Bedford County Court Records
File Description Date Contributor
CAWTHORN/COTHRAN, Benjamin ~ 1782 Case May 1999 Bob Foster
COWAN, Robert ~ 1778 Mar 2001 Chuck Cowan
DICKINSON, Joseph ~ 1778 May 2000 Diane Skidmore Kuras
LEE Family Cases Apr 2004 Molly Shumate
McCLAIN Records ~ 1854 - 1871 Mar 2000 Diane Skidmore Kuras
McCORMACK Court Records Oct 1998 Robert McCormack
MELSON, Charles ~ 1826 June 2004 Faye Collins
MELSON, Charles ~ 1859 June 2004 Faye Collins
MERCHANT Surname ~ Free Negroes & Mulattos 1803 - 1831 May 2000 Linel Merchant
PARKER Chancery Suit ~ 1845 Mar 2000 Ray Parker
PARKER Heir Petition ~ 1822 Mar 2000 Ray Parker

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