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Jan Gluyas Mon Dec 30 22:22:30 1996
I am trying to find information on the Gluyas family who migrated from Cornwall in the 1820's. William Gluyas had been involved in shipping with his brother Oliver who choose to remain in England. William and at least his son George Karkeek Gluyas were in shipping in Alexandria until at least 1828 when william apparently died. George Karkeek Gluyas married a helen Boothe sister of William Boothe. They left 6 children with helens mother when they migrated to California in 1850's. The eldest son died in the Civil War and another died in a Prisoner of war camp. A daughter married and stayed in Virginia also. William and George may have been joined in thneir ventures by one of Williams nephews also a William Gluyas. His other nephews Thomas Gluyas (died in Sydney) and John Gluyas (was shipwrecked in Bass Strait) were ships captains and another brother was married to the heiress of the Mumford/Banfield shipping yards of the scilly Islands. If you can shed any light on the family I would be eternally grateful.. Thanks and Happy New year from 'down under'. Jan Gluyas

Rick Facemire Fri Jan 31 16:59:34 1997
SUTTON/WIATT/WYATT FAMILIES. Seek information on James America Sutton born 1776 and residing in Alexanderia, Virginia from birth to sometime in 1810 when he died leaving minor children. Seek his place of burial and other info. Also seek info on Major John Wyatt who was residing in Middlesex County in 1810. He married a Elizabeth Ludington and they relocated to Greenbrier, Virginia around 1820. Originally believed to be from Caroline County, Virginia and a descendant of Rev. Haute Wyatt, brother of Governor Francis Wyatt. Richard A. Facemire P.O. Box 401, Sutton, WV 26601 or e-mail me.

Charles E. Stark Sun Feb 2 11:10:51 1997
I am searching for the surname STARK in Virginia, possibly Fairfax or Stafford or Loudon County VA circa 1800-1810. Specifically Robert Stark, possibly born there in 1806. Later moved to Kentucky, where he married Mary and had 7 children. He then turned up on the 1850 census in Navarro, County TX. He had at least one more child in Navarro County, My great-grandfather Robert Frank Stark. This family was not on the 1860 Census list in Navarro county. E-mail to CHAZS@worldnet.att.net.

Richard Donoho Sun Feb 2 14:44:52 1997
I am researching the DONOHO family, originally of Accomac County, VA, but later of Somerset County, MD. There are possible NC and DE connections as well. Original individual was Daniel DONOHO (c.1630 - 1704) possibly married to Alice Dorman. Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

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