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William H. Fanning Family History of 
Submitted by: Tony Thomas

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October 26, 1859
Page 1.
October 26, 1859
Page 2.

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Page 1.
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Page 2.
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Page 3.
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Letters from William H. Fanning to his daughter, Martha

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Original Letter from William H. Fanning
to his children - June 10, 1887
Copy of Original Letter

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John Robert Fanning's letters to
brother, William Thomas Fanning &
sister, Malinda K. Fanning Moore.
John Robert Fanning's letter to
husband of Martha (John's sister).
John Robert Fanning's (son of
William H. Fanning) letter to
sister Martha.

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Muster Roll 1860
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William H. Fanning
1860 Muster Roll
2nd page

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William H. Fanning Oath of Office Oath of Office
2nd. page

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toddy-diary-2.jpg (58250 bytes)
Rhoda Spradling Toddy -Diary, Oct. 1880

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