Halifax County Vitals
File Description Date Contributor
The Spencer Children, 1740-1746 Nov 2006 Anita Avery
Marriage Records
Marriages Sorted by Brides, 1753-1800 Apr 2005 Joy Fisher
Marriages Sorted by Grooms, 1753-1800 Apr 2005 Joy Fisher
Miscellaneous Marriages in Early Halifax County Feb 2000 Elizabeth Kaspar
Anderson/Ferguson Marriage Bond, 1816 Feb 2000 Laura A. Phillips
Boyd Marriages Jul 2003 Nancy Russell
Clark Family Marriages, 1789-1817 Feb 2000 Linda Sparks Starr
Connally/Cobbs Marriage Bond, 1813 Mar 2001 Debbie
Cobb/Connally Marriage, 1813 Nov 2006 D. Walker
Cobbs/Condley Marriage Bond, 1813 Mar 2001 Debbie
Davis/Yancy Marriage Document, 1859 Feb 2000 Richard B. Davis
Davis/Yancey Marriage Document, 1869 Feb 2000 Richard B. Davis
Irby Family Marriages Sep 2000 Karen Baker
Seamster Family Marriages Jan 2002 rlmfrog@yahoo.com
Seamster Marriage Documents, 1808-1910 Jul 2000 rlmfrog@yahoo.com
Thomas/Roberts Marriage, 1811 Oct 2006 Virginia Norman
Images of Marriage Records
Obadiah Faulkner to Nanny Finch Hughes, 2 Dec 1862 Mar 2000 Barry Whitfield
R. Bruce Spencer to Sue Willis Faulkner, 1904 Mar 2000 Barry Whitfield
James F. Faulkner to Nannie Grace Long, 22 Dec 1894 Mar 2000 Barry Whitfield
Thomas Faulkner to Fannie Sizemore, 4 Sep 1835 Mar 2000 Barry Whitfield
Henry C. Long to Nannie P. Reaves, 21 Jan 1867 Mar 2000 Barry Whitfield
Atinson Lovelace to Charrity Ferrell, 24 May 1819 Mar 2000 Eddie Vaden
Charles Lovelace to Rhoda Hart, 27 Jul 1789 Mar 2000 Eddie Vaden
Death Records
1853 Death Records Nov 2002 Martha Hills
1854 Death Records Nov 2002 Martha Hills
1855 Death Records Nov 2002 Martha Hills
1856 Death Records Nov 2002 Martha Hills
1857 Death Records Mar 2003 Martha Hills
1858 Death Records Feb 2003 Martha Hills

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