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The donation of the 1900 Wise County, Texas, Census images for permanent, free display in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Sheryl McNeely Shaw (sjmcs@aol.com), La Darla J. Keith (ladarlak@aol.com), Joyce Locke (jglocke@yucca.net), Donald Davidson (don.davidson@att.net), Elvina Fernandez (efern@pacbell.net), Sue Tackel (drycreek@wf.net), Deloris K. Smith (deesmith12@aol.com), Kathy Rodgers McDaniel (kathy2159@netscape.net), Jacqueline Sue Street (prfaulkner@worldnet.att.net), Betty Parris (betbil7609@aol.com), Len R. McKay (lenrmc@arn.net), Patsy Faulkner (prfaulkner@worldnet.att.net), Reta Ivy Britton (rbrit2@kiwash.net), Darrell E. Smith (desmi98@home.com), Dianna Baklik (diannajoy@aol.com), and the permission of S-K Publications. These census images are copyrighted by S-K Publications and are not to be republished or redistributed without their permission. The images are also available on CD (in a higher-quality format that was reduced when they were converted to .GIF files for the Web) from S-K Publications, PO Box 8173, Wichita KS 67208-0173.

The 1900 Wise County, Texas, Census contains 559 pages (census images)
in Enumeration Districts 133 through 152.

The name of each image file is the page number. (In the case of 1880, 1900, 1910,
and 1920 census, the file name includes both the Enumeration District and the
page number.)

The following is a breakdown showing which county subdivisions are enumerated
in each Enumeration District:
Precinct no. 1: ED 133-135
Decatur: ED 136
Voting Precinct no. 5, west of Railroad: ED 137-01A through 137-11B
Voting Precinct no. 22, west of Railroad: ED 137-12A through 137-13B
Alvord Voting Precinct, east of Railroad: ED 138-01A through 138-11B
Voting Precinct no. 22, east of Railroad: ED 138-12A through 138-15B
Precinct no. 4: ED 139 (Pella: 10A-13A)
Justice Precinct no. 3, Voting Precinct no. 6: ED 140
Justice Precinct no. 3: ED 141
Justice Precinct no. 4, Voting Precinct no. 16: ED 142-01A through 142-08B
Justice Precinct no. 4, Voting Precinct no. 27: ED 142-09A through 142-16B
Precinct no. 4, Voting Precinct no. 15: ED 143
Precinct no. 4: ED 144
Election Precinct no. 19: ED 145-01A through 145-07B
Election Precinct no. 26: ED 145-08A through 145-10B
Justice Precinct no. 5, Voting Precinct no. 18: ED 145-11A through 145-16A
Precinct no. 5: ED 146
Voting Precinct no. 2: ED 147 (Greenwood: 14A-16B)
Dan Precinct: ED 148-01A through 148-08B
Slidell Precinct: ED 148-09A through 148-13B
Voting Precinct no. 10: ED 149-01A through 149-22B (Bridgeport: 01A-09B)
Voting Precinct no. 11 (Jim Ned): ED 149-23A through 149-24B
Voting Precinct no. 9: ED 150
Precinct no. 8: ED 151
Draco Voting Precinct no. 12: ED 152-01A through 152-08A
Willow Point Precinct no. 14: ED 152-08B through 152-15B

The 1900 Wise County, Texas, Census images:


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