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Filename Date Submitted Submitter (email addresses are listed on the files)
Anthon Madsen Jan 2008 Joy Fisher


FilenameDescription DateSubmitter
Lindon CemeteryLindon Ben McKune (mckuneguy @
millfork.txt Mill FORK CEMETERY David Samuelsen
plsntgrove.txt PLEASANT GROVE CITY CEMETERY March 2001Brian Ross Kennington
wowutah.txt WOODMEN OF THE WORLD BURIALS Jan. 2001Jim Davenport
santaquin.txt SANTAQUIN CITY CEMETERY(partial list)Jan. 2001Vickie Nielsen


FilenameDate SubmittedSubmitter
1850 (Free & Slave)2006Mark A. Lebaron & Michelle Pesola


DescriptionDate of Death
Yergensen, Pearl Jennette1906W.D. Samuelsen
Nuttall, Vernita2003Stephen D. Robison (kinseeker @
Daily Hearald ObitsOct 2004W.D. Samuelsen
Daily Hearald ObitsNov 2004W.D. Samuelsen
Daily Hearald ObitsDec 2004W.D. Samuelsen
Daily Hearald ObitsJan 2005W.D. Samuelsen
Daily Hearald ObitsFeb 2005W.D. Samuelsen

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