Smith County

Cemeteries or Sections that are thought to be prevalently African-American, are marked with AA.

Bible Records
Description Size Date Contributor
Tombstone Photo Page
Some Single Graves1KFeb 2000Mary Berryman
Some More Single Graves2KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Unnamed Cemetery, Garden Valley1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Ahavath Achim Cemetery11KNov 2000Peggy Brannon
Antioch Cemetery, AA14KDec 2000Mary Berryman
Antioch Cemetery8KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Argenbright Cemetery1KDec 1998Mary Berryman
Asbury Cemetery, AA13KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Asbury Cemetery9KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Bacon Cemetery, AA3KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Barber Cemetery9KMar 1999Mary Berryman
Barron Cemetery9KDec 2000Norma Beddingfield
Bascom (East) Cemetery35KJan 2001David Allan Hardin
Bascom (West) Cemetery52KJan 2001Mary Berryman
Beaird Cemetery, Survey 117KAug 2000Bobby J. Wadsworth
Beaird Cemetery, Survey 227KAug 2006Nannette Stanion
Belcher Cemetery1KDec 1998Mary Berryman
Bell Cemetery1KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Bethesda Cemetery, Survey 127KJun 2000Sharon T. Huband
Bethesda Cemetery, Survey 288KNov 2007Syble Glascock
Bethlehem Cemetery, AA12KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Bowie Cemetery, AA1KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Boyd Cemetery1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Bradford Cemetery, Survey 144KMay 2000Rhonda Spencer
Bradford Cemetery, Survey 239KJan 2006Tina Gregg
Brandon Family Cemetery1KMay 2000Mary Berryman
Britton Grave1KHawkins
Bullard Cemetery, Survey 191KJan 2001Susan Newton
Bullard Cemetery, Survey 2194KJan 2001 Beverly Bailey Odom
Bullard Cemetery, Survey 391KJun 2001Susan Newton
Bunkley Cemetery, AA1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Burns Cemetery1KDec 1998Mary Berryman
Butler (Old) Cemetery1KDec 1998Mary Berryman
Butler Cemetery, NE1KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Butler Cemetery, SE, AA2KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Carmel Cemetery, AA10KJun 2000Peggy Brannon
Carmel Cemetery16KJun 2000Peggy Brannon
Castle Cemetery1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Cathedral in the Pines Cemetery52KJul 2002Mary Berryman
Cemetery Point Cemetery2KNov 2004Lawrence E. Oliver
Center Cemetery, AA3KJan 1999Sandra J. Coulter
Center Cemetery16KApr 1999Margaret Griffin
Clear Springs Cemetery, AA5KDec 2000Mary Berryman
Crow Cemetery, AA1KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Dale-Hall-Ingram Cemetery1KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Damascus Cemetery27KJun 2000Sharon T. Huband
Dean Baptist Cemetery, Survey 124KApr 2001Norma Beddingfield
Dean Baptist Cemetery, Survey 213KJan 2004Norma Beddingfield
Dean Baptist Cemetery, Survey 358KAug 2006Nannette Stanion
Dickson Cemetery1KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Dover Cemetery21KJul 2000Sharon T. Huband
Dunn Cemetery1KAug 1998Mary Berryman
East Texas Chest Hospital Cemetery2KDec 1998Mary Berryman
Ebenezer Cemetery, Survey 135KFeb 2000Mary Berryman
Ebenezer Cemetery, Survey 227KJan 2006Tina Gregg
Edwards Emmanuel Cemetery1KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Elkins Cemetery, Survey 126KFeb 2000Mary Berryman
Elkins Cemetery, Survey 231KJan 2008Sam & Sherry Kidd
Erwin Cemetery, AA2KDec 2000Mary Berryman
Evergreen Memorial Park, AA40KDec 2000Mary Berryman
Fairview Cemetery, AA1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Faith Mission Memorial Park2KOct 2008Rex Kirby
Fitzgerald Cemetery1KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Flewellen-Thweatt Cemetery3KJun 2000Sharon T. Huband
Flewellyn Cemetery, AA9KDec 2000Mary Berryman
Flint Cemetery64KJun 2001Susan Newton
Flint Cemetery48KApr 2001Norma Beddingfield
Friendship Cemetery44KJul 2002Linda Trichel
Friendship Cemetery26KMar 1999Mary Berryman
Friendship-Alsup Cemetery1KAug 1998Mary Berryman
Galena Cemetery1KDec 2000Mary Berryman
Galilee Cemetery, AA7KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Garden Valley Cemetery27KNov 2000Peggy Brannon
Garrett Cemetery, AA2KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Gee Cemetery1KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Gimble Cemetery5KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Glasscock Cemetery1KMar 2003Lawrence E. Oliver
Goodman Cemetery, AA5KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Gore Grave1KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Goss Cemetery, AA8KMar 2001Norma Beddingfield
Green Family Cemetery2KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Green-Ellison Cemetery SE2KMar 2009Sam & Sherry Kidd
Harris Chapel Cemetery14KJun 2000Peggy Brannon
Harris Creek Cemetery40KFeb 1999Sandra J. Coulter
Harris Creek Memorial Cemetery, AA8KAug 1998Sandra J. Coulter
Hassell Cemetery1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Hawthorne Cemetery6KMar 2001Norma Beddingfield
Henry Cemetery, AA5KJan 2001Mary Berryman
High Cemetery, AA4KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Hocut Grave1KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Hodges Cemetery2KMay 2000Mary Berryman
Holt Cemetery, Old Chapel Hill3KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Hope Providence Cemetery, AA6KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Hopewell Cemetery40KNov 2000Peggy Brannon
Hopewell Cemetery, AA4KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Hopewell Perpetual Care Cemetery, AA6KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Hopewell Valley Cemetery, AA18KDec 2000Mary Berryman
Hubbard Cemetery1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Hudson Cemetery3KFeb 2008Thomas W Wilson
Hudson Cemetery1KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Jackson Springhill Cemetery, AA4KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Jackson-Browning Cemetery1KDec 1998Mary Berryman
Jamestown Cemetery26KJul 2000Sharon T. Huband
Jefferies-Littlejohn Cemetery2KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Jimtown (Old James Town) Cemetery3KFeb 2000Mary Berryman
Johnson Memorial Cemetery, AA2KJan 2003Lawrence E. Oliver
Jones Valley Cemetery, AA5KDec 2000Mary Berryman
Kay Cemetery, AA4KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Kendrick Cemetery11KMay 2001Norma Beddingfield
Kilgore Memorial Gardens Cemetery13KJan 2001Mary Berryman
Lang Grave1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Lawrance Cemetery, AA5KDec 2000Mary Berryman
Lee Springs Cemetery, AA9KMay 2001Norma Beddingfield
Liberty Cemetery, AA21KDec 2000Mary Berryman
Liberty Hill Cemetery Survey 157KMar 1999Mary Berryman
Liberty Hill Cemetery Survey 239KFeb 2006Tina Gregg
Liberty Hill Memorial Gardens10KMar 1999Mary Berryman
Liberty North Addition Cemetery, AA2KDec 2001Mary Berryman
Lindale Cemetery80KJul 2000Sharon T. Huband
Loftin Cemetery (aka Teaselville or Old White Settlement)8KJul 2000Gloria Mayfield
Loftin Cemetery, Survey 211KAug 2000Susan Newton
Loftin Cemetery, Survey 314KJul 2006Beverly Bailey Odom
Lukenbill Cemetery2KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Marsh-Wiggins Cemetery1KDec 1998Mary Berryman
Mason Cemetery62KJun 2000David Allan Hardin
Mauldin Memorial Garden Cemetery, AA2KMay 2001Lawrence E. Oliver
McCorkle Cemetery1KJan 1999Mary Berryman
McDonald Cemetery1KFeb 2003Lawrence E. Oliver
McDougal Cemetery2KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Meador Cemetery17KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Mechanicsville (Robbs) Cemetery2KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Memorial Park Cemetery, Section A-B47KJul 2002Norma Beddingfield
Memorial Park Cemetery, Section C26KJul 2002Norma Beddingfield
Memorial Park Cemetery, Section D-E26KJul 2002Norma Beddingfield
Memorial Park Cemetery, Section F23KJul 2002Norma Beddingfield
Memorial Park Cemetery, Section G36KJul 2002Mary Berryman
Memorial Park Cemetery, Section H14KJul 2002Mary Berryman
Memorial Park Cemetery, Section I9KJul 2002Mary Berryman
Midway Cemetery11KMar 2001Norma Beddingfield
Minors Cemetery1KMay 2000Mary Berryman
Morris Cemetery3KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Mourfield Graves1KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Mt Olive Cemetery, AA13KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Mt Sylvan Cemetery34KJul 2000Sharon T. Huband
Mt Zion Cemetery, AA13KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Mt Zion Cemetery SE, Survey 18KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Mt Zion Cemetery SE, Survey 211KApr 2002Mary Berryman
Myrtle Springs (Mallory) Cemetery1KDec 2000Mary Berryman
New Bethel Cemetery, AA6KMar 2000Mary Berryman
New Canaan Cemetery, AA12KJun 2000Rhonda Spencer
New Harmony Cemetery24KDec 2000Mary Berryman
New Home Cemetery SE, AA5KMar 2000Mary Berryman
New Home Cemetery, AA6KJan 1999Mary Berryman
New Hope Cemetery SE, AA6KMar 2000Mary Berryman
New Hope Cemetery, AA16KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Nichols Cemetery1KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Noonday Cemetery60KSep 200Melanie Alexander
Oakwood Cemetery, Plots 1-4 & Jewish70KFeb 2000Peggy Brannon
Oakwood Cemetery, Plots 5-8 & Unmarked Graves70KFeb 2000Peggy Brannon
Oakwood Cemetery, Confederate MarkerKJan 2003Lawrence Oliver
Oakwood Cemetery, Decoration Day, ca 1898KMay 2004Wilma Thedford
Oakwood Cemetery, Dedication Day, 19094KMay 2004 Wilma Thedford
Oakwood Cemetery, History4KFeb 2000Mary Berryman
Oakwood Cemetery, MapKJan 2001Melanie Alexander
Oakwood Cemetery, Map Key9KFeb 2000Mary Berryman
Old Dabbs Cemetery1KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Old Hopewell Cemetery1KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Old Saint Louis Cemetery, AA1KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Pine Springs Cemetery33KApr 1999Jo Nell Williams
Pinecrest Cemetery, Survey 163KMay 2000Rhonda Spencer
Pinecrest Cemetery, Survey 233KFeb 2006Tina Gregg
Piney Grove Cemetery, AA11KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Pinkston Cemetery, AA2KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Pleasant Grove Community, AA7KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Pleasant Retreat Cemetery, Survey 114KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Pleasant Retreat Cemetery, Survey 246KAug 2006Nannette Stanion
Potter Cemetery1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Prospect Cemetery, AA6KJan 2001Mary Berryman
Providence Cemetery28KJul 2000Sharon T. Huband
Pugh-Goss Cemetery28KNov 2007Sam & Sherry Kidd
Rather Cemetery4KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Ray Family Cemetery1KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Red Springs Cemetery6KSep 2000Mary Berryman
Red Springs Free Cemetery21KMar 2003Syble Glasscock
Red Springs Free Cemetery14KOct 2006Syble Glasscock
Rogers-Hebron Cemetery1KAug 1998Mary Berryman
Rose Hill Cemetery, Mausoleum9KSep 2007Scott Fitzgerald
Rose Hill Cemetery, Sections A & B32KMar 2000Peggy Brannon
Rose Hill Cemetery, Section B20KJan 2008Scott Fitzgerald
Rose Hill Cemetery, Section C64KMar 2000Peggy Brannon
Rose Hill Cemetery, Section D55KMar 2000Peggy Brannon
Rose Hill Cemetery, Section E14KApr 2000Peggy Brannon
Rose Hill Cemetery, Section E51KDec 2009Scott Fitzgerald
Rose Hill Cemetery, Section F49KApr 2000Peggy Brannon
Rose Hill Cemetery, Section G, H & I73KMay 2000Peggy Brannon
Rose Hill Cemetery, Section G8KOct 2009Scott Fitgerald
Rose Hill Cemetery, Section J22KMay 2000Peggy Brannon
Rose Hill Cemetery, Section K136KMay 2009Scott Fitzgerald
Rose Hill Cemetery, Section O8KJan 2008Scott Fitzgerald
Rose Hill Cemetery, History5KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Rose Hill Cemetery, MapKJan 2001Melanie Alexander
Rousseau Cemetery1KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Rucker Cemetery, Survey 115KFeb 2000Mary Berryman
Rucker Cemetery, Survey 211KFeb 2006Tina Gregg
Rucker Community Cemetery, AA Survey 110KMay 2000Rhonda Spencer
Rucker Community Cemetery, AA Survey 29KFeb 2006Tina Gregg
Sabine Cemetery15KJun 2000Sharon T. Huband
Saint Louis Cemetery, AA11KMay 2001Norma Beddingfield
Salem Cemetery27KJan 2001Mary Berryman
Sand Flat Cemetery76KJun 2000Jeff L. Bott
Sand Springs Cemetery2KJun 2000Sharon T. Huband
Sanford-Oakdale Cemetery2KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Scott Grave1KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Seastrunk Cemetery1KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Seven Leagues Cemetery5KOct 2000Jennifer & Pam Lackey
Shady Grove Cemetery, AA7KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Shamburger Cemetery2KDec 1998Mary Berryman
Shiloh Cemetery6KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Siloam Cemetery, AA7KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Sitton Cemetery, Survey 13KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Sitton Cemetery, Survey 25KAug 2007Mr. & Mrs. S.R. Kirkley
Smith Cemetery, SE1KFeb 2000Mary Berryman
Smith Cemetery, SW3KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Smith Cemetery1KAug 1998Mary Berryman
Smith-Eby Cemetery2KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Smith-Eby Cemetery3KAug 2016Pam Slaughter
Spring Creek Cemetery1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Springhill M. E. Church Cemetery1KMar 2001Mary Berryman
St Mary's Cemetery, AA4KDec 2000Mary Berryman
St Violet Cemetery, AA7KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Starr-Hawkins Cemetery2KAug 1998Mary Berryman
Starrville Cemetery31KMar 1999Mary Berryman
Starrville Cemetery8KNov 2003Brenda Wooddell
Stone Cemeteries2KFeb 2000Mary Berryman
Sugar Hill Cemetery, AA1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Tate Cemetery2KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Taylor-Little Cemetery1KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Terry Cemetery1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Thompson Cemetery1KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Threlkeld Cemetery2KJan 2001Mary Berryman
Troup City Cemetery21KMay 2000Mary Berryman
Union Chapel Cemetery78KJul 2000Sharon T. Huband
Union Grove Cemetery, Survey 123KJun 2000Rhonda Spencer
Union Grove Cemetery, Survey 222KDec 2005Tina Gregg
Universe Cemetery8KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Vandergriff Grave1KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Village Creek Cemetery, AA1KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Walnut Grove Cemetery, Survey 114KMay 2000Rhonda Spencer
Walnut Grove Cemetery, Survey 234KMay 2000Rhonda Spencer
Walnut Springs Cemetery, AA4KJun 2000Mary Berryman
Warren Chapel Cemetery, AA7KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Waters Bluff Cemetery, AA8KJan 1999Mary Berryman
Westview Cemetery, AA25KJul 2000Sharon T. Huband
Whitehouse Memorial Cemetery67KFeb 2000Mary Berryman
White-Perryman Cemetery1KDec 1998Mary Berryman
Wilkins Grave1KMar 2001Mary Berryman
Williams Cemetery43KJan 2001David Allan Hardin
Wilson-Curtis Cemetery1KFeb 2000Mary Berryman
Wiseman Grave1KMar 2000Mary Berryman
Wood-VernerCemetery9KSep 2000Mary Berryman
Wyatt Grave1KMar 2001Mary Berryman