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  Contributed by: Milam County Genealogical Society

Written by: Mrs. Ida Jo Marshall
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Rockdale's founders of 1874 could never have envisioned life in the town as it is in 1974.

Many things such as the telephone, electricity, automobiles, airplanes, water systems, natural gas, radio, and television were not at their disposal.

The steam engine and the railroad led the way in man's achievements of the era we live in today. It was at the railroad that people congregated to form communities.

However, progress is not made by people getting together. Progress comes when numbers of people dedicate their abilities and resources to the good of all. Rockdale would not have flourished without a host of people who gave themselves to the service of the community.

Each member of the group which helped compile materials for this book realizes the outstanding character of the citizenship which made up the city and its trade areas. It is to these forefathers and their deeds that we wish to pay tribute in the Centennial Year of 1974.

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