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Filename Date Submitted Submitter (email addresses are listed on the files)
James Baker Jan 2008 Joy Fisher
Ephraim Albert Cowley Sep 2011 Joy Fisher
August Erickson Jan 2008 Joy Fisher
Margaret A. Freece Sep 2011 Joy Fisher
Foster FunkSep 2011 Joy Fisher
Levi Lamdon Gilpin Sep 2011 Joy Fisher
Anders Krough Hansen Sep 2011 Joy Fisher
Henry Nephi Hayes Sep 2011 Joy Fisher
Frank Herbert Sep 2011 Joy Fisher
George Firatio Holmstead Sep 2011 Joy Fisher
John O. Hood Oct 2011 Joy Fisher
Hyrum Christopher Johansen Sep 2011 Joy Fisher
Samuel Marion Jorgensen Sep 2011 Joy Fisher
Archibald James LewisSep 2011 Joy Fisher
Guy Lewis Jan 2008 Joy Fisher
Olof Reuben Michelsen Sep 2011 Joy Fisher
Niels Christian Poulsen Sep 2011 Joy Fisher
George Jabez Ramsey Sep 2011 Joy Fisher
William H. Seegmiller Sep 2011 Joy Fisher


FilenameDescriptionFile Size DateSubmitter


Anderson, Alta GeorgianaW. D. Samuelsen
Barney, Le MoineW. D. Samuelsen
Bohman, John WilliamW. D. Samuelsen
Borg, Mary LavinaW. D. Samuelsen
Brown, Donald A.W. D. Samuelsen
Flunt DoraW. D. Samuelsen
Jensen, Daniel TalmageW. D. Samuelsen
Lawson, Andrew NesbithW. D. Samuelsen
Lemmon, Lydia A.W. D. Samuelsen
Nielson, Wellington P.W. D. Samuelsen
Williams, Ernest NevellW. D. Samuelsen


Gregersen, AdaW. D. Samuelsen
Hicks, WarrenW. D. Samuelsen
Julander, Brigham NephiW. D. Samuelsen
Lowe, James G.W. D. Samuelsen
Lowe, Male StillbornW. D. Samuelsen
Luezro, RamonW. D. Samuelsen
Newby, AlfredW. D. Samuelsen
Olson, CatherineW. D. Samuelsen
Olson, WalterW. D. Samuelsen
Pope, Mary BolettaW. D. Samuelsen
Shimmin, Leon R.W. D. Samuelsen
Smith, JosephW. D. Samuelsen
Smith, TressaW. D. Samuelsen
Willardson, Louisa JolleyW. D. Samuelsen

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