Gloucester County Deeds
File Description Date Contributor
Christopher Abbot Land Grant, 1657 Oct-2000 Regena Cogar
John Day Grant, 1653 Sep-2000 Regena Cogar
Lewis Day Grant, 1675 Sep-2000 Regena Cogar
John Elliss to John Foster - 1750, Amelia Co. Nov-2008 Bob Ellis
Robert Grigg (Grig/Griggs) & Edward Wyatt - 1662 Jan-2002 Gracie
William Hampton, 25 Mar 1651
Jan-2004 Poldi Tonin
Haynes Deed, 1899-1903 May-1999 George N Parker
Guy Knight Land Grant, 1666 Oct-2000 Regena Cogar
Lighfoot Grant, 1675 Sep-2000 Regena Cogar
Thomas Peck Land Grant, 1655 Oct-2000 Regena Cogar
Henry Sears Survey, 1860 May-1999 George N Parker
William Skelton Grant, 1681 Sep-2000 Regena Cogar

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