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Rockdale Today
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Written by: Mrs. Ida Jo Marshall

When the offcials of the International and Great Northern Railroad Company on July 15, 1874, executed their deed for the streets and lots for the town that they officially named "Rockdale", they set in motion activities that helped develop an area that has gained renown, not only for its agricultural and industrial accomplishments, but for men and women whose influence for good has continued through the last one hundred years.

To this area came early enterprising business people and settlers who established a culture greatly influenced by ethnic groups, composed of Anglo-American, Negro, Mexican, German, Jewish, Swedish, and Czech. All, through concerted action, brought about the growth of present day Rockdale with a population of 4,655.

Today one hundred years since its founding, Rockdale can be proud of its growth, its flourishing businesses, its efftcient schools, its numerous churches, dts superior homes, and its people who live as good neighbors and make welcome to all who come to dwell in their midst.

In the preceding accounts it is wished that in some way we could have told of the unusual qualities of vision, faith and determination of the people who through the past century have moulded Rockdale and surrounding communities. We can look back with pride into the future and hope that those who will mould it for the next century will continue to preserve the great heritage that is ours so that Rockdale will always be the finest town we in which to live.

The compilers of this book express gratitude to all who helped make, and are making, the Rockdale of today, and we cordially salute all those who will tale their places in 2074, one hundred years hence.

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