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Maggie B. Cash Biography
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Maggie Burris Cash was the daughter of Ruben Cash and Mary Jane Jackson, born in Illinois on Aug 5, 1866. Ruben and Mary Jane also had a son Clarence McClellan Cash born in White County Tennessee in 1864.Clarence and Maggie were orphaned about 1871 and lived with relatives in Tuscola, Illinois. Clarence and Maggie came to Texas in 1884 from Tuscola, Illinois. Maggie married Charles Hillory Branton in 1888. (See the BRANTON FAMILY biography for the continuation of Maggie's bio.)

When first coming to Texas Clarence taught school in Kosse, Texas. He married Theodosia Stone in 1885. Ill health sent Clarence to San Angelo in West Texas. While recuperating he studied medicine under Dr. Boyd Cornick and then later studied at Ft.Worth University. He received his medical license in 1897. In 1899 he settled in a community in south Taylor County to practice medicine. He suggested the name of Tuscola for the community after his hometown Tuscola, Illinois. This community was "old" Tuscola just west of the present town of Tuscola. In 1904 he moved to Abilene and formed a partnership with Dr. L. W. Hollis Sr.

Dr. Cash and Theodosia had four children; Dr. Audavee Cash (who practiced in Abilene), Dr.C.M. Cash, Jr. (a dentist in Beaumont), Hermia (married Paul Cottrell) and Ruth (married E.B. Edwards). He and the family moved to San Benito, Texas in 1914. Theodosia was killed in the hurricane that hit the Corpus Christi area in 1919. Dr. Cash later married Mona Reed in 1922. He continued his practice into his nineties. A public school and a hospital wing were name for Dr. Cash for his services in the San Benito area. He died in 1962 at the age of 98.

An extensive story of Dr. Cash's life in San Benito can be seen at:

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