Report Broken Links

When notifying the State File Manager, please fo the following instructions....

  1. Click the mailto link to open a message
  2. Copy the specific TOC page url address
  3. Paste the above url address in the message box
  4. Write the specific broke link in the message box
  5. Press "Send" the message
  6. mailto:dsam at

Contacting Cemetery Coordinator

  1. To contact W. David Sauelsen, please follow the steps
  2. Determine what had been done.
  3. Choose the specific cemetery you want to survey
  4. Click the mailto link to open a message
  5. Write the specific information in the message box
  6. If sending file, click "Attach" button and choose the appropriate file
  7. Press "Send" the message
  8. mailto: dsam at

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