Fluvanna County Wills
File Description Date Contributor
John Ashlin, 1795 May 1999 Carrington Lee Coleman
William Baskett, 1812 May 1999 Jennifer Perkins
Larkin Bransom, 1810 Apr 2000 Gladys Armstrong
Pleasant Bybee, 1835
Aug 2006 Alice Owens
George Duncan, 1778 Jan 2000 Michèle Thomas
Joseph Fitzpatrick, abstracted, c1785 Jun 2000 JC Schreiber
Estate of Joseph Fitzpatrick, 1786 Jun 2000 JC Schreiber
Hezekiah Holland, 1816 Dec 1999 Evelyn Mann Stevens
John Holland, 1773 Dec 1999 Evelyn Mann Stevens
Edmond Humphrey, 1807 Nov 2005 Valerie Ward
Will & Inventory of Edward Humphrey, 1784 Nov 2005 Valerie Ward
Inventory of John Humphrey, 1822 Nov 2005 Valerie Ward
Reuben HUGHES, will, 1813 Mar 2008 Alice Owens
John Mandley, abstracted, 1802 Feb 2000 G. Brack
John Melton, 1794 Dec 1999 Charlotte Cosner
John Moore, 1794 May 1999 Jennifer Perkins
Hugh Rice Morris, 1773 Nov 1999 Michele Thomas
Corrections to the Will of Hugh Rice Morris, 1773 Dec 1999 Evelyn Mann Stevens
Robert Burton Payne, 1784 Dec 1999 Charlotte Cosner
Alexander Price, abstracted, 1800 Mar 2000 Norma Diggs
John Shepherd, 1796 May 1999 Jennifer Perkins
Caleb Stone, 1807 May 1999 Jennifer Perkins
Benjamin Woodson, Sr., 1777 Jun 2000 JC Schreiber
Mary Woodson, abstracted, c1710 Jun 2000 JC Schreiber
Rene Woodson, 1814 May 1999 Kay Martin
Heir's Index to Will Book 1 May 1999 Michele Thomas
Will Book 2 - Index
May 1998 Michele Thomas
Index to Will Book 3 Apr 2000 Michele Thomas
Index to Will Book 6 - 1849-1852 with Inventories and Accounts May 1999 Michele Thomas
Index to Will Book 7, 1852-1856 With Inventories and Accounts May 1999 Michele Thomas
Index to Will Book 8 - 1856-1859 with Inventories and Accounts
Mar 1997 Michèle Thomas

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