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The donation of the 1930 Wise County, Texas, Census images for permanent, free display in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Kim Brown (kb0357@aol.com), Alton L. Cook (booksco@cox.net), La Darla Keith (ladarlak@aol.com), Joyce Locke (jglocke@yucca.net), David E. Pitts (pitts488@pdq.net), Sheryl McNeely Shaw (sjmcs@aol.com), Darrell Smith (desmi98@attbi.com), Theron Smith (tl2smith@flash.net), Sue Tackel (drycreek@wf.net), Martha J. Teague (mt92234@aol.com), Ronald & Carla Womack (carwom@ntws.net), and the permission of S-K Publications. These census images are copyrighted by S-K Publications and are not to be republished or redistributed without their permission. The images are also available on CD (in a higher-quality format that was reduced when they were converted to .GIF files for the Web) from S-K Publications, PO Box 8173, Wichita KS 67208-0173.

The 1930 Wise County, Texas, Census contains 428 pages (census images)
in Enumeration District numbers 01 through 19. (The full Enumeration
District citations are actually 249-01 through 249-19, but 249 is merely
the code number for all of Wise County in the 1930 Census.)
The following pages were not copied from the microfilm, as they are blank:
01-21B, 01-22B, 06-09B, 09-01B, 10-03B, 11-01B, 11-05B, 13-12B, 14-10B,
18-01B, and 18-02B.

The name of each image file is the Enumeration District number and the
page number.

The following is a breakdown showing which county subdivisions are enumerated
in each Enumeration District:
Decatur Town: ED 01
Justice Precinct no. 1: ED 02-04
Alvord Town: ED 05
Justice Precinct no. 2: ED 06-07
Justice Precinct no. 3: ED 08-09
Justice Precinct no. 4: ED 10-11
Boyd Village: ED 12
Justice Precinct no. 5: ED 13-14
Justice Precinct no. 6: ED 15
Bridgeport Town: ED 16
Justice Precinct no. 7: ED 17-18
Justice Precinct no. 8: ED 19

See 0000map1.jpg and 0000map2.jpg for maps showing the boundaries of the
Enumeration Districts in the 1930 Census.

The 1930 Wise County, Texas, Census images:


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