Bedford County Wills and Estate Records
File Description Date Contributor
Bedford County Will Index ~ 1754 - 1830 Jan 2002 Joy Fisher
Bedford County ~ Trusts or Wards 1754-1990 (partial) Apr 1999 Judy Wright
ANDREWS, Thomas Oct 1997 Unknown
BIRDWELL, George, of Sullivan Co, NC, will · 1800 Mar 2008 Richard Cottrell
BOOTH, Charles Robert Aug 2002 Fred Boothe
BOOTH, M. F. Aug 2002 Fred Boothe
BOWYER, Thomas Mar 2002 Karen Bowyer
BROWN, James Mar 2002 Francis C. Gill
BROWN, Joseph Dec 1997 Tracy J. Brown
BUFORD, Thomas Dec 2000 Jim Brown
BUNCH, James Apr 1999 Judy Wright
CARSON, John Apr 1998 Sarah Shaw Tatounova
COFER, Josiah Feb 2004 Sherman H. Lainhart
COOK, William ~ 1776 Feb 2017 Andrea Woods
COTTRELL, Thomas · 1835 Feb 2008 Richard Cottrell
COX, Valentine ~ 1812 Jul 2007 B. Taylor
DICKERSON/DICKINSON ~ 1754-1865 Aug 1999 Diane Skidmore Kuras
DICKERSON, Bartlett Sep 2000 Diane Skidmore Kuras
DICKERSON, James Oct 2000 Diane Skidmore Kuras
DICKERSON, Joseph Feb 2000 Diane Skidmore Kuras
DICKERSON, William I. Feb 2000 Diane Skidmore Kuras
DIXON, Thomas Jul 1998 Debbie Dixon
EVERETT, Thomas E. Sep 2003 Ann Talbot Roberts
EVERITT, Simmons Mar 1997 Ann Talbot Roberts
FREEMAN, James Aug 2002 Virginia Taylor
GILBERT, John Webster Oct 2001 John W. Davis, Jr.
GILBERT, Samuel Nov 2000 Audrey Hausen
GREENWOOD, Samuel, estate settlement, 1816 Oct 2007 Edna McPherson
HALLEY, Henry Aug 1997 Carmen Halley
HALLEY, Francis Mar 2000 Ray Parker
HARRIS, William Mar 2002 Cheryl Chasin
HAYNES, Henry May 1997
HAYNES, John May 1997
HAYNES, William May 1997
HUDNALL, William Sr. Mar 2002 Marie Thurman-Vann
JAMES, Isaac Jul 2000 Fay Collins
JAMES, Jonathan Nov 2000 Becky Sith
JAMES, Polly Jul 2000 Fay Collins
JOHNSON, John Apr 1999 Judy Wright
JONES, Michael Feb 2000
JORDAN, Absalom Jul 1999 Linda Sparks Starr
KENNON, Kitturah Aug 1999 Diane Skidmore Kuras
KARNES, Abraham, will · 1864 Apr 2009 Richard Cottrell
LAINHART, John Christopher Feb 2004 Sherman H. Lainhart
LAWHORN, William Dec 2000 Jim Brown
LEWIS, John Jan 2002 Gail Randle
LOCKETT, Mary Nov 1997 Mildred Wright Fournier
LOVING, William May 1999 Jim Loving
LOWRY, William, 1843 Sep 2009 Ann Roberts
MAYS, James May 1999 Valerie Burd
MAYS, John May 1999 Valerie Burd
MEADOR, Jeremiah May 1999 Diane Skidmore Kuras
MOORMAN, Jacob Sep 2000 Linda Kay Waldron Azevedo
MOORMAN, Thomas Aug 1999 Mary E. Stewart
MORGAN, Thomas Jan 2000 Dennis Nicklaus
MURPHY, John Sr. Jan 2002 Orvill Paller, Jr.
NEAL, Daniel Jan 2000 Judy Prince
NORTH, Abraham, will · 1800 Mar 2008 Richard Cottrell
NORTH, Abraham, estate appraisement · 1800 Mar 2008 Richard Cottrell
PAYNE, John Mar 1999 Katherine Snow
PAYNE, Sarah F. Mar 2000 Diane Skidmore Kuras
PEARCY, Henry Aug 1999 Carol Young
POLLARD, Thomas Aug 2002 Bill Hunt
PORTER, John Sr. Jul 1998 J. T. Lamkin
PREAS, Henry Jul 1997 Jerry Preas
PREAS, John F. Jul 1997 Jerry Preas
PREAS, Joseph Sr. Jul 1997 Jerry Preas
PREAS, Thomas Sr. Jul 1997 Jerry Preas
PRESTON, Joel Sr. Dec 1999 Sonia Meyer
PRESTON, Thomas May 1998 Frances Kaye Grimes
RENTFRO, Joseph Apr 2000 Joan Renfrow
ROBINSON, James Dec 1999 Judy Canant
SCOTT, William Oct 2000 Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
SLINKER, Christopher Apr 1998 Vicki Soriano
ST. CLAIR, Robert Apr 1997 Elaine Randall English
TALBOT, Williston Mar 1997 Ann Talbot Roberts
THOMAS, George Mar 2000 Ray Parker
WADE, Jeremiah Dec 1999 Donald W. Helton
WALDEN, John Aug 1999 LaMona Phillips
WALROND, John P. Aug 1999 LaMona Phillips
WATTS, Edward Apr 1998 Clyde Watts
WHEELER, Anderson Aug 1999 Danny L. Foster
WILKES, Benjamin Sr. May 1999 Vincent Wilkes
WOOD, John Jan 2000 Judy Prince
WOOD, Thomas Feb 2000 Judy Prince
WOODFORD, Thomas Jan 1999 Earl W. Woodford

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