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1907 Graham, Texas
northside of square, road to Jacksboro
Mar 2006 Larry Kramer
Andrew Jackson Neal Repair Shop
Newcastle, Texas
Aug 2006 Vicki Roberts
Braddock Family Feb 2009 Harrell Braddock, Jr.

Fathers of the Tonk Valley Pioneer Reunion
Back row, left to right, are Hope Timmons, Will Coffman, Clay Parker and Lewis White. Center row, George H. McClaren, Lee Coffman and Zack Timmons. Front row, Mitchel Abbey, Frank Lindsey and James Dowdle.

July 2016 Dorman Holub
Jean Baptist church
established in 1907
Jan 2006 Dorman Holub
Jean Methodist church
established in 1916
Jan 2006 Dorman Holub
Jean School house Jan 2006 Dorman Holub
Kramer Family Mar 2006 Larry Kramer
Kramer family
1898 Civil War Reunion on the banks of the Clear Fork river near Eliasville
Mar 2006 Larry Kramer
Kramer, Benton Livery Stable
Graham, Texas about 1898
Feb 2000 Larry Kramer
Kramer, Benton
Graham, Texas
Feb 2000 Larry Kramer
Kramer, J.M.
Tonk Valley home
Feb 2002 Larry Kramer
Nelson Drug Store
1926 Eliasville, Texas
Dec 2008 Marty Case and
Nelson Family
Red Top school Jan 2006 Dorman Holub
True school Jan 2006 Dorman Holub

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