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Photos Submitted by: Janie Healer Davis

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Alfred Cyrus & Mattie Mae "Pat" (Hammond) Healer
They had lived in Nolan Co. since the 1930's.
My paternal grandparents

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Elex Edward & Minnie Lee (Cardwell) Healer family - 1924
Back, L-R: Dealva, Lawrence, Oscar Vern, Lewis & Alfred Cyrus Healer.
Front, L-R: Elex Edward, Minnie Lee (Cardwell), Francis Edward "F.E."

& Mattie Mae (Hammond) Healer, holding Laura Naomi Healer

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Rev. Francis Edward Healer & Mary Louise (Cook) Healer

Rev. Francis Edward Healer married Mary Louise Cook on June 01, 1941, at New Live Oak Baptist Church in Taylor Co., TX.
They built a home in Sweetwater, TX. in the late 1940's. F.E. & Mary Louise Healer lived in the same house at (709 Pease Street)
until F.E.'s death in 1994. Mary Louise moved from the house to a house in the northeast part of Sweetwater a couple of years later

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F. E. Healer in Kentucky- 1944
When stationed at Ft. Knox, KY.
Rev. F.E. Healer
Abt 1990
"Hotter Than Hell In The Hurtgen Forest"
By: Francis E. Healer
Co. D 709 Tank Battalion
Statements by:
PVT Francis E. Healer

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The Healers Go to Church - 1950's
Every Sunday we all dressed in our best clothes & went to Church.
We are a family of Baptist Ministers.
L-R:Rev. Alfred Cyrus Healer, Mattie Mae Hammond Healer and their sons,
Rev. Francis E. (F.E.) Healer & Rev. Carl T. (Thurston) Healer

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Naomi & Nate Koch - Wedding Photo - 1944
Laura Naomi Healer & Nathan Edward "Nate" Koch were married 02/27/1944 in Midland, TX.
Nate Koch was stationed at Pyote AFB, near Monahans. Naomi Healer was working for Western Union at the base.
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Naomi Healer Koch - Obit 1999
Obituary for Laura Naomi (Nell) Healer Koch, from the Clarkston, Michigan Newspaper

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Elex & MinnieHealer Family

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Carl Thurston Healer - 1940
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The Thurston Healer Family - Jan. 15, 1973
Carl Thurston Healer married Elva Mae Russell.
Back, L-R: Carl Darwin (Don) Healer, Charleton Yewell Healer, Lt. Col. Carl T. (Thurston) Healer.

Front, L-R:Elva Mae Russell Healer, Kathy Jayne Healer, Madeline Carol Healer.

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Bob, Jean Greg & Bobby
Henthorne Christmas 1975
Aurelius Henthorne II married LaJuana Jean Healer.

Robert Aurelius Henthorne III (Bobby) is Bob's son by a previous marriage.
Jon Gregory (Greg) Henthorne is the son of Bob & Jean Henthorne

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F.E. and Louise Healer Family - 1993
This was the last Christmas before my father passed away.
Back, L-R: James Edward Healer, Rebecca Sue "Becky" Healer Jobe, Francis Marion "Frank" Healer, Janie Mae Healer Davis,

Anita Louise Healer Jones. Seated: Francis Edward (F.E) and Louise Cook Healer

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The Healer Family - 2003
This photo was taken at the 80th birthday of Mary Louise Cook Healer,
wife of Francis Edward (F.E.) Healer and matriarch of this "bunch". Too many to list

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