"Anti-Anything Artillery"
Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion

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Contributed By: Kayellen Stakes Cheeseman

"486th Coast Artillery Antiaircraft Automatic Weapons Battalion (Mobile)"

Activated on 10 Dec. 1942 at Camp Davis, North Carolina. Redesignated in the Spring of 1943 as:
"486th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion Self Propelled"

This book is dedicated to 25men that never made it home

I am contributing this in honor of Tech5 William W. Weaver and his fellow soldiers that gave their lives proudly serving in the US Military during WWII. The title page, dedication, table of contents and the bookmaker acknowledgements were added to help make sense of the rosters. Footnote... many of the men killed in action or listed as missing in action are either memorialized or interred at various American Cemeteries overseas. My own uncle is interred in the Netherlands, as he was killed just short of 4 months before the war ended.
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