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Dedicated to the people of Rockdale: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.


The purpose of this book is to provide as far as the limitations of a single volume will permit, a general survey of the history of the city of Rockdale and outlying communities.

The history of Rockdale is one hundred years long on July 15, 1974. It was on that date one hundred years ago that the International Railroad dedicated the town site of Rockdale. Back of these years stretches a story of the realm and of the pioneers who came to settle, to build homes, develop customs, and establish principles, and finally to create and organize not only the city but rural communities which are trade areas.

The ones who have written this history have attempted to cover surrounding territories because of what early families contributed by working together to build homes, develop customs, and finally to create and organize communities which have contributed to the growth of the city of Rockdale.

Much of the material in this book is based on primary sources in the official records of Milam County and also from materials in the State Archives; some is based on reminiscences, oral and written; and some is based on family stories that are rich in history that should be preserved.

We are especially indebted to the Rockdale Reporter, the local newspaper; Milam County records, written informational letters from various individuals and organizations, personal interviews from many of our older citizens, and others who have loaned their early day photographs to be printed in this book. A special thanks to Dr. Dorman Winfrey, Texas State Librarian, who encouraged our efforts and who furnished many valuable sources of information.

We are grateful to those who have made possible the printing of this book and added greatly to its historical interest through advertisements.

To everyone who has helped in any way, we wish to express our deepest appreciation.

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