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Unknown Family Photos
Submitted by: Penny Odom

These Photo's are all unmarked. I would like to see if someone can identify them.
These pictures came from the Home of Pat (Becker) Jones at Indian Hill Mound Ranch in Liberty Hill, Williamson Co., Texas. We are the descendants of Henry S. Whitehead. The pictures where in left in the Ranch House of her mother, Allye B. (Whitehead) Becker. 
(Click each photo to enlarge the view)
unknown-family.jpg (55121 bytes) scan0033.jpg (75006 bytes) Sproul&Son-TaylorTx.jpg (44345 bytes) man-mustach.jpg (67381 bytes)
unknown-family-2.jpg (42097 bytes)
scan0029.jpg (38777 bytes) young-man.jpg (35947 bytes) scan.jpg (51492 bytes) man-hat.jpg (55532 bytes)
girl-woman.jpg (88716 bytes) scan0011.jpg (52187 bytes) three-children.jpg (60158 bytes) unknown-girl-2.jpg (61904 bytes)
scan0031.jpg (54346 bytes) scan0030.jpg (49730 bytes) fad-baby.jpg (82400 bytes) fad-baby-2.jpg (43514 bytes)
048-2.jpg (58042 bytes) girl-cow.jpg (68383 bytes)

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