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Early Geography and History

Survey for George A. Pattillo Curator of the Estate of Wm. Allen deed. of 11 1/4 labors of land on the head waters of 1st Yegua being the residue of land to which he is entitled by virtue of Certificate No. 27 issued by the Board of Land Commissioners for the county of Jefferson:

Beginning at the N. E. corner of a survey in the name of Jas. Reese - Thence N. 19 W. with the west boundary line of a survey in the name of David A. Thompson set a stake in said line at 3354 vs. from which a Post Oa} 5~/2 vs. 9 in. dia. bears S. 49 W. Also a Post Oak 3 vs. 10 in. dia. Bears S. 71~/2 E. -Thence S. 71 W. entered prairie at 1704. - at 450 vs. entered Post Oak - at 3354 vs. cornered on a Post Oak 13 in. dia. from which a Black Jack 7 vs. 4 in. dia. Bears N. 36 W. - Thence S. 19 E. entered prairie at 1200 vs. - Entered Post Oak at 2230 vs. set a stake at 3354 vs. in the north boundary line of a survey in the name of James Reese from which a Post Oak 5 vs. 13 in. Bear S. 18 E. - Also a Hickory 17 vs. 10 in. Bears S. 31 W. - Thence N. 71 E. with said boundary line 3354 vs. to the beginning.

This survey contains to the best of my knowledge 5 labors temporal land and 6~/4 pasture.

Jas. Shaw Depy Sur. M. C. Geo. Burnett

Wm. Campbell C. C. E. Burnett

I Jas. Shaw Depy Surveyor for the County of Milam do solemnly declare under oath of my office that the foregoing survey was made since the First day of February last.

Sept. 27th 1838 Jas. Shaw Depy Sur. Co. M.

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