, Robert Tucker, John Taylor, Samuel Smith the younger, James Ivey, & Alexander Campbell, gents. inhabitants of the said borough, to be aldermen thereof for so long time as they shall well behave themselves in their respective offices and places: and we further order and direct, that the said mayor, recorder and alderman, before they shall enter into or upon the execution of the said offices, shall take the several oaths by law appointed for the security of our person and government, and subscribe the same, and the oath by our said lieutenant-governor, appointed to be taken by the mayor, recorder, and alderman of the said borough, and subscribe the teste,, which oath shall be administered to them by our said lieutenant-governor, or be by such person or persons as he shall authorise and appoint to administer the same.

And we grant that the said mayor, recorder and aldermen, or the major part of them, shall elect and choose [46] other of the most sufficient inhabitants of the said borough being freemen thereof, to be of the common-council of the said borough, for so long a time as they shall well behave themselves in their respective places. And to perpetuate the succession of the said mayor, recorder, aldermen, and common-councilmen in all time to come, We Do Grant, that for the future that they shall assemble in some convenient place in said borough upon the feast day of St. John the Baptist, in every year; and shall elect and choose by the major vote of such of them as shall be then present, one other of the aldermen of the said borough, for the time being, to be mayor of the said borough for the ensuing year. And upon death, removal, or resignation of the said mayor, recorder, or aldermen, or any of them, or within one month after such respective death or deaths, removal or removals, resignation or resignations, the rest of the said aldermen, together with the said mayor and recorder, if they should be living, and common-councilmen, or the major part of them, shall at a time by them to be appointed, meet within the said borough and elect and nominate some other person or persons to be mayor, recorder, and aldermen of the said borough, in the place and places of such person or persons so diseased or removed, as the case shall require, so as the said mayor so to be elected and nominated, be at the time of such election and nomination actually one of the aldermen of the said borough; and so as the said recorder so to be elected and nominated, be a person learned in the law; and so as the alderman and aldermen so elected and nominated, at the time of such election and nomination, to actually of the common-council of the said borough: and the said mayor, recorder, alderman and aldermen so elected and nominated, shall at the time and place of election take the several oaths above-mentioned, and subscribe the same, and subscribe the test; which oath the said mayor, recorder, or any one of the aldermen may, and is hereby required to administer; and shall then likewise, or on the said feast of St. John the Baptist, out of, and from among the inhabitants and free- [47] holders of the said borough, elect and nominate so many persons to be of the common-council as shall be wanting to make up the full number of sixteen persons, and that the persons hereby appointed and named, or hereafter to be elected and nominated mayor, recorder, and aldermen, be justices of the peace within the said borough, the precincts and liberties thereof, and directors of the buildings and street in the said borough; and that they or any three of them, whereof the mayor or recorder for the time being shall always be one, shall have within the said borough and the precincts and liberties thereof, full power and authority to make constables, surveyors of the highways, and other necessary officers; and to rule, order and govern the inhabitants, and the buildings, and the streets thereof, as justices of the peace, and directors are or shall be authorised to do; and shall have power and may execute all the laws, ordinances and statutes in that behalf made, as fully and amply as if they were authorised thereto by express commission, willing and commanding that no other justices of the peace or quorum within our said colony do at any time hereafter take upon them, or any of them, to execute the office of a justice of the peace within the said borough or precinct thereof, in any cause, matter or thing hereby declared to be cognizable by the said mayor, recorder, and aldermen, notwithstanding any commission at large authorising them thereunto, saving always the authority and jurisdiction of our justices of the peace of our county of Norfolk; nor at any time hereafter to be assigned during the time of their holding their courts in the said borough, saving also to all and every other judges, justices, and officers all such rights, powers, jurisdictions and authorities granted, or which shall be granted to them or any of them, by any statute or any act of assembly of this colony.

AND further, We will grant unto the said mayor, recorder, aldermen and common-councilmen of the said borough for the time being, full power and authority to erect [48] work-houses, houses of correction, and prisons within the said borough, and to make order, and appoint such bye-laws, rules and ordinances for the regulation and good government of the trade and other matters, exingencies and things, within the said borough and precincts, as to them or the major part of them shall seem meet, and to be consonant to reason and justice, and not contrary but as near as may conveniently be agreeable to the laws, acts of assembly, and statutes now in force; which said bye laws, rules, and ordinances shall be observed, kept and performed by all manner of persons trading or residing within the said borough, under such reasonable pains, penalties and forfeitures as shall be imposed by the said mayor, recorder, aldermen and common-councilmen, or the major part of them then assembled, from time to time, not exceeding Forty Shillings current money of Virginia; which said pains, penalties, and forfeitures shall be levied by distress and sale of the goods of the person offending, to be employed for the public benefit of the said borough, at their discretion.

AND FURTHER, We have given and granted unto the said mayor, recorder, aldermen, and common-council of the said borough, and to their successors forever, and to all freeholders of the said borough owning half a lot of land with a house built thereon according to law, and to all persons actually residing and inhabiting in the said borough, and having a visible estate of the value of Fifty Pounds current money, at the least; and all persons who hereafter shall serve five years to any trade within the said borough, and shall after the expiration of their time of service be actually house-keepers and inhabitants in the said borough; and for us and our successors, by these presents, do give and grant to them full powers and absolute authority to name, elect, and send one burgess out of the inhabitants actually residing and being within the said borough; which burgess elected shall have a freehold or other vis- [49] ible estate within the said borough, of the value of Two Hundred Pounds sterling, and if such person so elected be not actually residing within the said borough, then he shall have a freehold or other visible estate of the value of Five Hundred Pounds sterling, to be present, fit and vote in house of burgesses of our said colony of Virginia, and there to do and consent to those things which by the common council of our said colony shall happen to be ordained. And do hereby grant and order that writ or writs of election of a burgess for the said borough shall be issued and sent to the said mayor, recorder, and aldermen, for the time being, when and so often as a general assembly shall be called, or occasion shall require:—PROVIDED ALWAYS, that all such electors and voters shall and do, and before they be admitted to give their vote at such election, make oath of their freehold, and of the value of their personal estate, if the candidates or other electors shall require the same to be done.

AND FURTHER, We, of our especial grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion, for us, our heirs and successors, by these presents give and grant to the said mayor, recorder, aldermen, and common-council of the said borough, and to their successors for ever, full and free licence, power and authority, to have, hold and keep three markets weekly in some convenient place in the said borough, to be by them appointed (that is to say) on every Tuesday, on every Thursday, and on every Saturday in the week; and also two fairs yearly, to be held and kept on the first Monday in October, and on the first Monday in April, in every year, for the sale and vending all manner of cattle, victuals, provision, goods, wares and merchandize whatsoever, on which fair days, and on two days next before, and two days next after each of the said fair days, all persons coming to, or being at the said fairs, together with [50] their cattle, goods and merchandize, shall be exempted and privileged from all arrests, attachments, or executions, except for toll and process from the court of Pipowder; and that the said mayor, recorder, aldermen and common-council, and their successors for ever, shall have power to set such reasonable toll on all such cattle, goods, wares and merchandize, and other commodities, as shall be sold in the said markets and fairs respectively as shall be by them thought reasonable, not exceeding Six pence on every beast, and Three Pence on every hog, and the twentieth part of the value of any other commodity sold therein:—PROVIDED ALWAYS, That the toll to be rated and assessed on the cattle & goods so sold, which shall be belonging to the men of the said borough; and that the said mayor, recorder and aldermen, or any three of them, of which the mayor or recorder shall be one, shall and may hold a court of Pipowder, during the time of the said fairs, for hearing and determining all controversies, suits and quarrels, that may arise and happen therein, according to the usual and legal courses in the like cases in England; and we do, for us and our successors, give and grant to the said mayor, recorder, aldermen and common-council, and to their successors for ever, all and every the toll, profits and perquisites arising, due and incident from or to the said markets, fairs, and courts, of Pipowder, to be and by them, or the major part of them, used, laid out and expended for the benefit and advantage of the said borough.

AND FURTHER, We, do grant, for us and our successors, that the said mayor, recorder, and aldermen, and their successors, or any four or more of them, of which the said mayor, recorder, of the last preceding mayor, or senior alderman shall be one, shall hold a court of Hustings once in every month within the said borough, of [51] which court they are hereby empowered to appoint and make clerks and other proper officers from time to time as there shall be occasion, and to settle and allow reasonable fees, not exceeding the fees now settled and allowed in our county courts of our said colony; and shall have jurisdiction and hold plea of trespass and ejectment, and of all writs of dower for any lands and tenements within the said borough, and all other actions personal and mixed, arising with the said borough, precincts, and liberties thereof; and as a court of record, give judgment and award executions thereon, according to the laws and statutes of England, and of the said colony; PROVIDED the demand in the said action personal and mixed do not exceed Twenty Pound current money, or four thousand pounds of tobacco. And provided, nevertheless, that any party or parties, plaintiff or defendant, shall be at liberty to appeal from the judgment of the said court of Hustings to the general court, or to obtain a writ of error, or supersedious to such judgment returnable to the said general court, under such limitations, rules and orders as are already prescribed and set down by the act of assembly, or rules of the said general court, for obtaining and prosecuting appeals, writs of error, and supersedious, from the judgment of the county courts to the general court.

IN WITNESS whereof we have caused these our letters to be made PATENT; witness our trusty and well-beloved WILLIAM GOOCH, esquire, our lieutenant-governor, and commander in chief of our said colony and dominion of Virginia, at Williamsburg, under the seal of our said colony the fifteenth day of September, one thousand seven hundred and thirty-six in the tenth year of our reign.


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