White Top Cemetery

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Alley Alice          
Alley Bell d.Jun. 7, 1932        
Alley Bob's   2 babies      
Alley Bob          
Alley Cleve          
Alley Crockett Son of Sarah Hammond and David Alley; husband of Jane Spencer.        
Alley Doctor John          
Alley Eliza Jane d.(5/25/1957) Jim Alley's wife; children: Tom, Joe, Hal,     John and Frank
Alley Flora          
Alley Fred d.1952        
Alley Hezekiah [no dates on stone] Co. C, 17th Va. Inf., CSA; married in 1863      
    Son of Sarah Hammond and David Alley;        
Alley Hezekiah (Kiah) d. April 11, 1943 Metal marker; Also, known as Doog Alley.      
Alley James d.Dec. 14, 1947        
Alley Jane [Spencer] Wife of Crockett Alley; married in 1840        
Alley Jane Sexton [Sisk?] Wife of Hezikiah Alley; married 1863 at the beginning of the war.        
Alley Jim's 2 babies          
Alley John          
Alley John H. d.(7/11/1950)        
Alley Leonard Son of Sarah Hammond and David Alley; Husband of Nancy; married in 1850.        
Alley Moody          
Alley Mrs. Biddie          
Alley Mrs. Florence d.(1/12/1938)        
Alley Mrs. Hezekiah [Doog] d.(7/6/1944)        
Alley Mrs. Jane          
Alley Mrs. Mary d.(3/30/1945)        
Alley Mrs. Sopia d.(10/19/1935)        
Alley Mrs.Mary Liz          
Alley Myrtle          
Alley Nancy Wife of Leonard Alley; married in 1850        
Alley Neal's 2 babies          
Alley Neal          
Alley Pearl          
Alley Rachel          
Alley Riley d.(2-39-1932)        
Alley Riley d.(3/1/1936)        
Alley Robert          
Alley Sanky          
Alley Syl's 2 babies          
Arden Mrs. Bell b. July 16, 1883 d.(3/23/1930)      
    Full name: Susie Bell Hundley; wife of Vint Arden        
Austin El          
Austin John b. February 17, 1833 d. September 10, 1890      
    Note: Surname spelled "Austain"        
Austin Mrs. Mary Ann 1859 - 1888        
Austin Polly [Mary]          
Austin Agnes b. September 22, 1887 d. February 25, 1890   daut. of Joseph P. and May E. Austin  
Austin Mattie J. b. April 14, 1885 d. June 7, 1893   daut. of Joseph P. and May E. Austin  
Austin Joe [Joseph]   d. 1901   son of James B. and Martha J. Austin  
Austin John          
Austin Gerard          
Austin Mary (Gerard)          
Austin Joe          
Austin Mrs Jennie          
Austin Jim [James B.] b. January 1, 1840 d. September 12, 1904      
Austin Mrs. Jim   d.(3/6/1939)      
Austin Henry's baby   d.(8-16-1940)      
Austin Mrs. Jerdie (Mat)          
Austin Mrs. Ruth Webb          
Austin Bitha [Tabitha] [no date given] d. Aug. 11, 1907 Wife of J.R. Austin; age 33; stone broken in half.    
Barnett William          
Barnett John          
Barnett Mrs. Hannah          
Barnett Mrs. Isabella          
Barnett Julia          
Barnett Berton's baby          
Bell Nancy          
Bell Miss Sallie d.(4/26/1942)        
Bell Lizzie (Mrs. Albert) d.(Jan. 6, 1942)        
Bell Beadie          
Bell Lee          
Bell John          
Bell Mary (Mrs. IM)          
Bell Tommy          
Bell Billy Father of Ida B. Stoots        
Bell Mrs. Jincy          
Bell Mrs. Betsy          
Bell Stevie          
Bell Roy's Baby          
Bell Mrs. Lizzie d.(1/16/1942) (Husband: Albert)      
Bowman Shelby          
Bralley Charlie's Baby Stone reads: July 16, 1929 to July 16, 1929     Daut. of Charles and Criss Bralley.  
Brown Mrs. Lizzie's Baby          
Bryant Helen Marie b. June 15, 1923 d. July 1, 1923      
Bryant Charlie's 4 babies          
Bryant Johnnie b. October 8, 1906 d. June 17, 1907   Son of C. & M.E. Bryant  
Bryant William McKinley b. October 21, 1901 d. Feb. 20, 1902   Son of C. & M.E. Bryant  
Burnett Berton's Baby          
Childress Dewey          
Collins Amanda Stoots b. June 11, 1868 d. March 5, 1893 "In loving Memory" Wife of Walter Collins  
    Stone erected by grandson, Charles Hopkins, Jr. in 1998.        
Collins Emmet          
Collins Nancy   d.(9/29/1935)      
Cook Mrs. Margaret          
Cook Pearl's daut. [Magline] b. September 3, 1931 d. August 22, 1947   Footstone: daughter  
Cook Howard b. 1908 ** d.(3/28/1938) Isom and Margaret Cook's son      
Cook Mrs. Helen (Jones)        
Crowder Annie Mae [Poole] b. March 11, 1898 d. 1962   Wife of Martin Crowder  
Crowder William T   d.Feb. 5, 1955      
Crowder Mrs. William T.   d. Sept. 8, 1941      
Crowder Malcom [Malkerum R.] b. July 15, 1899 d. March 26, 1909   Son of William Crowder  
Crowder Maudie E. b. July 15, 1899 d. Feb. 5, 1954 [stone] Daughter of William Crowder  
Crowder Elisabeth S. b. 1874 d. 1940   Wife of William T. Crowder  
Crowder Eliza b. March 13, 1889 d. March 21, 1922      
Crowder Effie b. Sept. 15, 1901 d. Feb. 15, 1907   Daut. of M.A. & J. D. Crowder  
Crowder Mary F. b. June 7, 1895 d. Sept. 7, 1895   Daut. of M.A. & J. D. Crowder  
Crowder Susie C. b. May 25, 1881 d. March 11, 1908   Stone broken  
Crowder Jewel Marie   d.Sept. 15, 1933   Infant of Martin and Annie  
Crowder Thomas Martin   d.Sept. 10, 1935   Infant of ClintonCrowder  
Crowder Martin M. b. Feb. 1897 d. Dec. 26, 1975 [stone] Husband of Annie  
Dales Joshua          
Dales Maggie          
Dales Thomas          
Dales Roxie (Bell)          
Dales Mary          
Dales Will          
Dales Mrs. Lizzie          
Dales Garnet Child of Robert Dales        
Dales Effie Child of Robert Dales        
Dales Florence Child of Robert Dales        
Dales Willie Child of Robert Dales        
Dales Ester Child of Robert Dales        
Dales 2 infants Child of Robert Dales        
Dales Hugh          
Dales Harry          
Dales Alice          
Dalton Infant          
Davidson William Buchanon b. Nov. 13, 1856 d. Dec. 10, 1941   William Buck Hannon Davidson  
Davidson Amanda Jane [Parker] b. April 14, 1864 d. Nov. 19, 1893   #1 Wife of William Buchanan  
Davidson Lizzie Eusley [Poole] b. Oct. 26, 1873 d. Mar. 1, 1930   #2 Wife of William Buchanan  
Davidson Hopey Poston 1800-1900     Mother of William Buchanan  
Davidson Infant       Infant son of William Buchanan  
Davidson Infant       Infant son of George Buchanan  
Davidson John Cooper (Dock)       Brother of William Buchanan  
Davidson Infant of Sam          
Davidson Jim [James N.] b. June 18, 1869 d. June 11, 1886      
Davidson John Cooper (Dock)          
Davidson Mrs Becky Wife of Dock Davidson        
Davidson Mrs. Polly          
Davidson Mrs. Callie          
Davidson Kelsie 7 years old Death by Burns      
Davidson Lucy          
Davidson Robert          
Davidson Sam       Son of Andrew Davidson  
Davidson McKinley       Child of Sam Davidson  
Davidson Beryl       Son of Albert Davidson  
Davidson Mrs. Nancy          
Davidson Mrs Mary       Wife of George Davidson  
Davidson Betty Lee          
Davis Mrs. Annie C. b. Dec. 29, 1879 d. Apr. 23, 1916 [old stone] Wife of C.W. Davis  
Dean Caney       Female Infant  
Dixon Gobert G. b. 1868 d. Apr. 5, 1879 age 10 yers, 11 mo., &13 days [perfect old stone found in leaves]    
Doss Mrs. Nancy          
Doss Fannie          
Doss James (Jim)          
Doss Ira          
Doss George W.          
Doss Jim b. Apr. 2, 1900 d. June 27, 1987   Loving father and grandfather  
    Footstone reads: Pa [Believed to be the last one buried at White Top]      
Doss Mrs. Jane [Polly Jane] b. Dec. 28, 1894 (?) d. Oct. 28, 1934 [stone]    
Doss Thomas [William T.] b. 1891 or 1872 d. July 1, 1950 Father Wife: Polly Jane  
Doss George          
Dunford Mrs. Jim (Maggie Taylor) b. 1895 d. Dec. 8, 1930   Mother of Lillian, Mary, Brown, and Paulina  
Dunford Dorothy   d. Jan. 8, 1931     Dunford
Dunford Kathleen          
Dunford Infant twins of James          
Dunford Infant of James Dunford   d.(11/29/1937)      
Dunford Maggie Martin b. 1900 - d. 1969 [harold's mother and Brown's wife]      
Edwards Robert P. b. Jan. 2, 1913 d. Jan. 2, 1913   Infant of Robert  
Freeman Susie          
Freeman Mag          
Freeman John          
Freeman Lucy          
Freeman Jim          
Freeman William          
Freeman Ellis          
Freeman Mrs. Margaret          
Freeman James M.(Jim)   d.June 3, 1947      
Freeman Mrs. Millie Parker       Wife of James M.Freeman  
Freeman Sallie       Sister of James M Freeman  
Freeman Frances       Sister of James M Freeman  
Freeman Bert       Brother of James M. Freeman  
Freeman Sam b. 1905     Will Freeman's son b. 1905  
Freeman Durad's Infant boy          
Freeman James          
Friend Mrs. Molly          
Fulford Wm Kenneth          
Fulford Joe          
Fulford Eva          
Fulford John          
Fulford Wootsen       Emory Fulford's grandfather  
Fulford Jimmie          
Fulford James   Killed 3-12-1910      
Fulford W.W. 's Baby          
Fulford Wm.O.   d.March 16, 1933      
Fulford Mrs. Nancy's baby          
Fulford Mrs. Lizzie's baby          
Fulford Mrs. Lizzie          
Gallimore James's 2 babies          
Gallimore Juanita          
Gallimore John          
Gallimore Mrs. Jettie       Wife of Orville  
Gallimore Mrs. Dora          
Gallimore Elias          
Gibson Charlie          
Gray Ira V. b. April 27, 1890 d. Sept. 22, 1913 Co. B, 157 U.S. Inf. U.S. Army WWI  
Gray Mrs. Minnie D. b. June 30, 1895 d. July 27, 1923   Wife of Ira  
Gray Sanders b. Dec. 18, 1898 d.July 1, 1934      
Groceclose Mat          
Grubb Donald Ray baby 9-32 Henry's baby  
Hankley T. Graham's Baby   d.Marh 9, 1932      
Hardy John's Baby          
Hawkins Charlie   d. March 21, 1900   Baby of Inteura & Charles Monroe  
Hawkins Emmett       Son of Will Hawkins  
Hawkins Thomas   d.June 16, 1915   Twin boy of Alford and Julie  
Hawkins James E.   d.June 29, 1915   Twin boy of Alford and Julie  
Hawkins Alford M. b. April 30, 1882 d.March 9, 1932   Husband of Julia D. Hawkins  
Hawkins Julia [Ann Davidson] b. August 24, 1886 d.July 16, 1972 [stone] Wife of Alford Hawkins  
Hawkins Hannah Mae b. June 7, 1908 d. April 14, 1967 [stone] Daughter of Alford and Julia  
Hawkins Walter Ray b. Oct. 22, 1920 d. June 12, 1944 [stone] Son of Alford and Julia; Killed in WWII  
          Pvt. 359, Inf. 90, Inf. Div. WWII  
Hendricks Mrs. Nancy          
Hill Mrs. Lula          
Hill Tom   d. May 29, 1932   Lizzie Hill Jones's Uncle  
Hill Glen   d. 1941      
Hill Saunders b. (1884) ** d.(1942)     Worked for the RR.  
Hill Gilbert   d. 1943      
Hill Graham R. b. June 28, 1915 d. April 8, 1963 Father [Bus driver-Barry Hill's father- stone]    
Hill Graham's baby [Lucas] 1976-1976 Metal Marker from Moorehead Funeral Home      
Hill Arthur's baby          
Hodge Pauline Elizabeth   d. June 9, 1934      
Hodge Audrey Lee   d. July 9, 1937      
Hopkins Hannah          
Hundley Mrs. Mary Ann King b. February 25, 1880 d. Aug. 18. 1941 [stone] Will Hundley's Wife  
Hundley William H. b. Sept. 14, 1895 d. Aug. 1945 [stone]    
Hundley Charlie B. b. Feb. 13, 1899 d. May 25, 1920   Husb. of Mary A. King Hundley  
Hundley Eliza Courtney       Thomas Hundley's wife  
Hundley Thomas (Roy)   d. Oct. 16, 1930      
Hundley Bob   WVa.      
Hundley Charlie          
Hundley Jerdie          
Hundley Thomas's 2 babies          
Hundley Rhoda's 2 babies          
Hundley Ellen   (Ethel's)      
Hundley Leona   (Bell's)      
Hundley Jim          
Hundley Berry          
Hundley T.O.'s Babies          
Ingo Andy   d.1904   Killed in an explosion  
Jennings Mrs. Eliza Jones          
Jennings Mrs. Eliza Jones's Baby          
Jennings Jim 2 babies          
Jennings Kathleen Jennings   d.Oct. 24, 1931      
Jennings Mrs. Nancy Jones b. 1862 d. Apr. 18, 1954   age 92  
Johnson Ora Webb's baby   d.xx-1942      
Jones Tommy   GG Grandfather of Floyd M. Jones      
Jones Lockey Bratton   GG Grandmother of Floyd M. Jones      
Jones Henry          
Jones William "Lee" Leander b.1871 d.(8/14/1937)***        
Jones Henry's baby          
Jones William b. 1847 d. (3/26/1892)* William Lee's Father      
Jones Jane Bell          
Jones Sarah          
Jones [Albert] Pierce b. June 18. 1894 d. November 18, 1930   Husb. of Allie Carrie  
Jones Price b. June 1891 d. Nov. ?   Son of William Jones  
Jones Mrs. Lucy Mabe b. 1872 d. Aug. 15, 1927   Mother of Floyd M. Jones  
        Daut. of Robert Mabe; first cousin to Elizabeth Mabe Winesett.    
Jones William Lee   d.Feb. 14, 1955   Father of Floyd M. Jones  
Jones Nellie   d.June, 1903 5 years old William and Lucy's Children  
Jones Robert   d.1894 20 months " "
Jones R. D.   d.1908 2 years old " "
Jones Emma   d.1908 5 years old " "
Jones Mrs. Susie (Church)          
Jones Church's baby          
Jones Georgia's baby   d.Nov. 31, 1936      
Jones Belle Warf   d. June 1921   1st wife of Luther Jones
          Luther is also, s/o Lucy and William Jones  
Jones Raymond   d.September, 1921      
Jones Mrs. Mae   d. Dec. 11, 1925   John Henry's wife  
Jones J.H. 2 babies          
Jones Edith Lorraine          
Jones Alfred          
Jones Homer d.1916 Tom's boy      
Jones Mrs. Belle (Mack)          
Jones Willie Eugene          
Jones Tommy Son of Lee Jones        
Jones Lee's 4 babies by Lydia Taylor (Liddie)      
Jones Mrs. Leander (Lydia) b. 1894 c.Nov.8, 1942**        
Jones Ola b.1912 d.June 14, 1940 ** Wm. Lee Jones's Daughter    
Jones Charlie's baby d.Nov.15, 1941        
Jones Mrs. Lizzie (Guy) d.xx-1952        
Jones Lizzie d.xx-1938 Lee's child      
King John          
King Mrs.Sherd d.May 1897        
King Mrs. Nancy          
King Bertie Bell (Klug)          
King Smith's baby Note: Smith King is the husband of Mary Elizabeth Booth Mabe        
King Alice b. April 15, 1873 d. Aug. 31, 1935 age 91    
King Pearl's baby [Dorothy M.] d.Jun. 13, 1940        
King Hannah d.xx-1945        
King Wesley          
King Joe d.Sept. 29, 1956        
King Mrs. Joe Akers d.Dec. 14, 1979        
King William          
King Dorothy     [stone]    
King Alice 1873 - 1926   [stone]    
Lambert Jim   age 52      
Lambert Mrs. Mary          
Lambert Bob's 4 babies          
Lawson Robert          
Lawson Jack's baby          
Lineberry Jake's 2 babies          
Logan Jim          
Lowe Robert Elvis b. Jan. 27, 1922 d. My 8, 1978 age 54; Ellis Lowe's twin   Pfc., USA Army WWII
Lowe Ceibert d.1941        
Lowe Mrs. Ciebert          
Lowe Joe's 2 babies          
Lowe Clifford          
Lowe Robert b. Feb. 2, 1885 d. Feb. 29, 1936 Cora's husband    
Lowe Cora P. b. Jan. 3, 1901 d. March 25, 1983 Robert's wife    
Lowe James S. b. Arpil 4, 1866 d. Oct. 20, 1941      
Lowe Rosa D. b. Feb. 11, 1876 d. Dec. 4, 1937      
Mabe Lark's 2 babies 1) Charles Lucas Mabe b. 1908 d. bef. 1910    
Mabe John V. [Vachel] b. July 3, 1851 d. Jan. 16, 1912 Lived in Foster Falls-son of William and Prudy    
Mabe John H. 1949 - 1980        
Mabe Mrs. Polly Dec. 20, 1877   2nd wife of John Vachel-daut. of William and Nancy C. Ward    
Mabe Mrs. Rachel Gallimore b. May 30, 1825 d. Oct. 8, 1895 John W. Mabe's wife    
Mabe Iva [Magdeline]   John and R.G. Mabe's daut. [stone]      
Mabe John's baby          
Mabe Joe (Joseph) b. 1881* Virginia Mabe's Husband      
Mabe Cora Virginia b. Oct. 5, 1907 d. Sept. 10, 1908      
Mabe Rufe          
Mabe Smith   Susan's husband      
Mabe Bob          
Mabe Mrs. Susan Courtney          
Mabe Mrs. Mary Courtney d.1922        
Mabe William 1844 - 1926 [stone]      
Mabe Eddie          
Mabe Effie          
Mabe Bob          
Mabe Mag (Maggie)          
Mabe Mrs. Laura S. Sept. 5, 1934 Jim [stone]    
Mabe Jack (Alice) 1918   [stone]    
Mabe Mrs. Sallie Jane July 4, 1850 (4/1/1939) [Grandmother-stone]    
Mabe John W. b. Sept. 28, 1880 d. July 21, 1938 [stone]    
Mabe Infant b. and d. Jan. 20, 1918 Daut. of J.W. and Annie Mabe      
Mabe James (RAT) b. 1874 d. Dec. 5, 1953 [James D. Mabe-stone]    
Mabe Charles Wayne Apr. 9, 1955        
Mabe Mary Ann [Hunley] b. Dec. 14, 1875 d. Mar. 2, 1956      
Mabe James Burton b. 1944 d. Aug. 19, 1978 James (RAT)'s son    
Mabe John Henry Nov. 20, 1980   James (RAT)'s son    
Mabe Flora Hardy          
Mabe Jim Oct. 12, 1986        
Mabe Jack d. 1933   [stone marker]    
Mabe Aletia Davine 1965-1965 Daut. of Betty C. and David C. Mabe   Metal marker and stone  
Mabe Elisha Davine b. Nov. 28, 1965 d. Nov. 29, 1965 Son of Betty C. and David C. Mabe    
Martin Lonnie          
Martin Lonnie's baby          
Martin Bill d.Oct.10, 1945        
Martin Mrs. Lily d.xx, 1948        
Martin Everett d.Nov.xx, 1947        
McCracklin baby          
McCroskey Mr.'s baby          
Moore Alfred          
Nelson Nina b. Sept. 28, 1893 d. Nov. 3, 1911      
Nelson Brooksie (Brook Sisk?)          
Nelson Blanch          
Nelson Mrs. Baby          
Nelson Blanch (Mrs. Bill Nelson)          
Nelson Infant Son b. March 22, 1913 d. March 30, 1919 S/O C.P. and Loula Nelson [marker]    
Nelson Loula b. June 4, 1875 d. Nov. 26, 1916 W/O C.P. Nelson [stone]  
Newton Ida          
Newton Sam          
Newton Edrie B.          
Newton Lina d.Dec. 16, 1955        
Newton John G. Co. D, 2nd Va. Inf., Spanish American War   [stone marker]    
Nixon Robert [Dixon?? father of Gobert Dixon]        
Pearman Maggie          
Phillips Jim          
Poole Mrs. Becky          
Poole Robert          
Poole Willie [William] May 30,1930 aged 84 years-Husb. of Mary E. Poole        
Poole Mary E. b. June 6, 1846 d. March 2, 1899 Wife of William Poole    
Poole Mrs Mathilda          
Poole John W. b. Sept. 23, 1881 d. March 7, 1909      
Poole Joe, Sr.          
Poole Tom          
Poole Clara          
Poole Steve          
Poole Manila          
Poole John's 2 babies          
Poole Mrs. Mary (Buck)          
Poole Mrs. Mary (sam)          
Poole Mrs. Vick (Victoria) d.Mar. 14, 1936        
Poole Nell's baby          
Poole Mrs. Emma (tom)          
Poole Mr. Tom's baby          
Poole Jim's 2 babies          
Poole Pierce b. Dec. 18, 1892 d.Dec. 28, 1947 Jack Poole's father [stone]  
Poole Mary S. b. Sept. 24, 1892 d. July 29, 1977 [At Rest; Pierce's wife-stone]    
Poole Martha Ann   d.July xx, 1947 Father-John Cooper Davidson    
Poole Ira's baby (a twin)   d.xx, 1955      
Poole Sam          
Pope Bettie Y. b. Jan. 31, 1875 d. March25, 1894 Daut. of Albert and Mary E. Pope    
Pope Lawnie [Amanda L.] b. Nov. 24, 1889 d. Jan. 20, 1898 Daut. of Albert and Mary E. Pope    
Porter Mrs. Ruthie Anial Winesett   (See Winesett)      
Porter Emmett   Bob Porter's son      
Porter Mickey          
Porter Jim          
Porter Lawrence d.Feb. 17, 1939        
Porter Steve (Lydia's husband) b. d.Jun. 5, 1941 [stone]    
Porter Lydia Ann b. 1862 d. 1950 [stone]    
Porter Sallie Jane b. 1890 d. 19X4 [stone] (Steve's daughter)  
Porter Robert T. [stone] d. July 23, 1916 aged 59 years, husb. of Frances M. Porter      
Porter Frances M. b. May 29, 1861 d. Aug. 20, 1914 [stone]    
Porterfield Mrs. Barbara          
Porterfield Mrs. Barbara's baby          
Porterfield Mrs. Mag ****b. 1856 Jim's wife      
Porterfield Jim ****b. 1861 Mag's husband      
Porterfield Mattie          
Porterfield Mollie          
Porterfield Jim          
Quesenberry Pete's baby          
Roberts Henry's 2 babies          
Robertson Mildred          
Sawyer's Mrs. Nola's baby 8 mo. Old boy Feb. 7, 1938    
Sawyer's Mrs. Edrie d.Nov. xx, 1942 Daughter of Dewey and Elsie Stoots (TB)      
Sexton Charlie          
Sexton Mrs. Sarah          
Sharpe Roby 2 babies          
Sharpe Tyler ****b. 1879 d. ? Wife Elamanda   Iron Mine  
Sharpe Rob          
Shupe Mr. 2nd buried at cemetery      
Shupe Zan 1st buried at cemetery      
Sisk Mrs. Ada          
Sisk John or Ted Lee          
Sisk Mrs. Betty E. d.Nov. 1, 1938 Lark's mother--John Lee Sisk's wife      
Sisk Liz Sharpe (Tyler)        
Sisk Junior's baby d.Jan. 30, 1953        
Sisk Junior's baby d.xx, 1954        
Sisk Larkin b. April 14, 1885d.Feb. 28, 1955 [stone]   (John Lee Sisk and Betty J. Sisk Son)    
Sisk Salley Irene Porter .Feb. 25, 1885-Feb. 27, 1969 Lark's wife [stone] age 84 (Daut. of Danielle and Nancy Frazier Porter)  
Sisk Will b. ~1884 -d.1954 Lark's brother (John Lee Sisk and Betty J. Sisk Son)    
Sisk Betty Lee b.May 1887 -d.Nov. 26, 1960 Lark's sister (John L. Sisk and Betty J. Sisk daughter-never married)    
    Found Will and Betty Lee on 1920 Wythe Co. Census, Lead Mines District in the Bluffs.        
Slate Bettie May          
Slate Lucy          
Slate Ira          
Slate Mrs. Nancy Belle d.Jan. 15, 1937        
Smythers Mrs. Crissie Lee Poole b. June 10, 1897 d. Aug. 8, 1952      
Stoots Tryphenia          
Stoots Tryphenia's baby          
Stoots Mildred (Charles)          
Stoots Andy's baby          
Stoots John (Bony), Sr          
Stoots Mrs. Lizzie (Bony)          
Stoots Mrs. Lula (Leon)          
Stoots Alice          
Stoots Mike Joseph Stoot's baby        
Stoots John T.          
Stoots Jim          
Stoots Henry 3rd person buried in cemetery    
Stoots Mrs. Polly Ann          
Stoots Roe's baby          
Stoots Mrs. Lucy (James)          
Stoots Susie          
Stoots Ernest's 2 babies b. 1918 d. 1937        
Stoots Harold d.sept. 21, 1937        
Stoots Mr. Jim          
Stoots Jim and Ida's baby          
Stoots Mrs. France          
Stoots Mrs. Sallie          
Stoots John          
Stoots Mrs. Jennie          
Stoots Mary          
Stoots Sarah          
Stoots John **b.1854 d.Feb. 8, 1941 (Harriet)      
Stoots Clarence   d. Dec. 25, 1946      
Stoots Ernest Lee b. 1892 d. 1965 Metal marker    
Stoots Mrs. Ernest   d. Apr. 1, 1951      
Stoots Jerry Wayne b. 1962 d. 1962      
Stoots Mildred F. b. June 15, 1918 d. Dec. 30, 1922 Daut. of C.C. and William Stoots    
Stoots Aunt Harriet **b. 1860 d. ?? John Stoot's wife      
Sutherland Bob          
Taylor Mag's baby          
Thompson Greeley's 2 babies          
Thompson Robert          
Thompson Mrs. Vick (Victoria)          
Thompson Mrs. Lucy          
Thompson Bob          
Thompson Mag          
Thompson Viola's baby          
Thompson John          
Thompson Bob          
Thompson Nan          
Thompson Albert F. b. April 24, 1891 d. April 17, 1892 Son of ATS and MA Thompson    
Thompson Harry Pierce b. Aug. 11, 1888 d. Nov. 9, 18XX Son of ATS and MA Thompson    
Thompson Henry W. b. May 4, 1869 d. March 24, 1890 [stone]    
Thompson L. D.   Mt. Gielead, NC   Pneumonia  
Thornhill Frank          
Thornhill Mrs. George d.Jun. 21, 1953        
Turney Raymont d.1924 Son of Wm and jane Jones Turney      
Turney Frank          
Vaughn Billy d.Jul. 4, 1944        
Vaughn Sam d.Feb. 8, 1952        
Waddell Mag's 2 babies          
Walk Rad b. ~1883 (Martha Sisk's husband)      
Walk Flora b. ~1904 (Rad and Martha Sisk Walk's daughter)      
Walk Joe          
Waller George          
Waller Margaret          
Waller Jena          
Waller John          
Wampler Wiley Bayse d.1974        
Wampler Flora Ellen b. March 1925 d. April 19, 1988 Metal Marker    
Warf Mrs. Becky Janie Warf's mother        
Warf Julina          
Webb Millie d.1928        
Webb George b. Dec. 5, 1881 d.Jan. 7, 1950 Father; Husb. of Laura Webb   [stone]
Webb Mrs. Laura Adaline b. Jan. 1882 d. May 24, 1977 Wife of George Webb   [stone]
White Mrs. Annie Warf d.1947 Jane Warf's sister      
Winesett John F. (Foster) b. Jan.17, 1889 d. Feb. 1, 1916 (Joseph & Elizabeth Winesett's son-broken stone; age 27)    
Winesett Willie [William Robert] ***b. Aug. 29, 1877 d. July 28, 1934 [stone]  
Winesett Mrs. Laura Poole ***b. 1878 d. ? (Will's first wife)      
Winesett Mrs. Laura Poole's baby   Buried beside Laura per Maynard Winesett      
Winesett Mrs. Elizabeth Mabe b. Feb. 15, 1856 d. June 25, 1894 of heart failure [stone]   (Joseph Winesett's wife-age 38)  
Winesett Joe (Joseph)'s 2 babies J. _E. Feb. 14, 1891 Only date on stone. Twin    
Winesett Joseph (Joe), Jr. J. P. May 12, 1891 July 1891 [stone] Twin    
Winesett E.M. [Emmet?] b. Sept. 7, 1900 d. May 2, 1901 [stone] Joseph's and Martha's baby    
Winesett Fred Malcolm b. Sept. 9, 1912 d. Dec. 1984   Tom Winesett's boy  
Winesett Lillian d.Apr. 4, 1936 (Uncle Tom Winesett's girl)      
Winesett Tom b. 1872 d.Feb. 10, 1953 (Joe and Elizabeth's boy)    
Winesett Mrs. Tom (Maggie F.) **b. 1878 d.Mar. 16, 1953      
Winesett Rutha Anial b. 1885-d.1907 [stone] (Joseph & Elizabeth Winesett's daut.; Andy Porter's first wife)      
Wooten Enos          
Wright Mrs. Lula [Lola] b. July 2, 1892 d. Jan. 4, 1910 Wife of J.F. Wright    
Wright Winnie          
Wright Margarett b. June 7, 1907 d. June 18, 1909 Daut. of J.F. and Lola Wright    
Wright John's baby          
Wright John          
Wright James's baby d.Nov. 1930        
Wyrick Sallie d.(5/1/1932) Came from McDowell, WVa      
Wyrick Mrs. Laura Jones d.Jun.1954 (Peyton) (Sister of William Lee Jones)    
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